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File: 7a940dca06ecd44⋯.jpg (46.93 KB, 797x719, 797:719, 1467846816314.jpg)


Meta thread. If you have a complaint about moderation, post it here. If you have a rule suggestion, post it here, and it might become a new rule. This OP was edited December 27th 3:56am UTC since a lot of the information was out of date, irrelevant or just quite cluttering.

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Holy shit finally the board won't be an anarchy. Thank you based BO man.

Yeah I'd be happy if you stickied the ARF threads so I won't have to bump it or wait 2 weeks 'til everyone contributes


Please don't remove the old stickies, though. I like how we still have a thread from 2014 up.


I'm glad to know that the board is in good hands, mister.



That depends on how you define anarchy. There are a lot of shitty threads, obviously, and I'd love to delete everything I think is people intentionally trying to shit up the board, but if a thread is about music, it's not really breaking any rules. This thread >>79663 is an example. I don't think I've ever seen anyone make a serious post here saying that they like nu metal or either of those bands. Same with this >>79636 thread. It seems a lot like someone making shitty threads to fuck people off, but it's still about music. What do you/everyone else think?


Don't worry, I just unstickied the old meta thread. It's the bottom thread in the catalog right now, if you really wanted to save it, but it's from a year ago and it isn't that important now. There's no reason to get rid of the other ones.


To truly determine whether or not BO is an faggot, tell me

Best DG song?




I guess maybe Up My Sleeves or Anne Bonny, but I'm not as into them as everyone else. They're the sort of band I listen to an album or two by every couple months. I'm also not the sort of person who can pick a specific favourite anything.


Will you deletu spamaru?



Yeah, we can't delete those, just because they're trying to meme or they actually have shitty taste.

But keep in mind it's not only the threads, but the overall atmosphere. It just doesn't seem friendly and looks like it's the echo chamber of the same 5 people you can even see brown pill posts show up that never get deleted, unlike when there's an ARF thread up, when the whole boards seems more active and lively.


>Up My Sleeves


Aight you passed the test, BO is officially a cool guy.


File: 6dab4cf9b20c68a⋯.png (131.39 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 5CHP971.png)


>Up My Sleeves or Anne Bonny

You passed

BO is a big guy UUUU



No, I became board owner so that I could leave it all here.




Thanks, you guys.

>it's not only the threads, but the overall atmosphere

I'm not sure there's much I can do about that, but maybe it was the lack of moderation over the last few months that led to it, and maybe people not having as much to complain about will help. I think the most important thing in solving that is to make quality threads and quality replies. It's easier said than done, especially on a slow board like this one.



It doesn't have to be a slow board




I sincerely hope you aren't a tremendous faggot



I hope I'm not too. Call me out if I do something shitty.


File: 33cf44d6df07171⋯.jpg (47.86 KB, 620x452, 155:113, 33cf44d6df0717161c23c2ecc8….jpg)


In response to what you said in the old meta thread >>79943 I'm not the person you are responding to, but I thought I would give my opinion anyway.

>What don't you like about them? The Bandcamp and Soundcloud threads keep people from making threads just to shill their own music, and the introduction thread and the meta thread are pretty important too.

I agree that bandcamp and soundcloud threads are a good thing, but the intro thread feels unnecessary. The intro thread could be consolidated into the meta thread by making a "rules/FAQ/info" page link, like what >>>/loomis/ has https://www.8ch.net/loomis/hub.html



fucking wrong link switch >>79943 to >>79934



From my experience on other boards, almost everyone new completely ignores those kinds of links that aren't directly on the board and just goes to posting. Boards with rules and introductory stuff in a sticky have always seemed more civil. That's just my experience, though. So far I think I've seen more people support keeping all the current stickies than there are people who want rid of any of them, so I'll leave it up for discussion for a while.


Make /mu/ great again. >>80000 get


File: e5b00e4b69155f8⋯.jpg (273 KB, 450x611, 450:611, 4484619191154.jpg)


I like it an board owner who defends his territory from dirty /sp/ GETS



nice going, comfy board too


>bo is a shitposter

and nothing changes


File: c5857ba70731f28⋯.jpg (62.54 KB, 676x581, 676:581, 1318399368016.jpg)







1 GET =/= chronic shitposting. Did you want 76/sp/ shitting up the place?



I'll wait until a couple more people chime in before doing that, but just for the sake of discussion, why do you want rid of IDs? I'm not that fond of them either, but this is the kind of place where people would samefag if they were trying to promote something.



The reason why places such as /v/ and /pol/ have IDs, is because those are the most popular boards on this site, and they both respectively discuss controversial topics, of which astroturfing and to a much, MUCH lesser extent shilling, becomes a problem.

/mu/ does not suffer from this problem, and there are nowhere near as much controversy surrounding music as there is currently going on in the world of video games and politics. What would we need IDs to filter someone for? Them shilling for a shitty band? A competent community should have enough self-restraint to just hide and ignore the thread, not spam "SHILL" and further the person's agenda.

I think though that the worst part of IDs is the circlejerk environment it perpetuates. All you need do is spend a few minutes on a major board with IDs. Anybody with a contrarian, dissenting opinion, is vehemently lambasted and eventually filtered, with cancer such as "(1)," being posted, as if a singular post count is indicative of a shill, goon, or VPN/proxy user samefagging.

Do what you want, but I firmly believe that given enough time, people will come in, much like >>80056 did, and give their post against IDs as well. The above posted points are why I, personally, believe IDs are a bad idea.



I completely agree with you. I just think it's important to wait at least a couple hours to be sure that we aren't the only three people who think this way.



Why? So you can samefag more easily?


yo BO what kinda music are you into



Fuck off, no

I need IDs to see through the ARF threads I even have colours enabled, I always missed IDs from 4/mu/ too.

If you want to samefag get the fuck out



what are trips

This isn't /pol/



asking the most important question



I listen to lot of brutal prog (I wasn't the OP but see >>78881 for examples), a bit of mathcore, some marginally more mellow shit like Swans, Kayo Dot and US Maple, and a few other oddball ultra-experimental things. A-am I p-patrician enough?


Lemme fix this thread real quick



Thank you based fixman


The BO account is fully functional again. I have been here the whole time, I just haven't been able to log in. I didn't want to say anything in case people took it as an excuse to flood the board with shit. For some reason Codemonkey's email didn't get to me until now, so thankfully nobody caught on over the last 3 or 4 days. I know at least one person said somewhere that they couldn't post anything in this thread, so now that it's fixed (thanks to >>80203 for that) and the BO is here, if you still had something to say, now's the time. Otherwise, everything's back to normal, if anyone wanted to continue arguing about IDs or complain about something else.



Do you only listen to music or do you play it as well.




Agreed. IDs are the #1 reason I don't post on this board. People who want IDs tend to be /pol/tards who are paranoid and obsessed with "shills" (that is, people who disagree with them). Boards without IDs are almost always nicer.


I'm literally all posts on this board, including OP. Where is everyone?


Unless anyone kicks up a huge fuss within the next 24 hours or so, I'll get rid of IDs. More people seem to want rid of them than those who want to keep them. I wanted to wait after the hack to see if the discussion came up again. Just a warning, though: this website is still a bit broken. I tried changing a setting to test if it's still broken, because I remembered that happening on other boards. I got rid of captcha for starting threads briefly (speaking of which, who else wants rid of that? Is it just me?), and for some reason the website still wanted a captcha when I went to test making a thread, even though it wasn't there. I'd changed all the necessary settings. Hopefully nothing like that will happen with IDs, but I just thought I'd mention it.


0/10. You've made 3 posts total and that was your first one.


I got rid of IDs.




I would also get rid of captchas for thread creation. On my boards I only enable captchas when someone is spamming the board. It's not a big deal, but people who are already annoyed by the daily site-wide captcha might be discouraged from making threads. If you're really worried about spam, go the board settings and put a limit on the number of threads that can be created per hour. Thanks for disabling IDs.



Disabling thread creation captcha made it impossible to create a thread last time I tried. I'll tinker with it again soon, and if it isn't working I guess I'll just bug Codemonkey about it. It doesn't seem to be making people not want to post. There are still a lot of shitty threads.




Update for anyone else who wants rid of captcha for thread creation or any other changes:

I just spent at least half an hour trying to make the thing work. Every time I change a board setting, then click "save changes", when I leave the board settings page, it just changes back to what it was. I can't change any of the board settings, so I can't get rid of captcha for thread creation yet. I'll post about it on /sudo/, but Codemonkey may still be busy at the moment, so I don't know how long it'll take.


File: 74d553873992b38⋯.png (42.6 KB, 1090x362, 545:181, ffaw.PNG)

This board seems to be fucky again.

First I tried to bring >>80813 back from 404, but the system didn't let me post from the mod account available to anyone. Now the posts ITT from the last 7 days are missing



I just wanted to make everyone aware of >>80813 this thread, just in case they didn't see it while scrolling. If anyone has any complaints or suggestions, or they like this idea, or they don't want another sticky, anything at all, by all means say so. I think it's a good idea. It'll mean a lot less of those threads with 2 replies that only OP and the person that answers them ever post in/care about. I figure I just ban anyone who posts them outside of the thread for a minute or so to make them aware of the thread if they missed it. Does that sound like a good idea to everyone else, or should we change it/scrap it entirely?


It should be working now.




I think making that starter threat into its own page like someone suggested before would be good. And you won't really need a meta thread after stuff is all settled, right. So you could just have 3 stickies in the end.


Did this board have IDs at some point?

I could have sworn it did.



It did. If you read the thread, a bunch of people wanted rid of them.



Meta should be kept to contain shitposting. That's kinda what metas are used for outside of mod/BO announcements




What we could also do is merge the Soundcloud and BC threads into one thread and archive it once it hits bump limit.



We have too many stickies. How about you unsticky the old SC and BC threads and when these die we make new ones that won't be stickied anymore?

That's how it is on 4chan too, except this board's too slow for daily BC threads so hopefully they will live for months which is acceptable imo. No one wants to post in a thread with 500+ replies let alone the fact I've got a shit PC and connection and I have trouble even opening them.

I know shilling is bad, but at least more people might pay attention to these threads and some might even listen to the anons who posted their music there.



From what I've noticed on other boards, whenever there's a separate page linked in a banner with the rules and everything, a lot more people seem to break those rules than on boards with the rules in a sticky, where they're forced to see the thread whenever they're on the board. It's a good idea for decreasing the number of stickies, obviously, but if we do what >>80848 is suggesting and unsticky the Soundcloud and Bandcamp threads, we'd only have three. Those threads aren't about to die if they aren't stickied. Also, if we didn't have a meta thread, where would complaints and suggestions go? This is a pretty useful thread.

What do you all think of unstickying the Soundcloud and Bandcamp threads and keeping the other three current stickies? I'd edit the current rules thread to fit with the rules around the QTDDTOT thread and I'd keep links to the Soundcloud and Bandcamp threads there. If everyone's dead set on moving the rules to an HTML page then I guess we could, but I definitely think it would mean a lot more people ignoring the rules, and I agree with >>79873 about it being kind of cool having a thread from 2014 that still exists. Plus, we'd only have three stickies if we did this. I could unsticky the QTDDTOT thread too, since theoretically it'll be a high-traffic thread long-term, so if it isn't stickied it won't be difficult to find. I'll leave this up for discussion for at least a day or two, or more if next to nobody replies by then, before I do anything.

Update on the captcha for thread creation thing, too: I made a thread, but Codemonkey seems to be ignoring /sudo/ again now that the hack drama is mostly over. The thread is here >>>/sudo/35759

Post last edited at



P-please respond




I don't feel like I'm to decide since I mostly use the catalog.

But on the other hand I can't see why Bandwagon and Soundclown couldn't be unstickied



Alright that all makes sense. I just am thinking we don't really need a meta thread after you figure out stickies and stuff because this board is pretty nice to each other

If anything like the other guy said, merging SC and BC is a good idea, and you could also make them cyclical and never have to worry about those. Sticky or not, I think.

Like ya said I don't think QTDDTOT neeeeds to be stickied that much but I can see people starting a stupid thread because they don't bother to look.


I unstickied the Bandcamp and Soundcloud threads based on what we've been discussing. I'll link them in the rules sticky. If people start shilling their own music outside of those threads more than usual, or if people that didn't complain over the last 5 days suddenly tune in, we can think about making them stickies again. There hasn't really been any discussion about the rules sticky since I replied about people ignoring rules from what I've seen when they're in a separate HTML page, so unless all of a sudden a bunch of you disagree with me, it'll stay a sticky. I'll make it more up to date than just the links to those threads eventually. I have a million other things to do this week.

Also, captcha for thread creation is finally gone without breaking the board. I had to spend a while changing other settings that did work simultaneously with this setting through trial and error. That was a fucking ordeal.


Disabling IDs was a fucking horrible idea, I can't keep track of conversations anymore.



I just did what most people wanted. Give an example of what you mean.



File: 3303c873715ec0d⋯.png (23.43 KB, 550x230, 55:23, stupid.png)


There are far better ways to prove your point.


File: 0a33811955aa264⋯.png (74.98 KB, 679x467, 679:467, ClipboardImage.png)


He's not me, either.



Not really, you're just a autist with a terrible lack of social skills.

Let me guess, you also don't know when to speak in real life social situations either, don't you?



yeah well you doesn't seem like a very nice person



There's no need to insult them just because they wants IDs. It's not issue with an objective answer.


It'd still be helpful if you gave an actual example of a thread here that you couldn't follow because there aren't any IDs. If you give a good enough reason that convinces everybody that IDs are worth having, I'll turn them back on. I personally don't care that much about IDs. I just did what people like >>80055 wanted.



Well I don't really have any reason to put them back on, and I actually don't mind whether they are on or off.

I was merely giving in to my urge to fecespost


The rules have been updated. I basically just reformatted it, got rid of a bunch of redundancy, and added the thing about QTDDTOT. I just thought I'd mention it here in case it wasn't obvious, and in case anyone has any complaints.


File: 307a7a6799d4467⋯.jpg (13.07 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Praise BO



Praise those sick quads


File: c5f6cf85e2155a1⋯.jpg (94.84 KB, 518x700, 37:50, 1456959360867.jpg)


by saint quadratus!


What do you think about getting Codemonkey to do an "advertisement" for /mu/ where they usually put global announcements? It worked for /qq/ and it got a decent amount of people, for a slightly dead board like /mu/, it could work.



I don't see why not. I could imagine several of the users asking him would be more persuasive than the BO asking, but I guess I wouldn't know.



Two things. First, do you all think I should delete Discord shill threads, even if the Discord channel is music related? As much as I hate those people, and I know everyone else does, as with all the other board changes, I want to make sure everyone else wants it too. Secondly, I wanted to draw everyone's attention to >>81525



Yeah, we need a bit more traffic. But most importantly: quality threads

>inb4 make them


I don't see any Discord thread besides one with 0 replies. Which ones are you talking about?



> First, do you all think I should delete Discord shill threads, even if the Discord channel is music related?

The discord server you're talking about is filed with cuckchan goons, so yeah. It'd be wise to purge any discord shill threads on sight


It might work, just watch out for shills and leftycucks; they'll try to subvert any and every board that isn't as leftist as them


File: 4cb9aa0318f4d26⋯.png (558.44 KB, 450x666, 25:37, cheshire_meme.png)

Heads up: cuckchan shitposting's been getting rampant lately. Make sure to report and sage threads. pic unrelated


File: a078cc47a7c3c70⋯.jpg (33.41 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1437344025793.jpg)


>Weeb shit



I figure you're probably the anon who reported all those threads then. I would love to delete them more than anything, but the consensus the entire time I've been BO has been that as long as a thread is about music, we shouldn't get rid of it. I highly encourage making fun of these people and not bumping the threads, because the last thing we want is "does /mu/ like death metal?" Evanescence threads and 3x3 circlejerks every single day ad infinitum. As shitty as they are, though, the majority of people here don't want a full on elitist authoritarian mod, and neither do I. It's up to the userbase to discourage anyone who tries to bring that culture here, and to post and bump the kinds of threads they think are good for the board so that the shitposts aren't at the top of the catalog/on page 1.

Also this >>82107


Hey BO, I think removing coloured IDs was a mistake

The quality of posts dropped and there's an insane amount of samefaggery going on



Personally, I don't think IDs have anything to do with what's been happening lately. I haven't looked at all of them, but for most of these threads, OP posts once and then never posts in the thread again. Most if not all of them are different people, too. Maybe a bunch of them got banned from 4chan. I'm not opposed to having IDs myself, but I don't think it's going to solve anything. If you have any specific examples of what you think is samefagging for the sake of shitting up the board, please post them, and I can say whether they are or not.

Also, I don't say this out of offence, but, looking through your post history, and without mentioning any of it publicly, you've posted things people have complained about before, and now you're complaining too. If anything, that just shows how complex of an issue this is. Getting IDs back wouldn't have stopped anyone from thinking that one thread you posted was shit.



Dynamic IPs man.



You mean making a thread about being banned from 4chan? I just wanted to inform anons here how shit the site is doing because users are getting banned there for racism. It really isn't /mu/ subject though, so I shouldn't have posted it



We all know cuckchan is an SJew shithole; why do you think we're all here?



That's the thing, though: most of those threads don't get bumped by anyone. This >>82112 is the only example I can find of a thread where OP and the only person to bump the thread both don't have any other posting history. If it was someone switching IPs, which it very well could have been, having IDs wouldn't have stopped them from doing that.


I just wanted to show you that having IDs and having quality board content don't correlate. If anything is going to be done about the quality of the board, these are the only two ways I can think of:

>somehow we figure out a very specific rule that magically only gets rid of threads that absolutely nobody here likes

>everyone puts a little more effort into bumping and posting quality threads, and ignores or sages the threads they don't like



>everyone puts a little more effort into bumping and posting quality threads, and ignores or sages the threads they don't like

Yeah, also you might bumplock threads like >>82335



But I would still be discriminating between threads and being the person who decides which threads are good and which ones are bad if I did that. My entire point is to avoid doing that.



Hm. Or you can set that after a specific number of reports that a thread is shit you bumplock it.

You could even allow people to report whether they like or dislike the thread to avoid catering to haters solely.


File: 1241da86cb44827⋯.png (65.05 KB, 1277x503, 1277:503, reports.png)


People can report threads as many times as they want.



Oh, reports don't get IP hash from reporter or something?



Nope. Unless you think we should yell at the brick wall that is /sudo/ to get that feature added, that idea won't work, unfortunately.



I remember that 76chan did have this (RIP) so I assume it was present in vichan and removed at one point because of >concerns.


File: 8fcb49ca5bc929e⋯.png (14.89 KB, 1150x114, 575:57, slsk 3.png)

>someone reports a thread, saying it isn't about music

>I post in the thread asking the question of why they don't think it's a thread about music, since I think it is, nobody else has reported it but them, and I can't talk to people through the reports system

>they report it again, calling it "metashit", when it's a thread about places to download music and the only meta-related posts are me wondering why they're reporting it

>I post in the thread asking them to explain themselves again

>I get this back

The burden of proof lies on you, so I don't know why you're swearing at me. Now that I've finally stopped getting Cloudflare errors, I've deleted the posts I made (I realize they should have gone in this thread, but I figured posting in the thread you were reporting would make you see it quicker), but you still haven't shown me how the thread isn't music related. Also, I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure it was already the top thread, so saging it would be pointless. I would really love it if someone else could chime in and give their opinion so I know I'm not "powertripping", because I really don't understand how I am.

Post last edited at



There is a small group of people who get extremely butthurt whenever you mention private trackers. And I remember that on halfchan methods to share and find music were always extensively discussed.

Btw could you do me a favor and edit the post to remove the country code of the url of the tracker? I think that isn't supposed to be public knowledge.



Do you mean redacted.countrycode?






Hey BO could you edit Gorlock's post to mention the ARF Bandcamp?





I should probably do an overhaul of that whole post at some point. Some of those links are fairly outdated, like the last.fm things that don't work now that they've changed the website (and considering I haven't seen anyone talk about last.fm here possibly since 2015). I'll put the ARF links in there now, but if anyone thinks there's anything that should be added or taken away, please mention it here. Otherwise I'll just get rid of the outdated shit.


File: 83a43917bd5970e⋯.jpg (41.83 KB, 495x636, 165:212, 1438047172647.jpg)

>/mu/ used to be in the top 25

>now fucking kpop fags have surpassed us

What the fuck happened?



Count it as a good thing. They currently have 130 active users, all of whom probably came from 4chan's waifufag community. We would be overwhelmed with bullshit that barely even has anything to do with the actual music if they didn't have their own board. If you want to make this board more active, go shill somewhere.


I edited Gorlock's sticky like I mentioned nearly a month ago (fucking christ) here >>83080 to get rid of everything that was outdated. Any complaints or suggestions go here.


File: 08cbadcb29e60c9⋯.jpg (17.8 KB, 500x358, 250:179, 1455538497311.jpg)

Saw this thread on /sudo/.


Do you guys think /mu/ needs a new board-tan? I wish I could help but my drawing skills are very amateur.



I don't know. I always found the idea of board-tans as irrelevant waifufaggotry. Perhaps you haven't noticed it, but usually within a day or two when a new imageboard is created, /jp/fags arrive and start forcing one of their scribbles as "new official board-tan".



I think they're stupid and I hate waifufags, but a small part of me thinks it would be a good idea to do just so that the rest of the website doesn't forget we exist. We could do it ironically, and that would play the hipster douchebag angle. I personally just wouldn't pay attention whatever this board decides.


File: 9d304fa3f2e2fd8⋯.jpg (129.56 KB, 500x443, 500:443, 1440395706303.jpg)



Doesn't have to be a cute anime girl, I just asked Codemonkey to put us in so people at least know we're here in some capacity. I agree though that it was always a pretty stupid idea, especially back on cuckchan.




I like the "I'm only doing this ironically" idea, but I can't think of how we'd turn it into an anime gril



This is the gayest shit I have read on this board.


You know, we'd have more posters/have a better standing on the site if you didn't act like a bunch of stuck up reddit immigrants



Could you be more specific, sunshine?



>wah someone made fun of my shit taste


Is it just me or is the OP image broken?




There's discussion about this in the Bandcamp thread. Why are you posting it in the meta thread? It has nothing to do with the board itself.


did the board break?



What are you talking about?



Threads weren't being displayed properly. I cleared my browser cache and restarted to be sure it wasn't me. Making that post corrected the board. I'm a fucking wizard.


File: 6f14f536f00f03e⋯.jpg (97.55 KB, 702x485, 702:485, PrOuLQb.jpg)

Congratulations on the win /mu/



aw yiss




File: 0d0bd821633fb62⋯.png (348.54 KB, 802x786, 401:393, 03f732c533b70bc65c3168de3b….png)


came here because of the win, added to favorites.


Hello to everyone who has come here because of the Attention-Hungry Games thing. I'd like to take this opportunity to say that any and all suggestions for the board are welcome. Occasionally I'll see a music thread on the front page on another board, like /b/ for example, and there'll be people in the thread who mention the fact that they started a music thread on that other board because they think this /mu/ is dead or they don't like it here. We're more than happy to consider any suggestions any of you might have to change that perception. I like to leave the rules up to popular opinion/debate here, so don't worry about getting banned for calling me an idiot. Check out the "/mu/ makes an album" sticky, too, to see what the anons here have been working on. Also read the fucking rules before posting, holy shit


File: d50ff3892579bf9⋯.png (15.38 KB, 912x269, 912:269, thefuq_porchmonkey.png)


Hi BO, just wanted to point out the faggotry I'm witnessing tonight.


I'd like to also take this opportunity to remind everyone that if a thread doesn't break the rules, I'm not deleting it. Don't report things that don't break the rules. Come up with a new rule that will stop the threads you don't like from being posted, and see what people think. I already did that big "EDIT EDIT EDIT" message in the OP. I shouldn't have to keep pointing this out.


I wonder how many people if any actually watch those livestreams.


File: 74cd29047e03924⋯.png (277.87 KB, 484x480, 121:120, Majide_Rev2.png)

>Wins the attention-hungry games

>MORE IMPORTANT announcements keep taking place and making /mu/ second, smaller one


I want /pol/ to leave

/leftypol/ too


Holy shit, you made it to Top 25, congrats!



Let the good times roll

also please no low quality threads


All in favour of making "more like this (with a YouTube link)" threads one of those things that are only allowed in the QTDDTOT thread? Like >>85198. Most people already post that stuff in QTDDTOT, but then occasionally someone doesn't.


File: 4a434a996f86b54⋯.png (8.26 KB, 524x80, 131:20, cow mu.png)

I'd just like to point out that /cow/ and /moo/ are next to each other right now.



I bet /fur/ is involved in this conspiracy too



>/fur/ wins next hungergames



I liked it better when we weren't getting promoted and people weren't posting so many shitty discussionless threads.



A lot of the latest shitpost threads are by people who only post that thread and nothing else. I'm going to bumplock the ones that fit that criteria and if anyone wants me to unanchor them they can say so here. Hopefully everyone's aware of why I'm not outright deleting them by now.



Pretty nice board management, I see all the shitty threads got anchored



rulecucked board smh tbh fam

(How dare you insult me. You're banned (for the next minute).)


I wish Tor posters of all people would read the fucking rules since I can't really ban the Tor IP hash thing without pissing a bunch of you off



>"no political threads"

I'm not asking for a ban political music related threads, just stop or delete anything tires to distress the board, is being deceptive, or any /itnl/ level of crap.

I still remember the leftist thread when that shitted on with low quality bait by others a way ago with posts that wasn't related to the music or thread. And /pol/ doing this now and past history with /intl/, it was a good idea that we should keep an eye and keep the treads them down so this board worn't go down into the sitter.



Jesus dude, do you actually speak English? No offense, but your post is very hard to read. Anyway, in order to effectively combat these kinds of posts, we need a very specific rule that will only affect those posts and not unintentionally get rid of legitimate threads. If the rule was "no /intl/ shit", people could just call threads they don't like /intl/ shit, since there isn't a 100% solid definition of what /intl/ shit is (especially not anymore, now that the /intl/ here is dead and that group of people has moved somewhere else, so it's not fresh in everybody's minds). You have to have an exact definition of what "low quality bait" is, or it'll remain subjective and I'll have the power to ban things I think are low quality that other people don't think are low quality. If nobody can come up with a rule, the only other way to combat posts you don't like is to bump them down the catalog/off the front page by posting in threads you actually like.



>Speak English

never ever

>Just no /intl/ shit

>It's just threads, you don't like.

I'm not calling for that, just a rule that doesn't allow obvious bait or deceptive threads. As of right now, i'm not interested in spamming the board, it would be better if was bumplock from a mod.

"/itnl/ level of crap."

>now that the /intl/ here is dead and that group of people has moved somewhere else

No there still /intl/fag shit up the place once and awhile, like with the 8ch being hacked and going down when the /wooo/ thing/event was about to happen, on a side note. my last post was the about the other posts in general, not /intl/, it was about /intl/-level of posts and just in cases, if we do have that happen to us.

>I'll have the power to ban things

>low quality bait mean subject is low quality thing in general

Good for that, i'm just sating to pervert, remove or bumplock the thread if need. It's isn't just remove anything that's low quality as you're trying to put it, but just in general bait (which in that case is low quality)



I hate to sound like an asshole but this would be so much easier of a conversation if you had better English skills. I'm having a hard time figuring out the specific rule you think we should have. I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself, but I'll just sum up my side of this as BO, for the sake of figuring this out a bit easier.

The problem we're trying to solve is that people often pretend to be from /leftypol/ and make thinly-veiled threads that have a little to do with the topic of a particular board but are actually made to try to bully or sway the opinion of people who go on /pol/, or the other way around occasionally, so that there's inter-board fighting and the website goes to shit. Those people organize themselves in different places at different times, and it used to be on /intl/. They've done other shitty things too. I'm well aware of that stuff. I've been on imageboards for a long time. The thing is, we need a very specific rule to combat that kind of thing, in a format like "no posting about x", that only targets threads that are objectively bad, and not threads I can decide are or aren't in a subjective way that other people might disagree with. The main point of this conversation needs to be to come up with that rule, I can't think of one. If you can, we can all discuss it as a board and figure it out. Until then, I've just been bumplocking threads that are obvious low-effort shitposts or shills so that if anyone disagrees the thread isn't gone and I can reverse the bumplock.


File: a208ac57dddd504⋯.jpeg (118.15 KB, 997x527, 997:527, learn to embed nigger.jpeg)

Where are all of these newfags that don't know how to embed coming from?

Learn to fucking embed faggots


File: 5643bed6f5ff5d5⋯.jpg (23 KB, 500x333, 500:333, dog that looks like man.jpg)


tbh m8 i sometimes post from my phone (with daschan) and then I can't embed


*length of time*-ly reminder: if you don't like a thread but it doesn't break any rules, come up with a possible rule that these threads would break that wouldn't force other threads to be deleted, and then start a discussion in this thread. Reporting a thread with the reason "shit thread" doesn't warrant deletion. "Shit thread" is subjective. It's ironic that I've mentioned this countless times as BO and every time people start complaining about newfags posting shitty threads they also out themselves as newfags (or at least people who don't pay attention).



>Where are all of these newfags that don't know how to embed coming from?

Halfchanners with next to no self awareness that treat the board as a bunker for when they're banned.

Most of these people don't even realize or care as to why we moved to 8ch; they're the same le ironic facebook maymay normalfags that found the halfchan board in 11-13 that treat the board as a subreddit rather than a place to discuss music and make OCs like a hobby board should. They bring in the same obnoxious le fantano maymays and circlejerk habits that infest half/mu/ now



>It was about /leftypol/

>It's not bad old anons

>it 's the other way around, particular board bully /pol/ and it's the other way around sometimes.

>"so that there's inter-board fighting and the website goes to shit"

But it's not, it just an anon from one of two places (or both) trying to cause a fuss on purpose or convert, which to maintain /mu/ shouldn't be allowed because then everything goes down as of now.

Before at late 2014 - 2015, i would say yeah this is mostly right. But now this ecosystem and kinda more simpler now, after the low activity of /intl/ and other websites who hated us (and still hates us now.).

>in a format like "no posting about x", that only targets threads that are objectively bad

When come to this, i think we should just do general moderation, but if you're going to making any rules, i will recommend not to just say don't do X and try to find any threads that are trying to smear by pertending to be x.

If you want to do rules, alright. But i will say it will better to do just moderation and bumplock it.



>Reporting a thread with the reason "shit thread" doesn't warrant deletion



I was on a road trip for most of this week, and I haven't come back to a completely destroyed board. I didn't want to say anything in case someone spammed the board. I don't think you all give each other enough credit. You seem to be quite well-behaved. There are always a lot of concern shills who post in every thread calling the board shit or calling the userbase plebs. The only thing necessary to have a better board is for those people to post better quality threads and replies. This board is not as bad as it may seem to some of you.



I somewhat agree with the idea of not deleting bad OPs outright, but please for the love of God don't let us turn into /tv/. Their mods took a similar stance and look at them now.



>bad OPs

That's the problem. What is a bad OP? You have to find something specific in the text or the image or whatever or I'll have the ability to delete anything I don't like. It's one thing to say a thread is a shitpost and it's another to point out the specific part of the post that makes it a shitpost so that a rule can be made against it. The definition of a shitpost differs from person to person sometimes, but if we discuss specific elements of particularly shitty threads rationally we can make rules against them. I don't want this board to turn into /tv/ either but I also don't want it to turn into any of the over-moderated boards.


Apparently those CBTS threads with the government insider tripfag from 4chan are moving here because the 4chan mods started deleting the threads. That may mean the whole website gets an influx of 4chan refugees, obnoxious tripfags, and, according to a screenshot I saw somewhere, fucking boomers of all people. What do?



Remind newfags to lurk before they post, don't give tripfags attention, report and ignore


Remind them that they're the cause of all of this



>people who shit all over everything are coming

>just tell them not to shit all over everything

It doesn't seem to be taking off like I thought it would so it's not that big of a deal anyway.



It's hard to actually define a shitpost.

Look at >>/88854/

I don't think anybody would argue something so random is a shitpost, but it's hard to point to anything in particular.

Is it the unrelated fetish art? Is it the "what is the best x and why is it y" template he used? Is it strange the example he chose?

Any of these on its own might be fine, but all together to forms a shitpost.



I don't know why I tried to link to that as if it were a board.





Well if we can't figure out anything specific, I don't think we can do much about it. How are we meant to know that the OP didn't want to just talk about having sex to theme songs on 10 hour loops? We share this website with 12 year olds, unfortunately, and it's a music-related thread. The options are that we figure it out, we let it keep happening, or I start banning whatever I decide is bad (which, again, I'm definitely not suggesting). We don't seem to be getting anywhere discussing it so far, but I don't mind it as much as some of you so I haven't really thought about it that much.



I'm just worried the board will turn the way that other boards have gone.

You start accepting shitposts and soon shitposters assume they're accepted in general. Happened with /b/ back in the day, happened with /r9k/, happened with /tv/, etc.

I've been noticing a drop in quality over the last few months and I think it's mostly due to shitposts.

I've only ever seen two boards on this site go back from this point and those are /a/ and /v/, both of those did it by being hardasses and banning shitty threads. Of course that let to a lot of people getting mad, but it stopped them from getting worse.



I don't want the board to turn to shit either. That's why I claimed it, since the old BO abandoned it and there was so much unfiltered shit. I don't think it's that farfetched that we can find a balance between people not being mad at me and shitposts getting deleted. All we need (in my opinion) is rules that everyone agrees on that specifically target shitposts but aren't no-fun-allowed. If you want I could start a thread explaining the situation. Not many people seem to pay attention to the meta thread anymore, so if I make a thread with the BO tag people might notice it more and start a genuine discussion about this. Neither of us seem to be able to figure out the solution, so maybe it would help.



Being an indecisive faggot isn't gonna help. You can distinguish shit from quality; encourage anons to filter shit threads and have them bumplocked instead of downvoting sagebombing shit threads or ones they don't like.



I've explained how vague and interpretive the word "shitpost" is so many fucking times, anon. Read this entire thread, then bitch at me.



I'm pretty sure shitpost = low quality, ironic or otherwise, and I'm also sure that you can tell what threads are low quality and which ones aren't. I get that you don't wanna be Mark or Kikefy, but that doesn't mean act like a clueless faggot. There are a bunch of threads where you can tell the OP to take it to the meta thread like >>88249 and >>88201. >>88441 can go in the questions thread and >>87332 is an obvious blogpost thread that should be bumplocked.



Thanks for completely ignoring what I said.

>There are a bunch of threads where you can tell the OP to take it to the meta thread

What on earth do J-pop and the B-52's have to do with meta discussion?

>an obvious blogpost thread that should be bumplocked

Nigger it's a thread about music related love stories. How is that not about music discussion? See, if you were in charge, I would disagree with pretty much every decision you made. That's why we discuss things here.

Now, my point with this shitposting thing is that the definition of shitpost doesn't necessarily relate to specific parts of the post or its image. That means that when someone posts something you think is "low quality, ironic or otherwise", it's completely subjective, and you have no idea if the person posting it actually wanted to discuss whatever they posted, even if it's a little retarded. You don't like that music related love stories thread, when it's very obvious that OP wanted to start a thread that anyone could contribute to and use to discuss things (even if they also wanted to blogpost). Discussion could have even involved love stories within bands, or in the lyrics of songs. You want me to get rid of it, which makes it the perfect example of how subjective this whole thing is. If it were a more obviously shitty thread, like >>88922 or >>88854, you've got to understand, we share this website with 12 year olds and people with raging autism and genuine retardation. Some of them probably want to discuss dumb bullshit that the rest of us don't like. There is some discussion and contribution in both of those threads. Some of them also just want to shit up the board and piss everyone off for their amusement. In the same way that I would get a catalog flooded with anger directed at me if I deleted all the threads by people like you who aren't completely fucked in the head, I would get just as much if I did what you want me to and use my own discretion and opinion to decide what is and isn't a shitpost, because it's subjective. The only two ways I can think to make this work are for us to come up with better rules that we all agree on which specifically target what we all agree are shitposts (they could be to do with a certain OP wording, or certain memes, or certain parts of the image and so on) or to have some kind of shitty haphazard voting system. I really just don't see what's so horrible about discussing new rules.


File: 713dfc34def850a⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1143, 640:381, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at ….png)

File: fc95ca3f2f32e79⋯.png (690.15 KB, 1920x1151, 1920:1151, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at ….png)

File: 2c301c59a4a5aad⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1920x1142, 960:571, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at ….png)

File: 1b4538d142fa0b4⋯.png (1010 KB, 1920x1139, 1920:1139, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at ….png)


?! /mu/ , you never informed the group formal about how much disco pop is at with everything , including the wifi-live-stream-camera-douche-safe-for-use-to-reduce-stanky , and more amazing , due to africa being the body odor genetic reformist scientists as their cover to rape more people , /mu/ , inform the police you scared dancers , the music makes you dancers , and this is no cost information , at moderate search results , gabriel igelsias , along with chris metzen , shakira , jen lopez , and the rest of the group , remind the people ~ latino , to prepare to use gypsy music , to help catch female tiny girls in the military , screaming for air help , which could blast the brain into fire storm damage , again , this is no cost information , at bing level moderate search results , thanks through Thanks be to Θε Διφινε ινφινιτε υνιτυ , Θε Διφινιτυ , Θε Δελτα-Διφινιτυ ,.



You used to post on /fringe/ all the time. What happened to that?


I was thinking, why the board doesn't have an instrument learning and improvement thread, something like the /v/ Japanese learning or /loomis/, with resources for anons that want to learn playing new instruments and the such.



Do you know how imageboards work? If you want a particular thread to exist, you create it. We've had a lot of instrument threads. If there isn't a live one at the moment, feel free to start one. Also, this board is about a very broad topic. If you're implying we should have a sticky, it wouldn't make sense to have a sticky with instrument learning resources without having a sticky for headphone resources, record player resources, downloading music resources, finding music resources… surely you can see how that would clutter up the board very quickly.


There seems to have been a bit of a de facto rule to not post duplicate threads, since they always get reported and they usually happen to be the same person posting the thread again and being an asshole. Shall we make that an official rule? I'll wait until a few people say something before doing anything. I haven't really been creating bans for it when it happens, just deleting the threads, since there isn't a rule yet.



>suggest that we talk and figure out how to combat shitposting

<people bitch at me for not doing anything

>suggest a rule


oh okay


File: 2025a74941dfc46⋯.png (453.1 KB, 639x428, 639:428, 728904b4f821616eefb1720135….png)


I'd say that it'd be a good rule to have, especially since /mu/ is a relatively slow board.


File: 40b81d4632e6cd8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 127.09 KB, 736x242, 368:121, Spoiler.png)


this kills the eyes


File: 0fae96a031b3fde⋯.png (132.47 KB, 714x230, 357:115, Inspect Element.png)


Inspect element is useful in this situation.




Last bump. Everyone seems to support it anyway but it would be good if other people said something too.



I was thinking of making wordfilters for when people do that so far it's just the one anon on this board but that would take forever. It would be better if they just stopped being dicks.



Could you make a rules.html page?



See >>80860

I'm happy to discuss if you disagree but my opinion is in that post.





It still is needed tho



Since IP hashes are generated every 3 months (I think) and we had this discussion 9 months ago, we're going to need everybody to give an opinion again if I'm bringing them back. That said, so far I'm pretty sure there are three of you including yourself who want IDs back and have said something, and on top of that nobody seems to give a shit about the meta thread anymore since every time I say something it gets maybe one reply. I'm not saying don't try, because if everyone wants something a certain way I'll make it happen, but I don't like your chances.

Post last edited at


Happy new year, boyos


the board stayed pretty tame under anarchy. hopefully the new mods don't rulecuck it to death. music and freedom go hand in hand.


also the rules page was glitched out and 404'd so many couldn't read it.



This board has had a BO since March, faggot.


See >>89884



Fixed. Thanks for the heads up, although, like >>89885 pointed out, you could see all of the rules without entering the thread, so it wasn't completely necessary.


"Why is this a thread" is not a legitimate reason to delete a thread. Every-so-oftenly reminder of the huge block of text with EDIT EDIT EDIT around it in the OP. Saging a sticky because this isn't vitally important.


File: bb8e8ef02c7f3e9⋯.jpg (70.77 KB, 885x665, 177:133, bb8e8ef02c7f3e9fb4dae8ddba….jpg)


So there was an anon shitposting everywhere and I banned them for once since you all keep complaining that I don't delete shitposts enough despite the difficulty of making rules against it (also because they posted a duplicate thread). Now they've sent me a big paragraph as a ban appeal telling me I'm a 4chan-tier rulecuck. Since I can't please any of you fucking people by following my own judgement, what do you all think?



Why do I bother trying to get people's opinions when nobody ever replies to this thread? Whatever, I guess they're staying banned. You'd all complain if they weren't.




sorry bub, I was sleeping while you posted these.

I'm fine with this guy being banned.

For how long was the ban?



Anon who was banned here.

I think it's fair that you ban people who are derailing threads and cluttering the board. But minor shitposting is part of 8chan culture. Minor shitposting is shitposting that's on-topic and doesn't take up any more than 6 threads in all, depending on the thread.

I don't exactly think you're a rulecuck, I just thought that 5 days for posting mainstream metal in the metal thread and making one shitpost music thread was a bit excessive for a site that was born off shitposting and memes.



Look, I don't know if you've ever actually been to this /mu/ before (you don't seem to have been), but it's very different to 4chan /mu/. Nobody here likes shitposts. Every single time someone makes even the simplest shitty thread, there is nothing but complaining and reporting. Every month or so, I get someone sperging out telling me how shitty of a BO I am for not deleting them. The reason I don't tend to ban people just for shitposts is because the definition of the word shitpost tends to have some subjectivity to it, and if I had the power to do that, I would have the power to ban anything I personally don't like. You did break the no duplicate threads rule, so I banned you. The length was also based on the shitposting, because I thought it was an opportunity to see how I could combat what everyone wants me to combat within the rules we all agreed on. Had I banned you for a couple hours or for a day, you would have come back and done the same thing you were doing (which you obviously think is less annoying than everyone else thinks). In that time, there would have been probably a max of 3 or 4 posts, because this is quite a slow board. You made at least 10 shitposts from what I remember. It would have solved nothing, and everyone would have been pissed off at me. The only other option was for you to be pissed off at me. The main point here is that you need to lurk before posting because you clearly don't know the board's culture.



I honestly don't mind shitposts as long as they are within a thread.

It's another story if you push a year old thread out of the catalog and clutter the front page with garbage, only yourself would find funny.


This board is the only reason why i still have ties to 8chan and didn't leave yet, to be honest.

Don't let it die or be swarmed by cuckchanners/reddit BO, you've done good work from what i have seen, but i'm wondering if you are still moderating this board, just to make sure.


File: 59f98abe10167d8⋯.mp4 (5.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, wew sam hyde.mp4)


Yeah, I'm here. Hello. I don't post with the capcode much but this only takes, like, a minute of my time each day, and I'm the BO of two other boards (only one of them actually has users though), so I'm probably not going anywhere yet.

>Don't let it die or be swarmed by cuckchanners/reddit

I don't want that either, but if you've been paying attention long enough, you'll know that none of us can figure out how to do that without me having the power to delete anything I want. So far I've just been anchoring anything that gets reported or complained about with good enough reasons.



> you'll know that none of us can figure out how to do that without me having the power to delete anything I want.

you could just warn newfags to lurk before they post and bully them for acting like rapefugees, and you could take the general consensus of whatever's left of the board into consideration regarding rules. Just remember that much like a country's culture, the userbase defines the board.




Sadly there's not much of us left, so how do we fight a incoming mass migration? I would suggest a different imageboard but there's no good alternatives.



>so how do we fight a incoming mass migration

We call out newfags and warn them to lurk before posting. It's not just 8/mu/ either, a lot of the legacy boards are facing too; and while a lot of people blame /pol/, I suspect it may be something bigger than just /pol/'s autism going haywire. If push comes to shove and we can't do anything about the rapefugees, we do what /animu/ and /games/ did and start fresh



Most splinter boards die though, /animu/ is a rare exception.

On top of this, making another board on this site is just a temporary solution, the main problem is that this site itself is going down the tube.

To be honest the influx is probably caused by 8ch being linked to other sites, they got alot of pipelines here already, and the lack of bullying on the top boards are worrying, pretty sure their BO's have been compromised for a long time now.




>just tell people not to shitpost and they won't shitpost lmao

Oh of course, that'll definitely work. I wholeheartedly agree that it's up to the users to make this board a good place to be by posting what they think are quality threads and replies, but I've been saying that over and over forever and nothing has really changed from my view.



I'm starting to see alot of cuckchan-tier threads on the catalog. Care to check some of them out and possibly remove them?



Did you even read the post you're replying to? This has been an ongoing debate for the last year, anon. Read this >>88178 (or actually probably half my posts in this thread). I've explained why I can't just delete whatever one specific person wants so many times now. Also, considering the only posts you've made on this board have been in this thread complaining about the board, maybe you could consider posting what you think is quality content and bumping the things you don't like down the catalog instead of just complaining.


To the person who reported those YouTube links that weren't embedded properly: yeah right, like I'm going to edit posts every time someone doesn't know how to embed. I would be here all day. You should bully those people into using the embed feature so they stop creating the posts you feel the need to report to me instead of allowing the problem to continue and having someone clean up after them.


File: a9397bf71eb2c69⋯.png (13.19 KB, 300x100, 3:1, AFX bubblebath.png)

Are there any banner slots left?

Because I've got this awful barely readable thing I just made.



Should be up now. We have room for 240 more banners. There used to be a thread when the limit was increased but it 404'd because nobody had any new ideas after a while. If you or anyone else reading this wants any other banners put up, post them here and I'll put them up (as long as nobody hates them and they have something to do with music).



>as long as nobody hates them

you mean the same nobody who posts on this board so often?



How does the board being slow have any relevance to anything?

Oh wait

>hasn't posted here in two months

If you don't like the board being slow, all you and everyone else has to do is post more, dummy. I really don't get why people like you feel the need to come here for the sole purpose of pointing out how slow the board is.


File: e8b866f700eace4⋯.png (319.66 KB, 1280x1106, 640:553, 1524153897363.png)

Reminder that /leftypol/ are still acting like niggers

>b-but it's not on muh board

Don't care nigger, don't let that shit spread



If they're posting about music, they aren't breaking any rules. If they spam it everywhere, they are. So I can't really stop them from having one thread to themselves for leftist music or whatever (just like there could be one for right wing music), but how are they meant to "convert" /mu/ to left-wing ideology if their posts have to be about music? They can't have debates here and stuff unless they derail a thread, and then it's completely obvious that the only reason they're here is to spread their ideology. Thanks for posting either way (especially considering you don't have posting history so you probably came here just because you read it somewhere else).


File: 429cf4743e19335⋯.jpg (200.1 KB, 960x716, 240:179, this is fine.jpg)

I made a thread about concerts in >>/music/94 due to not being able to create the thread here for some reason



Actually you posted that thread like 6 times with a different image and added words each time.



Yeah, the servers would show 502 each time I tried and the threads wouldn't appear.

Sorry about that



It would have been significantly less annoying if it didn't take 20 minutes for me to delete the threads because I was constantly getting those 502 errors myself. Apologies for the ban. I don't remember how long it was but I just wanted to point out that the thread did in fact post in case you went to try again.


>BO is a Serb



Just to address a recent report: I'm not banning people for their political opinions unless they're blatantly posting threads that aren't about music.


What makes you think I'm a Serb?



Because i'm retarded and mistook the Meta Thread's OP for the current BO.


>there's a /leftymu/

Do you know any reason why, BO?

As far as I know you've never stopped people talking about left-wing music.



Oh, are you talking about this? >>6176


No, I haven't, and I'm not about to start. People splinter bigger boards like this one all the time, so I don't know if it's directly related to something I did. There are several metal boards, for example. All of them died a natural death because nobody wants to post on a board with 30 posts all of them by the same two or three people and the last one was a month ago. It seems to happen especially with /leftypol/ for some reason, in terms of the bigger boards in general. I was going to post a screencap of all boards with the tag "leftism" but the search function here doesn't seem to be working. If the BO of /leftymu/ has a problem with the way this board is run, they could always mention it here. I think if it is related to this board's management, it'll be because of >>92472 , and if not, well, whatever, they can do whatever they want.


Millionth reminder in regards to shitposting, because of a recent report: if a thread is about music and it doesn't break any other rules, I'm not deleting it. Come up with a rule that specifically bans the threads you don't like and leaves the constructive threads that fit the vague definition of "shitposting" and then I'll be able to. Otherwise, I would have the power to delete anything I want.



It's over a year later and I STILL hate this change.

Holy fuck, time flies. Before checking this thread I would have sworn this was only two or three months ago.



Well you're also still the minority in this context.



Nah people jusr stopped giving a fuck



There's a /leftyweebpol/ and probably some leftist flavour of /v/ and other hobby/art boards as well. It's just commies being too autistic to want to talk to anyone who is against their ideas as usual.


Oh boy do I love it when newfags report everything they don't like under the assumption that I'm actually going to delete anything that doesn't break the rules. This is meant to be a hint to stop


>tfw saw /mu/ on the front page for half an hour

w-we can do it, bros



holy shit, have a reply then

the absolute state of 8dong when /mu/ is on front page



it was like last board there, but still, we posted hard that day, probably 10 posts.


File: cdad50124ee4b1e⋯.jpg (252.81 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, retro_plakatok2.jpg)


Mostly because ARF

I remember when there was no ARF for 2 months when Nile went missing, and /mu/ was fucking dead and up for claiming. Call yourselves fucking lucky we got a non-fag BO who claimed the board and not a shitposter who could've just deleted everything and kill the board


File: 112aba451b58c18⋯.jpg (168.1 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1240295_10201722003076724_….jpg)



Why the fuck are you posting your self promotion in the meta thread ya big dummy


Ironically, even thought I took over the board, I barely ever post here anymore.



it's a holy war :(


File: 236c2aed52088ea⋯.jpg (14.56 KB, 196x264, 49:66, 62516_1643941705041_703372….jpg)

There's Something About Binnie



Why did you post this in the meta thread why did you post this at all





Mr. BO

I was thinking, maybe we could get the dice feature onto this board.

It's a slow board, so rolling GETS sucks




Please chime in, do you think we should get the dice feature enabled?




you sure you want to give non-posting members of /mu/ the impression of having significant vote over board configuration? nevertheless, as soon as they reply, they stop being lurkers..



Anyone chiming in at all would have been nice, but clearly nobody gives a shit.



I'm neutral on the idea. Post numbers are good enough for me.




>lurk anonymous board

>hey guys log you up here



To the anon who appealed their ban with “what self promotion threads” and “I am not the artist” (there’s no way to talk with banned people so I have to post this here). You’ve been here for at least four months and the majority of your posts are of the one artist with videos that all have views in the double digits. It’s very obvious that you’re in some way affiliated with this music, whether you're going to lie about it or not. Now, if you’d read the rules at any point, you’d have seen the part that says “if it isn't on Bandcamp or SoundCloud, post it in either of those threads anyway”. Those are the self promotion threads. They’re almost always at the top of the catalog, and they’re mentioned in the rules, so you have no excuse for not knowing about them. I didn’t come up with these rules, the rest of the users did. If you don’t like it, maybe this isn't the place for you. I’ve unbanned you, but please actually read the rules this time.



Hey, can you do something about all the random news thread that anon is posting? They don't have much to do with /mu/.



Last time I was here it was just the first one about Kanye West, and he is a musician. All these newer ones since then were posted between times, so I hadn't seen them, and they're all either definitely not /mu/ related or they're duplicate threads (there might also still be a Kanye West thread in the catalog somewhere so I might get rid of that first one too). Consider using the report function next time.



The report function is actually rather broken. I've contacted other BOs before, most notably Mark from /v/, and tested this. I managed to confirm that reports often don't go through. Probably because 8chan is a poorly coded PIECE OF SHIT

I actually reported two of his threads, but judging by your reacting I'm assuming the server flushed those.


Reddit recently banned a subreddit because it was called waterniggas

it was a subreddit about water memes

fucking lmao



wew wrong board

>cannot delete post because password field is empty!

I really hate this site sometimes



If it was the two reports I got for the newer threads that were posted between >>100404 and >>100423 then yes, I did get those reports, but obviously that's after the threads referred to in >>100403 so it's not about the original threads. I don't know why they're doing it but they seem to be posting news stories from this one website, each post from a unique IP with no posting history, and seemingly while I'm asleep. Whenever this kind of thing happens they usually get bored after a while so I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you.


>he goes on reddit

I'm going to leave this here because of that.



He meant to post that in a /b/ thread about hating reddit, people were discussing dumb shit reddit admins were doing.



To the people who reported >>100699, it is in fact related to music. OP is too much of a dunce to post a link to it or its name or anything related to it other than this album cover that even Tineye couldn't find and a two-word message. I would like to say again that if any of you want threads or posts like that (or the other one that was reported) deleted, come up with a rule against them that won't ruin the board and we can all discuss it here.


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Some anons from /vg/, specifically /vgmg/, were wondering if it is possible if they could setup a music night stream with /mu/? I was hoping if it was possible that it could happen as an after-party for the ARF listen-along streams or it could be scheduled separately and hopefully becomes a recurring event. I don't know if I should ask you or Spalding since he runs the cytube room. I think it could introduce an interesting relationship just like with /vg/ & /animu/.




I don't really see what you'd need me for if you're doing a cross-board stream. You could try posting this in the ARF thread and seeing if they want to take part, or just start a thread, but it's kind of irrelevant to the mod duties.



Ok, just asking.

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