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File: 20e08bf8c7cea57⋯.jpg (111.84 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 115839479.jpg)


What if "grunge" never happened? Hypothetically speaking what would the music scene be like? Now I like a few of the band's (pic related, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Melvins, U-Men) but how would it pan out?


rock wouldn't have been dogshit



Well that's obvious. But I think OP wanted a more detailed answer

By the early 90s Hair Metal power ballads were already dying out, and right before grunge we had a lot of nerd rock/New Wave bands awkwardly trying to stay relevant. I have a theory that rock would've moved closer to pop/dance music if Grunge never happened. That or maybe a folk revival with more distortion but we'll never really know for sure.


Everyone would be listening to black metal boy bands, acting kinda like today's edgier soundcloud rappers.



Probably all of the same bands would have been just as popular as they eventually became anyhow. Jane's Addiction, Chili Peppers, RATM, White Zombie, Pixies, etc.. They already were kind of the face of "alternative" until the "grunge" thing. Seattle only kind sped it all up into the mainstream.



Yeah, honestly without Grunge we'd probably still have had big gains for alt. rock, alt. metal, and groove metal. All the bands you mentioned + REM, They Might Be Giants, Cake, Pantera, Faith No More, Primus, Nine Inch Nails, etc. would all be big anyway.

We might see a little more longevity for glam metal, though. Even if Grunge wasn't really dealing the killing blow, it seems like a lot of guys from that era who played in '80s glam/hair/trad./power/pop metal bands really thought that it was since it effectively took over the "heavy rock" scene and was decidedly antithetical to the clean, technical, poppy stuff that the '80s hair bands had been playing. Some of those guys were pretty devastated and still have grudges against Cobain & Co. Keep in mind that glam metal had already seen ridiculous longevity from its precursors in Van Halen's late '70s output to Slave to the Grind and Warrant's last hits in the early '90s. There's a chance it could have kept on a little longer.


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>Hypothetically speaking what would the music scene be like?

Mother Love Bone would've been the band to break open Seattle to the mainstream, as they were getting a lot hype. Had Andy Wood lived, Apple would be probably spoken of with same reverence as Nevermind. Additionally, the term "grunge" would probably never have come into use as bands like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden were already marketed as metal bands, with the former always considering itself as a metal act first and foremost.

>Now I like a few of the band's (pic related, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Melvins, U-Men) but how would it pan out?

Still would've blown up, as SG were already getting some mainstream coverage around the time of Louder Than Love.

Nirvana really threw a wrench into the works as their punk ethos really wasn't that indicative of what most of those other bands sounded like. The fact that they got as big as they did really was a fluke.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think the 2000's would've been more punkish. Early 90's bands had a fair amount of late punk bands rise up and there were a lot of experiments in mixing them with other genres. Grunge was just one of the offshoots. The whole reason for the uprising of these bands were probably the sudden change of the mainstream music into the bleached ass, pretentious, feel-good fantasy world of "pop(ular)", which everybody hated.

The superseeding of rock and metal genre by the new "mainstream" proved further that record labels had full control of mass concumption by allowing only what they seem fit. The satanic panic also contributed to this which absolutely disappeared in the 2000's and even weirder dark shit came to surface. I could go on and on about how the jews got hold of the entire music business and engineered the 21st century degenerate kids by MTV and radio since the Beatles.

I can only say that punk was sort of a voice of reason from the generation that was completely disillusioned by reality and hated everything that justified it.

I was a huge Nirvana fan in my teenage years but after all that I've learnt about how stuff works in the west nowadays I'm not surprised that the mainstream was absolutely fine with letting "the kids" make demoralising music and promoting it. MTV was full of it. Hollywood was all over these obscure bands of "doom sirens" while for those that were completely oblivious to it got the same boomer music like U2 and the rest.

You see blink182, sum41, green day and all alike were manufactured punk bands that sang about going against the mainstream and being "hip" while they were just rebranded Backstreet Boys, unlike the real counterculture that wanted to be in rise.

The offspring is a perfect example of how this worked:

1. It was the usual garage punk band with great lyrics and original sound and gets them masively popular.

2. Mainstream gets saturated by gay shit and the band gets stuck in irrelevance and increasingly nervous

3. You either become past or adapt to the tends. They did and it became "pop" SHIT.

Seriously just compare their first album with anything they produce lately to see what I mean.

I think the mainstream would have been punk but it's only my opinion. It would never have happened because the record labels wouldn't let it happen.


File: c39134b85fd2d82⋯.jpg (122.71 KB, 503x697, 503:697, 1.jpg)

File: fcb75343eb50e48⋯.jpg (98.06 KB, 461x600, 461:600, ed-p-3.jpg)


to be clear Offspring started as a surf punk band. Their music represented a good breath of fresh air to me when I found their early songs. I mean it speaks into the future so precisely. Their song Tehran is very prophetic as it foreshadows that the US will make it's last stand for the greater israel plan in Iran, our next "Vietnam (((we))) waited for" and all the other songs are clearly anti government and lashing out on all the liars and wants to motivate the audiance to be clear cut, clean and honest. Fortunately they kept their lyrical genius but the 00's left a mark on their music. They're one of the few mainstream bands that survived without being completely MKultra. Surfer groups back in the day were known to be "infested" by nationalsocialists since the 60's along with motorcyclists groups. Great stuff.


Looking back, I don't even know that grunge left as much of an impact as you'd expect from how big it was at the time. I think hair metal was on its way out and alternative bands were already coming in regardless of the grunge explosion.

I wonder how much influence they even left behind on a musical level, even among the Big Four. There was post-grunge, but as far as I can tell that loose movement died without leaving any clear musical successors. And while I think people are too hard on that style, a lot of it was nowhere near the quality of the bands they were inspired by (not to mention generally having clear stylistic differences).


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this, unironically.




I'm okay with this.


Nirvana was the premier grunge band and the only one that was "originally" grunge, if Kurt rightfully killed himself earlier than the grunge bands would've stayed labeled as alternative metal and alternative rock, there would there be any girl bands or limp-wristed faggots bashing a few chords and simple rhythms, and musicianship wouldn't have been permanently ruined by the lack of standards and unrestricted accessibility of shitheads who had enough money to buy an instrument and lowering people's music standards (like they had standards anyway). Since grunge was and forseeably the last revolution in music, the effects of it still persists and persists in the form of the unfiltered amount of no-talent genericism and some artists play intentionally bad as a brag that you don't need to be remotely good to be successful. Grunge is the worst thing to happen to popular music.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>alternative bands were already coming in regardless of the grunge explosion

That's it. No matter what blooms organicly by the people, industry always suffocates individuals and artists that would be worthy of fame. This is especially true with modern music. The trend of talent shows perfectly depicts how these people get harsh treatment or are not let in at all to screen.



Grunge was fine. Not everything needs to be a meedley-mee shredfest. For as much of a piece of crap as Kurt Cobain was, I'd take his simple lead work over some Yngwie Malmsteen wannabe's.



Glam metal was still naturally going on its way out and was showing signs of so in the late 80s, alt rock and metal would still take up mantle.



Do you have a link to any songs or albums, all I'm finding is the movie.



Even without the alternative stuff, Appetite for Destruction was already released in 1987. I wonder how much of that inspired the hair metal bands to start to move toward less flamboyant looks and in more gritty musical directions. Dog Eat Dog by Warrant is often considered to be last record of the glam metal era and from the bits I've heard sounded like it had some pretty hard-edged material.



grunge definitely was to me at least, a mix of 80s HC punk, 70s metal and some Stooges/Dead Boys influence. that's what I heard.


there's nothing wrong with being critical of the government unless you go full poz.

I heard about Surfers being NS, was that a reaction to the hippies being a part of surfer culture? same goes with the bikers.


I don't mind either tbh, both have their merits (I like both USHC from the 80s and then I turn around and listen to like, neoclassical and contemporary classical and stuff ranging from Vivaldi to Shostakovich


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What do you mean you can't find any songs? I just embedded it and also my post here also has one of their songs:


Here you go another one. Their style has gone sort of downhill after a couple of good albums but the themes of redpilling are still there.

Their last awesome album was "Splinter" then it is ok or maybe its just me not listening to it too much.



It's hard to tell where the trend came from. My guessing it a leftover of the silvershrits, ever since america joined the war. Tbh since the world is this shit I would definitely join an outlaw gang or get the fuck out to the shore. It is probably an old thing so they got popularity since they always moved in the punk circles. I'm just guessing this is not documented.



Nazi surf rock, mate.



Red House Painters/Lush/various slowcore bands would be considered in the same vein as Nirvana/Pearl Jam/various grunge bunds are today, so in essence things would be much better off

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