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File: ce35a8db7dcf1e6⋯.jpg (507.3 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, ce35a8db7dcf1e6b84a411f9fc….jpg)

b022b6 No.1171

DIY hormones, bad idea ?

has anyone had any experience with it ?

4d5951 No.1172

I don't have experience with it but I think getting hormones is not enough, you also need to have your bloodwork done.

ec51b5 No.1176

All sorts of unintended side effects can happen self-medicating hormones. I'd advise against it.

1d6284 No.1179



t. people who know nothing about HRT

self-medicating HRT is fine. most of my friends are trans and like, half of them self medicate.

if you self medicate, in most countries, it'll actually be easier to go legit, because you can skip gatekeeping

bloodwork -helps- but you can easily get a blood test for like, i think it's 100$ if you're not covered? every year or six months.

but it's really a 1 in 100 chance you get any dangerous side effects from HRT. it's the exact same shit doctors prescribe you.

you can buy hormones on ww.qhi.co.uk. if you need help with dosages, i recommend asking around on 4chan's /lgbt/ or just googling it.

ec51b5 No.1182


So, say if I buy this off the qhi site, I know I need Spiro for anti-androgen, but to go with it would you recommend premarin or progynova,

since those are the 3 listed and I'm guessing its spiro + only one of the estrogens, rather than one person needing all 3

1d6284 No.1187


i'm fairly certain nobody still uses premarin. the choice is usually between estrofem / progynova for estrogen. i'd recommend going with progynova since it's like a quarter of the price.

what i did was i started on 2mg, went up to 4mg after 2 months, then 6mg after 6 months.

then for antiandrogens you have bicalutamide / spironolactone / cyproterone

bicalutamide is cheap but it doesn't reduce your libido, and, personally, i didn't experience any mental feminization on it, so i definitely don't recommend it. if you do take it, you'll want 25mg (half a pill) to 50mg a day

cyproterone is very potent and can permanently reduce your ability to produce testosterone, and functions as a progesterone (thus aiding breast development), but it can cause depression. you start at 50mg, but eventually most people can reduce to 25mg.

both bicalutamide and cyproterone have a low risk of liver complications, so it's *safest* to get blood tests after maybe 3-6 months.

i don't have any experience with spironolactone, but it's a diuretic, so you'll have to pee a lot (and drink a ton), and at higher doses there are risks of incontinence. you'll also not want to eat excessive amounts of potassium, but it shouldn't be too much of an issue unless you eat potassium salt every meal

5d92ce No.1189


>it's a diuretic, so you'll have to pee a lot (and drink a ton)

That explains a lot.

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