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1 minute and 10 seconds into this video, Lemmy says:

>if this bloody thing is ever gonna work out properly, then we all have to intermarry and screw each other blind and get to be coffeeish


why does every faggot making shit threads on this fucking board always doublepost like a retard



Music is for retards.



Oh no I thought cfuz he liked Iron Crosses he'd be as much of an autistic racetard as I was shit I can't listen to Motorhead anymore pack it up boyssss


If you can't separate the art from the artist then you probably shouldn't be listening to music. Almost all your heroes are socialist or progressive.



"muh autism"

go back to cuckchan

everyone here is autistic you shitstain show some goddamn respect.

I understand Lemmy is likely drunk here and your musicians =/= not idols.




You mean someone who doesn't bury their head in the sand when it comes to genetics and human group dynamics?


This. Lemmy was just a man of his time, and OP is a sperg.



Because the browser froze after my first attempt

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