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File: 18b405f2b1a5844⋯.jpg (772.45 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, Death_Symbolic.jpg)


best meal band of all times


Human > Symbolic


Spiritual Healing > Leprosy > Human > Symbolic > Scream Bloody Gore > The Sound of Perseverance





Leprosy > Scream Bloody Gore > Human > Spiritual Healing > Symbolic > Individual Thought Patterns > Death by Metal Demo > The Sound of Perseverance


very cool singular band.shame about the subgenre ruining it



I sure love a good meal band


Eh, more like best death metal, and I actually prefer black over anything death metal has to offer



>meal band

Is this a snazzy new genre for eating to?





"Chuck invented death metal"



"Smell my fart" chuck?




Nice to see people who didn't fall for the Sound of Perseverance meme. If that's any indication of what Chuck would continue to make had he lived, then I'm glad he died young.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

RIP in peace Chuck… You died a faggots death



iirc SoP was written for Control Denied but Nuclear Blast was owed another Death album so they released it under that name. Chuck was done with death metal after Symbolic.



Are you implying that "The Sound of Perseverance" is as bad as "Control Denied"? Try to listen to it again, it's metal and it's not that bad, just inferior to the others (the boiled cat vocals didn't help).


Ashamed to say I didn't discover them until later after Chuck was gone. Grew up listening to a lot of metal/started playing guitar in the 90s, but I was caught up in old stuff.



I'm just saying it wasn't conceived as a Death album.



Control Denied was metal, too, just not DM.

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