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The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist on the album Since I left You (2000)

Considered to be the best plunderphonics album ever made, Since I Left You makes use of over 31,000 estimated samples. Due to the band assuming it would not become popular, they did not log the samples used. No instruments are played, the entire thing down to the beat is sampled from obscure recordings.


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>31000 samples

Are you sure it isn't just 3500 samples?

It is still an impressive number, but I'm honestly not into the album that much.

Would Amon Tobin be considered plunderphonic?

Many of his tracks rely very heavily if not entirely on samples from other songs.


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Plunderphonics is different from having lots of samples as plunderphonics is made entirely out of sourced material to produce new content. it also differs from a remix since a remix primarily sources from one or two sources and attempts to keep true to the original.

Sound Collage is similar to Plunderphonics, but is not the same entierly. For example, The ABCs of Anarchy by Negativland is a Sound Collage while what I linked is Plunderphonics. Here is another song from the album.


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One more


Isn't Endtroducing more popular and influential? Still, I love Since I Left You, it's probably my favourite album, not much experience with the genre outside of it though.



I don't know what that is. Care to give examples?




Bump for interest



Endtroducing is an instrumental hip-hop plunderphonics album that came out in the mid 90s. Very influencial for both genres.


Culturcide employs this


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This album is really good

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