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File: 2478642c93f19f5⋯.jpg (69.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dis is a Portuhl.jpg)

323d00  No.347350

Haven't written anything in awhile, decided to try my hand at something new, like a CYOA to get the creative juices going. This story is about who else? Anon. Anon work shit hours at a shit job, when a portal appears, promising a life of uncertainty and adventure. The Monsters in this world are different in some ways, similar in others.

>Wake up Anon.

>Alarm goes off, disturbing your sleep.

>Seven A.M. Time to head to work.

>Standing up with a stretch, you head to the restroom to prep for the day.

>After finishing up the personal care minutia, you force down a crappy breakfast bar.

>Now dressed and ready for the day, you slog to the front door.

>An odd sound reverberates through the door as you move to open it.


>Upon opening the door, the still dark sky seems almost too dark.

>A swirling vortex of unknowable energies lies before you.

>You swear that there is sound coming from within.

>It actually seems to be closing, albeit slowly.

>Many figures appear in the portal, hazy and indistinct.

>One of the figures materializes briefly, beckoning before disappearing into the void once more.

What do you do Anon?

1. ADVENTURE! (Dive recklessly into the portal.)

2. Cautiously approach, inspect, and then step through.

3. Inspect closely, but don't go through yet.

4. Nope. Not dealing with this shit. If spatial anomalies are opening up on your doorstep, maybe you have a shot with Christina in accounting. Go ask her out. After all, anything is possible.

a7016b  No.347351

File: 81eacdc96c7b44b⋯.png (148.33 KB, 501x860, 501:860, e0520676a04c2d20d69c542546….png)

1. Swan dive into that portal

323d00  No.347352

Forgot to mention, I will check every hour or so. Most votes wins. In the event of a tie, I will flip a coin.

3f65ce  No.347353

3. We should make sure to prep before going in.

c759f6  No.347356

3, who knows what the hell would happen if we were to touch it.

323d00  No.347364

Alright Anon, looks like you are going to inspect it more closely.

>You step close to the event horizon of the portal.

>It is indeed closing, but fairly slowly.

>You have time to prepare.

>Before gathering supplies you can actually see the other side now.

>While it is steadily shrinking, it also seems to be stabilizing.

>A sprawling savanna lies beyond this inter-dimensional gate, a pride of large flightless birds seems to be trundling about.


>Those aren't birds, but humans!

>No, that's not right either…



>They are monstrous humanoids…

>And they seem to be all female…

>Which means..

>The internet must be leaking, or you have spent too much time on /monster/ and it's affecting your life to the point of delusion.

>Nope, still sane.

>Better gather supplies if we are gonna do this.

>Head back inside as neighbor kid peeks out his window at the portal.

>Double back to check something.

>The ostrich women are still running as a squat woman strides up to the opposite end of the portal.

>Her bearing reminds you of dodo bird from those biology books.

>Big dumb grin on her face as she cocks her head at you.

>Gotta see if the portal will allow safe travel.

>Ignoring the Dodo-Woman, you pick up a pinecone and toss it through.

>Misjudge your aim and accidentally hit flightless harpy.

>She squawks in surprise.

>She speaks.

<"Ouch! Food?"

>She begins gnawing on pinecone.

>Pinecone didn't disintegrate, maybe travel is safe?

>Dodo Harpy seems to realize your presence once more.

<"Man! I take home to show off!"

>She wanders through the portal unscathed and latches on to your leg, head about waist high.

>It's safe.

>Ignore clinging bird-woman, going to gather supplies.

>Gather food, hatchet, water, and camping supplies.

>Dodo wanders off, seemingly forgetting you as she tries to eat your spider plant.

>After cinching your bag, you figure you have time to grab one more thing before the portal gets uncomfortably small.

1. Grab a flashlight

2. Grab the Dodo

3. Grab the ASP baton you keep in the nightstand.

4. Call your friends and family and let them know you are leaving this plane of reality.

3f65ce  No.347368


Flashlight. A light source will be helpful at some point.

c759f6  No.347370

The Dodo. Wouldn't want to accidentally strand her in our world. Might also make for a reasonable guide.

34f643  No.347373


Clearly we need to grab the Dodo

323d00  No.347375

>For the briefest of moments, you forgot about the Dodo Harpy now poking at the mouse traps.

>A lightning strike startles both the Harpy, and you.

>Peeking outside you see the portal has sped up it's collapse.

>People are gathering around the portal.

>This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Resolving to save the Harpy from whatever fate would be in store for her here, you haul her up off of the floor as she squawks in protest.

>Now fireman carrying the woman you dash at the portal.

>Neighbors scream for you to stop, child still stares out the window, and the sounds of sirens fill the air.

>Is that an air raid Klaxon?

>Fuck it all, your destiny is calling you.

>Gripping camping supplies and Dodo woman, you leap across the now rapidly shrinking threshold.

>Odd. Just feels hotter here.

>Glancing back, you see the crowd close in, and hear them scream about saving you.

>The portal snaps shut with a burst of static that leave your hair on end, and the Harpies feathers in disarray.

>Shouldering your pack, you ask the Harpy,

"What is your name? Do you have one?"

>She cocks her head once more, vacant grin reappearing before replying,

<"Name is Mouse. First food I hunt!"


"Can you show me around? Y'know, tell me about this place?"

>She waddles up to your leg again.

>She grabs it.

<"I take you back home! Show off to friends!"

"Exactly why is bringing me home showing me off?"

<"I capture husband! No need to find city exile. I capture husband just like Emu Harpies! I now vicious warrior"

>She slaps a wing against her small breasts, loosening her top, which seems to consist of small animal furs crudely sewn together.

<"Ouch. Hurt boob."

>You pause, taking all of this in.

"Husband, capture?"

>She puffs her chest with pride, striking her chest again in victory.

<"Ow. Yes. Need husbands to make babies. At least, that what Emu Harpies tell us."

>She begins rubbing against your leg with a confused look.

>This isn't quite what you expected.

<"Don't know how to make baby…"

>Gently prying her off, you begin to walk towards a thicket of trees.

>Mouse plods along with you, trying to piece together what went wrong.

>You chat with her and find out that the monster folk here all all women.

>As you try to pepper her with questions she gets visibly flustered trying to answer with her limited knowledge.

>Thirty minutes pass before she guides you in another direction, leading out of the thicket to more savanna.

>There is a small enclave of Dodo Harpies milling about, occasionally stopping to eat the odd bug.

>There seems to be a meeting going on between a few Emu women wielding spears, and an elderly Dodo.

>They notice and spears are leveled in your direction.

>You are told to halt.

1. Listen to what the group has to say.

2. Ask Mouse for help.

3. Run for it.

4. Get ready for a fight.

e77ac7  No.347380

c759f6  No.347381


Listen, let's not anger those who can go toe to toe with Australia's military.

e77ac7  No.347382


This Anon has a point, lets not piss off the Aussie Overlords.

323d00  No.347391

>The lead Emu is approaching, spear still pointed at you.

>You decide not to run.

>She grins, resting the spear against one of her powerful thighs.

>Unlike Mouse and her kind, her clothing seems much more refined, being woven from silk.

>They are also much taller, easily around your height.

<"Smart move, human. What are you doing so far away from the nearest settlement?"

>You shake your head.

"I don't really know, I come from another world. I don't know the customs of this place yet."

<"Another world? Impossible, only this world exists. I will not be made a fool of!"

>She prods you with her spear.

>Fuck that hurt.

>As you rub the point of impact you realize that the two groups are trading.

>Judging by the stacks of shiny pebbles (some of which match Dodo adornments) and chatter you picked up, they seem to be trading land.

>Land, for shiny rocks.

<"Why are you following this vapid Dodo? Are you an exile seeking easy shelter?"

>The other Emus chuckle, as do a few Dodos.

>They seem oblivious to the insult.

>Mouse steps in front of you, and proudly declares,

<"I captured husband!"

>The Emu women burst out into laughter, dropping their spears from admittedly ineffectual "wing-hands."

>The leader leans down to Mouse, ignoring your dumbfounded look.

<"Have you mated with your 'spoils' yet?"

>Mouse considers this.

>Spaghetti erupts from your pockets as you stammer and try to piece together whats happening.

>You vaguely entertained the idea that /monster/ would have prepared you for this event, part of you may have secretly hoped.

>Mouse speaks up as you process this information.

<"I tried, but unsure how."

>The lead Emu asks her with a malicious grin,

<"How about the girls and I show you? We know how forgetful you are, and we also know that the last man you had escaped. It's only neighborly to share knowledge is it not?"

>All eyes turn on you.

>Mouse once more seems confused and replies,

<"I guess… But no stealing husband!"

The other Emu women, five including the leader stare at you with bestial desire.

<"Oh we won't take him. We'll leave you the remains."

1. Fight back! Not this way!

2. "Fight back." You've come this far. Might as well have some fun.

3. Explain what is really going on to Mouse and her village mates. They deserve to know that they are being used.

4.Kick the leader in the bird shin and run like your ass is on fire.

2afd5c  No.347394


>Letting Emu Harpies cuck Mouse

Fuck those cunts it's time to ""bully"" nonsexually

e77ac7  No.347395

2afd5c  No.347396


Goddamn faq said that would ""bold"" text

36f4f3  No.347399


Agreed. And grab one of their spears.

92710b  No.347402


Any other option should be punishable by ostrichism.

c759f6  No.347410


Gotta explain to Mouse.

c759f6  No.347411


Fuck, this keeps happening.

323d00  No.347413

>Not happening.

>You never were really good at fighting.

>In school, your style was more "grab and throw a motherfucker" than anything that could be called technique.

>It helped you most of the time.

>Time to give it a shot.

>Briefly glance at Mouse as you are surrounded.

>Realization dawns on her.

>She looks sad now as the Emus close in on you, licking their lips.

>Multiple wing-hands begin tugging at your clothes.


>You lean in to the leader, she seems exited as she removes her top.

>You gently wrap your arms around her waist.

>She shudders.

>You lean back with all of your might in an impromptu suplex and slam that bitch into the Emu tugging at your pants.

>They all take a step back as you grab a spear from the ground and roar at the heavens.

>Spear now in hand you begin to swing wildly, tripping the other three.

>Everyone is confused, the leader curses you, and Mouse joins the fray to assist you.

>Dodo town loses its collective shit and dogpiles the Emus, some laughing, some screaming, and the rest simply following the leader.

>The scuffle continues as you are slowly denied entry by the growing mass of Dodo flesh.

>Two minutes pass by while you recover your breath.

>The Dodos get bored/forget what they were doing and return to milling about.

>The five Emus seem to have suffered more injury to their pride than anything else.

>When they return to their feet they begin running away from the small village screaming,

<"You haven't seen the last of us human!"

>You are exhausted. maybe flailing wasn't such a good idea.

>A soft warmth presses against your side.

>You look down to see the dopey smile of Mouse as she squeezes against your leg.

"Pretty brave charging in like that."

<"Had to protect husband. Remembered when Emus tricked us before. They strong enough to get own husbands. Why take ours?"

"Probably to take advantage of your… kind nature."

<"I don't like. Come, rest at home, say hi to family!

>Without waiting for protest you are ushered to her home.

>Interestingly, the huts are made surprisingly well for being constructs of mud and twigs.

>You are shown off to friends and family as Mouse's husband.

>The elder seems to be her mother.

>Her sister look at you with jealous eyes but remain peaceable.

>A dinner of small rodents is offered.

>You politely decline, resolving to dip into your trail mix later.

>Dinner passes as you are told of the nearby human settlement and how occasionally the Dodos receive guests who were exiled.

>Seems they were tricked out of them all.

>Doesn't seem to spoil the mood as everyone enjoys this time together.

>You decide against asking about Mouse and her sister's father.

>With dinner wrapped up and evening falling (even though in your world it is probably around eleven A.M.,) Mouse leads to to a hut next to the dinner hut.

>A large bed of straw awaits you.

>You decide to toss out the bedroll and lay on it.

>Mouse snuggles up next to you.

"What are you doing?"

<"Lying next to husband."

"I have a name you know."

<"What is it?"

>You think.

>Honesty is the best policy.

"My name is Anon."

<"Anon. I like this name."

>The two of you lay in silence for a bit, evening sun glinting off the spear you've acquired.

>She leans in close, warm breath tickling your face.


>You respond nervously.


<"Can husband teach me to make babies?"

"Are… are you sure that's something you really want?"

<"I heard its fun. And… there not many Dodos left around here"

> You ponder this. She seems much more innocent than the lascivious Emus…

1. Accept and gently show her the ropes.

2. Give her a headpat and tell her you'd like to get to know her more.

3. Explain basic sex education.

4. Wait until she falls asleep and strike out on your own.

f7f021  No.347416


2 first, then 1.

323d00  No.347420


Interesting. I'll check back in a bit. See what happens.

778bfe  No.347426


headpats during 3 then 1.

36f4f3  No.347428



323d00  No.347452

General consensus seems to be a mix of the first three. I'll give it a shot.

>You take in a deep breath.

>Sitting up, you observe as Mouse follows suit.

>She stares at you quizzically, trying to focus.

>Thinking about how best to describe it, you decide to make it simple.

>As you describe the basic process of sperm to egg, and the ensuing fertilization, you close the tattered curtains on the windows and pull out the old gas lantern.

>As you light the lamp, you try to explain cell division, but she seems to have trouble grasping the concept.

>As the lantern is dimmed to set the mood, you double back temporarily and pick up a stick.

>After drawing crude figures on the earthen floor she draws to an acceptable conclusion.

<"So, man mates with woman, sperm meets egg, and egg makes baby? Of course baby comes from eggs. I knew that part."

>She beams, proud of that tidbit of learning.

>You lean back against the wall of the hut, placing the sleeping bag in between for comfort.

>It's been quite some time.

>Curiosity strikes.

"Exactly how old are you?"

>Mouse scratches in the dirt.

>She stops at twenty-five.

<"That many Winters. Is this part important too?"

"In a sense."

>She is certainly not a child.

>You reach out and gently pat her head.

>The smile you are rewarded with makes all of the recent trouble worth it.

<"That feels nice."

>You keep patting and stroking her head as you take a closer look at her.

>For being only waist high, she has some pretty thick legs, probably to support the ungainly wings.

>Her hair is the same dull gray as her plumage, and her eyes are a dull ruddy brown.

>Those same eyes close and you look at her chest, small by human standards, but pleasantly proportionate.

>You catch yourself staring as her breasts rise and fall in time with her breathing.

323d00  No.347453


>Shaking your head, you clear away lewd thoughts for the moment.

>You stop patting and run your hand down her cheek and lift her chin to look her in the eyes again.

>She blinks almost dazedly.

"Sex, mating, isn't something that's done with just anyone. At least, that is my opinion. It should be a special event between two people who love each other."

>Looks like idealism won out over cynicism tonight.

<"I know love. It's what made me hurt when the Emus wanted to take you, Anon. Other humans call us 'stupid', or 'dim-wit.' those words not nice. You treat me like normal woman. Gave me gift!"

>She rummages through a small pouch hidden in her feathers and produces the pine-cone you chucked through the portal.

>You decide not to tell her the truth of the matter.

>She stands up and waddles over to her nest of straw, placing the pine-cone amidst other objects.

<"I think I know love."

>She comes back and stands before you.

<"Will you be my special?"

>You can feel yourself flush.

>Everything seems warmer.

>Carefully placing your arm on her shoulder, you ask once more.

"Is this really something you want?"

>Her feathers puff out.


>She begins removing her clothing, casting it aside.

>You do the same.

>Sitting back down, you stare at each other.

>Mouse patiently waits for you to make the first move.

>What would be romantic?

>You decide to pull her in carefully, and kiss her.

>Her turn to blush.

>After fumbling around with your tongue, she gets the idea and tries to copy you.

>Reaching up you cup one of her soft breasts in your hand.

> She jumps with surprise, and grabs at your chest as well.

>You break away for a moment breathing heavily.

>She seems to be panting as well.

>You stand up and toss the bedroll back down.

>You are quite erect as you go to your knees and lay her out on the bedroll.

<"What are we gonna do now?"

"I'll show you."

>You go down on her, toying with her in the best approximation of cunnilingus you can muster.


>She squirms around as you work, until you feel she is sufficiently wet.

>You adjust yourself and lift her legs in the air, pulling her wet mound closer to your now throbbing member.

"This next part may hurt."

<"Okay. I'm ready."

>Slowly, tenderly, you insert yourself.

>At first there is some resistance, but it passes.

>She groans and winces in pain for a moment, then it seems to subside.

>You begin to thrust, noticing a faint amount of blood in the dim lighting.

>The pace quickens, with Mouse now raising her hips to meet yours.

>Your breathing becomes labored, as her moans of pain become sounds of pleasure.

>It's only been a few minutes, you are surprised that you've lasted this long.

>A faint bit of drool escapes her mouth as she cries out.

>You reach your limit around the same time, and the two of you shudder with ecstasy.

>Now spent, you pull her close to your chest for post-coital cuddles.

<"That was fun. Can we go again tomorrow?"

"Maybe. If that's what you want."

She begins to drift off, but not before grabbing your hand and clutching it to her breast.

>Been awhile since you have felt this content.

>Life here may take some getting used to.

>But that is a problem for another day.

>Surprisingly, you fall asleep.

And this is where our tale could possibly end. If anyone wants me to continue I will, but this may be it for tonight, barring insomnia.

Potential actions.

1. Stick around and help the Harpy community establish proper trade with the human settlement.

2. Attempt to repair relations with the Emu tribe.

3. Go on adventures with Mouse and see the world.

4. Try to make a name for yourself in this world.

34b9d9  No.347475

File: cc42fdfa537bbba⋯.png (54.74 KB, 1302x1056, 217:176, NOTTHEEMU.png)


"Attempt to repair relations with the Emu tribe"


>4. Try to make a name for yourself in this world

Do this by destroying the Emu tribe for good

560dfe  No.347479


Seconding this, slaughter those shits

>t. Australian

36f4f3  No.347504


1. Emus are going to be a problem, but the dodos don't have weapons or defences. Trade and development is necessary before war.

f7f021  No.347506


1. do you have a character planned out already or can we vote for what sort of knowledge he picked up in the old world?

323d00  No.347508


Go ahead, The options have slowly been blending, so I may just switch to a "What do you do" format. Last bit was basically three options in once. Toss out a suggestion and I'll try to work with it.

Currently seems like everyone has a hate boner for the Emus.

Side note: All of this is off the top of my head. Why Dodos and Emus? I don't really see flightless bird harpies.

What about penguin harpies? Is that a thing?

I'll stop now.

f7f021  No.347513


I've come up with some stuff that would be useful, just tell us what the max we can choose is and anyone else with ideas can add onto the choices:

>historical european martial arts

Skill in handling various medieval weaponry.

>military history

Knowledge of how to build fortifications and command small units.

>primitive weaponry

How to make and maintain wood and stone tools.


How to best utilize the resources available to the dodo tribe and turn a profit.

323d00  No.347516


Hobby level information is acceptable for all of these suggestions. Not an expert, but passing interest may help in forming a plan to tackle the issues.

Will pick up again in an hour or so and continue the story using the suggestions given.

b05a78  No.347518


Oops. This is why you should never namefag kiddos.

323d00  No.347519



323d00  No.347531

>You awaken in the morning and wonder where your alarm clock is.

>Oh right, the portal.

>Your right arm is still pinned against a sleeping Mouse.

>Very carefully you stand up and slide your arm free.

>Mouse grumbles and rolls over, still sleeping.

>After getting dressed you begin to stroll outside, taking in the fresh air.

>In your wandering you stop and greet many of the Dodo Harpies going about there business.

>The tribe seems to be about fifty strong, and everyone is doing something.

>Most are hunting.

>By bashing small critters with clumsily handled rocks, or application of admittedly dull talons.

>Whatever works.

>Some of the older Harpies are weaving baskets and clothing out of fibrous plant matter while chattering among themselves.

>A few notice you and chuckle.

>You wave and continue on as you start to gather sticks and stones.

>Doubling back, you snag your hatchet and cut a few sizable bits of timber.

>The Dodos seem to have tools, but it won't hurt to make a few more.

>As you work, you muse on how to deal with the Emu situation.

>They need to be removed from the equation, or at least driven off.

>But how to do that?

>You could work out a deal with the local humans.

>Not a bad idea.

>From what you've learned, the Emus are a problem for the humans as well, raiding them for supplies and kidnapping youths.

>The twine you brought won't hold out forever, but the locals surely know how to produce more.

>An hour passes as you throw together some rudimentary hatchets and fire drills.

>Mouse waddles up and sits against you, watching you work.

<"What is that?"

"Primitive fire drill. using a dry piece of kindling with it, you can start a fire."

<"Fire isn't safe. Hurts to touch."

"Well, you aren't supposed to touch the flames."

<"But they are pretty…"

>Oh boy.

>You begin explaining your plans, and hope for some feedback.

>The idea of uniting with the human settlement is appealing, but in the meantime, will the Dodo tribe be safe from retaliation?

>You could easily fashion some spears, but their stubby hands aren't as dexterous as a human hand.

>Even if that did work, they don't seem like they could train for combat in any form.

>Though they did overwhelm the five Emu girls the night before…

>No sense putting it off.

"Hey, Mouse, what do we have to trade around here? Anything the humans might like?"

>She smiles wide.

<"Baskets! We make good baskets."

>It's a start.

>You gather up a few baskets that are freely given, and grab some food from your pack.

>Time to go meet another human.

>With Mouse's help, you manage to get all of the harpies to agree to run if the Emus come back.

>To the human city.

>It's a gamble, but it's one of the few locations they seem to know of.

>Mouse begins to lead you to the humans.

How should you approach the settlement? Observe before entry, or try to explain what is going on?

f7f021  No.347534


Observe before entry. What's their approximate tech level, what's the population size, what do the people look like?

323d00  No.347565

Not dead, just busy.


Alright, I'm going to wait a bit and give other people time to give input.

a8898a  No.347569


Agreed with this anon's idea but be certain not to stick out like a sore thumb when observing.

36f4f3  No.347572


Observe. Also pay attention to the weather and local flora and fauna.

2afd5c  No.347573


Watch them from afar, but more in a people-watching way than a hiding-in-bushes way

2afd5c  No.347574


Oh, and don't run if any of them notice and approach

92710b  No.347576


Maybe ask Mouse if she has had any experiences with those humans and, if so, what their interactions have been like? Reminder that she's a dodo, they're not really well known for their perception of danger.

323d00  No.347580

>It takes about an hour of walking to finally see the settlement.

>During the trip you had Mouse fill you in on the details.

>The most usable piece of information was something about a "lockey-thing" on the outskirts of the town where exiles were left as offerings to the Harpy tribes.

>Apparently this occasionally dissuades the Emu raiding parties.

>Rarely, a Dodo stumbles across the "lockey-thing" and returns home with a mate.

>Which is then usually taken by the other tribes.

>The humans also seem less scared of the Dodos, but still eye them with caution.

>As the buildings come into view, the first major feature seems to be a wheat field.

>Odd crop choice given the arid climate.

>Wait, that's a stockade outside the field.

>There is a young man in it, skin red from the beating sun, clad only in a pair of rough-spun breeches.

<"I don't need him with you. Should we bring for others to meet?"

"Maybe we should talk to him about it?"

>There are workers in the fields now visible, using steel tools and a…

>That is the biggest woman you have ever seen.

>She is pulling a plow through the fields, prepping it for seed.

>Are those… horns?

>Guess there is more to this world than flightless bird folk.

>You finally reach the young man in the stocks.

>As you move closer he snaps his once closed eyes open.

>He eyes you up and down before speaking, "What are you wearing?"

>T-shirt and Blue Jeans, casual day at work.

"Nothing impressive. Why are you locked up?"

>Mouse circles him, trying to figure out how he is stuck in the wooden contraption.

>He seems nervous for a moment, then responds.

>"I drifted into town, thought I'd sneak off with a few valuables. Got caught."

>You listen, but turn your attention to the town.

>Rough guess, technology is behind what you know by at least 100 years, give or take fifty.

"Thief huh. Shame, shouldn't steal things my friend."

>"Let me go, please? If you don't then those Harpies are going to get me. I don't want to be some monsters plaything!"

>He shouts in pain, cursing Mouse.

>She stepped on his foot.

>Some of the field hands seem to notice what is going on, and start pointing.

>Well, you've learned all you could with a cursory glance.

>Certainly not the medieval setting you expected.

Should this guy be set free? How do you go about interacting with the townsfolk?

f7f021  No.347593


Tell him he can come with us and join the dodo tribe, or we can leave him for the emus.

36f4f3  No.347601

File: f2059df0ac7230e⋯.jpg (495.72 KB, 1856x1248, 58:39, Tom_Roberts-Allegro_con_br….jpg)

File: a186748cc762d9b⋯.jpg (10.76 MB, 6065x4034, 6065:4034, Tom_Roberts_-_Shearing_the….jpg)

File: 3e47aad55b61f82⋯.jpg (219.09 KB, 724x1200, 181:300, Tom_Roberts-The_Australian….jpg)

File: 619525ba4439384⋯.jpg (2.13 MB, 3052x1979, 3052:1979, McCormick_Twine_Binder_188….jpg)

File: 8271aff926f6645⋯.jpg (785.2 KB, 1447x785, 1447:785, Batteuse_thresher_1881.jpg)


Leave the thief. Trade the baskets with the farmers and ask them about the price of land and farming equipment. Head into town and find the local government. Ask them about the price of land and the state of the transport industry: roads, carriages, railways.

Wikipedia on 19th century American agriculture:

>The federal government issued 160-acre (65 ha) tracts virtually free to about 400,000 families who settled new land under the Homestead Act of 1862. Even larger numbers purchased lands at very low interest from the new railroads, which were trying to create markets.

>In 1830, it took four people and two oxen, working 10 hours a day, to produce 200 bushels.

>By 1895, in Bonanza farms in the Dakotas, it took six people and 36 horses pulling huge harvesters, working 10 hours a day, to produce 20,000 bushels.

34b9d9  No.347604

File: 9957835042fc068⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.93 KB, 600x399, 200:133, Kek.jpg)


>Should this guy be set free?

We should set him free after cutting off his hand, his choice of which one to cut off

>How do you go about interacting with the townsfolk

By going into the center of the town and loudly exclaiming about how you are going to decimate the Emu tribe for their transgressions

a74157  No.347607


Leave the guy for the moment, we can pick 'im up later.


Tis gettin serious.

f7f021  No.347608


We can at least make the offer and tell him to mull it over while we buckle down on setting up a business relationship with the village.

36f4f3  No.347616



Cast my vote already, but I don't think we want an admitted thief around if we're industrializing the dodos. Let him take his chances with the emus and heat stroke.

f7f021  No.347623


The dodos are borderline retarded, and we're the only man in the tribe. They need more human males, both for breeding and fending off the emus.

36f4f3  No.347628


True, but not someone who will run off with our shit as soon as we have anything worth taking.

9b6954  No.347629



323d00  No.347637





Going to be tricky working all these together, but I'll see what happens. Next section may be a doozy.


Now that is just downright intimidating! I can make no promises!

>Some townies begin to approach, murmuring about why you are speaking to a criminal, and why you have such odd clothing.

>Glancing back at the thief, you tell him,

"I'll figure out what to do with you later."

>Three of the townies stand before you.

>A bald man of about sixty, a plump woman covered in flour, and a young man with a sword at his side.


>You expected a gun of some sort.

>Mr. Sword seems to be wearing leather jack as well.

>He speaks up first, "Who are you, and why are you talking to this thief?"

>You feign surprise.

"This poor man said he was afraid a Harpy would steal him away!"

>Baldy spits, "He'd be doin' us a favor, keep 'em busy for a few days."

>Mouse waddles up to your side, and the three seem to notice her now.

>The woman gives you a look of utter disgust as Mouse hugs your leg and smiles.

>She screeches at you, making some kind of sign, "Have you lain with this abomination?! You are damned!

>Well, you did, but is it really something to be ashamed of?

>Mouse is a sapient ,if simple, being.

>You nod your head and steel your resolve.

"So what if I have? You got a problem? Fuck off."

>The three gasp, as baldy takes a step back, "Such a vulgar way to address a woman!"

>The woman swoons and faints.


>Mr. Leatherjack places a hand on the pommel of his longsword, "Did you come here just to cause trouble?"

"I most certainly did not. You came to me, remember? By the way, who are you three, the welcome wagon?"

>Baldy is busy fanning the harridan who fainted.

>Leatherjack responds, "I am Jericho, sheriff of this town. This gentleman is Mayor Donahue, and the woman you so rudely addressed is head of the Bakers Guild."

>You smirk.


"If you are the Sheriff, why are people getting kidnapped?"

>He suddenly looks very young and nervous. "I was just a deputy when the old Sheriff was taken a few weeks ago…"

>You clap a hand to his shoulder.

"I've got good news for you then. You see my little friend here? We want to start trading with you. Proper, unbiased trade. Her tribe doesn't want to raid or steal your people. Although they won't turn down visitors."

323d00  No.347638


>He leads you to his office to discuss things with you and the mayor.

>Many folk stare at your ungainly companion and you as Jericho leads you.

>As you sit down and pull Mouse into your lap you begin to hammer away with questions.

>All of the industrial equipment seems to have been furnished by "The Church."

>Church of who, you are unsure.

>As you try to extract more info about this church, you have to stop momentarily to tell Mouse to stop poking at your crotch.

>It seems caravans and roadways are the primary method of transporting goods.

They are unsure just what the hell a "Train" is.

>The church seems to glorify the human condition, and preach against the evils of monstrous flesh.

>Sounds familiar.

>When asked about the churches thoughts on abandoning prisoners to the Harpies, the mayor mentions that it is seen as a necessary evil.

>The wicked are damned anyway.

>A sudden thought hits you.

"If you hate non-humans so much, why do you have one working in the field?"

>Donahue chimes in, "Juniper is a special case."

"Why is that?"

>"Her unholy lusts are non-existent. And she does the work of five men."

>Almost imperceptibly, Jericho tugs at his collar, quickly flicking at it as if there were a bit of fluff vexing him.

"I saw that."

>He starts to flush a bit as the mayor questions you, "Saw what?"

"Nothing important."

>Potential blackmail.

>Eventually you broach the subject of trade and present the baskets.

>The mayor seems impressed with the quality, and asks if there is anything else the tribe could provide.

>Hrmmm… Well technically the Dodos have land.

>You make your sales pitch.

"Why not unite this town and the Dodo tribe? Coexistence will surely yield it's own rewards?"

>The mayor actually takes the time to ponder this.

>He eventually blusters, "B-but the church! Surly it would be seen as an affront to nature! Especially if our races were to… co-mingle. Heavens know that some of the young folk can't control themselves."

>Shit, the damn church.

>Stroking his chin he adds, "Besides, what about the safety of our children? What is to stop these half-sized Harpies from assaulting our children?"

>You look down at Mouse, once again poking at your nether regions.

"Certainly your people would never do that?"

>She smiles innocently.

<"Kids are for playing and feeding snacks. Not making babies."

"Well, there you go. As for the church, I'm certain the loss of a few followers can be overlooked in the face of increased profits!"

>The exchange eventually turns to the Emu Harpies.

>They screwed with both parties, so joining together would double the ability to handle them.

>Several hour pass by, and an agreement with the mayor is reached.

>The Dodo tribe can move in, probationally, for now.

>So, it's all gonna be played by ear.

>These people are either really desperate, or you are a damn good orator.

>Before you head back home to start the Dodo exodus, you tell the Sheriff you will deal with the thief.

>No sense giving in to the Emus anymore.

>As you leave town, you stop at the stocks.

>You unlatch it and help the raggedy thief up.

>"Thanks, you really saved my ass. So, you going to take me with you?"

"Don't thank me, a thief is a thief."

>You hand him one of your small water bottles and a snack bar.

>"What are these?"

>As you speak you shove him in the opposite direction of town.

"Food and water. Get going, I don't need your kind around here."

>You have big plans for this place.

>He grunts as he catches his footing, "Thanks anyway. Better to be run off than left out as a sacrifice.

>He starts walking away.


>By the time you arrive back home Mouse is quite antsy about getting you out of your clothes.

>You humor her and go for round two before falling asleep together.

>Tomorrow is going to be a big day.

What is the first order of business in the morning?

34b9d9  No.347648

File: 049ee4c32be462d⋯.jpg (186.63 KB, 1187x905, 1187:905, Sad.jpg)


>Not cutting off the thief's hand


>What is the first order of business in the morning?

Poison the towns water supply, burn the crops and deliver a plague unto their houses. Make sure to frame the Emu tribe for doing this. This will make everyone happy to go start Emu War 2: Electric Boogaloo

323d00  No.347653


Damn Arabs trying to jack this story!

a74157  No.347662



79e66a  No.347663

Can we start the church of Ammit?

Or should we wait to build an alter to her glory later?

Honestly you thinking youd be more greatful for what shes done for you

79e66a  No.347664



778bfe  No.347672


well since nobody else has a alternative

1. make/arrange living spaces for dodos outside the town.

2. double check food and water supplies to see if it can handle increased population

3. double check what dodos can contribute to the economy, maybe figure out something clever (roll d20?)

4. finally, the most important thing is to get more information on the church. All we know is that they hate monsters.

323d00  No.347678


Not gonna lie, for all my lurking, I'm kinda clueless about the various factions and deities this board uses. I just enjoy writing (simplistic as it may be.)

I also wanted to mention that I have four 12 hour shifts coming up, so updates will not be regular by any stretch of the imagination. I'll try to post once each day, and I'll be sure to make the incoming parts much lengthier.

79e66a  No.347687


I think its really just the two Retina, and Ammit

Theres threads about them if you want more info or inknow anons will fill you in on the lure of our goddess of JUSTICE

aef3e8  No.347694


These are all good. If we want to get the dodos some goodwill, maybe borrow a human carpenter and have him oversee the dodos in constructing a watchtower. It'll need a bell or something noisy so that the town can rally the militia when the guards see raiders.

7feaa9  No.347700


Reitia is love/literature, Ammit is JUSTICE/punishment, and Arachne is crafts/banter. We probably shouldn't preach /monster/ism at the villagers until we've built up a friendship and shown ourselves to be capable of things the church can't do. Go ahead and ask Mouse if her tribe has any gods too.

f7afb5  No.347703

File: 8cd4d5856b38211⋯.jpg (61.23 KB, 650x350, 13:7, retina.jpg)



anon pls


I'd say Ammit is pretty love-related too given her knowledge of human hearts and how she's essentially our modern Monster Lord. I feel like Arachne is more weaving specifically rather than crafts in general.

36f4f3  No.347709


Let's avoid antagonizing the townsfolk with a contrary religion. Also, let's not jump to the conclusion that gods actually exist.


Good start. Long term plans:

-Figure out what crops they rotate with the wheat. Teach them about crop rotation if they're not doing it.

-The dodos are dexterous, so teach them about textile manufacturing. The Jacquard loom (first algorithmically controlled loom) was invented in 1804. The pedal-driven Dobby loom was invented in 1843. Automatic Roberts and Lancashire looms were invented in 1830 and 1843 respectively. From Wikipedia, number of looms in the UK by year: 1803, 2400; 1820, 14650; 1829, 55500; 1833, 100000. If mechanical looms aren't available, get them vertical looms with flying shuttles (1733 device enabling weaving cloth wider than the armspan).

-Try cultivating cotton.

-Organize social gatherings between dodos and humans.

36f4f3  No.347710

File: 16095e2828a067d⋯.png (209.44 KB, 457x597, 457:597, TM158_Strong_Calico_Loom_w….png)

File: 84692322d644f13⋯.jpg (262.46 KB, 446x648, 223:324, JacquardLoomsSAFALodzPolan….jpg)

File: d07ac73213deb09⋯.png (104.21 KB, 663x500, 663:500, Lancashire_loom.png)

File: a3447cb1adf3ab2⋯.jpg (869.71 KB, 716x2884, 179:721, Flying_shuttle_with_bobin.jpg)


Whoops, forgot pics and sage.

323d00  No.347729

>When you awaken, you are greeted with a most unpleasant odor.

>Two-day funk.

>You need a shower and a change of clothes.

>When Mouse gets up, you ask her if there is a river or other body of water nearby.

>She tells you of a stream that is a short walk from the little dodo community.

>One of the locals over hears and starts squawking, "Bath day? Bath day!"

>The air is filled with communal cheer and the sound of many clawed feet pounding the earth.

<"Bath day!"

>Now mouse has joined in.

>She grabs your hand and follows the crowd as they start to enter the thicket behind the little village.

>As you walk with them, your mind turns to how you can improve relations with the humans.

>The Dodos seem to be good weavers, so textiles could be a promising enterprise.

>Assuming they can be taught.

>Well, Mouse is proof enough that they are capable of learning.

>The town is large enough that it wouldn't be strange for them to have a means of production for said textiles.

>Cotton was mentioned as a profitable crop for the town… so materials are on hand.

>But what about the presence of a weavers guild or similar…

>You feel a tug on your leg.

<"You come join? Or keep staring at dirt?

>You made it to the stream.

>So lost in thought, you neglected to notice your arrival.

>The entire community is rolling around and splashing themselves in the shallow waters.


>The first ones out of the water begin soaking and wringing out the hides that they wear.

>Nobody seems to know which article belongs to who.

>When in Rome.

>Stripping down you step out into the water.

>It is pleasantly cool to the touch.

>As you start wiping away the sweat and dirt you notice a few of the Harpies are staring.

>Mouse steps between you and the others, puffing up her chest and spreading her wings.

>They return to the task of cleaning themselves and their clothing.

>She pokes your stomach.


"Fair enough."

>After you finish, you move on to your clothes.

>Probably should have packed an extra set of clothes.

>After Mouse's display, the others don't seem that interested in leering at your genitals, so that's a relief.

>The group eventually marches back to the village after you put your damp briefs back on.

>As soon as you arrive you enter the hut you share with Mouse and quickly fashion a loincloth from scrap materials

>Better than wearing cold wet underpants.

>In an odd way, you now match the others.

>Mouse joins the others in weaving and hunting as you drape your wet clothing on the roof of the hut.

>Pulling up a log you settle in and eat the last of your meal bars.

>Either you are going to learn to cook rodents, or you need to eat what is offered by Mouse's family.

>Or, maybe you could go to the town and eat there…

>But you have no money.

>You pass the time thinking of things you could offer the town to build goodwill.

>Just then one of the Harpies sits next to you.

>She seems to be wearing a holy symbol of the same type worn by some of the townsfolk.

<"Mouse says you want to know gods?"

>You are taken aback at the suddenness of this discussion.

"Yeah. Does your people worship a higher power?"

<"Dodos have no god. Missionary gave me one. Taught me reading. Not good at it. But can read some."

>She clears her throat before speaking.

<"He says to me, 'Gecko, as a creature of darkness, you are forbidden from lying with a man. Spread this word to your people.' I always find this funny. Lying is a sin for everyone, not just us."

>Looks like she missed the point.

<"There were many lessons, but he left. I tried teaching others, but none interested."

>As she regales you with tales of her path to learning, she hands you a small tattered pamphlet.

>It denounces monsters as lower lifeforms, beings destined to bring ruin and pain while at the same time, it speaks of the intrinsic values of human purity.

>Are Paladins a thing here?

>Gecko confirms it.

>Paladins occasionally run purges in the more populated areas, focusing more on territories heavily controlled and taxed by the church.

>She doesn't understand what greed and nepotism is when you question her.

>The religion follows a goddess named Elaina.

>Those who are tainted by monster are doomed to a hellish afterlife of torment.


>After you learn all that you can, you thank Gecko and return to your musings.

>The church of Elaina may be a problem in the future.

>But concerns right now are getting off on the right foot with the townspeople.

>Well, the land is pretty flat, why not suggest watch towers?

>Even if they don't go for that, you can try bolstering the workforce with the tribe…

>You elect to think on it more as you travel.

>Time to gather the tribe.

323d00  No.347730


>It's time to move on.

>You spend the next hour filling the tribe in on how to behave around humans.

>They nod and bob in agreement, gathering their things.

>The huts are torn down, and you learn something new as Mouse tells you why.

>The Dodos are nomadic.

>They wander a circuit around this region, uprooting every few years.

>In a flash you have the entire population of Dodos travel ready.

>Time to go.

>As you lead the group, you whistle a jaunty tune, and after awhile the tribe joins in.

>You make the journey with a horde of land Harpies, making a racket and carrying on.

>No wonder the towns meager militia is on standby as you arrive.

>You spread your arms wide.

"We have arrived! Together we will ensure the safety of this town from the Emu menace!"

>Mayor Donahue is running damage control, Calming the people while Jericho approaches.

>He extends his hand.

>You take it.

"Trust me. If this fails, I'll leave of my own accord."

>More time passes as Harpy and human tentatively speak to one another.

>Some of the Harpies are making passes at the menfolk, and much to the women's chagrin, a few are open to this.

>There is an extended argument between several parties.

>It seems that the churches hold on this town isn't nearly what the mayor made it out to be.

>Fights break out between humans, but the Sheriff shuts it down pretty quickly.

>The next few days are hectic.

>Occasional outbursts occur.

More than a few young men take up the Harpies on their offers.

>Women angrily declare that the Dodos should be run off for stealing their men.

>Dodos apologize, but do not relinquish their newfound mates.

>On a positive note, the Dodo elder and the mayor have been spending time together, discussing cultural differences and integration progress.

>In the ensuing month, things pick up speed.

>Watchtowers were put into place.

>Said watchtowers were instrumental in preventing an Emu raid.

>A few Dodos took up clubs with the militia to drive off the raiders.

>Though difficult, the Dodos were placed in various positions throughout the township (which you have since learned is called Argot,) and your textile gamble paid off.

>A few mishaps with the machines occur, but nobody is seriously injured.

>You were appointed to oversee the integration along with Mouse.

>Your crop rotation advice is a well known process.

>The violent events become rarer with the passage of time.

>Before long, the devout give up on interfering, adopting a live and let live policy.

>Mostly because the mayor ordered it.

>Gross product of Argot rises in these few weeks, and the town is in a state of boom.

>Hastily thrown together housing blooms into full, sturdy constructions for the newcomers.

>You and Mouse even move into a cottage near the wheat fields together.

>Jericho decided to stop hiding his relationship with Juniper, and they end up as your neighbors.

>Everything is going smoothly now.

>But that doesn't last long.

>The towns bell tolls.

>You head to the gates with Jericho and tell Mouse to stay safe.

>Still riding high on your success, you can't help but feel a sinking in your gut.

>Anytime something good happens, it seems life wants to balance it out with a bit of the bad.

>As you sand at the edge of town by the packed earth road, you see what caused the commotion.

>People are whispering, panicking, and fleeing indoors.

>A pair of large figures ride forth on war-bred horses.

>A man and a woman, clad in gleaming silver armor, bucket helms glinting in the noonday sun.

>They stop before Jericho and yourself.

>The woman lifts her visor, revealing a battle worn face as she announces, "We have received word of something most troubling occurring here. We are to investigate.

"What might that be?"

>You are afraid you know the truth, but ask anyway.

>Her eyes fill with a twisted glee as she utters a single word.


How do you handle this? Throw out whatever ideas you have, because I'm going to dump a large "chapter" utilizing what seems to be the most popular responses.

2afd5c  No.347735

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We should have been a /k/ommando instead of a farming and industry autist, we might have had more time to prepare. No sense fretting over it now. If she doesn't lop our head off we should get to work on some black powder firearms.

Tell her that technically we can only be accused of heathenism, not heresy, since we don't really know anything about the local religion beyond what a harpy told us.

f7f021  No.347738


Invite her to lunch so we can nitpick semantics like civilized people.

bae5fa  No.347740


Try and get ahead of hostilities by talking to the paladin and if that goes wrong see if you can spook her horse and get her thrown on her ass

(someone come up with a better idea please)

36f4f3  No.347773

Without civil liberties, we have no case to plead. Hiding our crimes probably isn't possible on short notice. Physical combat would result only in our death or more paladins investigating the disappearance of the first group. Fleeing would mean abandoning our efforts here but should be kept in mind as a last resort. Our best bet is convincing the paladins that the benefits outweigh the costs and to keep our indiscretions a secret. The human women in town and the female paladin are the biggest obstacles to that end.

If we survive this, we should look into the state of enlightenment philosophies and the franchise of the working class. It may be time for a revolution.

aef3e8  No.347780


Time for a plan. A small bit of deception.

Tell them that while we're not entirely familiar with their religion, we've heard that they aren't fans of monsters. We happen to agree. We'd found this town in a state of near-siege by some hostile monsters, an emu tribe. We were appalled by this state of affairs, but when we found the dodos, we hatched a scheme. We'd lure the docile dodos in and use them as cheap labor to build defenses and disposable militia. Then once the emus were wiped out to the last, we'd turn on them. However, the dodos have proven even more domesticated than expected. They're like dogs. Completely subservient. They'll fight anything they think is a threat to their masters. Including most other monsters. This has made them a bit too valuable to simply discard, so we're training them as attack dogs instead. Surely they can see the wisdom in pitting monster against monster?

f7f021  No.347783


>the franchise of the working class

Fuck that commie shit, we're starting a capitalist revolution.

2afd5c  No.347787


This sounds like the kind of thing Mouse might overhear, and it would break her innocent heart. Terrible idea.


This is a much better idea. The freer the market, the freer the people, and vice versa. Why pay church taxes? Why even let these paladin chucklefucks in the door? They've let the Emu tribe ravage the town and are now only here because we've brought it into a boom. Oh sure, she says she's here about heresy but I bet it's really because the higher ups have noticed the town starting to turn a profit and want to suck it dry.

f7f021  No.347791


>This sounds like the kind of thing Mouse might overhear, and it would break her innocent heart

You also have to question whether she'd even believe it. Just stick to talking about how helpful and nonthreatening they are.

36f4f3  No.347794


Poor choice of words on my part. I meant the representation of the interests of people who are not members of the clergy or nobility in government. The revolution should be based on the government's responsibility to uphold the rights and freedoms of the individual.



I bet the townswomen would quickly out this lie.

aef3e8  No.347798


>I bet the townswomen would quickly out this lie.

There have been a few mishaps with the training, yes, but only due to the sheer stupidity of the dodos. One had met a missionary, and completely misunderstood the lessons! I'm sure with proper church guidance, however, it won't be a problem, and we'd be willing to pay for such help, of course. In other words, plan B is short for plan BRIBERY. BRIBES ALL AROUND.




>Capitalist revolution

Hmm. There IS historical precedent…


We Dutch Republic now?

f7f021  No.347800


How many times have they tried to rape a guy? Even if one did, she'd easily be fended off and discouraged. Plan C should be knock them both out, tie them up, and ask what happens when their superiors don't get a report (check with the villagers to make sure they're not trying to lie).

34b9d9  No.347848

File: 487b79b13d5e736⋯.jpg (39.93 KB, 300x524, 75:131, EXPANDIT.jpg)



We can't be heretics if she gets burned at the stake first

36f4f3  No.347851


>Eighty Years' War

>Partly motivated by the Holy Roman Empire's attempt to quell protestant heresy

>Northern Netherlands gains de facto independence by strengthening their economy while the Spanish keep going bankrupt

>Control over naval trade routes shapes the war's outcome

Interesting stuff. We should start a railway company to build expansive trade networks and expedite troop deployment.



Alright, let's go for it. We're fucked if it comes to plan C, though. The paladins are better equipped and better trained, and nothing good can happen if their superiors don't get a report.

f7f021  No.347855


If it gets as far as plan B we're fucked.

323d00  No.347891

Testing pastebin. Have a free bit of writing from the other side of the portal!

Honestly, I was dicking around, so it isn't to my liking, but I may be doing more writing In the future with pastebin for write threads.

323d00  No.347892


Well shit, forgot to put in the link.


323d00  No.347893

Going to leave this here before I catch some sleep for my next shift. Sorry it's not as long as I'd hoped it would be.

>Shit. Paladins of the church.


>She is staring daggers at you with that malicious smile…

>Waiting for your response.

>You regret not carrying something around for defense, just in case this goes tits up.

>Quickly, think!


>The pair dismount.

>They hitch their horses to a nearby post and stride towards you.

>Alright, you'll explain what is going on, failing that, you will play to the churches greed.

>Ms. Paladin grabs you roughly with one hand, yanking you up to her.

<"Well? Are you going to sit there and remain silent?"

"Not sure what you are talking about. You see, I'm a foreigner, and I know very little of your religion."

>Her lips curl into a snarl, but you continue.

>I do understand what you worry about, but listen. I have brought two communities together. And barring a few bumps, they are thriving."

>The male Paladin speaks up, pointing at the nearby watchtower, "Harpy!"

>One of the Dodos managed to charm a newly appointed lookout, and she joins him on watch from time to time.

>She waves at the Paladin with a smile as the watchman stands beside her, protectively shielding her with an outstretched arm.

>He jerks a battleaxe free, "Disgusting. Looks like the rumors were true."

>He moves to the base of the watchtower.

>The woman shoves you back and draws her sword as Jericho draws and moves towards the male Paladin.


>Your shout startles everybody.

"If you will hear me out, we can avoid bloodshed. I don't care what training you have, you are just two people."

>You have their attention.

>The two of them return to you, and Jericho sheathes his blade.

>The Paladins remain armed.

<"Why shouldn't we purge these creatures and punish the wicked?"

"Because they have done nothing wrong."

<"To allow themselves to be defiled in such a way is nothing short of disgraceful!"

>You snap.

>Ignoring her sword you force her to step back as you move into her personal space.

"Allow? You didn't care before when these people desperately sacrificed criminals to stave off raids by a Harpy tribe that is actually harming the community!"

>She steps back again.

"Where were you when people were being kidnapped? WHERE WERE YOU!"

>She regains her composure and tries to interject,

<"We had our reas-"

>Shutting her down you continue your tirade.

"I'll tell you what your reasons are. This town experienced a major boost in production thanks to the inclusion of the Dodo tribe. Their labor has even revitalized the export of cotton cloth. You know why? Because most of the workers left! You aren't here for your god, you want to bleed this town of its newfound prosperity! This is what you want!"

>You reach into your work trousers and fish out a few silver and copper coins, chucking it at her armor.

>Shock registers on her face as the coins ding against the armor.

>A crowd is growing around you.

>The Paladins are growing nervous as the number of townies around them climbs.

>Some of the townsfolk join in, shouting about how when they needed help, the church was nowhere to be seen.

"You have one of two options here."

>You hope this isn't a bluff.

"You can fight us. Whether you try now, or gather more of your kind I swear to you. You will lose more than you gain. In the short term you get something, but it will dry up as this town fails. Potential gains will be balanced against what you lose supplying and feeding troops to invade."

>They seem to be considering this.

"Or, you can let the peaceful Harpies continue their work here, without worrying about what the community does or does not do with them, and enjoy the increased tithes and tariffs that you are now."

>The jeering and shouting dies down as you let your words sink into their heads.

>The Paladins retreat to discuss matters in private.

>Nobody seems to want to interfere in their secretive conversation.

>You take a deep breath, shaking from the stress of your ultimatum.

>Jericho pats your shoulder, giving you a nod of approval.

>You can hear devout followers whispering among themselves, but none take action.

>The two start arguing before eventually returning.

>The woman speaks up once again.

<"You will continue paying the tariffs and tithes, but you will receive no assistance from us anymore, heathen scum. Even if Argot is overrun by demons, we will not provide aid. Refuse to pay the church tribute, and we will reduce this town to rubble on principle alone. On the authority of Abbot Lorrentz, I hereby excommunicate everyone who resides in this place."

>Slamming her helmet down, she returns to her horse with companion in tow.

>As the two leave, the devout followers of the church panic.

>You leave the mayor to do damage control as you head home to check on Mouse.

323d00  No.347894


>As you make your way there, thoughts of the future flash in your head.

>Would it be a wise choice to simply leave things as they are?

>Or would it be better to cut the church off , come up with a defensive plan, and establish new trade routes to other cities?

>Your mind stirs as the house comes into view.

>As you enter, you spot Mouse sitting on the bed.

>You have never seen such a look of smugness on her face.

"What's going on here?"

<"I made something."

>You chuckle.

"Must be impressive for you to make a face like that. What is it?"

>Reaching between her legs she lifts something up.


>It's an egg.

>The look of pride on her face says everything you need to know.

>It's about the size of an ostrich egg.

>You stand there in shock.

>You are going to be a father.

>All other thoughts are shoved aside as you sit next to her.

>Returning the egg to her lap, she leans against you.

>You spend the next hour holding Mouse.

>It's peaceful and quiet.

>A week passes by without incident.

>Some of the devout left town, but most stayed as they had nowhere else to go.

>The only issue with the Harpies lately is the wrath of the head baker.

>She claims that her son was seduced by a Dodo and stolen away.

>Per your job you investigated.

>Of course it was consensual.

>Mouse has been keeping the egg warm, and it's doing fine.

>One afternoon the watchtower bell begins its brass call.

>This time you will be prepared.

>You tie the short swords scabbard to your side.

>A gift from the town smith.

>Rushing out to the tower you can see what the fuss is about.

>A large group of women approach.

>They aren't human.

>All are wearing leather armor and carrying long-swords.

>As they get closer, their features become clearer.

>Most are Lizardfolk, but one seems normal.

>Ah, she's easily over 8' tall.

>The leader of the group waves you over.

>You motion for the militia to remain on standby.

>Steeling your nerves, you boldly step up to the leader, a dark haired Lizard-woman.

>She looks you up and down, seemingly unimpressed.

<"Is that piece for show, or can you fight?"

>You shrug.

"Probably not. Better than meeting strangers unarmed though."

>She draws, motioning for you to do the same.

<"I won't kill you. Just want to see what you can do."

>You wave once more to the militia, letting them know it's okay.

"You'll be disappointed."

>The two of you square off.

<"I'm Dawn, commander of this mercenary company."

"Anon. Welcoming committee and inter-species relations."

>Her eyebrow raises at that.

>Dawn has better range.

>You have no real combat training.

>The fight with the Emus was easy due to their lithe frames.

>Not to mention the fact that a whole tribe of Dodos supported you.

>Maybe if you can catch her off guard and knock her down…

>You make the first move, recklessly barreling into her.

>Connecting with a meaty thud, she is unmoved.

>That is when you notice just how muscular she is.

>Probably denser too.

>She effortlessly twirls you around and disarms you.

>Mid spin your legs are kicked out from under you, and her sword is pressed against your neck.

<"You were correct. I am disappointed."


>She lets you drop to the ground.

>As you stand up, sheathing your blade, you ask her,

"What exactly are you doing here?"

<"We heard that Argot has let an entire tribe of Harpies move in. I wanted to see for myself, maybe move my company in. Mercenary work hasn't exactly paid off. Humans don't trust us."

>You count, they seem to be about twenty strong.

"What could you offer?"

>She laughs.

<"A fighting chance. We also heard that the church has completely abandoned Argot. And word will soon spread to the local tribes. We could replace, or train if you wish, that pitiful group of defenders to start."

"I'd have to think about it. Took quite a bit of convincing to make the people accept the docile Dodos."

>As you speak, the large woman wanders over to one of the militiamen and picks him up.

>He seems too scared to move in the dark-skinned Amazons grip.

>She tells Dawn, "I want this one."

<"Put him down Greta. We don't operate like that. You can ask him later."

>Greta puts the young man down and he breathes a sigh of relief.

<"Sorry about that. Her culture is proving difficult for her to ignore."

>This could be a decent opportunity…

"Let me talk to the mayor, have a town meeting and all that. I'll get back to you."

<"We'll be waiting."

Potential allies, but can Argot take the strain? What do you do? What if other groups seek to join? Should you keep a balance of humans and non-humans, or do you want to allow any who seek a new life a chance?

f7f021  No.347902


See if we can attract more married monsters and humans. Hype up the prosperity and stability. In the meantime, start asking around and seeing if there are nearby sulphur deposits. Any nerd with escapist fantasies should have the formula for gunpowder memorized.

f7f021  No.347903



But go ahead and let the lizards in, just explain the ground rules to them.

0b68cc  No.347905





or at least see these new mon recognise her symbols the heart and feather or the 11 pointed star

2afd5c  No.347907


Give it a few weeks, until things have settled into a new routine. Many may still be recovering from excommunication, and introducing a new "heathen" goddess probably won't help them cope.

4d3c6b  No.347911

We can't afford to to allow just anyone in after the merc group. Remember that Argot has a limited supply of single men, anymore and we could very well go the way of Rome. We only let these girls in out of necessity.

bae5fa  No.347912


Time for ye olde pipe bombs and muskets?

f7f021  No.347914


Our primary goal should be stabilizing the population by attracting more single men. Mamono/human couples shouldn't be too hard, since we can easily promise the safety of their husband and children. And I'd stick to unrifled matchlock guns at first since they're simpler to make. Just a metal tube with a touchhole and a wooden stock. Definitely not the sort of thing we want leaking out though, so keep a tight lid on the formula. While we're at it, work on getting a set of rings for us and mouse.

4d3c6b  No.347916


I forgot to mention that we should try to assimilate any that we do allow in, if that knowledge is in our backround.


Wouldn't muskets be impractical in a world of monster girls and magic? This isn't some isekai where the protagonist scientifically advances their place of residence centuries ahead of the status quo.


Learn to sage, m80.

2afd5c  No.347917

File: b957da255c2a18c⋯.jpg (45 KB, 315x499, 315:499, 51fIU6vV 1L._SX313_BO1,204….jpg)


flintlocks are just as easy and safer than matchlock


>This isn't some isekai where the protagonist scientifically advances their place of residence centuries ahead of the status quo

You're right, we can do better

f7f021  No.347918


A fireball might be more powerful than a primitive gun, but a squad of soldiers with muskets is easier to come by than a single skilled wizard. Quantity>quality.


A flintlock requires a bit more fine detail work with the mechanisms. At the very least, the first few prototypes should be matchlocks. It's less of a loss if they go kablooey, and most of what we'd be testing would be the best type of charcoal and the ideal ratio of ingredients.

36f4f3  No.347925

File: 7a3f6ec7c902672⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 3644x4599, 3644:4599, Carrie_Furnace.jpg)

File: 2dd798d3fee2bf9⋯.jpg (325.67 KB, 1145x1201, 1145:1201, Modern_blast_furnaces_(Won….jpg)


Let them in. A subset of them can train up the local militia and others can help diversify the industries of Argot. Forestry, metallurgy, and mining would be ideal.


More than limited men, we need to keep in mind limited food, water, and other essentials. The only way we're going to support a significantly larger population is trade. Railways are the best way to facilitate this. To start building railways we need large quantities of industrial-grade steel, powerful steam-engines, and land. Hot blast furnaces were patented in 1828 and could produce 8.2 tonnes of steel per day by 1833. A good source of coke (a coal derivative) would be necessary, though, as charcoal is too inefficient to support a steel industry. Steam engines were already be in use in threshers, mills, printing presses, and other common machines by the early 19th century. All they need is scale and rails. Land could be bought dirt cheap if we settle farmers along our tracks and expand through relatively underdeveloped territories.


We don't know if magic actually exists, though.

f7f021  No.347932


And why would some random anon know how to build blast furnaces? Maybe we could work something out by giving descriptions of what little we remember to a tinkerer, but being able to just make it ourselves seems like a bit much.

36f4f3  No.347933


Note the dates. Like steam engines, blast furnaces should already exist.

f7f021  No.347936


This world has clearly taken a different path. the paladins showed up in full plate armor, something that would have been completely useless on a 19th century battlefield.

36f4f3  No.347937


If their basic infrastructure is similar to ours in the mid 19th century, then they should have industrial tech to mach. Wearing plate armor because guns don't exist is irrelevant.

36f4f3  No.347938



872abc  No.347943


They could easily be prancing around and casting spells instead for all we know.

36f4f3  No.347947


We have no evidence magic exists, let alone that it is capable of supporting industrialized society. We do, however, know that 19th century machinery exists. Use Occam's Razor. And if it is magic, then we should get a wizard to approximate a blast furnace for us.

872abc  No.347952


If they have cheap, high quality steel, where are the railrods?

9231b5  No.347958


I agree with letting the lizards in, and the possibility of inteoducing Ammitism could draw in new blood through the acceptance of monsters and human relations.

The lizards are a reliable source of manpower, and immediately upon recruiting them you can take the chance to bolster your population by challenging the Emu tribe.

Dawn can challenge their leader and win them over through a trial by combat. Regardless of their sneaky tactics, I think Dawn could easily overpower them, and the emus would probably be too afraid to try anything stupid with the lizardfolk around.

2afd5c  No.347960


The limited application of technology is likely enforced by the church, since a modern industrialized town defended by a militia armed with flintlock muskets is harder to keep under control than an agricultural village armed with pointy sticks. We're seeing the tech that the church has allowed to be used, such as housing and agricultural machinery, that will help their bottom line but still keep the peasantry in check. I wouldn't be surprised if the very high ranking paladins are issued pistols as sidearms, they just don't want any getting out to the citizens, since any competent smith could take apart a lost firearm and figure out how to make one of his own.

36f4f3  No.347961


Same place as the guns.

872abc  No.347967


A railroad would be a huge benefit to get crops to market faster and keep the villages on a short leash. You're much less likely to act up if it only takes a few days for soldiers to show up and purge your family after all.

a74157  No.347968


What have you unleashed upon this board?!


778bfe  No.348005


This is better than a communist revolution simply because a capitalist revolution should be able to grow much more quickly than a communist one which has historically ruined productivity. We'll just need to GTFO quickly before society gets fucked after the temporary boost/finished revolution.


Let 'em in. We gain more than we lose, however we'll need to focus more on commerce. There is no way we can sustain a rapidly growing population off of farming alone, so we will need to rely on our supply of textiles to draw merchants in. Maybe any visiting travelers can be asked to spread the word that our local textiles are cheap? Also set up a bazaar exclusively for merchants. >>347925 anon has the right idea, in that our industries need to be diversified a little bit more. We should make the town more friendly to merchants if possible, something more than just a exporter of goods.

2afd5c  No.348021

File: 3fa89670a515859⋯.png (137.46 KB, 466x487, 466:487, dtj7uyjhyt.PNG)



I think you should leave

f7f021  No.348060


The worst that would happen is some temporary instability, which could easily be avoided by holding off on the violence for as long as possible. The more time we have to cement our hold, the less chaos there will be once we over throw the church.

323d00  No.348106

>A town meeting is called, and the mercenary group is being given a tour of Argot by the militia. If they end up integrating, it will do them good to know their way around.

>Just as you expected, the town women are against the idea of the mercenaries joining.

>You take this opportunity to lay out a game plan.

>By sending messengers and telling traveling merchants about the towns needs, you may be able to draw in additional resources.

>First and foremost. The male population is in decline. You tell the townswomen that you are seeking to bolster the workforce and bring more men in. This should alleviate the sense of competition.

>Second, any mixed couples of monster and human are welcome. Provided they have something to offer the town.

>Third, food and materials production need to be increased. Some of the Dodos can be diverted to the fields to assist with this. The farmers will be tasked with expansion . The fear of raiders has prevented the farms from growing any larger, but with your plan that will be a non issue.

>Fourth, you need engineers for a few side projects. Nobody here seems to know what trains or guns are, but you have a feeling that someone somewhere can help.

>As the people are embroiled in discussion, you ask about magic.

>Some seem nervous, but in the end you learn that magic is indeed real. Humans can't do it, at least not without an immense amount of effort and study. Even then, these humans are rumored to have monster blood in their veins.

>Maybe you'll slip a hint that witches are welcome.

>After several hours of deliberation, these changes are accepted. Everyone sees the potential for growth and gain.

>The following days are chaotic. New fields are being plowed, a few men and women volunteered to be runners delivering the news to other towns and cities, and the mercenary squad began drilling and training the militia.

>One day you decide that you should do something for Mouse.

>A quick visit to the blacksmith, and a few gold coins from your pocket, turn into a pair of rings.

>It's about time.

>When you get home and present the rings.

"Will you marry me?"

>Mouse chuckles at this, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

<"But you are already husband. Why do we need rings?"

"It's a custom where I'm from, and it seems the humans here do the same."


>Sliding the ring on her finger, you take the time to pat her head and pull her into an embrace.

"How's our little egg doing?"

<"Fine. Moving a little. Maybe a few more days?"

"That soon?"

<"Egg protects baby for a while. Then baby is hatched, and ready to learn!"

>She seems excited by this prospect.

>You still can't believe this is happening.

>All you want to do today is stay with Mouse.

>So that's all you do.)

323d00  No.348107


>The night passes by uneventfully, and you start your day planning a strategy for dealing with the Emus.

>During your morning circuit of the town, you hear a familiar noise.

>An engine of some kind. And it's getting louder.

>A plume of smoke is trailing some form of motorized wagon.

>Looks like something from a steampunk fans wet-dream. Covered in vents and brass piping, belching out billowing black clouds.

>In the front is an elevated platform with rails. Two figures are perched upon it. A man in his early twenties, and a young girl. Both are wearing What looks to you like aviators caps with goggles.

>They pull up in front of the town all and disembark, shutting down the machine.

>As usual, a small crowd gathers.

>As the appointed greeter, you go to them and offer your hand.

>The man shakes it, and the girl hides behind his leg.

>He takes off his cap revealing a shock of blonde hair and introduces himself, "Hello! My little sister and I are looking for a town called Argot? I heard they were looking for an engineer?" He reaches into his pocket and retrieves a pair of glasses, sliding them into place. He takes your hand and pumps it vigorously. "Names Richard."

"Anon. Yeah, this is Argot. Glad you came, we need to have a talk about why I needed you."

>The young girl tugs on Richards coat.

>He looks around and whispers, "Is this place really safe for monsters?"

"Yeah, trying to make it that way at least."

>"Good, now about your proble-"

>He grunts as the girl steps forward and casually elbows him in the stomach.

<"Shaddup Dickey, you know you got the IQ of a brick. Now gimmie my glasses. Don't need the charade here."

>Her voice is a bit deeper than you expected from a girl.

>She puts the glasses on and removes her hood, shaking free a frazzled clump of green hair and over-sized green ears.

<"Remember next time, step-sister. Hello Anon. Dickey, move the wagon outta town!"

>She briefly examines the town, and finally fixates on you.

<"Ignore him for now. He's a good man, but none too bright. What can I help you with?"

>She jumps straight to business as Richard drives the wagon away from the center of town.

"Well, I want to talk about weapons. And potentially work on new methods of transferring goods."

>She seems to think about it, before she turns on some of the townies staring.

<"Watcha lookin' at? Ya never seen a gremlin before? Ugh, this is why I don't do rural areas."

"Then why did you come?"

>She looks at Richard as he drives off.

<"Got tired of him gettin' knocked around. People found out about us, but they were scared of me, so they went after him. I actually cobbled something together to burn the city, but he asked me not to. When we heard Argot was accepting mixed couples we jumped on it. New life and all that."

>She sighs as she finishes her story.

>Maybe a new home is just what they need.

"Glad we could offer a place. It may not be any easier here, people have a hard time accepting change."

<"Better than what we dealt with. In the end, I broke down my invention and used the parts to make a new engine for the wagon. I can do weapons, if you want. By the way, name's Yaggi."

>When Richard returns you take the two of them to meet the mayor. After pleasantries are exchanged, you begin discussing the business of trains and guns.

>The train issue is complex, as making a path would require other cities and the church to allow construction on their land. Automated wagons would be easier to implement, but would take time to build.

>Guns on the other hand, are promising. The simple musket design would be easy to fashion, but you are unsure how reliable your understanding of the composition of gunpowder is.

>Yaggi claims that a little experimenting will fix that.

>After discussing these two major issues, you tell them that they are welcome to the plot next to your home to park their wagon (more comparable to an RV you discover.)

>After they get settled in, you gather the mercenary team.

>It's time to deal with the Emus.

How do you wish to tackle the Emu problem? Pit the mercs against them in a bloodbath? Integrate them? Or punish them by beating them into submission and reclaiming the people they kidnapped?

(Sorry this one is a bit short, but I need to get to sleep. My 12 hour shift became a 15, and I need to crash for the next one.

f7afb5  No.348108


I like the idea of an 11-pointed sun better.

047c07  No.348113


Give them an ultimatum. Repent or be purged.

363359  No.348118


Gonna reuse my vote here. Either Dawn or one of her more eager warriors could easily take on the emus. If they don't agree to surrender or accept the offer of single combat then they can face the consequences of being conquered. Either way, you're getting the men back with or without them.

I think once they see the kind of world you're trying to build they should come around, but they'll probably need to be taught a few lessons on civility since they seem like the scheming type from our earlier interactions.

2afd5c  No.348120


We do a Matthew Perry

Roll up on the Emus in Yaggi's carriage with a company of mercs and militiamen, armed with muskets and bayonets, and give the ultimatum: Set free every man in the tribe or we will.

Any man that wants to stay with the Emus can, and men that want to bring their wives with them when they leave will be allowed to do so, but they will not raid our town ever again.

aef3e8  No.348128


>motorized wagon

So many possibilities here.

Introducing tractors will revolutionize agriculture.

Motorized caravans will be like trucks, which will revolutionize trade and logistics.

Toss some armor on and you have the beginnings of tanks and APCs.

Then there's construction vehicles.

The only limit I can think of is fuel. What's it powered by?

For smaller projects, perhaps some fancy new tools. It's mundane, but anything that makes cutting, measuring, drilling, sawing, melting, smelting, hammering, digging, and so on easier will improve productivity and make even better tools possible.

There's also a human innovation we can use that requires no technological development. Get someone skilled at producing something and have them train an average joe in step 1 of making it, then get another average joe and train them in step 2, and so on. Once all steps are done and each person is constantly working on their step, you have a basic assembly line.

But yeah, this town is probably gonna be rich soon. Which is good, pretty much all forms of strength can be derived from economic strength.

Military strength? Hire tons of mercs. A well-equipped professional standing army is even better if you have the time.

Diplomatic strength? Lavish gifts on those you want to be your friend. If they're still uncooperative, bribe their elites. The elites will then resist their cash cow getting cut off.

Worried about a nearby power? Start loaning money to anyone fighting them. This has the added side effect of making you even richer as they pay off loans.

In fact, I think we might want to try something. We quietly fund the less anti-monster religious scholars, target key church members (pope, cardinals, paladin captains, anyone similar or their equivalents in this world) with bribes, and fund friendly candidates for any of those positions. In other words, I suggest we introduce the church to a nasty human concept, lobbying.

Emus? Emus will be small potatoes soon. I guess >>348113 and >>348120 will do just fine. If they do submit, hiring a few as auxiliaries may be useful.

36f4f3  No.348146

File: 9c856f6fb958f25⋯.png (73.96 KB, 912x493, 912:493, Wing_Muscles.png)

File: a701329d3ce3acb⋯.png (193.56 KB, 1280x902, 640:451, Chicken_wing.png)

File: ce8d83ca3e994cd⋯.png (40.54 KB, 673x265, 673:265, CugnotSteamTrolly.png)

File: ca04e524d260527⋯.jpg (33.05 KB, 683x486, 683:486, Rivez_Engine.jpg)

File: 7272af2575ae90f⋯.jpg (251.9 KB, 976x768, 61:48, 1885Benz.jpg)


>Sliding the ring on her finger

Raising some serious questions about your harpies' wing anatomy here. Even flightless birds' metacarpals are covered by flight feathers, so you couldn't put a ring on them. And putting a ring on a toe is a bad idea because birds are digitigrade, i.e. they walk on their toes.

>Handling the emus

An ultimatum is fine. If it does come to combat, we should keep in mind the Emu War and not try chasing them around. Just institute a bounty system and keep expanding.


All good ideas. There are 3 potential fuel sources used in 19th century automobiles: steam, hydrogen, and gasoline. Steam carriages were developed in the late 18th century and gained commercial success by the 1830s. Wide-spread use, however, was obviated by the already successful railway network and legally enforced low speed limits (<20 kph everywhere). François Isaac de Rivaz developed a vehicle using a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine in 1808, but its performance relative to contemporary steam-engines was very poor. Hydrogen fuel cells were first conceived of in 1839, but the first fuel cell was developed in 1939. Vehicles with coal gas-powered internal combustion engines were developed between 1870 and 1884.

f7f021  No.348153

How much does the gremlin know about chemistry? If we've got her here, we might be able to skip straight to percussion caps. Center fire metallic cartridges will have to wait until we can industrialize brass production though.

323d00  No.348164


>Harpy fingers.

My fault for not making it clear. To compensate for their flightless existence, I envisioned the land based harpies to have developed rudimentary fingers for gripping tools.

36f4f3  No.348177

File: 0c799354df0546f⋯.jpg (35.27 KB, 487x382, 487:382, Faraday_disk_generator.jpg)

File: b35d499daec7dc0⋯.jpg (45.02 KB, 600x460, 30:23, Faraday_disc.jpg)

File: 9a958886de38223⋯.png (386.18 KB, 1012x566, 506:283, lead-acid_battery1.png)

File: b29be7068d772a3⋯.png (255.93 KB, 367x824, 367:824, lead-acid_battery2.png)

File: 2eca77a48f891db⋯.png (561.8 KB, 948x868, 237:217, lead-acid_battery3.png)


We could also start producing rechargeable lead-acid batteries. All we need is coiled lead foil on cloth immersed in dilute sulfuric acid. These discharged batteries can then be charged from a dynamo. The simplest dynamo is the Faraday disc, which can be constructed by anyone possessing a basic understanding of electromagnetism. For historical context, the Faraday disc was developed in 1831 and lead-acid batteries were developed in 1859. Lead-acid batteries didn't become widespread until the 1870s when dynamos with electromagnets instead of permanent magnets started being used.


Since birds' feet already have opposable digits, it makes more sense to just use their feet instead of selecting for mutated wings. In your favour, though, megabats do something similar with their thumbs.

36f4f3  No.348179

File: bcdc89e6f995986⋯.jpg (511.9 KB, 2560x2048, 5:4, Horniman_fruit_bat_skin_sk….jpg)


Note the clawed thumb on the left.

792122  No.348223


Yeah, something like that.

778bfe  No.348274


this >>348120

Honestly, other anons have the technology aspect and how to deal with the emus down, but I'd add in that we could possibly absorb the emus into the town. Regardless, in the short term, going full Matthew Perry would probably be the most effective and bring the best result. Long term, I doubt they're going to wallow, and in desperation they might attack anyway. Thus, after dealing with the emus in the short term, we should plan a expansion with the emus in mind before its too late and they start attacking again from desperation.

And about the ring, either we can wave it off as [plot] or change her ring into a leg band. Not a big deal, as its a minor detail.

323d00  No.348301

Quick update.

Every one of my 12 hour shifts has been 15+ so far. I'm sorry that I can't post anything right now, but tomorrow I have a day off, so I will try to post more of the story then.

323d00  No.348304


I don't get it.

9c0439  No.348305

File: 8ccd7a10041af62⋯.jpg (50.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sad kakakakarotkake.jpg)

Can someone draw that dodo girl? Every time I think of her, I keep on imagining a dodo with a female head. I don't want to think about that.

f7f021  No.348310


The basic form should be a shortstack with bird wings and legs, but I also imagine mouse having an ahoge.

363359  No.348332

File: 212fb70ced3ebdc⋯.png (320.65 KB, 609x1046, 609:1046, Mouse.png)


I really like Mouse. She deserves to be happy.

36f4f3  No.348340

File: 97a3f20bd72c14a⋯.jpg (460.13 KB, 1134x1600, 567:800, 23.jpg)

File: 62bc6ceedfc9199⋯.jpg (2.96 MB, 2616x1728, 109:72, Oxford_Dodo_display.jpg)

File: 712cd2ed62d4d1b⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1359x2941, 1359:2941, James_Abbot_McNeill_Whistl….jpg)


I imagine her with this harpy anatomy, dodo colouration, and (now that she's civilized) something similar to this style of Victorian dress.

d93083  No.348375


Now that is just adorable. Maybe bird fingers aren't that bad.

323d00  No.348550

>A week passes.

>The militia is drilled in basic combat while Yaggi works on the guns.

>Within the week, she produces a handful of prototype rifles. She bypassed your suggestions, going as far as creating a cartridge based system with the blacksmiths assistance.

>Currently possess three rifles with five cartridges a piece.

>It's a start.

>You gather the militia, which now entails the former mercenary company.

>You take one of the rifles just in case you need it.

>Mouse sees you off, waving from the porch.

>Baby will hatch any day now, gotta get this over with so you don't miss it.

>Everyone piles into the Gremlin wagon.

>Bit of a tight squeeze, but it makes a functional ACP.

> It only takes about twenty minutes by carriage to reach the Emu tribes village. They scramble to gather spears as the militia spills out and draws weapons.

>Seems to be around sixty or so, interspersed with a few scared looking men.

>You step to the head of the group and spy a familiar face.

>Their leader.

"Long time no see."

>You remain cordial for the moment, rifle slung over your shoulder.

>She hisses back in a voice laden with venom, "If it isn't the troublemaker. Having fun with the squat bitches instead of real women?"

>Rude, but her pride must have been quite ruined.

"I don't appreciate the terminology, but yeah."

>"What are you here for." She looks miffed that she couldn't get a rise out you.

"It's simple really. You leave Argot alone. Or we burn this place to the ground.">She seems intimidated as Dawn steps forward.

<"I'll give you the chance to settle your grudge in single combat, sparing your tribe from bloodshed."

>The two lock eyes and move towards each other. The Leader points her spear at Dawn, "You lizards and your duels. I'll show you that we are not to be trifled with."

>In the face of this challenge she seems to have forgotten you. Some of the men in the village are ushering children back inside.

>You never considered the possibility of kids being here.

>Dawn draws her blade and strikes, but the Harpy parries with her spear clumsily.

>After trading blows, Dawn manages to disarm her foe.

>The leader shrieks in fury and leaps up, talons whistling through the air as they fly towards Dawns head.

>She can't move in time, and the flesh on her face is shredded by the razor sharp claws digging in. Leaping back she clutches her savaged face and groans in pain. Blood leaks into her eyes and she misses the followup strike that rakes across her torso.

>As a third kick arcs her way, she catches the powerful limb and slams the hilt of her sword into the leaders kneecap with a terrible crunching sound.

>The leader screams again, this time in pain. She slumps to the ground and Dawn places her blade to the defeated Harpies neck.

<"Do you yield?"

>Her fallen opponent hangs her head. "I can't move my leg… I yield."

>You breathe a sigh of relief as Dawn makes her way over to you.

>In that instant the leader uses her remaining leg to leap up, talons bearing down on her enemies exposed back.

>Without thinking, you yank the rifle to your shoulder and fire.

>The thunderclap of the discharge elicits cries of terror from the tribe. Some of the militia are startled, having only heard the weapon a few times at the range.

>Harpies rush in to check on their wounded leader as she crumples to the ground.

>This wasn't the ideal outcome. You make your way to the leader.

>A gutshot, not a pleasant way to go.

>The militia go to the juts and offer to take the menfolk home, and their paramours and children if so desired.

>Dawn stands next to you, clutching at her injuries as Yaggi starts digging around for medical supplies in the back of her carriage.

<"Only a coward attacks an enemy from behind."

>The tribals surrounding their leader are frantically trying to help her stop the bleeding.

>You did what you came here to do. The your people are spreading the welcome mat to those taken from Argot, the Harpies seem to have been cowed, and there was minimal bloodshed.

Should you head home? Try to save the tribe's leader? What do you do after this situation is resolved?

2afd5c  No.348556


>Try to save the leader?

If she hadn't tried to stab Dawn in the back after faking a surrender, I would have said yes, but she chose to be a cunt so she can die a cunt's death.

Maybe we can offer her a quick death via gunshot to the base of the skull.

e010ed  No.348564


>save the leader who dishonored a ladies' duel.

I say we cut her head off and put it on a stake, as a lesson for her fellow savages to not trifle with us any longer. That oughta deter future invaders, though it may lose some favor with the more civilized. A show of force is the only way to teach Ottomans Emus.

e010ed  No.348565

On second thought, let's just kill her. We've already shown that they cannot defeat us and they would be powerless without their men.

f7f021  No.348576


try to heal her on the condition that her tribe gives any men they kidnapped the chance to leave, and she steps down as leader. Letting her die of an infection leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but humiliating her like that is okay.

a74157  No.348587


Personally, I'd let Dawn decide on whether she lives or dies. She's the one that was nearly back stabbed. She wouldn't have achieved anything from killing Dawn, other then revenge. And she would have been killed straight after anyways.


>try to heal her on the condition that her tribe gives any men they kidnapped the chance to leave

Why? They (Emus) can't stop them. Why bargain for something you've already got?

>she steps down as leader

If she dies from her wounds and she's proved to be dishonourable. Letting her live would be to much of a risk.

f7f021  No.348589


>Why bargain for something you've already go

To give them the illusion of a choice. I don't actually expect the men who've been here for longer to leave after building a new life in the emu tribe.

>Letting her live would be to much of a risk

She's been utterly humiliated and shown to be an unfit leader. If we open up trade relations with the emu tribe after this they'll become more prosperous and she'll be remembered as a petty tyrant that tried to hold the tribe back from greatness.

If we don't give her this offer, I vote to just kill her. No one deserves a slow, painful death.

5b0a25  No.348591


>>The tribals surrounding their leader are frantically trying to help her stop the bleeding.

See, I would be on board with letting her die if the rest of the tribe (emu side) didn’t have some kind of attachment to her. She obviously has their respect and adoration, otherwise they wouldn’t care if she died . She may be dishonorable in your eyes but she probably thinks she is doing what she knows to save her tribe. For all she understands you’re here to conquer them and make slaves of them.

I say try to save her life. Show the emus your way is better, you won’t win them over with absolute ruthlessness alone. You must also show benevolence. You want to start a settlement of monster and human relations and you won’t be achieving that if you make enemies willfully. You need to unite and expand! Carve out your own nation!

f7f021  No.348593


She's gotta face consequences for her actions, and a new leader who hasn't been mortally wounded by a boomstick is going to be more cooperative.

2afd5c  No.348609


This is a good idea. Dawn decides whether she lives, dies a quick death, or bleeds out in the dirt.

3e1551  No.348613

Etch an 11 pointed star around her

Let Ammit bring her JUSTICE

aef3e8  No.348638


This is not going to end nicely no matter what we do. Their leader seems to have been quite liked if they're trying so hard to save her.

Saving her is asking for a knife in the back. Leaving is just going to cause resentment of our actions to boil over, which may lead to them seeking revenge for their martyred leader. Extermination ends the threat, but on a moral level it's extermination and on a practical level it's kind of wasteful. Occupation of the settlement ends the problem for the moment, but we'd need to keep the place garrisoned at expense or risk rebellion, though this may be offset by tax revenue and the rebelliousness may eventually go away by velvet glove, iron fist, or both.

All the options suck, but occupation is probably best. Right now, we're just one city, which leaves us at the mercy of larger, more powerful neighbors. We either expand and compete, or desperately play them off each other until one gains dominance and forces us to submit. The Emus may not be the best start, but every bit of manpower and resources helps.

Three things would make the occupation easier. First, hire as many of their warriors as auxiliaries as possible, under the command of our officers, of course. If they're fighting our enemies, they're not fomenting rebellion or training rebels. Fighting side by side with our troops might improve their loyalty, too. Second, once their leader is dead, make sure we get veto power on who becomes leader next. Weed out anyone belligerent, and retain the right to remove them at will (for disloyalty or incompetence, mostly). This can be loosened over time, especially if the Emus start following us out of choice rather than fear. Having one of our citizens act as an advisor is optional, but recommended. Third, once everything is settled, give a speech. Key points include how we didn't want things to end like this but what's done is done and we now face the future together, how cooperation will make us both stronger, and that enemies will think twice about challenging our combined might.

ec59d7  No.348652

File: 1be87959c147f35⋯.jpg (333.96 KB, 800x593, 800:593, 1be.jpg)

>not seizing the means of production and starting an autistic jihad against the biblecunts

>not starting the war with nothing but tens of thousands of poorly made T34s and drunk horny troops wielding vodka and kalashnikovs

>not steamrolling paladindus right through the capital city


ec59d7  No.348654

File: b2f9d7c2f9b7c5a⋯.jpg (14.58 KB, 255x249, 85:83, b2f9d7c2f9b7c5a59898e6f13f….jpg)


A thousand lamentations I forgot my sage/the site ate it

560dfe  No.348655


>Try to save the tribe's leader?

No mercy for emukind

560dfe  No.348656



FUCK, you and I both, buddy

f7f021  No.348659

File: 3ad8bfb7bd2b2cd⋯.jpg (77.42 KB, 605x871, 605:871, s4nx2yzarcc01_20180126_015….jpg)


>being helicopter bait

ec59d7  No.348666

File: 7f1a9db30fab13c⋯.jpg (683.31 KB, 2550x1910, 255:191, a67f0389eeaa4d9b22919471d1….jpg)


>not killing nazis

It's like your ancestors didn't even fight in WW2 Electric Boogaloo


At least you got dubs, sweet as.

1ebaf7  No.348676


Internal combustion engines can run on ethanol too, just build a still if one of the farmers hasn't already.


Try to save her, it'll help mend fences with the Emus, and if we can save her it'd be a nice demonstration of the benefits that come from being our friends now that they've seen why it's a bad idea to be our enemies. We might not have to fight them and it's more beneficial long-term not to, so we should try not to. We can both still walk away from this better off. Make sure nobody else on our side starts anything, everyone on both sides is on edge and we need to de-escalate it before somebody tries something stupid, even with the rifles (reminder that we only have three of them atm) it would be a bloodier fight than we want to fight at this close range. If confrontation is inevitable, it would be better to delay it as long as possible to buy time for Yaggi to make us more boomsticks and the militia to train with them. Unless the Emu Harpies are launching their own industrial revolution too, the longer we can delay things, the stronger our relative position becomes. Also be sure to have somebody see to Dawn's wounds, time could be a factor and we don't want the mercs thinking we're using them as disposable sword fodder.


>She's been utterly humiliated and shown to be an unfit leader. If we open up trade relations with the emu tribe after this they'll become more prosperous and she'll be remembered as a petty tyrant that tried to hold the tribe back from greatness.

This, she'll have more power dead than alive atp. We don't need to give them a martyr to rally around, whereas if she lives and keeps preaching war, her credibility will be undercut since she'd be telling them to attack the people who saved her life when we were well within our rights to finish her off or let her bleed out. This way we look reasonable, and it reinforces that we're more interested in self-defense and stability than petty vengeance and tribal feuds. We're here to bring civilization, so let's be civilized about this.

f7f021  No.348685


>we wuz fighting nazis n shiet

But I thought the USSR wasn't real communism?

323d00  No.348691

>Your mind races, trying to find a resolution. If you let her die, she will no longer be a problem. But her people may resent you.

>If you try to save her with an act of mercy, they may be more receptive to future dealings and even support your plans of independence.

>Looking down at her form, you slide the bolt back on the rifle. The spent casing ejects as you load a new round in the chamber.

>She is breathing shallowly. Her skin is growing pale. Even if you let her live, the damage to her leg may be irreparable.

>You look back to Dawn. Yaggi has just finished bandaging her face, and is now working on her flayed chest.

>Your emotions are in conflict. Part of you wants to let this cunt bleed out. The other part is telling you to save her. Maybe Dawn will have some input that can help guide you to an answer.

"What… What should I do here? We gave her a chance, and she turned on you after the duel was over."

>Dawn looks in your direction, yellow eyes barely visible beneath the bandages.

<"This whole affair was orchestrated by you. I can only offer suggestions. In the end, what happens here is your choice."

>You shake your head indecisively.

"That doesn't really answer my question."

<"Alright. How do you want this day to be remembered? The town of Argot demonstrates newfound power to fight back against the people who raided them in the past. That is already set in stone."

>She points at the Emus leader.

<"Do you want to be known by the tribe as a man who will crush any opposition, or the idealist who believes in redemption?"

>You are at a loss.

"There are just too many variables here. In my shoes, what would you do?"

<"I'd do nothing. As an woman without honor, I would not give her a warriors death. She can succumb to her wounds die in the dirt. And if she lives, it means she had the resolve to fight off death. Even if that were the outcome, she would be broken. Any pride she once held would be forfeit."

>You feel sick. Looking over at Yaggi's medical supplies, you notice it's mostly just bandages and a bit of ointment. Nothing close to fixing a gutshot.

>As you move closer to the leader the other Emus shy away. You kneel next to the leader and ask her,

"Does it hurt?"

>She whimpers in pain, "Yes. It b-burns."

"Do you want me to make it stop?"

323d00  No.348692


>She's lost a lot of blood. Her body begins quaking. "C-can you fix me?" Her eyes are pleading.

"No. But I can end your life, that way you won't suffer."

>You stand up and point your gun at her forehead.

"It will be quick."

>You hope that's true.

>Tears well up in her eyes. "I don't want to die…"

>Fucking hell.

"Your only other option is to die a slow agonizing death by infection if you don't give in to blood loss first."

>She begins to lose consciousness, trying to repeat herself, "I d-don't want… to…"

>After that, she passes out.

>Some of her people beg you to save her. Others are cowed by the show of force and keep distant.

>You call out to Yaggi.

"Help me stop the bleeding. After that, she is on her own."

>The two of you apply pressure after ensuring the bullet wasn't still in the body. Looks like it passed through. You send one of the Emus off to grab alcohol of some form to try disinfecting the wound site before bandaging.

>After finishing, you heft the leader up and have a local lead you to her hut.

>After you place her down, she stirs a bit. "Am I dead now?"

"Not yet. You are on your own."

>You turn to leave, but she stops you. "Wait! What of my people"

"They will be fine. I intend to free those you have kidnapped. We will take no one back by force should they try to stay. It may take time, but I want our two communities to grow peacefully."

>She closes her eyes, "Very well."

>A thought crosses your mind.

"What is your name?"

>"Ask me next time you visit us."

>And with that, she goes back to sleep.

>You take your leave. Nothing else you can offer. She made her choice.

>The rest of the day is spent discussing things with the tribe. Most are nodding and obeying, while some still seem scared.

>You tell them that you want coexistence, not violence. After suggesting potential work opportunities in the expanding fields and the need for additional levies should the church make a move, many volunteered to bolster Argot's numbers.

>Some ask about the leader, (Whose name turns out to be Maia,) and what will become of her. You tell the truth. She will most likely die from her wounds. Some remain hopeful. Others are crestfallen at the idea of losing their chief.

>Some of the Militiaman stay behind to facilitate the return of the kidnapped men.

>Riding in the back of the motorized carriage, you ask Dawn if you made the right choice.

<"I told you, it wasn't up to me. If you are going to keep overseeing these changes you wish to make, then all of the responsibility is yours to bear. Sometimes choices are hard. We just have to live with our decisions, be they good or ill.

>After arriving home, you tell Mouse about what happened.

>The two of you turn in for the night as she gently strokes your back to comfort you in her own way.

What should you do next? Wait a few days and play it by ear? Or should you spend some time with Mouse as the day of hatching draws near?

f7f021  No.348698


Whatever else happens, I want to be there for the hatching. If we're doing something else at the time, we drop everything and leg it back home.

0c5628  No.348729

I agree with >>348698. We need to be there for when the child is born.

2afd5c  No.348769

1ebaf7  No.348787


Spend some quality time with Mouse, get your home ready for the new arrival, make sure the Harpies and Lizardgirls are settling in okay, and maybe take the time to learn what you can about what's near Argot (natural resources, other monstergirl tribes or human villages, dungeons, etc.). And be sure the Emus know to change the dressing on Maia's wound periodically.

1ebaf7  No.348788


fuck me, forgot to sage. Sorry.

17e04a  No.348808

File: 32907a576183210⋯.jpg (75.55 KB, 431x471, 431:471, so.jpg)


>implying I'm a commie

Shove it, cuck. Don't forget who captured Berlin. It was a wall of poorly made Soviet tanks.

Death to authoritarians.

17e04a  No.348814

File: 4098ff379302d8e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.67 KB, 800x533, 800:533, flat,800x800,070,f.u1.jpg)


No time to waste on pussy bullshit like tending to women! You're a benevolent leader of a town soon to rebel! Time to gather more fighting forces! Time to build the outer heaven, boss

new town flag attached

f7f021  No.348845


>death to authoritarians

>praises a regime that killed more people than nazi germany

Choose one.

f7f021  No.348849

File: 6ac99eff696bf69⋯.png (102.55 KB, 1212x1106, 606:553, ammit symbol.png)

File: 16f8f6e45241796⋯.jpg (19.59 KB, 320x208, 20:13, reitia symbol.jpg)

File: c9d656339ff3558⋯.png (34.69 KB, 340x324, 85:81, possible arachne symbol.png)

When we've got time, we should start preaching /monster/ism. I've even got some dialogue planned out if the church comes knocking again and asks why we're preaching a pagan religion


Separates the guilty from the innocent and oversees their punishment. Her symbol is the heart and feather, as seen in the first picture.


Responsible for fertility, motherhood, writing, and healing. Her symbol is a key in the left loop of a lemniscate, as seen in the second picture.


The goddess of weaving and wordplay, I propose a spiderweb for her symbol, as seen in the third picture (maybe with 8 points instead of 10?)

363359  No.348856

File: 9ba2d00fc7b5a40⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 142.55 KB, 677x970, 677:970, Mouse2.png)


Really good OP, playing with my emotions for even the emus.

As for our next move I would also like us t o be there for Mouse. If we must work away from home make sure it's not too far away. There must be someone we can trust to watch over her and the newborn as well. Someone fast that can rush to tell us when they're hatching so we can be there for it.

Otherwise I say we stay with Mouse until the baby is born. We can work at home with a map and the occasional visit from workers etc between helping Mouse prep for the babe. We HAVE to discuss a name for them and whether we want a boy or a girl. (should we name it or let Mouse do it "traditionally") Talk to Mouse about the future so we as an audience get to know her better! I really like Mouse, OP

1ebaf7  No.348857


Agree on the flag, though I'd be open to the Lamia variant of the Gadsden flag too. As far as the other stuff goes, we still need to learn what's out there before we start making decisions, I think. And no reason he can't do both, he could still conduct a lot of town business from their home or a short jog from their home.

323d00  No.348911



I'm flattered! Nobody has ever drawn something based on what I write. I'm working on the next part, but I am a horrendous typist, and I get really OCD with rewriting parts until I'm satisfied.

323d00  No.348927

>After all of the stress of recent events, you decide to spend some time with Mouse.

>You inform everyone of your decision, and gather up all of the maps you can find.

>Mayor Donahue went around your back and assigned a few of the townsfolk to survey the land around Argot. He heartily laughs as he hands over resource rich areas as you stuff everything into a traveling case.

>You thank him and head home.

>Mouse is sitting on the bed with the egg, keeping it warm in her lap.

>You tell her you just need to check on something.

>There are cities in all directions. Those that still conduct trade with you are circled in red. Jedd in the North, Kreia in the South, and Cordys in the East. The Emu tribe is very close in the west, they may present a future opportunity after the dust settles.

>The land to the west is dotted with thickets of tough fibrous brush. In the South-Western area roughly six miles away from Argot is a rich vein of silver. An abandoned stone quarry is in the North. The surveyors discovered an active iron mine, but the men say it was haunted by a Lich. She has been using her undead servants to gather iron for some unknown purpose.

>The rest of the survey data reveals areas for possible expansion,

>Once more looking into trade, you realize that you could establish a few trading posts . If you do business under the banner of another city, you can link to the townships and cities that fear trade with Argot. It may take a bit to start up, but the potential market is rather tantalizing.

>A small voice pipes up behind you.

<"Doesn't all of that stuff get boring?"

>You push away from the table.

"You bet."

>Well, you may secretly enjoy it.

<"Why don't you sit with me? It's almost time."

>She gently pats the egg in her lap.

>You notice it shifting.

>The two of you sit next to each other and watch as the egg bumps about.

>A thought crosses your mind.

"What are we going to name her?"

>Mouse clears her throat and tries to appear studious.

<"When we hatch, we can move on our own in a few moments. Most of us are named for the first food captured or eaten."

"I remember you mentioning something about that."

>She cocks her head in the usual fashion.

<"How do humans name babies?"

"The parents usually agree on a name. Some choose at random, and others want it to be indicative of the path they will take in life.

<"Huh? Indickiwhat?"

>You rephrase it.

"A name that gives direction or purpose."


>The egg shudders more violently.

>Mouse's little golden eyes light up.

>With a final violent shake, the baby begins pipping.

>Little taps can be heard from within the shell.

>After a few minutes, a gray-black protuberance poke through the shell. It continues to prod and push bits of shell out when you see a small nose attached.

>You are breathless as you take in the scene.

>A little head covered in brown hair pops out, and you hear a diminutive gasp from the baby. Oddly though, she doesn't cry as you would expect from a newborn.

>She looks between Mouse and yourself and makes a cooing noise. She looks just like her mother. But she has your eyes. The only thing off is that little grayish spike on her nose. Maybe an egg-tooth?

>After examining her parents, the little one pulls her arms free and pushes against the shell artlessly. Within moments her legs break apart the last of the covering, revealing tiny down covered legs.

>You are surprised at the sharpness of her talons, and look over at Mouse. Hers are pretty sharp as well.

>How have you avoided cuts while cuddling?

>You fetch a towel and clean your daughter up. Mouse swaddles her in a small blanket and squeezes her close.

<"We made this."

>She smiles and kisses the child's forehead.

>After a few moments she hands her to you.

>The baby is so light.

>She reaches out and grabs your nose before giggling.

>A primal emotion washes over you. One of love, and protectiveness.

>You feel a single tear well up in your eye.

>You hug your daughter as tightly as you dare, and she snuggles into your chest.

<"How do you want to name her?"

Do you name her in the human fashion? Dodo tradition? What is your next course of action after family time?

d7c846  No.348929


Human name like; Hannah

2afd5c  No.348931


We need something to call her between now and her first hunt

I vote we give her a first, middle, and last name. First name being a human name, middle name being her first kill, and then last name being our family name we presumably share with Mouse I guess it's Nymous or something

As for her first name, I like the name Savannah, since that's the kind of place she was born in.

f7f021  No.348932


A dodo name is fine, we're giving her a surname.

f7f021  No.348933


I personally prefer (Dodo) (Human) (Human) as a naming order.

363359  No.348948


I like the idea of (human) (dodo) (human). I mean her first kill is either gonna be lizards or other ant or something. If you're open to suggestions OP I was reading names and their meanings and thought Abigail (My Father's delight) would be cute for her and as a bond between her and her father in the future. Can always call her Abby, too. Run it by Mouse and see what she thinks. Whatever her name is though, I'm excited to see where we go with that.

As for your immediate course of action for family time, celebrate! Show off the first monster/human baby born in Argot! (To our knowledge)

After that I think it's time to either set up some trading posts in the nearest city that'll have you or try to procure some of that silver to earn their interest. (best take Dawn and some of her warriors with. Make sure to leave ample protection at Argot of course.

The lich can wait, but you may want to investigate her to make sure she's not up to anything bad. If we end up going there sooner than later I say make sure not to act in a threatening manner. Last thing you need is a pissed of lich because of some stupid misunderstanding.

30c115  No.348957

Inb4 we end up feeding the daughteru because we're overprotective and her dodo name ends up being Paladin

363359  No.348959


we may end up changing our name to Emu in that case.

c1e647  No.348981

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We need that iron

We should send out a message to the lich that we want to talk

Also read iver the map and see if a coal deposits is near by, we'll also need to.fund a river to power a water wheel, or to Supply water to a boiler to run a steam turbine generator, so we have power to run a blast furnace we can start mass-producing iron and Steel products

We should also look into investing technology into buildings more powerful steam engines if we're going to go to the steampunk route which I hope we do

Also, we will need loads of steal and iron if were going to build large steam systems like video related so we can feed our growing towns need for water

c1e647  No.348983

File: 5d103cfae05d8e2⋯.jpg (89.44 KB, 640x353, 640:353, bellows-operated-by-a-cams….jpg)

File: 0aa554246ae5086⋯.gif (57.84 KB, 350x312, 175:156, 4b561f4f2ee146fbd44d36a3ba….gif)


Should also state we don't need to jump straight to steam power mechanically drivin systems are simpler to build and maintain

36f4f3  No.348994


They're inefficient, maintenance jobs are more cost effective then manual labour, and assembly lines make construction complexity a non-issue.

c1e647  No.348995


Agreed, the mechanical power woukd be provided by water not men

Of course id we had the liches help, we could have undead power the systems if moving water is not available

323d00  No.349032

>You have an answer for Mouse.

"Why not do a little of both?"


>After a brief discussion, the two of you settle on Abigail for now.

>Little Abby starts walking around on her own.

"That was quick."

<"Of course! Can't all babies stand up after hatching?"

"It usually takes a few months for humans."

<"Humans are weird."

>Mouse giggles as she watches Abby unsteadily wobble towards a bug.

<"We may have her other name soon."

>Sure enough, Abigail steadies herself and catches up to the bug.

>She stares intently at it for a moment, gurgling something.

>Her little arm snatched up the hapless insect and pops it into her mouth.

"Cricket it is."

>Kids fast.

>Odd considering she is the slightly smaller than the average infant.

>The three of you curl up in the bed at night and sleep peaceably.

>You wake up first, and decide to let the two sleep.

>Time to go back over the maps.

>So much to do.

>Retrieving some paper and writing utensils, you begin penning several messages.

>The first letter is to Yaggi. You give her a few rough diagrams of some mechanical systems you think may help. She is good at filling in the blanks. In the end, you want her to help you revolutionize production with her steam engines.

>The survey team is requested to search for coal or similar combustible materials for fuel. Need something to power the machinery you have envision.

>The hardest letter to compose is the invitation to the Lich. If a Lich is anything like what you have heard, getting a being of such magical potential would be a great boon.

>You have yet to see a display of magic, but it has to be impressive if one can raise minions from the dead.

>After finishing, you gather Abby and Mouse to hit the town.

>Part of you just wants to show off your daughter.

>The other part sees a chance to bring the community closer together.

>Everyone loves her. Even the monster hating baker couldn't hide her smile when Abby looked at her.

>The Lizardfolk are happy to meet with you. After asking them if they have any concerns with their living situation, they tell you that they are content at the moment.

>Dawn is healing up quite well herself.

>After you part ways with her, you continue roving around town.

>You enjoy the day for what it is.

>Within a week, you receive a simple reply from the Lich.

>The missive just states that she wants to meet with you.

How do you want to play this? Should you gather the militia? Go alone?

I ended up rolling for the name since there were a few options.

f7f021  No.349068


Does she want to meet on neutral ground or her territory? If it's the latter, bring Dawn. Otherwise, go alone.

363359  No.349075


>Abby got picked

>Abby Cricket

So adorable, our little Cricket.

Meet the lich.

Take one or two able bodies with you. Dawn may need her rest but if she's willing to go don't refuse her. If the lich asks about them it's purely for safety during travel, no clue what dangers are out there and you want her to know you don't intend to harm her (if you even could, we have no idea how powerful she is)

We should come up with some kind of friendship offering. Everyone likes food, maybe the lich would like something sweet?

2afd5c  No.349076


I vote we take another human representative from the mayor's office (Maybe the mayor?) and a lizard mercenary, to prove that we're not bullshitting about being friendly with monsters

Also bring our rifle, both to show her an example of the technology we are looking to create (though we'd ask for her help with more peaceful inventions) and to function as our "big stick" we can carry while we speak softly

f7f021  No.349077


Forgot she got injured. Does she have a trusted officer we could bring instead?

323d00  No.349577

>You read and reread the letter.

>The Lich wants to meet with you.

>It doesn't specify whether you should arrive alone or not.

>Before you leave you kiss your girls goodbye.

<"Be careful Anon."

"I will. "

>With a smile you sling the rifle over your shoulder and head out.

>A young lad by the name of Tucker calls out as you head to meet with Dawn, "Mr. Anon! I have some news for you."

>Kids become something of a courier lately, running proposals between the mayor, Yaggi, and yourself.

>You hear him out. Surveyors have had no luck finding coal, but one of the local tradesman has found a cheap source for import in large quantities. Integration is nearly complete. The Emus that came into town with some of the men are settling nicely, Dawn's mercs have moved into the recently established housing, and incidents between humans and monsters are nearly non-existent.

>You thank Tucker and head to the newly completed district in town.

>The population in this area is primarily composed of monsters and the odd human moving out on their own.

>Some of the houses are decorated with small flower gardens or furniture.

>The one you walk up to is rather spartan in decor.

>With a rapping at the door you hear Dawn's voice ring out.

<"Come in."

>As you trudge inside you notice that she isn't wearing her armor as usual, instead opting to wear simple work clothes.

>She is currently cleaning her long-sword.

"So, feeling any better?"

>She looks at you and grins.

<"Can't you tell?"

>Her face is certainly scarred. Three thick lines cross her face. The bridge of her nose seemed to be cut the deepest. Luckily her eyes were untouched.

"I was wondering if you would accompany me to meet with this Lich in the iron mines."

<"Lich huh? You know if things don't go well physical force is of limited use. Lich's wield immense magical power."

>You pat your rifle.

"Worst case scenario, a bit of lead in the brainpan should help."

>You hope it doesn't come to that.

<"Any others you plan to bring with us?"

"Just the mayor. I'm going to grab him on the way out."

<"Let me get dressed."

>You step outside and wait as she suits up in her combat leathers.

323d00  No.349578


>When she exits, the two of you swing by mayor Donahue's office and talk him into going. He seems very nervous, but decides to join in the hopes of making a good impression. Even he understands just how much can be achieved through magic.

>Before long, your little group heads out to the iron mine lantern in hand.

>The trip is a decent workout, but it's nothing that requires you to bring supplies.

>You arrive, unmolested by anything.

>As you enter the mine you can hear clinking and shifting earth.

>Upon descending, you ignite the lantern.

>Undead drones are milling about, pushing carts to and fro while others pick away at the iron veins.

>The undead eye you curiously.

>One of them drops a pickaxe and leads you through the labyrinthine tunnels.

>Eventually you are brought before the Lich in her inner sanctum. The cavernous room is surrounded by bookshelves and tables with all manner of glowing vials and reagents. The Lich herself sits upon an ebony throne etched with arcane symbols.

>The Lich is a woman in a robe of the deepest pitch, a stark contrast to her pale skin and white hair.

>She wastes no time.

<"I've heard of what you are trying to do. Uniting humanity with us nonhumans."

>You nod.

"I've heard your kind has access to incredible power. In addition to this, you currently control this mine rich in iron. I thought we could work together."

<"I have peered into the mists of time. Before long, your little 'project' will be in danger of collapse."

>Before you can ask her what she means, the mayor speaks up, "What do you mean?!"

>She stares at him, finally acknowledging his presence.

<"In a few months, the church will send a priest with a retinue of paladins to measure the scale of 'corruption' in Argot. They will not like what they see."

>Dawn whispers to you, "What should we do about this?"

"I don't know."

>The mayor looks shaken. "Is there anything you could do to aid us? Is there anything we can do to delay this audit?"

>The Lich is focused intently on the mayor. A hint of a smile touches the corner of her mouth.

<"With the power at my command, I could help you keep them at bay. I have connections with powerful monsters across the land. With this, and the amazing technical advancements you have planned, we can drive the church away."

"Won't that just cause future problems?"

<"Yes. But we can enact a plan of greater scope and ambition. Why keep your ideals confined to that little town when you can spread across the land?"

>If she is telling the truth… this could accelerate your timetable. And what of these "Connections?"

"Alright. Say we do want the help you offer, instead of just dickering over the product of the mines. What would you want in return."

<"Two things. A place for my associates and myself in your town. I can take care of lodging. And I want an assistant. Magic takes a toll, and having someone to assist with replenishing my stores of power would be most beneficial."

>Things are escalating here.

Take the Lich up on her offer? Should you wait and play things by ear as you have been and make do with your current advancements?

I'll be busy tomorrow and then work starts back up, so posts will be as I can get to them.

f7f021  No.349588


"Land in Argot will be easy enough to arrange, but just giving you some man without asking him what he thinks goes against what I'm trying to build here. We won't stop you from marrying a villager, but you're going to have to woo him yourself."

c0ea7f  No.349589

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





363359  No.349600

I agree with >>349588

Accept her offer but amend her demand, we would gladly unite with her but her assistant needs to be willing. We have no serfs or slaves in our cities.

I suspect having undead among the township might be alarming for them… unless she plans on leaving them behind to keep the ironworks going? I would like to know what kind of work she is doing and why she is mining all this iron in the first place. Was she planning on forging an army? Or did she foresee your coming and was preparing for it? I require more dialogue with Lich (including her name)

36f4f3  No.349675


>peered into the mists of time

So does the lich know how magic works, or only that it works? The basic premise of seeing the future is that it exists, i.e. that things "happening" is an illusion and the universe is a static block. This is almost certainly false because quantum mechanics works and describes the observables of systems as probability distributions. So I'm betting the lich is only forecasting the future. But even with huge datasets and AI, long-term (a month is long-term) forecasting of dynamic complex systems is unreliable due to high dimensionality, the inability to predict novel events or sequences, and stochastic data necessitating stochastic predictions.



0b68cc  No.349693

You guys all have great ideas

We also need to make 1 thing a major priority after our iron smelt Mega project

You've gathered that monsters can only breed more monsters

The next great project is to have her and her Associates along with you and your wisest minds come up with a way to solve that major issue

You should also explain that is the ultimate reason that Church exists is to maintain the existence of mankind, we need to come up with a way of getting a monster to birth a human or humanity and ultimately monster kind will all die out

f7f021  No.349698


You don't exactly need a crystal ball to see that our current situation isn't long term stable.

36f4f3  No.349714


That's exactly my point. She's just stated an obvious fact and played it off like she can see the future when she can really only be marginally better informed than us. She's either bluffing or doesn't know what she's doing.

323d00  No.349888

>You opt to take control of the conversation

"First off, we are not simply going to turn over a citizen to you for your personal use. I agree that we can let your 'associates' join us. But you have to track down a willing assistant. We don't deal in slavery."

>She seems taken aback by this.

<"You dare question my terms?!"

>Before she can continue, you proceed.

"And seeing the future? I know it can't be that easy. The simple act of telling someone can alter what you witnessed. I don't claim to be a genius, but I'm pretty sure that the future isn't set in stone."

>The Lich's eye twitches slightly.

<"What of it?"

"Well, you immediately slapped us with a hard sell. You can drop the act. Whatever glimpses you have been getting of potential futures has you riled up."

>She looks away as her facade of superiority cracks, and she responds to you, almost petulantly.

<"Fine. I never see the same thing. But there are commonalities. In several of my attempts I see the church making the first move."

>You ask her a question to confirm a theory.

"Have you been gathering all of this iron to defend yourself, or was it to aid us if we accepted your offer?"

>You didn't think an undead had the ability to experience embarrassment, but it is clear on her face.

<"A little of both. If I couldn't secure a place in Argot's swelling population, I would arm my minions with what I could fabricate using the mines as a source of raw materials."

>Good. You are getting somewhere.

"Another issue I need to bring up miss…"

>You gesture towards the Lich, fishing for a name.


"Miss Priscilla-"

<"No miss, just Priscilla."

>Clearing your throat you continue.

"Priscilla. If you join us, a growing issue needs to be addressed. If we keep going down this path of inclusion, we have to face a very clear fact. The human population will diminish in the long run."

>Priscilla thinks for a moment and claps her hands together.

<"We separate the races, and establish breeding programs. Keep the scales balanced."

>You shake your head.

"Segregation is always a bad idea. All it does is limit freedom of choice."

<"Do you have a suggestion?"

"Well, there is always magic. Wait no… Even if you could enchant a non-human mother to produce human offspring, that would be just as bad as selective breeding…"

>You think for a moment.

>A radical idea hits you.

"Clones! We could grow clones. Or something close to them…"

323d00  No.349890


<"What are you going on about?"

>Explaining this is going to be interesting.

"An artificial womb."

>Donahue and Dawn glance at each other with confused looks.

>The concept piques Priscilla's interest.

<"Go on."

>You give a rough explanation of the science involved as you understand it. When it comes to genetics, you try to break it down into simpler concepts. Priscilla seems to pick it up, while Donahue looks confused and Dawn seems uncomfortable.

"It may not be an ideal fix, but it will give a chance to keep populations equal. Not to mention the fact that it will allow human women the chance to have offspring of their own in an environment in which women outnumber men."

<"Sounds like an interesting challenge to tackle."

>Dawn grabs your shoulder. "I don't know if we should use this method you describe. It's unnatural."

>Priscilla appears to be working out the mechanics of such an undertaking while Donahue addresses Dawn and yourself, "If this works, it could help maintain some equity between the races. If humans diminish, that could cause us to collapse."

"Exactly. We don't want to stagnate. The only other thing I could think of is to simply whip up a human with raw magic."

>Priscilla ceases her mental gymnastics to respond.

<"It's not that simple. If I could create life from nothing, then why haven't I? It would solve so many problems."

>You nod.

"We'll table it for now. We have to get you and your friends settled before we make any major plans other than what is important in the short-term."

>After getting the seeds of that idea sown, you return to the matter of iron production.

"You already have an operation going here. If you join us, could you maintain it?"

<"Of course. I haven't gotten around to using it in steel production yet. The expenditure of mana needed to create the heat necessary is tremendous."

>With that you fill her in on the basic principles of a blast furnace, and your desire to get one up and running in Argot soon.

<"With this furnace and my magic, there should be no problem with crafting arms and armor for the people. What about training the commoners in the proper skills to use said armaments?"

"We leave that to Dawn and her company. They have done a remarkable job shaping up the militia, and those who prove unfit for melee combat can be drilled in the use of these."

>You display your rifle.

"With these, even an untrained farmhand can prove effective in battle."

>She seems impressed.

<"So. In return for allowing my friends and I to live among you, as well as the right to secure a willing assistant, we will provide one another with protection and assistance in this growing movement."

>Movement. Nice ring.

"That's the gist of it."

>She nods.

<"Very well. I shall provide magical support where I can, and my minions will procure iron ore to be manufactured into machinery and equipment."

>You offer your hand.

>She shakes it vigorously.

"Welcome to Argot."

323d00  No.349892


>In the next few days some new blood trickles into town.

>Argot's borders expand as an influx of human sympathizers come in. Men and women who seek cooperation with their non-human neighbors, apostates of the church, and those who have pursued relationships with monsters come flooding in. Apparently some of the outlying cities have tasted Argot's influence and tried to mimic it on the sly when the church became aware of it.

>Along with these refugees, a small number of powerful monsters have joined the town as well, brought in by Priscilla.

>A Dragon by the name of Bretansmir has relocated a piece of her horde into the town treasury. She demands this wealth be used to boost the economy. When she heard about the blast furnaces, she offered to support smelting operations by cutting costs on fuel. Her fiery exhalations prove to be terrifying in power.

>The blacksmith found a partner in Polyphia. The Cyclops is eager to manufacture equipment of superb quality with the provided steel. From what you have heard, she is a bit of an oddity among her kind, being a very gregarious sort. The smith seems head over heels for her.

>A mighty Salamander warrior moves in. Feared by the church as "Bishop-Slayer Larissa," she brings only her talent for combat. Her arrival provokes a bit of competition from Dawn and her team, but things quickly cool down as posturing turns into tactical debates.

>An immense Sandworm and her mate move have taken to the outskirts of town. Their names are Darla and Franklin respectively. Franklin makes himself useful by helping in the fields, and Darla patrols the outskirts of Argot. Next season she has stated an interest in tilling the soil. Franklin declined a house, preferring to live inside his lady loves massive frame.

>Priscilla herself moves in. When she isn't aiding in construction projects or discussing things with Yaggi, she tends to wander the town in a sundress in an attempt to woo a partner.

>The Emus have offered up their services as a fighting force once more. You also learn that Maia has survived, but is no longer in any shape to lead.

>Mouse and Abby are doing fine. Abby has started using simple words. Mama, Papa, and Bug seem to be her favorites. You have left things to the mayor and Jericho to manage while you spend some quality time with your family.

>The next few months are going to be busy.

Which projects should you focus on? Have the Emus truly learned their lesson? What of future population concerns?

Next segment may be a time-skip in which shit gets done.

f7f021  No.349906


Start trading with the emus. Do our guns having rifled barrels? If not, get to work on that. Do some training with the lizards so we can use our sword better, and see if there are people in the cities willing to pass along information on the church's movements.

0b68cc  No.349908

we need to build a wall


also maybe have a magically inclined young man fall for Priscilla when she's out in her more…. gothy apparel

363359  No.349910

Always look forward to your posts OP. We should definitely help Priscilla find a 'partner' at some point.

I'm interested in Abby's development: Do dodos grow up faster than the average human? Can we educate her properly and make her the smartest little birb? I know it's early but I think we should try to guide Abby into leadership. Maybe we can bring her with us on a few of our business trips for daddy/daughter time?

Speaking of leadership, definitely check up on the Emus. See who they have elected as their new leader, are they agreeable? Are they integrating properly? Any complaints? Do they have ill will towards you for displacing Maia? I would actually like to see how Maia is holding up (I may be the only one lol)

Perhaps with her broken body we could make medical advances: Can Yaggi or Priscilla make mechanical/enchanted prosthetics or a brace for her bum leg? Maybe the two could work together to do so?

As for the population concerns what is the human birthrate compared to the monster birth rate? I suppose that would vary between races but I imagine some monsters would have a lower birth rate than humans. We may need to come up with a more natural solution, however. We don't want to lose support due to mad science. Maybe there is medicine or some magic in this world that can speed up or encourage pregnancy?

Of course the big problem after discovering this is going to be housing. We could build a few townhouses to accommodate where we can while we're still working on personal housing.

36f4f3  No.349922

File: 7d05aed4d2d5966⋯.png (50.97 KB, 967x955, 967:955, Spark_gap_transmitter_diag….png)

File: b94a75f1144fa7b⋯.png (21.47 KB, 578x744, 289:372, Dipolewidebandbalun.png)

File: f130a6b51e5fe38⋯.jpg (46.1 KB, 865x664, 865:664, Coherer_Rcvr.jpg)


>Clones/artificial wombs

We don't need artificial wombs when we have an excess of women. Cloning via somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) would enable human reproduction without sperm. Embryos produced by SCNT, however, typically show developmental abnormalities, so the process is massively inefficient and not suited for human use. Dolly the sheep, for example, was the only one to survive to adulthood out of 277 trials. In vitro fertilization is somewhat more efficient with a 3.8% live birth rate per IVF cycle without ovarian hyperstimulation drugs for women under 35. For IVF, we'd need social encouragement of sperm and egg donation and methods for extracting eggs, implanting embryos, and cryogenically preserving unused sperm/eggs. High-frequency ultrasonic needle guidance can reduce complications and increase birth rates, though it would need to be magically performed.

>Tech to focus on

Using lead-acid batteries and dynamos as I suggested here >>348177 and mechanical devices as >>348983 suggested, we should build wind and water turbines and maybe even hydroelectric dams. Burning coal is an option, but I'd rather use as little as possible of a resource we have to import. We don't need a lot of electricity as its main uses will be the ignition systems of internal combustion engines and radios. As for radio design, basic spark gap transmitters, half-wave dipole antennae, and metal powder coherer receivers are relatively easy to build. Anyone leftover hands should be put to work in automobile assembly lines.

aef3e8  No.349949

>"Well, there is always magic. Wait no… Even if you could enchant a non-human mother to produce human offspring, that would be just as bad as selective breeding…"

Not a problem if they can produce both human boys and monster girls, and all monsters are enchanted in such a manner. Less ethical concerns than clones, and less complex too. Only issue would be if any don't want to be enchanted, but few will probably think like that, and in that case it can be undone for that individual or not applied in the first place depending on methodology. If it can easily be undone, maybe introduce it at birth?

It does raise a funny question though. If harpies lay eggs, will humans hatch from eggs, or will the harpies learn the "wonders" of live birth?

>"With these, even an untrained farmhand can prove effective in battle."

Overconfidence kills. If these are muzzle loaded, then there is a glaring weakness. Cavalry. For quite a while, pike and shot was the standard because musketeers needed time to reload. Cavalry (and sometimes infantry charges) didn't give them that chance, so they needed the protection of pikemen. Look up spanish tercios for an example. Fortunately, we don't need to suddenly make half our troops pikemen to shore up this weakness, but can use a later innovation. Skipping the plug bayonet, which couldn't shoot while attached, and the ring bayonet, which fell off the gun easily, gives us the socket bayonet, which allowed guns to both shoot and act as short pikes at the same time.

Side note, tell anyone with a rifle to KEEP. IT. CLEAN. A common problem with early guns, especially ones with rifling, was that if they got dirty they had a chance of misfiring and blowing up in your hand.


Two words. Star fort. That big and beautiful enough?


Not just the emus. Trade anywhere possible. If we depend on a single link, what happens when that link is cut off by blockade or embargo?

>Which projects should you focus on?

Crank up production hard. We only have a few months, and you need two things other than manpower to fight wars. Supplies and money. The first requires an arms industry and agriculture, the second can be gained from non-military industry. It has to be non-military because right now arms dealing will give away our advantage.

If we can manage to create them, a sniper variant of the rifle to target enemy leadership, cannons for siege defense/offense, and maxim guns would all be good projects.

Leftover funding can be put towards espionage and trying to delay and influence the church.

0b68cc  No.349952

File: ce5391fabe807c2⋯.png (373.08 KB, 600x300, 2:1, 2jbpmhd.png)


>Two words. Star fort. That big and beautiful enough?


2afd5c  No.349954


Oy vey

f7f021  No.349961


Snipers are also good at controlling enemy artillery. Pick off the crews and they'll have no choice but to move back.

36f4f3  No.349968


I still think we should develop radios for commercial and battlefield communications, but I'll support non-military industry over automobile manufacture. Automobiles should be classified as military tech if we're going to be weaponizing them.


Education's important, but I don't think we should pigeonhole our bird girl into any specific career path.

778bfe  No.349974


Start up the trading carts, basically what >>349949 said.

If we're going for rifles, we should establish barriers and difficult obstacles for the Church's melee units. It isn't hard either, just lay out huge amounts of barbed wire (might be easy to cut but it WILL slow down the enemy, and if we have the gun advantage, that can prove effective.)

>>349952 is good, because there is almost a trench around the structure. We should mimic this. I say trenches, because our newly resident Sandworm could dig these things easily, while walls might be a hassle.

f7f021  No.349979


Make mouse sit in on the lessons too. Our entire family is going to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic.

f7f021  No.349980


The initial shock value of barbed wire would be a huge advantage, but we'd need to lay out thick fields of it instead of a few measly rows.

cf8a1d  No.349996


We should also electrify the barb wire

For real shock value :^]


RULE OF unintended consequences

Be careful anon

2afd5c  No.349999


In our attempts to go full Connecticut Yankee we should remember just how he ended up

2afd5c  No.350000


Oh hey, numbers

778bfe  No.350001

File: 75df37b52cbbd24⋯.png (80.85 KB, 800x600, 4:3, plan.png)


In addition, we will need to prepare for siege warfare. Most likely the church will not expect to resort to it, so even after the incoming battle we'll have time, but we need to be prepared for the basics. We can't do anything against a goddamn trebuchet, but I think we should at least have food stores and underground paths prepared. This will take awhile, so possibly offload some undead workers from mining and set them to work building these underground pathways 24/7.

>>349980 is correct, and if we do these nuances correctly, the enemy general will be forced to charge right through them, giving us a advantage, or keep to a obvious, constrained path where we can limit the forces coming through and in which cannonballs should have a MASSIVE advantage. >>349996 Anon is also right but for me I think these defenses could limit growth, and if we ignore the defenses and simply build outside, any new buildings would be under risk.

Rate and build upon shit draft of plans.

2afd5c  No.350002

File: 903e7a927a8166d⋯.jpg (83.14 KB, 917x570, 917:570, JamesRifles.jpg)


>We can't do anything against a goddamn trebuchet

Not with that attitude. Rifled cannons will blow the hell out of any trebuchets before they can get within range. We should worry more about the church's hold on the minds of our citizens: Is a legion of paladins in full shining plate going to put the fear of God in Argot? Furthermore, if magic exists, does that mean their god does too?

I think it may indeed be time to introduce the /monster/ pantheon

36f4f3  No.350007


Steel's not very conductive, so we'd have to use copper wire backed with barbed wire. Also have to make sure it's hooked up to a redundant network.


>making monsters give birth to men is less complex than cloning

Given all the genetic and anatomical problems that would need to be uniquely solved per monster species, it's definitely more complicated than swapping cell nuclei and implanting embryos, let alone just IVF.

36f4f3  No.350009


The existence of magic suggests nothing about the existence of gods, /monster/'s or the paladins'.

cf8a1d  No.350013



Can we please introduce /monsters/ pantheon into this world now we've done so much i think its just about time, we can at least ask maybe start talking about their Enlightenment principles

aef3e8  No.350024


The initial plan was to go at a slower pace, get just strong enough that it'd be too costly for the church to bother us, play the long game of influence, espionage and politics, and cut aggressive monsters down to size with superior firepower. Succeed where the church failed, as it were, to convince others, including the church itself, that our way is more effective, while freeing enslaved humans.

Then the gremlin showed up with a fucking self-propelled wagon and we found out the church is going to check on us rather than take their money and go, which together kicked things up too many notches. Unless we pull off a diplomatic coup, we probably won't be left alone with our capabilities reaching such extreme heights. We may have to go full IMPERIVM ROMANVM while we have the advantage before the church figures our tech out, starts imitating, and straight up overwhelms us out of sheer panic.

That said, if we can be left alone for a higher tithe, crisis averted.

I really should read that book sometime.


Look at our options more closely. Either we play to the lich's strength, magic, and give her time to come up with something that works universally, or we introduce her to the concept of genetics which is completely foreign to her and tell her to do something we can only do with recent tech. Which is less complex? And again, less ethical questions.

A few other things.

Refrigeration will make stockpiling food for bad harvests and feeding troops easier. Maybe a modified ice spell? Like a bag/wagon/building enchanted to be icy inside?

Improve our roads. It'll increase trade. And make our supply lines and ability to maneuver troops better, especially with the self-propelled wagons. There's a reason the Romans and other empires invested heavily in roads.

We lack the infrastructure for large-scale electricity and radios may be a bit too far ahead. Start with simple telegraphs, maybe? Work from there?

323d00  No.350033

>It's official. Gremlins are fucking scary when they work.

>It's been four months since you allowed the Lich and her friends into Argot.

>The town is now a bustling city.

>In this short time, Yaggi has taken your desires and spun them into the Argot of today. A steam-powered paradise.

>Through the union of magic and science, Argot has factories. Assembly lines and production facilities are up, constructed by a fleet of wooden automatons carved by Richard and animated by magic infused boilers.

>When you ask her how she has had the time for this she simply shoos you away before ingesting some white powder. Some kind of stimulant you have seen Richard cultivating and processing.

>You don't think it's cocaine.

>Automation is in full swing thanks to the influx of workers and the automatons. Some of the undead were even diverted to speed up construction even further.

After a few weeks of independent tinkering, the little Gremlin has reproduced the lever-action rifle, in addition to scopes for marksman.

>It honestly has you dumbfounded.

>Where she was taking ideas from you and making them a reality, she has since moved on to systematically improving the efficiency of your designs.

>Where you proposed a chemical energy battery, she scoffed and made higly compressed steam cells. The small number of steam-wagons coming off of the lines are powered by these cells.

>Richard told you that he hasn't seen her this driven to invent things for over two years.

>As Yaggi goes about defying the limitations of technological advancement, others have been similarly busy.

>The Militia is now a respectable bunch of warriors after intense training regimens whipped them into shape. You attended some of these sessions to improve your swordsmanship in the event you needed it.

>Priscilla eagerly snapped up a curious youth who wanted to learn how to use magic. To be fair she warned him that not just anyone cold do it. He didn't care. The following week saw a boom in magical alterations to the city, with the foremost being the Grand Palisade.

>That is what Priscilla calls it at least. It's a several mile long barrier surrounding the city, out at the limits of Darla's patrol region. At her whim, the barrier becomes a solid wall of force.

>Your idea of barricades and barbed wire were well received, and trenches were dug out and lined with wire.

>Population tallies were taken, and it seems human birthrates still outnumber non-humans. Contingencies were put in place to use magical procedures to induce pregnancy using samples from willing donors. So far, this is unneeded.

>Trade with other cities has exploded due to the mercantile groups you had planted in the surrounding cities. Silver crafts seem to be increasingly popular. Some of the traveling merchants have been playing the markets, watching trends and ferrying goods from city to city while funneling cash back into Argot.

>You help begin trade between the Emus and Argot. They have a new leader, a young and ambitious Harpy named Sona. While discussing trade agreements you are visited by Maia. She can get around on a cane with some difficulty, and she wears a primitive brace. Since her recovery, she has taken to helping raise the villages young. Maia holds no resentment, and thanks you for showing her mercy.

>Construction of housing has increased as more people flood in, bringing their labor and skills to the table.

>Eventually it all gets away from you. The mayor reforms his office with elected representatives of various trades and monster groups, and the city itself seems to lose it's need for you. It's almost as if all of your work knocked over a couple of dominoes, and the chain reaction has become self sustaining.

>Everyone still values your opinion, but Argot seems to have taken on a life of its own.

>The last action you take is to help a group of scholars establish a school to educate those who seek it.

>You waste no time enrolling Mouse and Abby.

>Abby, your little girl.

>When you asked Mouse she confirmed your suspicions. Her race matures much faster than humans. Abby is already up to your knees and speaking full sentences. Your fears build as you ask how long the Dodos lived. To your relief, it's around the same amount of time as a human.

>As Argot transforms, a sense of worry nags at you.

>What if the church does arrive?

>At the end of these prosperous days, your fears are realized as seven figures are spotted by scouts. They are members of the church, and they are headed into town.

How do you want to approach the church issue?

Sorry if it feels rushed, I don't have much time to sleep before the next shift. I'll try to incorporate these ideas to the best of my ability.

5e21f6  No.350034


Be wary but don't just try and outright kill them. Have a patrol ask them what the fuck they're doing mucking about.

5e21f6  No.350035


FUCK, forgot to sage.

f7f021  No.350037


Make sure it's humans with normal weapons. We don't want to miss them off right away or give them a sneak peek at our guns.

4802d3  No.350048

File: 41467b7675ccaa1⋯.jpg (210.76 KB, 875x1167, 875:1167, eliminate_goose.jpg)

Yousa bunch of softcocks. We're a couple months in and you haven't done any genocide. You fucking left the fucking Emus alive, don't you know even regular emus have won a war? Against Australia? Bad sodding move m8.

Plus the way this dude's handling shit there ain't going to be no fun. C'mon, what's an adventure without casual genocide? Are you not men? There hasn't even been a cool one-liner for god's sake!

363359  No.350052

Be cautious, there's no telling what they could want. Meet them with a sizable escort, let them know they aren't going to push Argot around. There's definitely going to be trouble no matter what we do or say, I'm sure, but we can try to be civil. They will most likely throw the first punch.

0500cd  No.350056


While the town is more technologically advanced do you want to risk the literal wrath of a god on said patrol if the scouts have some secret squirrel shit hidden up their asses as trump cards?

36f4f3  No.350058


>enchantment vs. medical tech

Seems like we're prepared to use magic IVF. In any case, the idea of an eventual universal solution to every anatomical and genetic incompatibility between monsters and men is preposterous. And if the lich is smart enough to come up with a solution between men and just one species of monsters, then she's easily smart enough to comprehend Mendelian gene inheritance and the existence of a gene-carrying structure like DNA. As for methods, the enchantment is surely more complicated than magically performing SCNT or IVF. Ethical arguments about human cloning are irrelevant as I was always arguing for IVF instead of SCNT.


We should just build fridges. All we need are heat pumps and ammonia to use as a refrigerant. Unless magic violates the second law of thermodynamics (we have infinite energy if it does), then magical effects that change thermodynamic equilibria aren't permanent and we have extremely limited magical resources.


Note the telegraph key in the spark gap transmitter diagram. The first radios, like the ones I'm proposing, were telegraphs transmitted via radio waves.


>steam cells

I can only imagine a highly pressurized version of steam engines like this one >>348146 in the Cugnot Steam Trolley. While this works for steam-engine automobiles and reduces our coal dependence, we'd still need electrochemical cells for radios, backup nodes in electric fences, and any other electric devices we come up with. Highly pressurized gasses are also less efficient than electrochemical cells (work done/size) and its easier and faster to transport electricity than gas or liquids.

>dealing with the church

They'll consider our rate and degree of industrialization a threat regardless of any excuses we give. We might as well intercept them before they get to the city and drive them off.

778bfe  No.350112


Welcome and intimidate. Bring armed guards, 'suggest' a dinner date with the church folks, introduce them to your wife, and send them on their merry way. Always smile, and 'roll' for charisma and intimidation.

2afd5c  No.350154


I don't think they should come anywhere near Mouse or Abby

778bfe  No.350164


I think it'd be incredibly intimidating if we were to walk them through our advanced town, and do so in a way that says 1. Don't fuck with us, we can take you and your damn army, and 2. We don't care about what you think, this is our town. I think by showing them Mouse (Maybe not Abby.), we show that their doctrine is worthless here, and that we freely defy them and it, and we're not afraid to do so right in front of their face.

Y'know, row row fight the [church]. If they draw any swords, its not like a single one is going to leave town alive.

46ca23  No.350187

File: f58c220d7febb15⋯.jpg (68.84 KB, 600x600, 1:1, f58c220d7febb150096127f29c….jpg)


Uh, yes? Let's see how wrath of God and said trump cards feel staring down a barrel of a big bore assault gun. Assault gun as in infantry support vehicles.

Corpses are infinitely more docile than regular alive horrors.

f7f021  No.350204


How fast can yaggi and that cyclops get some artillery pieces ready?

323d00  No.350240

>Time for damage control.

>You head out to greet the church group, taking some of the militia with you. Dawn insists on joining you.

>With no small amount of apprehension you head out and meet them.

As they approach the edge of the barrier you can see plumes of dirt and dust, indicating the area where Darla is burrowing. She stops just inside the barrier remaining submerged.

>The barrier itself is a shimmering purple thing, permeable unless solidified by Priscilla. Currently the seven church members seem afraid to breach it.

>Seems like they consist of six paladins and one official leading the group.

>You pass through the barrier.

>With a friendly smile you offer your hand.

"Welcome to Argot. What brings you out here?"

>The balding man in scarlet robes appears taken aback at your manner. His eyes rove over your entourage and grimaces at the sight of Dawn.

>He's obviously not going to take your hand as he speaks, "We have been hearing some disturbing tales of late. The inter-mingling of races, harboring apostates, and spreading blasphemous ideologies…"

>You pull your hand back and lock eyes with this bishop.

"What of it. You still get your cut. Is that no longer enough?"

>The bishop reddens with fury, "Argot was left to its own devices so it would collapse in on itself! Instead, it's become a hive of sin!"

"So you chose to let our people come to ruin, and we turned out stronger for it. Come with me."

>Before the bishop can protest, you lead him through the barrier and into town.

>You warn them not to draw steel, or you can't guarantee their safety.

>The group is visibly nervous as you guide them past factories, training yards, and construction projects where humans work alongside constructs.

>More than one murmur of disgust is uttered when you pass mixed race couples.

"As you can see, we are prospering. And we have the means to protect ourselves from outside threats."

>Their collective calm shatters as they spy Larissa drilling new recruits in Dawn's place.

>The bishop is visibly shaken, "You let that demon-spawn reside here?! She murdered an entire parish!"

>You remember talking to Larissa about her moniker "Bishop-Slayer."

>She had a human husband once. Until the church executed him for heresy. She killed them all, taking her time with the bishop who ordered the execution.

"I like to think that Argot represents a fresh start."

>"That doesn't change the fact that she killed all of those people!"

"What about her husband? What of all of the 'heretics' you have killed over the years?"

>You can feel yourself getting worked up. You hate hypocrites.

>It takes effort, but you let his following tirade of righteousness wash over you as you lead them out of the city.

>The bishop lushes red once more as you gesture for them to leave through the barrier, "The church will not stand for this! Mark my words,we will be back!"

>You shake your head.

"I'd prefer to avoid conflict."

>"It's unavoidable. You chose this godless life. Argot will be purified. It can't be allowed to remain after everything we have seen."


"Well. I'm sorry it had to be this way. I really did try to have a peaceful resolution.

>As you start heading back you can hear the unsheathing of swords. The bishop speaks, "Before we go, it would be for the best if we cut the head off of this viper."

>You stamp your feet on the ground as Dawn and the militiamen continue on their way.


>You peer back as the paladins begin to close in on you.

>The ground rumbles as Darla erupts from the earth, massive worm body towering above.

>The ground shudders as she slams down on the would be assailants.

>She burrows away, leaving the paladins broken upon the dirt.

>You look at the bishop.

"I warned you not to try anything."

>With a cry of panic the bishop wheels around and flees.

>One of the paladins groans.

>You are surprised they survived.

>It was only a matter of time before the church found a reason to make a move.

Prepare for war? Save the wounded paladin? Mass relocation?

6ff502  No.350243


Prepare for war. Even if we save the paladin's life the church is still going to come for us.

34b9d9  No.350245

File: 7f77fcd0fa0d371⋯.jpg (23 KB, 326x253, 326:253, SendHelp.jpg)


>Prepare for war

More specifically: get the punji sticks and shovels ready. Interrogate the paladin about how big their force is here and how long it would take for them to get a reinforcements to bring down the hammer

26f3cb  No.350248


Other than a feeling that they'll go Warhammer on us, we know next to nothing about the paladins. Take prisoners for interrogation. Help them survive, don't go above and beyond to get them in fighting condition but don't torture them either.

Use any information we get as we prepare for war. This also means reshuffling part of our industry to military instead of trade or growth.

2afd5c  No.350264


Treat the paladin as a prisoner of war. Heal his wounds, then interrogate him. Keep him in a cell, but give him three meals a day and enough clothes and bedding to keep the elements out. Allow him to practice his faith so long as it doesn't involve attacking our citizens (give him a bible if he requests it, don't interrupt him while he's praying, etc.) Eventually he will realize that we are not actually barbarians who want to rape his churches, burn his horses, and ride off on his women.

I am certain three hots and a cot alone is better treatment than what the church gives their POWs.

And yes, prepare for war. Maybe show a fraction of our strength to the paladin, to try and convince him that his comrades will be marching to their deaths if they attack.

Ask him if he has ever actually spoken with his goddess, or if it has only ever been through a proxy, like a bishop or other higher-ranking clergy. Telling their followers that the only way to God is through them is one of the oldest tactics churches have used to control the masses

9c0439  No.350291

File: 0ace1a4347a120b⋯.png (174.96 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1495145246558.png)


>rape his churches, burn his horses, and ride off on his women

Are you sure you weren't drunk when you typed this?

9498e0  No.350297


Lets just say this anon is thinking outside the box

Also to the topic at hand, I beileve we should pursue this bishop before he gets away fully. Gives us more time to prepare Im sure news travels slow as a smails pace to start with.

2afd5c  No.350300

File: 2e8122ca8b444fa⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.33 KB, 900x700, 9:7, it's joke.jpg)


I'm positively absolute

778bfe  No.350307


Let loose the dogs of war!

By dogs, I mean we get dog girls, name them all War, then ceremoniously cut their leashes loose.

Anyway, aside from dumb shit, the church will most definitely come after the town with a fair force. It's time to prepare.

>>350264 has a right idea. Interrogate and find out more about his religion. It's unlikely he'll give up information on the church's forces. >>350297 I doubt we'll be able to get to the bishop, and even if we do they'll probably respond with immediate military action. However, considering the huge unexpected advantage of Darla (she can dig tunnels under heavy weaponry and cavalry), we should make sure that the Bishop cannot deliver the information in time, even if it results in a larger military force being sent to Argot. We need to set up immediate defenses (more than just the physical barrier) regardless, focus production on food, get bunkers set up, and reassure the civilians. Unveil any weapons in a secret area with our 'generals'.

We've also confirmed a few things from this encounter:

1. Argot is not under active surveillance, and with medieval speeds, we shouldn't expect one until the main force arrives.

2. The paladins do not have any special magics on separate squads. Who knows, they might bring a mighty mage or something with their army, but they do not have special enchantments on their armor. Darla's attack also proved that blunt force (I.E. what we plan on attacking with anyways), can still fuck them.

3. The church will very predictably fight until it is demolished. Obviously the church officials and members are enough devoted that they will not stop until they are dead. We can see about the wills of individual members through the paladin we have captured, but bishops and more, not so much.

13ed8f  No.350351

You know what be useful

Flying machines

75e62c  No.350407

Time to introduce the concept of long range indirect fire to argot. Mortars and howitzers will be enough to splatter any soft targets like infantry into red jam and possibly damage any heavily armored siege engine even with near misses. Either that or make landmines. Mining explosives could be used as IEDs such as ANFO, TNT or PETN/RDX. Even black powder if you load it into a cast iron sphere and cap it with it's detonator using a tripwire trigger that has a rifle primer and firing pin as a mechanical detonator.

46ca23  No.350436

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think I'll let my nigga Conan answer that for you.

46ca23  No.350437

File: b351616423dd4b3⋯.jpg (15.44 KB, 326x325, 326:325, b351616423dd4b37cf095340dc….jpg)

Resiste et mords! This shall start off as a defensive war, so prepare entrenchments and invest in assault vehicles! Mobility is key, sort out your logistics! A well fed soldier who is high on morale can take on better foes! Mine the roads that lead into Argot, and drop the pascifistic crap! They asked for war, war they shall get! We shall build a nation to take on empires. The difference between the two is when a nation goes to war, the entire nation does! Mandatory national service! Every able bodied person serves! Death to tyranny!

f7f021  No.350443


Is there any sort of unified monster nation we could reach out to, or are we the largest organized force resisting the church?

46ca23  No.350496


>needing help

>against spearchucker dindus

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Also I realised something: the Geneva convention isn't a thing in this world. You know what this means, Night raids with gassing and shredder rounds! Mercury tipped bullets!


The reasonable argument for gassing is that if you destroy one army with flesh-melting horror that will sap their fighting will and make them capitulate pretty fucking fast. Kinda like nukes really. Nobody wants to go home in a bucket with the rest of their battalion.

46ca23  No.350499

File: c34a51f8380df4a⋯.jpg (175.11 KB, 715x962, 55:74, conan__s_throne_room_by_jo….jpg)


You know, for a fascist you're kind of a massive faggot. You need a lesson in cruelty, m'boy. A tyrant either rules with cruelty or dies a horrible death like Samuel Doe or Muammar Ghaddafi. There's a reason the Kims and the Idi Amins stay in power while less cruel tyrants choke to death on their own blood in a gutter near their palace.

Power is a fickle and often impersonally cruel mistress

363359  No.350500


>Gas them.

>Commit war crimes.

>Prove them right about monsters being truly monstrous.

It's like you don't want to be the unifying nation of true JUSTICE.

Let the church make the first move then retaliate. Take prisoners where you can. You might convert the regulars where you can but the truly devoted may have to serve as example to your opposition. Don't make martyrs of them, but punish them justly as they might your kind. Get more information on the church. Use their beliefs against them in war and show them that you are not to be trifled with.

46ca23  No.350502



It's my dubs vs yours. Morality is a handicap they sure don't have. Also, it's not a war crime technically because they haven't been codified yet. Is it cruel? Yes, very extremely so. Is it effective? You bet your left testicle it is.

I would also argue its less cruel in the long term because it minimises combat deaths of you scare them into surrendering in the first few skirmishes. They'll be dying for peace as soon as we wipe their first fighting force in the first day of combat.

Would you rather draw out the war out of a petty sense of propriety and misplaced honour? Mercy is a luxury a small city-state like ours can't afford because they can always press more bodies in the meat grinder and overwhelm us in terms of sheer numbers. After all, we can only produce so many bullets. You seem to forfeit that they're a church so they can always pull a Holy Roman Empire and call a crusade/jihad on us.

46ca23  No.350503

File: 594d133ef84fda5⋯.jpg (31.08 KB, 428x376, 107:94, 20140619_saad.jpg)


>They'll be dying for peace as soon as we wipe their first fighting force in the first day of combat.

Sueing. Fucking autocorrect.

f7f021  No.350513


I'm not a fascist.


We've already got a huge advantage with conventional weaponry, there's no need to gas and poison them.

46ca23  No.350524

File: 84756f447b62781⋯.jpeg (10.23 KB, 236x354, 2:3, images (39).jpeg)


Let me tell you of the French at the outset of world war 1. They were brave men, many of them dreaming of repeating the Napoleanic Wars, where they had subjugated all of europe. In August of 1914, they set off to the front lines, in bright red trousers and gleaming helmets, high on spirits, singing songs of glory and bravery. They truly believed they were going to fight the Germans on an equal footing. They were wrong. It was a slaughter. Twenty seven thousand frenchmen died in as little as four hours on August the 22nd, 1914 near the small village of rossignol, cut down by machine gun fire.

Do you think guns will be somehow more merciful than gas? One choke point and 3-4 machine gun nests will cut the church's entire army to bits.

There is no glory in warfare, only men killing other men because a few other men disagree with one another. They are going to die hard, messy and fast no matter what you do, gassing will just be more efficient. Besides, they can capture and reverse engineer guns. They can't capture gas now can they?

No matter what happens this war has to be short, a long term engagement simply isn't sustainable and if we lose everyone dies. Short means extremely brutal, one way or another. Also every soldier we don't send out to do the killing is one soldier we have saved. And we need every trained soldier we have if we are to March to their capital and perform some papicide and possibly deicide. Also regicide but that goes without saying.

46ca23  No.350525

f7f021  No.350526


>Do you think guns will be somehow more merciful than gas

Yes. I'd much rather be shot than breathe chlorine or mustard gas. This isn't even accounting for the indiscriminate nature of gas attacks, which may easily cause deaths among our soldiers.

>they can capture and reverse engineer guns

Even assuming they somehow capture some of our guns, it won't be easy to reverse engineer our tech without the assistance of a gremlin and they'll still need to somehow acquire the formula for powder and primers.

323d00  No.350533

>Time is a precious commodity.

>The moment you step foot back in town you order a small squad to take a steam wagon and capture the fleeing bishop. Having him in custody will buy a bit more time than if he returned with news.

>It's a gamble you decide to take.

>Against all hope, it has come to violence.

>Assembly lines are restructured to produce arms and armor quickly.

>Every able-bodied man and woman is given basic combat instruction by Dawn and her men along with Larissa.

>You hold a battery of trials at the firing range to weed through citizens, picking out the crack shots to be sharpshooters.

>Messengers are sent to allied cities, requesting aid. You understand if they wish to maintain neutrality, but offer more favorable trade agreements in return for joining forces.

>Several brave men and women set out seeking assistance from other monster tribes.

>In between strategy meetings you visit the captive paladin.

>He is being cared for, but his shattered legs make keeping him around relatively easy.

>During one of your visits you inform him that his needs will be taken care of. In return, you would appreciate some information.

>He swears to his god that Argot will be purged. But not before letting slip the fact that you can expect one of the Goddess Elaina's own champions will descend upon this "Wretched Place."

>The bishop was reclaimed, but refuses to cooperate, choosing only to spit vile curses.

>At your request, Yaggi draws up plans for artillery. The prototype looks like a standard mortar, not exactly a howitzer, but you can't complain.

>The most difficult part of implementing these newly designed weapons is the fact that you are teaching untrained combatants in the use of a weapon that isn't physically available for demonstration.

>Time begins to fly by as you throw yourself into battle planning and field preparations.

>Shortly after you designated a safe zone for children and the elderly (save those who demand to fight for their beloved city,) you get dragged back home by a worried Mouse.

>You are banned from leaving the house for two days as you have family time.

>To be honest, you needed it.

>But a thought keeps coming to mind unbidden.

>What if something happens to Mouse?

>She demands to be a part of the offensive.

>Abby will be safe with the other children, but you still worry.

323d00  No.350534


>In the coming weeks you assign roles to the common-folk.

>Food production and stockpiling kicks into high gear as industry falls off.

>The militia has effectively become your standing army, consisting of about 100 or so humans, Lizardfolk, Emus, and Dodos. Plus one Amazon.

>Darla has dug out a series of trenches and bolt-holes for the rifle teams.

>Currently, you have enough of the advanced rifles to field fifty-six guerrilla fighters in the trenches, and sixteen sharpshooters, each with about thirty rounds of ammunition.

>Anyone with basic first-aid skill has been drafted to serve in a medical capacity.

>Chefs and bakers are hard at work producing basic provisions for a possible siege.

>Priscilla is out setting the mystical equivalent of landmines around the city, coordinating with Darla to avoid pitfalls.

>You lost track of the mayor for awhile until it was brought to your attention that he passed out in the machine-shop. He pulled multiple shifts trying to put the finishing touches on some of the product.

>The days become ever more tense as preparations for war continue.

>A battalion of mercenaries show up.

>Some human outfit based in Cordys.

>Odd, considering that their mercenary guild isn't supposed to be this big.

>The other cities turned you down, but Cordys is lending support in an unofficial capacity. Some of the "mercenaries" are actually Cordisian soldiers flying the guild banner.

>Some of your messengers come back empty handed.

>But one simple farmer charmed the right woman.

>On the horizon is a wave of green and brown as a mighty horde of Orcs approaches the city.

>Eventually the day arrives.

>Mortars are in place.

>Darla awaits her signal.

>Sharpshooters are stationed around the city.

>Your army stands at the ready.

>The glint of shining steel and white banners herald the coming of the church, some 800 strong.

>At its head is the champion, clad in gold chased steel and riding upon a well-fed warhorse.

>Everyone grows tense as he steps up to the barrier.

>The blade he draws forth shimmers with brilliant light.

>With a swift stroke and a clap of thunder, a piece of the barrier shatters.

>Rather than charging in, this champion seems to lead his troops through slowly and deliberately.

Should you order an all out assault? Let them make the first move? Try one last shot at diplomacy? Unleash the full might of your unparalleled hate for their smug dispositions?

2afd5c  No.350535


Aim everything we have at the golden boy and wait. He'll probably stop and give a speech about how he's going to smite us all for being a wretched hive of scum and villainy, when he does fire every single gun, bow, and whatever magic we have at him and him only (If he doesn't stop to make a speech then shoot him before he can try that lightning shit again). Make every attempt to turn him into a smoldering crater, because if we can kill him immediately we can cripple the enemy's morale.

Make sure Darla is inside the city, no one should get near their army until the champion is dead.

This would also be a really good time to pray to Ammit, Reitia, and Arachne, because if they've got a goddess on their side then we're gonna want some divine intervention too.

46ca23  No.350539

File: 6a55c69a4a8184f⋯.jpg (57.97 KB, 545x463, 545:463, 6a55c69a4a8184f9bf0ad31567….jpg)


>Against all hope, it has come to violence.

But writefag, some of us hoped for exactly this :^)

As for wat do, start shelling as soon as they come in arty range. Tell your troops to not fire until they come into effective range, and focus fire on golden boy over there. If that fails, well there's still mines on the road. I'm assuming you have the city fortified and have fallback positions. Urban warfare has a massive home field advantage for defenders and most combat casualties occur when clearing houses. I'd say that's doubly true for meleefags against guns. Good thing they didn't bring a siege engine or anything, trebuchets are actually dangerous.

Also do we have unguided rockets or anything? I have a feeling spangly faggot will need some.

46ca23  No.350540

Aw piss on it, forgot my sage

52328a  No.350541


seconding this


9c0439  No.350543

File: 33fda7058cf5041⋯.jpg (403.28 KB, 549x821, 549:821, 7995fab95afda6750d8e905400….jpg)

File: 13f51141530b03b⋯.jpg (147.39 KB, 612x371, 612:371, c6e5b8606d1b3896d214e3eed7….jpg)


All out assault. Do total war. No prisoners. Every weapon used. Pull an Atilla or a Genghis Khan. Why not go imperialist as well? Claim that the church is a savage feudal system that is holding progress back. Then conquer it.

f7f021  No.350544


Take prisoners and treat them humanely. What's more important is making sure no one flees to talk about what we're capable of, and they're more likely to try if they know it's that or get killed.

0b68cc  No.350545

so wait?

their all funneling in though a single choke point?

tell the morters to lock in on that point and magicly amplify your voice advising them to turn back they have 15 seconds to comply

then unleash a few shillings in front of them as warning shots

then have out lich cast a dispel… spell on the leader to remove any arcane shielding then give them one last warning

then open fire from range and take out as many as you can while they're still a great distance from the main walls, no one can say we didn't give them a chance

0b68cc  No.350547


fix your site hotwheels i said do not bump

9c0439  No.350548


What's the matter, they're savages. They believe in Luddite insanity, and literally are more backwards than those lunatics who believe in the FSM! This is an example to all savage feudalistic groups that their days are numbered!

52328a  No.350550


We should take prisoners but use them as slaves. Maybe we will get a couple of alps out of the crusaders.

0b68cc  No.350552


slaving kind of goes against our enlightenment ideals

9c0439  No.350553


Fine, just shoot them into a ditch

52328a  No.350557


"reeducation" camps?

1ebaf7  No.350562


Seconding this, and if the champ wants to parlay let him unless it looks like he's trying to enchant us or power up a divine DBZ attack or something. Tell them to walk away, that we don't want to have to kill them, that his god doesn't want him to throw away the lives of his flock, and that we have new learning that can help us both into a new era of prosperity. Offer medical tech and other stuff they can't hurt us with, and be sure to tell and show them that the prisoners we took are unharmed, I doubt it'll work but we may as well look as reasonable as possible, and if we do it loud enough to be overheard maybe we may get some of them to defect or desert, also we don't want the Orcs or anybody else thinking we're killing potential husbandos avoidably.

If we have to fight, remember that horses are bigger and tougher to armor fully, keep a force of melee troops near each of the gates and another at the center of town to reinforce a breach or exploit one. Also might want a few infantry in Yaggi's steam wagon and use it as a technical/takchanka. Darla can disrupt charges by quickly tunneling under charging cavalry, which will hopefully unhorse some of them and make them easier meat. If they get wise to this she could also carrot-on-a-stick them into some of Priscilla's mines. If Priscilla has any blasty magic, probably have her target leaders or anybody else that looks like a mage, and if she can, to favor elementalism or something other than dark energy since they're holy and probably strong against that. In any case, focus what fire you can on the leadership, if the command structure is set up traditionally, it's probably just a core of pallies and a zerg mob of peasant levies (which is one of the reasons I'd prefer it didn't get to this point, some of them are probably our neighbors led here by lies and threats).

1ebaf7  No.350565


oh and also:

Use the dodos and kids as message and ammo runners and maybe retrieving wounded. Emu harpies would be good for rapid response units to stop up breaches in the lines or help fight off melee units that get to our trenches. Keep any of them left over from this with the oldsters who've decided to help as a last-ditch rear guard protecting the civilians. If Mouse insists on helping, probably have her help with the other dodos, fight with the rear guard or stay close to you. It's too bad we didn't think to make revolvers, those could have given the dodos more strength.

6ff502  No.350566


This make their champion into an alp.

2afd5c  No.350567


>Use kids

Absolutely fucking not, our kids stay in their safehouses away from the battle

46ca23  No.350569

File: df24db827db17c4⋯.jpg (31.82 KB, 193x261, 193:261, IMG_1234.JPG)

Still voting on a by any means doctrine, including gassing and midnight raids and large scale shelling. Can't afford to let it draw out, our best bet is to blitzkrieg it through the land and force them to surrender when we take their shitty capital and murder everyone important.

1ebaf7  No.350572


My logic was that paladins may not spare civilians and we're outnumbered enough that freeing up more able adults for the fight may make a difference, also OP mentions some of them volunteering, though I see now I could be misparsing what he wrote. If they haven't volunteered we shouldn't draft them.

2afd5c  No.350574


Even if they did volunteer we shouldn't allow them. They're kids, they may want to help but they have no idea what war is like and we don't need to show them

323d00  No.350586

>Messengers scamper about ferrying messages you have dictated.

>You have a plan, but it will not be pretty.

>Damaging their morale may save more lives than are lost.

>The binoculars you requested sit at your hip.

>Priscilla responds in the affirmative when you ask if she can amplify your voice.

>A soft poke at your throat, and she says its done.

As you speak, your voice booms out across the fields, momentarily halting the enemies advance.


>Their champion wastes no time and responds with a roaring voice of his own.


>A blind rage fills you as he threatens the children.

>The champion raises his sword, now wreathed in heavenly flame, and bellows for his men to sack Argot.

>As a corona of shimmering luminescence engulfs the champion, you give the order.

"Erase him."

>At your command, your army acts simultaneously.

>Priscilla begins casting something as mortar fire echos across the battlefield. A veritable storm of lead screams towards the champion as the sound of gunfire fill the air, fired by the rifle corps and the snipers.

>Though many shots went wild, the champions armor is punctured in several dozen places. His light flickers and umbral lightning fills the air around him like static. All of the mortar shells land. The pattern was pretty dispersed, but still hit most of the front-line.

>As the champion is blasted back by the explosions, the black bolts surrounding him join together. They bloom into a perfect sphere of black nothing in the midday sun.

>The sphere recedes, leaving absolutely no trace of the boisterous hero.

"Let it sink in for a moment,"

323d00  No.350587


>Half of the enemy ranks turn to flee.

>The other half is filled with a religious fury, charging forth.

"Commence bombardment."

>Mortar fire picks up, blasting hapless paladins left and right. Priscilla supplements the assault with her magic.

>Dozens that evaded the barrage fell into pits or activate the explosive magical traps laid down by Priscilla.

>This isn't a war, it's a slaughter.

Before long the traps are exhausted and the mortar teams run out of ordinance.

>As the church pushes through to the first line of defense, Argot starts to take casualties.

>Several riflemen take to the trenches, utilizing the tunnels connecting them to fire off a few shots before relocating.

>In melee it's clear that most of your soldiers are ill matched against the paladins.

>The last of the enemy charges through the barrier, over half their numbers remain.

>The ground shifts as Darla begins to move.

>You didn't give her the order to do anything yet.

>Oh no…

>You spot Franklin lying on the ground.

>A paladin breached the first line of defense, and is repeatedly bludgeoning him in the chest with a mace.

>Darla's fleshy ping body wriggles up from the dirt, shoving the paladin back before clutching her husband.

>You see her mouth a few words to him.

>He doesn't respond.

>You know he's among the casualties when her piercing cry of anguish reaches you.

>Her worm maw ruptures the ground and snaps shut around them. You can still hear her screaming as she burrows away.

>The front-line routs as the paladins overwhelm them.

>You advise pulling everyone back when you feel the ground shuddering.

>In the midst of the paladins formation, Darla erupts straight into the air.

>As she rockets skyward you can hear the worm part bellowing in a low rumble in tune with her maddened shrieks.

>She lands on several squads, but survivors begin to hack away at her with swords in hand.

>Even as her blood stains the ground she thrashes about in a rage, crushing more.

>She doesn't respond to your amplified shouts to pull back.

>The paladins regroup and focus on the Sandworm currently battering them about.

>While they are focused on her, you send in everyone you have to surround them.

>Several moments of vicious melee, and it's over.

>The remainder of the paladins surrender as the battle tips out of their favor.

>In desperation, you search for Mouse.

>She was supposed to be providing backup in the trenches.

>When you find her she is standing with foot on an enemy soldiers neck.

>There are several corpses around them. Paladins. Some of the city men and women. An Emu. Two Orcs. And a Dodo. A few survivors are clumped together, including an enemy soldier near you who is breathing shallowly.

>She doesn't seem to notice your presence, and you can hear her speaking to the man she is standing on.

<"Were you really going to hurt the children?"

>The young paladin coughs, "Our orders were to raze everything to the ground!"

<"Raise? But you can't raise som- Oh. I see. Raze. To destroy."

>There is a wet tearing sound as she flexes her talons.

>A brief, blood choked gurgle escapes the paladins lips as she steps off of him.

>She turns to face you, talons slicked with blood.


>Her eyes seem a little glazed over as she waddles over to you, casually plunging her clawed foot into the throat of the other wounded paladin on her way.

>There are tears streaming down her cheeks as she buries her face into your hip.

"Are you-"

<"They killed Godwin, Tracy, Frog, Andy, and Caleb… And there are others…"

>You pull her into your lap as you sit against the trench wall.

"Shhh… Shhh… It's over now. It's all over…

But how long until they send more? What's the best course of action to take here?

9dfbfd  No.350591

Take tally of the Dead and prepare Memorial site and ceremony for all those lost then count the enemies dead and see how well you did compared to the forces who assaulted us

how big was our army again it was what 100 vs 800 right? it was 8 to 1 odds and we won

If that doesn't give the other cities conference in us i don't know what will

Even though we had losses this was still a massive victory, and their sacrifices saves hundreds of lives

Repair the shield make it thric as thicc, build more defensive structures since is clear that the enemy doesn't have guns it be best if he fired from high halls rather the pre dug graves, over the next 3 days rebuild what you can and perpare for the first great war this world has ever seen a war to end all wars

, they attacked us their next force is going to be much larger now that theyve seen what we can do, work on more potent anti- personal weapon systems and more aoe spells

Im assuming it was phalanx vs gun

That strategy doesn't work very well but it's going to take them a while to adjust have the gremlin develop a machine gun or Gatling gun better be extremely effective against a Phalanx type assault

2afd5c  No.350592


Provide physical and mental care for Mouse, and prepare to go on the offensive. Take any living paladins prisoner and begin interrogations. We need to play nasty mental games with them, ask them what's so great about a goddess that can't even protect one man from roughly 1000 pounds of lead being thrown at him at a speed not even close to as fast as the lightning she threw down to break our barrier. Was she unable, or did she not care? If she didn't care about Goldilocks, her supposed champion, what makes them think she cares about the rank and file paladins? Or is what the champion used actually his own personal magic, and Elain doesn't even exist?

Clearly we need to be more ready for close quarters combat, I suggest shotguns, pistols, bayonets, and seeing if we can upgrade out rifles to semi auto or full auto. The church is too stupid to just leave us be, we have to cut the head off the snake.

Again, now is the time to introduce Ammit. Tell people how she judges the dead by weighing their hearts against a feather to see if they were just in life, and that anyone who died fighting for Argot today has surely been allowed into paradise.

46ca23  No.350594

File: 1fc32a1dd05a920⋯.jpg (88.26 KB, 960x536, 120:67, egSWlJ4.jpg)


Rev up those grills boys, it's remove kebab time!

No but seriously, we need to push in while they're still broken, give chase. Do we have any mechanised infantry? How much have we mobilised? How large is our fighting force? What's the makeup of said fighting force? How quickly can we produce ordanance? And where are the chemical bloody weapons?

9498e0  No.350599


Bury our dead and let a day or two of rest occur and after words prepare an counter attack on their nation with guerilla warefare small squads will do it.

Also time to grill the bishop and start getting him to talk, he will spill the beans else we give the bishop killer another notch on her belt.

46ca23  No.350600

Learn to sage, nigger

f7f021  No.350624


Bury our dead, take down their names, and start plans for a memorial. The dead paladins get a mass grave after we collect their gear and scrap it.

9c0439  No.350627


Burn them all. They don't deserve a grave. It is too much effort for the feudalistic knights who are blinded by superstitions, and halt progress

f7f021  No.350630


Dumping them all in some ditch isn't exactly respectful.

9c0439  No.350632


They don't deserve respect, regardless.

f7f021  No.350633


I know, which is why I'm pushing for a mass grave.

0fe9f4  No.350651

File: 8ff8969fb078561⋯.png (525.87 KB, 757x997, 757:997, lich_fuck_book.png)


Why not have the corpses turned into more undead servants? The paladins will be more useful that way than a rotting heap that is wasting land. You have a lich after all and on top of that the undead paladins could be used as canon fodder during the next attack either as rotting meat shields or we could take it a step further a fill them with explosives and make the snackbar their old friends. Maybe set up and ambush were they look like they are still alive and then have them attack when the church nuts least expect it? We could also let them redeem themselves as the new husbands of the lich's old servants, cause you know… they can't exactly think about crusading anymore? This is just an option. I think we can also bring back all the dead we lost on our side to if they are capable of retaining their minds, this option may not be respectful but we might be going against an cult that has a world wide influence and at that point all dead and living are needed to help defend. Besides many would be glad to be together again with their dead loved ones even if they are cold to the touch. But only bring them back after asking their loved ones about the matter.

30f285  No.350653

Is it possible to build hot air balloons or blimps as sentry devises or use them to drop bombs and Incendiary devices on the enemy stronghold? Also is it possible to use demon realm metal as bullets and fragmentation. Also would it not be a good idea to use some of the demon realm products as a form of chemical warfare? You use wonderland products as a psychoactive weapon, you can use mamodo pollen, toxin, and spores as traps, denial devices, and as a way to corrupt them as they retreat and best of all if you corrupt them you get more men for monster women (of course you sell the undesirables to more harsh monster if they are still bad.)

51ef89  No.350655


Seconding this also make the prisoners into work slaves. They were going to kill the children.

1ebaf7  No.350660


Triage and tend to the wounded, identify, tally and bury our dead and have any prisoners fit for work identify and bury theirs after we tally them and note their equipment, heraldy, etc. (a son, cousin or brother will be less likely to seek revenge if the story is 'he got gunned down trying to massacre a village' as opposed to the poetic 'he went out to battle one day and never returned'). Be sure to keep a watch in case what we defeated is just the first wave or something. See what Priscilla's divinations predict, and see if she can focus more on holding spells, since we have dakka and they don't. Scrying would be good too since we could look at things without putting a scouting party harm's way. Try to calm Darla down at least enough that we can hopefully patch her up. Unless it'd be tone-deaf to the mood or we've got more immediate concerns, a potluck/feast to celebrate victory and mourn the dead might help knit Argot together as a community, city-state and fighting force (maybe the Orcs, Lizardgirls, Harpies, Larissa or Amazon have a ritual for something like this?). Send scouts/messengers to the other cities to spread word of our victory if we can be reasonably sure they'll return in one piece, we'd better get our story in so the church can't spin their version as far. If it wouldn't be seen as weird, excessively disrespectful, or likely to bring on a curse, there are probably weapons and maybe armor we can loot too. Body armor might be too much to stomach, too custom-fitted or to trashed to be worth messing with, but helmets and weapons might be good to have at least as a stopgap until Polyphia can make us better stuff.

In the somewhat-longer-term, talk to Yaggi about revolvers or something for the Dodo Harpies since that would take away some of their size disadvantage in combat, Maxims since the enemy melee zergs, and maybe about steam wagons (maybe something like an STC tank easily-convertible from industrial and farming equipment to an APC with a Maxim or maybe Bretansmir). Try to see if Cordys (and the cities, either governments or populace) would be amicable to a mutual defense pact or at least a formalized NAP with us and pursue those if so. As long as they don't have much blasty magic, a wall would be a good investment, but might not be the best one right now. Depends on what Priscilla sees and the political situation with the neighboring cities. We should at some point make camo clothes for our scouts and ghillie suits for the snipers, those don't need much of any tech besides dye, nets and leaves (although on the downside, human scouts wouldn't be able to hide as easily in human communities if they had uniforms). We should also think about a flag too, since we're an independent political entity with an army.


Agreed on spending time with Mouse, non-enhanced interrogation of prisoners and CQB stuff, though I'm not sure now is the best time to try for conversions. I think their faith is probably shaken enough that some will come around. I'd also suggest something like a saucepan helmet or stahlhelm (both relatively easy to mass-produce) n breastplate for protection.



We should still have Yaggi's steam wagon and some Emus and Orcs, if they're still fresh and in any condition to fight we should keep pursuing them as long as they're routed, if we can. do we have any horses or other mounts? this is work for cav

f7f021  No.350663

File: c19389005760e27⋯.jpg (200.9 KB, 900x633, 300:211, barbed wire ww1.jpg)


Make barbed wire for fuck's sake. They wouldn't have been able to get anywhere near as close with something like pic related inbetween us and them.

52328a  No.350683


This is a good idea.

9c0439  No.350705

Why not pull a Draka, and genetically engineer them to be serfs, incapable of rebelling?

deb59c  No.350706

File: f2f6ad5088cec7b⋯.jpg (25.01 KB, 479x265, 479:265, Le_Mat_Revolver.jpg)

When we do get revolvers, make them a LeMat sort of design with a shotgun barrel down the center axis of the cylinder? The centerfire designs weren't as sexy, but they were still cool as hell.

1ebaf7  No.350710


>genetically engineer them to be serfs

genetically engineer who?


>Le Mat

Good idea, anon. Seconding this.

9c0439  No.350713


The prisoners, and the Order

1ebaf7  No.350722


Seems like kind of a boondoggle atm, I mean the Draka didn't do that until after they already conquered most of the world, and we're still only a city-state right now. also reminder to sage in CYOA threads

363359  No.350746

Console your wife, immortalize our fallen comrades and raise the dead as your new work force/frontliners. Demoralize your enemy by showing them the fate that awaits them should they proceed. Let everyone in Argot mourn the dead. They need time and you need to give a speech on their sacrifices and our shared victory. I think we should erect a statue for them if we can spare the time. We absolutely must keep morale high even at our lowest point. If we give up now we are lost.

I’m on board for advancing our firearms and armor as well as getting proper barriers and barbwire, physical walls and towers/bunkers going asap. If they want to take Argot then make them jump through as many hoops as possible. Let everyone who can work do so, Argot is a joint effort and everyone can pitch in if they are willing. (I’m certain most if not all will)

Take a new headcount for your population and make contact with your allies to let them know of your victory. Reward Cordys subtley, you do not want to oust your greatest ally as the Paladins may come down on them harder than you and make your allies scarce. Give them their reward and strengthen your bond by offering your support should the need arise with the message that Cordys is our greatest ally in these dark times.

We may need to gather our information from the paladins by other methods. Do we have any monsters who have venom or aphrodisiacs/etc? Yaggi could probably make something with them. Can she make a truth serum?

Really liking it so far OP. please do not kill our dodo waifu or dautheru

323d00  No.350750

>You sit in the corpse choked trench with Mouse, rocking her back and forth while stroking her hair.

>Medics retrieve the wounded as messengers relay reports and run orders for you.

>Priscilla had to hit Darla with a spell to knock her out cold when she wouldn't stop smashing the enemy casualties.

>She has suffered severe blood loss, and her powerful hearts just keep pumping the stuff out.

>Several tailors have taken to suturing her wounds with bailing twine to slow the bleeding.

>Over one hundred citizens were lost in the fighting.

>Most of them volunteers and tradesmen.

>The militia lost its fair share of soldiers as well.

>All of the dead are being gathered and identified.

>Dawn is leading the remaining militiamen to round up survivors.

>After reuniting Mouse with Abby and spending some time together, you have to get to work organizing everything.

>Mayor Donahue is giving a eulogy to the fallen when Priscilla pulls you aside.

<"What of their dead? Should I burn them? Do we bury them? Let them rot? Use them? It's your call."

>These people have left a lasting mark on Argot.

>Some restitution is in order.

"Bring them back. Set them to work. When they come at us again, let the enemy see what fate awaits those who would attack us."

<"Very well."

>The varied races and humans observe their own customs for handling the lost.

>After the names are read and bodies given their final rest, you head to Yaggi's shop.

>Her eyes are bloodshot, she obviously hasn't been sleeping.

>She furiously scribbles down new designs that grow increasingly eccentric. The latest sketch resembles a bipedal combine harvester.

>You discuss revolvers for the smaller groups, and she nods while her pace picks up.

>As the two of you talk, you get the feeling that she blames herself for the casualties. If only her mortars were more efficient, or the rifles more accurate…

>She calls Richard in and asks for her stimulants.

>He brings her a cup of tea and mixes some powder into it.

>Half-way through gulping it down she realizes a difference in taste.

<"Dickey, what did …you…"

>She slumps in her chair.

>Before you can say anything Richard fixes you with a pleading gaze, "She hasn't slept for at least four days…"

>You take your leave as he carries her small limp form over to their bed and lays her down.

>The mayor's council are drawing up a flag and secession papers, as well as penning missives to friendly cities about the possibility of fighting against the churches corruption.

>Jericho was wounded in battle and is recovering at home. He finaly took the time to propose to the towns first non-human resident in the aftermath of the battle. Juniper accepted. They have been together for quite awhile now, so it's about damn time.

323d00  No.350751


>Eventually you turn post combat operations under the management of the council.

>Its hard to stifle your anger as you confront the church survivors.

>About thirty-seven of these self-righteous pricks survived.

>They are attended by your own soldiers and a few volunteers with rifles.

>Most are silent, save one who spits at your feet and belts out a declaration, "The Goddess has seen your land, and your dishonorable ways of war! She will bring JUSTICE to this befouled land! Our survival is proof of her mercy-"

>You calmly dig about in the dirt, finding a nice egg-sized chunk of rock.

>You toss it up and catch it a few times, testing the weight. The rough edges leave small scrapes on your palm.

>The paladin looks nervous and quiets down as you speak softly.

"What kind of higher power orders the death of innocents. Of children?"

>The same loudmouthed paladin tugs at his bonds as he continues his tirade, "Innocent? Everyone here must be purged to cleanse them of-"

>You interrupt by grabbing his face and forcing his mouth open.

>You insert the stone between his leftmost molars.

>As he stares at you in confusion, you land an uppercut to the same side of his lower jaw.

>There is a muffled cry of agony as he slumps down, spitting out the rock and tooth fragments with a crimson spray.

>You continue to speak softly.

"Don't interrupt. This is important, and I want you all to think on it. You weren't spared by your goddess. You were spared by us. All we wanted was peace. We even continued to pay tithes and tariffs to your church after you excommunicated the faithful here. Now we have to take action."

>You wait to see if anyone tries to say anything. All are silent.

"What kind of goddess would allow her champion to be defeated without a hint of resistance? Or let her people drop like flies on the field of battle? You draw breath because of Argot's mercy. You will repay this kindness by working the fields and factories. You will be given a place to sleep, and you will be fed."

>You take a deep breath.

"Just know that if you turn on our kindness, that mercy won't save you again."

>They remain quiet as you walk away.

>Before too long, all of the people put into positions of command gather together to discuss upcoming battle plans.

Do you push the fight and occupy the largest church held city in the region? Play the defensive game? Or push for peace? How do you go about your choice?

I wanted to have a brief wind-down before getting into another operation. My sense of scale is very poor, and my tactical appreciation is limited to smaller conflict. I apologize if these things are an annoyance, but even trying to study the numbers in large conflicts makes my head swim.

I will say though, what was intended to be a fun otherworldly safari has turned into an attempt to overthrow a theocracy. Blew my expectations out of the water.

f7f021  No.350754

File: 8c614fb99878f7d⋯.png (56.14 KB, 1280x808, 160:101, rebel flag.png)



Can we nominate a flag? Demand full independence with an end to the tithes or we will go on the offensive to force a peace treaty down their throat.

a8898a  No.350762

File: f1dc31e991b9bfe⋯.jpg (57.5 KB, 453x553, 453:553, Hitler not amused.jpg)


The death count of what they inflicted on us is great however its time we counter attack. Hit the largest city with sabotage and raid them of what we lost. We play the long game with that city and try to find if any monster sympathizers then cause a rebellion with in it. While we lack the means of fielding a large military we have the means of trickling down the enemy easily with the weapons we have currently. I suggest inventing perhaps a crude phosphorous round for the mortars .

f48855  No.350763


>fight and occupy the largest church held city in the region?

We don't have the man-power to occupy a large hostile city.


>Demand full independence with an end to the tithes

This seems a no brainer, the church wouldn't get anything from a razed Argot anyways.


>its time we counter attack

Don't have the man-power for battle of atrittion.

>play the long game with that city and try to find if any monster sympathizers then cause a rebellion with in it. While we lack the means of fielding a large military we have the means of trickling down the enemy easily with the weapons we have currently

This sounds gud. We need more info, sabotage might alienate the populus against us if it's discovered. A phosphorous round sounds promising.

f7f021  No.350765


>We don't have the man-power to occupy a large hostile city

We could liberate some of the nearby cities that are sympathetic.

>the church wouldn't get anything from a razed Argot anyways

If they refuse the initial offer, some reparations would be nice. We get more money to innovate and expand, they get humiliated by a bunch of heretics.

46ca23  No.350774

File: 88efb5e0dfd1fad⋯.png (1.13 KB, 255x170, 3:2, images (2).png)


I thought we agreed on NO STEP ON SNEK. Oh well, nominating the city flag of Amsterdam because minimalism is cool and stars are overdone and frankly boring. Accompanying fiction: the red stands for enemies surrounding us, the black for those who defend us, and the white equal sided crosses for citizens, as they are all equal and stand together in harmony I guess. The colour white can be purity.

f7f021  No.350776


The Gadsden flag is nice, but I doubt they have rattlesnakes here and the symbolism might go over their head.

46ca23  No.350778


The Confederate battle flag makes even less sense then, the red white and blue aren't associated with liberty here because of obvious reasons and we are a city state so the stars are meaningless too.

Best we can do is get a cool looking design which will come to represent to them what the Ethiopian flag, the pan Arabic colours and most famously the French tricolor represents here. Anyone else want to suggest designs?

f7f021  No.350780


It's a flag for rebels, which we undoubtedly are.

9c0439  No.350787


Ok, we need a flag that matches Argot, and what are the defining traits of it. Climate, geography, culture, ideology, etc.

2afd5c  No.350809


The snake makes perfect sense

If left alone, a snake will do you know harm, and will even help you by killing rats and mice. But step on snek, (any snake, not just a rattler) and it'll fuck your day up.

Other predators that leave you alone if you leave them alone but kill the shit out of you if you fuck with them would also work. A bear springs to mind, California has a kickass flag that is squandered on that shithole of a state.

Are there rhinos in the areas around Argot? That's a savanna animal that will kick your shit in, and it works even better because it's a herbivore, it literally won't harm a fly if the fly doesn't get in it's way.

1ebaf7  No.350857


I'd favor trying to get Cordys and if possible the other nearby cities into a mutual defense pact and eventually maybe full political integration. Try to sell it on being cheaper and better-working to join us and have us watch the roads than the tithe would be, and if we can get Bretansmir to agree to it maybe offer them loans at decent interest rates to further supplant Church power. We should also try to scout out natural terrain barriers and chokepoints nearby, so that if we don't decide to or aren't able to expand for a while, we can have a defensible feature on our borders (which presents us less challenge trying to expand than it does to somebody trying to invade us, since technology and monstergirls), also so that if we need to we can pull a Thermopylae and ideally fortify it eventually, which is something we're strongly suited to since we're few but strong. If Priscilla has a communion matrix or some other method of remote communication, we should try to spread the word further that we're looking for both human and monstergirl allies and citizens. If she can be spared for long enough, we could also have Bretansmir spread the news, scout around and do air patrols some too. In terms of infrastructure, paved roads are a good idea and another selling-point for our alliance, and if we got the quarry running again, we could have concrete or cobblestone roads, bunkers and cheap prefab housing. If Argot doesn't have a public school or college, those'd be a good idea too. Also what city did the pallies come from? If we do wind up attacking (which I don't recommend), or expect another attack it'd be good to start there. We also may want to think about minting our own coin since we've go the silver. Unless a major emergency comes up, make sure Richard gives Yaggi enough time and love to recover fully before sending her back to work, we can't afford to lose her. And be sure to spend quality time with Mouse and Abby.


The flags you mention are iconic partially because they're easy to recognizeable/reproduce on a low budget and skill level by rag-tag bands of rebels, so probably the simpler the better. What do anons think about a Gadsden variant with a stylized Dodo Harpy over sillhouette of a crossed rifle (representing defense and self-determination) and a shovel or plough or something (representing prosperity, plenty and fertility), or maybe one of a human hand holding a Dodo harpy wing-hand or talon? And maybe stars or something on the official version representing the different city-states or peoples? (so maybe to start with, two for Argot and the Emu village, or three for them and the Dodo Harpies and maybe more if the Orcs stay on or the Lizardgirls make up a decent chunk of the population, or if we get Cordys onboard)


Are there any local natural dyes? That's probably the simplest, oldest-school way to decide on a national base color.


This anon understands. We don't have the manpower to attack and hold the cities nearby, and we probably won't need to do that to get their support anyway since Cordys is already low-key supporting us. If we can get them to understand the Church needs them more than they need the Church and get them in a mutual defense league or something, it'll be easier and better for all of us and then maybe then we can start kicking ass once the Church inevitably picks a fight with us.


A bear could work, also there's the meme (dunno if true) about rhinos being nature's firefighters.

1ebaf7  No.350858

fuck forgot sage again, sorry

f7f021  No.350867


The symbolism behind snakes is really negative for the most part. It's mostly rattlesnakes that are known for only striking when forced to, and they probably don't have rattlesnakes here.

2afd5c  No.350877


The negative symbolism is completely undeserved, much like the negative reputation MGs have thanks to the church. Like I said, snakes will leave you alone if you leave them alone, and are quite content to live in your field or barn, eating rats that would otherwise raid your crops. The only reason people hate snakes is because of all the fucking fables about snakes doing something evil and getting punished by having their legs taken away, because primitive humans apparently could never look at an animal and say "Yeah, I guess that's just how it was made."

In this world people hate monster girls because the church has told them all their lives that they should, but when they actually meet one face to face they see they aren't all that bad unless you try to hurt someone they're close to. There are no doubt several fables about monster girls seducing and killing men, made up by the church to explain where they came from and why the populace should hate and fear them.

363359  No.350895

Pushing for peace now is a sign of weakness. I agree with >>350762 for the most part, guerilla tactics are best used when we are outnumbered. Perhaps our Emu friends would be good at this? They're sneaky and should be our fastest warriors. Maybe offer them this chance should they accept it but be firm in saying to keep safe and out of sight. No sense in dwindling your numbers further. I'm going to restate that thing I said >>350746 I still suggest we get started on better defenses until we can expand our city-state into a nation. Also same thing about Cordys, maybe we could even go there personally and work our charisma. I'm hesitant to suggest it but we may also want to take our family. Do not leave Mouse alone, she needs your comfort, and Abby needs her parents. If you can't work them in then send someone in your stead that you trust. Everyone (especially Yaggi, poor gal) needs some rest as well it seems.

So much for the serums lol.

>>350877 I agree with everything here.

>>350877 I've just thought of something. We're all idiots. Instead of asking these zealots about their beliefs why haven't we asked the excommunicated in Argot about them (should any still be around) or hell any humans. Even the monsters are sure to know about something. This Church is obviously powerful to some degree so I find it hard to believe that no one here would know a thing or two about it.

b5cd72  No.350941

File: ba4956f5463083b⋯.png (71.06 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Flag_of_Mozambique.svg.png)


>The flags you mention are iconic partially because they're easy to recognizeable/reproduce, so probably the simpler the better.

Exactly the point of a flag! Animals etc will make it complex but that's a trade-off I'm willing to make

>What do anons think about a Gadsden variant with a stylized Dodo Harpy over sillhouette of a crossed rifle (representing defense and self-determination) and a shovel or plough or something (representing prosperity, plenty and fertility), or maybe one of a human hand holding a Dodo harpy wing-hand or talon?

The flag of mozambique is very good if we take out the Ethiopian colours for other ones, and maybe remove the star because stars are gay.


>It's a flag for rebels, which we undoubtedly are.

Yes but it's a flag of rebels for you, not them. Not much point of it if they don't know the legend attached to the flag is there?


Gadsdenbro is right, although I vehemently oppose the idea of text on a flag. A good flag communicates it's idea with symbology, and using words is kinda cheating and also not cool.

b5cd72  No.350942


Yo firetires, fix your site, I checked do not bump

b5cd72  No.350950

Ok how about this: crossed rifles on a field of red with two golden emus vigilant combatant. Maybe a shield atop the rifles but under the birds for definition?

b78221  No.350951

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


323d00  No.350959

>It takes a while, but you manage to load a few days worth of supplies into one of the steam wagons. It will serve as a functional RV for now.

>After working things out with Bretansmir, you secure some paperwork guaranteeing favorable lending terms to offer to other cities.

>Everyone has returned to their usual business for now.

>The hundreds of undead paladins are having the odd effect of making the citizens feel safer. They wander the outskirts, ever vigilant.

>Larissa has taken to overseeing the captives, both their care and questioning.

>A joint project between Priscilla and Yaggi has produced a strange hybrid. Magic meets technology in these "radio" systems you requested.

>You have no clue how it works.

>As the council continues planning and sending out messengers, you take a handful of the radios to distribute to friendly cities as you visit.

>Before you load Mouse and Abby into the wagon, you check in on Darla.

>She has been listless during, and after her recovery.

>You fill everyone in on your trip.

>It takes a bit of time to get everyone to relax when you mention taking your family along.

>You figure it would be safest to travel as a caravan, so you follow behind a few of the traveling merchants and their guards.

>Yaggi and Richard join you to discuss new weaponry and act as your driver.

>Currently the two are up front while you sit in the rocking vehicle with your wife and daughter on a makeshift bed.

>Abby is curled up next to you napping, and Mouse is on the other side.

"How are you holding up?"

>You stroke Mouse's head as you ask her.

>She smiles softly, enjoying the attention.

<"Better… But still sad. And I know it's going to happen again…"

"We'll keep preparing. I refuse to let Argot fall without a fight."

<"I love that about you. You are not even from around here and you care this much."

>She nuzzles up to your side.

<"I wonder what it would have been like if we had stayed where we met. On your side of the doorway."

>The wagon comes to a sudden halt as Yaggi calls you.

>You poke your head through the front cabin to where she is pointing.

>In the distance is a large portal, similar to the one that brought you here.

>There seem to be people waiting on the other side.

>You glance back at Mouse. No, she couldn't have known…

What do you do with this information? Make a note and move on? Check out the portal? Ignore it completely? Go through and recruit an army of Violated Heroes?

Another short segment. Work is killing me. Got five days off coming up, so I should be able to update more fluidly then.

8f414d  No.350964

File: aa010bbd446608d⋯.jpg (159.77 KB, 794x1080, 397:540, f97dc73eeaed84106941aadbf6….jpg)


Well fucking go through the portal duh. Waifufaggotry aside we got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Imagine what an actual mechanical or civil or automobile engineer can do! A hell of a lot starting with standardizing measurements and making mass manufacturing a thing. Stamped steel AKs for the win, bitches!

51ef89  No.350966


Go through the portal and get us some violated heroes with STEM degrees.

2afd5c  No.350973


I worry that if we go through the portal we won't be able to go back, so if we do go through we absolutely must bring Mouse and Abby with us.

Things to bring back if we go through, assuming this leads to our old world

>at least one computer

>an automatic or semiautomatic rifle/pistol with ammo, or information on how they work (if a /k/ommando can make an automatic weapon with instructions from the internet, a gremlin sure as hell can too)

>a car/motorcycle/atv with a 4-stroke internal combustion engine, best bet would be a 4 or 6 cylinder Japanese truck from the 80s/90s

>books on medieval to modern day large scale war tactics

>a smarthphone with charger

>night vision goggles

>kevlar body armor, and the formula to make more

Mostly stuff for Yaggi to take apart and improve upon or incoporate into her own designs

Personally I don't think we should go through unless we can verify that it's stable, but either way we need to be careful that anyone who comes through to us isn't some edgy HFYfag that will want to help the church.

I worry if we brought Mouse and Abby back to live in our world permanently we'd have to deal with the (((government))) trying to take them away to take them apart and see how they work, we would have to immediately bring them on live television and post pictures and videos of them all over the internet so (((they))) can't make them just disappear.

If the portal is certifiably permanent, go out, get on the internet and post all about everything. Post videos, pictures, and a full anecdote of what's happened to us so far. Get people to believe that it's real, and get the public pissed off with the church. It is of vital importance that our old government does not give any assistance to the church, it could mean the death of Argot good thing we never used chemical weapons, eh guys :^)

b71a28  No.350990


I want to second this, but unless you're bringing an assload of ammunition, make it a silenced .22 rifle. Gunshots, noise, bringing more trouble, etc.

363359  No.350992

I'm mostly curious as to where this would lead us story wise so I'll go with >>350973

Although recruiting people from our world without a proper vetting process… that might be a bad idea.

Also do we REALLY want (((the government))) to help us? I am skeptic of them trying to strong arm Argot worse than the paladins. We do not need (((them))) interfering.

2afd5c  No.350994


Guns and ammunition are more for Yaggi to study, because I bet she can get a lot more information by taking apart a gun and putting it back together than she can from us saying "So it's like, the powder explodes, and then it shoots the lead out the tube." Same with all the other tech.

Also sage your posts


We may not need the government's help, but we certainly need to ensure that the public views us as plucky rebels fighting against an authoritarian regime rather than violent insurrectionists slaughtering priests.

If we can beat (((them))) to the punch on public perception of Argot, (((they))) are more likely to just roll with it and try to mold their narrative around us being good race-mixing liberals fighting the Church of Literally Hitler, instead of us being violent anarcho-capitalists destabilizing a peaceful theocratic regime.

It doesn't really matter if the stories told about us are true, with the (((media))) you can be sure it mostly won't be. What's important is that the church is established, definitively, as the bad guy. We can write a book later about what really happened.

8f414d  No.351063


Wow, I can't believe how wrong you are. Taking it from the top,

>at least one computer

What will you power it with? What purpose will it serve without the Internet or specialised programs that academics use?

>an automatic or semiautomatic rifle/pistol with ammo, or information on how they work (if a /k/ommando can make an automatic weapon with instructions from the internet, a gremlin sure as hell can too)

Needs things like standardized measurements, advanced machining (lathe, cnc etc), and manufacturing knowhow and practices, unless you have years and tears of practice like the gunsmiths of khyber pass in pakistan. You have neither except for maybe the gremlin.

>a car/motorcycle/atv with a 4-stroke internal combustion engine, best bet would be a 4 or 6 cylinder Japanese truck from the 80s/90s

What will you power it with? At least take a diesel, fucking diesels run on anything including rum and powdered coal as long as it doesn't compress and can burn. And what if it breaks down?

>books on medieval to modern day large scale war tactics

Yeah I'll give you that but good luck finding any on a short notice

>a smarthphone with charger

A charger that plugs into what? A wall socket? And what good is a smartphone without internet?

>night vision goggles

Well, ok, but those are expensive and we don't have dollarydoos now do we? Even if we can barter with gold or whatever.

>kevlar body armor, and the formula to make more

Again, you seem to think just knowing the "formula" is enough to reproduce something. It's not, kevlar requires some pretty advanced manufacturing techniques and processes that are cost and effort intensive to set up. i should know, I'm an engineer


>we certainly need to ensure that the public views us as plucky rebels fighting against an authoritarian regime rather than violent insurrectionists slaughtering priests

This is a bad idea. Involving imperialist governments is always a bad idea. Look at the middle east, you don't wanna be the middle east. Besides which governments wouldn't help us if it doesn't benefit them. No such thing as a free lunch.

Who needs PR when you can deliver results and also rule with an iron fist? Why won't you wimps gas the paladindus already? We've got fucking artillery ffs, we can flatten them to bits! Crush, destroy, conquer! The gods shall look at the empire we create and tremble in fear, for they shall know they will be next!

323d00  No.351077

>You examine the portal.

>On the other side is what appears to be an empty warehouse with crappy furniture placed haphazardly.

>Electrical cables snake about and lead to banks of computers.

>Staring at you are a group of people. A man wearing a greasy t-shirt proclaiming "Nid-Supremacy," some nerd in a labcoat, and a whale of a guy clinging to a smallish woman dressed as a… maid? The maid catches your attention, as does a young woman dressed up like a witch.

>You fixate heavily on the witch. Her outstretched hand is glowing with a blue glow. Maybe she is holding the portal open?

>It doesn't take long for the maid to click as well. She has tufts of feathers around her wrists. A Kikimora?

>The witch speaks first, "Got it!"

>The Kiki hops excitedly, wagging a similarly feathered tail, "We can go home!"

>Labcoat pushes up his glasses, "Why is he just staring at us?

>Without hesitating you gather up your family, along with Yaggi and Richard, and go through.

>The witch is startled and her spell is disrupted.

>It slowly closes.

>A flood of questions hits you and you hold up your hand to silence the clamouing group.

"Do you have internet?"

>Labcoat speaks up, "Y…Yes. How do you know what the internet is?"

>You shoulder past the group and commandeer one of the terminals.

>After sending out a few messages to your family, you spend time searching for news of the portals.

>The group begins whispering amongst each other as you plow through moths of news concerning mysterious gateways and monsters.

>Momentarily satisfied you pull up schematics and diagrams of assault weapons and gesture for Yaggi to study.

>After giving her an internet breakdown you rush back through the portal and snag a radio.

323d00  No.351078


>When you hop into the warehouse once more you address the dumbfounded group.

"Sorry to suddenly barge in and take over, but I need to get a few things done."

>You have an extended discussion with the group.

>First you go over portal activity Earthside. Things seem to be settling, laws being put into place that protects the cross-diminsional travelers. Integration is rough, some of the mating habits of the more agressive monsters are proving troublesome to the public.

>At least the number of diminsional "vagrants" are limited.

>Most have been placed by an agency dedicated to peaceful coexistance.

>Second, you discuss this group and their goals. Some of the vagrants want to go back home, unable to cope with the environmental changes. The human members are eager to leave their old lives behind for a new world.

>You can see that.

>Conversation spikes in intensity when you tell them of Argot's plight and how you are trying to make the region an inclusive one for monsters and humans. It takes a moment to catch your breath before continuing.

>As they chat amongst themselves you test the radio.

>To your surprise, Priscilla responds.

<"Is the trip progressing smoothly?"

"Hey P, I went through a gate."

>You let her in on your secret a while back, but she still seems surprised.

<"You what?"

"I thought I could get Yaggi some diagrams and such for new inventions. Also might be able to throw together a new wave of immigrants to Argot."

<"Are you sure that's a good idea? We are currently embroiled in a conflict…"

"I know a few groups who would jump at a chance to help us."

<"Alright, just be careful. Do you have a way back?"

"I'll figure it out. Keep Argot safe!"

<"Will do."

>You hop on another computer, chatting all the while with the nerd group who owns this little warehouse.

>You post pictures of your new family on your dusty social media sites, inform your mother that she is a grandmother now, complete with photos of Mouse and Abby.

>The real work sets in when you scour /monster/ and fill them in on what is happening in Argot. A few /k/ommandoes berate you for your tactical slip ups and weapon choice.

>The thread explodes as people are brought in by friends and aqauintances.

>You briefly consider getting in touch with the government, but who knows what they would think of your little social upheaval.

>The witch thinks that she can get the portal to open again, but she needs time.

>You take advantage of this to monitor the threads popping up in response to your story.

>Some are claiming that it's fake, others offering support.

>Between speaking with the geek squad and thread-hopping, you eventually get roped into video chatting with your family.

>It goes better than expected, they are mostly just glad you aren't dead.

>You leave out what you are doing in Argot.

>They want you to visit before disappearing again.

>The threads eventually boil over as someone suggests meeting up and joining your town.

>Things are snowballing as various monster communities begin jumping at the opprotunity go with you, as well as a surprising number of Russian posts.

Accept the strangers offers? Swell your ranks? Visit family? Throw everything you have into resolving the church conflict? Contact the United States Government for aid?

323d00  No.351079

Side note, about how many posts in should I start a new thread?

Never had one last this long.

f7f021  No.351084


Keep the government out, but let volunteers come with. Arrange for your family to go to the next portal opening so you can introduce them to Mouse and Abby. Some things to get while we've got access to earth are economics text books (austrian school or bust) and modern doctors. Also, does our militia have standardized uniforms yet? I'd love to push for a nice cadet gray, but camoflauge is much more practical.

0a751e  No.351088


Let all /k/ommandos and volunteers in, especially the russians, what's the worst that could happen :^)

0a751e  No.351090


fuck me forgot to sage

21ab0b  No.351094


Bump limit is 400 posts OP, so that’s a good point to make a new thread.

I think using the monsters a way to ‘vet’ people would be good. I don’t think there’s much of a way to refuse people entry but you are on a time limit. Take who you can and deal with it later, you are in a desperate situation.

Do we have time to visit our family? Do we even know where we are? We’re not sure how long it will take for the witch to open the portal. If we go then give them a way to contact us. (Not sure if we gave Yaggi or Richard one of the radios.

2afd5c  No.351097


If people already know about the portals, and the girls coming in are mostly monsters, then there's no need to try and manipulate our PR to show that the church is awful and needs to be overthrown. We don't really need the government's help, we just needed to make sure they won't help our enemies.


This seems good, they have a natural ability to tell when someone's a piece of shit or a psychopath. Quiz them on various aspects of /monster/ trivia, obscure shit like "Name a CYOA that was being run when Ammit was chosen as the board mascot and goddess"

2afd5c  No.351098


>Quiz them

Quiz applicants, I mean

52328a  No.351168


We need the volunteers. The Russians, the /k/ammandos, the NEETs, everything. More men mean more monster girls.

323d00  No.351208

>Time to get to work.

>Now that you know it's possible to go back and forth at will, you feel less guilt about turning your family down.

>You tell them everything is fine, but you have business to take care of.

>Coordinating with the nerd-squad you barged in on, you get the ball rolling.

>By working in tandem with the group you organize a mass gathering in this of hopefuls interested in your plight.

>In the coming days you maintain strict communication with Priscilla and Donahue, keeping tabs on the situation in Argot. So far all is well.

>Turns out this place is a few cities away from where you once lived. Seems there is a correlation between portal entrances and exits relative to both planes.

>The first wave rolls in the next day, consisting of several monsters, /monster/ board members, a flood of immigrants from /tg/, a healthy number of /k/ommandoes, and a few unaffiliated friends tagging along.

>As luck would have it, the witch convinced a Mindflayer friend to help you evaluate the hopefuls.

>Those that are proven safe to bring along are offered a sleeping bag to hang out in the warehouse until the day comes to leave.

>A few applicants bring weapons. Most don't object to allowing Yaggi to examine them.

>Several interesting figures arrive in the following days.

>A group of Russian monster-girl enthusiasts show up.

>One very excited off duty U.S. Marine lugging a duffel greets you.

>A very rowdy pack of Hellhounds.

>A few police officers are investigating suspicious activity. One of them quits his job to join.

>The one that really catches your attention is a scientist. Graduate from M.I.T.

>He and Yaggi hit it off, discussing various theories and sharing their scientific views.

>Richard shows an uncharacteristic streak of jealousy before Yaggi reminds him that she loves him for who he is, not is brain.

>He calmed down afterwards.

>Mouse has taken it upon herself to teach the hopefuls how to behave in Argot.

>She has really come a long way.

>Some of the people who came brought children of their own.

>You have some reservations about bringing kids along, but the parents offer a variety of skills and knowledge you need to make things run smoother in Argot. At least the doctor and her husband's kids get along with Abby.

323d00  No.351209


>The toughest obstacle arrives when some government official shows up, demanding to know what you are up to.

>You put it bluntly.

"I'm getting ready to go home."

>He looks you up and down. "There has been quite a bit of chatter online about what you hope to accomplish."

>You hear a faint droning in the distance.

"I'm only taking volunteers. We aren't doing anything illegal."

>"Starting a revolution is quite the offence."

>You give the crew a hand-signal to make preparations open a gate and pile through.

"Just defending my new home."

>The agent sees the flurry of activity behind you. "What's going on here?"

"No need to investigate if there is nothing here."

>He motions to the bustling horde of people, easily numbering over two hundred. "Tell them to stop. You are going to get these people killed."

>You hear the portal snap open.

>Everyone begins filtering through the gate.

"Their choice. Not mine."

>The agent pull out a radio, "Send them in."

>The drone grows much louder.

>Someone in near the gate shouts, "Choppers!" and starts hurling supplies through the gate.

>To be fair, you saw this possibility occurring.

>This many strangers accumulating in one place? Of course someone is going to notice.

>The man in the suit pulls his gun on you,"On the ground, hands above your head."

>As you go to kneel, a dark shape slams into the agent.

>It's one of the Hellhounds.

>She knocks the mans gun aside and looks at you.

"If you come to Argot, you have to do things our way."

>You stand up and head rush towards the portal as you hear rappelling on the sides of the warehouse.

>The Hellhound rushes past you, still clutching the agent, and leaps through the portal.

"Damn it!"

>You need to have a talk with her later.

>As the SWAT teams storm into the warehouse, the last groups are jumping through.

>You have never seen a portal open this wide before.

>The last few people are through when you hear Abby calling out to you.


>You look behind you just in time to see a rifle butt collide with your face.

>A splash of warmth rushes down your face as you fall back through the portal.

>The SWAT member who just broke your nose grabs your arm and starts pulling you back Earthside.

>The rest of his team begins shouting for everyone to come back, pointing their weapons into the crowd.

"Shut the gate!"

>The portal snaps closed.

>Everyone made it.

>The gate is closed, and nobody was left behind.

>Abby screams.

"What's wrong Cricket? Daddies here…"

>You move to reach out for her.

>A flash of pain runs through your right arm.


>Where is the rest of it?

>Shock hits you as you examine the damaged limb.

>When the portal closed, it sheared your arm off from the elbow down.

>Everything fades to black.

You are now unconscious. What do you do upon waking up?

4a4548  No.351211

Tell Abby that we might need to ask her for a helping hand every now and then. Dad jokes will defuse the situation.

Also get it replaced with a red magitec prothesis and become Punished "Venom" Anon, A Violated Hero Betrayed by his Homeland

f7f021  No.351212


Are we at least a southpaw, or did we just lose our main hand?

6366e4  No.351222


Ah shit we just became punished snake. Welp get to work on a bad ass arm or ask the lich to find a way to regenerate it back. Like always never trust the gov and it bit us on the ass i get the feeling this wont be the last time we see them.

6366e4  No.351223

Fug forgot to sage

dc745b  No.351224


Get a new arm.

36f4f3  No.351227

Now we have to call our new state Outer Heaven.

ed74f2  No.351228


>lost arm

Get Yaggi to make another one.

d9d0eb  No.351233


Well. We need a new arm for one. It's actually a good thing a marine and a cop joined, both have experience handling firearms with one possibly able to become some kind of police chief and the other having the ability to train our militia. Hopefully the both have their service weapons and armor for chemical samples and engineering examples. Sucks we couldn't also lose our eye too. Then we could of become fuckin snake.

363359  No.351236

File: 146f79660988832⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.36 KB, 405x800, 81:160, FIG-IPN-2380_04.jpg)

File: 78ce7e87ce5810c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.93 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, guts__prosthetic_cannon_ar….jpg)


There's still time.


Obviously first order of business after getting patched up is to get ourselves a new arm. Reassure our family (mostly Abby) that we're tougher than this and maybe joke that it was just an arm, it'll grow back

Pic maybe related.


Also this. We must take every opportunity to dad joke at Abby. She's sure to love it! :^)

We still need to visit our allied city-states but someone needs to guide our fresh Argotians back home and sort them out. We want there to ensure a smooth transition and considering that we weigh about 10-20 lbs lighter we should probably be going back to get fixed up anyway. Granted the mindflayer checked most if not everyone but we still need to show them the ropes if we're still conscious by the time we get back. If not I'm sure the mayor would probably be up to it.

f7f021  No.351239


Pick her up with our remaining arm and give her a piggy back ride

b71a28  No.351244

File: 458229a24efb9ed⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.49 KB, 175x255, 35:51, 493431c03260a6ec477a9da2b3….jpg)

>Healthy number of /k/ommandos.

I refuse to believe you got enough of us to overrun North Korea.

Get a new arm, return to where you initially arrived via portal, get a disguise, continue operations. Behave erratically, set up shop occasionally, for a few minutes at a time, instructing people to be camping in random locations for pickup. Figure out where, make markers in this world to calculate the total range, plot out exactly where you have to teleport. Remember, we can teleport, as far as the US government currently knows (Aside testing which might prove bad, if they somehow find a witch that doesn't just escape.) we can pop up anywhere, anytime, so staying where we can go wouldn't help them in the long run. By the time we become snek we should be able to move. And while I like the cannon, think of how much of a pain that would be to reload. Gib stronk grip pls. Deception is our only advantage, as we are outgunned and have less means of spreading information. Rely on the sneakernet for a bit, get groups to cooperate to some extent away from sources of media our world's version of paladindus can't monitor properly.

There are still /k/ommandos awaiting their waifus that can't be left behind.

2afd5c  No.351261


By the time Uncle Sam finds a way to the new world Argot needs to be the dominant power in it, the church needs to be dealt with and made a non-threat, through peace or violence.

a8898a  No.351273


I'm getting the feeling uncle sam knows about that portal too well and is definitely going to help the church as there ((proxy)). Sides I believe we have captured a gov agent we should grill him for knowledge then kill him off when we get all the intel we get.

f7f021  No.351274


The hellhound that grabbed him will object to that. Keep him completely in the dark when it comes to our capabilities and send him back first chance we get. Killing him would only give them another excuse to back the church.

a8898a  No.351275


I think anything at this point ((they)) will back up the church regardless. Your right about the hellhound part forgot about that.

2afd5c  No.351277


I'm confident in a hellhound's ability to rape CIA into submission. She's a big girl.

f7f021  No.351278


They'll broadcast it on all the news sites. As it stands our pr is squeaky clean and I want to keep it that way as long as possible.

>radical rebels in the monster girl universe have executed agent smith. he was captured while attempting to stop an online recruitment drive on the neo nazi alt right website known as 8 chan.

323d00  No.351712

>You awaken hours later in your house.

>Reaching up with your good hand you feel your nose.

>It's very tender, but someone straightened it out.

>Now the arm.

>Right arm terminates in a bandaged stump.

>Great, now you're a southpaw.

>Doctor, Yaggi, and Priscilla arrive.

>The three are discussing options for dealing with your stumpy arm.

>You suggest a kick-ass magitech prostheses.

>Yaggi nearly drools at the prospect and looks at Priscilla with pleading eyes.

>Priscilla agrees, and the pair leave.

>The doctor (who turns out to be Dr. Hassan, though she prefers "Lily" off duty,) informs you that she has done everything she can, and that you need bed-rest to allow your arm to heal.

>As Dr. Hassan leaves the room, you ask her to hand you your radio.

>The next few hours consist of requesting information from across the city of Argot.

>The newcomers have settled into a few hastily built bunkhouses.

>Several of the gun enthusiasts you recruited stop by to help Yaggi with gun designs when she asks them.

>Scout networks have not detected any enemy movement as of yet.

>Production has once again fired up to provide arms and armor for the newbies.

>Newbies work the fields between tours and militia training.

>Mouse and Abby return home for the evening.

>You make several terrible puns, including arm jokes.

>It goes over well with Abby, though she still looks at your stump with sad eyes.

>Mouse is just glad you are back.

>As they settle into bed, you continue to work things out in your head.

>Eventually the problem of the Hellhound arises.

>She violated one of Argot's biggest laws.

>The agent she snagged was successfully interrogated after she was done with him.

>As far as he knows, the government has no way of opening portals.

>He is unsure of their exact leanings when it comes to the affairs of this new world.

>You also learned more about this guy, FBI agent Lawrence Hernandez.

>No real family to speak of, but he states his discomfort here.

>There is also the fact that he was violated by said Hellhound, and he is quite upset about this.

>She is currently being watched by Jericho.

What do you do about the Hellhound? Exile? Forgiveness? How will that go over with agent Hernandez? What else do you do when you are given permission by the doc to leave the house?

Once again not dead, just busy.

2afd5c  No.351716


If he wants to press charges, we'll press charges, but he still can't leave.

26f3cb  No.351721


And here I was getting the defib ready…

What exactly are our rape laws again? Lawry is a pow now I guess, but the same rules should apply. I'd follow the suggestion above in this regard. Not have him decide, but hear his opinion. Either way, a punishment is in order. Good way to get the hellnig into a job.

As for Lawry in general, I wonder if we could mole him into the paladins we're using as labor. But that one might backfire massively.

As for the to do list, weren't we trying diplomacy before we ran into that portal? Otherwise trying to map portals might be worthwhile, especially with other cities helping in that regard.

221d54  No.351725


Have there seriously been no cases of kidnapping or rape up until now? Use the precedent, but only if the agent wants to press charges. Get him back home next chance we get.

2afd5c  No.351726


We shouldn't house him with the paladins, but he should certainly meet with them, and hear their ideology from the horse's mouth. Ten minutes of conversation with them and he'll understand why we're rebelling, he may be a G-man but he's still human.

For a bonus mention to one of the paladins about a recent pregnancy, or how well your child has been doing in school, and let Hernandez watch him froth at the mouth threatening to bury every kid in Argot alive in a mass grave or something, just like in his Israeli holocaust novels.

21ab0b  No.351753

I agree with seeing if g-man wants to press any charges, but what would this world’s punishment for rape be? Ask your peers what would be an appropriate punishment. Although I suspect that Lawry may come around to our nighound eventually. Maybe a night or so in the stockades or jailhouse (whichever we have.)

Maybe even manual labor for a certain amount of time and eventually she can serve her time and earn her forgiveness. A hellhound’s strength may be useful in hauling stone to build of our walls.

323d00  No.351838

OP here. Going to be busy the next few days. If someone wants to take the reigns I don't mind. If not, expect updates in a couple of days.

2afd5c  No.351857


I'd rather wait for an update than have someone else take over, things are liable to go off the rails if any anon comes in and starts writing

363359  No.351921


No, OP, you are the handler.

I think we can wait, you take care of your life stuff and get back to this when you can.

323d00  No.351926



Alright. Back in a few days.

9ec13b  No.352105

File: 3a1da1c277a6424⋯.jpg (87.1 KB, 800x374, 400:187, 800px-Peregrinación_a_la_f….jpg)

I'm tempted to take over but I'm a very strict DM and also the anon up above clamouring for genocide, war crimes and assorted atrocities. So it'll probably devolve into a dystopian story with casual crimes against humanity and general lack of goodness and it'll probably end with everyone either horribly dead or wishing they were.

That's something you lads take a dim view of isn't it?

abcc6f  No.353204


rip in piss op

96d89b  No.353984

a2a1fa  No.355138


Let's see what happens.

96d89b  No.355778

Ammit forgive me but I gotta see if OP is still alive and he just forgot about the thread or something

d981fc  No.355786


You bastard

I thought there was a update

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