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/mtf/ is a board for trans girls. Everyone else is also welcome, but keep in mind that this board is primarily for discussion and advice regarding transition, although anything can be posted that relates to trans girls in some way. Hateful comments regarding trans people are not appreciated.

If you feel something doesn't belong here, you can report it, and I will try to look into it.

If you have a comment or question regarding the rules or settings, please comment in this thread.

Remember to keep it comfy.

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A small list of resources, none of them created by me. I'll try to expand this list in the future.

Articles, Studies and General information about Questioning, Transitioning and other stuff: https://pastebin.com/CyW1dXV8

Lots of useful links about/for transgender people: http://pastebin.com/h1vLPxyV

Transgender FAQ: http://pastebin.com/8QbKyShU

Voice Training: http://pastebin.com/dgipdsge

MTF Info Dump: http://pastebin.com/36HC6ZmT

Am I trans/trans help threads archive: http://pastebin.com/CPzj0xv9

Trans Help General Archive (from 4chan's /lgbt/): http://archive.loveisover.me/lgbt/search/text/trans%20help%20general%20%23/username/annicole/type/op/

Basic Trans Information: http://ai.eecs.umich.edu/people/conway/TS/TS.html

Transition timelines: https://imgur.com/a/qWpxv

Makeup tutorial: https://imgur.com/a/JO33K/

HRT effects timeline: https://a.pomf.cat/zghrqd.png

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General thread

Apparently if no one posts for a week the board gets available for claiming. I don't want that to happen considering what happened last time, so I will make a post here every week.

This is now a general thread, you can post whatever you want, as long as you follow the rules.

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Chink shit general /mtf/ edition

This is for things from sites like AliExpress and BangGood that are applicable to this board (Probably mostly clothes). For more info:




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Long hair when you’ve never had long hair

Is someone able to dump their folder of hair inspo?

I am growing my hair out and have never had long hair before, starting to experiment with day-to-day wearing although am learning how much of a nuisance it can be with a super long fringe (my hair is like this pic although slightly thinner and straighter). Does anyone know of suitable femme styles for longer brown hair? Should I cut my fringe?

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Does anybody have any tips on how to lose weight? Is there anything that can reduce my appetite? The only thing that helped me lose a lot of weight is what I would call the Sick Diet.

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So, semester break is coming soon and I want to buy myself some nice clothes.

When you bought your first clothes, did you order them online or did you go straight into a department store and went for the girls section?

I mean, I'd do it, although it may look a bit embarrassing - a slim guy buying lots of clothes for slim girls, get it?

Also, feel free to post any clothing related things in here. =)

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>Live In a third world country

>A Muslim one

>No HRT and can't really ship things here

>Muslim parents could kill me for this and I believe the government too .

What should I do?

I have no doubt about my gender dysphoria believe me I tried everything .

Right now I am trying to leave this country but it will take some time .

Is their something I could try to stop DHT and testosterone from ruining my body ?

this board isn't completely dead right ?

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i just made a dyscord server for this board cause some times it just gets really slow on here so i thought it would make it easier for people to who do use this place more often to talk. if you're unfamiliar with dyscord you just sign up and we can talk.


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Androcur or other mtf-Hormones

Do someone know, if it is possible to buy Androcur or other medicals for a transition from men to woman in the dark-web? Because Im from Germany its not that easy to get them.

Which medicals do you suggest? What do you think of self-medication?

I didn´d found anything. Just drugs and other shit.

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Passing Thread

Why isn't here a "non-totally-deviant-and-sexualized" Passing Thread here? I want advice from some other girls and I guess it could revive the place a little.

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DIY hormones, bad idea ?

has anyone had any experience with it ?

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Pills or needle?

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HRT information

id like to know a bit more about HRT cause of recent stuff i realized i don't know as much as i thought and when i look it up all i find are sights that speak gibberish or are just trying to sell pills that don't have a description on what they're for. could you guys tell me some stuff about the stages of HRT and give me links to reliable places that give information. i also have some question

1. can i quit HRT any time or is there a point of no return and if there is a point of no return when is that.

2. if i did start HRT and quit would my body go pack to normal.

3.are there any requirements to get HRT in the usa and if so what are those.

4.are there any necessary surgeries with all of this.

5.were could i acsess these drugs and what type of drugs are there.

6. is there a way to increase feminine features with out HRT drugs.

7. are there any none HRT drugs that could act like a replacement.

8. what is the price range for HRT drugs

thats about all but if there are things i didn't ask about that you think i should know please tell me.

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So since getting HRT is basically impossible in my small and really close-minded country. Did anyone have any success with some herbal or any other alternatives?

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How many people here like RPGs? I think we should have a running game here. It'll be fun and would drive activity here.

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What is your experience with laser treatment/electrolysis?

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How did everyone here get used to using makeup for the first time? I've been practicing in an attempt to get better but I always end up looking like a smackwhore. My eyes are the main problem, they're really sensitive and the moment my eyeliner touches my skin it ends up everywhere and I gotta wipe it off and start again. I've watched a bunch of makeup tutorials but it's not much good knowing what to do if you lack the skill to do it. Anyone got any advice or horror stories?

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I want a bigger ass and bigger hips, I don't even care about boobies, I just want those two things to become bigger so I can feel fulfilled in life. How much will HRT flare them up?

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is there anyone here who has had a lot of experience with transition therapists or whatever those type of therapists are called who know really well the type of questions they ask and how they reflect on whether the persone is trans or not. i've seen questions here before but it's always just yes or no questions with yes alwayse being the trans the answer. i just want a better way to tell whether or not i'm trans from a persone that has a bit more experience and won't ask just yes or no questions cause i feel like those aren't really figuring out whether i'm trans or not. please if any one here fits what i'v asked for please help.

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the cause of gender dysphoria

i recently read an article saying that some cases of gender dysphoria are caused by a hormone imbalance.

at first this didn't quit bother me, but the more i thought about it the more i thought about it the more i thought about my physical body and how i had 'man boobs' and a big but and i thought about how this all started around puberty. don't get me wrong i did start to gain a lot of weight when i hit puberty so i thought i was just fat but now that i'm starting to lose a lot of weight i still have a big but and man boobs even tho a lot of my body has lost a lot of fat these areas still stay about the same size and i know boobs and a big but are often times side effects of high estrogen in the male body so it made me start to think that maybe the cause of my dysphoria is a hormone imbalance/ should i get this checked out by a doctor? cause i'm not going to lie gender dysphoria is not a fun experience its taken over my life at some points and thrown me into depression several times. i'm just not sure i can handle this any more and if i can stop it with just taking some hormone correction pills i'd do it gladly cause i'v heared that even after a lot of people with gender dysphoria get HRT they still get depressed and unhappy with the way their life is.

(image is of a picture i drew when i was depressed with gender dysphoria)

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Banner Thread

Hey girls it seems that it is possible to have custom banners again so we thought we could make some. Banners should be 300 px wide and 100 px tall. If you have a nice banner feel free to post it here!

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i think i'm trans but not sure is there any way to tell for sure? iv been confused for a while. especially since i still mainly like girls and very few boys i would even consider

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Literally the only place I might be able to ask these questions.

Here's what confuses me. Society tells me gender is a social construct. Then they turn around and tell me that some people are born the wrong gender. How can they be born the wrong gender if gender is not by birth, but by socialization?

This is probably the main reason I'm not more open about wanting to be a woman. It's not that I feel like I am one on the inside, because gender is a social construct, right? Modern western society is always saying you can act however you want regardless of what gender you are. So then what makes one trans? It's just a word. Since they're saying gender is just a word.

No, I want to be a woman simply because I think it would be nicer. For example, they say you can act however you want, regardless of gender, but it seems like in CURRENT YEAR, that applies much more to women. Men are still caught in the double bind of either being seen as fags, or brutish potential rapists.

I'll play society's game of saying that gender is a social construct, and anyone should be able to act however they want. That means if I want to be a woman who acts and dresses pretty much the same, that should be okay. But it's not. I can't tell anyone that's what they want because then they question why, and when I tell them the answer, they say I'm just sexist (even though it would be perfectly okay to say if I were female, or if I were saying men had it easier).

Furthermore, even if I were open about it, there's nothing I could do. No matter what, I won't have a vagina, I'd have a cut up penis, at best, and most of society would continue treating me as such. Maybe even worse, because now I'm a fag. I don't envy gays, I envy women. Until they invent some sort of at least half-body transplant, there's nothing I can actually do to solve the problem, so I'm just left helpless. How do you all deal with this?

Is there anyone here who understands or can relate to what I'm saying? Or are you all just going to be as offended as any other people who have heard these opinions from me?

>tl;dr: want more than anything to be a woman, but not because I "feel like one on the inside," because they told me we're all the same on the inside. Plus, current methods don't actually change genitals, making it futile. So how to deal with this hopelessness?

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I'd like to ask a question to some of the anons who are undergoing transition. I want HRT, but I always wondered, what does taking hormones feel like?

What does it feel like post-op? (For any who have)

Sorry if all this has been asked before in another thread

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i'v been dealing with this confusion of what gender i am on the inside for a while.

so here's my plan tell me if it's a good idea or you have any suggestions

since i have a super religious family after high school i'm going to go to college and i'll cut off most of my family for a while

while in college i'll get a therapist and i'll experiment

after iv mad a decision ( if yes im a girl (yes i'll tell my family if they ok with it everything's great. if they not ok with it i'll drop the ones hat don't like it )

(if no im a man ( ill connect back with family)

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lets talk to >>>/beauty/

I posted a thread on >>>/beauty/ for beauty tips for crossdressing ppl and trap and trans ppl so lets see what they have to say

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Can anyone help me figure out if I truly am trans or not, or if I really want to try and start the therapy/HRT or not?

I'm 19 years of age, cureently, and consistently looking into HRT and everything and searching for therapists, but then I later on treat it all as if I wasn't looking in the first place.

I like males, I like females. But there are guaranteed times that I'm certain that I want to live my life as a female, and then like before it's almost as if I never thought that in the first place.

Any tips or advice to go on through with it or remain male? I'm certain that I feel female and want to be a woman though.

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Is anyone even left here? Or did infinity next/ posting errors drive the eest of 8chan's trannies away? Pretty lonely here out here ;_;

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Do you wear a bra?

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Weight gain

Hi /mtf/,

I didn't really know where to ask this, you're free to tell me to fuck off of this isn't the place to ask.

Basically I'm just a skinny dude trying to gain some weight.

Problem is, I'd like to gain weight and have it give me a more feminine figure.

I'm not really looking for full-on HRT or anything, just weight gain tips that preferably gain me weight in a way that makes me look more feminine.

Currently, I weigh about 57kg/125lbs, this is (for my height atleast, 1.8m/5'10") almost unhealthy-skinny and I'd like to change this.

Recently I started running, I used to always do a 2.4km/1.4mi run (usually take me between 10 and 13 minutes).

In the past couple of days I've been trying to just run for 20 minutes to a certain location and see how far I can get.

I seem to recall that running was good for getting a nice round looking ass??

tl;dr skinny dude looking for weight gain and a more feminine shape

>pic completely unrelated, just needed something

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Shaving sucks.

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Looking for a volunteer

Summer is coming, and I don't know if I will have internet access the whole time. Therefore I am looking for a volunteer. Just post in this thread if you are interested.

Job description:

* remove spam and hate

* make a post every week in the weekly posts thread

* log in at least once a week

Not looking at the moment.

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Penis Hatred?

>be me

>hates my penis

>drinks a litre of soy milk a day since October

>penis feels limb now (lol)

>can't get a proper boner anymore

>no more urges to fap, not for even a 12 days!
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Im Lost

Hey, everyone. I've been a girl online for the longest time but outside of the internet I feel completely fine with my gender. I am stuck in this sort of duality, and I don't even know what to think. Im really scared of talking about this any where so I thought maybe here where I am just another anon I would be able to find help.

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Hey folks, Over the past year and a bit I've been going through waves of desiring to be a woman. They started when I was 18, never had any major dysphoria or anything before that, though I would almost always choose to play as a woman in video games and would sometimes dress in drag for comedic effect during school shows etc. I never felt unhappy with my sex until the past year though. Each wave lasts about a month with a gap of 3 or 4 months in between during which the feelings would dissipate. This is the third time I've gotten these feelings over the year and they're lasting much longer this time than before. I'm very uncertain about how to proceed and I feel as if it's put up a roadblock in my life. I feel like if I was really a transsexual then I'd be in much greater emotional turmoil, deep depression etc as a great deal of others I've heard about seem to. However I've never been prone to those kind of feelings, and It's not as if I'm happy with my current state either. I guess I'm just very confused and would appreciate being able to talk it through with someone anonymously. Thanks!

Pic unrelated obviously.

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OP is a faggot etc.

I bet a lot of you are weebs so make sure to go visit >>>/kind/ from time to time. Try to restrain your negativity as they've seem to have built a nice place. Just try to relax a bit and let in some good vibes.

Other than that I have no idea what this thread should be for. General chat it is then, I guess. Dead board edition.

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Dice rollRolled 1 + 2 (1d2)

does someone have a video of the gender reassignment surgery

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This board seems dead but I gues I'll ask anyway.

What to do /mtf/? I'm on a waiting list for HRT that can take up to a year. And I feel awful because I can't progress in my transition until I get on it. I'm 22 now I already want to kill myself for waiting this long. I can feel the testosterone ruining my body even more every day until I can get that sweet sweet HRT.

Honestly I'm on the verge of cutting my balls off myself because of it.

I guess I just want to know what to do to not fuck myself up.

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Cant get mother to understand how serious it is

so i came out to my mother a few months ago (im 17) and i dont think i did it n the right way. when i came out to her it was when i had told her to set aside a time that we could talk privately away from everyone else so i could explain fully. when i told her this see she pushed past my arguments, and steam rolled me from talking like she always does, and told me to tell her what was going on right there and then. (she had just come home and with 3 litle girls one of them being my sister, and was distracted by them while i was trying to explain to here what was going on).

when she steam rolled me with here agresive talk, i caved and we went to my room to talk (for too short a time for me to even explain to her the pain and confusion ive felt for my entire life . when we started talking about it, it was like the words literally couldn't come out of my mouth. i was so afraid of saying the words "im transsexual". and we sat there in silence untill, i caved to nagging for me to tell her. all i could do was say things, like "its just, my entire life ive wanted to be female" after i had said that i started to rellay her some of my expeirences since child hood of my dysphoria, and gid, and i also told her that i wanted to speak to a therapist, and when she heard that, she laughed nervously. she didnt understand, she just said that she accepted me and that she would contact the therapist i had picked out (one whos had experiences with gid).

well she contacted the therapist and set up monthly sessions (we arent rich so thats why monthly)

and the session helped, alot, i was able to talk openly, without anyone steamrolling me and stopping me, about my gender dysphoria, and gid for the first time. the therapist was accepting and said that she would have more resources for me. after that me and my mother went to get a haircut for me. she told me to pick out a male haircut ( she didnt want me to come out, and still dosnt want me to come out, because she was and still is afraid from issolation and ostrosisation of her family). and i caved and agreed.

when i got in the chair and the hair cutter started working, i got more dysphoric as she went. i got more and more sad, and frustrated, and stuck, and angry, and shameful, as i saw my neck length hair being shaped in a way that i can no longer could stand to be. at the end i was close to crying. we went back to the car and went to to another store. when we got there i asked if i could stay in the car (i was getting really emotional) and she asked me why. when she asked i broke down into tears and couldn't form the words, or the courage to talk about it. when she asked if it was the haircut, i noded yes and she got frustrated with me, as if se was dealing with a spoiled child. she just sighed, and started to pull out of the parking lot. when she questioned me further on the way home, i tried as best i could to describe the pain that i was feeling, and that it wasnt about the haircut it was about the fact that i can no longer to stand to be a way that i am not. all she did was tell me to calm down and that my problem wasnt real, and that i was just overreacting. i couldnt explain to her that it wasnt an overreaction, that i wasnt doing this to spite her, or doing this for attention ( i only add these because i have no idea of her thought processes). cont…

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who's in michigan?

I'm trying to find trans girls in michigan, since for some reason I only have luck finding trans guys who won't really understand all the same problems that I have. It feels pretty lonely.

If you live in michigan, what town do you live in?

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Hello, /mtf/!

I'm from >>>/beauty/, would you like to be friends?
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no more fake smiles
just smiling for the sake of it
no more lonely nights
just hopeing for the one to fit your broken peices
no more fear
just triumph
no more soul rot
just growing free
no more shame
just being me
no more self hate
just liking the taste of sunshine
no more being tired to wake up
just enjoying reality
no more wanting death
just loving life
no more make up dreams
just living with beauty
no more thoughts of the black and white
just seeing colour for the first time
no more gods or mean books
just people thinking for the best of each other.

I was depressed so i wrote a poem, maybe someone will enjoy it.
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>>>/ftm/ here, let's be friends
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Explain hormones

So I just breezed over this board and read a disturbing post that after one identifies to their psychiatrist, they have to wait 2.5 years for hormones. That.. that's ridiculous.

I'm starting this thread because I'm dumb. I don't understand how hormones work besides born girls naturally have estrogen and born boys naturally have testosterone. Given that puberty increases this. That's all I know on the subject.

I am reading Google results on foods that naturally have estrogen, but I'm not really sure if I just keep eating flax or other "high" (not really) in estrogen foods if I'll get enough estrogen. Don't we also need hormone blockers?

So how about a little help obtaining legal ways to not only transition, but without the diagnosis of a psychiatrist?

Also yes, explain the hormones we need and hormone blockers please.
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So I see a therapist because of my depresions (THEY GET WORSE WITH EACH NEW YEAR) and I am asking myself how can I convince her that I have gender dysphoria?
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hey guys, im just wondering

how do you guys deal with your sexual urges before hrt. i fucking hate haveing to do it everyday. its like something takes over me and i cant do anything about it. please help