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File: 42874c90bfc23ee⋯.jpg (198 KB, 850x1247, 850:1247, 42874c90bfc23ee1a6da24bf42….jpg)

b73910 No.325522

Last thread:


Would soy be legally banned in the Justician Republic or would it be designated alp food?

da9055 No.325524

File: 2c216180b0da521⋯.jpg (109.41 KB, 893x1000, 893:1000, 83e209fa5d0a2ce11b189c988d….jpg)

File: f275db18dd6859e⋯.jpg (403.64 KB, 725x1024, 725:1024, 5550546667ed5c603eb32a2d98….jpg)

File: b2fe1b17614c158⋯.jpg (140.72 KB, 581x827, 581:827, 23f89b64185559d520a3225026….jpg)

File: f896cd1ed83bd68⋯.jpg (66.45 KB, 850x478, 425:239, c28706e263c64615088d94bece….jpg)

File: 2e82cae87c6d7d4⋯.jpg (185.86 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 9f273aaf4b4f65d63f92658f06….jpg)


It would probably be banned because soybeans are a weapon used against onis.

b8eb8e No.325529

File: 86c16f72bb7f3ed⋯.jpg (44.03 KB, 500x377, 500:377, love is like an ogre.jpg)

File: 16b0b6704f47ad6⋯.jpg (573.19 KB, 850x952, 25:28, loudmouthed oni.jpg)

da9055 No.325532

File: dbdfa6ec638e27c⋯.png (671.41 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 4c6f758569e6dc7003a40215af….png)


I love the taste of grilled onions. Especially in steaks and burgers.

5b996b No.325533


absolutely delicious

b8eb8e No.325535


Me too, but I hear you have to eat them raw. That or raw garlic.

9c2aac No.325537


>Ban assault soy and high capacity pods with loli-seeking beans!





da9055 No.325539

File: 21f9facdd86eabd⋯.jpg (688.54 KB, 1009x859, 1009:859, 45e18026b85d5f30e87119cd22….jpg)

File: 1a82cd896db1fb9⋯.jpg (839.93 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 32fa4ae2df63582f2af63ae642….jpg)

File: b47bf48e1e58edf⋯.jpg (198.05 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 7ef791ccba087a67008ea332f9….jpg)

File: 4947e127f3880e3⋯.jpg (703.91 KB, 860x1214, 430:607, 02efadbbfd94f5df3d7a37e83a….jpg)

File: 40c7ca4ddee412c⋯.png (525.26 KB, 600x847, 600:847, 5affb34a007c75c5fdedbecf9a….png)

47df7a No.325560


>tfw you will get to bully a chuuni oni by tying her up, painting a target on her forehead, and shooting soybeans at her from an airgun.

7a580a No.325566


i eat onions raw like an apple

f7237a No.325568

File: f010288a7188e13⋯.jpg (168.91 KB, 600x338, 300:169, soy_control.jpg)


>reads more talk about trying to ban scary assault launchers and high capacity pods from people that don't know the difference between semi-auto and auto and don't care because they define "high capacity" as more than one.

<Goes to nearest soy supply store and adds another piece to the collection out of spite.

47df7a No.325571


Good man, onions are top tier. Cutting onions fucking blows, though.

8fcdaf No.325589


Sharpen your knife, the gas that makes you cry is released when you crush the cell walls, causing the juice to splatter to the air. If you cut right through them with a sharp knife, they don't go everywhere and you won't cry from them unless you straight up rub them against your face.

Don't want to sharpen your knives? Just buy a cheap pair of safety goggles and you'll be fine.

fc73a5 No.325631

Why are succubi so perfect?

da9055 No.325633

File: 484bdf218908a78⋯.gif (5.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Kiyoko.gif)


You tell me.

8ce38b No.325634

File: 02daf170e4c2ec9⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 848x1200, 53:75, succubus_by_karousel_k-da8….jpg)


Because they're such bad girls.

252eb6 No.325643


>monster societies ban soy to protect men's masculinity

>soybean alraune must leave and find a new home

>try getting into order aligned settlements

>rebuked for being a monster

>desperate, they try joining a Fat dykes colony

>screeched out for not conforming to their anti-rape culture

>only options are to live deep innawoods far away from civilization or with furries far away from civilization

>there is a type of monster that is despised by all human groups

>onion alraune are sought out by monster-friendly towns

64a0f3 No.325644


And… what was it you wanted made of this? Also, how does an Onionraune work?

252eb6 No.325645

File: b039f559c15512e⋯.gif (482.96 KB, 360x202, 180:101, edd scream internally.gif)


Would you take pity on a soybean alraune?

Also, I'm not entirely sure. But thinking about it, I have a sinking feeling it involves vore.

5431d2 No.325649

File: cf50a7ac99c4547⋯.jpg (14.06 KB, 214x317, 214:317, Ron always right white.jpg)


>turns into anti-soy thread

There's a line from Shakespeare which comes to mind. Something about a Roses smelling sweeter under certain circumstances regardless of what ya call em'. Well, replace roses with shitposts and you got this thread dead to rights.

8bdd4d No.325651

File: a7952712bbf0d0b⋯.jpg (97.53 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 1430338327250-0.jpg)


"A shitpost by any other title would be as funny?"

5431d2 No.325654

File: 1c377a45d9d6db0⋯.jpg (43.17 KB, 630x420, 3:2, Ron bar fight tonight whit….jpg)


Well damn scooter, you don't miss a beat eh? Are you a theater fan or a faggot?

>pause for a sip of whisky beat

Don't stress over the answer…

If you're one you're probably the other too.

5431d2 No.325656

File: 3cc9bce78be3d56⋯.jpg (33.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ron smoke em' if you got e….jpg)

You boys wanna see a real monster girl?

>pause for a cigar drag beat

Just take a look at my ex wife.

6e18e0 No.325671


Because despite them having been put down as sluts they still try hard everyday to please their man both as a lover and friend showing that monstergirls deserve the love and attention of anons, insammit

47df7a No.325688


I wanna bully a succubus by making her wear a very modest and cute dress out in public in front of her friends.

f7237a No.325695

So, is there any reference material on how long various species of monster girls tend to live? I mean, I know things like demons are probably long lived, dragons and sandworms probably live hundreds or thousands of years, shoggoths are probably well nigh immortal, and the undead are, well, undead. But what about all the other types? Beastmen, demihumans, reptiles, etc. etc. The MGE articles don't really go into details on the average lifespans of most species, so it's hard to know if any given mamono type lives about as long as a human, two or three times as long as a human, or significantly longer.

Is there any information out there on that, or is it all basically head canon?

5431d2 No.325700

File: c05935d6d2dd1df⋯.jpg (142.19 KB, 710x473, 710:473, hot.jpg)


Everything about monstergirls is head canon. Going by that metric you never really see the topic broached by conventional works.

I'd considered doing a golden girls style story featuring monster women (not girls) and how they deal with no longer being able to woo men like they did when they were younger and coming to terms with certain aspects of their getting older. For me, I find monstergirls as a whole more comical rather than lewd so it's hard for me to take any of the lore surrounding them seriously.

That being said, having an older Blanche style spider woman, a ditzy naga Rose and a dead pan centaur Dorothy would give me a case of dimamond dick.

16df3e No.325704

File: a3a86d2f99b127a⋯.jpg (32.06 KB, 592x592, 1:1, a3a86d2f99b127aeb6fdbc8fa6….jpg)


The problem is that while many of the monsters are based on mythology, age and lifespan are hardly mentioned because they usually are either creatures that need to be slain (ogres, trolls, various hellbeasts, minotaurs, etc) or simply aren't mentioned to the knowledge of both the community here at large and in the larger appreciation of monstergirls. That said, if we want to go by the MGE universe rules, we can say that their lifespans would be contingent on how much demonic energy they amass; the Demon Lord is likely to be swimming in so much of it that she'd be immune to the effects of age and disease, and can be killed by never die naturally. Again, with the MGE universe all men who fall under the spell of the monstergirls inevitably become incubi, inheriting traits of their new symbiotic relationship and likely gaining some of the 'demonic longevity' that is afforded to monstergirls. This is of course at the cost of humanity; it is made clear throughout the canon that the men are both physically and spiritually trapped, hopelessly connected to their lover regardless of their feelings on the matter, with any notions of love being blindsided by the depraved lust of constantly pumping your energy into her, creating a feedback loop similar to a drug addiction: the more you fuck, the more you need to fuck, and so on.

For this reason /monster/ is tentative on following the canon of MGE to a t. We enjoy the art and some of the ideas suggested in the world, but most of the 'darker' ideas get tossed out in favor of headcanon retellings: this is where the waifuism treadmill began. Longevity becomes a concern if you are bound to her, and she to you. We are mortal, we have expected lifespans, and there is no telling if there will be ways to extend it through magic or other means should the thought experiment of 'if monstergirls were real' became a reality rather than the autistic musings of sexually frustrated deviants. If they outlive us, would they live as the elves of Tolkien lived, cursed to stay away from long term connections with mortals, knowing that they will never experience paradise with them, and that their time spent together will be but a fleeting memory upon their immeasurably long lives? It simply becomes easier to headcanon everything, taking inspiration from where you can, and trying to build what works for you.

b73910 No.325706


I thought it was canon that becoming an incubi doesn't cause those sorts of drastic personality changes. You'll still enjoy hobbies you had before, it's just that you'll be hornier.

da9055 No.325710

File: 3c6cfb5e5cb9ba5⋯.png (539.96 KB, 939x564, 313:188, Gargoyles.png)


It's more of /monster/ taking girls from MGE and putting them in Crabman's MonMusu canon. The major difference between Crabman's and KC's monsters is that all KC's monsters are part succubus and corruption is the running theme. Monsters in MonMusu act as more natural beings, corruption/monsterization isn't really a thing outside of undead and rape only happens in the Full Moon but are usually consent types. As I said, all /monster/ did was take KC's girls and swapped their canon for MonMusu's.

da9055 No.325712

File: 0713fa26bc2a275⋯.png (1016.02 KB, 1356x901, 1356:901, 071.png)

File: d9ebd2e092357f3⋯.png (562.15 KB, 1320x1900, 66:95, Kino_Manga_Concept_Art.png)

8ce38b No.325727

>you're married to your monster waifu

>one day you get home from work

>your waifu's sitting at the kitchen table waiting for you to come in

>she says she has a surprise for you

>she takes you by the hand

>leads you upstairs to the bedroom

>opens the door and you both sit down on the bed

>she produces a small plastic bag with the logo of a famous monster-run corporation

>you ask what it is

>she reaches into the bag and pulls out various bottles, packets and boxes

>hands you a leaflet

>"Incubising and You: How To Take the Next Step in Your Marriage"

>your waifu says she really wants to help you incubise and can't wait to have her own incubus for a husband

Do you do it?

b8eb8e No.325729

b73910 No.325731

6e18e0 No.325735


Depends, will it affect my health physically or mentally? regardless probably not because I don't think you should ask your spouse to change who they are. I wouldn't ask my waifu to be less snek.

9c2aac No.325740


That's rather drastically out of character for my waifu so I'd have to ask her what's going on for her to bring this up in a way that sounds like she's already decided for me

0180e9 No.325743




You know all incubation does is make your body more adjusted to hers and match your remaining life to hers, right?

da9055 No.325745

File: c412c5119cd7fac⋯.jpg (124.76 KB, 900x604, 225:151, hevlaska_x_komui_sketches_….jpg)

Is Hevlaska from D. Gray-man good as a monster girl or is she too monsterous/eldritch?

9c2aac No.325746


Part of the charm of having a waifu is that she'll love you forever just the way you are. She may push you to improve yourself, to work out or go to school for a better job, but suddenly dropping magical mutation on you and saying she's always wanted you to be an incubus is a bit much

0180e9 No.325748


I'll agree with the always wanted you to be an incubus part, but I don't see the issue with wanting to be able to make her feel better in bed. It's not necessarily saying you're not good as is, but that magic can make you both feel better. Although I think matching your lifetimes together is the more important part, since it would suck knowing that your waifu would have to mourn and live on without after you die of old age.

f7237a No.325758









Incubization is the natural end result of your long-term exposure to your monster waifu's DE.

Except in extreme or life-or-death circumstances, I think I would rather it occur normally and gradually over the course of a loving relationship than have my wife slip me something she picked up from a shady vendor in a dark demon realm and incubize me overnight, though.

Then again, I head canon incubization to be mostly about superhuman benefits with a side of extra horniness. Like, maybe you start feeling like a randy teenager again (to a lesser degree than mamono do, though, according to the article), but you also gain superhuman strength and stamina, spirit energy levels through the roof, and any natural resiliences or immunities possessed by your wife.

You basically turn into a human male with attributes on par with your wife.

da9055 No.325759


That's the point in becoming an incubus. To be a human that can keep up with your monster waifu.

dc93b9 No.325762

File: 6f3132adfb0cbb3⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 245x281, 245:281, 6f3132adfb0cbb3ca134737dc9….gif)


It is i who will break the pelvis now

47df7a No.325765


Does incubization mean different things for different waifus? I'm sure there's a big difference between getting incubized with a manticore waifu versus a kikimora waifu.

I guess with my kikimora wife, I just become more alpha then?

da9055 No.325770


I think it's more or less the same, but incubization may change you into what your waifu needs or feels compatible. Like becoming a big guy for the Wendigo. Also, you can be allowed to switch forms whenever you want, if your waifu is a mindflayer you can switch between squid form and human form whenever you want depending on what you need to do.

f7237a No.325774


I've asked that question before, but never gotten an answer. The incubus article doesn't give any indication that the process or end result differs significantly between mamono types. It only says that certain mamono types are capable of speeding the process up if they so choose due to access to a large amount of DE.

It does say that the body of a mamono with a husband will begin to alter itself to match her husband's tastes. Likewise the incubization process will alter a man's body to be an ideal partner to his wife. So, to quote directly from the article:

"eventually both monster and incubus will gain their spouse's ideal fantasy body"

605f5d No.325807


It makes me wonder if that's all it does, just making you more of a superhuman with a greater resistance/immunity shared with your wife as well as her species' lifespan. For example, can incubization restore body limbs or repair broken skin? I doubt it'll be that powerful but I can see it growing a finger back (but not a hand or a complete one). It could be that your wife just cares and would love to help you heal for her and your sake. Think of a scenario where your wife knows you're blind but realises incubization could partially restore your sight, she would love to be the first person for you to see. On the other hand, it sounds shallow. I'm sure our wives will just love us for being us, regardless our health conditions.

23326f No.325809

Would texas heat/humidity be to much for a yeti in live in ?

6e18e0 No.325811


she'd need to trim/shave her cuddly coat I imagine

b73910 No.325812



The mountains of New Mexico are pretty close by and have a lot of Texans that moved there to escape the heat. Nice and cool even in the middle of the summer.

c39431 No.325816



You guys know about Bigfoot, right?

f7237a No.325862


Well, somewhere I remember coming across a very MGE-inspired pastebin story where a paladin gets auctioned off as a sex slave of sorts to a succubus. The paladin mocks the succubus when she gets him to her bed because it turns out he is a eunuch. The succubus gets the last laugh as she instantly regenerates his "equipment" through her DE/magic and takes it for a vigorous test drive.

The MGE article does say that both the monster and the incubus will have their bodies altered to match their spouse's ideal preferences. If you were blind, I'd like to think that the incubization process would fully restore you to perfect vision because your wife wouldn't want you to suffer. The only way I can see it not restoring your sight is if you and your wife talked it over, and for some reason, you wanted to remain blind. Same thing for missing limbs, etc.

Worst case scenario, go make friends with a unicorn.

As always, it's really head canon all the way down, though. The pure, unadulterated MGE world gets kind of horrifying the more you think about it. A lot of those girls never really stopped being monsterous; only the form of their violence and domination changed. Most people take the things they like from MGE and rewrite or ignore the rest. >>325704 had a description of incubization that I think would make more than a few people here consider declaring their loyalty to the Order. My head canons tend to mix the more magical and fantastical parts of MGE with the more innocuous and laid back atmosphere of MonMusu.

b2c31c No.325872

regarding MGQ and undine's unbirth H-scene, does she actually kill the main character or do anything absolutely horrifying in that scene? I've only known about MGQ through it's galleries and the wiki- which is a mess. I only know that it stated in one of the paragraphs that she kills the MC if he loses.

I just want to satisfy my primal-comfy-urges, /vore/ is too ridiculous for me- even their own unbirth threads are stupid as fuck.

f60cd7 No.326524

File: a50d35dd8cc36be⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 1252x1252, 1:1, desk paladin.png)

I was burning the houses of monster girls when suddenly one of them reach out and touched one of my greaves. I threw the greave out as soon as I could, and I took a bath. Am I going to be okay? Should I go to the local priest?

5aa115 No.326533

File: 9d171b2b5730a6c⋯.jpg (48.18 KB, 720x796, 180:199, 505da79b6c40dc8dfc1e427787….jpg)


I'm sorry palanon. You're gay.

f29d3c No.326608

File: d3166e160259fd6⋯.png (707.35 KB, 1332x629, 36:17, ClipboardImage.png)


The extreme examples I can think of are the Mindflayer, Atlach-Nacha, and Wendigo where the husband is either implied or stated to transform/be able to transform into that squid dildo-underpants thing, the lower spider body, or her overcoat respectively.

9235f2 No.326616

File: 0c8ab2aff57ef8f⋯.jpg (219.35 KB, 1200x1386, 200:231, __original_drawn_by_synecd….jpg)

where can I find cute centaur girls and how should I approach them?

inb4 >horse pussy

f18f1e No.326623

You don't turn into a wendigo's overcoat, you just get turned into a big guy and then share the coat with her. Mindflayer and atlach nacha are still shit though.

ccf2f8 No.326626

File: b884762302cf044⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 317.95 KB, 900x900, 1:1, centaur.jpg)


>where can I find cute centaur girls

At the hardware store.

>and how should I approach them?

With safety goggles and gloves.

773ec0 No.326647

File: 95d688b751ce276⋯.png (1.21 MB, 657x920, 657:920, D&D Lamia.png)

File: 59bfd9b4dc735a1⋯.png (676.09 KB, 1330x629, 1330:629, MGE Lamia.png)

Why does the D&D Lamia have the lower half of a lion but most/all Monster Girl Lamias have the lower half of a Snake?

ccf2f8 No.326652


I'm kind of curious as to when it changes to a half snake but it was originally a half lion child eating demon thing.

fc73a5 No.326717

File: c9018e0d61173a4⋯.jpg (132.84 KB, 2056x922, 1028:461, c9018e0d61173a4c40c54c3c49….jpg)

Would you a flower pussy?

da9055 No.326718

File: dbc95322939993d⋯.png (372 KB, 464x599, 464:599, 464px-Naga_Rogue.png)

File: 44b21f23dfc0c22⋯.jpg (53.51 KB, 465x644, 465:644, lamia147a447f82f736.jpg)


Probably like how Kobolds are portrayed different both in the West and Japan. D&D would call sneks Nagas.

c649bb No.326719


>As always, it's really head canon all the way down, though. The pure, unadulterated MGE world gets kind of horrifying the more you think about it. A lot of those girls never really stopped being monsterous; only the form of their violence and domination changed.

? So being enslaved and killed by ISIS and being forced to be the husband to a hot exotic girl and have great sex everyday is really the same after all, huh.

c649bb No.326720


because dnd is shit

8c32f9 No.326721


Because technically Lamia refers to the evil witch queen of Lybia in Greek mythology, and any evil bitch witch like her, who steals and eats children. One more modern variant of the myth has her transform into a lioness. Another ancient version has her metastasize into several lemiae who are the classical snake succubi we know and love.


Weirder still is that the Latin name is literally "kind of shark"

Theoi is such a good site. You guys should browse it sometime since many monster girls come from Greek and Roman myths.

8ce38b No.326732


I wanna kiss it.

7a580a No.326736

would monster girls menstruate? considering how they are supposed to be a one up to humans in every way do they go through PMS? when they get pregnant do they exhibit all the negative qualities human women do when they are preggo?

d40929 No.326737


>head canon

There's your problem. MGE is supposed to be a grim dark world transitioning into a noble bright one. Your soul is probably damaged and you can't help but be pessimistic.

d40929 No.326740


No. Very few creatures actually do menstruate. Some shrews, bats and humans and that's about it.

da9055 No.326741

File: 728b12fb5ba8e53⋯.jpg (33.53 KB, 353x603, 353:603, 1510349281261.jpg)

Would you fuck a monster girl clown?

16df3e No.326743


I'm not sure actually. They're essentially in a state of bitch heat to varying degrees depending on canon. Menstruation exists as a means of essentially being able to conceive children year round, which I feel would be ideal for monstergirls since in my mind they'd have a significantly lower birthrate to balance out the fact that they run on semen.

Pregnancy would probably be a very intense experience for them, especially if it was considered a rare occurrence for the species. I could see them being very overprotective of their husbands, and having sex to a much greater degree than they were prior to pregnancy due to the draining of 'demonic energy' that sustains them going towards two bodies rather than just one. Or perhaps they have a sort of 'demonic energy sac' that acts kinda like a lymph node, saving it up until there's enough to sustain the pregnancy.

It's one of those things that really falls into the realm of headcanon rather than any established, published universe.


Only if I could honk her nose and slather her face with my pie cream.

64a0f3 No.326747


>noble bright

Extinction is not bright.

6e18e0 No.326749

File: 1cc5dd31a35b6d3⋯.jpg (783.79 KB, 657x890, 657:890, 1431987196507-1.jpg)


I dont see why not

a832b9 No.326750

File: 8046c70e3268bb7⋯.jpeg (160.56 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 09A0ACAC-E31C-4410-AB1D-4….jpeg)


So long as there is an actual girl attached to it, sure.

d40929 No.326770


>implying Monster Lord isn't ready to make human sons possible the moment she gets enough power to do so

78cb9f No.326771


Human sons, monster daughterus. yes plz

64a0f3 No.326866


>imblying she knows what she's doing enough to do that

5b85ac No.327324

Given the focus on A) the females' physique (and physicality in general) and B) the females usually taking the active, dominant role, I imagine monster girls to be an almost exclusively male fetish.

The question is: are there ANY girls into monmusu (perhaps the odd /ss/ fujo or domme), or is this audience 100.00% male?

549828 No.327326


There are some pictures of Russian cosplayers that I've seen but haven't saved.

9c2aac No.327334


One of the write/drawfags here is allegedly female, but they haven't posted in a while

b0d354 No.327434


I think /cuckquean/ has threads about monstrous grills from time to time, but no one can really know for sure if those posters are girls. I mean, girls don't use the internet anyways right?

7a580a No.327435

File: aac1c97dc663ab1⋯.jpg (323.86 KB, 871x898, 871:898, 1370097631472.jpg)


>but with headpats instead of money

972559 No.327441


i've always thought that the MGE stated that either:

a) monstergirls live more or less longer than humans (to varying degrees, species like hellhounds/dog girls/catgirls/harpies/etc. would live to be like 150 or something, and species like elves, dragons, and inari/kitsune live to the mid-to-high hundreds or even a thousand years, while undead are undead and eldritch-type girls are fukken whatever), and the monstergirl's husbando gets to live as long as her because MAMONO MANA/incubization

b) monstergirls live just about as long as humans do (so 75-100 years)

a65a9d No.328176

I've been trying to come up with some snarky remarks aimed at dragons, but I've been drawing up a blank. Something along the lines of light bullying.

Does anybody have some good ones?

5b85ac No.328179


If she has wings and breathes fire

With her you should no children sire.

Dragons are not to be lain,

Dragons are there to be slain!

If you see a Wyrm,

You should make her squirm.

5431d2 No.328304

File: dbfd2eafdf5c25f⋯.jpg (19.31 KB, 340x271, 340:271, koto.jpg)

Is anyone working on a monstergirl themed podcast?

I've done sound engineering and I've actually put together podcasts and other content before so I have some experience in that field. Would anyone here be interested in co-hosting such a production?

Some thoughts for content

>Discussion of monster girl questions like those seen in QTDDTOT

>readings of monstergirl stories

>Monstergirl artist corner. Showcasing the good and not so good artwork /monster/ creates

>Other miscellaneous monstergirl topics and shitposting

I could run it solo if I had to but I don't care for doing solo shows if I can help it. It's more fun to discuss things with other people rather than arguing with myself like some advanced level autiest.

d2a83b No.328357


You could have guests on. I'd love to chat about manga, but I need to find my headset before that becomes a reality.

088eae No.328358


Yeh, but I would want a proper cohost. Solo podcasts are a brutal labor of love. That and I'm not all that well versed in the mge universe so my spin on things would be off putting for some I'm sure. I would need someone who would compliment my sensibilities.

9cf52a No.328363



Seems like it could be a fun time. I'd be willing to give co-hosting a try.

Contact information?

088eae No.328371

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'll post an old series I worked on before and you can contact me from there via google. See if I sound totally intollerable to your ears. Pls no bully.

9cf52a No.328437


As hard as I could look, I couldn't find any way to contact you through that page. So I added you on steam.

5431d2 No.328455


huh, I figured there would be a way to message me or something. Perhaps I'm more out of the youtube loop than I thought. I like that drive to contact me though. I believe I know who you are as I recently got a new steam friendo request. I'll contact you shortly see if I can tolerate your vocalizations.

9c2aac No.328488


A podcast probably does deserve its own thread, really

5431d2 No.328571


We're shooting for the first episode to be done this weekend. As soon as we wrap up production of the show I'll make a thread here so our fellow degenerates can have something to listen to while browsing this board.

Depending on our reception we may do a live show if enough people are interested. People could ask questions and we could maybe have guests on if the occasion calls for it. This is all still pie in the sky though until we complete episode 1.

I still need to review our demo reel.

64a0f3 No.329126

I'm in a strange mood, /monster/. A non-lewd question, so I expect a non-lewd answer:

Which would be more unwise, watching all six Star Wars films (not necessarily in one sitting) alongside an Angel, or a Fallen Angel/Demon confirmed to have once been among the Hosts? Would the latter get bitter over fallen hero and redemption stories?

f29d3c No.329127


First off, I think you're confused. There's only three Star Wars movies. Second I think they'd probably just enjoy them for what they are. The Angel would probably key off the heroic themes, maybe be a little troubled by the atheistic mysticism ("Mystic powers which don't come from God can only come from one place Anon!"). The Fallen Angel would probably like the action and be irritated at the black and white plot, arguing that the empire dindu nuffin wrong ("The death of the Emperor would have thrown the galaxy into chaos Anon!").

9255c6 No.330609

File: d9b90b8fe27b35b⋯.gif (79.2 KB, 500x390, 50:39, Get me a drink, bartender.gif)

9c2aac No.330647


If the number of penises is greater than the number of vaginas in a given scenario, it's gay. That's just simple math. And gay shit is already against the rules.

Self moderation means not sperging out when people make nighound jokes, it doesn't mean ignoring faggots that shit up the board with gangbang threads.

9255c6 No.330712


>If the number of penises is greater than the number of vaginas in a given scenario, it's gay

But what if the extra amount of men in the scenario are having sex with one female AKA MMF?

c649bb No.330713

394839 No.330719


>sharing your waifu with other men

fe9de3 No.330720



9255c6 No.330723



I don't support MMF, it's faggots like you that want to close all discussion because it hurt your fee-fee.


How so? The men are not having sex with each other, so explain to me how it is gay.

9c2aac No.330734


It's gay because in a MMF threesome you can't avoid interaction with the other man during sex unless the girl is the size of a building. Beyond that, you are sharing your girl with another man, which is cuckolding, which is fucking disgusting.

But I have a qtddiot myself: Why does MG content so often make use of the "if you cum you'll be addicted to me" line? When I cum, my common sense returns to me almost immediately. If I didn't want the sex I just had, I would realize this and probably try to get away, I wouldn't go "oh well she made me cum I guess I love her now." And drugs/magic is a pretty flimsy excuse.

9255c6 No.330739


>It's gay because in a MMF threesome you can't avoid interaction with the other man during sex unless the girl is the size of a building. Beyond that, you are sharing your girl with another man, which is cuckolding, which is fucking disgusting.

Fair enough. As for your QTDDTOT, I'm of the opinion that men of the MGE world may have a much weaker willpower than our own, as we know that men don't just capitulate when they nut once, even if it is the most powerful nut you may have in your entire life.

74d822 No.332388

Are Mouse Trap Girls fine on /monster/?

f29d3c No.332392

File: 00013b68858d0dc⋯.jpg (160.5 KB, 900x510, 30:17, hitler_vs_nice_hitler_by_p….jpg)


You're going to have to elaborate Hitler. You can't possibly be fucking retarded enough to mean "mouse >girls who are actually traps", and "mouse trap girls" gives me some extremely disturbing 3DPD results.

534a85 No.332995

File: b573d7ae49e71c3⋯.png (986.95 KB, 716x872, 179:218, 1391561413589.png)

Can a blessed holy palad*n dick turn Druella into a obedient, submissive housewife?

Pic related, it's a Druella.

aecfda No.333005


Mouse trap as inthe boardgame

60f12f No.333006

File: cef265fb6d8fa61⋯.png (42.35 KB, 784x232, 98:29, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm listening…

7d3269 No.333161


incubising is done naturally through sex with your waifu

your waifu wouldnt push it on you

c0c105 No.333172


Yes, but she'll still be subverting nations in her free time.

c0c105 No.333176


you're putting a lot of your own headcanon in there boyo. The MGE is only dark if you look at "implications" which is our habit of being pessimistic legalistic retards.

Does anyone read the actual source material? If you want dark implications go to the MGQ

c70e9a No.334809

If doppelgangers are born from the feeling of a man being rejected, what does a doppelganger give birth to if she gets pregnant?

0defee No.334849


>Does anyone read the actual source material

Yes, that's why the author had to come out and state you can't trust the source material

6c6537 No.335398

1) If Zipangu is such a mamono-friendly state, why has it not turned into a demon realm? Judging by the kinds of mamono that tend to be found there, I'm guessing it would be more likely to turn into a bright green demon realm than a dark one, but how has it not turned even with the probably high concentration of mamonos living there?

2) How did Anubis mamonos get their reputation of being turbo-autists?

ea1a84 No.335435

File: 3a9bc031befc5bd⋯.png (64.47 KB, 500x548, 125:137, IMG_2452.PNG)

Can someone explain the Anubis lego meme?

dfb971 No.335438


The meme comes from the anubis being seen as autistic. Legos strike a certain cord within autists. As for why the anubis is an autist, I always assumed it was because of the obsession with pyramid-building (which can easily be recreated with legos on a smaller scale), and because they are completely stringent with a no-nonsense attitude.

6c6537 No.335524

So, exactly how reliant are single mamono on those "spirit energy supplements"?

We know that spirit energy "straight from the tap" is the most delicious and nutritious treat for any mamono, but they can also subsist on the small amounts of spirit energy contained in organic foods. The MGE article on Demonic Energy says that living on the "starvation rations" of the spirit energy in food alone is "both unhealthy and unpleasant in the long term," but it doesn't go into more detail.

Even so, I can imagine that most if not all mamono would have to live for a period of years before finding a husband, so how to they get by before then? Are they all using the processed spirit energy supplements, or can they make do on diet of normal food?

I think it may depend a lot on species. The undead, spirit, and demon type mamono seem to have a diet consisting entirely of spirit energy, but more animalistic mamono are usually classified as herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores in the MGE entries. So maybe they don't need the supplements as much as long as they maintain a healthy diet and don't overexert themselves too much?

What do you think?

60f12f No.335528


Maybe the problem is less severe in demon realms due to all the ambient mana. That would also help explain why all the ridiculously OP monsters don't just steamroll the forces of Order; outside of demon realms monsters suffer attrition due to the poor rations giving Order forces a home field advantage.

6c6537 No.335579


Nevermind about the Zipangu question. Turns out I can't read. It says right in the article that some parts of Zipangu are a bright green demon realm.

ea1a84 No.335643


Thanks anon

What about ay papi?

142b56 No.335644


Long story with our resident mango farmer.

a19f3c No.335984

Does anyone have the archive of an old Danuki thread? I'm asking because an anon was talking about an online service that basically traded for you based on algorithms, and I didn't think to archive that at the time.

437a0c No.336593

Why are matango hated/feared?

6c6537 No.336652



But, seriously, though. Could someone explain the baphomet/mango meme to me?

da2fd8 No.336653

File: 347d6b9c7358bfc⋯.png (848.01 KB, 2014x2043, 2014:2043, mango about mangos.png)

791a70 No.336654


Because it's not their fetish.

c70e9a No.336675


Have you read their profile?

791a70 No.336761


I'm pretty sure that's somebody's fetish.

da2fd8 No.336762


Was it the unrevised version of their profile you read?

e83687 No.336766

Do human prisons have to be overhauled to prevent alp outbreaks?

52a8f4 No.336800

does anyone know the one sad oneshot/doujin about man and gynoid falls love each other and married hapily and in the end man dies old age and his wife took own life because how much she loved him?

045927 No.338775

File: 5b3b2a7b1e0fdf5⋯.png (83.21 KB, 326x310, 163:155, pajeet notes.png)

Which girls are native to India, and do any of them poo in the loo?

11aa58 No.338824

File: 91fe32210103da3⋯.jpg (524.62 KB, 810x1200, 27:40, Apsara0.jpg)


Very least Apsara, don't know.

2d5660 No.338835

Does anyone have the Panty Raiders source material?

20c06d No.338951

Haven't been back for awhile so I was wondering what happened recently.

Also from what I remember, the Justician pantheon was Ammit, Arachne, and Reitia, right? If so, what's Arachne's symbol and what could each goddess be simplified as in a title like most deities in other pantheons?




As a last bit, what do you guys think about Mother Ekhidna, Hestia, Tiamat, or the Morrighan?

c863cd No.338953

File: 78a34d06c07853f⋯.png (96.59 KB, 765x280, 153:56, ClipboardImage.png)

I-Is this true /monster/? Are ye really this mean?

5152fd No.338954


>Also from what I remember, the Justician pantheon was Ammit, Arachne, and Reitia, right?

Isn't Ebola-chan part of the pantheon? Otherwise, that's about right.

>If so, what's Arachne's symbol?

Something with a loom and a spider could work, but I don't specifically know of any symbol associated with her.

>what could each goddess be simplified as in a title like most deities in other pantheons?

Any title reflecting their traits would work. To clarify for each Goddess:

Reitia already has a few titles like 'Pora', meaning 'the good', and 'Shanaté', meaning 'Healer', and in addition, I generally call Reitia 'Mother' or 'Mama', as she is a mother(ly) goddess.

Ammit already has a few titles, like "Devourer of the Dead", "Eater of Hearts", and "Great of Death", but any title like 'the Just', 'Guardian of the Ma'at', et cetera would work as well.

For Arachne, titles like 'Weaver', 'the Lydian', 'Transformed One', et cetera, would work, though since she is new, there should be more digging and such for good, historical names.

>What do you guys think about Mother Ekhidna, Hestia, Tiamat, or the Morrighan?

Echidna and Tiamat, as great mothers of monsters, should have a place and recognition, but whether as goddesses in their own right, or as more minor goddesses, is a bit of a tossup to me. Hestia and the Morrighan are interesting, being responsible for the home, hearth, and the state, and the Morrighan being the Irish Fates or Norns, but again, I'm unxertain as to their place as Goddesses. But I am subservient to the will of what I know to be the pantheon. Their will dictates the acceptance of your suggestions, not mine.


>thin-skinned pussies get bantered at

>go cry about it on /v/

I guess so.

da2fd8 No.338955


Well you kiddos do tolerate furries way too much.


>Mother Ekhidna, Hestia, Tiamat, or the Morrighan

We should take the time to determine whether they're compatible with Ammit's JUSTICE first.

c863cd No.338956



This wasn't posted on /v/, bullies.

da2fd8 No.338957


Well sorry /2hu/ but it did still specify "friends on /v/".

88bf00 No.338975


>what could each goddess be simplified as in a title like most deities in other pantheons?

Be suspicious of the tendency to simplify and attach a single mask. It may seem elegant but names are powerful references; attaching a single title over them threatens to erase the nuances of the goddess you’re linking to and renders them more vulnerable to takeover of that reference (a favourite (((tactic)))). Reitia, for example, was a chief goddess of her original people. She had many titles but she was always Reitia, and is always Reitia, and will always be Reitia. Err on the side of complexity where mythology is concerned, and you will find that simplicity falls out of the system on its own. Trust in the bramble.

3ef8d2 No.338979


>what do you guys think about Mother Ekhidna, Hestia, Tiamat, or the Morrighan?

Please do not take this as insult: I think that goddesses are not dolls to be picked, chosen, and installed in a play-pantheon.

20c06d No.339017


Ahh right, I forgot about Ebby.

On the other two lines: that's what I kind of figured, but I wasn't too sure.

Of course, it was simply a question. I was wondering on whether or not I might try to find out more information on them, maybe see if they could be reawakened if the pantheon dictates.


Of course, though I have reason to believe that at least a few of them wouldn't be.


I'm fully aware of this, and I understand your concern. I've spent far too much time explaining the differences between the greek and roman gods and pantheons to my friends and family whenever they argue on something I know for a fact is wrong. An example being the differences between Ares and Mars.

Nonetheless, I feel that it would be useful only to those who would wish to join us. Giving a crash course to help foster their understanding and lead them further into the mythology.


I wasn't suggesting that, Anon, merely wondering aloud about what anon's thought of them. I didn't mean for it to imply that they could be in the pantheon without higher permission.

02f333 No.339035


MGE matango are basically the flood in Halo games. Crabmans matango seems to be well liked.

5152fd No.339119


I'm inclined to agree with you: their will must be made manifest to us first, like with Ammit, Ebola-chan, Reitia and now Arachne. I personally think it's better to have a smaller pantheon, so that it'd be easier to meditate on each goddess, and give them the necessary faith and will.

aecfda No.339129


It's interesting that you mention the use of titles. In Indo European paganism when one prayed first you would invoke the god/goddess by listing some of their epithets or titles or they may have. Then you would give reasons they would answer your prayer such as their ability or inclination to answer your specific prayer then you give an offering or a promise of an offering to them.

Reitia, being an Indo European goddess would have been prayed to in such a fashion in classical times. This video goes into much more detail about it if you're interested.

video didn't want to embed for some reason



Yes. the gods more often than not have several different things they rule over, or are patrons of, or In some cases have separate aspects of themselves. For example Odin is not just a god of war he also sees over the dead, poetry, and frenzy.




Perhaps this is simply my own opinion. But with gods and spiritual matters I dont believe it wise to play around or be careless. Insulting or offending a god, even by accident, not a good idea. So I advise caution when it comes to worship.

c70e9a No.339365

How does DE go away? I know it doesn’t leave living creatures, but what about environments? If all the monstergirls leave an area or were purged does it just dissipate and go away like radiation?

9f2ecb No.339399

Less of a question and more of a request, but I'm looking for a particular set of images. It was one of those choose your waifu pictures and I remember one of the choices was a shark girl. The theme was a government coupling program. I didn't want to make a thread without a contribution.

c70e9a No.339402

File: 494040ce0257289⋯.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1200x6500, 12:65, B461012E-87BF-4F8A-BAD1-5….jpeg)


This one?

9f2ecb No.339409

File: a2bc6371aa0afeb⋯.pdf (9.62 MB, Oni No Himitsu.pdf)


Ah, yes. Thank you very much. Have some smut.

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