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File: fcf31b3e6c2547b⋯.jpeg (16.82 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 371B7353-BF46-485F-AB6B-8….jpeg)


Have any of you worked at a venue? Maybe like 5% of you have and i’m one of them. So i worked at a small club in LA from 1989 to mid 2004. It was a mainly punk club with a lot of underground bands that disappeared but every once in a while one band would play right before they hit big. I remember hearing that soundgarden played a show right as my shift ended so i heard maybe the first three songs but i have no idea what they were. I did however hear and record full sets from nirvana and green day.

Nirvana i believe played in august of 1990 with the drumer of the melvins i think. I recorded soundcheck and the show. i can’t remember the setlist fully but they played for sure in bloom, love buzz, school, lithium, negative creep, and blew plus at soundcheck they played paper cuts and mexican seafood, kinda as it was more of a jam than the actual song with it turning into a improv solo after the second chorus. my guess is that no one remembered how to play the song fully. I remember making a copy for myself and one for my friend who after kurt’s death asked me for copy so he could go to trading circles and use my tape to get rarer shows. I haven’t listened to the tape in 15 or so years and i can’t find it so i can’t upload it. I thought it was on live nirvana but no one knows that this even happened.

The more interesting item i had was two green day concerts, one from early 94, and the other 04 right before i quit. The 94 concert was right as longview started to appear on the radio but this show had like 100 people when the max capacity was 250 so it really wasn’t that big.They just went on stage, checked that everything was working, then started playing. The setlist was really weird as having a blast, in the end, and pulling teeth were played and this was the only time they played the songs on the tour and wouldn’t til 2013! I might have the cassette with this show somewhere but i probably won’t upload it unless i transfer it.

The last show i recorded was a 2004 show they did before they left for a gig in japan. They played under a pseudonym that i can’t remember but i know that me and the staff knew that green day were playing. This show was werid in that it was just green day with their touring guitarist. The sound check was also strangely long with them playing too much too soon, stuck with me, and some tracks off nimrod like nice guys finish last. I remember that i asked if too much too soon would be on the new album and one of the guys said it was a leftover from an album that was 75% complete before they decided that it wasn’t as good as they hoped it would be. Also they told me that some of the tracks on the scrapped record were merged into tracks on American while some might be recorded as b sides. The main setlist was like a proto verson of the actual setlist for the tour with American idot, jesus of suburbia, Holiday, and WMUWSE being played but there also was Letterbomb,Chump before longview,A bit of Burnout,Shoplifter, and J.A.R. This show ended with time of your life but during the bridge it turned into a full on jam with people stage diving and the whole place just exploded into chaos. After that they walked off and i was just shocked of how good they played.I recorded the show digitaly and multi tracked so i might find a recording on my computer and i may post after mixing the tracks. I quit as the place soon closed after green day played so i now work at another punk venue which is kinda unknown so i don’t feel like giving it’s name.


Story's kinda interesting but all of those bands are plebeian trash tbh



Fuck off, hipster.



The shows in this post seem very plausible as they seem to match up with setlists from the same time. According to setlist.fm, nirvana played in august of 1990 in california and there’s a few gaps in between dates so they might have played the show in between the 12th to the 22nd. Green day probably played in late february of 94 as many of the first concerts on their dookie tour were in california and there’s a few days between some gigs. The 2004 green day show is very interesting as Green Day has played shows under fake names but those happened in 2009 so this might be the most unknown show that so few people went to it. I believe that this might have been a warm up show before they left for the festivals they headlined so they could try playing around with the set and see what songs would be good for the set.



>you don't like the same music as me? You're a hipster douchebag

Have fun with your power chords in 4/4 with verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus structure ad nauseum the rest of your life.




progressive faggot detected



Cool story but this reminded me of that time one of my friends recorded that nirvana off ramp concert and another one from a month later. guy did a secret soundboard recording as he knew one of the sound guys and he recorded the full set from the opener to the final note. He also brought a cassette recorder and recorded the final songs as he was unsure if the soundboard would cut out and it cut out a few times but less than the surfaced recording. i remember that Radio friendly unit shifter from his aud recording surfaced along time ago but i know for a fact that there is a soundboard verson of the entire 2nd half of the show with this song plus the actual tape this is sourced from sounds better. The other show i believe was the second to last show they did which was on 12/26 or 28 but this show was more of a show they did on the spot as they just played without a sound check and my friend didn’t know they were playing until the day of show. Luckily my friend worked at the venue so he recorded it with barely any cuts straight off the soundboard. They played a great show that was full of energy. I found a piece of paper that had the set list but with a catch, most of the songs were mislabeled. Some are kinda simple like beat it (aneurysm), what is wrong with me? (radio), penny royalty ( pennyroyal tea), and i think i’m dumb (dumb) but then there’s more harder ones like living in the sea (all apologies) and wear high heels (lounge act). Those two were labeled after early lyrics but the hardest are the ones that some one who really only knows about the main albums and unplugged aka me would have no understanding of. one is named not gonna which i thought was scoff but scoff is listed a few tracks before this one and there’s one called lost my voice which i have no clue what song it could be. I’ll try finding the set list and i’ll type it out.



I believe that not gonna is actually token eastern song as it it starts with i’m not gonna make it through or something simular to that. Lost my voice might be on a plain because in the first known versions of on a plain kurt says i lost my voice or i heard a voice. This show could have easily happened as around late 1990 the band was revisiting more older songs and rewriting some of them while also playing new songs that could have been a written a month or even a week before they premired them. The 1/1 1991 session is a perfect example of this as there was the new songs from late 1990 (On a Plain,Aneurysm, and All apologies) but they also played songs from 1989 that were abandoned by time chad left and were full on scrapped after this session (even in his youth and TES). I know this because i’m a nirvana autist and i ain’t pround of it.




Anon who posted about the december nirvana show here and i have a setlist to share. I can’t take photos so here’s the setlist


2. school

3. floyd the barber

4. stay away

5. in bloom


7.Radio friendly


9.been a son

10. sliver

11 verse chorus verse

12 dive

13 scoff

14 paper cuts

15 negative creep

16 partical jam ( endless nameless ?)

17 love buzz

18 big chesse

19 Token eastern song

20 even in his youth

21 lounge act

22 blew plus “rant into encore”

23 spank thru

24 about a girl

25 dumb

26 pennyroyal tea

27 sifting

28 on a plain

29 all apologies

30 lithium

31 “rage song” (maybe tourettes or territorial pissings?)

32 endless nameless

That’s all for now. i need to find the tape and not it’s track listing



So if this set is real that means that 1. probably most songs on nevermind were played in 1990 2. endless nameless may have been at one point an actual song as the first recorded performance says that it’s a new song and 3. this set may have so secretive that not even live nirvana has a record of this happening.



A 2004 green day show that doesn’t have the same fucking setlist as every other show? Interesting.



Who knows what other nirvana shows happened but were forgotten to even the extreme nirvana autists. I know there’s their sao paulo concert that despite being apparently the biggest concert they ever had, has only half of the set circulating. image how little of a chance that a un heard of concert for 28 years would be released with at least 2 songs through reddit or this thread.


Billie Jean Armstrong should familiarize himself with firearms much like Kurt did.


Op is massive fucking fag because he can’t spell set list as two words.



I have a sneaking suspicion that most of the “unreleased” Nirvana material and live shows. There’s tons of stuff that either has surfaced in low quality,leaked with missing parts, some collector has a copy but won’t release it, or simply something no one expect kurt’s family or friends know existed.

Another box set could pull from many things like the in utero rehearsal tapes, soundchecks, early versions of songs on cassettes, the tape that includes talk to me (the only known non concert version of the song), maybe the remaining tracks from the nevermind demos.

I find it a shame that with the lights out had only a few live tracks aside from the dvd. I would love to see a entire disc of just obscure live tracks that haven’t surfaced or are just better sounding from sbd sources. The sao paulo show’s scentless apprentice could see it’s way on here plus why not the full kaos radio show performance of 1990 and also how about the library show of 1991 because that could have easily made it on wtlo.



Surprised no one out of this website has acknowledged this. Would expect Green Day/ Nirvana autists to implode on this single post.



You're on /mu/, hipster-douchebag central, and you expect people to be excited about radio pleb shit?



Tip anon: screenshot this entire thread and post it on reddit. I bet plebs will go autistic in minutes.




There was once a time when a band like Nirvana wouldn't get airplay. It's called the mid 80s, back when noisy punk was underground. You weren't alive back then (most of you I surmise) so….. take a hike to your mom's house



There was a time when boogie woogie wouldn't have gotten played on the radio. You have become your parents, and you ad hom at me because you can't take it. Nirvana are extremely commercial. Get over yourself.



I remember that one of my friends went down to São Paulo and he video taped the whole show plus he also saw them at rio but only taped the first 3 songs. The show started at midnight or something and ended at 1:30 i believe. My friend was at the back of the venue and the footage was of mixed quality. After 10 or so songs, chris threw his bass off stage and this is where the show started to desend into madness. They play new wave polly with a solo and kurt just abruptly ends the song and jams on what i believe was milk it? Someone from the audience gets on stage and yells d7 into the mic before security knocks him back into the crowd. They start playing d7 before they just give up and play the fast part as they kept messing up the first part.

After that the surfaced audio fills in the blanks but right after the audio cuts, kurt smashed the hell out of his guitar before he went crowd surfing.He got up on stage after like 10 minuets of breaking his guitar and letting some kid have the headstock and he got a 3rd guitar after destroying the 2 others.Heart shaped box begins with a false start before the song actually starts.Before the solo, the guitar cut out and kurt tried to fuck up his amp but he couldn’t so instead he climbed atop a pole and ripped a studio light right off.

The shit show slows down as the guitar is restored and the song is finished.

Kurt then looks at one of those news cameras and does a quick rape me tease before he throws the very damaged studio light at one guy before scentless apprentice starts.This version of the song was basically a jam with it taking 3 minutes for lyrics to come in. The “solo” came right after the first chorus with some footage existing of the very beginning and the very end.Kurt at one point jammed his guitar into an amp and just walked around while the band slowly stopped playing and after that he just messed with the guitar until it broke then he left the stage.

My friend has tons of video tapes so i might find it .


>bragging about seeing Greenday and Nirvana

Faggot detected- Oh wait you're from LA. Faggot not necessary to detect, it's a given. Hang yourself, faggot.



I don’t get why faggots like Op post about such normie bands on 8Chan. Op may be a normie himself but how would he know how to post on this anti normie website.


File: 8bb4e926d6724b4⋯.jpeg (159.73 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 4483957238.jpeg)





I agree with you but you clearly haven't been here very long.


I used to work at at a venue back in the late 90's too. It was shit work but you get your dick sucked every few days by some underaged hottie just to let them in. A few bands I saw became famous but not to the level that mainstream radio would pick them up.


These mythical nirvana shows remind me of how my friend worked on the with the lights out boxset. He worked at Geffen and was the guy who made a rough tracklist from the recordings they had gathered by late 2003 or early 04. Originally it was to contain around 90 or more tracks with about 15 live tracks.

There was also supposed to be more material from the many rehearsal tapes like unplugged’s tapes.One of the most interesting tapes they found was the 1992 in utero demo tape which included the scentless apprentice found on the released boxset. The tape had almost every song on in utero except for heart shaped box which they might have jammed on but i don’t think they got past the main riff. A cooler find was the 94 rehearsals. The jesus don’t want me for a sunbeam on the boxset is from this tape and it’s a shame none of the other tracks made it. The tape was split into 2 parts, acoustic and electric. The acoustic setlist is online and it doesn’t miss any songs but no one has talked about the electric set. The set featured every song they would play on the 94 tour with you know you’re right and milk it appearing as well. It was a great performance if i remember correctly.

The 15 live tracks were ment to be spread across the dvd and the cd’s.Alot of the soundboard recordings would be put on cd while sbd recordings with video were on the dvd with some amt sources mixed with audience recordings also apearing. The crocodile cafe show was one of the first found and mtv had the first 5 songs in some what low quality. A better quality video was from the king performance center show in 1993 where someone of the staff recorded around 85% of the show.Also the roseland ballroom show was fully recorded and it may get released.

The only reason i know this is because my friend copied some of the tapes onto disc and let me listen to them with him. He can’t find the disc so i can’t upload it plus geffen would just take it down.


This post is about small venues but I had a copy of some bootleg that contained high quality audio from that Smashing Pumpkins Double Door show. It was 2 90 min cassette tapes with one of the full shows, i don’t remember what the date was. The name of the bootleg was something like live and loud at double door with a sticker saying fm quality audio. I sold it for $15 8 years ago i think. It came back to me while i was reading this thread and i took a hour trying to re-find this tape or simply a rip.



I bet to god that Billy Corgon is just hoarding like 700 tapes of shows he knows people want but he lays on them til the 30th anniversary and 9/10 he still won’t release anything. Also he likes to let things leak then just sue anyone who has it.



I wonder if all of the soundboard recordings have surfaced yet as it seems that we have every sbd source recording known expect for a few but my question is was there any recordings that only geffen knows about and aren’t known to the public to even exist?



Cool story bro



He seems to be pretty good at shutting down leaks of any sort. Those leaks he’ll “sue” over have vanished from the internet as i can’t find any recordings. I’ve searched all over and found nothing so far. I’d rather find these plus the other leaks over the unconfirmed nirvana and green day shit.



If you really think about it, every single band in this galaxy has at least 1 show that is forgotten by everyone.



There has only been 2 leaks from the sbd sourced shows. One was the 1992 madrid show which had a slightly different mix from the surfaced version. The other was the world theater show which was the only show with songs on the released boxset. A pair shows that have soundboard audio that aren’t currently surfaced are the Aragon Ballroom shows. These two hold the only known performances of You Know Your Right and Love Buzz on the in utero tour. Surprised that these two have not surfaced in some form yet.



Jeez, you have perfect memory or something because you remember all this but don’t leak it? You’re basically the nirvana godfather at this point with all the unknown info you’ve been posting. I ask, what do you have in your archives? Seems like there’s something to leak in this thread.



I think we all know that the boxset was butchered from the start with the lawsuit and all the material cut from it. It’s a shame because if there was all this on the boxset, it would be miles better.



I remember attending one of those shows 20 something years ago. It was pretty cool hearing all the new songs with that amazing foghat cover they did near the end. Wish I could find a recording as there’s none circulating. There was no cameras or taping allowed so I guess no audio exists unless it’s soundboard material.



Any plans of maybe releasing some of these through live albums or even deluxe editions?



So did you know about that rehearsal tape that got leaked a few weeks ago?


So anyone hear about those Green Day demos being partially leaked?



Yo if you still come here, did you record any of the underground bands?



I recorded some of the more experimental and odd bands. The only band i remember was one called STD Koolaid. They would just fuck around for a hour or two while playing really retarded songs. They usually would play late at night so i would be on the soundboard recording their shit shows. The last show they played was in 03 so i have no clue where they went afterwords. They might have released an album or two but there's no way anyone outside of the band has a copy.

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