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File: 23c250ae3192d50⋯.png (130.17 KB, 922x150, 461:75, Screenshot_2019-06-03_20-2….png)


Why are there so many faggots on SoulSeek? Is there any alternatives with a better community?

Pic related




Anytime somebody recommends me slsk I tell them to fuck off, P2P networks are fine but not when they're like this.

I miss the 2000's when you could find entire discographies for download easily with a fucking Google search, now we have to deal with faggotry like this.


Can we not just have a Mega thread to dump a shitload of music onto?

I could start off by uploading the entire Death Grips discog



I like this idea




Have you dumb niggers ever considered reading the catalog?




I'm referring to a thread specifically for dumping music, not for requests.



>thread specifically for dumping music

Feel free to start any time



It literally says "share" in the title, and there are people dumping music with Mega links exactly like you're describing in that thread. If you're too retarded to read the catalog in the first place I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that you're also too retarded to read the thread I linked too.



That guy is Scramoutcha, he's a fucking piece of shit. we should organize a raid of some sort on him.

also, im almost certain he's fabricating some of his releases. he has some really rare CD's in FLAC in there that have never been posted to the internet in that quality before. i'll bet you he's bluffing.




kek, even i know him and i rarely use slsk



also, fuck this nigger anon, i'll post a link to weissglut here in a couple of days if you want.



I would appreciate that flac if you have it


In his profile he mentions checking downloads for fake encodes, it'd be hilarious if all his were fakes



I'm certain that a lot of them are legit. Have you ever gone on rutracker? There's so many direct CD rips you can get there in flac, oftentimes with album artwork. I always try to get the full artwork for any album I download, sometimes it's a real bitch trying to find it, sometimes I can't. I doubt he takes the time to make scans, but who knows? He keeps all his 'shared' collection in zip folders, so we can't see what's inside.

I think that certain releases he has are either transcodes or just don't exist. Every once in a while I'll encounter one where I'm not even certain it was RECORDED in lossless. For example, I recently saw he had a couple Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains CD's in FLAC. I seriously fucking doubt he does.



fucking retarded newfag we already do this


you are also retarded and you can’t spell OP



>bumping just to call people retards

Valuable fucking post

And I know you'll probably do it with me as well, so go ahead and do it faggot :^)


I got a nasty message from some asshole who had some of my own music (lost albums no doubt) on lockdown because I'm an "archreactionary medieval fuckwit" apparently and wouldn't unlock them for me. That should be illegal.


Is there a list of known assholes on soulseek I should block from accessing my library?







What? He had your music, as in music you made?


File: 676003b760cc0ca⋯.gif (370.09 KB, 400x225, 16:9, batman thumbs up.gif)



I don't wonder if the guy is some high functioning schizo/Chris-chan tier autist who imagined most of his wishlist and hopes to manifest it into reality. Any normal person who wants shit that rare gets on the phone with shops, finds people on collectors trading forums, or goes crate digging. They certainly don't sit on slsk with locked shares waiting for pristine FLACs.

The dude has no place in the community, regardless of his dysfunction, though.


I dont know what scaramouchas end game is. It's not the preservation of media, I think he just wants to die with all that stuff on his harddrive


File: 14fa9b424ce3c9c⋯.gif (441.56 KB, 441x270, 49:30, snow cat.gif)

This fag takes shit that I can get off of RED and locks it behind his retarded trading list. I could probably just download the shit he took from there and share it myself.


>Is there any alternatives with a better community?

If what you want is on streaming services, namely Deezer, download it from there using SMLoadr (supports FLAC).

Otherwise Rutracker is your friend, plus the one-off forum you can find off google. Sometimes when I can't find a rare track or album I search for <title> "flac" and find a download link in an obscure forum.


File: 385b0434364bec7⋯.jpg (10.1 KB, 500x272, 125:68, 13996.jpg)

Are there good torrent sites anymore? I don't like the current culture of private trackers and autistic P2P networks where you have to barter with people. I want to go back to the days of 2010 where I could download an entire artist's discography in FLAC on the clearnet.



>I want to go back to the days of 2010 where I could download an entire artist's discography in FLAC on the clearnet





>plus the one-off forum you can find off google

This. I've found a few good go-to blogs that post a lot of good and hard to find shit. The file hosts are generally shit, but it's not too big an issue if you just let it go in the background.

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