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File: 78d7f744f009cc0⋯.jpg (27.13 KB, 500x378, 250:189, big-butt.jpg)


I can only seem to be able to enjoy music from the previous century, some from the 00s but after that everything sounds so generic and watered down to me, I mean maybe there are som songs here and there that I might find good but I haven't heard anything that actually sticks out, where I think "Wow this song is amazing", I guess drum & bass was the last great genre that mixed a lot of different styles which made it very diverse. Is it just nostalgia? or was music just better in the 19th century?



I think you're not looking in the right places and you're dangerously close to le born in the wrong generation



i wanna live in her asshole



There's a cool band called Ghost. Maybe you'd like them. There's still good music being made, you just have to stray from the mainstream to find it.



Mainstream music has become homogenized and replaced with paint-by-numbers dreck (since normalfriends tend to listen to anything they're spoon-fed by the media). There's good underground music out there today, but it can be a huge pain to wade through it all due to the sheer volume of music being released.

Part of it is due to how easy it is to make and release music these days compared to how it was in the past. There's a ton of people out there sticking to preset sounds and genre trappings, especially in certain styles of electronic music. While these aren't inherently bad things, a lack of adventurousness on the part of the creator isn't going to result in the same type of unique artistic fingerprint they'd develop otherwise.

It also doesn't help that pretty much any musical idea you can think of has been done before (and probably better).

While there's never been a better time to make music, that can have its downsides as a listener.

On the positive side, it's easier than ever to listen to access older styles of music.



I'm not a fedora but I definitely feel popular music was better in the "old days". Can you really compare, say; swing, big band jazz, or bossa nova - widely listened to by an ever-shrinking urban, sophisticated middle-class - to the pop music of today?

It's also really difficult to find anything truly innovative, I agree with the op that drum & bass and house was the last really original genre of music.



It is literally the case that popular music has been getting more samey, but why bother with that?

More music is released now than ever before and also you can access all the old stuff you could want, just look in the right places and you'll find music you like.



>19th century

>drum & bass


To answer your question:

1. Music became "safe". Both mainstream producers and indies don't want to experiment with new styles, either out of laziness or out of fear of failure. Following in others' footsteps is a more guaranteed success than trying something new.

2. The industry is becoming more and more nepotistic. It's always the same labels charting and hence the same artists, either because only they can afford the promo or simply because they're in bed with all mainstream music outlets, who want to control what the masses listen to.

But if you look at it objectively, the mainstream industry has always been more or less like this, it only got much worse recently but in past decades the situation was very similar… If you want good music then stick to the underground, and as that other anon said you will have to sift through a lot of shit to find what you want.


because of niggers


>I can only seem to be able to enjoy music from the previous century,

it is because your music IQ is too big. or on the contrary you got scrombled, slapped to still life, you can't feel hype. anyway, a good thing – music was a psy op. the psy op. the piper, you know? he leads you astray. so you better stick to the streaming screaming black meme man mixes.

listen this



may I ask you your preferences? and for what reason do you listen – or is it a daily activities soundtrack/sweet sounds to relax to


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's hard to say. I listen to a lot of different styles but tend to go for music that's energetic and catchy or more reflective and atmospheric (mainly electronic music). The latter is what I prefer if I'm reading something or otherwise trying to maintain concentration.

There are certain eras I come back to, especially the period from the 1980s through the early '90s. I think a lot of popular music from the first half of the 20th century is really underrated, too.



o, thank you! I'm enjoying what you have shared.



>the first half of the 20th century

You mean the 21st, right?





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No problem.


No, I mean ragtime, Tin Pan Alley songs, early jazz (like the kind of dance bands jazz snobs hate), and stuff like that.


It's crap, people say look in other places for good music, I did and its still crap.



Then why are you here? get some other hobby then



If this doesn't give you an erection op, get checked for e.d.



To expand on your point:

It's the long march of the industry going from finding that they can sell recorded music in the early 19xxs to refining what music sells the best, pushing any artistic liberty to the wayside, sticking to the 4 chord formula engineered to sell well to teenagers.

Record labels may have started with "swing, big band jazz, or bossa nova" but they found out that rock and roll sold better, and then found out that disco sold better … and then found out trap rap sells better.

OP might also be shocked that Hollywood movies have been declining in quality for the same reason.

Conclusion: Jews


>Hasn't found symphonic progressive folk djent psychedelic jazz fusion

Try harder faggot.


Jews figured out they could use popular music to subvert culture. That's why 99.99% of all modern day popular music is degenerate awful shit.



Systematic destruction of culture, identity, history and the means of creation by enforcing the copyright scheme to drive a wedge between mankind and their ability to build on the creations of their ancestors. Also used to rob and hoard mankind's creations to be used against them. Everything you see or listen to today is only produced to keep you docile, while the remaining true content creators are driven into extinction by taking away their chances to become established artist. This happens when an artist creates something worthwhile, at which point he immediately gets bought out and separated from his creation by signing a contract.



>What happened to music

niggers and jews



Wrong. In europe it wasn't jews, but people like ie Martin Mills we all now that european nations, unlike burgerland, had once culture other than burger one

>The whole point [of independent music publishing] is not giving people what they want but what they are going to want.

The dichotomy he presented is retarded. What's wrong with music is that it is industry, capitalism managed to capitalize art.

What's also wrong is that the music lost its place. You hear music in "malls", while in metro, in restaurant etc.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This video makes the case that popular music has been getting worse, and there is scientific evidence for it.

I haven't particularly listened to any mainstream Western music in ages. There's so much other music easily available now–too much, even.



Everytime I see this argument I think to myself how the hell could someone not find a decent amount a music made after 00s they like. It isn't hard to find great music today you just gotta search and not be a normie with nothing but a brain stem. Go on bandcamp and wander around, click random suggested music on youtube, go to the discover playlist on spotify, do anything that could help you discover new music because you obviously aren't doing it. Also,

>drum & bass


Made me laugh.


File: 4980cf691df4484⋯.png (302.6 KB, 900x841, 900:841, millennials.png)


File: 521f8aabcb4f057⋯.jpg (40 KB, 350x350, 1:1, new cover artist.jpg)

If you hate music so much I put this shitware disasterpiece out today


>black noise

>ambient noise




This is not a self promotion thread faggot




Imagine me giving a shit


most importantly, so i'll say it first, even though it would make more sense after the second line, listen to each song with your full attention, do nothing else during that time. make sure you fully listen to it, don't just hear it.

for each of your acquaintances, query them for their favourites, if you like anything, save a copy, including metadata.

for each song you like, query databases for other songs by those artists.

and make sure to track which are your favourites, why they are your favourites.

the reason you have difficulty finding good contemporaneously composed music that is good is not because philistines suddenly, just before we existed, flooded society, but because past crap is disused. society always was, always will be–majorly, at least (we do not exclude the eccentric cases from our view, wherein the masses seemingly spontaneously display a perfectly decent taste or two, but include them as the rare counter-examples serving to underline the average. in all likelihood, such memories disuse the ignorant masses)–full of philistines. our job as cultured men is to maintain the good, and disuse the bad, so posterity can respect this time as we respect that time: the ever progressing golden-age just past. (of course, the annals have recorded all, regardless of future use)



Music production has become easier. Music theory and instrument technique, however, remain as difficult as always.

Thus, musicians have progressively leaned their creative efforts towards the process of creating specific sounds for their songs and recording them, which also creates jobs throughout the whole industry (i. e. hiring engineers, renting overhyped studio houses, manufacturer sponsorships, outsourcing editors, etc.). Performance-wise, they rely on recreating the sounds they've recorded on a live show that summons large audiences instead of using their musicians' crafts to perform an abstract piece of music in the specific mood of the moment.

On the other hand is the old process of writing music focusing on its abstract qualities, it requires concentration, patience, deep analysis, technique, education and most of all, a strike of inspiration.

This old process gives the industry no economic boost whatsoever, since it's mostly spontaneous and recquires the artist(s) to be isolated for long periods of time -wether practicing, playing (not performing) or writing- instead of making public appearances, greeting fans and sponsors, in short, generating revenue.

Musicians with good technique specialize themselves in it so they can be the stars of the freak shows organized by instrument manufacturers and live off their sponsorships, or from being session musicians to shitty artists, therefore rendering their creative muscle completely limp.

>tl;dr capitalism has ruined it for music by rendering potentially good musicians into mere stage performers.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This. If you're listening to surface level music you're going to get surface level enjoyment. Maybe you'll like this.

If you genuinely cannot enjoy new music anymore you're either old, burnt out, not looking hard enough, or maybe all three.

Take a break. When you get back less "music must have a lot of shit going on to be interesting" and more "this song elicits a pleasurable emotional response."



I want the sauce of that pic OP.



That album is some good shit






>you're dangerously close to le born in the wrong generation

Sadly this is exactly my case


File: 970fb6da39bf178⋯.png (8.99 KB, 446x554, 223:277, D0FL6roU0AA_R-a.png)

Who cares? Nothing's forcing you to listen to the latest music. I like being one or two years behind from present music to pick up songs i missed on. Finding new outstandingly good stuff is always gonna be harder even with the aid of the internet.

And even if you're a social faggot and just want to impress your friends without sounding like an autist, no one's really going to judge you even for listening to 1960's music.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's a combination of a few things. First and foremost is the rise of digital downloads for music slashing album sales. This is important because it led to a myriad of factors that created the current, no-risk environment we see today. As a result of the sudden decline in record sales many major labels faced either bankruptcy or merging/being bought out be even larger labels. Where there were once 8+ "major" record labels, there are now 3: Sony, Universal, and Warner. These 3 labels also own many smaller labels, to the point where being an "indie" label just means they're not owned by those 3 giants. With so few major labels and album sales dwindling, the best bet labels have is choosing a few, safe, guaranteed acts to push and promote to hell and back. They tap highly proven songwriters with a long track record of hits, and the biggest producers in the game.

Behind the scenes of all this is quantizing, loudness wars, etc. While the birth of the DAW was a huge boon for low-budget producers and artists, the digitization of music led to a "stiffness" felt most in rock and metal. All that is stuff I'm not as educated on so I won't go in further, here's a link by a pretty successful producer on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFaRIW-wZlw (he hyperbolizes a lot but he makes his point by the end).

I do know for a fact that the guy in >>98837 is full of shit, he mispronounced timbre not only the first time, but even when he went back to correct himself. The research he cites pertains only to timbrel diversity in a very small sample of music, which is merely a symptom of the problem. The format of this rebuttal is cancer but it's thorough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfNdps0daF8

As always vid related is relevant



>The format of this rebuttal is cancer but it's thorough

His "argument" against the video is that a single word was mispronounced. Get the fuck out of here.



>a running joke throughout

>the entire video

I guess you missed the part where he explained how timbral diversity doesn't mean what he thinks it means. Or where the study's definition of "harmonic complexity" simply refers to the amount of chords used (which doesn't actually denote any complexity), or where he points out the the study the entire video is predicated on used a tiny dataset not indicative of any of the majority of music being produced, or where he shits all over the guy's claim that the song machine writes the "vast majority" of pop when in reality they account for less than 10% (a sizable amount, no doubt, but vast majority it is not). Sit down, retard.



It was the first thing your own post mentioned, and the video just keeps going on, on, on, on, on, on, on and on about it. I turned it off eventually since it was obviously not going to make any arguments. Sit down, retard.


File: b970c072cfdf690⋯.jpg (24.57 KB, 283x283, 1:1, d6qnzh4-e9b6bdc3-07d6-47a5….jpg)


>I didn't watch the video

>But I know what the content is

>denying the truth of trips

Just give up



I never said I didn't watch it. I said:

>I turned it off eventually since it was obviously not going to make any arguments.

Sit down, retard.



kikes and niggers ruined music.

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