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So I'm in a new band I started in May and we just put out a 25 minute long EP back in September and I've been trying to set up a show here in Toronto for the past couple weeks. I've got two folk songwriters as an easy supporting act and experience playing live before with my old band before we broke up and I haven't played a show in 2 years due to school, depression, dropping out and then going back and now finally making music again.

So I have a three act bill that I'm emailing small venues about (100-200 or less people) and the first email I get from some nobody venue 4 minutes after sending was "we don't think your the best fit for us" when their venue plays Pet Sounds cover bands and a broad range of music that we fit under.

We have bandcamp and soundcloud support bases but we have no significant facebook or twitter, is this why we can't get attention for hosting shows despite past success? How the fuck do you even get billed for small shows now? Is facebook numbers literally the only thing these bookers look at or do i literally have to shill to a promoter even for wanting to put on a small show on a monday or tuesday night?



yeh I hear you need facebook

but I'm speaking from a friend's experience, and I'm also in Europe


I can't play live because I'm blacklisted throughout the midwest. some townspeople like me but that's as far as it gets.



How come? Top kek.n


No matter how much you might struggle to find a place, do not play somewhere where they make you sell a certain number of tickets. Seriously, avoid that shit like the plague. I'm not from the US or Canada, so I don't really know what it's like booking shows there, but surely in a big place like Toronto you'll find somewhere if you keep looking. Otherwise, if you have friends in bands that actively play, you could try bugging them about it and give up on the thing you have now for the time being. You could also ask those other people you're going to possibly be playing this gig with if they could sort it out.


Story time anon, you can't just say that and then abandon thread



>I can't play live because I'm blacklisted throughout the midwest

How the hell did you get blacklisted from playing in the midwest of all places?


Well the once place I did get a response back from me to their fees for hosting a show and its just under $1000 for rent, security and audio tech however the capacity for the venue is over 300 people and we're way too early for something that big.

Still I did find 2 bands who were down to play a show so hopefully that helps get us into a smaller venue around 100-150 capacity.


Okay well I finally got a show, now I gotta hope the other acts are okay with playing at a 150 person capacity venue

So after whatever costs we burden whats a reasonable percentage of the cover that we should give the supporting artists playing with us? Since we're organizing the whole thing I was thinking they'd split 50% of the gross or would even splits among all of be better provided they have actual followings and we don't.

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