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File: 4edc5658fb86c34⋯.png (1.07 MB, 2500x2721, 2500:2721, Reitia reaction exploitabl….png)

5f0aa8  No.350647

What is she reacting to, /monster/?

ecc850  No.350649

File: ccd64744ed2e878⋯.png (4.3 MB, 2500x2721, 2500:2721, ClipboardImage.png)

e16c74  No.350717


The realization that one day humanity will wage a war so terrible it'll traumatize planet earth so bad monster girls will have to come out of the woodwork to heal both the planet and humanity

c23c9f  No.350791

File: fa8afd028abf80c⋯.png (596.4 KB, 1055x1080, 211:216, 1493830355275.png)


admittedly i had the same reaction

114187  No.350793


Keep dreaming buddy

580856  No.350796

File: 9c0c1a40b2c7e63⋯.jpg (41.38 KB, 500x378, 250:189, wpid-zPHegsp.jpg)

1cc247  No.350800


>every can has a 'full load of monster energy'

9f08b2  No.350813




>Monster girls become real

>Some danuki buy out Monster.

>The cans essentially become concentrated mamano mana.

3a6a32  No.350821


I'd buy so fucking many of them once I got myself a waifu. But I'd drink more holstaur milk for the stamina boost, and for my waifu's big tiddies

e16c74  No.350904


I do every day

9807f0  No.350955


That's cute, but I don't believe monstergirls and gods like her really want that scenario to happen at all as the consequences are far more greater than they appear to be at first glance, and not to mention too many variable could play at once. They would also be saddened at the number of innocent lives lost, surrounded by subhumans in the world destruction.

I won't lie though, I do daydream every day about such a scenario like that on a global scale - capable of opening super portals on our world bringing in monstergirls in order to heal the world and humanity alike, it resembles like a generic JRPG but it works. I have a scenario that doesn't involve any wars at all but it's still edgy as hell.


>there's also a new drink without mamano mana called Human.

>it's just a energy drink.

>unsurprisingly, it don't sell at all.

f5ef1e  No.351033


Is se coursing with Spiral Power?

22a038  No.351051


>implying they wouldn't mix some human 'essence' along with it for monstergirls

>'hard' drinks gain a whole new meaning

>alcoholic drinks section now neighbored by drinks with warning labels reading "CONTAINS HUMAN SEMEN"

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