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September 2018 - 8chan Transparency Report
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File: 66de53b4b9723a6⋯.png (384.1 KB, 1084x1600, 271:400, human danuki.png)

b7a734 No.333705

this guy is basically a human danuki

5f491a No.333709

Yeah, they're called 'Jews'.

1fc436 No.333712


Here I was thinking they were called kikes.

30d2e4 No.333714

There is literally nothing wrong with anything this guy does and he enriches the lives of everyone who deals with him. Despite this, the whole story and all its characters shit all over him as if he's this massively evil villain even though they can't point to a single wrongful deed he's done.

It's fucking leftypol in monstergirl form.

b7a734 No.333719


I think its because he disguises what he is doing as kindness but he is really only doing it for profit and some of the stuff he does is kind of illegal and uses loop holes to get around it

9b639f No.333725


>enriches the lives of everyone who deals with him

>uses his smarts and resources to benefit his company while providing jobs

>still gets shit on because he's not throwing the money away to charity

OP did call him the human danuki for a reason

6d3d30 No.333727

File: 529b951a6875b6b⋯.png (471.86 KB, 487x731, 487:731, 529b951a6875b6bb1927ee7e4f….png)


that is the world we live in, people don't do things that doesn't benefit them, this is one of the very few good things can happen due to humans

803005 No.333755

Reminder that ms smith is a lazy, incompetent bitch and we wouldnt have this story without her. And that's probably why some people hate this guy, he knows what he's doing and wouldnt let this whole situation happen without purpose.

>but ms smif did it to proof hoomin-monsta marriages can work

If anyone even remembers that was a thing early on, bravo, but if that's your point why hasnt kimihoto married miia like he promised he would right before lala moved in? cause crabman got caught up makinh money and seems to still be trying to milk this I should also remind you that cathyl has a boyfriend we find out about in the chapter she first appeared in. And the time crabman let a fan marry polt.

There's just a bunch of shit contradicting itself in this and it's better to just ignore the "story" and look at the pictures now.

b7a734 No.333757


yeah i was thinking that too… what is this cuck shit? crabman keeps making the MC steal everyone's girl

fdb0ee No.333761


>yeah i was thinking that too… what is this cuck shit? crabman keeps making the MC steal everyone's girl

thats normal in gookanese harem stories. just like the male side-character has no personality asides from being a comedy relief.

5b63e3 No.333771


>what is enlightened self-interest?

Come on, Rachnee, you're smarter than this.

55d320 No.333788

File: 9d5532fa13e6233⋯.png (173.26 KB, 2688x2688, 1:1, 9d5.png)

File: 3ebed9af20b634a⋯.png (560.39 KB, 999x558, 111:62, degeneracy collage.png)



>this fanservice based story isn't very good. It's almost as if all the situations are contrived so as to have a reason for the girls to appear naked and get into sexual situations with the MC.

Really breaking new ground here aren't we. What kinda book did you think you were reading?

d09cef No.333824


Having a shit story is no excuse for blatant inconsistencies. That shit is family guy tier. Crabman was at least trying for a while.

55d320 No.333880


I love what crabman has done to spread monster girl memes but I'm not about to pretend his writing is anything other than fap fodder. In one of the first volumes, it's obvious Mrs. Smith knows Mia wants to ride the dude's dick but also knows it's illegal for her to do so. Yet she still makes her live with him knowing she's pretty much tempting fate. Nothing ever happens because "muh contrived plot devices" but she continually adds more monstergirls to the mix over and over which just exacerbates the problem and increases the chance of an illegal act occurring.

I don't want to say Crabman has made monstergirls mainstream but before crabman you didn't really get media that catered specifically for the monstergirl audience. We got; Miss Kobayashi, a centaur's life, 12 beast, monster girl doctor, and a number of other titles to pick from nowadays that you didn't really see before. I'm also not saying crabman should get all the fame but his comic strips and monmusu definitely didn't hurt the spread of monstergirl fandom eyuch.

I know I'll catch shit for this but if you want to talk shitty contrived writing just open any page to the MGE. Basically, every monstergirl in that media wants to rape you with a small minority that will allow you to consensually fuck them. Subsequently, all the MGs in that media revolve around sex. So as shitty and contrived as crabman's monmusu may be at least all of his characters are slutty because they're in a harem story and not because they're specifically designed to be slutty as races unto themselves. Except for lamia's and Harpy's but even then they're still pretty tame compared to all the degeneracy going on in the MGE.

Regarding the quality argument, I don't mind if we get a few plan 9's from outer space if we eventually get a monstergirl equivalent to star wars (pre poz) at some point.

a8b32e No.333892

File: 173dcf966f4358c⋯.jpg (295.65 KB, 869x1281, 869:1281, kimihito_the_milkman.jpg)


I don't think I would mind working on his farm, though.

31e2d8 No.333977

File: 19b0190c47dc558⋯.png (81.42 KB, 550x497, 550:497, 19b0190c47dc558abd2a595a63….png)


>The "human beings are all shitbags" meme

It's possible to have a desire to advance your station in life while also having basic human empathy. True selfishness is wealth at the expense of everyone around you. I won't give the clothes off my back to help some stranger, but I wouldn't beat them up and steal their wallet either.



I remember reading in the chapter where Miia was looking for a job that Cathyl and her boyfriend "haven't been spending much time together." They might have broken up but it's ambiguous so it's tough to say.


I want to share your optimism. My fear is, that after seeing shit like Bright on netflix, if monstergirl content comes even close to mainstream it will be pozzed as shit.

32a38b No.333978

File: 9401c0baa42ab76⋯.jpg (15.28 KB, 216x223, 216:223, BEARDICUS.jpg)


Greetings, Beardicus. How were vacations?

4f6425 No.335659


So a ratfaced jew?

ef0d22 No.335671


What happened with Polt?

5b63e3 No.335681


Did you even read what happened, Uncle /pol/?

9bc9d2 No.335729


>but if that's your point why hasnt kimihoto married miia like he promised he would right before lala moved in?

You do realize that wasn't an actual marriage proposal? He was purposefully triggering death flags to prove all of that was a load of hooey.

eeb0f8 No.335818


I feel like I need more context. I stopped reading a significantly long time ago. What exactly is going on?

b90215 No.335840


Guy they're talking about runs a company that "smuggles" monsters into the country via legal loophole that would otherwise make it impossible for anyone other than the government to bring them in. He provides facilities for the monsters to work so they have some real money and not be free loading burdens to their hosts and also some amenities to help them relax and keep them healthy like massages and spas. He's actually why rachnera and suu are in japan, though suu seems to have been brought in through a bit less legal means. In recent chapters suu accidentally lets another, much more giant, slime his company was transporting and kimihoto ends up having to catch it with the harem sans mero and papi because more legal loophole bullshit. Suu nearly dies in the fight against the other slime and afterwards the guy makes two offers:

1. to Rachenra to work with him managing another branch of the company. She refuses (hence the op page)

2. to Kimihoto to help at one of the farms the company owns. He actually blackmails him to accept because of the amenities the girls have taken advantage of.

Kimihoto is now on a farm that is otherwise entirely cowgirls and sheepgirls. Latest translated chapter had him help the farm set up the milking machines for the girls except Cathyl, who he milks by hand. All the other girls find out and all want to be milked by hand. He was originally there only to cook for them so their milk would be higher quailty.

Guy really hasn't done enough to earn the hate the story gives him (except proabbly from smith but she's a bitch anyways). At worst his methods are just questionable and it's the governments fault for making the exchange program such shit that this would be such a profitable endeavor. But who know, maybe there's something even worse we have yet to see.

Right now, the arc is just pretty /leftypol/ with this guy.

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