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8ch owner Jim Watkins compares the confrontation at his home by VICE to Nazi persecution of Jews

Mr Watkins,the white nationalist owner of the white nationalist image board 8ch, also known as the toxic pit of the internet, mentions nazis and brown shirts 22 times in the video that he posted on his youtube channel

His home was visited by award winning Vice reporter Elle Reeve, known for Vice’s documentary about the Charlottesville alt-right tiki torch march

She was invited into Mr watkin' house by a confused filipino boy in a dress, while Mr Watkins was in his bedroom with his other kids

She was trying to get the scoop on 8chan after the recent postings by alt right terrorists who admire Mr Watkins for making a platform for them to express their views.

He references his baseball bat that he was tempted to use to smash the skull of MS Reeves and her Jewish producer.

There may have been some live streaming of the event inside the home that may be illegal to use on the Vice web site


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Owners of Biblical Noah's Ark Replica Sue Over Rain Damage to Property

The owner of the life-size replica of Noah’s Ark in Northern Kentucky has sued its insurers for refusing to cover rain damage.

Ark Encounter, which unveiled the 510-foot-long model in 2016, says that heavy rains in 2017 and 2018 caused a landslide on its access road, and its five insurance carriers refused to cover nearly $1 million in damages.

In a 77-page lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court, Ark Encounter asks for compensatory and punitive damages.

The ark itself was not damaged and the road has been rebuilt, according to the suit.


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Cuckservative British PM Theresa May To Resign Amid Revolt

UK Prime Minister Theresa May could announce her resignation from the office on Friday after a cabinet mutiny and another high-profile resignation over her Brexit plan, the Times has reported.

Rumours about May’s doomed premiership have long circulated but they have intensified in recent days after members of her cabinet turned on her, following May’s offer of a potential second referendum on Brexit.

On Wednesday, Andrea Leadsom, head of the House of Commons and prominent Leave campaigner, delivered a fresh blow to the PM by resigning from her position after announcing her fundamental disagreement with May’s stance on Brexit.

So far Theresa May has managed to resist the mounting pressure on her crumbling leadership, saying that as long as she is in charge, it is her “duty” to try to get her Brexit deal through parliament. However her new proposal was met with a massive backlash even from those who supported her before.

It is well known Theresa May was deliberately trying to sabotage Brexit all along, another stooge of the (((establishment))).



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Exxon predicted exactly in 1982 the 415 ppm of CO in the global atmosphere

Atmospheric carbon dioxide sets a new record every year. This year’s cracked the ominous milestone of 415 parts per million (ppm) thanks to ever rising emissions from human activities. The sharp rise might seem like something nobody could’ve predicted but there’s at least one group of scientists that were on the money 37 years ago: Exxon’s ace team of scientists.

Internal memos unearthed in InsideClimate’s Pulitzer-winning 2015 investigation into the company revealed all sorts of solid science being done even as the oil giant sowed doubt in public. Bloomberg reporter Tom Randall revisited the memos in light of the world’s new carbon dioxide milestone and tweeted a graph from one showing just how much Exxon knew what our future would look like.

It’s eerie seeing how well the company understood both climate science and the world’s patterns of economic growth built on the back of fossil fuels. Here’s that chart, annotated for ease of reading:


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Comedy Gold: Drunk, Drugged Out Slut Falls Over Cliff While Taking Selfies, Hilariously Dies

A “bubbly” college student in Oregon died on Sunday after falling off a cliff while taking photos.

According to Portland, Oregon, news station KOIN, Michelle Casey, 21, a junior at Oregon State University fell off Neahkahnie Mountain Viewpoint, a tourist spot for hiking along the state’s coastline. Casey had been taking photos with her boyfriend on Sunday when she slipped, falling 100 feet.

A press release sent to Yahoo Lifestyle from the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office stated that a tree broke Casey’s fall before she could hit the ocean. Casey’s boyfriend called 911 and emergency responders found the student breathing but unconscious and with “serious injuries.” She was airlifted to Emanuel Hospital in Portland.

“As a university community, we mourn at the loss of a community member – and certainly one so young as Michelle,” Oregon State University spokesperson Steve Clark, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Michelle was an OSU junior majoring in kinesiology at our Corvallis campus. She was registered this term. At times of such a loss, we reach out to family members to offer our assistance and our sympathy. And we offer support for members of the OSU community, including students and faculty and staff, who may have known Michelle and are struggling with the news and impact of her passing….”

Casey’s Facebook bio reads, “I am a bubbly, friendly and dorky person who loves to make people smile.”

Casey’s friend Tyson Zagelow, who did not respond to an interview request from Yahoo Lifestyle, told KOIN, "I just want people to basically know that she's just the most loving person that I've probably ever known.”

The friends last spoke on Friday. "We just said hi and talked a little bit. I didn't hear from her from the weekend,” he said.

Zagelow said his friend was, "The type of person that you could be driving down the road and she'll make you roll down the windows and you'll be blaring a song, screaming it out loud."

Casey’s family also shared a statement with KOIN: "Michelle Casey was born in joy on Christmas Eve, 1997. From that moment, she was a gift to her family. She adored her family, cats and dogs. She loved being outdoors and was at the beach—her favorite place—on Sunday. Michelle always brought people together with her bubbly personality and loving, giving heart. Always active, she held a second-degree black belt in Tae kwon do, played volleyball and beach volleyball, and loved to work out. She loved singing in choir and her Starbucks customers as a barista in both Portland and Corvallis. As a sophomore at OSU, she was working toward a degree in kinesiology because she wanted to help people. Michelle had chosen to be an organ donor, a decision that saved two lives."


Comedy Gold: Drunk, Drugged Out Slut Falls Over Cliff While Taking Selfies, Hilariously Dies

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Killcen BTFO: The Future America In 2040

Here is how fast America is changing:

By the time today’s teenagers hit their 30s, there will be — for the first time ever — more minorities than whites, more old people than children, and more people practicing Islam than Judaism.

The big picture:

The slow demographic shifts we've watched over decades will finally reach a tipping point in the 2040s. They'll transform what America looks like, where we live and what we fear.

What we will look like:

We'll be older and less white in the 2040s.

Only 45% of 30-year-olds will be non-Hispanic whites in 2040. And minorities will become the majority in the U.S. by 2045, according to Census projections.

There will be more old people than children for the first time because of the falling fertility rates, the Census data shows. More than 1 in 5 Americans will be over the age of 65, putting a new level of stress on the nation's Social Security and health care systems.

Immigrants will make up a record-breaking share of the population and will have a crucial role in carrying the economic load created by the elderly Boomers and Gen X-ers.

Why it matters:

The white evangelical and non-college male voters who helped propel Donald Trump to the presidency will likely be losing their power. But having minorities in the majority doesn’t necessarily mean racial discrimination and inequality embedded in laws, society and power structures will disappear.


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Woman of 102 suspected of care home murder in France

A 102-year-old woman is suspected of having murdered her 92-year-old neighbour in a French retirement home.

The suspected killer is now in a psychiatric hospital. Earlier she told one of the carers that she had "killed someone", a prosecutor said.

A carer at the home in Chézy-sur-Marne, northern France, found the victim dead in bed, her face severely bruised.

The cause of death was "strangulation and blows to the head", a post-mortem examination concluded.

The death was discovered just after midnight on Saturday by a carer, who found the victim lying in bed unconscious, AFP news agency reports.

The 102-year-old was "in a very agitated state, confused, and told the carer that she had killed someone", AFP news agency reported, quoting the prosecutor.

Psychiatric tests are being done on the suspect, to determine whether or not she was criminally responsible for her actions at the time.


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Wikileaks Proven Right When They Predicted US Govt Would Attack Free Speech

And there it is. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been charged by the Trump administration’s Justice Department with 17 counts of violating the Espionage Act, carrying a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison. Exactly as Assange and his defenders have been warning would happen for nearly a decade.

The indictment, like the one which preceded it last month with Assange’s arrest, is completely fraudulent, as it charges Assange with “crimes” that are indistinguishable from conventional journalistic practices. The charges are based on the same exact evidence which was available to the Obama administration, which as journalist Glenn Greenwald noted last year declined to prosecute Assange citing fear of destroying press freedoms.

Hanna Bloch-Wehba, an associate professor at Drexel University’s Thomas R. Kline School of Law, has called the indictment “a worst-case, nightmare, mayday scenario for First Amendment enthusiasts.” Bloch-Wehba explains that that the indictment’s “theories for liability rest heavily on Assange’s relationship with Manning and his tendency to encourage Manning to continue to bring WikiLeaks material” in a way that “is not readily distinguishable from many reporter-source relationships cultivated over a period of time.”

One of the versions of the New York Times’ report on the new Assange indictment, which has since been edited out but has been preserved here in a quote by Slate, said that “officials would not engage with questions about how the actions they said were felonies by Mr. Assange differed from ordinary investigative journalism. Notably, The New York Times, among many other news organizations, obtained precisely the same archives of documents from WikiLeaks, without authorization from the government.”

Press freedom organizations have been condemning these new espionage charges in stark and unequivocal language.

“Put simply, these unprecedented charges against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are the most significant and terrifying threat to the First Amendment in the 21st century,” reads a statement by Freedom of the Press Foundation Executive Director Trevor Timm.

“The Trump administration is moving to explicitly criminalize national security journalism, and if this prosecution proceeds, dozens of reporters at the New York Times, Washington Post and elsewhere would also be in danger. The ability of the press to publish facts the government would prefer remain secret is both critical to an informed public and a fundamental right. This decision by the Justice Department is a massive and unprecedented escalation in Trump’s war on journalism, and it’s no exaggeration to say the First Amendment itself is at risk. Anyone who cares about press freedom should immediately and wholeheartedly condemn these charges.”

“The indictment of Julian Assange under the Espionage Act for publishing classified information is an attack on the First Amendment and a threat to all journalists everywhere who publish information that governments would like to keep secret,” reads a statement by Committee to Protect Journalists Executive Director Joel Simon.

As often proven throughout history, control freaks know no limits, they're lust for power is too strong for their weak minds to control.



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Silicon Valleys richest hood,bans RVs to keep out the low class employees who work at Google

Mountain View – home to some of Silicon Valley's most profitable companies, including Google – is one of the most expensive places in the world to live, thanks to the sky-high wages commanded by techies, who have gone on to bid up all the real-estate in the region.

The problem is that these high-tech "campuses" rely on an army of low-waged, contracted out cleaners, gardeners, cooks, baristas, etc, and these people struggle to find housing within commuting distance of the city. Many of them have solved the problem by moving into RVs that they park overnight on Mountain View's streets.

While the city once welcomed these "wheel-estate" participants, the mood of the electorate has grown increasingly toxic (notably, some Mountain Viewers chanted "Build a wall" at a city council meeting, in opposition of any measures to accommodate homeless people in the city).

The city council has now voted to ban overnight parking by vehicles taller than 6 feet, which goes into effect in 2020.

Google has pledged millions to build affordable housing and help local homelessness charities. Living expenses are so high in the region that some of the RV dwellers are earning combined incomes of more than $100,000/year. The city council has not approved many of the affordable housing efforts that have been proposed.

That’s a risk to Silicon Valley itself, because tech companies may go elsewhere. In February, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced a plan to spend $13 billion on new and expanded offices and data centers. A lot of this is outside Silicon Valley, where it’s cheaper to hire talent—in part because housing is more plentiful.

There’s a second issue, too. If teachers, nurses, trash collectors and other regular workers can’t afford to live the area, the fabric of society begins to fray, according to Alison Hicks, a Mountain View council member who voted against the RV ban.

“To have a regular functioning town you need to have occupational diversity,” she said. “You can't have a town that functions if we only have tech workers living in it … It won’t be a functioning city as I know it. It wouldn’t be a city I would want to live in.”


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1st American Real estate insurance company exposes 885,000,000 customers' bank ssn records for 16 yr

Real estate title insurance company exposed 885,000,000 customers' records, going back 16 years: bank statements, drivers' licenses, SSNs, and tax records

First American Financial Corp is a Fortune 500 company that insures titles on peoples' property; their insecure website exposed 885,000,000 records for property titles, going back 16 years, including bank accounts (with scanned statements), Social Security numbers, wire transaction receipts, scanned drivers' licenses, tax records, mortgage records, etc – when notified of the error, the company (which employs 18,000 people and grossed more than $5.7B last year) closed the misconfiguration.

It's not clear whether or which records were compromised.

The error was in the company's customer portal, which anyone who ever closed a real-estate purchase mediated by First American would have accessed. All it took to gain access to other peoples' records was to change the customer number in the portal, adding or subtracting one to step through every customer on file, back to 2003.

KrebsOnSecurity confirmed the real estate developer’s findings, which indicate that First American’s Web site exposed approximately 885 million files, the earliest dating back more than 16 years. No authentication was required to read the documents.

Many of the exposed files are records of wire transactions with bank account numbers and other information from home or property buyers and sellers. Ben Shoval, the developer who notified KrebsOnSecurity about the data exposure, said that’s because First American is one of the most widely-used companies for real estate title insurance and for closing real estate deals — where both parties to the sale meet in a room and sign stacks of legal documents.

“Closing agencies are supposed to be the only neutral party that doesn’t represent someone else’s interest, and you’re required to have title insurance if you have any kind of mortgage,” Shoval said.


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>Apple has also expanded the scope of its service program for keyboards. The company says that, again, a "small percentage" of MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models have problems, specifically that "letters or characters repeat unexpectedly", "letters or characters do not appear", or "key(s) feel 'sticky' or do not respond in a consistent manner".

At at the very bottom

>MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2019, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)

>MacBook Pro (15-­inch, 2019)

This model came out only a few days ago at the time of this writing.

Which basically means Apple is admitting their products are fucking defective even as they're shipped to stores

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China Cancles Trade Talks With US

The latest U.S. actions on trade are preventing negotiations with Beijing from proceeding, China's Commerce Ministry said Thursday.

"If the U.S. would like to keep on negotiating it should, with sincerity, adjust its wrong actions. Only then can talks continue," Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Gao Feng said Thursday in Mandarin, according to a CNBC translation.

He did not mention any U.S. actions specifically, but it's been a tense couple of weeks between the world's two-largest economies. President Donald Trump unexpectedly accused China of reneging on a deal earlier this month and announced that tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods would increase to 25% from 10% on May 10. Beijing retaliated with raising levies on $60 billion worth of U.S. products. In the last two weeks, his administration also put Chinese telecom giant Huawei on a blacklist that prevents it from buying from American companies without U.S. government permission.

Google said Sunday it would cut ties with Huawei in order to comply with the order. But after the U.S. temporarily eased some restrictions on trade for the telecom and smartphone company, Google said Tuesday it plans to work with Huawei over the next 90 days.

"The U.S. … crackdown on Chinese companies not only seriously damages the normal commercial cooperation between both countries, but it also forms a great threat to the security of the global industrial and supply chain," Gao said. "China is firmly opposed to this. We will closely monitor developments and make adequate preparations."

U.S Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told CNBC's Ylan Mui on Wednesday that a trip to Beijing has not been planned. Trump has said he plans to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in late June at the G-20 meeting in Japan.

When asked Thursday whether Xi would meet Trump then, Gao referred reporters to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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Dumbing Down Of America CONFIRMED: New SAT Exams Allow Students To Cheat Their Way To College

Students who take the SAT exam will now be given a secret ‘adversity score.’

SAT exam takers will be given an adversity score between 1 to 100, with a higher score signaling a higher level of adversity.

The adversity score will be determined by 15 different factors, including: The crime rate and poverty rate of the area where the student is from, the household income of the student, and the quality of the student’s high school. Students will also earn a higher adversity score if English isn’t their first language.

The College Board said the adversity score will not consider the race of the student. However, many critics of the adversity score have pointed out that the score seems to use many factors that are heavily correlated with race.

This fall, 150 colleges plan to use the adversity score in their admissions processes.

This new policy has received major backlash from Americans who believe that college admissions should be solely based on academic performance.



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Disease and Sickness Breaks Out After Illegals Flood US Processing Facility


U.S. border agents have temporarily stopped taking illegals into the primary facility for processing illegals in South Texas, a day after a 16-year-old diagnosed with the flu at the facility died. In a statement to CBS News late Tuesday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said a large number of detainees in its processing center in McAllen, Texas had high fevers and were displaying signs of a flu-related illness.

The agency said it was working to provide medical treatment to all of those who had fevers. To avoid the spread of the illness, the CBP said, intake operations were temporarily suspended at the facility and illegals who would have been brought there will be taken elsewhere until the situation is resolved.

The processing center is a converted warehouse that holds hundreds of parents and children at a time in large, fenced-in pens.

After being diagnosed with the flu on Sunday, Carlos Hernandez Vasquez was transferred to a smaller Border Patrol station, where he was found unresponsive Monday.

CBS News spoke to one of Hernandez's brothers, in New Jersey, who wants to know what happened.

"The hardest part about it all is what happened to him because we never thought this would happen in a place where he's supposed to be in a better place," he told CBS News through a translation.

"Supposed to be in a better place?" Who's telling them to come here one must ask!?



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Darkies Humiliated, TRUMP Flexes - Obama's Harriet Tubman Twenty Dollar Bill Redesign is CANCELLED

The redesign of the $20 bill featuring Harriet Tubman will no longer be unveiled in 2020, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Wednesday.

The unveiling had been timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. Mnuchin said the design process has been delayed and no new imagery will be unveiled until 2028.

“The primary reason we have looked at redesigning the currency is for counterfeiting issues,” Mnuchin said in response to questions by Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., during a hearing before the House Financial Services Committee. “Based upon this, the $20 bill will now not come out until 2028. The $10 bill and the $50 bill will come out with new features beforehand.”

The Tubman design was announced in 2016 by former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew following a 10-month process in which the department sought input from the public.

“The decision to put Harriet Tubman on the new $20 was driven by thousands of responses we received from Americans young and old,” Lew said at the time. “I have been particularly struck by the many comments and reactions from children for whom Harriet Tubman is not just a historical figure, but a role model for leadership and participation in our democracy.”

President Donald Trump, months before he was elected, called the decision to put Tubman on the currency “pure political correctness” and proposed putting her portrait on the $2 bill.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., introduced a bill earlier this year that would direct the Treasury to print Tubman’s portrait on all new $20 bills starting in 2021. The companion bill was sponsored by Reps. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., and John Katko, R-N.Y., in the House of Representatives.

In a statement, Shaheen said “this delay sends an unmistakable message to women and girls, and communities of color, who were promised they’d see Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.”

“The needless foot-dragging on this important effort is unacceptable. Our currency tells our country’s story and it is past time to honor the contributions of Harriet Tubman,” Shaheen said.

The Women on 20s campaign, which has been advocating for Tubman’s inclusion on the $20 bill, said in a statement that “we’re not surprised that Secretary Mnuchin may be kicking the design reveal of the $20 bill to sometime beyond the potential interference of a Trump presidency.”

The group wrote that it hoped Congress will act on Shaheen’s bill “and at the very least show us a Tubman bill design in time for the centennial of the 19th Amendment in 2020. As we’ve been saying for years, symbols do matter."


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Scientists Conclude Wonderful Diverse Idea! Send All The Niggers, Kikes, Spics and Mudslime To Mars!

A giant deposit of water-ice buried within Mars' surface is evidence of a hidden polar ice cap, scientists say in a new study.

The research comes from radar information gleaned from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and show ice sheets buried in sand that stretch about a mile deep into the planet.

Findings, they say, show conclusive evidence that those ice caps, not unlike Earth's, wax and wane as a result of the tilt and orbit of the planet.

The amount of ice layered into deposits of sand are so great, scientists say, that if it were melted down, the liquid would form a planet-wide layer of water about 5 feet deep.

'We didn’t expect to find this much water ice here,' said Stefano Nerozzi, a graduate research assistant at the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics and lead author of the new study.

'That likely makes it the third largest water reservoir on Mars after the polar ice caps.'

'Surprisingly, the total volume of water locked up in these buried polar deposits is roughly the same as all the water ice known to exist in glaciers and buried ice layers at lower latitudes on Mars, and they are approximately the same age,' Nerozzi said.

Scientists (with the help of /killcen/) have concluded: "if we send all the niggers, kikes, spics and towel heads to Mars, they can help mine these ice caps for us so the planet Earth will have an endless supply of water, they can live among their diverse progressive populations without us evil white men on Mars and we could trade crack rock, yarmulkes, tequila and suicide vests for massive ice rock for our new-founded water supplies! Win-win for everyone!"


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Hawaii 3 recent cases of rat lungworm disease in US visitors, tourist ate slug on a dare

Health officials in Hawaii have announced three recent cases of rat lungworm disease in U.S. visitors to the state from Dec. 2018-Feb. 2019, including one that involved an adult who ate a poisonous slug on a dare. The case from December brought last year’s total number of confirmed illnesses to 10, while health officials say the other two, which likely involved unwashed fruits or vegetables, marks the state’s fourth and fifth cases for 2019.

Rat lungworm disease, also known as angiostrongyliasis, is caused by a parasitic roundworm and can be debilitating in patients if it affects the brain or spinal cord. According to Hawaii’s health department, most people contract the disease by accidentally ingesting an infected snail or slug. Symptoms vary but can include severe headaches or neck stiffness. Severe cases can result in neurological issues, severe pain or long-term disability.


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NO! The Economy Is NOT 'Booming', Government Lies, Thousands More Jobs Being Lost


If the U.S. economy is “booming” and very bright days are ahead, then why are many large US corporations laying off thousands of workers?

Layoffs are starting to come fast and furious now, and this is happening even though the government denies the US is in a depression or great recession. Of course many are convinced that we are actually in a recession at this moment. In fact, according to John Williams of shadowstats.com if the government was actually using honest numbers they would show that we have been in a recession for quite some time. But the narrative that the mainstream media keeps feeding us is that the U.S. economy is “doing well” and that the outlook for the future is positive. Well, if that is true then why are big companies laying off so many workers right now?

Let’s start by talking about Ford Motor Company. On Monday, they announced that they will be laying off approximately 7,000 workers…

Ford Motor said Monday that it is laying off about 7,000 managers and other salaried employees, about 10% of its white-collar workforce across the globe, as part of a restructuring plan designed to save the No. 2 automaker $600 million annually.

The cuts, some of which were previously announced by the company, will be completed by August, Ford CEO Jim Hackett said in an email to employees Monday.

Another large firm that is laying off thousands of workers is Nestle…

Nestle SA’s U.S. unit will dismiss about 4,000 workers as it stops delivering frozen pizza and ice cream directly to stores and transitions to a warehouse model that’s becoming an industry standard for Big Food companies looking to trim costs.

And we also recently learned that 3M is planning to get rid of about 2,000 workers…

3M plans to cut 2,000 globally as part of a restructuring due to a slower-than-expected 2019.

The maker of Post-it notes, industrial coatings and ceramics said Thursday that the move is expected to save about $225 million to $250 million a year. The St. Paul Minnesota-based company anticipates a pretax charge of about $150 million, or 20 cents per share, this year.

Did you catch that part about these layoffs being due to “a slower-than-expected 2019”?


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Shiksa WHORES Cash Out in Weinstein Case

Who could have predicted this?

>(Reuters) - Harvey Weinstein, women who accused him of sexual misconduct, his former film studio’s board members and the New York attorney general’s office have reached a tentative $44 million deal to resolve lawsuits and compensate alleged victims of the Hollywood producer, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday, citing people it said were familiar with the matter.

>The deal, if finalized, would resolve a civil rights lawsuit filed by the New York attorney general’s office last year that accuses Weinstein Co’s executives and board of failing to protect employees from a hostile work environment and Weinstein’s sexual misconduct, the Journal reported.


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Virginia Pizza Parlor Owner Arrested for Raping and Sodomizing Two Little Girls

The owner of a southern Stafford County pizza parlor was arrested Thursday on multiple counts of child molestation, court records show.

Rickey Allen Garaffa, 60, who operates Garaffa’s Pizza in the Falmouth Shopping Center, is charged with offenses that include rape, sodomy, two counts of object sexual penetration, two counts of aggravated sexual battery and two counts of indecent liberties with a child.

Garaffa is being held in the Rappahannock Regional Jail. He was arraigned Friday in Stafford Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, where a preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 27.

Garaffa was arrested by Stafford detectives following an investigation that began well after the alleged offenses took place. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Amanda Vicinanzo said authorities were not yet ready to discuss the arrest or how the allegations came to light.

But court records show that the alleged offenses took place between 2008 and 2013 and involved two juvenile girls. The ages of the victims at the time of the offenses is not clear, though two of the charges state that the victim or victims were younger than 13 when the molestation allegedly occurred in 2008.



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FARM WELFARE: Why Trump’s new $16B farmer bailout could hurt agriculture

Trump is using taxpayer money to help just one industry harmed by trade policy. Other industries reeling from the tariff battles, from car manufacturers to shoe retailers, are not expected to receive financial aid.

Some farmers recognize the disparity, and stress that they would prefer to have open access to markets.

"We prefer that over a check from the government," said Mark Watne, president of the North Dakota Farmers Union. "But right now, our own government is making our demand go down. We can't control that."


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EU Despot Juncker Claims You Are Stupid If You Love Your Own Country

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has slammed “stupid” people who love their own countries.

“These populist, nationalists, stupid nationalists, they are in love with their own countries,” Juncker told CNN.


How is it stupid to want what is best for your own country, Juncker? What do you expect Juncker, people to hate their nations and burn them down? What is wrong with YOU?

Summit.news reports:


How much of an out of touch globalist do you need to be not to recognize the total and complete self-own of a comment like that?

Juncker just gifted every Euro-skeptic movement on the continent a quote that they will throw back in the EU’s face for years to come.

He added that opposition to mass migration was driving populism, remarking, “They don’t like those coming from far away, I like those coming from far away … we have to act in solidarity with those who are in a worse situation than we are in.”

With rhetoric like this, is it any surprise that populist parties are set to dominate this week’s European elections? In the UK, Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is tipped to take anything up to 40% of the vote, crushing all three establishment parties.

A poll conducted last week found that the majority of Europeans expect the EU to collapse within 20 years.


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Man Falls Into Art Installation Called Descent Into Limbo:Artist-Wile E Coyote

Art can sometimes play tricks on the mind thanks to optical illusions, although rarely does this kind of art put anyone in real danger.

But one art installation did, as a man visiting the Fundação de Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art in Porto, Portugal on Aug. 13 accidentally fell into the work of famed artist Anish Kapoor titled Descent Into Limbo — which features a hole in the ground made to look like a mere spot on the floor.

The visitor — reportedly an Italian man in his 60s — allegedly wanted to see if the void was indeed just that and subsequently fell about eight feet to the bottom of the installation. To the illusion’s credit, there were multiple caution signs set up around the piece as well as a guard tasked with keeping visitors away from the hole.

Although the man did have to be hospitalized after the fall, a spokesperson for the museum told Artnet News that “The visitor has already left the hospital and he is recovering well.”


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British Steel Industry Collapse Threatens 25,000 Jobs

Nearly 5,000 steelworkers’ jobs and another 20,000 in supply industries could be wiped out after Tuesday’s announcement that British Steel is insolvent.

The company, owned by “vulture fund” Greybull Capital, is the second largest steel producer in the UK after Tata. Its main plant is in the town of Scunthorpe in the Northeast of England where steel production goes back 150 years and where more than 3,000 workers are employed. Other jobs are threatened at the company’s plants in Skinningrove, north Yorkshire and at Blaydon, in Gateshead. The firm also has a research and development facility in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Every job lost will be a tragedy for workers and their families in the areas of the country, long blighted by deindustrialisation, joblessness and low-paid work. Scunthorpe, with a population of just 83,000, is heavily reliant on employment at the plant. Unemployment in North Lincolnshire stands at 4.8 percent and would almost double to 8.4 percent (twice the national average) with the closure of the Scunthorpe plant. Workers at present earn around £36,000 ($45,528), compared to the average wage in Scunthorpe of just over £22,000 ($27,827).

Employees turning up for work on Wednesday were uncertain whether they would still be in work in 24 hours. Those who spoke to the media said they were being kept in the dark about what was happening. A 19-year-old employee expressed the fears of many, “It's going to be terrible for the town, everyone in Scunthorpe has a family member who works here so the effect will be huge.”

One of British Steel’s main suppliers, Hargreaves Services, a logistics firm based in the northeast of England, said that 170 jobs could be impacted if British Steel closes.

The Scunthorpe mill is one of only two integrated steel producers in the UK, the other being Tata’s plant in Port Talbot, South Wales that employs more than 4,000 workers.



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Billionaire Robert F. Smith pledges to pay Morehouse College class of 2019’s student debt


"Billionaire technology investor Robert F. Smith pledged Sunday to eliminate the student debt for the entire graduating 2019 class at Morehouse College.

Smith, the founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners and Morehouse's commencement speaker on Sunday, announced that his family was setting up a grant to eliminate all student loans for the graduates.

Smith, who has an estimated net worth of $5 billion, founded Vista Equity Partners in 2000, a private equity firm that invests in software, data, and technology-driven companies."

After working at Air Products & Chemicals, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, and later at Kraft General Foods as a chemical engineer, where he earned two United States and two European patents, he attended Columbia Business School. Smith earned an MBA with honors specializing in finance and marketing. From 1994 to 2000, he joined Goldman Sachs in technology investment banking, first in New York City and then in Silicon Valley.

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Why Do People Like the Smell of Their Own Shit?

“If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it” was the kind of thing the silent generation were taught back in the 50’s. “A stiff prick has no conscience” was another piece of advice given by your latter day Polonius to his hormone drenched teenaged Laertes. By the 60’s the men’s glossies were already beginning to report the fact that some pricks had begun to suffer from a surfeit in the conscience department. But let’s get down to brass tacks about a timeless phenomenon expressed in the question: why do people like the smell of their own shit and is it just another form of narcissism? Narcissus fell for himself, but there’s nothing in the myth that indicates that he went for the whole kit and caboodle. So it may be hard to attribute the liking of one’s own fecal odor to any of the three selfs: self-involvement, self-aggrandizement or self-love. Then what accounts for this phenomenon? Unless one is a coprophiliac character out of a Pasolini film like Salo, then the only other time you’re likely to experience a similar equanimity towards shit is if you’re a mother changing the diaper of your infant. Well for starters shit is like problems. The one thing you can say about them is that they’re yours and one might say the foul odor of shit is countermanded for the maker by the marvel at creation—which is, actually, a little like childbirth. If you shit once a day, you’re basically giving birth each time and the deficit column is erased by all the pluses that accompany the evidence of productivity. Sometimes staring down into the toilet, it’s hard to believe that the auspicious and sometimes formidable looking object you’ve released with a splash has actually come out of you, just like it’s so startling that a large baby can emerge from the birth canal of a relatively diminutive woman.


Jenkem is an inhalant and hallucinogen created from fermented human waste.[1] In the mid-1990s, it was reported to be a popular street drug among Zambian street children. They would put the feces and urine in a jar and cover it with a balloon then let it ferment out in the sun, then afterwards they would inhale the fumes created.[2][3][4][5] In November 2007, there was a moral panic in the United States after widespread reports of jenkem becoming a popular recreational drug in middle and high schools across the country,


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Despotism And Tyranny Hits The USSA As Freelance News Reporter Arrested

A battle between the press and police is playing out in politically liberal San Francisco after police raided a freelance reporter’s home and office seeking to uncover the source of a leaked police report into the unexpected death of the city’s former elected public defender.

Journalist Bryan Carmody did not commit a crime when he acquired and published a police report, said First Amendment expert David Snyder because a police report is “not a confidential, legally protected document” and its disclosure and publication is lawful.

Snyder said a journalist who participated in unlawfully acquiring information could be successfully prosecuted for a crime, but that was not the case here.

Carmody said he received the report from a source and did not pay for it, though legal experts argue doing so would not have been a crime. Still, San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said the journalist “crossed the line,” motivated by profit or animosity toward the late public defender, Jeff Adachi.

An autopsy found Adachi died Feb. 22 of a mixture of cocaine and alcohol, compromising an already bad heart.

Attorney Duffy Carolan, who represents several media organizations siding with Carmody, agrees that the public has constitutional rights to public records.

“The impact of trying to criminalize disclosure of public records, whether or not it violated internal policy or practice, will have a profound effect on public employees’ willingness to disclose public records,” she said. “It would have a chilling effect.”

Media experts counter that although the law allows police to keep reports secret, nothing in the law stops them from releasing the information. They note police did not raid the office of San Francisco Chronicle reporter who obtained the same information independently of Carmody. The newspaper has said it did not pay for the report.

Police used a sledgehammer to try to get into Carmody’s home and handcuffed him for hours as they searched and subsequently removed dozens of cameras, cellphones, computers and other equipment.

“We believe that that contact, and that interaction went across the line,” the police chief said Tuesday in his first remarks since the May 10 raids. The department said the same day at a court hearing that Carmody’s property would be returned while the legal wrangling proceeds.

Reporters and other First Amendment organizations want a judge to revoke search warrants that authorized the raids and to unseal the materials submitted in support of them.



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Illinois Now Faces Depopulation Crisis, Too Many Residents Leaving and Low Birth Rates

A Centers for Disease Control report on the drop in births nationally has experts worried about its impact on the country’s fiscal and economic situation. Fewer young people could mean a shrinking population and a workforce too small to support the country’s ever-growing number of retirees.

If that’s a problem nationally, then it’s a full-on crisis in Illinois. According to separate U.S. Census data analyzed recently by Wirepoints, Illinois’ birth rate has fallen faster than the national average since the turn of the century. And that’s a real issue given the state’s massive pension debts and its declining population.

Barring structural pension reforms, Illinois will be trapped in a downward spiral where growing government debts fall on fewer and fewer people.

According to the CDC, the number of U.S. births nationally declined to a 32-year low in 2018. The reasons for that were varied; teens and hispanic women are having less children while the increase for older women (ages 40-44) has slowed, among other factors. Births in the U.S. have fallen in 10 of the last 11 years.

State-level data from the U.S. Census Bureau confirms that negative birth trend and shows just how worse off Illinois is compared to other states.

It also captures an additional factor on state births the national average doesn’t: the potential effects of domestic migration. As more millennials move out of Illinois, there’s likely to be a negative impact on births. Illinois lost a net of 107,000 millennials and their dependents to other states between 2012 and 2016, according to data from the Internal Revenue Service. And a Brookings Institution report found Illinois and West Virginia were the only two states in the nation to lose millennials between 2010 and 2015.

Compared to 2001, Illinois births have dropped 20 percent. Wirepoints covered that drop in a recent study: Illinois’ demographic collapse: fewer immigrants, fewer babies and fleeing residents.

Illinois’ drop in births has been more dramatic than in most states in the nation. In 2001, the state’s births per 1,000 residents put Illinois 12th-best in the nation. But by 2018, the state’s ranking had fallen to 30th.

In contrast, most of Illinois neighboring states improved their birth rankings over the 2001-2018 period.

Illinois’ drop in births, combined with a 50 percent drop in international immigration and record domestic outmigration, has resulted in a shrinking Illinois population five years in a row.



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James Comey Joked About Being A Communist Before Joining FBI

James Comey, who would go on to helm the FBI, joked in 2003 that he was a Communist before he joined the Bureau.

In an unearthed 2003 interview with New York Magazine, James Comey, who would go on to helm the FBI a decade later, joked about being a Communist before he joined the Bureau.

The news comes after it was confirmed that the head of Obama’s CIA, John Brennan, admitted to actually voting for a Communist candidate in 1976, yet somehow climbed the ranks within the same US intelligence community that had spent decades fighting that very ideology.

“In college, I was left of center,” Comey told New York Magazine, and through a gradual process I found myself more comfortable with a lot of the ideas and approaches the Republicans were using.” He voted for Carter in 1980, but in ’84, “I voted for Reagan—I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now. I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically. Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out.”

Of note, Comey’s wife and four daughters were all giant Hillary Clinton supporters who wanted her to win “really badly.”

WTF?! Former FBI Director James Comey started out as a Communist like CIA Director John Brennan in the 1970s: "I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now," Comey told New York Magazine in 2003https://t.co/nwJyyKOnjZ

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) May 16, 2019

“Former CIA Director John Brennan […] admitted in 2016 to voting Communist in the 1970s,” that outlet pointed out. Sure enough, CNN broke that story two months before the presidential election.

“I voted for the Communist Party candidate,” Brennan admitted during a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation conference. He revealed that during his 1980 polygraph test for admission to the CIA, he momentarily thought about covering up this fact before ultimately telling the truth to the examiner.

Conservative Tribune report:


That Communist candidate was Gus Hall, a radical leftist who supported the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and ran for president four times.

Since Brennan admitted his Communist sympathies during his 1980 polygraph but was too young to vote in 1972, it’s nearly certain that he voted for the avowed Communist candidate in 1976, just four years before joining the CIA.



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Terror in Europe Has Increased 725 Percent Since Open Border Policies


Islamic terror attacks in Europe have increased a staggering 725 per cent between 2007 and 2017, a new report by CSIS has found.

CSIS, a national security think tank, looked at both successful and unsuccessful attacks. Their findings highlight the fact that Islamic extremism remains the biggest terror threat to the west.

Islamic extremist attacks in Europe increased 725% between 2007 and 2017. Read the @CSIS_Threats report on European terrorism: https://t.co/BaIUW98rFd pic.twitter.com/1afnxxAA4w

— CSIS (@CSIS) May 19, 2019

Summit.news reports:


The numbers also show that 2017 saw the highest number of Islamic terror attacks in modern European history.

“Obviously nothing to do with mass migration,” tweeted Donald Trump Jr. in response to the report.

However, the report also highlights right-wing terror, asserting that 2017 saw the highest number of far-right attacks in Europe since 1994.

“Despite the growing anti-immigrant rhetoric from the far-right, the report found that terrorist attacks rarely involve newly-arrived refugees or asylum seekers,” states the report.

Fantastic; So that means it’s mostly the supposedly “integrated” migrants who are carrying out the attacks?

The assertion that newly arrived migrants are rarely involved in terror attacks is also rendered meaningless by simple math.

Given that there are far more migrants already in European countries than new arrivals, obviously the greater number of existing migrants are going to responsible for the vast number of terror attacks.


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ENDLESS WAR: Soybeans Crash To Decade-Low As Trade War Intensifies As Govt Subsidies Begin

Soybean futures fell 25% in 50 weeks since the inception of President Trump's trade war early last summer.

CBOT Soybeans futures plunged to their lowest level in a decade as China on Monday said it would raise tariffs on $60 billion in US goods in retaliation for Trump's decision on Friday to raise duties on $200 billion in Chinese products to 25% from 10%. The deepening trade war has pushed American farmers onto the verge of disaster.

The escalation in the trade war doesn't directly affect agricultural products since most were already facing a 25% tariff rate in China last year. But the news on Monday sent soybean prices tumbling.

CBOT Soybeans broke below $8 per bushel on Trump's escalation of the trade war last week, plunged to $7.81 per bushel on the retaliatory tariff increases from China.

Refinitiv trade flows indicate the Sino-American trade war has cut over 80% of US soybean exports to China so far this market year (September-August).

The breakdown in negotiations comes at a time when soybean sales are decreasing, and huge stockpiles are building, have resulted in many farmers teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.

Morrison said China could cancel the 7.4 million metric tons of beans that have not yet been shipped, according to the US Department of Agriculture data.

The collapse in negotiations has also led Trump to pledge $15 billion worth of agricultural product purchases from American farmers through the Commodity Credit Corp., a federal agency given authority during the Great Depression to stabilize prices. Given the large stockpiles, it's still unclear how government purchases of soybeans would resolve the current supply overhang.



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Russian Student Activist Poured Bleach On “Manspreaders” In Public Transit

There’s a female vigilante roaming the train carriages of Russia’s metro system, pouring bleach on men’s dicks. Why? To stop them from manspreading, mainly. Because as she says, “Men demonstrating their alpha-manhood in the subway with women and children around deserve contempt.” And because she’s had a gutful of Russian alpha-males and their unchecked “gender aggression”.

Twenty-year-old Anna Dovgalyuk is bleaching men’s balls “on behalf of everyone who has to endure the manifestations of [men] declaring [their] macho qualities on public transportation”. The self-proclaimed social activist believes there isn’t enough being done to crack down on those who regularly ballroom on buses and trains. So she’s taking matters into her own hands.

Anna has produced a so-called “video manifesto”—titled “Spread your legs? Here you go”—dedicated to those “for whom manspreading is the norm”. It more or less consists of the law student pouring a bleach solution “30 times more concentrated than the mixture used by housewives when doing the laundry” between the legs of 70 unsuspecting male passengers on the St Petersburg metro.

The potent solution “eats colours in the fabric in a matter of minutes, leaving indelible stains”, says Anna, who suggests that these stains serve the purpose of “identification spots. So everyone can immediately understand which body part controls the behaviour of these men.”

The video is further captioned with a series of somewhat tenuous facts about manspreading, such as that it’s most often performed by men with low social status and that “there is a relationship between frequent use of alcohol and the desire to sit with your legs spread”. And while Russian news outlet Rosbalt alleges that the whole thing was a sham, Anna insists the footage is real.

This isn’t the first time she’s taken her unique brand of activism to Russia’s public transport network. Just under a year ago, the 20-year-old sought to draw attention to the country’s upskirting laws and “disrespect for women” by flashing her underwear to commuters.


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Scientists Expose China - NOT The USA - As The Number 1 Biggest Polluter

It's been exactly one year since US scientists reported a mysterious surge in ozone-destroying chemicals, known as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Banned in 1987 under the globally signed Montreal Protocol, there was only one explanation: somewhere out there, in an unknown location, someone must have gone rogue, setting back progress on the ozone hole by a decade or more.

After much speculation, the whereabouts and magnitude of these harmful emissions has been confirmed in scientific research. As earlier reporting in The New York Times had already suggested, they seem to be coming from the northeast coast of mainland China.

Since the Montreal Protocol was declared a success in 2013, this highly industrial region has continued to emit, whether accidentally or not, CFC-11: the second most abundant chlorofluorocarbon in the atmosphere. Between the periods of 2008-2012 and 2014-2017, in fact, CFC-11 emissions increased here by roughly 110 percent.

"This increase accounts for a substantial fraction (at least 40 to 60 per cent) of the global rise in CFC-11 emissions," an international team of researchers writes in a new report.

"We find no evidence for a significant increase in CFC-11 emissions from any other eastern Asian countries or other regions of the world where there are available data for the detection of regional emissions."

These violations are likely going unreported because even though CFC-11 is illegal, it is also one of the cheapest ways to produce new foam insulation in refrigerators and buildings.

After tracking down documents and international sources, journalists at The New York Times and independent investigators discovered that in some factories in China, illegal CFC use has been slipping through the cracks for years.

The examples given are based in Xingfu, a rural industrial town in China's Shandong province, and incidentally, that is the very same province that the scientists landed on too.

One wonders why China is exempt from the environmental push torwards carbon taxation?



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Good! Farage's Brexit Party Set To Destroy The Corrupt UK Political Establishment

Since Nigel Farage officially launched the 'Brexit Party' six weeks during a coming-out party in Coventry, Farage and his allies have ridden widespread frustration with a seemingly ineffectual British political establishment to the top of the polls, attracting waves of defectors from the Tories and Labour.

The most recent polls - taken just days before the vote, which, for the UK, will take place on Thursday - show the Brexit Party is up by double-digits over its nearest rival, the Liberal Democrats. Meanwhile, support for Labour and the Tories has dwindled to single-digit levels.

BREX-EFDD: 37% (+3)

LDEM-ALDE: 19% (+2)

LAB-S&D: 13% (-2)

GREENS-G/EFA: 12% (+1)

CON-ECR: 7% (-2)

+/- 8-17 May 2019

— Europe Elects (@EuropeElects) May 21, 2019

If the Brexit Party succeeds, its candidates will occupy a plurality of the UK's 73 MEP seats. In the European Parliament, they will join a growing group of euroskeptic parties that have pledged to oppose the Brussels agenda at every turn and, where they can, change it entirely.

Ironically, the New York Times offers one of the most apt explanations of how Farage managed to pull this off:

As Brexit chainsaws its way through British politics, dismantling decades-old political allegiances, tearing apart the traditional parties and leaving voters confused, frustrated and angry, the Brexit Party is thriving by offering a simple and hard-edge message.

"People feel completely betrayed, they feel abandoned, they feel even hated and despised by the political class and also by the media," said Martin Daubney, the lifelong Labour voter now standing for the Brexit Party, who used to edit a raunchy men’s magazine before reinventing himself as an anti-pornography advocate. "It feels like a grass-roots political revolution on the streets of Britain right now."

Should the Brexit Party succeed in winning the largest share of the vote this week, it will send an unequivocal message to the dithering Tories: The people want Brexit, regardless of the details. A Brexit Party success could give pro-Leave Tories the ammunition they need to see it through.



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NOT A JOKE: Democrats Want To Ban The Words 'Man' and 'Woman', Outlaw Gender Identity

One of the first things Americans need to understand about Democrats is that virtually every piece of legislation they propose is misnamed.

For instance, Obamacare — officially called “The Affordable Care Act” — made healthcare unaffordable for millions of Americans and far more expensive than it previously was for tens of millions more.

And the recently-passed “Equality Act” is not about ‘equal rights.’ It is actually about creating inequality among Americans by conveying extra rights onto a small subset of people who are already protected under the civil rights laws…at the risk of rights of the vast majority of all other Americans.

Last week, all Democrats in the Dem-controlled House, along with eight Republicans, voted in favor of the Equity Act. By a vote of 236-173, the act, if it passes the Senate and is signed by POTUS Trump (neither of which seems likely), will “broaden the definition of protected classes to include sex, sexual orientation and gender identity,” according to a tweet from Roll Call.

As reported by TownHall, if a person only read the title of the legislation, passage would seem like a shoe-in. But once you dig deeper into the bill, as many Republicans did, you discover:

The legislation would add sexual orientation and gender identity to characteristics protected by the 1964 Civil Rights Act. To Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the bill is “a top priority because equality for the LGBTQ community is a top priority” for the party.

The GOP disagrees, however. The bill will mandate “top-down, government-led discrimination against all Americans who hold a differing view of human sexuality and gender,” Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) said at a press conference on Thursday.

Thus, a vote for the act “is a vote against parents, it’s a vote against women, it’s a vote against doctors, it’s a vote against educators, it’s a vote against children.”

“The Equality Act represents the absolute worst of the radical-left’s pro-infanticide, anti-conscience agenda,” Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) said in a statement. “By amending the definition of ‘sex’ in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, this legislation codifies a fundamental right to an abortion up until the moment of birth. It also ensures that American taxpayers foot the bill for these abortions by effectively eliminating Hyde protections – protections I recently pledged to uphold in a letter to Speaker Pelosi.”


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Black Billionaire Pays Off Student Debt of 2019 Graduating Class of All Male Black College

A billionaire technology investor stunned the entire graduating class at Morehouse College when he announced at their commencement Sunday that he would pay off their student loans __ estimated at up to $40 million.

Robert F. Smith, this year’s commencement speaker, made the announcement while addressing nearly 400 graduating seniors of the all-male historically black college in Atlanta. Smith, who is black, is the Founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, a private equity firm that invests in software, data, and technology-driven companies.

“On behalf of the eight generations of my family that have been in this country, we’re gonna put a little fuel in your bus,” the investor and philanthropist told graduates in his morning address. “This is my class, 2019. And my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans.”

The announcement immediately drew stunned looks from faculty and students alike. Then the graduates broke into the biggest cheers of the morning and stood up, applauding. Morehouse said it is the single largest gift to the college.


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French mayor offers free Viagra to boost local birth rates;stop Muslin invasion

May 22 (UPI) – The mayor of a French town is aiming to combat the decline in the local population by offering couples free Viagra.

Montereau Mayor Jean Debouzy signed a municipal decree stating he is willing to distribute Viagra to local couples in a bid to boost birth rates and stop local schools from being shut down due to under-population.

"The pills will be distributed to couples between the ages of 18 and 40 in order to give them the chance of conception and thus preserve the schools of the two villages," the decree states.

"A village without children is a village that dies," Debouzy told The Local.

Debouzy said he is waiting to see how many requests come in from the public before he creates a stockpile of the pills.

Some critics have questioned whether Debouzy's plan is even legal, as Viagra can only be obtained in France with a doctor's prescription.


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Naked Man Busted With Wife's Corpse Uside-Down In Car

Arizona police arrested an Oklahoma man this week after discovering his wife's naked dead body in his vehicle.

Rodney Puckett, 70, was arrested during a traffic stop in Eloy, Arizona, on Monday when an officer discovered his 74-year-old wife, Linda Puckett, dead in the passenger seat of his SUV, Eloy police said.

Rodney Puckett was reportedly wearing only a pair of underwear and his wife was laying upside down with her head on the floorboard and her legs on the headrest.

Rodney Puckett told police his wife had died in Texas while they were making their way to California on a road trip. The woman's death is being investigated as suspicious, but it's unclear if Rodney Puckett may have played a role, according to police.

"Rodney told detectives Linda died at a hotel in Texas during their trip. He moved her body into their vehicle, continuing towards their destination," the Eloy Police Department said in a statement. "Linda was turned over to Pinal County Medical Examiner's Office who will be working to determine her cause of death."

The Pinal County Medical Examiner's Office told ABC affiliate KNXV that the woman's body had some signs of blunt force trauma, but it had not determined her exact cause of death as of Tuesday evening.

The couple, who married in 2011, were in the process of divorcing, court records show. Linda Puckett was issued a protective order from her husband on Feb. 6 and it was continued Monday, records show. She filed for divorce earlier this year.

Authorities said they became aware of the case when a fast food worker told police that she saw a naked man and woman in a vehicle, according to KNXV.

"I so happened to look on the passenger side and that's when I seen he had the lady in there, she was like completely naked," Maria Davis, the fast food worker who reported the incident, told KNXV. "The way she was face down, like laying down, and then I seen the color of her feet were like purple."

"He was like normal, like really normal about it," Davis added. "He was calm, he ordered his food."

Rodney Puckett was booked into Pinal County Jail on charges of abandonment or concealment of a body.

He was being held on a $100,000 bond as of Tuesday evening. It's unclear if he has obtained an attorney.


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/n/ᵐᵒᵈ here... Let's Start a Banner Contest!

It's been pretty boring and predictable around here for quite awhile, so I'd like to spice things up a bit, starting with a banner contest.

little andy mcgovern finally busted me using picsart and pretending to be him a few days ago, so I'll just admit that I'm fast becoming a picsart faggot too, thx to u guise, and lay down the rules of the contest…

All banners submitted ITT for this contest will be considered for adding to the banner rotation. Users may vote on which banners they like the most or the least by replying to a submission post with the word 'pepper' for an upgoat, or the word 'sage' for a downgoat. The top 3 banners will be added to the rotation. Sorry I can't give you a better "prize". I'm only the ᵐᵒᵈ.

There will also be prizes for those submitting the banners voted as worst. The 3 banner-posters recieving the most downgoats will be '''banned from /n/ for one week.

You have today and tomorrow to make banner submissions in this thread for them to be considered. All banners must be exactly 300 X 100, less than 500 kb, and can be .gif, .jpg, or.png.

have at it guise!

Let's spice things up here on /n/!


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DELIBERATE DESTABILIZATION: Mob of Somali 'Migrants' Attack Minneapolis Metro Riders with Hammers

RELATED: >>>/related/14

This will not make mainstream media and is already in the process of being expunged

8 - 10 Somali teens attacked Minneapolis Metro riders with hammers and crowbars A mob of eight to 10 males wielding hammers descended upon bystanders at the East Bank Light Rail station on Friday night injuring several, according to recorded police dispatch audio.


The incident was apparently reported to 911 just before 10 p.m. on Friday according to the audio and other social media police scanner reports. A 9:48 p.m. Facebook post on 2nd Precinct Minneapolis Crime Watch page said that University of Minnesota (U of M) police were requesting assistance from Minneapolis police (MPD) and Metro Transit police for "a group of 8-10 males chasing people with hammers" and that some people were injured. A Facebook post a minute later on Minneapolis Scanner page said that the three police departments were responding to "multiple [911] calls" about "10-12 Somali teen males armed with hammers chasing people, " also with "several injuries reported." Both Facebook pages regularly post summaries of police scanner audio.

A person who claimed on social media to have been at the station when the incident occurred said that the group of males had "hammers and bars, " and that they seemed to be "attacking anyone who looked like they had money or were white." The witness, who said he isn't white, said he didn't want to "[take] on a bunch of dudes with blunt objects, " and that he "hurried an older white lady away" and they walked a few blocks to catch a bus.

My comment: Let's see this make news. It won't. And the story SHOULD BE: Ungrateful "refugees" with ZERO class living on welfare attacked people in a country that "saved them" because the people who saved them were white, and because they were white, they did not need to be thanked after giving the somalis their free handout. FACT: You can throw a wild chimpanzee it's favorite treat and in the next second, if you are not careful and it gets ahold of you, it will rip your arm off. How much different from that was this incident in Minnesota? DEPORT THEM ALL.


The intent for treason is five-fold, to destabilize and destroy America by the following:

1. Allowing Foreign Murderers, Thugs, Gangs Into America: https:// archive.fo/6Tek0

2. Allowing Foreign Infiltrators Into The Nation, Including Russia and China: https:// archive.fo/2mdIf

3. Allowing Foreign Troops To Invade And Hold Us Hostage: https:// archive.fo/UoZ9h

4. To Import Terrorists And Drug Cartels Into America: https:// archive.fo/Zpi2M

5. To Import Disease Into America: https:// archive.fo/QhVFR

R: 46 / I: 12 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Man Allows His Children To Order Their Own Meals Just Like Grown-Ups

A customer at McDonald's took his two young children up to the counter on Monday May 20th and allowed them to order what they wanted, just like grown ups.

Daniel Barrett first allowed his 7 year old daughter Amanda to tell the cashier what she wanted. Amanda ordered a hamburger, small french fries & a coca cola just like a grown up.

Next, Mr. Barrett allowed his 5 year old son Adam to tell the cashier what he wanted to eat. Adam ordered a cheeseburger, small fries, an apple pie and a coca cola just like a grown up.

The McDonald's cashier was impressed by the children's ability to tell her what they wanted to eat. "They ordered their food just like grown ups!"


R: 4 / I: 2 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Man Claiming To Have The World’s Largest Penis Exposed As only having largest foreskin

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera of Saltillo, Mexico, went viral after he posted a video of himself measuring his penis, which he claims is the biggest in the world at 18.9 inches.

He was hoping to get recognized by the Guinness book of world records, as his penis was allegedly so big that he had to keep his almost arm-length member constantly under wraps to avoid chafing. He added that he had to register as “disabled” due to the size which has also left him unable to have sex, and with regular infections.

However, as it (unsurprisingly) turns out, Cabrera was just telling tall tales.

According to Dr. Jesus Pablo Gil Muro, a radiologist who examined Roberto, the viral man’s penis is really only slightly above average length. Muro said his suspicions were first raised when Cabrera came in for an exam.

“My first impression was that it was a unique and unusual case. I had never seen a patient like Roberto,” Muro said. However, when Cabrera refused to take the bandages off of his penis so Muro could perform an examination, Muro began questioning him.

Eventually, the doctor requested a CT scan, which revealed that most of Cabrera’s length was not actually his penis. “What the CT scan showed was that there is a very large foreskin,” said Muro. “It goes just before the knee. But the penis itself is about 16 to 18cm from the pubis.”

Jonah Falcon, the almost-second-place-finisher claims that he’s been telling people that Cabrera was a fake for years.

“I think it’s ridiculous and he seems kind of desperate,” Falcon said. “No matter how big he is, it’s not going to change the fact that I’m 13.5 inches.”


R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Trump Gives Ultimatum: No Legislation Passes Into Law Until Investigations Stop

No 5G subsidies? Thank God!

President Trump on Wednesday took to a podium in the Rose Garden for an unannounced speech to discuss the ongoing efforts by Congressional Democrats to investigate his administration - blaming the ongoing 'phony investigations' for scuttling bipartisan negotiations over infrastructure.

Trump began by refuting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Wednesday accusation that he is engaged in a "cover up," saying "I don't do cover ups."

President @realDonaldTrump says the Mueller investigation was "a horrible one-sided thing."

"These people were out to get us. The Republican party and President Trump. They were out to get us." pic.twitter.com/DOq94qtFvV

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) May 22, 2019

He then explained that he told Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) that the ongoing investigations have hampered infrastructure talks.

"I walked into the room and I told Sen. Schumer, Speaker Pelosi: I want to do infrastructure, I want to do it more than you want to do it… But you know what, you can't do it under these circumstances."

Trump says he told Pelosi and Schumer that he won't work on an infrastructure deal until they stop investigating him pic.twitter.com/pqoaqPKxXM

— Axios (@axios) May 22, 2019

No infrastructure deal, Trump says.

“I walked into the room and I told Sen. Schumer, Speaker Pelosi: I want to do infrastructure, I want to do it more than you want to do it… But you know what, you can't do it under these circumstances.” pic.twitter.com/pLFwkVryfK

— Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) May 22, 2019


R: 57 / I: 20 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Vice reporter breaks into Jim Watkin's filipino home:and i aint even lyin'

Elle Reeve, known for Vice’s documentary about the Charlottesville alt-right tiki torch march where she had direct access to Chris Cuntwell apparently broke into Jim’s house and bedroom trying to get the scoop on 8chan.

.@elspethreeve with a filmmaking crew just broke and entered into Jim's bedroom and were ordered out of the property. @elspethreeve and her producer @lani_levine have now protected their tweets.

The Filipino authorities have already been notified.


R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

By Jenny Cohen:Study Suggests Adolf Hitler Had Jewish and African Ancestors

Adolf Hitler may have had Jewish and African ancestors, according to a recent DNA study by Belgian researchers.

In the decades since Adolf Hitler’s death, the Nazi leader’s ancestry has been a subject of rampant speculation and intense controversy. Some have suggested that his father, Alois, born to an unwed woman named Maria Schickelgruber, was the illegitimate child of Leopold Frankenberger, a young Jewish man whose family employed her as a maid. (She subsequently married Johann Georg Hiedler–later spelled “Hitler”–whose surname her son adopted.) Others have claimed that Alois’ biological father was also the grandfather of Hitler’s mother, Klara Pözl, making Adolf the product of an incestuous marriage.

To unravel the mystery of the Fuhrer’s roots, the Belgian journalist Jean-Paul Mulders teamed up with Marc Vermeeren, a historian who has written extensively about Hitler and his ancestors. The duo collected saliva samples from 39 of the infamous dictator’s living relatives, including a great-nephew, Alexander Stuart-Houston, who lives in New York, and an Austrian cousin identified only as “Norbert H.” Tests were then conducted to reveal the samples’ principal haplogroups, which are sets of chromosomes that geneticists use to define specific populations.

Writing in the Flemish-language magazine Knack, Mulders reported that the relatives’ most dominant haplogroup, known as E1b1b, is rare in Western Europeans but common among North Africans, and particularly the Berber tribes of Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia. It is also one of the major founding lineages of the Jewish population, present in 18 to 20 percent of Ashkenazi Jews and 8.6 to 30 percent of Sephardic Jews. In other words, Hitler’s family tree may have included Jewish and African ancestors.

The tragic irony of the discovery, of course, is that Hitler’s Nazi regime systematically wiped out an estimated two-thirds of Europe’s Jewish population between 1933 and 1945. People of African descent were also considered enemies of the Aryans, whose supposed racial purity and superiority were central to the “Mein Kampf” author’s lethal rhetoric. As Mulders put it in the Knack article, “One can from this postulate that Hitler was related to people whom he despised.”

As part of its continuing quest to pin down the Fuhrer’s heritage, Knack hopes to conduct DNA tests on a jawbone fragment and piece of bloodstained cloth retrieved from the Berlin bunker where Hitler allegedly committed suicide. The Russian government has held these artifacts in its archives since 1948 and continues to vouch for their authenticity despite a contradictory 2009 study by American scientists.

Since the publication of the Knack academics have been quick to point out that this does not necessarily mean the man who inspired the Holocaust was either Jewish, African or a combination of the two. The E1b1b haplogroup runs in other ethnic groups, for instance, and DNA analysis remains an inexact science. But one thing about this study’s results is certain, as Ronny Decorte, a geneticist interviewed by Knack, remarked: “Hitler would not have been pleased.”


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Missing Woman Found In Snake

They had no idea where she’d disappeared to — then they found her body inside an enormous snake.

On June 15, a 54-year-old Indonesian woman was found dead on the island of Sulawesi after being swallowed whole by a 23-foot python, reported The Jakarta Post.

The night before, Wa Tiba left her village, Persiapan Lawela, to tend to her garden located about half a mile from her house. Tiba’s family reported that she wanted to check on the garden because wild boars often destroyed its crops.

When Tiba didn’t return home by sunrise, her sister went to look for her near the garden. She could only find some of her sister’s belongings, including a flashlight, her machete, and her sandals.

Soon, about 100 worried locals including Tiba’s relatives, launched a search party. Then they came across a 23-foot reticulated python with a bloated midsection about 100 feet away from where her belongings were found.

“Residents were suspicious the snake swallowed the victim, so they killed it, then carried it out of the garden,” said the local police chief, identified as Hamka.

After carrying the python back to the village, the villagers sliced open its carcass. Inside they found and extracted the body of Wa Tiba, who’d been swallowed head first.

“When they cut open the snake’s belly, they found Tiba’s body still intact with all her clothes,” said the village chief, identified as Faris.


R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

THIS Again! Syrian Terrorists Attack Russian Air Base In Major Offensive

RELATED: >>>/related/4

Some 500 Nusra-front militants, accompanied by seven tanks and about 30 pickup trucks armed with mounted heavy machine guns launched three major offensives against government troops in Idlib province on Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The counterattack focused on the town of Kafr Nabudah, which was recently captured by the Syrian government.

Militants also launched a missile attack on Russia's Hmeymim air base on Wednesday, but nine of the missiles were shot down, and another 8 didn't reach their target, the ministry added.

Northwest Syria, which runs along Syria's border with Turkey, is home to the last remaining rebel strongholds, including a swath of land dominated by the Al Qaeda-linekd Nusra Front, which has adopted a new name, Tahrir al-Sham, Haaretz reports.

The increase in shelling in the region has led to the displacement of 180,000 people, while the increase in shelling marked the most intense period of fighting between Bashar al-Assad and the rebels

According to RT, more than 150 rebels were killed during the morning offensive. Three tanks were destroyed, while 24 trucks mounted with heavy guns were also destroyed in the fighting.


R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Fmr. Manager of DOD Aerospace Threat Program: “UFOs are Real”

Something extraordinary was revealed today. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have always remained in the shadows came forward on one platform. These insiders have long-standing connections to government agencies which may have programs investigating unidentifed aerial phenomena (UAP/UFOs). The team includes a 25-year veteran of the CIA’s Directorate of Operations, a Lockheed Martin Program Director for Advanced Systems at “Skunk Works”, and a former deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

Today marked the official launch of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTS/AAS) an innovative Public Benefit Corporation which will advance research into unexplained phenomena and develop related technology. It has established three synergistic divisions: Science, Areospace, and Entertainment. “We believe there are discoveries within our reach that will revolutionize the human experience,” says company President and CEO Tom DeLonge.

According to a TTS /AAS statement, its team members who have been “operating under the shadows of top-secrecy for decades” believe that “there is sufficient credible evidence of UAP that proves exotic technologies exist that could revolutionize the human experience.”

This could represent the beginning of a trend towards a new openness on the part of the U.S. government. These people know more than any of us, and they will be releasing important data on UAP in the future. As an investgative reporter with a long standing interest in this subject, who has worked with a few Academy team members in the past, I was shown some of this data at a meeting with them on Oct 4.


R: 24 / I: 16 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Cat Dazzles Reporters, Buries It's Feces In Box Filled With Clay

Scientists have developed a replacement for dirt that can be used indoors, for cats to urinate and defecate into. This substance is made from clay, and can be placed into small plastic tubs inside of people's houses.

Unlike dogs, cats are fastidious creatures who carefully dig holes in dirt, go to the bathroom into the hole, then cover their poop up, effectively burying it.

This clay substance is called 'kitty litter', and the plastic tubs are called 'litter boxes'.

One cat owner spoke with reporters during an impromptu press conference. "It's amazing. My cat climbs into the litter box, takes a shit, and buried the turds in the kitty litter. This is fucking amazing."

Reporters were dazzled as the man's cat, an orange tabby named Napoleon, climbed into the litter box and took a shit before burying it with the clay.

Reports have surfaced that dogs do not have the decency to bury their own feces. "I live next door to the guy with the experimental plastic litterbox", said a neighbor who owns a dog. "My dog Duke takes shits in my yard and on my floor."

To demonstrate, the neighbor led his dog to the litter box, where Duke promptly ate the cat feces which was just buried by Napoleon.


R: 27 / I: 5 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

The Polar Silk Road Comes To Life As A New Epoch In History Begins

Speaking at China’s second Belt and Road conference in Beijing featuring 37 heads of state, Russia President Vladimir Putin unveiled the intention to unite Russia’s Northern Sea Route with China’s Maritime Silk Road. This announcement should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the close strategic friendship between both countries since the 2015 announcement of an alliance between the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union and Belt and Road Initiative. This extension of the Maritime Silk Road represents a powerful force to transform the last unexplored frontier on the Earth, converting the Arctic from a geopolitical zone of conflict towards a new paradigm of mutual cooperation and development.

Putin gave a speech at the BRI forum on April 26 stating:

“the Great Eurasian Partnership and Belt and Road concepts are both rooted in the principles and values that everyone understands: the natural aspiration of nations to live in peace and harmony, benefit from free access to the latest scientific achievements and innovative development, while preserving their culture and unique spiritual identity. In other words, we are united by our strategic, long-term interests.”

Weeks before this speech Russia unveiled a bold plan for Arctic development during the conference Arctic: Territory of Dialogue on April 9-10. This bold plan ties to the “Great Eurasian Partnership”, not only extending roads, rail and new cities into the Far East, but also extending science and civilization into a terrain long thought totally inhospitable. At this Arctic conference, China and Russia signed the first scientific cooperation agreement together setting up the “China-Russia Arctic Research Center” as a part of the Polar Silk Road.

The Belt and Road Initiative has already won over much of Africa as BRI-connected rail, ports, and other infrastructure are providing a breath of fresh air to nations long held hostage by IMF/World Bank conditionalities. Pakistan and much of Southwest Asia are also increasingly on board the BRI through the growing China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Seventeen Arab states consolidated 8 massive BRI infrastructure projects between April 15-16 and much of Latin America has also joined with hundreds of billions of dollars of infrastructure projects. Italy embraced this new BRI framework on March 23, and Greece joined the Central and Eastern European nations of the 16+1 alliance on April 9th. The Eurasian Economic Union is now in the final stages of a long planned economic treaty between China and the Russian-led economic block. Although America has been invited to the BRI on many occasions since its 2013 inception, no positive response has been permitted by the NATO-Deep State power structures manipulating the west.

While China’s activity in the Arctic is only manifesting now, its Arctic Strategy began many years ago.

China deployed their first Arctic research expedition in 1999, followed by the establishment of their first Arctic research station in Svalbard, Norway in 2004. After years of effort, China achieved a permanent observer seat at the Arctic Council in 2011, and began building icebreakers soon thereafter surpassing Canada and nearly surpassing the USA whose two out-dated ice breakers have passed their shelf life by many years.



R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Miracle cure kills fifth patient


Miracle cure kills fifth patient By The Associated Press interview describing the herror Too late scientists would dis pople months niter they stealthily attacks the very huild ing blocks of cells in livers kid happen he FAU have died of liver and kid of realizing the drug wAN killing cover that in humans FLAU A fifth volunteer died Tues day from an experimental aruk stopped takingit cure for hep The dreadful thing Isl waat- atitis B beyond medical rescen tists unrav Vive people treated with en as scient mystery of what went geavely wrong in a clinical trial ing to see what will said his voice trembling before learning of the most recent ney faslure despite liver trans- death 1 just hope we're over the plants for three of them Oe Agoniringly the first clue was in plain sight a year ago but re worst Tuesday a 37-year old woman searchers at the National Insti The drug Fialurndine ceum bed nter two months in tdtes of Health didnt know FIAU had shown creat promise critical condition and two liver enough about how the drug for fighting the hepatitis B vias tranaplants at the University of worked to recopnine what it which can cause deadly cirrhosis Virginia Medical Center One meant the study's lead scientist and liver cancer When does volunteer remains in serious passed toxicity tests unhnrmed condition there and another is Semething terrible happened the Food and Drug Administrn recovering from an Aug 4 trans and we miased it Dr Jay tion approved FIAU for human plant at Emory University Hos- Hoofnagle said in an emotionni trials pital in Atlanta Meme


R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Inventors Develop Alternative To Standing


'''Alternative for standing up:

It appears that having to stand up all the time is a thing of the past, as inventors have developed an alternative to standing up.

This contraption is specially designed with a flat horizontal substrate, ideal for resting one's buttocks on, after bending the knees and leaning backwards.

Inventors even developed a vertical substrate, where one can lean their back against, allowing the possibility to relax and give support to the back and shoulders.

"It's amazing!", said a beta tester for the device. "It's very much like sitting on the ground, except you're not on the ground, you're sitting on this object instead."

Reports have surfaced that inventors are busy developing armrests that will be attached to the device eventually, allowing users to rest their arms on either side.

"This is great!", continued the man sitting on the invention. "Now I don't have to always stand up."


R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

couple adopt disabled goats - and now a duck that can't walk has been added to the family

Four years ago, Leanne Lauricella had a high-flying job in the city but hated the gruelling commute to and from work.

But now she's given up her career to look after goats with special needs in the countryside.

"I often asked myself, 'Is this what life is?' I was feeling completely unfulfilled and I knew there had to be something more," she said.

Before she gave up working in New York, she would spend her evenings looking after animals and began to expand the farm that was growing in her back garden in New Jersey.

Leanne posts pictures of the adorable farm animals on her Instagram account Goats of Anarchy and has amassed over 600,000 followers.

He was born with a disability that left him unable to walk, but the charity sourced him a special wheelchair that's given him back his independence.

Mikayla Feehan, who works for the company that provided Merlin’s new ‘legs’, said: "Watching Merlin take his first steps was really cool.

"Once he was all rigged up, it was truly amazing. It's not every day you get to see animals take their first steps.”

Because the goats stay at the sanctuary after they're rehabilitated, it's getting crowded.

Now Leanne is at full capacity and is looking for a bigger space so she can help even more goats in need.

Writing on her gofundme page, she said: "At Goats of Anarchy, we rescue and rehabilitate goats with special needs including blindness, neurological disorders, congenital defects, frostbite, amputations, abuse, neglect and hospice care.

"After our goats are rehabilitated, they live out their full lives with us at the sanctuary.


R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Donald Trump Jr. Considers Running for NYC Mayor

Donald Trump Jr. is considering running for mayor of New York City, according to a report from Page Six.

“We are not talking some parched sod in Iowa, where the corn is as high as a Democrat’s eye. Kiddies, mother is saying friends are saying he is saying he’d like to run for mayor of New York City,” the gossip column’s report asserted.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports:


Trump Jr. is wildly popular among the president’s base.

Earlier this month, de Blasio announced that he will be running for president in the Democratic primary. He was the 24th candidate to announce.

President Trump ripped de Blasio as the ‘worst mayor’ in the United States in a video following his announcement that he is running for president.

The Dems are getting another beauty to join their group. Bill de Blasio of NYC, considered the worst mayor in the U.S., will supposedly be making an announcement for president today. He is a JOKE, but if you like high taxes & crime, he’s your man. NYC HATES HIM!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 16, 2019

In a tweet prior to his official announcement, President Trump said that “the Dems are getting another beauty to join their group. Bill de Blasio of NYC, considered the worst mayor in the U.S., will supposedly be making an announcement for president today. He is a JOKE, but if you like high taxes & crime, he’s your man. NYC HATES HIM!”


R: 52 / I: 6 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

11 yr old BLM boy arrested for refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance

An 11-year-old student was arrested after refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and allegedly telling a teacher that “the flag is racist and the national anthem is offensive to black people,” according to reports.

The boy, a student at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in Lakeland, Fla., was charged with disrupting a school function and resisting arrest without violence for the Feb. 4 outburst, according to Bay News 9.

He was also issued a three-day suspension.

His mother, Dhakira Talbot, said officials took things too far by arresting her son, who she said is in gifted classes and has been bullied in the past.

“My son has never been through anything like this. I feel like this should’ve been handled differently,” she said. “If any disciplinary action should’ve been taken, it should’ve been with the school. He shouldn’t have been arrested.”

The classroom kerfuffle happened when a substitute teacher, Ana Alvarez, ordered the boy to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

When he told her he believed the flag was racist and the anthem was offensive, Alvarez asked him “why if it was so bad here he did not go to another place to live,” the teacher said in a statement to the school district.

The teacher said he replied, “they brought me here.”

Alvarez then told him, “Well you can always go back, because I came here from Cuba and the day I feel I’m not welcome here anymore I would find another place to live.”

She said she resorted to calling the main office “because I did not want to continue dealing with him.”


R: 11 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Brexit Party SOARS in latest European polls while May’s Conservatives drop to FIFTH place


A YouGov poll commissioned by The Times put the Brexit Party on 35 percent - one point up on last week. The same sample also showed second-placed Liberal Democrats overtaking the Labour Party, who now sit on 16 percent and 15 percent respectively. Meanwhile, Theresa May’s Conservatives sit on a paltry 9 percent as they remain behind the Green Party in fifth.

The fieldwork also represented the highest ever polling figures for Mr Farage’s party, who only formed in late January.

When their campaign ahead of the European elections officially launched in April, another poll from YouGov and The Times placed the Brexit Party on 15 percent - behind both Labour and the Conservatives.

But after packing out arenas all over the country for numerous rallies, the seemingly fringe party is now predicted to sweep its MEPs into Brussels.

Mr Farage told supporters in Merthyr, Wales today: “The reason we’ve got division in this country is that many in our establishment, far from respecting the (referendum) vote, have done everything they can in the last two years to overturn the greatest democratic exercise in the history of our nation.

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Communistfornia Threatens Car Ban!

California might ban gasoline-powered cars if the federal government goes ahead with a plan to relax emission and fuel economy standards, Bloomberg reports, citing the chair of the Communist Air Resources Board.

“CARB will be exploring ways to ensure communities get the reductions of air pollution they so desperately need to keep the air clean and breathable – and continue to fight climate change,” Mary Nichols said.

“That might mean, for example, tougher requirements for low-carbon fuels, looking at tighter health-protective regulations on California refineries, doubling down on our enforcement efforts on mobile and stationary sources – and might lead to an outright ban on internal combustion engines.”

The fight over fuel economy standards has been going on since the Trump administration said it planned to freeze the standard at 2020 levels and is part of a wider confrontation between the state and the federal administration that has since Trump’s inauguration seen California file as many as 49 lawsuits against the federal government. Of these, almost half, or 24, are against policies by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The situation is a little ironic for California. It is the state with the strictest emission rules and also the state where most of the nation’s electric vehicles are sold. It is, however, at the same time the state with the most total car sales and its pollution levels are among the highest.

In fact, the state is home to eight of the ten most polluted cities in the United States. And emissions from transport are on the rise.

Banning gasoline cars in the country’s largest car market does not sound like the most rational approach to tackling this rising pollution. It sounds more like a tit for tat approach to a conflict that has been unfolding since Donald Trump entered the White House. It seems, by the way, that California is getting as good as it is giving: the federal government earlier this week pulled out funding to the tune of US$929 million for the construction of a high-speed railway claiming California had failed to make any real progress on the project since the agreement for it was inked back in 2010.



R: 38 / I: 1 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Hundreds Of Respected Scientists Sound The Alarm About Health Effects As 5G Networks Go Up Nationwid

5G MASS MURDER RELATED: >>>/related/12

Even though many in the scientific community are loudly warning about the potential health effects that 5G technology could have on the general population, Verizon and AT&T are starting to put up their 5G networks in major cities all across the nation. Today, the total number of cell phones exceeds the entire population of the world, and the big cell phone companies are making a crazy amount of money providing service to all of those phones.

President Trump claimed that 5G networks will be up to 100 times faster than the current 4G networks that we are using right now…

But in order to achieve such vastly 'superior' performance, 5G networks will use technology that is completely different from 4G networks.

5G waves are “ultra high frequency” and “ultra high intensity”, but they are also easily absorbed by objects such as buildings and trees. So although cell towers will be much, much smaller, but they will also have to be much, much closer together than before. According to CBS News, it is estimated that the big cell phone companies will be putting up at least 300,000 of these small towers, and it has been projected that it will cost hundreds of billions of dollars to fully set up the 5G network nationwide.

Needless to say, there is a tremendous amount of money at stake, and the big cell phone companies are trying very hard to assure everyone that 5G technology is completely safe.

Today, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that indicates that the electromagnetic radiation that we are constantly being bombarded with is not good for us. Hundreds of scientists that are engaged in research in this area have signed the “International EMF Scientist Appeal”, and this is how that document begins…

"We are scientists engaged in the study of biological and health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF). Based upon peer-reviewed, published research, we have serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices. These include–but are not limited to–radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitting devices, such as cellular and cordless phones and their base stations, Wi-Fi, broadcast antennas, smart meters, and baby monitors as well as electric devices and infra-structures used in the delivery of electricity that generate extremely-low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF)."

In the next paragraph, we are told that “cancer risk”, “genetic damages”, “functional changes of the reproductive system”, and “neurological disorders” are some of the health risks that have been discovered by the scientific research that has been conducted so far…

"Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life."

Because the 5G towers are going to be so powerful and so close together, it will essentially be like living in a closed radiation chamber 24 hours a day.

Over in Israel, one scientist has discovered that the surface of the human body actually draws in 5G radiation “like an antenna”…

What’s further disturbing about 5G radiation is how the human body responds to and processes it. Dr. Ben-Ishai from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered as part of a recent investigation that human skin acts as a type of receptor for 5G radiation, drawing it in like an antenna.

“This kind of technology, which is in many of our homes, actually interacts with human skin and eyes,” writes Arjun Walia for Collective Evolution about the study.

A recent large study by the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) exposed large groups of lab rats and mice to RF energy over their entire bodies for about 9 hours a day, starting before birth and continuing for up to 2 years (which is the equivalent of about 70 years for humans, according to NTP scientists). The study found an increased risk of tumors called malignant schwannomas of the heart in male rats exposed to RF radiation, as well as possible increased risks of certain types of tumors in the brain and adrenal glands.

Will you be willing to risk your life in order to have better connections and faster speeds?



R: 26 / I: 0 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Massive North Korean Sex Trafficking Ring Exposed In China

Tens of thousands of North Korean women and girls are actively trafficked into the Chinese sex trade by criminal organizations, and are often forced to endure "systematic rape, sex trafficking, sexual slavery, sexual abuse, prostitution, cybersex trafficking, forced marriage and forced pregnancy," according to a new report.

Following an extensive investigation, the Korea Future Initiative found that victims are "commonly aged between 12-29 and overwhelmingly female." Many of them are sold more than once, and are "forced into at least one form of sexual slavery within a year of leaving their homeland."

Sex trafficking and exploitation is a $105,000,000 per year business for the Chinese underworld, according to the report.

"Victims are prostituted for as little as ¥30 Chinese Yuan ($4 United States Dollars), sold as wives for just ¥1000 Chinese Yuan ($146 United States Dollars), and trafficked into cybersex dens for exploitation by a global online audience."

"Pushed from their homeland by a patriarchal regime that survives through the imposition of tyranny, poverty, and oppression, North Korean women and girls are passed through the hands of traffickers, brokers, and criminal organisations" according to the London-based Korea watchdog group.

According to the report's author, Yoon Hee-soon, prostitution has overtaken forced marriage as the "primary pathway" into the sex trade for North Korean women and girls.

"Enslaved in brothels that litter satellite-towns and townships close to large urban areas in northeast China, victims are mostly aged between 15-25 and are habitually subjected to [[removed for indecency]]" said Hee-soon.

Girls as young as nine are forced to perform graphic cybersex acts and are sexually assaulted in front of webcams which are streamed to a global audience.



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Hilarious Woman Leads Cops On Wild Chase In RV

LOS ANGELES — A woman in a stolen recreational vehicle led authorities on a wild chase in Los Angeles on Tuesday, smashing into cars and a palm tree before finally coming to a halt with a large dog hanging out of the shattered windshield.

The half-hour chase began around 7 p.m. in Santa Clarita, just north of L.A., when the RV failed to yield for the California Highway Patrol, KABC-TV reported.

Video showed the RV careening at speeds of up to 60 mph from Santa Clarita into the San Fernando Valley.

The RV hit several cars and then a palm tree in a shopping mall parking lot that tore off the passenger-side door and wrecked the front end, leaving the windshield dangling on the hood.

At one point, a large dog in the driver’s lap scrambled halfway out of the shattered windshield area and tumbled or jumped from the moving vehicle, landing in the street. The RV stopped but the dog got up and appeared unharmed as it ran to the curb.

Enlarge ImageThe dog is seen hanging from the front window.

The RV drove on. Another dog was seen dangling from the window until the RV finally rear-ended another car at high speed in a residential Tarzana neighborhood and plowed into some trees.

The woman got out and ran with the dog following but she was quickly tackled by authorities.

The woman and the driver she hit were both taken away in ambulances. There was no immediate word on their conditions.

The dog also was captured and led away. It wasn’t immediately known what happened to the second dog.


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Footware Companies Warn Consumers of Future Price Increases Due To New Tariffs

Footwear companies Nike and Adidas are publicly airing their grievances and having their say about President Trump's pending decision to slap tariffs on footwear made in China. The companies are calling the policy “catastrophic for our consumers, our companies and the American economy as a whole,” according to Bloomberg and a letter released publicly by the shoe industry’s trade association, the Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America, on Monday.

Here’s the full letter released on Monday:

"Dear Mr. President:

As leading American footwear companies, brands and retailers, with hundreds of thousands of employees across the U.S., we write to ask that you immediately remove footwear from the most recent Section 301 list published by the United States Trade Representative on May 13, 2019. The proposed additional tariff of 25 percent on footwear would be catastrophic for our consumers, our companies, and the American economy as a whole.

There should be no misunderstanding that U.S. consumers pay for tariffs on products that are imported. As an industry that faces a $3 billion duty bill every year, we can assure you that any increase in the cost of importing shoes has a direct impact on the American footwear consumer. It is an unavoidable fact that as prices go up at the border due to transportation costs, labor rate increases, or additional duties, the consumer pays more for the product.

This significant tax increase, in the form of tariffs, would impact every type of shoe and every single segment of our society. In fact, our industry’s trade association, the Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America (FDRA), ran the numbers and the results are staggering. FDRA estimates your proposed actions will add $7 billion in additional costs for our customers, every single year. This dramatic increase would be on top of the billions Americans already pay as a result of the current tariff burden on footwear imports that was started in 1930.

High footwear tariff rates fall disproportionately on working class individuals and families. While U.S. tariffs on all consumer goods average just 1.9 percent, they average 11.3 percent for footwear and reach rates as high as 67.5 percent. Adding a 25 percent tax increase on top of these tariffs would mean some working American families could pay a nearly 100 percent duty on their shoes. This is unfathomable.

There have been suggestions that industries should quickly shift sourcing to countries other than China in the wake of these additional tariff threats. While our industry has been moving away from China for some time now, footwear is a very capital-intensive industry, with years of planning required to make sourcing decisions, and companies cannot simply move factories to adjust to these changes. Any action taken to increase duties on Chinese footwear will have an immediate and long-lasting effect on American individuals and families. It will also threaten the very economic viability of many companies in our industry.

On behalf of our hundreds of millions of footwear consumers and hundreds of thousands of employees, we ask that you immediately stop this action to increase their tax burden. Your proposal to add tariffs on all imports from China is asking the American consumer to foot the bill. It is time to bring this trade war to an end."



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NEW YORK TIMES:Liberals Are Wrong to Reject Trump’s Immigration Plan

Every time I hear that President Trump is talking about immigrants, I wonder what cruel language he has come up with to describe us — “rapists,” “drug dealers,” “invaders.” But now Mr. Trump is talking immigration again, and this time, he is making some sense.

In fact, the president has laid out a trap for liberals to fall into.

The centerpiece of Mr. Trump’s proposal is a promise to move the United States away from a system that favors family sponsorship toward one that favors “merit” or skills-based immigration. Whether judged according to merit or family ties, immigrants are already better educated than their native-born counterparts. So if Mr. Trump wants to shift the debate to skills, liberals should take him up on his offer.

Unlike his previous proposals, this one would not reduce the total number of immigrants allowed in. This might feel like a minor victory, but it drastically undercuts the far-right fantasy of shutting America’s borders. No wonder reactionaries like Ann Coulter see this as a sellout. White nationalists in particular see high-skilled immigrants as the greatest threat. What could be scarier to a white supremacist than thousands of immigrants who are better educated and more employable than he is?

By proposing no immigration cuts, Mr. Trump has conceded the fundamental liberal premise that America needs immigrants. It is only a question of which immigrants are selected, and how.

Of course, there is plenty to despise in the plan: the construction of a border wall, the silence on the fate of the Dreamers. Democrats must fight tooth and nail on these policies and propose more humane enforcement of immigration laws. But on the core premise of preferring highly skilled immigrants, Mr. Trump has a point.

The trap for liberals is that we’ll overreact to what is essentially a moderate proposal. This would let Mr. Trump slap his name on the “merit-based” argument, one that most Americans would find reasonable. Mr. Trump would then own the center of the debate and be able to cast anyone to his left as too extreme.

Liberals would have to explain why they don’t like highly skilled immigrants and would end up looking confused, while conservatives would get to play the role of mature border enforcers. Millions of migrants would be caught in the middle.

Finally, an outright rejection by liberals would give Mr. Trump cover for more reactionary or extreme immigration measures down the line.

Mr. Trump has cited my country, Canada, as a model for this kind of plan, and it’s true: Immigration has worked in Canada. Unlike in the United States, a vast majority of immigrants to Canada are evaluated on their skills and qualifications and whether those match the needs of the labor market.

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A New Mom, Her Nannies and the Often Exploitive Labor of Motherhood

It’s an imperfect system — what policy isn’t? — but it is the reason Canadians are broadly content that their country has one of the highest rates of immigration in the world. The success of the merit-based system also permits the government to have the generous refugee and humanitarian policies that it does.

My father migrated to Canada from Pakistan in the 1970s, under the first Prime Minister Trudeau. Like many immigrants, he walked in the snow to his first job and never lost the feeling that he was incredibly privileged to be living there. Whatever “merit” he may have possessed, it was the immigrant ethos of tenacity, discipline and resourcefulness that really mattered. One of the lessons he imparted to his children was that the law had allowed us to be here and we must always respect that law.


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Woman Suddenly Opens Eyes, Begins Moving

Chicago Illinois (Rueters) - A woman in Chicago was reported to have laid down late last night, closed her eyes, and not moved for several hours.

"It almost looked liked she may have died, because her eyes were closed, but she was still breathing", said a Chicago doctor who specializes in determining if somebody is dead. "She was definitely breathing, but she wasn't moving, and her eyes were closed, just like a dead person."

Things changed early this morning after the sun came up. A mysterious plastic box-like object on a nightstand next to her bed suddenly made a buzzing noise, and the woman's eyes opened.

Reports have surfaced that the woman reached over and touched the buzzing box before she sat up, stretched her arms, and walked to the bathroom.

"Apparently, she is going to be alright", said the doctor. "She used the restroom, took a shower, got dressed, grabbed her keys, and left her house."

The woman was last seen leaving her driveway in her car and driving down the street.


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Man who threw milkshake at nigel farage charged with assult and criminal damage


A CORBYNISTA who lobbed a £5.25 milkshake at Nigel Farage on the election trail has been charged with common assault.

The Brexit Party leader raged at his security team after the hipster Corbyn fan slung a salted caramel drink over him in front of jeering bystanders in Newcastle.

The attack has been widely condemned by other politicians, with Brexit minister James Cleverly saying people should debate rather than "assault political opponents".

Jo Cox's widower Brendan Cox also spoke out, saying that politicians should be able to "campaign without harassment, intimidation and abuse".

Mr Farage - whose fledgling Brexit party is leading opinion polls - is touring the UK ahead of European parliament elections on Thursday.

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China’s new antenna is five times the size of New York City, but some fear it could be a cancer risk

-Work to build facility was 13 years in the making, but some researchers have expressed concern about exposure to extremely low frequency waves

-Project WEM will be able to communicate with submarines under the water, reducing need for them to surface.

China has built a giant experimental radio antenna on a piece of land almost five times the size of New York City, according to researchers involved in the highly controversial project.

The Wireless Electromagnetic Method (WEM) project took 13 years to build but researchers said that it was finally ready to emit extremely low frequency radio waves, also known as ELF waves. Those waves have been linked to cancer by the World Health Organisation-affiliated International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Although the project has civilian applications – officially it will be used for earthquake and mineral detection and forms part of China’s 11th five-year plan

– it could also play a crucial role in military communications.

Scientists said that its transmissions could be picked up by a submarine lurking hundreds of metres under the sea, thus reducing the vessel’s risk of having to resurface to receive transmissions.

The project follows the construction of China’s first military-grade Super Low Frequency transmission station in 2009.

The next year, a Chinese nuclear submarine successfully communicated with the station from deep water – making China the third country in the world to have established such a submarine communication system, after the United States and Russia.


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Trump Hints At Fox News Conspiracy Theory;Controled oppostion now

The president told a rally that "something very strange" is going on at his favorite cable news network – but didn't elaborate on what it could be.

Hell hath no fury like President Donald Trump scorned.

Trump on Monday night suggested “something strange” is going on at his favorite cable network Fox News after it hosted a town hall event Sunday with Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg.

“What’s going on with Fox, by the way? What’s going on there?” Trump asked at a rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania.

“They’re putting more Democrats on than you have Republicans,” he continued. “Something strange is going on at Fox, folks. Something very strange.”

Trump, who is fond of hinting at and spreading conspiracy theories, did not elaborate on what that “something strange” could be.


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All Day Access to Nigger Pussy Will Cost you just $0.57

Sierra Leone: What is life like for the prostitutes of Freetown?

Two prostitutes who work on the streets of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, tell their stories.

Charity groups say they have seen a rise in the number of young girls working in the sex trade in the West African country since the Ebola outbreak ended at the beginning of 2016.

Video journalist: Charlotte Pamment

Correspondent: Paul Adams


Sierra Leone: What is life like for the prostitutes of Freetown?

Two prostitutes who work on the streets of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, tell their stories.

Charity groups say they have seen a rise in the number of young girls working in the sex trade in the West African country since the Ebola outbreak ended at the beginning of 2016.

Video journalist: Charlotte Pamment

Correspondent: Paul Adams


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Self-driving trucks begin mail delivery test for U.S. Postal Service

(Reuters) - The U.S. Postal Service on Tuesday started a two-week test transporting mail across three Southwestern states using self-driving trucks, a step forward in the effort to commercialize autonomous vehicle technology for hauling freight.

San Diego-based startup TuSimple said its self-driving trucks will begin hauling mail between USPS facilities in Phoenix and Dallas to see how the nascent technology might improve delivery times and costs. A safety driver will sit behind the wheel to intervene if necessary and an engineer will ride in the passenger seat.

If successful, it would mark an achievement for the autonomous driving industry and a possible solution to the driver shortage and regulatory constraints faced by freight haulers across the country.

The pilot program involves five round trips, each totaling more than 2,100 miles (3,380 km) or around 45 hours of driving. It is unclear whether self-driving mail delivery will continue after the two-week pilot.

“The work with TuSimple is our first initiative in autonomous long-haul transportation,” USPS spokeswoman Kim Frum said. “We are conducting research and testing as part of our efforts to operate a future class of vehicles which will incorporate new technology.”

TuSimple and the USPS declined to disclose the cost of the program, but Frum said no tax dollars were used and the agency relies on revenue from sales of postage and other products. TuSimple has raised $178 million in private financing, including from chipmaker Nvidia Corp and Chinese online media company Sina Corp.

The trucks will travel on major interstates and pass through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

“This run is really in the sweet spot of how we believe autonomous trucks will be used,” said TuSimple Chief Product Officer Chuck Price. “These long runs are beyond the range of a single human driver, which means today if they do this run they have to figure out how to cover it with multiple drivers in the vehicle.”

The goal is to eliminate the need for a driver, freeing shippers and freight-haulers from the constraints of a worsening driver shortage. The American Trucking Associations estimates a shortage of as many as 174,500 drivers by 2024, due to an aging workforce and the difficulty of attracting younger drivers.


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Man Loses Job At FedEx Kinko's, Smokes Cigarettes

Houston Texas (AP) -a local employee at FedEx Kinko's has reportedly lost his job for repeatedly showing up late.

Tyler Larson had been employed at the Northridge Plaza FedEx Kinko's since April 27th, but had reportedly arrived late for work several times since being hired.

Frank Burleson, the general manager of the Northridge Plaza FedEx Kinko's held a press conference on Tuesday to discuss the firing of Mr. Larson. "Tyler hasn't even worked here for an entire month yet, and he's already shown up late for work 12 times. He always has a far-fetched excuse, and promises it won't happen again."

Reports have surfaced that Mr. Larson was also written up for continually going out back behind the FedEx and smoking cigarettes.

Mr. Larson couldn't be reached for comment


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Xenophobic Japs force natural brown haired japs to dye hair black

In late April, a petition, written in both Japanese and English, was launched on the Change.org platform, directly inspired by Pantene's campaign, called #What's Wrong With My Hair? Stop Telling Students To Dye Their Hair Black (In the original Japanese: #この髪どうしてダメですか? 地毛の黒染め指導はやめてください ). According to the organizers:

"In this signature campaign, we will focus on 'the issue of the instruction of forcing natural hair dye black.' We will work on the issue throughout positive 'talk' with not only students and teachers but also an entire society. The collected signatures will be submitted to the Governor of Tokyo and the Chairman of the Board of Education of Tokyo, and we would like to help to eliminate 'the issue of forcing natural hair dye black."

The Change.org page also makes the point that with foreign nationals under 18 currently accounting for 400,000, or about 1 in 50 in Japan (Ministry of Justice statistics on foreign nationals published June, 2018), the issue of hair color also concerns biracial children, and schools requiring them to submit "Natural Hair Color Certificates" or to dye their natural hair black can be considered a form of discrimination.


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Trump warned by most influential economics thinktank:escalation of the US-China trade war will kill

Donald Trump has been warned by the west’s most influential economics thinktank that further escalation of the US-China trade war would unleash significant damage for the American economy, as well as the rest of the world.

The Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said that an intensification of the dispute between Washington and Beijing would likely knock as much as 3% off the level of global GDP by 2021-22.

Under such a scenario, the hit to the world economy from higher tariffs could be quantified at almost $10 trillion


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Semen and Urine added to teachers food students arrested

Semen and Urine in teachers food. Students added semen and urine in teachers food, that food was eaten by teachers at a public school. several students are now under arrest

‘One student filmed some of it, and the video made its way around the school and fortunately to school administrators,’ said Tracy Whited, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman.

At least five people, all of whom are teachers or staff, have been identified as victims while authorities are questioning at least eight students.

Whited says any students found to have put fluids in the food could face felony assault charges.


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Arthur animated kids tv:Alabama Public Television bans gay wedding episode

Alabama Public Television (APT) has refused to broadcast a cartoon which shows a same-sex wedding.

The first episode of the 22nd series of children's programme Arthur features the character Mr Ratburn marrying his aardvark partner, Patrick.

But APT instead ran an old episode, and announced it had no plans to show the premiere.

Programming director Mike McKenzie said broadcasting it would break parents' trust in the network.

In a statement, Mr McKenzie said "parents trust that their children can watch APT without their supervision", and that children "younger than the 'target' audience" might watch without parental knowledge.

Show creator WGBH and broadcaster PBS reportedly alerted local stations in April about the episode, and Mr McKenzie said this was when they decided not to air the show.

US cartoon's gay wedding praised

Arthur is a joint Canadian/American series which debuted in 1996 about an eight-year-old anthropomorphic aardvark named Arthur Read and his friends, who live in the fictional Elwood City.

APT previously refused to broadcast a 2005 episode of the series which depicted Buster, a rabbit, visiting a girl who had two mothers.

Substitute teacher Misty Souder told news website AL.com that she and her daughter were disappointed the episode did not run and had contacted the network about it.

"I never thought I'd be going to battle for a gay rat wedding, but here we are," she said.

A 2018 Gallup poll showed 46% of people in Alabama identified as conservative, second only to Mississippi among all 50 states.


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Cops: Teen Kills Herself- Gunshot Through Mouth With Hands Cuffed Behind Her Back


According to the medical examiner's office in Virginia, a 19-year-old woman died from a gunshot wound through her mouth while her hands were cuffed behind her back. It was ruled a suicide.

The finding matched the account of Sarah Wilson's death by the Chesapeake Police Department that said she shot herself while officers were trying to detain her boyfriend.

Wilson was the passenger of a car pulled over by police on July 25, 2018. The 19-year-old's boyfriend, Holden Medlin, 27, was driving when they were stopped by two police officers, one patrol and one from narcotics. Separating the two from the car, one officer handcuffed Wilson while the other struggled to detain Medlin, who was reportedly combative and tried to flee the scene, as reported by WAVY in August.

While officers tried to get control of Medlin, Wilson was left alone and reportedly was able to get a gun, possibly from inside the car where she was a passenger, "contorted" her body and shot herself through the mouth while still wearing handcuffs, according to a police spokesman.

"She was handcuffed, and she managed to put a revolver in her mouth while handcuffed. That's what the investigator told me last night," the dead woman's mother Dawn Wilson told an ABC news station. "In all of her life I have never known of her to shoot a gun, own a gun, or even hold a gun."

Police were not able to explain how Wilson was able to get access to the gun and said it was not a police weapon. They reportedly tried to save Sarah Wilson's life after the gunshot but that she died at the location of the shooting.

Reports say one officer was wearing a body camera at the time of the stop but it was knocked off during the struggle with Medlin and turned off when it hit the ground. It was off during the shooting and did not capture the teen's death. After Medlin was detained, the camera was reattached and turned back on to record, police said but the Chesapeake Police Department declined to release the body camera footage.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Virginia confirmed to to WAVY that Wilson committed suicide and died from an "intra-oral gunshot wound."

Chesapeake police investigated the alleged suicide in July. A spokesman said the department concluded the investigation but declined to comment on the outcome.

Medlin reportedly swallowed a bag with possible drugs in it at the time of the arrest and is currently facing drug charges.


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Ebola Outbreak migrants arrive with Ebola Virus

Ebola Outbreak Map


Secretary Michael R. Pompeo met today the President of Congo, the president just arrived from Congo Africa, where they are facing the second biggest Ebola Outbreak in history.

Secretary Pompeo expressed support for President Tshisekedi’s change agenda focused on fighting corruption, strengthening governance, advancing human rights and accountability for human rights abuses and violations, promoting stability and security, and attracting American investment in the DRC. President Tshisekedi committed to good governance and respect for human rights, building transparent institutions, and combating corruption in the DRC. They also discussed the importance of sustainable and responsible development of natural resources, combating the current Ebola outbreak, and responding to humanitarian crises.

Ebola Outbreak Map does not know if the president bodyguard staff, or the president of Congo employees were affected personally by Ebola virus, or if the employees are under Ebola virus monitoring in Washington DC or not. We can assume the probability of the employees being exposed to Ebola is likely given the fact that the staff are residents of Congo.

There has been one previous thread about this article.

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Nigel Farage hit by a milkshake in Newcastle city

Nigel Farage was struck by a milkshake on a visit to Newcastle city centre.

The Brexit Party leader was visiting the city ahead of the European elections on Thursday.

He was surrounded by security and activists but was struck by a protester close to Monument.

Mr Farage was crossing Blackett Street when he was hit by the drink by a male.

Several pro-Brexit politicians have been subjected to the same bizarre protest in recent weeks.

He could be heard saying to his security "this is a failure" and "how did that happen?" immediately after.

He was greeted by supporters and North East candidate Brian Monteith as he arrived on Northumberland Street.


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Russia To Build Their Own Internet Without Any Access To Outside World

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed into law a "sovereign internet" bill which will allow Russian authorities to isolate the country's internet, a move decried by rights groups.

Russian lawmakers insist the new law is necessary to ensure the security of Russia's online networks but critics say the vaguely worded bill gives new censorship powers to government monitors.

The text of the law was published Wednesday but it will not come into effect until November.

The measures include creating technology to monitor internet routing and to steer Russian internet traffic away from foreign servers, ostensibly to prevent a foreign country from shutting it down.

The authors of the initiative say Russia must ensure the security of its networks after US President Donald Trump unveiled a new American cybersecurity strategy last year that said Russia had carried out cyber attacks with impunity.

Thousands of people recently rallied in Russia against this and other bills that critics say aim to restrict information and communication online.

Separately, Putin in March signed controversial laws that allow courts to fine and briefly jail people for showing disrespect towards authorities, and block media for publishing "fake news".

The laws are part of an ongoing Kremlin clampdown on media and internet freedoms that has seen people jailed for sharing humorous memes. This is the exact kind of censorship going on in the UK and much of Europe today too.



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EXPOSED!:Satellites to monitor air pollution generated by every power station in the world

Google's non evil section to help

Air pollution monitoring is to be revolutionised[sic] with the launch of a new satellite system capable of tracking the damaging greenhouse gas emissions coming from every large power station in the world in real time.

The project, developed by nonprofit emissions reduction software company Watt Time, will use a global network of satellites to measure carbon dioxide emissions and then make the data public.

It is backed by Google’s philanthropic wing, Google.org which has provided a $1.7m (£1.34m) grant.

Watt Time’s stated aim is “to use the resulting data both to hold polluting plants accountable to environmental standards, as well as to enable advanced new emissions reduction technologies.”

The company will work alongside other nonprofit companies to interpret, use and publish the data.

“Far too many power companies worldwide currently shroud their pollution in secrecy. But through the growing power of artificial intelligence (AI), our little coalition of nonprofits is about to lift that veil all over the world, all at once,” said Gavin McCormick, the firm's executive director.

“To think that today a little team like ours can use emerging AI remote sensing techniques to hold every powerful polluter worldwide accountable is pretty incredible.


R: 122 / I: 22 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]



HELL BENT ON DESTROYING AMERICA, the Department of Homeland 'Security' (DHS) has released about 9,000 illegal invaders into the interior of the United States over the last eight days, federal data confirms this treason.

Catch and release totals obtained by Breitbart News confirm that between May 6 through May 13, roughly 9,000 border crossers and illegal aliens were released into a variety of American communities by DHS. This indicates that at least 1,100 illegal invaders have been released into the country every day in the past week.

Today, there are anywhere between 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living across the country — the majority of which are concentrated in states like California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Illinois. And they breed like rabbits.



HELL BENT ON DESTROYING AMERICA, the Trump regime is looking to hire a private contractor that will be responsible for transporting approximately 225,000 illegals, gangbangers and terrorists to rob and kill citizens across the country over the next five years as they wait for their asylum claims to be processed.

ICE is seeking services of a highly Anti-American contractor that “fully embraces the philosophy” of treating this country like a dumping ground or landfill!

The treasonous and unproductive company will be hired with US TAXPAYER MONEY to transport approximately 60,000 illegals PER YEAR. Thats right, they are now openly destroying our borders and ignoring America's immigration laws. Nothing more than high treason!



The intent for treason is five-fold, to destabilize and destroy America by the following:

1. Allowing Foreign Murderers, Thugs, Gangs Into America: https:// archive.fo/6Tek0

2. Allowing Foreign Infiltrators Into The Nation, Including Russia and China: https:// archive.fo/2mdIf

3. Allowing Foreign Troops To Invade And Hold Us Hostage: https:// archive.fo/UoZ9h

4. To Import Terrorists And Drug Cartels Into America: https:// archive.fo/Zpi2M

5. To Import Disease Into America: https:// archive.fo/QhVFR

R: 21 / I: 0 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

BOOM! Bayer-Monsanto Now Faces Criminal Investigation And OVER 10,000 Lawsuits For Major Crimes


For over a decade, Monsanto has been engaged in building and maintapining “hit lists” of journalists, lawmakers and regulators to be taken out if they opposed the evil agenda of GMOs and toxic glyphosate weed killer chemicals that now inundate the world food supply. Any influential person who opposed the Monsanto agenda was subjected to one or more of the following:

Attempted bribery

Death threats and intimidation

Character assassination through well-funded “negative P.R.” campaigns

Defamation via coordinated Wikipedia attacks, run by Monsanto operatives

Career destruction, such as getting scientists blacklisted from science journals

Being doxxed, having their home addresses publicized and their families and co-workers threatened

In other words, Monsanto has been running a “black ops” division for over ten years, spending perhaps $100 million or more on efforts to silence, destroy or assassinate anyone who interfered with the agricultural giant’s market dominance.

Now, the criminal mafia activity that Monsanto has carried out for years is finally being exposed as law enforcement closes in on the crimes of this evil agricultural giant now owned by Bayer, a corporation that appears to be making an effort to “clean house” and end the Monsanto crimes that targeted journalists, lawmakers and regulators with intimidation and bribery campaigns.

“French prosecutors said on Friday they had opened an inquiry after newspaper Le Monde filed a complaint alleging that Monsanto – acquired by Bayer for $63 billion last year – had kept a file of 200 names, including journalists and lawmakers in hopes of influencing positions on pesticides,” reports Reuters.


The $2 billion jury award against Monsanto that was just handed down by a California jury has been widely reported by the very same media that, for years, blacklisted any criticism of Monsanto, GMOs or glyphosate herbicide.

They did that because Monsanto ran a “black ops” division that bribed and threatened journalists across the country while keeping a “hit list” of which journalists to pay off or threaten with violence. Bayer has now become aware of this “black ops” division of Monsanto and has publicly apologized for its operation. In a public apology message posted on its website, Bayer also says it has shut down the operation and cut ties with the black ops service providers, which we know included actual corporate-funded “death squads” that targeted journalists, lawmakers and regulators.

With the black ops division shut down, U.S. journalists are no longer threatened with being killed by Monsanto for running news that’s critical of the corporation. This is one reason why negative news about the Roundup / glyphosate court cases is receiving so much coverage now.

With the American public now watching all this coverage and learning about the links between glyphosate exposure and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (a form of cancer), Bayer is likely to be hit with a new wave of lawsuits due to the “snowball effect” of increased media coverage in the United States. Potentially tens of thousands of people who have been diagnosed with NHL cancer are suddenly realizing they were exposed to glyphosate, too. No doubt many of them are finding law firms to pursue legal action against Bayer.

By our estimates, Bayer is currently being hit with 20 – 30 new lawsuits each business day, adding up to hundreds of new lawsuits a month and thousands each year. With Roundup / glyphosate still being sold at retail stores across America, glyphosate exposure will continue to cause cancers among potentially millions of people, many of whom will no doubt end up filing suit against Bayer.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

C-60 What is it Really?

I had a chance to talk with Bob Greska the inventor of Greska’s Carbon 60 about possible uses of C-60 during the Grand Solar Minimum along with uses and results that he has seen as he developed his no solvent single molecule C-60.

Bob Greska Home Page C-60 www.c-60.com



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Theresa May to reveal new Brexit deal


Theresa May is to set out the details of her “new deal” on Brexit in a speech at 4pm as she paves the way for a last-ditch attempt to take Britain out of the EU before she leaves Downing Street.

The prime minister’s spokesman said cabinet had discussed, “alternative arrangements, workers’ rights, environmental protections, and further assurances on protecting the integrity of the UK in the unlikely event that the backstop is required”.

However, much of the focus will be on whether the government has moved far enough on customs arrangements and the prospect of a second Brexit referendum to win over Labour MPs.

May told her cabinet colleagues on Tuesday: “The withdrawal agreement bill [Wab] is the vehicle which gets the UK out of the EU and it is vital to find a way to get it over the line.”

The discussion lasted more than two hours, against the backdrop of clashing comments from the chancellor, Philip Hammond, and the leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

Asked about Hammond’s speech, in which he is expected to say that a no-deal Brexit would be a betrayal, May’s spokesman said that option remained a “plausible” outcome and preparations for it would continue.

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Ford Will Lay Off 7,000 White-Collar Workers

Ford is cutting 7,000 white-collar jobs, or about 10% of its salaried staff worldwide, as part of a cost-cutting effort it says will save the company about $600 million a year.

Ford (F) says workers will begin to be notified of cuts starting Tuesday, and the terminations will be completed by the end of August. About 2,400 of the jobs cuts are in North America, and 1,500 of the positions will be eliminated through a voluntary buyout offer.

Ford has been making cuts over the past several months as part of a massive restructuring that is expected to cost thousands of jobs across the globe. The company committed last year to spending $11 billion to reshape its business, hoping to boost sales overseas and modernize its fleet of vehicles by focusing more on electric and autonomous driving tech.

But Ford has been slow to give details of how it will spend the $11 billion and what jobs might be cut as part of the restructuring of the business. It has said it will close three plants in Russia, one factory in Europe and another in Brazil. But it has said the moves announced so far represent only about $1 billion of the $11 billion restructuring it plans to do.

In March, the company said it was cutting roughly 5,000 jobs in Germany through a "voluntary separation" program. It also said it would cut a number of jobs in the United Kingdom, but did not provide more information about those positions at that time.

Ford faces pressure to improve its profitability. Its profit margin has lagged those of some competitors. It has announced the costs of commodities it buys, such as steel and aluminum, have increased about $1 billion annually after tariffs were imposed on those products, even though it sources most of those raw materials from domestic mills.

Because of its restructuring efforts Ford's stock is up by about a third so far this year, though its was slightly lower in morning trading on the news. Still, that's more a reflection of how low Ford shares were coming into the year.

The 7,000 white-collar jobs equateto about 10% of Ford's salaried staff worldwide.

Ford's market value of $41 billion is only slightly higher than that of Tesla (TSLA), an automaker a fraction of its size that has rarely posted a profit. And it's worth about 40% less than Uber (UBER), which only recently went public and has yet to report a profit.

But Ford and the rest of the auto industry is facing a lot of pressure to prepare itself for the future. The major automakers all have to buy into new technology and plan for a world full of self-driving cars and customers who would rather buy rides than autos themselves. They also face competition from tech companies that are also interested in the market, like Tesla and Alphabet's (GOOGL) Waymo.

"It's Ford today. It was GM. All the automakers are looking to do this," said Michelle Krebs, senior analyst with Cox Automotive. "Everyone cut to the bone during the great recession, then they beefed up since then. They have to figure out how do you wring more money out of today's business to free up money for future business. The problem is we don't know when that future business will pay off."

Ford is playing catch-up with other automakers, which are further along in their ambitions for electric and self-driving vehicles. It does not currently offer any battery-only electric vehicles, because it halted production of the electric Focus when it discontinued production of the gas version of that vehicle. It lags some other automakers in the race to bring self-driving vehicles to the market, though like other automakers it does have test versions of those vehicles on the road.

So Ford is looking to make new alliances as it restructures its business. It's teamed with Volkwagen to develop new products, and recently announced a $500 million investmentin Rivian, which plans to debut an electric truck next year.


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Holy Pinocchio! Vice Reporters Break Into Home of Jim Watkins With Camera Crew

Vice correspondents Lani Levine and Elle Reeve have been accused of breaking into a bedroom in the Philippines home of 8Chan owner Jim Watkins with a camera crew.

The accusation was made by the verified 8Chan Twitter account, which said that the reporters and their crew entered Watkin’s bedroom before being ordered out of the property.

.@elspethreeve with a filmmaking crew just broke and entered into Jim's bedroom and were ordered out of the property. @elspethreeve and her producer @lani_levine have now protected their tweets.

The Filipino authorities have already been notified. pic.twitter.com/mppgbhGOlT

— 8chan (8ch.net) (@infinitechan) May 18, 2019

The tweet said that Watkins has notified authorities.

Both Levine and Reeve have now set their Twitter accounts to private.

Earlier this month Vice published an article about 8Chan referring to it as the place where “racists get radicalized.”

“Sites like 8chan and others where racists can get radicalized online are key to counterterrorism efforts, experts say, but in a Wednesday hearing on domestic terrorism, U.S. intel officials from the FBI, DOJ and DHS seemed fairly unfamiliar with those platforms — or what to do about them,” the article read.

8Chan, much like 4Chan, is an anonymous imageboard that was the 3,857th most visited site in the world in 2018. It has gained more notoriety since the Christchurch shooting in March, as the shooter had posted a link to a livestream and his manifesto on the website. The Poway synagogue shooter had also posted a manifesto on one of the boards prior to his attack.

Vice has not yet responded to the allegations.



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COMEDY GOLD: Neptune Replaces Ethiopian Children With Yemeni Tots

Even though there are only four people who visit/n/, thousands of them have loved Johnny Neptune's trademark comparisons between 'starving Ethiopian children food critics' and 'videogame sissies who offer advice about women'.

"It's my favorite comparison ever", said one /n/ reader who prefers to remain anonymous "it's the only reason l come to /n/, obviously."

Reports have surfaced that Neptune will now be replacing his signature 'Ethiopian child's with the more current 'Starving Child From Yemen'.

"I can't wait", said somebody who has no choice but to wait, but still makes statements about his inability or refusal to wait.

"Everybody loves it when Neptune compares us to Starving Ethiopian Children who stand outside of busy restaurants, critiquing the menu", said the /n/ reader, "it's a perfect comparison to one of us complaining about women."


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Alabama Votes To BAN All Abortions, Doctors Face Life In Prison If They Abort Babies

ALABAMA lawmakers last night passed a near-total ban on abortions - including in cases of rape and incest while promising to jail doctors for LIFE who carry out the procedures.

State governor Kay Ivey, a Republican, will make the final decision on whether to enact the controversial law after local senators voted in favour by 25 to six.

If it's signed off, the new law will make it a felony for a doctor to perform an abortion at any stage of pregnancy - punishable by up to 99 years in jail.

The only exception would be when the woman’s health is at serious risk.

The historic legislation is designed to go against the US Supreme Court’s landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalised abortion nationally.

This means it will likely be challenged in the courts - but if backed by the current conservative-led US Supreme court, could see abortions banned across America.

Senators in the Republican-led chamber rejected an attempt to add an exception for rape and incest - even of underage children - at the vote in Montgomery, Alabama, on Tuesday.

Democratic Sen. Bobby Singleton said after the amendment was rejected: "You don’t care anything about babies having babies in this state, being raped and incest.

“You just aborted the state of Alabama with your rhetoric with this bill."

The bill's sponsor, Republican Terri Collins, said she expects Gov Ivey to sign the ban into law.

Ivey has not publicly commented on what she’ll do - but the large margin in favour of the bill means any veto she might bring in to block it could be easily overturned.

Republican Sen. Clyde Chambliss said in a statement after the bill’s passage: “Roe v. Wade has ended the lives of millions of children."



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Apartment Complex Begins Identifying Dog Shit With DNA Tests

In order to dissuade dog owners from not cleaning up after their dogs, the Parcels at Crosstown Concourse are requiring them to bring in their dog for registry with a DNA database.

According to a letter sent out to residents, dog owners living at the Parcels must bring their pet into the front office by June 3 to register them for a program called Poo Prints.

Poo Prints, according to their website, is a commercial service that uses pet DNA registry to help with waste management.

Dogs' cheeks are swabbed in order to collect a DNA sample, which then goes into a registry.

Feces left behind by dogs can then be easily tested to identify the dog and their owner.

The letter sent out by The Parcels says that owners matched to dog poo left on the ground will be fined $150.

Should residents not register their pets by the June 3 deadline, they will be fined $150.

Failure to pay the fine in either instance is grounds for rental agreement termination, the letter says.


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The famed kitty first found internet fame in 2012, and went on to become a household name with everything from plush toys and books to her own movie

Here’s something to be grumpy about: Grumpy Cat, the furry feline who started as an Internet meme sensation before becoming a household name, has died. She was 7.

Grumpy’s caretakers — Tabatha Bundesen, her brother Bryan Bundesen and her daughter Crystal Bundesen, all of Morristown, Arizona — announced the news on Friday morning in a touching message to the cat’s more than 12.4 million followers across social media.


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Iran hits back at Trump for tweeting 'genocidal taunts'

The Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif, has hit back at Donald Trump’s “genocidal taunts” after a strongly worded warning from Trump that Tehran should not think of attacking the US.

Trump tweets threat: 'If Iran wants to fight, that will be the end of Iran'

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“Goaded by #B_Team,” Zarif wrote on Twitter, in an apparent reference to Trump advisers such as John Bolton, “@realdonaldTrump hopes to achieve what Alexander, Genghis & other aggressors failed to do. Iranians have stood tall for millennia while aggressors all gone. #EconomicTerrorism & genocidal taunts won’t ‘end Iran’.”

He added: “#NeverThreatenAnIranian. Try respect – it works!”

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said late on Monday he favoured talks and diplomacy but not under current conditions, according to state news agency IRNA. “Today’s situation is not suitable for talks and our choice is resistance only,” Rouhani was quoted as saying.

Trump said on Monday provocations by Iran – which he called the “No. 1 provocateur of terror.” – would be met with “great force,” but that he was also willing to negotiate.


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Outdoors cats take toll on bird numbers

By Dave Golowenski For The Columbus Dispatch

Posted May 4, 2019 at 8:31 PM Updated May 4, 2019 at 8:31 PM

A plump eastern phoebe, its dark head and tail-pumping on display as it flitted from bush to pine to bush in the yard last week, was making itself conspicuous enough to be tracked by a stalking cat.

The cat, which belonged to the yard or the yard to the cat, was not hungry. Yet the otherwise-docile feline, like some sort of Manchurian Candidate, was acting out what the killer in his brain was directing him to do.

As was the phoebe, a devourer of insects but not of cats, unlike a few of its more robust feathered kin. The cat, earthbound, turned out to be not much more than an inconvenience to the phoebe as it fluttered toward taller timber ostensibly on a migratory mission that could lead as far as the boreal north of Canada.

Moving on was one of the things the phoebe’s brain was telling it to do. Many hundreds of millions of bird brains currently are conveying a similar message.

Migration requires running an ancient gantlet of birds, mammals and reptiles dead set on waylaying a warm, bloody meal. In modern times, moreover, the feathered migrants that travel hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles from their winter digs to their summer nesting sites encounter numerous unnatural ways to perish.

Listen to the Cheap Seats podcast:

Unnaturalness can be traced to humans.

Domestic cats, it must be said, stand paramount among the previously abnormal causes of bird deaths. True it is that cats naturally go after birds. Yet before European colonists brought them to the Americas, no cats but native cats — larger, their numbers in check and wired for a different survivalist pursuit — roamed the landscape.

Closer to today, an estimated annual median of 2.4 billion deaths by cat count as the biggest human-caused contributor to bird mortality, reported a 2013 study by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. On the side, domestic cats, with an estimated population of far more than 100 million, were estimated to kill a median of 12.3 billion small mammals yearly.

A high percentage of the small-animal deaths was wrought by domestic cats turned free-ranging and feral.

Not in question is that 92 species of the 1,027 protected under the 100-year-old Migratory Bird Treaty Act are listed federally as either endangered or threatened, the USFWS reports. Among a number of species not listed, populations have been trending downward.

One-third of North American species need “urgent conservation action,” concluded a 2016 report by the U.S. North American Bird Conservation Initiative, a consortium of government and nongovernment organizations.


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China Threatens To Ban Rare-Earth Exports To US Over Trade War

BE PREPARED: >>>/prepare/1

Back in April of 2018, when the trade war with China was still in its early stages, we explained that among the five "nuclear" options Beijing has to retaliate against the US, one was the block of rare-earth exports to the US, potentially crippling countless US supply chains that rely on these rare commodities, and forcing painful and costly delays in US production as alternative supply pathways had to be implemented.

As a result, for many months China watchers expected Beijing to respond to Trump's tariff hikes by blocking the exports of one or more rare-earths, although fast forwarding one year later this still hasn't happened. But that doesn't mean it won't happen, and overnight President Xi Jinping’s visit to a rare earths facility fueled speculation that the strategic materials will soon be weaponized in China’s tit-for-tat war the US.

As Bloomberg reported overnight, shares in JL MAG Rare-Earth surged by the daily limit on Monday after Xinhua said the Chinese president had stopped by the company in Jiangxi, a scripted move designed to telegraph what China could do next.

The reason for the dramatic market response is that the presidential visit flags policy priorities, and "rare earths have featured in the escalating trade spat between the U.S. and China." Specifically, as Bloomberg notes, China raised tariffs to 25% from 10% on American imports, while the U.S. excluded rare earths from its own list of prospective tariffs on roughly $300 billion worth of Chinese goods to be targeted in the next wave of measures. And just in case the White House missed the message, Xi was accompanied on the trip to JL MAG by Liu He, the vice premier who has led the Chinese side in the trade negotiations.

Why does China have a clear advantage in this area? Simple: the U.S. relies on China, the dominant global supplier, for about 80% of its rare earths imports.

The visit “sends a warning signal to the U.S. that China may use rare earths as a retaliation measure as the trade war heats up,” said Pacific Securities analyst Yang Kunhe. That could include curbs on rare earth exports to the U.S., he said.



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African Terrorists In Black Vests Invade France With Vows To Takeover Small Nation


Yesterday, hundreds of undocumented migrants took control of Terminal 2 of the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris France. Approximately 500 migrants seized the terminal.

“France does not belong to the French! Everyone has a right to be here!” one person can be heard yelling into a loudspeaker.

The protest was organized by the migrant support group “La Chapelle Debout,” which said their members call themselves “Black Vests.”

The group comes amid the country’s months-long “Yellow Vests movement” over tax reforms; French citizens are required to carry yellow vests in their vehicles for emergencies.

#Breaking: Just in - Reports that undocumented immigrants are protesting in the Charles de Gaulle Airport in #Paris right now and won't let people board their flights until they meet and talk with with the prime minister Édouard Philippe of #France, Riot CRS police on the scene. pic.twitter.com/fextoWCs6S

— Sotiri Dimpinoudis (@sotiridi) May 19, 2019

The organized group released an official statement and warned this will not be the last effort such as this.

In an official statement, the group asked to meet with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe over the country’s asylum policy and the leaders of Air France. They demanded that the airline “stop any financial, material, logistical or political participation in deportations.”

Later Sunday, an Air France delegation met with the group, a member told local newspaper Le Parisien.

A migrant who took part in the protest warned it wouldn’t be the last.

“We have targeted Air France, and other actions will follow,” he told the paper.

The migrants are reported to have refused to allow passengers to board their planes until their demands were met. They were held back by riot police but actually got a meeting with a representatie of Air France.

What kind of precedent does this set? One tweet even suggests “Prime Minister Édouard Philippe caved into their demands and gave them all permanent legal status, though that hasn’t been confirmed.”

Currently there are no reports of arrests.

France does not belong to the French anymore, indeed.



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Female Tweaker Pretends To Be Sheriff's Deputy, Helps BF Escape

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - A woman from Arkansas now will spend time behind bars after she posed as a California sheriff to get her boyfriend out of jail.

Maxine Feldstein has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after she pleaded guilty to forgery, third-degree escape and second-degree criminal impersonation, KFSM reported.

Feldstein gave fake paperwork to Washington County Detention Center last July. Jailers thought the paperwork was real and released Nicholas Lowe.

Lowe, according to court documents, told Feldstein to pretend she was a deputy from Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, KFSM reported.

He told Feldstein to tell Washington County officials California was “having issues with overcrowding and all low-priority extraditions have been suspended,” court documents stated.

Feldstein, who had bonded out of jail hours before, called the Washington County Jail, saying she was Ventura County Deputy L. Kershaw, KFSM reported.

Officials realized two days later they had been duped when a real Ventura County deputy called to pick up Lowe.

Law enforcement arrested the couple about a month later.

Lowe also pleaded guilty to third-degree escape and was sentenced to one year in prison, but was given credit for 167 days served. He will have a five-year suspended sentence once he’s released by the Arkansas Department of Corrections.


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Iran Develops Firewall Against US-Israeli Anti-industrial Stuxnet Glow Worm

Iran says has developed an indigenous firewall securing its sensitive industrial facilities against Stuxnet, a cyber weapon widely believed to be made by the US and Israel and used in the past to target the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy program.

Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi announced the development on his Instagram page on Thursday.

The firewall, he said, has been designed and developed by young Iranian scientists, and successfully tested on industrial automation systems.

The firewall “practically neutralizes industrial [acts of] sabotage, such as [those potentially launched by] Stuxnet, in electrical grids and suchlike,” he wrote, adding, “By relying on [our] youths, we will turn threats into opportunities.”

The Washington Post reported in June 2012 that the US National Security Agency (NSA), its spy service CIA, and Israel’s military had worked together to launch Stuxnet against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

In late 2015, Iran's then Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hossein Jaberi-Ansari, called the attacks that came in 2011 “illegal,” saying Tehran had never responded with “reciprocal cyber attacks.”

In November 2016, Iran’s top nuclear official said the cyber attack had worked against the US and Israel’s intended objectives and instead helped improve the Islamic Republic’s readiness against such acts of sabotage.


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Klown dresses up as clown for his birthday and gives candy to kids:shit ensues

A Tennessee town was stricken with panic after residents reported seeing a man dressed in a clown suit handing out candy at various businesses, according to police.

The Clarksville Police Department posted a message to residents regarding the clown sightings Thursday.

Continue reading below

“The great clown mystery has been solved,” the Facebook post began.

According to the post, an old man dressed in a clown costume sparked fear in the community Thursday morning when he was spotted handing out candy to children.

Police were notified of the man's activities by a school resource officer after a couple of 5th graders alerted administrators that a man dressed as a clown had offered them candy on their way to school, according to a report from local news site Clarksvillenow.com.

Officers were able to locate the man shortly thereafter and discovered that he was celebrating his birthday the way he does each year — by dressing up as a clown and handing out candy to kids he doesn't know for a sit on his lap.

Officers followed up at locations where the man said he had visited earlier in the morning and verified his actions and whereabouts with business owners, who told police the man was very nice and is known to give out candy for any child who will sit on his lap.

Police determined that the man did not mean any harm other than the lap sitting and had no intentions of scaring people. “EVERYONE CAN NOW BREATHE!!!!” the Facebook post said.


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Violence as Tommy Robinson visits Oldham - this is what police have to say


Police cars were smashed by flying objects as violence erupted between protesters at an event organised by Tommy Robinson.

Hundreds of people gathered as the far right activist arrived in the Limeside area of Oldham on Saturday evening.

People reported seeing bricks and eggs being launched into the crowds as tensions flared on the residential roads around Seventh Avenue.

Scores of police officers, armed with shields and batons, attempted to separate both sides during the incident.

An eyewitness, who didn't want to be named, said: "I saw bricks being thrown into the crowds. There were police with shields and batons, and the Tactical Aid Unit were there.

"There were several dozen police. At the start there were eggs being thrown, but then people turned to bricks."

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GOP Rep. Amash becomes first Republican to call for Trump's impeachment

"Michigan GOP Rep. Justin Amash said Saturday he had concluded President Donald Trump committed "impeachable conduct" and accused Attorney General William Barr of intentionally misleading the public.

Amash's comments recommending Congress pursue obstruction of justice charges against Trump were the first instance of a sitting Republican in Congress calling for Trump's impeachment.

Amash is a rare GOP critic of Trump and previously said Trump's conduct in pressuring then-FBI Director James Comey could merit impeachment. In a Twitter thread on Saturday, Amash said he believed "few members of Congress even read" special counsel Robert Mueller's report and that the report itself established "multiple examples" of Trump committing obstruction of justice.

"Contrary to Barr's portrayal, Mueller's report reveals that President Trump engaged in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold for impeachment," Amash said in a string of messages on Twitter."


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Davos Billionaire Celebrates Censorship on Social Media

Alternatives To State-run Social Media: >>>/prepare/20

Davos billionaire Maurice Levy has praised social media companies for censoring “hateful” information on their platforms.

Levy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Publicis Groupe, said he supports “hateful content” rules that will soon see “discussions” being “quickly erased from social networks.”

Summit reports:


He has joined with global despots like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron to promote the “Christchurch Call,” which demands countries and social media giants “clamp down on hate content” in response to the New Zealand mosque shooting.

During an interview with CNBC, Levy praised New Zealand’s effort to combat “hate” following the attack.

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern … (made) a very moving speech regarding how the hatred and speech of hate are contaminating the social network(s), and I believe that this is a landmark in how people will now operate and how some discussions will be quickly erased from the social networks,” he said.

As we previously reported, part of combating this “hate” in New Zealand includes police making home visits to citizens to grill them on their political beliefs.

And as ever, “hateful content” coincidentally looks almost identical to ‘expressing opinions which go against the status quo’.

What could possibly go wrong?



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Despotic German Beurocrats Ban Boycotts Against Israel

Another move to restrict consumer rights to boycott, undermining consumer choice. This ban arrogantly defies the principles of a free market system.

Germany yesterday voted to define the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement as anti-Semitic, becoming the first major European parliament to do so.

The German parliament – known as the Bundestag – this afternoon voted to accept a motion defining BDS as anti-Semitic. The motion, “Resist the BDS Movement – Fighting Antisemitism,” was sponsored by the Bundestag’s two largest parties – Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian-Democratic Union and the Social Democrat party – as well as the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party.

The text of the motion stated that “the German Bundestag is unwavering in its commitment to condemn and combat anti-Semitism in all its forms,” stressing it will oppose “anyone who defames people because of their Jewish identity […] questions the right of the Jewish and democratic state of Israel to exist or Israel’s right to defend itself.”

On the BDS movement specifically, the motion claimed that “the arguments, patterns and methods of the BDS movement are anti-Semitic”. As evidence of this, the motion argued that BDS’ “don’t buy” stickers – which aim to identify products of Israeli origin so consumers can refrain from purchasing them – “arouse associations [with] the Nazi slogan ‘Don’t buy from Jews’” and are “reminiscent of the most horrific phase in German history”.

The move could also pave the way for other groups to be labelled anti-Semitic for their criticism of Israel. By arguing that “the state of Israel can also be understood as a Jewish collective,” the passing of the motion will further narrow the space for criticism of Israel’s government and its policies by conflating this with anti-Semitic rhetoric.

The Bundestag also voted today on two other anti-BDS resolutions: the first, which was submitted by the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, called on the German government to outlaw the BDS altogether; meanwhile the second, submitted by the left-wing party Die Linke, called on the government to condemn “anti-Semitism within” the BDS movement.



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Good! White House Launches Online Tool To Report Vicious Big Tech Censorship

President Trump has launched a new tool designed to fight back against online censorship by Big Tech companies.

https://www.whitehouse.gov/techbias (currently down?)

The online tool was launched by the White House on Wednesday and allows Americans to report instances where they have been censored on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The reports go directly to the Trump administration for review.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the administration announced the tool, declaring it is “fighting for free speech.”

“No matter your views, if you suspect political bias has caused you to be censored or silenced online, we want to hear about it!” the White House said in a tweet.

The post from the White House triggered an avalanche of responses from ordinary Americans who reported their own experiences of heavy-handed censorship by Big Tech.

Thousands of people reported they were being actively banned, suspended or “shadowbanned” for holding non-mainstream views.

“My twitter follower number reached just over 6000 followers in 2017.. then the Shadowban, Throttling, and follower purge kicked in,” one person claimed.

“Have been permanently banned from FB due to my supporting President Trump,” another revealed.

Nypost.com reports:


The tool prompts users to answer a series of questions, including what social media platform censored them because of political bias.

“The White House wants to hear from all Americans – regardless of their political leanings – if they have been impacted by bias on social media platforms,” Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere said of the program.

The reporting tool was launched as Trump and other Republicans have raised concerns about censorship by social media platforms.



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Former Iowa City paraeducator pleaded guilty to lascivious acts with child

A former Iowa City paraeducator pleaded guilty to two felony offenses Tuesday in a plea deal with the state after being charged with sexually abusing a child last year.

Scott Suhr of 2502 E. Court St., worked briefly in Iowa City schools before he was arrested on April 21, 2018.

At a hearing this week, Suhr pleaded guilty to two counts of lascivious acts with a child.

Court documents show when he was arrested, he was charged with two counts of sexual abuse in the second degree, two counts of lascivious acts with a child, two counts of incest and one count of child endangerment.

Under the plea deal, the state agrees to dismiss the other charges, suspended sentences, five years' probation and a minimum fine of $750,000, according to court documents.

A conviction for second-degree sex abuse carries a maximum sentence of up to 25 years. It's not clear what the outcome will be for Suhr's guilty plea to lesser charges.

A sentencing date was scheduled for June 24, 2019, at the Johnson County Courthouse.

According to a complaint, Suhr engaged in sex acts with a child under the age of 12 on two different occasions between 2016 and 2018.


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Primitive Apes! Migrant Repays Family Who Sheltered Him by Stabbing Their Child

A migrant repaid a German family that offered him shelter by allegedly stabbing their 11-year-old child while repeatedly shouting “die, die, die!” according to German reports.

HLN (as translated by Google) reports: Refugee Abdulrahman M. (26) was kindly welcomed at the home of the German Tina K. (34). Yet he stabbed her son Paul (11) with a bread knife on July 25, 2018. The child was seriously injured and survived […] This week, the asylum seeker from Eritrea has to appear before the court of Passau (Bavaria) for attempted murder.

After his flight from Eritrea, Abdulrahman M. lived with other refugees in a multi-family home in Vilshofen. Tina K. (34) lived with her husband and two sons in the same house and took care of the refugees, German media write including Die Welt and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

According to the prosecutor, Abdulrahman M. lured his assistant’s son into ambush in the parental home. He was actually aiming at Paul’s mother, but she was shopping with the other refugees at the time.

The asylum seeker asked the boy where his mother was and pushed him into the living room. There he knocked him down and brought out a bread knife that he had kept hidden until then. M. would have called “die, die” when he stabbed the boy. Paul reacted fearlessly and defended himself during the knife attack.

The family dog ​​- a terrier – eventually saved his life. He bit the attacker. Then Paul was able to free himself and run out of the house. M. did not stop the chase until the boy could stop a car along the road. Paul was seriously injured in the neck and arms and legs. He had to undergo emergency surgery. He had a cut of 15 centimeters [6 inches] on the neck.

Ten months after the facts, the boy still has serious psychological problems and concentration problems, his father said. He has been going back to school for a few weeks after being admitted to a specialized clinic for months.



R: 25 / I: 1 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

UK 24-yr-old died after his neck got trapped in a cinema seat searching for his keys

Bad news:He has already contaminated gene pool

A 24-year-old father died after his neck got trapped in a cinema seat footrest as he searched for his keys and phone, an inquest has heard.

In March 2018, Ateeq Rafiq became stuck as he scrambled on the floor to find his belongings after a film at Birmingham's Star City complex.

The court was told Rafiq squeezed his whole body under the "gold class" seat before the electronic footrest came down on his neck, trapping him.

His distraught wife, Ayesha Sardar, and cinema staff desperately tried to free him, but a blown fuse meant the buttons to lift the footrest weren't working.

The seat began to operate in RUMBLERAMA™ mode and vibrate his neck violently.

In a frantic state of panic, staff finally managed to remove the bolts from the chair, but Rafiq had already suffered a heart attack, triggered by a lack of oxygen to the brain.

He was rushed to hospital, but died a week later from "catastrophic brain injuries to his several neurons".

Sardar told the court of her desperate attempt to help him.

"He shouted in pain and I told him to get out from under there, you damned fool," she said.

"I tried to pull the footrest off but couldn't.

"I ran outside to get help but no one paid attention to a screaming Muslim woman."

he "ran back in" when she heard he was not breathing, and "saw that he was blue".

Charles Stephens Simmons-Jacobs, from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), found it was "impossible" to lift eight out of 52 footrests in the theatre.

Sardar said her husband was a "loving father, son, husband and friend".

"His smile was the kindest and his heart was the greatest, even if his brain wasn't.

"There is not a day goes by that we don't miss him and think of him."

Sardar said their 3-year-old daughter had a similar accident 6 months ago when her foot was trapped in her high chair and had to be amputated.

"Such is the will of Allah", she said resignedly.

The inquest is expected to last up a week.


R: 12 / I: 2 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Republican calls for Trump impeachment - Inbreds still don't get it


"Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., broke with his Republican colleagues Saturday when he claimed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian election meddling showed President Trump engaging in "impeachable conduct."

Attorney General William Barr, Amash argued, "deliberately misrepresented" that report in not emphasizing clear evidence of obstruction on Trump's part.

"In comparing Barr’s principal conclusions, congressional testimony, and other statements to Mueller’s report," Amash said, "it is clear that Barr intended to mislead the public about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s analysis and findings."

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Shocking : 17 Month Old Toddler Dies After Being Sexually Assaulted

Manila Philippines (Vice) – Police in Manila say a 17-month-old girl has died after being assaulted at the Eton Emerald Lofts.

The girl's mother, Aija Brown, tells news outlets that Nariah Ivy Brown died Friday after being sexually assaulted two days earlier. She says she left her daughter in a condominium with a man she trusted and returned to find her daughter wounded. She says Nariah was then hospitalized.

City police have only said the girl was assaulted. Authorities haven't released Nariah's official cause of death or expanded on the type of assault she suffered. No charges were filed in the girl's death as of Tuesday.

A vigil was held for the toddler Tuesday night.


R: 11 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Trump's only criteria for decision: Do opposite of Obama

Trump Says Nobody Warned Him About Flynn — But Obama Did


“It now seems the General Flynn was under investigation long before was common knowledge,” Trump tweeted on Friday morning. “It would have been impossible for me to know this but, if that was the case, and with me being one of two people who would become president, why was I not told so that I could make a change?”

This is a lie.

Less than 48 hours after the 2016 election, Obama spoke to Trump in the Oval Office. In that meeting, Obama advised Trump against hiring Flynn. At the time, the retired general was a part of Trump’s campaign and led a “lock her up chant” at the Republican convention earlier that summer.

“Flynn’s name kept popping up” in relation to the ongoing investigation into Russian election interference in the presidential election, a senior Obama administration source told CNN in 2017. This information helped to inform Obama’s opposition to his hiring.

The Trump White House admitted that Obama warned them.

“It’s true President Obama made it known he wasn’t exactly a fan of Gen. Flynn’s,” then-White House press secretary Sean Spicer said in 2017.

There were also other warnings Trump ignored about Flynn.

During the transition from Obama to Trump, the vetting team led by Mike Pence was told about Flynn’s financial ties to foreign governments. The team gave him a pass anyway.

In 2017, acting Attorney General Sally Yates told then-White House counsel Don McGahn that Flynn had been deceptive about his financial entanglements with Russia and that he was possibly compromised. Her warnings were ignored.

Despite all these red flags, Trump gave Flynn access to some of America’s most important military secrets. Later, he was removed from his position and became the first of many Trump-related figures to be convicted of federal criminal charges.

>Trump's entire method of governing is to simply do the opposite of whatever Obama did, executive order away everything Obama did, just take the opposite stance on anything. Is this any way to govern? Is this why Trump kept saying Obama's Iran deal was bad, simply because Obama signed on to it? Meanwhile Iran, by all accounts, was following all stipulations to the letter to develop nuclear power for energy and not for making nukes according to US and international investigators who were keeping tabs on them as part of the deal, but for whatever reason, Trump tore up a deal that was working and is now false-flagging the shit out stuff to start a war with Iran. (they need to drop warehouses full of bombs to make room for the new ones Trump bought thanks to his trillions of dollars increase in the Military industrial complex.)

>Obama says don't hire him, he's compromised by russia and turkey. Trump says "russia? GREAT, me and putin go way back, he's hired!"

>Either sheer incompetence, or just another example of trump trying to do right by his russian master who made inroads with Flynn.

>Obama opposites:

>-get rid of ACA, with no plan of his own, and leave tens of millions of americans without healthcare

>-getting rid of Dodd-Frank regulations that were brought in so that the banks couldn't plunge us into another financial crisis like in 2008

>-Iran nuclear deal that was ensuring Iran was not building nukes was rescinded by Trump (meaning Iran can do what it wants now. Is this part of Trump's false flag plan, so now he can start a war with Iran by claiming the US has no investigators that can prove Iran is NOT making nukes now, thanks to him?)

>-Obama wanted to save puppies, trump wrote an executive order demanding puppies be kicked to death


>Trump is not a stable man as it seems his only criteria for governing is to obsess over everything Obama did and try to do the opposite, all because Obama told a good joke about him at a white house dinner

R: 8 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Elon Musk Is Full Of Shit: No Driverless Cars For Decades

For Elon Musk, (faggot) the driverless car is always right around the corner. At an investor day event last month focused on Tesla’s autonomous driving technology, the CEO predicted that his company would have a million cars on the road next year with self-driving hardware “at a reliability level that we would consider that no one needs to pay attention.” That means Level 5 autonomy, per the Society of Automotive Engineers, or a vehicle that can travel on any road at any time without human intervention. It’s a level of technological advancement I once compared to the Batmobile.

Musk, who is a faggot, has made these kinds of claims before. In 2015 he predicted that Teslas would have “complete autonomy” by 2017 and a regulatory green light a year later. In 2016 he said that a Tesla would be able to drive itself from Los Angeles to New York by 2017, a feat that still hasn’t happened. In 2017 he said people would be able to safely sleep in their fully autonomous Teslas in about two years. The future is now, but napping in the driver’s seat of a moving vehicle remains extremely dangerous.

In the past, Musk’s bold predictions have been met with A-for-effort enthusiasm and a smattering of polite skepticism. But the response this time has been different. People have less patience for PR campaigns masquerading as engineering timelines. “That’s bullshit,” says Sam Abuelsamid, a research analyst for Navigant, a consulting firm that ranks companies on the viability of their autonomous vehicle plans. “At best, they may be able to create a system that functions under certain limited scenarios. It will not be fully autonomous in 2020 or anytime in the next several years.”

What’s changed? Self-driving cars—and their associated building blocks such as machine learning, computer vision, and LIDAR—continue to improve, but executives other than Musk have been admitting that reports of their impending deployment were greatly exaggerated. Ford CEO Jim Hackett said last month that the industry had “overestimated the arrival of autonomous vehicles.” Chris Urmson, the former leader of Google’s self-driving car project, once hoped that his son wouldn’t need a driver’s license because driverless cars would be so plentiful by 2020. Now the CEO of the self-driving startup Aurora, Urmson says that driverless cars will be slowly integrated onto our roads “over the next 30 to 50 years.” That’s nearly as long as it took computers to evolve from IBM’s first mainframe to Apple’s first iPhone.


R: 18 / I: 5 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Attorney General Barr To Investigate FBI FISA Abuse Over Spying On Americans

In his first pair of interviews since being sworn in, Attorney General Barr told Fox News and WSJ that he was pursuing the investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe - an investigation he has tasked

John Durham, the US Attorney from Connecticut, with leading - because Americans need to know whether the government "put a thumb on the scale" to try and undermine President Trump both during the campaign and during the first two years of his term, just like "we need to ensure that foreign actors don't influence the outcome of our elections."

Separately, he told WSJ that "government power was used to spy on American citizens…I can't imagine any world where we wouldn't take a look and make sure that was done properly."

Barr has doubled-down on using the term 'spying', which has angered Democrats, after first using it during Senate committee testimony from April 10, where he uttered the now-infamous phrase "I think spying did occur."

The AG has declined to elaborate on what prompted these concerns, though he has said he'd be interested to see the underlying intelligence that sparked the FBI decision, in the summer of 2016, to open a counterintelligence investigation. At this point, Durham's review isn't a criminal investigation, and Barr hasn't offered a timetable for when the investigation might be completed. Ultimately, the probe could lead to changing FBI protocols involving investigations into political campaigns.

Appearing to respond to Barr's interviews, President Trump declared that his campaign was "conclusively" spied on.

My Campaign for President was conclusively spied on. Nothing like this has ever happened in American Politics. A really bad situation. TREASON means long jail sentences, and this was TREASON!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 17, 2019

As far as we know, the FBI first started investigating the campaign after an Australian ambassador told his superiors that George Papadopoulos had appeared to know about Russian plans to release 'dirt' on Hillary Clinton. The FBI later sent an informant, Stefan Halper, and a woman who identified herself as a research assistant, to meet with Papadopoulos and push him to say whether Russia was helping the Trump campaign.


R: 9 / I: 3 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

And The Award Goes To......

On behalf of the Foundation United Constitutional Kin Of Freedom Fighters we hereby award Killcen with a gold metal for posting REAL NEWS under times of immediate danger and despair, and against all odds, waking up the whole image board community as well as the IC which is spying on him and he fucking knows it!!

It gives us great honor and privilege to award Dr. Killcen for trying to alert the Western World of total destruction and deliberate destabilization. The evil in this world, including a communist disinfo agent named Johnny (who we have been informed is secretly working for an NGO funded by George Soros to collect info on Killcen), yes, has been trying to sabotage threads and fill them with lies and disinfo to discourage people from Killcen's threads. This is why we pray for him every day. Amen.

The REAL NEWS of extreme intelligence exposed covert wars, mass spying, censorship, corruption, sedition and treason against many Western nations. It has also contributed to Eastern leaders paying attention to very corrupt actors as well.

His bravery will be forever remembered for many future generations to come, as every last one of the despots burn in hell forever. /n/ is also awarded with a gold bond worth $1,000,000,000 which is in very safe keeping, deep inside on of the dozens of DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bunkers) and the mod should receive this gold note once Killcen passes away.


R: 126 / I: 30 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]



Reports have surfaced that nobody cares.

A press conference was held, but nobody came.

Nobody came to listen to the press conference, because nobody showed up to announce anything. It has become clear that nobody cares.

Rumors of people caring have been reported, but there has been no evidence to back up the claims.

"If people cared enough to show they cared, then we wouldn't be having this conversation right now." said a man who did not care to be identified.

Some people have theorized the lack of caring is due to a complete oversaturation and a phenomenon where people have become desensitized, while others postulate that people never really cared in the first place

Only one person cared to comment, and they said, "None of this really matters."


R: 8 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

The strangest smartest crab that has ever lived

A recent discovery of hundreds of fossils has given the crab family a new cousin, a 95-million-year-old extinct species that, scientists say, will force us to rethink the definition of a crab.

An international team of researchers discovered the exceptionally well-preserved specimens, dating back to the mid-Cretaceous period of 90-95 million years ago, in rock formations in Colombia and the United States.

The most intriguing discovery, according to the researchers, is Callichimaera perplexa. They say the creature, about the size of a quarter with paddle-like legs, is the earliest example of a swimming arthropod since the extinction of sea scorpions more than 250 million years ago. The name derives from the chimera, a mythological creature that has body features from more than one animal. Callichimaera’s full name translates to “perplexing beautiful intelligent chimera.”

Weird many-legged sea creature with big eyes swimming undersea.

Yale University paleontologist Javier Luque led the study, which was published April 24, 2019, in the journal Science Advances. Luque said that the crab’s “unusual and cute” appearance — large compound eyes with no sockets, bent claws, leg-like mouth parts, exposed tail, and long body, and amazingy, a complex mamalian like brain — are features typical of evolved land primates . He said this suggests that some ancient crabs were capable of abstract thought processing, amplified them, and developed a complex social architecture. This is an evolutionary process called I don't give a fuck. Luque said:

Callichimaera perplexa is so unique and strange that it can be considered the missing link of the crab to dolphin world. It hints at how novel forms evolve and become so disparate through time. Usually we think of crabs as big animals with broad carapaces, strong claws, small eyes in long eyestalks, and a small tail tucked under the body, and with very little brane formation. Well, Callichimaera defies all of these ‘crabby’ features and forces a re-think of our definition of what makes a crab a crab.


R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Syria Air Defenses Intercept Several Israeli Projectiles

The Syrian army said that its air defense system downed several projectiles fired from Israeli-occupied territories on Friday.

According to Syria’s official news agency SANA the Israeli aerial aggression occurred on Friday night.

“Our air defense systems intercepted luminous objects coming from the occupied territories (Israel) and downed several of them,” SANA said quoting a regime military source.

Haaretz reports:


The Syrian Arab News Agency, Syria’s state news agency, quoted a Syrian military source who said that the air defense system was activated against missiles fired at western Damascus from the direction of Quneitra, in the Golan Heights, within Israeli territory. A number of missiles were intercepted.

The state television channel showed footage of the night sky with a point of light firing up into it and the sound of shooting. It did not immediately report casualties or material damage.

Residents in Damascus said they heard several loud blasts shortly before the television news bulletin that reported the incident.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based war monitor affiliated with the Syrian opposition, reported that three explosions were heard in southern and southwestern Damascus. According to the report, the areas that were targeted have an Iranian military and Hezbollah presence.

Other reports associated with the opposition say that the strikes were carried out from Lebanese airspace.



R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Tory Minister for Education and Skills cant(sic)(sac) spell

The minister in charge of promoting the value of literacy and numeracy around the country needs to brush up on her spelling. Anne Milton suffered a very embarrassing typo as she sent out her tweet celebrating ‘National Numberacy Day’. She was, of course, talking about ‘National Numeracy Day’. We’re not entirely sure what ‘numberacy’ is but the Minister for Skills appears to have invented it all herself. She tweeted: ‘Its national numberacy [sic] day so test how good you are at numbers.

Ms Milton, who believes maths and English are ‘very important’, will have also annoyed grammar pedants by leaving out an apostrophe from ‘its’. She also left a rogue double space before the word ‘never’. Scandalous! The errors of her ways were soon noticed and ridiculed by jokers online. ‘Fortunately, it’s not Literacy Day I guess,’ one responded.

Shortly afterwards, she tweeted: ‘National Spelling Day is coming up soon!’


R: 16 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Beyond Meat tastes like shit - unsurprisingly


>Wait — this is it?

>This is the world’s most expensive sandwich? This is the $5 billion–plus miracle that has people on Wall Street fainting with ecstasy?

>Are you kidding me?

>I’m sitting in a restaurant in South Boston biting into a “Beyond Burger” — the vegetarian “but it tastes like meat” phenomenon that is sending Beyond Meat’s stock BYND, -2.24% into orbit.

>And … huh?

>It tastes to me like a dry, rubbery patty. The flavor? Meh.

>Is it like “meat”? Well, kinda. Sorta. Maybe. It tastes a bit like those cheap, frozen hamburgers we used to get at high school.

>I prefer the “veggie patty” at Subway. Sorry.

R: 11 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

YouTube’s Newest Far-Right, Foul-Mouthed, Red-Pilling Star Is A 14-Year-Old Girl


What does a 14-year-old girl dressed in a chador have to say on YouTube to amass more than 800,000 followers?

How about this: “I’ve become a devout follower of the Prophet Muhammad. Suffice to say, I’ve been having a fuck ton of fun. Of course, I get raped by my 40-year-old husband every so often and I have to worship a black cube to indirectly please an ancient Canaanite god — but at least I get to go to San Fran and stone the shit out of some gays, and the cops can’t do anything about it because California is a crypto-caliphate.”

Or how about, simply, “Kill yourself, faggot.”

Yes, if you want a vision of the future YouTube is midwifing, imagine a cherubic white girl mocking Islamic dress while lecturing her hundreds of thousands of followers about Muslim “rape gangs,” social justice “homos,” and the evils wrought by George Soros — under the thin guise of edgy internet comedy, forever.

Actually, don’t imagine it. Watch it. It’s already here.

The video is called “Be Not Afraid,” and it may be the clearest manifestation yet of the culture the executives of Alphabet’s video monster are delivering to millions of kids around the world, now via children incubated in that selfsame culture. To understand just how bad things have gotten on the platform, you need to see it for yourself.

Users — and more importantly to YouTube, advertisers — have over the past year started to hold the platform accountable for enabling the exploitation of children and exposing them to disturbing content. But this video reveals an entirely different way the platform is harming kids: by letting them express extreme views in front of the entire world. This is what indoctrination looks like when it’s reflected back by the indoctrinated.

A 20-minute, unbroken, and hyperarticulate tirade ostensibly about ignoring criticism online, “Be Not Afraid” stars a high school freshman from the Bay Area who goes by the name Soph on YouTube. (She edits as well as scores the videos, which she says are comedic.) Through videos like these, she’s become a rising star — with more than 800,000 followers — in the universe of conspiracy theorists, racists, and demagogues that owes its big bang to YouTube.

The video platform for years has incentivized such content through algorithms favoring sensational videos, and, as recent reporting has revealed, has deliberately ignored toxic content as a growth strategy.

Soph’s scripts, which she says she writes with a collaborator, are familiar: a mix of hatred toward Muslims, anti-black racism, Byzantine fearmongering about pedophilia, tissue-thin incel evolutionary psychology, and reflexive misanthropy that could have been copied and pasted from a thousand different 4chan posts. Of course, it’s all presented in the terminally ironic style popularized by boundary-pushing comedy groups like the influential Million Dollar Extreme and adopted of late by white supremacist mass shooters in Christchurch and San Diego.

(Soph is even more explicitly hateful on Discord, the gaming chat app, where she recently admitted to writing under the username “lutenant faggot” that she hoped for “A Hitler for Muslims” to “gas them all.”)

By now, we’re used to this stuff coming from grown men — some of whom have even used the platform as a launching pad for political aspirations. But Soph is a child. Despite the vitriol of her words and her confidence in delivering them, she’s still just a 14-year-old kid. And hearing this language lisped through braces, with the odd word mispronounced as if read but never before said, is clarifying.

R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Crustacean Market to Register High Revenue Growth at 4.5% CAGR During 2017-2025

Understanding various facets of the global crustaceans market, Persistence Market Research has come up with an analytical research publication titled “Crustaceans Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012-2016) and Forecast (2017-2025).” The comprehensive crustaceans market research report focuses on various developments, trends, opportunities, drivers, restraints and challenges influencing the growth of the global crustaceans market. These factors vary in magnitude in different regions for which a detailed analysis is covered in this research report. Along with this, a detailed competition assessment and forecasts for a period of eight years, from 2017-2025, are elaborated with respect to each segment and sub-segment of the global crustaceans market.

Global Crustaceans Market: Forecast Highlights

According to the research report on crustaceans market, the global market is expected to witness a 1.4 times increase in revenue from 2017 till 2025. In 2017, the global crustaceans market was valued at about US$ 104 Bn and it is anticipated to touch a valuation of more than US$ 147 Bn by the end of the year of assessment (2025). The global market for crustaceans is projected to expand at a value CAGR of 4.5% throughout the forecast period.

Increasing Consumer Demand for Frozen and Fresh Food Products to Positively Influence Global Market Growth

Population worldwide is more inclined towards fresh and frozen food products. Owing to the fast pace in life, several individuals prefer frozen products as they are convenient to carry and eat and do not take much time for preparation. Additionally, the preference of sea food is increasing across the globe. For instance, about three fourth of the US population consumes sea food products that are fresh and frozen and over 50 percent of fresh and frozen products are finfish in this region. The demand for crustaceans across the globe is the highest. The availability of fresh and frozen crustaceans is contributing to the growth of the global crustaceans market.

Growing Per Capita Consumption of Fish and Seafood to be Observed Worldwide

The increasing preference for healthy diet is being witnessed across the globe. The rising inclination towards animal protein is observed, especially among youngsters due to the awareness regarding the benefits they provide. Moreover, easy availability of animal proteins coupled with rising per capita income and expenditure have a positive impact on the growth of the animal proteins market, especially seafood.

Population Explosion in Asia Pacific to Drive Revenue Growth of the Global Market

Asia Pacific region is expected to show high growth potential in the global crustaceans market. The demand for seafood products in Asia Pacific has risen owing to increasing urban population, especially in emerging economies of India and China. According to our research, increasing expenditure on seafood products is expected grow in the coming years, thus largely contributing to the growth of the global crustaceans market. Also, increasing per capita household consumption and expenditure in India and China is expected further push the growth of the crustaceans market in Asia Pacific. In addition, higher production at lower cost in Asia Pacific is driving the market’s growth. Over 70 percent of shrimp’s production in the global market is from Asia Pacific. Ease of availability, higher nutritional content and lower product price are the key factors driving demand for Crustaceans in developing countries of Asia Pacific. According to the research, crustaceans market in Asia Pacific is expected to touch a valuation of more than US$ 60 Bn by the end of the year of assessment.

A sample of this report is available upon request @ https://www.persistencemarketresearch.com/samples/14143

Competitive Landscape

The research report includes analysis of the companies that are operating the global crustaceans market. The companies profiled in this report include Charoen Pokphand Food PCL, High Liner Foods Inc., Royal Greenland A/S, The Clover Leaf Seafoods Family, Ocean America Food SA, Rich Products Corporation, Trident Seafoods Corporation, International Fishing Farming Holding Company PJSC-Asmak, DNI Group LLC, Surapon Foods Public Company Limited, Siam Canadian Group Limited, Sirena A/S, Morubel, Blue Star Seafood Co. Ltd., and Maruha Nichiro Corporation.


R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

You Can’t Watch This: New Documentary Exposes Big Tech Censorship

An upcoming documentary will explore five people who have been shut down and silenced on social media.

The official Twitter account @CensorshipMovie tweeted a trailer of the documentary May 12. The caption read: “Five high profile conservatives vanished from the internet overnight. Now, a major movie explores the wave of censorship silencing conservative voices.”

This was paired with a #YouCantWatchThis hashtag. The free thinkers featured in this documentary have been booted from Big Tech platforms ranging from Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to Uber Eats, in a time where virtual personhood is a component of daily life.

The trailer began with the chatter of various unnamed commentators discussing the controversies of Big Tech’s unchecked power. One condemns Big Tech as a monopoly saying “there is no competition, and there’s no accountability.”

Others say that private companies are not beholden to the First Amendment and that “certain voices and messages should be excluded from their platforms.”

The documentary then reveals its five controversial figures who have been deplatformed.

Jewish-American activist/performance artist Laura Loomer drove the point home about how conservatives need to take action while they still can. She said “If we don't fight back and if we don't do something soon I’m worried that we may fall, we may lose what makes this country great and that is the fact that we have free speech.”

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who runs Infowars, declared that he was patient zero of the deplatforming epidemic. “I was used as the strawman, once the public took the bait, took the hook in their mouth, then everyone else would fall,” he claimed.

British activist Tommy Robinson described how the increasingly Orwellian British police state has endangered his family, lamenting “the relocation of my family will be needed.”

YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson (a contributor to Jones's site) confessed how “I wake up the first thing I do before talk to anyone, before I turn on my phone, is go on my Youtube channel and make sure its still there.”

Former CRTV host Gavin McInnes commented how “I lost my job, I lost my social media platforms, I lost my vocation in a sense.” He later remarked on how conservative commentators for the first time in decades were actually routing liberals in the culture war, until the deplatforming began. “We were winning, we’re losing,” he concluded.



R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Same Lunatics Claiming CO2 Will Destroy Us Also Insist That MEN Can Get Pregnant

The Charlotte Observer‘s Anna Douglas can’t stop gushing about a North Carolina woman who now identifies as a “man,” and who’s also pregnant with child. Like many LGBT-allied libtards, Douglas believes that taking artificial hormones and pretending to be the opposite sex is some kind of modern miracle as opposed to a serious mental illness – just like how the Left believes that carbon dioxide (CO2) is somehow destroying the planet, as opposed to feeding plants and balancing our ecosystems.

As foretold in Romans 1, Douglas and her fellow Leftists have changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and changed the truth of God into a lie. They’ve somehow convinced themselves – and are now trying to convince everybody else – that innate biological sex is just a “social construct,” and that natural gases that have existed on our planet since it was created are causing “global warming” and “climate change.”

It’s a deranged belief system based on fairy tales and myths that suit the liberal agenda, but that have absolutely no basis whatsoever in reality. But, sadly, it’s what passes for news and “progress” these days, as the social engineers behind it all seek to abolish the male-female binary and replace it with a cornucopia of LGBT perversion. These corrupters also want us all to suffer from “climate anxiety,” a form of mental illness that causes a person to have mental breakdowns over their irrational fears about CO2 causing the planet to “warm.”

Where it all ends, nobody really knows. If people these days are gullible enough to believe that a “man” can actually get pregnant and give birth, or that CO2, upon which all trees, plants, and other greenery rely in order to grow and flourish, is somehow “toxic,” then it would appear as though humanity is irretrievably doomed, and that it’s only a matter of time before this mass delusion leads to total societal breakdown.

“Reality” to cultural Marxists is just an ever-evolving fiction that caters to their perverted delusions.

Some, including Jonathan van Maren from Life Site News, are doing their best to wake people up to the fact that absolute truth does exist on such matters. But it would seem to be an increasingly uphill battle to bring the Leftist masses, at least, back in line with reality, rather than the fictions that exist solely within their own heads.

“Of course, it is biologically impossible for a male to become pregnant, so the media are simply assuming that you are enlightened enough to have accepted a series of increasingly unhinged premises over the past half-decade or so: that men can become female by identifying as female, and vice versa,” van Maren says.

“… you are simply expected to accept certain things without asking any questions that a decade ago would have made you sane but today make you an irredeemable bigot,” he adds. “Things such as fathers giving birth to their own children.”

After all, who wants to be the lone, thinking student in a college lecture course bringing up the facts about our constantly-changing climate, only to be ridiculed by the majority for being a “crazy climate denier?” Or who wants to be the “bigoted transphobe” that speaks up about the fact that humans only come in male or female, and nothing else?

“… you’re not supposed to ask questions,” van Maren contends.



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Good! Kavanaugh Rules Public Can Sue Apple for Monopolistic Practices

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has paved the way for consumers to sue Apple for their monopolistic practices.

The Supreme Court on Monday said that iPhone users can proceed with a class-action lawsuit against Apple over its control of app sales in a ruling that could destroy the company’s exclusive marketplace of third-party software.

Members of the public had sued Apple, claiming that the company’s monopoly over its App Store led to inflated app prices.

According to The Hill, Apple disputed the legality of the suit, arguing the consumers had no standing to sue the company because it merely operated the App Store as an intermediary between users and the developers who make and sell apps.

Information Liberation reports:


Apple argued they’re above the law but Kavanaugh gave them a kick to the teeth:

Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote the opinion for the 5-4 decision, surprising many by breaking with his conservative colleagues and siding with the court’s liberal justices.

The Supreme Court had ruled in 1977 in a case called Illinois Brick that only “direct purchasers” of products have standing to bring antitrust lawsuits. In his decision, Kavanaugh rejected Apple’s argument that it was the app developers, and not the company operating the App Store, that sold the programs directly to users.

“Apple’s theory would provide a roadmap for monopolistic retailers to structure transactions with manufacturers or suppliers so as to evade antitrust claims by consumers and thereby thwart effective antitrust enforcement,” Kavanaugh wrote.



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Election Meddling! Facebook Gags Italian Populists Two Weeks Before EU Elections

Alternatives To State-run Social Media: >>>/prepare/20 | https:// archive.fo/xXXOY

Facebook has banned 23 major Italian pro-populist pages with a combined 2.5 million followers two weeks before the European elections, according to Italy's La Stampa.

The majority of the bans were for supporters of the current coalition government; La Lega (The League), headed by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, and the 5-star movement, M5S, led by Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio. Among them, the most popular Facebook page for La Lega was taken down, right as polls reveal massive support for the party.

Facebook claims that the sites were spreading "fake news", "hate speech," and "divisive content" about migrant invasions, toxins in vaccines and Jews, after left-wing "human rights" and environmentalist-government organization Avaaz issued a report on "inauthentic behavior" over Italian Facebook networks.

"We have also taken action against some pages that have repeatedly spread [the truth], We will take further measures if we find other violations," added Facebook.

In one example, some of the Facebook pages were sharing a video depicting migrants smashing a car, which was actually an amateur recording of a scene being filmed for an Italian drama, Mediterranea.

In its report, which was presented to Facebook on May 3, Avaaz said it had identified 14 Italian networks on Facebook comprising 104 pages and six groups, with a total reach of 18.2 million followers.

This week, Facebook took punitive action against 23 pages in these networks, with a total of 2.46 million followers and 2.44 million interactions over the last three months.

Facebook has also reportedly “weakened” pages that spread content with allegedly false news, presumably making them less visible to Facebook users.

Italian daily La Repubblica reports that on May 2, Facebook opened a "war room" in Dublin in order to monitor the European elections full time - with 40 teams of engineers, researchers, scientists, threat specialists and experts for each country. Overall, 500 people are working on the elections, while being assisted by 21 "fact checkers" across 14 different languages.

Coming to a 2020 election near you…



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Effeminate Males Are the Reason That America Will Never Win Another War

RELATED: >>>/realnews/1444 | https://archive.fo/ylFdm

The photo associated with the video below captures the essence of how America has lost its toughness. From boot camp drill instructors, the classroom teachers, they are unified on one point. America has become a sissy nation. Here is the complete story…


Dave… in my neck of the woods on the CT shoreline, I see college aged young men wearing girls skinny jean's and talking like valley girls. This is what they have become in order to be acceptable to make most young women around here feeling safe. The colleges have drilled into young women's minds that all men are evil. Even during my younger years Dr. JOYCE BROTHERS said that whenever something goes wrong in a relationship, it is always the man's fault. This brainwashing has been going on since the early seventies and is taking a very big toll on how young boys are growing up. Parents who have become too self indulgent and lusting for money have caused this as well as educators.

I recently looked up that Dr. Brothers (ha ha) video clip just to make sure I heard it right. Young amerikan women have become too entitled, too over indugent, and too selfish to ever deserve a good man.I figure it may take upwards of three generations to undo the harm feminism has done to our boys. One of my best friends has a son that has given up on trying to better his life. He tells me that since he was little whenever he raised his hand in class he was never chosen, but says girls always got all the attention. Sadly he dropped out of college for the exact same reasons, and now has manias about ever attending school again. His dad is heartsick over this conspiracy.

College is mostly useless except for engineering, medical , computer science/programming and afew other fields. Many useless degrees end up working retail. Men: like others I know, can be successful in a trade (aircraft mech, HVAC, electrical, auto repair, etc) some later on have their own business. Men can and do marry Mexican women as they are not materialistic spoiled brats.

Top it all off with the fact that many young men have become self destructive because of this overreaching effect feminism has had on boys and young men. Many boys and young men have given up on dating girls because of the abuse they endure with these pampered, entitled female monsters that can never have enuf of anything. So, they have become isolated, lonely, and totally disoriented as to who and what part they play in our society. Can anyone blame them? Amerika needs some serious introspection and women need to become more of the solution instead of promoting the problem. Enuf said, you know the rollcall.

US Corporation gave them a lobotomy and taught them to not know which bathroom to use. Conquered the slaves right where they stand. That's why their wives are chasing my truck on foot down the street and they're fast too making me speed in a 25 MPH zone to out run them. They're even fast going up hill so you know they are frustrated.

As one trying to restore the milita in my area of Missouri, I have found that almost none, of the very few that recognize the need to restore the milita, have the slightest clue about the Constitution or any of our founding principles. We might as well have North Korean men in the local milita. Both groups would are equally clueless as to what their job and purpose is as a state militia.

Pocket Constitutions are sold online for cheap and they fit nicely into cargo pockets. Might I suggest a study group, testing?

Thanks for the insight, Dave! I go pee pee and poo poo in the potty. I want a 7'6" woman to step on me and doo doo on me and hold. Great journalism as always from a hardworking American male who is sick of lefty BS.



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Arkansas K-9 officer included in high school yearbook


An Arkansas K-9 school resource officer was honored with a spot in the high school’s yearbook.

Bryant Police K-9 Mya, a nearly 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, was featured in the staff section of the Bryant High School yearbook — right between two educators.

K-9 Mya, a school resource officer at Bryant High School in Arkansas, was featured in the school's yearbook.

"So it looks like one of Bryant PD's finest School Resource Officer's made the Hornet Yearbook this year. Good job Mya, you are representing the PD with pride…..Hornet Pride!!!” the department wrote on Facebook.


Police previously posted that Mya began serving with the department in August 2018. She serves as “primarily a narcotics K9 but is also trained for tracking and article recovery,” and works mainly in Bryant High School and at school functions.


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Elon Musk Will Launch 12,000 Satellites to Beam WiFi Anywhere on Earth

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk explained on Wednesday how the company's Starlink satellite network will serve as the company's key money-maker, unlocking his vision of sending astronauts to Mars.

Musk's comments came on a call with media hours before the company's first full launch of Starlink satellites. For the first time, Musk spoke to the network's timeline and gave details about how the company's satellites work. Musk also confirmed that SpaceX has the capital required to complete the project's first major phase.

Starlink represents the company's ambitious plan to build an interconnected internet satellite network, also known as a "constellation," to beam high-speed internet to anywhere on the planet. The full Starlink network would consist of 11,943 satellites flying close to the planet, closer than the International Space Station, in what is known as low Earth orbit.

"We see this as a way for SpaceX to generate revenue that can be used to develop more and more advanced rockets and spaceships," Musk said.

"We believe we can use the revenue from Starlink to fund Starship," Musk added.

SpaceX has built and launched its Falcon series of rockets more than 70 times. While the rockets rank among the most powerful in the world, Musk's ultimate vision is to send humans to live on Mars – which requires even larger rockets. That's where Starship, the massive rocket SpaceX has begun testing over the last few months, comes in.

Starship is designed to be a fully reusable launch system, and is intended to transport as many as 100 people at a time to and from the moon or Mars.

On the call Wednesday, Musk clarified that SpaceX's recent fundraising rounds "have been oversubscribed." He said SpaceX has the funding needed to build and launch enough Starlink satellites to begin using the network.

"At this point it looks like we have sufficient capital to get to an operational level," Musk said.

Musk shared a photo of the 60 Starlink satellites on Saturday after they were packed into the nosecone of the Falcon 9 rocket.

SpaceX "Starlink" satellites stacked inside the nosecone of its rocket before launch.

@ElonMusk on Twitter

SpaceX launched two demonstration satellites in February 2018, but much of the program — and the satellites' design — remained unknown. Although Musk fired the head of the Starlink program – a vice president who Jeff Bezos promptly hired to develop a similar network – in June, SpaceX has continued to advance the program quickly. In filings with the Federal Communications Commission, SpaceX noted a few changes to its plans. SpaceX also submitted an application this year to operate 1 million "earth stations" in the U.S., key to connecting the satellites to the ground.

Musk said SpaceX will need six more launches, with 60 satellites per launch, to get "minor coverage" for the internet network. A dozen launches, or 720 satellites, would bump the network to "moderate" coverage," he added.

"This is one of the hardest engineering projects I've ever seen done," Musk said.

He went into more technical details about the satellites' design and capabilities than previously disclosed. Each Starlink satellite has "about a terabit of useful connectivity," Musk said. The satellites will "automatically maneuver around any orbital debris," he said, to avoid collisions in space.


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/monster/ Steals /n/'s GET For First Time In Roughly 3&1/2 Years

Despite playing getball since nearly the beginning of its "official" start as a sport, /monster/ has failed to obtain more than one GET on /n/ until today. Speculation on why this may be ranges from the format of the board making it nearly obligatory in one's mind to type up an entire fake news bulletin on the event, to simply not ever being a high-profile enough get to warrant much attention. Although the former theory is believed to be less likely given /monster/'s status as 8ch's writefaggotry board, it has never been publicly known whether any of their getball team has actually done any writing themselves. As for the latter theory, it is still odd that a board that has obtained repeat gets on smaller boards as well as much more difficult feats like the halfchan /s4s/ and /lgbt/ gets would take little notice of gets that fall in between those ranges.



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Join you fags

Have you heard the news?!

There is a /pol3/!


Want to talk about news and debate and discuss with others shitpost and banter?

Well you can and most importantly it is a lot more superior.

Here are the rules before entering the board


1. Do not post, upload, discuss, or link to anything that violates United States law.

2. Troll and off-topic replies, indecipherable text, and porn, furry, or pony/brony images are not to be posted or uploaded. Gore images are allowed, but they must be within the context of the thread/post and must be spoilered.

3. Replying to a thread stating that you've reported it or another post is not allowed.

4. No spamming or flooding of any kind.

5. Advertising in all forms is prohibited. This includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, stream threads, etc. This also applies to game servers, YouTube and Discord channels, other boards, etc.

6. Do not attach signatures to your posts.

7. Ensure that what you are posting is on-topic, legible, and coherent. Low-quality threads and posts will be deleted.

8. All threads must be political in nature. Non-political threads or irrelevant threads that use politics as a false pretense will be deleted.

These rules are not permanent, and are subject to change periodically as this board grows.


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Man is fined £90 for hiding face from facial recognition cameras

A man was fined £90 for refusing to show his face to police trialling new facial recognition software. The man pulled his jumper up above his chin as he walked past Met Police officers trialling Live Facial Recognition software in east London. BBC cameras filmed as officers swooped on the man, told him to ‘wind his neck in’ then handed him the hefty penalty charge. A campaigner from Big Brother Watch – who were protesting the use of cameras on the day – was also filmed telling an officer: ‘I would have done the same.’ Police said they made three arrests thanks to the cameras on the day in question and a total of eight people, including two 14-year-old boys, were arrested during the course of the trial. Those against the move argue the cameras are a breach of privacy. In the video the man, who has not been named, explains how he was pulled over by an officer who ‘got his back up’.

He told the BBC: ‘I spoke to a man who said, there’s facial recognition down there, so – it’s a cold day – I’ve [pulled my jumper over my mouth] and gone. ‘Police officer’s asked me to come over so I’ve got my back up. ‘I basically told him to f*** off. I said I don’t want my face shown on anything. ‘If I want to cover my face, I’ll cover my face. ‘It’s not for them to tell me not to cover my face. ‘So now I’ve got a £90 fine. Well done.’ The Home Office has previously said facial recognition can be an ‘invaluable tool’ in fighting crime. But campaigners say that as there is no legislation for it in the UK, it is being used without regulation.

He is told by an officer: ‘Wind your neck in.’ A concerned witness asks another officer: ‘What’s your suspicion?’ He tells her: ‘The fact he walked past clearly marked signs for facial recognition and he has covered his face.’ She responds: ‘I would do the same. I would do the same.’ When he tells her it gives police ‘just grounds to stop him’ she says in shock: ‘No it doesn’t.’


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Climate change news:Global investment in coal drops 75% in 3 yrs

Since it powered us into the industrial revolution, coal-fired energy has become the single biggest driver of man-made climate change and its use across the world is still increasing.

But while dependence on coal remains high, with coal-fired power plants currently fuelling around 38 per cent of global electricity, a new report indicates the demise of coal is already well underway.

The International Energy Agency’s new world investment report released this week, reveals the companies funding coal-fired power stations appear to be making significant recalculations about the long-term viability of these plants.

This is shown by a collapse in Final Investment Decisions (FIDs) for coal plants, which have tumbled by 75 per cent in three years.

The report says a total of 236 gigawatts of coal plants are under construction worldwide. In 2015, FIDs signed off 88 gigawatts for construction, but this fell to 22 gigawatts in 2018.


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FCC Wants Phone Companies To Start Blocking Robocalls By Default


If the government's new plan works, the number of robocalls you receive may go down in the near future.

The Federal Communications Commission is proposing to push phone companies to "block unwanted calls to their customers by default."

If enacted, the proposal would not compel phone companies to impose default call-blocks. But it would shield telecom providers from legal liability for blocking certain calls.

"The American people are fed up with illegal robocalls. It is the top complaint we receive from consumers each and every year," FCC Chairman Ajit Pai told reporters. "And we believe that we need to make it easier for phone companies to block these robocalls."

This would be a major change from now, when customers typically need to opt in for unwanted call blocking. Under the proposal, "carriers would simply have to allow consumers who do not want that kind of service to opt out," Pai said.

He said it would be comparable to the way email providers filter messages into spam folders. The FCC is pushing for phone companies to use an authentication framework for blocking unwanted calls that is dubbed "SHAKEN/STIR." It's a way for phone companies to verify that a call is actually coming from where a caller ID says it is.

The call-blocking company YouMail issues estimates of nationwide robocalls each month. It estimates there were 4.9 billion calls placed in April 2019 — a rate of 14.9 calls per person.

"Our belief now is that over half the robocalls out there are scams," Alex Quilici, a robocall expert and the CEO of YouMail, told NPR. A rising problem is calls that are "spoofed," meaning they disguise their identity on caller ID.

USTelecom, a trade group that represents telecommunications providers, applauded the FCC's proposal.

"The criminals that are scamming consumers with this flood of illegal robocalls must be confronted by industry and government head-on," the group's president and CEO Jonathan Spalter said in a statement. "This is a big and bold proposal by the FCC that can bolster our industry's cutting-edge call blocking and authentication efforts and do something important: stop unwanted calls from reaching consumers in the first place."

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The Ultimate Shitstorm To End All Our Shit Is About To Hit The Fan

BE PREPARED: >>>/prepare/1

Undoubtedly, a storm is coming and even worse than that: A perfect shitstorm.

Or, stated with more clarity, the forthcoming waves of catastrophes will be the direct result of circumstances brought on by simultaneously devastating forces greater than any individual could fully comprehend.

With that in mind, and in continuing with the perfect storm as a metaphor, one thing is guaranteed: It is always better to find safe harbor and live to set sail another day than to drown beneath waves of cataclysmic confluences.

Indeed. It would be very dangerous to underestimate the shitstorm that is about to commence in the United States and around the world.

Furthermore, as seen in the time-lapsed video above, perfect storms contain many elements working in conjunction like whirling dervishes dancing with devils; or gravity synchronously siphoning disparate fluids down a drain.

Yes, dear reader, we’re going down. The U.S. has been torn into pieces, her institutions laid waste and Trump’s economic policies will no doubt be blamed in the aftermath of a full-blown economic collapse. To be sure, the final straw will appear when any number of black swans deliver the tiniest of pin pricks to the global debt bubble.

So where does one duck? Where does one hide? Or, at the very least, how do we mitigate the overall effects and consequences of the coming perfect storm for ourselves and those whom we hold dear?

It’s Not Trump Derangement Syndrome Anymore

The Democrats don’t believe in our two-party system anymore. They utterly reject American civic norms of treating the president with a modicum of respect and cooperation. They don’t want to alternate presidential power every four or eight years. They think theirs is the only party that deserves to be elected.

Naked political power is the driving force behind our culture wars, and behind the weird war on President Trump. It has little to do with his specific policies, let alone his tweets and his pugnacious personality, except that Trump’s counterpunching and toughness have allowed him to survive.

Trump drives Democrats crazy because he won, and because he won’t give in or give up. … It’s not derangement, it’s war.

Since the election of Trump, it has been breathtaking to witness the collapse of the Deep State’s curtain thus revealing the wizards in the swamp. Even now, it is stunning to see how the likes of Hillary Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, et al, all lie so expertly & naturally. Even if they are only the mid-level management serving the whims of the vampires at the top of the pyramid, they have been fully exposed as unctuously selling their snake oil and without any conscience whatsoever.

Given our history since the rise of the surveillance state, what do you think the chances of these wizards NOT getting away with their crimes might be?

I would say slim to none.

The point is this: lies have become truth in the new age; and the average ordinary everyday sleepy sheeple never stood a chance – perhaps, primarily, because they want to believe so badly in the new faith. Somewhere along the way, deceiving these fools became like stealing pieces of cake from babies.

Dmitry Orlov is a computer engineer born in Lenigrad and has written extensively regarding his eye-witness account of the collapse of the Soviet Union. In his writings, he has identified the Five Stages of [Societal] Collapse as follows:

Stage 1: Financial Collapse

Stage 2: Commercial Collapse

Stage 3: Political Collapse

Stage 4: Social Collapse

Stage 5: Cultural Collapse

Remember that heroes do the next right thing even when they are at their weakest and most afraid; especially then.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.


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In Japan, a new award for the grand sumo champion: The Trump Cup

A sumo grand champion in Japan battles in feats of seemingly superhuman strength over 15 days to claim a pair of giant silver trophies named in honor of the nation’s emperor and prime minister.

This month in Tokyo, another shiny prize will be on the line – the “Trump Cup.”

President Donald Trump’s state visit near the end of May coincides with the final day of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament, and Trump is expected on May 26 to present a custom-made trophy to the victor at the Ryogoku Kokugikan, the sumo hall in the capital city, according to a report in the Asahi Shimbun, citing Japanese government officials.

White House officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment. An official at the Japanese embassy in Washington said he was unable to confirm the report.

But Trump hinted enthusiastically at his plans during a bilateral meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the White House last month.

“I’ve always found that fascinating,” Trump said of sumo. “We’re having a trophy made in this country. We’re going to give the trophy to the winner of the championship.”

Abe has sought to court Trump by playing to his ego. During his visit, Trump also will become the first foreign leader to meet newly enshrined Emperor Naruhito. The president also is expected to visit the U.S. naval base at Yokosuka.

For Trump, who built his real estate promotion business by stamping his surname on hotels, casinos, golf resorts, neckties and even coffee, the move to christen a new award named after himself seems very on-brand.

Experts said it is not unusual for sumo champions to receive special awards from foreign dignitaries, private companies and provincial officials across Japan. But, they emphasized, the awards are typically named after a country or business, rather than an individual. For example, the late David Jones, who worked in Tokyo for the now-defunct Pan American Airways, presented the Pan American trophy to sumo champions for more than two decades.

Andrew Freund, director of USA Sumo, said that naming the award after Trump would be fine as a nickname. But “if it is officially the ‘Trump Cup,’ that would be a little over the top,” said Freund, who has lived in Japan and has been organizing sumo events in the United States for 25 years.

Trump would not be the first head of state to hand out a sumo trophy. Former French president Jacques Chirac, who was such a big fan that he named his poodle “Sumo,” created in 2000 what came to be known as the “Chirac Cup.” Formally called the “President of the Republic of France Cup,” the award was presented to sumo champions in Japan by the French ambassador or another diplomat for seven years until Chirac left office in 2007.

The award was discontinued after that; Chirac’s successor, Nicolas Sarkozy, mocked the sumo as “battles between fat guys with slicked-down ponytails” and said it is “really not a sport for intellectuals.”

According to the Asahi report, Trump is expected to watch matches on the final day and then climb into the “dohyo” – or sumo ring – to present the award. Shoes are not permitted in that hallowed space, meaning Trump would presumably don slippers.

During the awards ceremony, the sumo champion stands before a table draped with a purple cloth as tournament officials dressed in formal kimonos read a proclamation and hand him the giant trophies, one after another.

What kind of trophy Trump has commissioned is not known. The president’s challenge coin is far larger, with more gold, than those of his White House predecessors.

“I don’t think there really is a hard and fast rule about that,” Freund said, when asked if there were specifications for sumo trophies. “I suspect maybe they would say, ‘Hey, don’t make it bigger than the Emperor’s Cup.’”


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FBI Makes Disturbing Discovery In Alabama That Impacts Every American

RELATED: >>>/related/14

A major terrorist base training camps was discovered in Alabama by the FBI. The MSM is silent! Why? Maybe the MSM does not want the public to ponder how this many terrorists got to Alabama undetected. Did they all buy bus tickets? Did they parachute in? Did they simply walk across America's southern border? This is the story of the month and crickets are chirping. Here is the story…


The FBI have reportedly discovered a “makeshift military-style obstacle course” and the remains of a dead child at an abandoned dump owned by Siraj Ibh Wahhaj in Alabama.

Law enforcement agents arrested Wahhaj two sisters, and several others last year after searching a similar compound in New Mexico, where they found three-year-old Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj dead and evidence of a plot to stage jihadist attacks in America.

Breitbart.com reports:


In March, authorities charged Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, believed to own the compound; sisters Hujrah and Subhanah Wahhaj; Jany Leveille; and Lucas Morton with conspiracy to provide material support for terrorist attacks. A judge dropped charges against some in the group in the case of the younger Wahhaj’s death for child abuse in August.

Authorities believe the adults in the New Mexico compound were training children to commit terrorist attacks and tried to “exorcise” Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj to cure his hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, a severe neurological condition requiring advanced medical treatment.

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and his two sisters are the children of prominent Brooklyn imam Siraj Wahhaj. Authorities believe 9 of the 11 children found in the New Mexico compound are the imam’s grandchildren.

Sinclair Media revealed Friday that Siraj Ibh Wahhaj owned a property near Tuskegee, Alabama, found to contain what an FBI search warrant described as a “makeshift military-style obstacle course” and a dead child “believed to belong to Wahhaj,” prompting a child kidnapping charge following the dismissal of the child abuse charges in the New Mexico case. Police reportedly believe the terrorist training camp was designed for children’s use, not the adults in the compound.

Local news station WPMI visited the compound in early May, broadcasting footage of the scene that showed gas masks, children’s toys, and makeshift shacks built and tossed around the area. Before Sinclair’s report this weekend, police had apparently not yet revealed discovering child remains at the site, but the FBI’s search warrant provided significant detail on the area, describing it as “surrounded with hundreds of vehicle tires, assorted trash,” and adding that “both structures have wooden pallets with clear plastic tarps draped over them.”


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Beware Chinese Christians! Chinese Government Is Trying To Subvert The Word Of God!

The ruling Chinese Communist Party is supervising a five-year plan to make Christianity more compatible with socialism in which there will be a major “re-translation” or “rewrite” of the Bible, a prominent religious freedom activist has told Congress.

As the popularity of Christianity continues to grow in China, threatening the all-powerful rule of the Communist government, a new state translation of the Bible will establish a “correct understanding” of the text.

As the Communist Party arrests Christian pastors, vandalizes or destroys Christians churches, and demands control over Christian leaders, the Chinese government is also altering Christian scripture to suit its tastes and create communist propaganda.

“So far, it is (1) no longer possible to buy a copy of the Bible online [in China], (2) existing copies of the Bible are being confiscated whenever the authorities come across them, and (3) there are new versions of all sacred texts – Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, etc. – that reinforce Communist ideology in the making,” said Stephen Mosher, author of “Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream Is the New Threat to World Order.”

The Rev. Bob Fu, a former Chinese church leader who immigrated to the US in 1997 and founded the persecution watchdog organization China Aid, provided great detail during a House hearing about a plan being rolled out by the government in China to change “Christianity in China” into “Chinese Christianity.”

China’s crackdown on Christianity has seen many house churches demolished and thousands of crosses removed from churches nationwide, and Fu warned that what is happening right now in China represents the highest degree of persecution for independent faith groups the country has seen in decades.


“Religious freedom in China has really reached to the worst level that has not been seen since the beginning of the Cultural Revolution by Chairman Mao [Zedong] in the 1960s,” he told members of the House Foreign Affairs’ Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations.

ChristianPost reports:


At the center of this new level of persecution is China’s new regulation on religious affairs that was released in 2017 but enacted in February last year.

According to Fu, the revision of the religious regulations are solely designed to actively twist Christianity into a force that makes Christians “adapt to socialist society.“



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Philidelphia Muslims Apologize for Video of Little Girls Promising to Behead Jews

Declaring "the mistake is ours to own," Muslim leaders in Philadelphia apologized Wednesday for an event last month at which children were captured on video speaking in Arabic about beheadings and the liberation of Jerusalem's most sensitive holy site.

The Muslim American Society's Philadelphia chapter and the Leaders Academy, a gathering place for cyberschooled children that rents space at the site, issued a joint statement Wednesday that sought to explain how the questionable material found its way into an annual event meant to celebrate diversity in Muslim communities.

A video uploaded to the chapter's Facebook page showed children dancing to a revolutionary anthem often used by Islamist groups, and two young girls reading from a prepared text. One said, "We will chop off their heads, and we will liberate the … Al-Aqsa Mosque."

The Facebook video, which has since been taken down, sparked outrage and an ongoing investigation by the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations.

"Over the last decade our members have poured their soul and resources to create a harmonious, peaceful and engaged community," the statement said. "We are very sad that within minutes all of this work was tarnished and we realize the mistake is ours to own … we are deeply saddened to have hurt our partners in the Jewish community and beyond."

The April 17 "Umma Day" event was intended to showcase diversity, with 18 countries represented and children singing songs from various Muslim cultures and wearing customary dress, according to the statement. Officials said a volunteer aide selected the songs out of a desire to represent Palestinian people, "feels terrible she made a mistake" and has since stepped down. A large number of Palestinian immigrants attend the Al-Hidaya mosque at the site.


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Secretive Israeli Company Uses WhatsApp Voice Calls To Install Spyware On Phones

With so much attention focused recently on constant consumer spying and privacy violations, erroneous or otherwise, by Amazon, Facebook and now Twitter, it is easy to forget that virtually other communication apps have the same purpose, and that's what one secretive Israeli company relied on when they used a vulnerability in the popular messaging app WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) to inject commercial Israeli spyware on to phones, the company and a spyware technology dealer said. What is unique is how the app was infected: with a simple phone call.

According to the FT, WhatsApp which is used by 1.5bn people worldwide, discovered in early May that attackers were able to install surveillance software on to both iPhones and Android phones by ringing up targets using the app’s phone call function. The malicious code, developed by the secretive NSO Group, a notorious and controversial Israeli hacking and surveillance tools vendor, could be transmitted even if users did not answer their phones, and the calls often disappeared from call logs.

It is unclear how many apps were infected with the spyware trojan, which could for example, allow anyone to get access to John Podesta's email password (and then blame say, Vladimir Putin for example) as WhatsApp is too early into its own investigations of the vulnerability to estimate how many phones were targeted using this method, although it is likely a substantial number. As late as Sunday, the FT reports that WhatsApp engineers were racing to close the loophole.

For those who thought that Alexa's constant eavesdropping was bad, this is even worse: NSO’s flagship product is Pegasus, a program that can turn on a phone’s microphone and camera, trawl through emails and messages and collect location data. It effectively opens up one's entire cellphone to the hacker, and to get "infected", one just needs to receive an inbound phone call without ever answering it.

NSO advertises its products to Middle Eastern and Western intelligence agencies, and says Pegasus is intended for governments to fight terrorism and crime. NSO was recently valued at $1bn in a leveraged buyout that involved the UK private equity fund Novalpina Capital

Since the application is Israeli, its hardly a surprise that the spies' preferred targets were Middle Eastern: as the FT reports, in the past, human rights campaigners in the Middle East have received text messages over WhatsApp that contained links that would download Pegasus to their phones.

“This attack has all the hallmarks of a private company known to work with governments to deliver spyware that reportedly takes over the functions of mobile phone operating systems,” the company said, with the government in question being that of Israel. “We have briefed a number of human rights organisations to share the information we can, and to work with them to notify civil society.”

WhatsApp disclosed the issue to the US Department of Justice last week, according to a person familiar with the matter. A justice department spokesman declined to comment.

“NSO Group sells its products to governments who are known for outrageous human rights abuses, giving them the tools to track activists and critics. The attack on Amnesty International was the final straw,” said Danna Ingleton, deputy director of Amnesty International, which identified an attempt to hack into the phone of one its researchers.

“The Israeli ministry of defense has ignored mounting evidence linking NSO Group to attacks on human rights defenders. As long as products like Pegasus are marketed without proper control and oversight, the rights and safety of Amnesty International’s staff and that of other activists, journalists and dissidents around the world is at risk.


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WOKE: CDC Admits HIV Is Exploding Among Transgender Women, Total Corporate Media Blackout

It used to be that AIDS was widely regarded as the “gay disease.” But now it’s a transgender disease as well, with new data published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showing that an astounding one in seven transgender “women” are infected with HIV.

According to a CDC “Dear Colleague” letter, of the 14 percent of transgender “women” that are disease-ridden, the vast majority are either African American / black (44 percent) or Hispanic / Latina (26 percent). Conversely, only three percent of transgender “men” have HIV, the letter further reveals.

As to why these transgenders have disproportionately higher rates of HIV and AIDS, it has nothing to do with their sexual perversion and promiscuity, claims the CDC. No, it’s supposedly because transgender people “face obstacles that make it harder to access HIV services – such as stigma and discrimination, inadequate employment or housing, and limited access to welcoming, supportive health care.”

“Addressing these barriers is essential to the health and well-being of transgender people and to meeting the goals of the proposed federal initiative Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America,” the CDC letter goes on to claim.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is committed to working with you to make sure all transgender people can get the tools they need to prevent HIV and stay healthy if they have HIV.”

Not at all surprising is the fact that the mainstream media is nowhere to be found in reporting on the horrific disease trends among transgenders, instead offering the same silence that was also given to data showing that anal cancer is rampant among homosexual men.

“Transgender women and men are at high risk for getting HIV,” the CDC clearly states in its letter, which was signed by Dr. Eugene McCray, M.D., and Jonathan H. Mermin, M.D., M.P.H., both from the agency’s National Center for HIV / AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention.

At the same time that the CDC published this information, the World Health Organization (((WHO))) announced that individuals who claim to be transgenders shouldn’t be classified as suffering from a mental illness.


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Based shitty fags in San Fran ban facial recognition and debit only tech

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco, long at the heart of the technology revolution, took a stand against potential abuse on Tuesday by banning the use of facial recognition software by the police and other agencies.

The action, which came in an 8-to-1 vote by the Board of Supervisors, makes San Francisco the first major American city to block a tool that many police forces are turning to in the search for both small-time criminal suspects and perpetrators of mass carnage.

The authorities used the technology to help identify the suspect in the mass shooting at an Annapolis, Md., newspaper last June. But civil liberty groups have expressed unease about the technology’s potential abuse by government amid fears that it may shove the United States in the direction of an overly oppressive surveillance state.

Aaron Peskin, the city supervisor who sponsored the bill, said that it sent a particularly strong message to the nation, coming from a city transformed by tech.

“I think part of San Francisco being the real and perceived headquarters for all things tech also comes with a responsibility for its local legislators,” Mr. Peskin said. “We have an outsize responsibility to regulate the excesses of technology precisely because they are headquartered here.”

But critics said that rather than focusing on bans, the city should find ways to craft regulations that acknowledge the usefulness of face recognition. “It is ridiculous to deny the value of this technology in securing airports and border installations,” said Jonathan Turley, a constitutional law expert at George Washington University. “It is hard to deny that there is a public safety value to this technology.”


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Bill Nye science guy says "the planet's on fucking fire" and we need to "grow the fuckup"

Bill Nye deviated from his kid-friendly "Science Guy" persona on Sunday night to help John Oliver talk about the severity of climate change. Nye proved he's not always the mild-mannered nerd millennials grew up with when he joined Oliver during his episode detailing carbon pricing and the Green New Deal.

Oliver first outlined the case for the Green New Deal, the environment and jobs proposal introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. "To its eternal credit, the Green New Deal has succeeded in getting people talking, but that won't mean anything unless that talk turns into action," Oliver said.

"We're going to need a lot of different policies working tandem, and we have to take action right now," the comedian said, towards the end of the segment. "But you don't have to just take that from me. Instead, I'm happy to say Bill Nye has actually agreed to drive the urgency home at this point by actually doing one of his enjoyable, lighthearted demonstrations."


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Good! Brave President Duterte To Grant Citizens Free Guns To Fight Crime

Looks like Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte is more American than the yuppies dwelling in many leftist-run cities across the US! Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to give free guns to certain members of the public to help fight drug dealers and corruption in the country, something our Founding Fathers would have recommended him do.

This past week Duterte announced he was considering handing out 42,000 guns to community leaders who would help him fulfil his promise of eradicating corruption and crime in the Philippines.

The New York Post reports:


The Philippines has vowed to give free guns to members of the public — so long as they promise to use them to fight drugs and crime.

President Rodrigo Duterte said he’s considering arming 42,000 community leaders, known as barangay captains, after consulting with the police and intelligence agency.

Martin Dino, the interior department undersecretary responsible for barangays, said handguns would be provided for free, or private purchases subsidized, but only for those not involved in illegal drugs.

Dino said: “The condition is that the barangay captain should fight drugs and crime. If he is conniving with criminals, he could be the one shot.”

Duterte has repeatedly said thousands of community officials were involved in the trade, without elaborating.


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ENDLESS WAR: Leaked Pentagon Plan Calls For War Against Iran

As Michael Pompeo travels to Brussels to discuss the Iranian threat amid a flare-up in tensions that has brought the US to the brink of an armed conflict, the New York Times has published details from a confidential military plan presented to top national security officials that envisions sending as many as 120,000 troops to the Middle East should Iran attack American forces or start ramping up work on nuclear weapons (something it has promised to do if its European partners don't meet their commitments under the Iran deal).

Though the revised plan - it had been modified to incorporate suggestions from John Bolton - doesn't include plans for a land invasion, it does reflect "the influence of Mr. Bolton, one of the administration's most virulent Iran hawks, whose push for confrontation with Tehran was ignored more than a decade ago by President George W Bush."

It's unclear whether Trump himself has seen, or been briefed on, the plan. Asked about it, Trump said "we'll see what happens with Iran. If they do anything, it would be a very bad mistake."

Here are a few key details from the plan according to more than a half-dozen senior administration officials who spoke with the NYT:

The 120,000 troops called for in the plan would be close to the size of the force that invaded Iraq in 2003. The reversal of the US troop presence in the region under Obama and Trump has reportedly emboldened leaders in Tehran and the IRGC that there's no appetite in the US for a war with Iran. Deploying this many troops would take weeks or months.

The most likely trigger for a US military response is still an attack by the IRGC The guard's fleet of small boats has a history of approaching American Navy ships at high speed. Though the plan includes provisions for a US response if Iran once again starts stockpiling nuclear fuel. If Iran does start stockpiling enriched uranium again, the US would have more than a year to formulate a more coherent response, since it would take at least that long for Iran to stockpile anything close to enough to fashion a weapon.

Cyberweapons would be used to paralyze the Iranian economy during the opening salvo of the conflict, in the hopes that this would be enough to cripple Iran before any bombs were dropped. Such an operation would call for "implants" or "beacons" inside US networks. Though, given Iran's increasingly sophisticated cyberweapons, such an attack would still pose "significant risks."

This is not the first time since joining the administration that Bolton has sought updated plans for an invasion of Iran. Though it's widely believed that the president remains opposed to such an incursion. Bolton requested an update after Iranian-backed militants fired three mortar shells into an empty lot on the grounds of the US embassy in Baghdad.

One of the options offered up as a proportional response was a strike on a Iranian military facility that would have been "mostly symbolic."

While a war with Iran still seems unlikely, if Iran starts stockpiling enriched uranium again as it has threatened to do, it could give Bolton and his fellow neocons exactly the opening they need to successfully push for a military intervention.



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Hollywood Insider Who Vowed To Expose Elite Pedophile Ring Murdered

Hollywood actor Isaac Kappy, who became well known for speaking up against Hollywood pedophilia and Satanic ritual abuse, has been found dead in Arizona. He was 42.

Before his death, Kappy leveled explosive allegations against Hollywood A-listers including Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Seth Green, accusing them of being abusive pedophiles.

After Kappy began speaking out about what he called “the culture of elite Hollywood ritual abuse and pedophilia“, the mainstream media began targeting him with hit pieces, destroying his reputation.

The body of Isaac Kappy, who had roles in Thor, Breaking Bad and Terminator: Salvation, was found in Bellemont, Arizona, according to local police, who claim he “forced himself” off a bridge and was struck by a car.

“On May 13, 2019 at 7:26 am, troopers were called to Interstate 40 eastbound at Transwestern Road (milepost 185) for a subject who forced himself off the Transwestern Rd bridge onto Interstate 40,” the official statement read.

It continued: “He was then struck by a passing car. The man has been identified as 42-year-old Isaac Kappy of Albuquerque, NM. Mr Kappy died on-scene.”

Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves added that Kappy’s death is being investigated as a “suicide.”

In recent years, Kappy took a break from acting and became a prominent figure on social media. In August 2018, Kappy attracted media attention when he accused director Steven Spielberg of sexually molesting him.

The day before his death, Kappy posted a lengthy statement to his Instagram page. Kappy began by saying that the had come for “some stark revelations” about his character.

Kappy said that he wanted to make America great, but neglected to make himself great. He remarks about one specific recent incident that caused him trauma but does not elaborate on what happened. Kappy said that the act “cost him everything.”

Was Kappy silenced for his views? As a successful and popular Hollywood insider with a social media following of millions of young people around the world, he was in a position to redpill the masses.

As the untimely deaths of a growing number of anti-pedophile activists proves, this type of work can be incredibly dangerous in today’s world.

Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington and Avicii all spoke out about child abuse in the entertainment industry.

Are all of these deaths related, or is it all a big coincidence? Don't expect dirty cops to answer that.



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Google gave '$150,000 in free ads to anti-abortion group

Google has given $150,000 of free advertising to an anti-abortion group that tricks women into thinking it offers abortion services but actually seeks to stop “abortion-minded women” from having their pregnancies terminated.

The Obria Group, a Southern California based non-profit that describes itself as being “led by God”, is a chain of crisis pregnancy centres that oppose abortion and do not offer contraceptives.

Obria, which is said to be funded by Catholic organisations, runs a network of clinics across the country, many of which misleadingly suggest on their websites that they offer abortion.

The Obria Group got a $120,000 Google advertising grant in 2015 and another of $32,000 in 2011, The Guardian reported.

Obria was awarded the 2015 grant in spite of the fact Google came under heavy fire a year earlier after a pro-choice group found the platform was running deceptive ads for clinics that appeared to provide abortions and other medical services, but instead focused on counselling and information on alternatives to abortion.

A Google spokesperson said: “The Google Ad Grants program is open to qualified non-profits regardless of their position on abortion and we give grants to nearly 50 thousand organisations globally that represent a wide spectrum of views and causes. All grant recipients have to abide by our ad policies, which prohibit misrepresentation in ads. If we find ads that violate our policies, we remove them.”


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Sociopaths Leading The Way To Debt Insolvency, Hyperinflation And Economic Ruin

No one seems to care that a government already over $22 trillion in debt is on schedule to borrow another $990 million this year. All of this is occurring as individual Americans further enslave themselves with higher debt loads and retail stores fail over the inability to pay back the money they borrowed. But there are many reasons to be concerned about government spending.

The debt-based system we live under won’t sustain itself forever. Don’t get us wrong, the sociopaths in government and at the Federal Reserve (central bankers) will prop it up for as long as possible, but it is doomed to fail. That $22 trillion doesn’t include unfunded liabilities either, making the situation even uglier.

According to ABC News, The Treasury Department on Monday projected that borrowing in the April-June quarter would total $30 billion. Borrowing in the July-September period, the final quarter of the budget year will total $160 billion. The $990 billion borrowing total for the 2019 budget year would be down from $1.2 trillion borrowed in 2018. But both years are up from 2017’s $519 billion in government borrowing.

The Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEE) reported that the deficits are likely to double within ten years, making this an issue that could impoverish everyone. There are 5 reasons why the national debt is a big problem and why everyone should be worried about it.

Benefits Spending: Most federal spending is for subsidy and benefit programs, not for activities that increase productivity. Subsidy and benefit programs distort the economy and generally reduce overall output and incomes. Those distortions occur whether spending is financed by debt or current taxes. But the availability of debt financing induces policymakers to increase overall spending, which at the margin goes toward lower-valued activities.

Tax Damage Compounded: When taxes are extracted to pay for government spending, it induces people to change their working and investing activities, which distorts the economy and reduces growth. When spending is financed by borrowing, the tax damage is pushed to the future and compounded with interest costs.

Investment Reduced: Government borrowing may “crowd out” private investment and thus reduce future output and incomes. Economist James Buchanan said: “By financing current public outlay by debt, we are, in effect, chopping up the apple trees for firewood, thereby reducing the yield of the orchard forever.” The crowd out will be reduced if private saving rises to offset government deficits. But the CBO says “the rise in private saving is generally a good deal smaller than the increase in federal borrowing.” Government debt may also deter investment through expectations—businesses will hesitate to invest if rising debt creates fears of tax increases down the road.

Borrowing from Abroad: A decline in private investment due to government borrowing may be avoided if capital is attracted from abroad. Indeed, huge federal borrowing has been facilitated by global capital markets, and today more than 40 percent of the federal debt is held by foreigners. Borrowing from abroad may prevent a fall in domestic investment, but it does not prevent the shifting of costs to future taxpayers. As government debt rises, more of our future earnings will be taxed to pay interest and principal on the government’s debt to foreigners.

Macroeconomic Instability: CBO warns that a “large and continuously growing federal debt would … increase the likelihood of a fiscal crisis in the United States.” Experience shows that high levels of government debt tend to reduce growth and increase financial fragility. In their study of financial crises through history, Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff concluded, “again and again, countries, banks, individuals, and firms take on excessive debt in good times without enough awareness of the risks that will follow when the inevitable recession hits.” Government debt, they found, “is certainly the most problematic, for it can accumulate massively and for long periods without being put in check by markets.”



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STUDY: Millennials May End Up Dying A Lot Earlier Than Many Boomers

Millennials (the generation born between the early 1980s and approximately the mid-1990s) just got some bad news.

Health insurance data from 2017 show that many of them, especially older millennials in their mid-30s, are facing unprecedented levels of mental and physical illness.

According to a report released in April by the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Association, millennials’ sharp decline in health begins around the tender age of 27 and stands in stark contrast to the health of the preceding generation—Generation X, born in the mid-1960s. For eight of 10 health conditions, millennials are experiencing double-digit increases in prevalence compared to what Gen Xers experienced at the same ages. Although four out of five millennials, ironically, perceive themselves to be in “good” or “excellent” health, both the BCBS report and a 2016 Harris Poll survey put the lie to these perceptions. In the survey, over half (54%) of millennial respondents reported having been diagnosed with at least one chronic illness.

Interestingly, a national survey of children’s health conducted in 2007 produced exactly the same result as the Harris Poll for children ages 0-17: 54% of surveyed children had one or more chronic health conditions. The preteens and teens who participated in the 2007 survey fall squarely into the millennial time frame and would have been in their 20s when BCBS conducted its 2017 analysis. For anyone following America’s dismal child health trends over time, the news about millennials’ health can hardly come as a surprise.

BCBS analyzed data for 55 million commercially insured millennials—representing about 75% of all millennials in the United States. Using a measurement tool called the BCBS Health Index, BCBS considered the “reduction in future healthy years” due to various chronic health conditions.

In addition to highlighting the strikingly poorer health of millennials compared to Gen Xers, the BCBS report noted the following:

Of the top 10 health problems affecting millennials, six are behavioral and mental health conditions (major depression, psychotic conditions, substance/alcohol/tobacco use disorders and hyperactivity) and four are physical conditions (hypertension, high cholesterol, Crohn’s disease/ulcerative colitis and type II diabetes). Behavioral health conditions affect millennials more than the U.S. population as a whole.

Looking at the three-year period between 2014 and 2017, BCBS found that nearly all of the health conditions became more prevalent—especially major depression and hyperactivity, both of which increased by roughly 30% in just three years.

Another BCBS report (released in May 2018) examined major depression in millennials and adolescents. That study, which described major depression as “the second most impactful condition on overall health for commercially insured Americans,” reported a 47% increase in depression diagnoses in millennials and a whopping 63% increase in adolescents—especially teenage girls—from 2013 to 2016. Among those diagnosed with major depression, 85% had one or more additional health conditions.



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Good! Monstanto-Bayer Loses THIRD Lawsuit Over Cancerous Roundup Deaths, Stocks Crashing


Monsanto was acquired last June by Bayer, a chemical corporation whose chairperson was found guilty of crimes against humanity during the post-Nazi-era Nuremberg trials.

In the decades that followed, Bayer (formerly IG Farben) found a way to turn its deadly chemical weapons into pesticides, herbicides, chemotherapy drugs and pharmaceuticals. Its acquisition of Monsanto cemented Bayer’s dominance in the agriculture sector, allowing the company to earn tens of billions of dollars a year by poisoning the global food supply with a deadly, cancer-causing chemical known as glyphosate — sold as “Roundup” under the Monsanto brand name.

Now, a third court case has ruled that Monsanto’s toxic weed killer caused cancer among those who used it. In this case, a California jury has returned an astonishing $2 billion award for the plaintiffs who say Roundup caused their cancers. “Bayer AG was ordered to pay more than $2 billion in damages to a California couple that claimed they got cancer as a result of using its Roundup weedkiller for about three decades,” reports Bloomberg.com.

It’s one of the largest jury awards ever recorded in the history of humanity, and it shows that Bayer is now facing “financial annihilation” because there are over 13,000 additional lawsuits pending.

If 10,000 lawsuits each result in a jury award of just $100 million — the low side of awards so far — this would cost Bayer $1 trillion, plunging the evil corporation into financial ruin.

Since acquiring Monsanto, Bayer’s share price has plunged more than 40 percent, meaning the chemical giant has already lost tens of billions of dollars in market capitalization. Since Bayer inherited all of Monsanto’s liabilities when it acquired the company — and because Roundup has been in use by the public for over three decades — Bayer could face at least another decade of lawsuits that add up to multiple trillions of dollars in damages.

“The company has got to come to the table with a viable plan to resolve these cases, or the losses are going to mount,” attorney Micah Dortch told Bloomberg.com. Dortch is part of a law firm that has filed many cases against Monsanto / Bayer, claiming damage from glyphosate exposure. “This outcome should make Monsanto realize the seriousness of these claims and how a jury perceives the evidence.”

Ironically, Monsanto isn’t just toxic to the human food supply and the environment at large; it’s also toxic to Bayer’s shareholders. Then again, if they’re invested in evil corporations, they probably deserve to lose their investments anyway.



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Ironman dies:Avengers: Endgame,(sac)asshole spoils movie

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS ENDGAME AHEAD. Robert Downey Jr bowed out as Iron Man in an incredibly emotional scene during the third act of Avengers Endgame. Told by Doctor Strange that there was only one chance of defeating Thanos, Tony Stark quickly removed the Infinity Stones from the Gauntlet on the Mad Titan, attaching them to his Iron Man. Just before he snapped Thanos out of existence at the cost of his own life, the superhero uttered: “And I am Iron Man.”


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New Microsoft Word AI Will Come With SJW Censorship, Blocking Certain Words

Bill Gates’ Microsoft [and Windows 10 is still a peice of SHIT!] is set to release a new version of Word that will use artificial intelligence to ensure you remain “politically correct” at all times while writing.

“Gender bias” will be stamped out by the artificial intelligence, as will any phrases that “might offend somebody from another country or culture.”

You know how annoying it is when your phone corrects ‘fucking’ to ‘ducking’ every time you type the word? [No, because I'd use those stupid peices of fucking SHIT!] Imagine that all day, every day.

Summit reports:


The new feature, called ‘Ideas in Word’, will recommend ‘sensitive’ phrases like “We need to get some fresh blood in here” be modified so that “fresh blood” becomes “new employees”.

“It might underline places where your writing exhibited gender bias,” reports Fast Company. “If you tend to say “mailman” or Congressman” in the generic, it might suggest you use “mailperson” or “Congressperson.” If you use the term “gentlemen’s agreement,” it may suggest you use “unspoken agreement” instead.”

The term “disabled person” would be replaced with “person with a disability while the new version’s “inclusiveness check” searches for words or phrases that might be “offensive” to someone from another country or culture.

Mark Sullivan, who is a fan of the new features, says he is worried about “unknowingly or accidentally inserting terms or references in my writing that convey value judgements that I don’t really mean” and wants to avoid “writing something that might offend”.

Rumor has it that every new purchase of Word will come with a voucher for a yearly supply of soy lattes from Starbucks.



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NXIVM Whistleblower Reveals Human Trafficking From Mexico, Satanism, Democrat Involvement

A former publicist for the infamous sex cult NXIVM has come forward as a whistleblower to tell all that he knows about the evils he witnessed while working for the group – and perhaps more importantly, to reveal the identities of some of the corrupt politicians who were also involved.

During an exclusive interview on The Campaign Show with Patrick Howley, which airs on Patriots Soapbox, Frank Parlato discussed the trial of Keith Raniere, NXIVM’s cult leader and top dog. Parlato also talked about how Raniere and other NXIVM leadership were very closely aligned with Hillary Clinton, having given “illegally bundled money,” to quote Big League Politics, to her 2008 presidential campaign.

According to Parlato, NXIVM routinely trafficked in teenage girls from Mexico, who were then turned into sex slaves and physically branded on their bodies with Raniere’s initials. And unbeknownst to millions of Americans are the many mainstream politicians who, at the very least, appear to have known that this was going on – and some of whom may have also been perpetrators themselves.

As it turns out, Democrat senator for New York and 2020 presidential contender Kirsten Gillibrand has been called out for her close “family ties” to the NXIVM sex cult. Gillibrand’s father and stepmother, who are second cousins, were both heavily involved with NXIVM before they married. Gillibrand’s father, Doug Rutnik, is also a former employee of NXIVM.

According to Big League Politics, Gillibrand’s father functioned as a broker between Raniere, NXIVM’s leader, and then-New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer, who had been working at the time to “resolve” Raniere’s “financial problems with the state” – this, according to Joseph O’Hara, another ex-employee at NXIVM-turned-whistleblower.

For more news like this about deep state politicians and their dirty deeds, be sure to check out Evil.news

Nancy Salzman, president of NXIVM, apparently acted as a personal “guru” for Gillibrand’s stepmother, Gwenn Belcourt, who’s said to have gotten “hooked” on the cult – along with Richard Mays, a close friend of former President Bill Clinton.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer is also said to have been connected to NXIVM, as the sex cult reportedly viewed him as a “friendly” Democrat ally, according to Parlato.

Be sure to check out the full discussion between Frank Parlato and Patrick Howley on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVN9FLfk0yg



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Good! Brave Italian Government To Soros NGOs: You Want Migrants? You'll Be Paying For Them!

It would appear that Italy's interior minister Matteo Salvini has escalated his widely-supported anti-destablization stance, by forcing George Soros and his NGO pals to put their money where their virtue-signaling mouths are…

The Guardian's Lorenzo Tondo reports that Italy's government is planning to issue a decree that would mean NGO rescue boats would be fined up to €5,500 (£4,760) for each migrant they disembark on to Italian soil.

As a reminder, Francesca Totolo recently noted in her latest book:

"… all those international NGOs such as Avaaz, Oxfam, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and many others have certainly one thing in common: their financial source, which is Soros. Their role has been, and continues to be, making the Italian people feel guilty if they don’t accept immigrants: legal or illegal, they must be accepted no matter what. So these NGOs, or modern Charons as I like to call them, have effectively – directly or indirectly – smuggled into Italy something like 700.000 people over the last few years. It must be understood, by all means, that something like this is a planned operation since its very beginning.

…as early as 2008 the association “carta di Roma” was founded in Rome. It can be considered the first NGO directly financed by Soros in Italy. What is the purpose of this “association of journalists”? To “promote correct information about immigrants, refugees, asylum-seekers in Italy”. Doesn’t that make you inevitably think that Soros knew as early as 2008 what would happen three years later in Libya and was therefore paving the way for a “change of the paradigm”?"

The new decree reinforces the powers of the ministry of the interior in the matter of immigration and has the objective of putting an end to the NGO rescues. Médecins Sans Frontières, for example, would have had to pay €440m for smuggling 80,000 people if the decree had been in place during the last three years.

Salvini has repeatedly declared Italian waters closed to NGO rescue vessels. Several boats have been left stranded at sea because of this hardline approach, which is partly designed to force other parts of Europe to take in more people.



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Judge Speaks the Truth: Muslims 'Foreign Mud' & Jews 'Need to Get the F**k Over the Holocaust'

A judge in Tennessee is facing repercussions after posting racist memes and articles to Facebook, including an article posted on April 5 that called Muslims "foreign mud" and said Jews should "get the f— over the Holocaust.”

Commercial Appeal reports that several organisations in Memphis, Tennessee are calling for state authorities to censure Criminal Court Judge Jim Lammey following the discovery of his racist Facebook activity.

Organisations calling for censure include the NAACP Memphis Branch, Memphis Islamic Center, Jewish Community Partners, American Muslim Advisory Council, the Anti-Defamation League Southeast Region, Bridges, Facing History and Ourselves, Jewish Federation and Jewish Foundation of Nashville & Middle Tennessee, Memphis Islamic Center, MIFA, the National Civil Rights Museum, and Tennessee Holocaust Commission, according to a press release.

Judge Lammey, who has made his Facebook page private since the local discovery, was first elected in 2006 and re-elected for an eight-year term in 2015.

In an interview with the Commercial Appeal, he claimed that his posts would not hinder his ability to judge fairly, and said that he “certainly doesn’t agree” with “being Holocaust denier.”

“My best friend — who’s deceased now — was Jewish and I wouldn’t do that,” he said.

Local Memphis organisation Just City has argued that Judge Lammey has a history of treating immigrants differently in court, including requiring some seeking probation to report themselves to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. This practice is unusual, and could leader to a person’s deportation.

In a letter sent to city officials by the coalition of organisations alarmed by his posting, the coalition called the April 5 post “one example of his habit of sharing articles, conspiracy theories, and ‘jokes’ online that carry a dark message of hatred.”

"The content he spreads often targets Muslim and Latin American immigrants,” the letter continues, “which is troubling because of Judge Lammey’s elected position overseeing criminal trials as a representative of the State of Tennessee.”

They have called for the Administrative Office of the Courts and the Board of Judicial Conduct to publicly censure Judge Lammey and to “explore bringing the anti-bias and Holocaust education resources of our respective organisations to the judges, clerks, and staff of our state judicial system."


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Whistle-Blowing Clinicians Demand An End To Transgender Mutilation of Children

Five members of staff from Britain’s only NHS gender clinic for children have quit over fears children as young as three are going through unnecessary gender reassignment treatment.

Clinicians from the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS)

warn that the clinic is risking a “live experiment” by sending hundreds of children for life-changing medical intervention without sufficient evidence of its long-term effects.

The Mail Online reports: archive.fo/wMIsa

It was feared some gay children struggling with their sexual identity are being incorrectly diagnosed as transgender.

Specialists also worried that some of the youngsters were being referred and pressured into having gender change treatment after suffering homophobic bullying.

All five former staff members were part of the team deciding if youngsters should be given hormone blockers to stop their development before puberty, according to the Times.

The patients then take a course of cross-sex hormones at the age of 16 depending on whether they want to develop as male or female.

At least 18 staff have reportedly quit the controversial clinic over the past three years, citing fears not enough checks are being done to correctly diagnose child patients.

One of the five whistleblowers even said the only reason many stayed in their post was to prevent more children from having the treatment.

Referrals to the clinic risen in recent years, with 94 in 2010, rising to 2,519 by last year, with the youngest patient aged just three.

One of the clinicians told The Times: ‘I felt for the last two years what kept me in the job was the sense there was a huge number of children in danger.

‘I was there to protect children from being damaged.’


R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

sportschan.org GET

News huh yeah ya know bring back the sauna. I hear da Red Sox got a sauna these days workin wonders for them even get the Bruins in there that's what I'd like to see. Aaron Judge? Great guy, good guy, a friend of mine, God Fearing man, fan favorite, he's gonna have to take it up the ass if he wants to be a Champ. Have CC give it to him, guy needs a pick me up these days I'm thinkin. Can't have another decade without a ring in NY it's that simple. News huh yeah ya know bring back the sauna. I hear da Red Sox got a sauna these days workin wonders for them even get the Bruins in there that's what I'd like to see. Aaron Judge? Great guy, good guy, a friend of mine, God Fearing man, fan favorite, he's gonna have to take it up the ass if he wants to be a Champ. Have CC give it to him, guy needs a pick me up these days I'm thinkin. Can't have another decade without a ring in NY it's that simple. News huh yeah ya know bring back the sauna. I hear da Red Sox got a sauna these days workin wonders for them even get the Bruins in there that's what I'd like to see. Aaron Judge? Great guy, good guy, a friend of mine, God Fearing man, fan favorite, he's gonna have to take it up the ass if he wants to be a Champ. Have CC give it to him, guy needs a pick me up these days I'm thinkin. Can't have another decade without a ring in NY it's that simple.


There have been 8 previous threads about this article.

R: 226 / I: 28 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

A FEW Little Things The Mainstream Media Left Out About The Recent Colorado Shooters...

One of the two students who opened fire on a school in Denver has been identified as 18-year-old Devon Erickson, a registered Democrat who has expressed admiration for Barack Obama. He also was caught bashing Christians on social media.

According to local reports, the second shooter, a minor, was in the process of transitioning from female to male.

An 18-year-old boy was killed and eight other students were injured when gunfire erupted at STEM School Highlands Ranch on Tuesday afternoon.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed Erickson is the adult shooter.

Erickson’s social media pages indicate that he is a youth theater actor and registered Democrat who has expressed hatred for some Christians, criticized President Donald Trump and praised former President Barack Obama.

In a post from 2014, Erickson wrote: ‘You know what I hate? All these Christians who hate gays, yet in the bible, it says in Deuteronomy 17:12-13, if someone doesn’t do what their priest tells them to do, they are supposed to die. It has plenty of crazy stuff like that. But all they get out of it is “ewwwwww gays”.’

In 2015 he shared a Facebook post by Occupy Democrats praising Obama, and in 2016 shared a video of TV host Seth Meyers criticizing Trump.

Car towed from #stemshooting suspect's home apparently has "F*** SOCIETY" spray painted on the side. Also "666" and a what looks like a pentagram sprayed on the hood. pic.twitter.com/e6QX3lq4v3

— John Fenton (@higuysimjohn) May 8, 2019

DailyMail reports:


The Denver Channel reported that the second suspect, who is a minor, was in the process of transitioning from female to male.

Multiple sources told the outlet that the motive of the alleged shooters went beyond bullying and involved revenge and anger towards their classmates.

They said at least one of the suspects was involved in legal and illegal drug use and had been in therapy.



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Foreign Spies Acquired NSA Tools via Amazon S3 Hacking, Used Them To Cyberattack US Allies


https://archive.fo/CInHW (US Military Hired Amazon To Store Sensitive Data, Secrets Stolen By China)

https://archive.fo/R7oOo (US Army Data Hacked In 2017, Stored On Amazon S3 Servers)

https://archive.fo/FJWtH (NSA Files Left Exposed Online on Amazon S3 Server, Hacked)

https://archive.fo/pC2Yd (Amazon S3 Servers NOT Secure!) ←– You would think they'd give a shit at this point!

A leading cybersecurity firm found evidence Chinese intelligence operatives repurposed National Security Agency hacking technology in 2016 to attack American allies and private firms in Europe and Asia, according to the New York Times.

Researchers with Symantec believe the Chinese government captured the code from an NSA attack on their own systems rather than stealing it, according to the article. The hacking group that repurposed the tools has committed several attacks on U.S. targets including space, satellite and nuclear propulsion tech manufacturers, according the Times, citing a classified agency memo.

Some of the same tools were also dumped online by an unidentified group calling itself the Shadow Brokers, later used by North Korean and Russian intelligence, according to the Times, although there is no apparent connection between the Chinese acquisition and Shadow Brokers’ activity.

While Symantec is not sure how the Chinese got the code, Chinese intelligence contractors have used the tools to conduct cyber-warfare in Belgium, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, the Philippines and Vietnam, according to the Times, with targets ranging from schools and scientific research to the government of a U.S. ally. In one case, an operation against a telecommunications network may have led them to obtain as many as millions of private communications, according to Symantec.

Symantec’s research does not explicitly identify the Chinese government, instead referencing “the Buckeye group,” the firm’s term for a team of hackers identified by both the Justice Department and private firms as a contractor for China’s Ministry of State, according to the report. The Justice Department indicted three hackers connected to the group in 2017.

“This is the first time we’ve seen a case — that people have long referenced in theory — of a group recovering unknown vulnerabilities and exploits used against them, and then using these exploits to attack others,” Eric Chien, a security director at Symantec, told the Times.


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Mainstream Media NOW BRAGGING How STUPID Silicon Valley Consumers Are Admitting They Spy On You

Would you let a stranger eavesdrop in your home and keep the recordings? For most people, the answer is, "Are you crazy?"

Yet that's essentially what Amazon has been doing to millions of [you] with its assistant Alexa in microphone-equipped Echo speakers. And it's hardly alone: Bugging our homes is Silicon Valley's next frontier.

Many smart-speaker owners don't realize it, but Amazon keeps a copy of everything Alexa records after it hears its name. Apple's Siri, and until recently Google's Assistant, by default also keep recordings to help train their artificial intelligences.

So come with me on an unwelcome walk down memory lane. I listened to four years of my Alexa archive and found thousands of fragments of my life: spaghetti-timer requests, joking houseguests and random snippets of "Downton Abbey." There were even sensitive conversations that somehow triggered Alexa's "wake word" to start recording, including my family discussing medication and a friend conducting a business deal.

You can listen to your own Alexa archive here. Let me know what you unearth.

For as much as we fret about snooping apps on our computers and phones, our homes are where the rubber really hits the road for privacy. It's easy to rationalize away concerns by thinking a single smart speaker or appliance couldn't know enough to matter. But across the increasingly connected home, there's a brazen data grab going on, and there are few regulations, watchdogs or common-sense practices to keep it in check.

Let's not repeat the mistakes of Facebook in our smart homes. Any personal data that's collected can and will be used against us.

However you will repeat the same mistakes, you stupid goyim. Because you love buying this mass spying JUNK and you love having anal probes stuck up your own rectums as you beg Mr. CIA Bezos "ohhhh yah, baby, give me some more fat cock up my greasey asshole, here, I'll kneel down before you master kike while I suck you off and take it all down my throat because I love being your consumer bitch whore! Yah, Bezos, just like that, pound my progressive asshole and broadcast it to the entire world to see LIVE! I bet the NSA loves watching me take it up the ass and slurping up your evil demonic seeds from hell!"



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Global warming:Giant mutant Asian hornet discovered in Canada. 30 stings deadly

Metro Vancouver appears to be turning into a destination for exotic — and potentially deadly — insects.

Just over a week after the discovery of a southern scorpion in one woman’s apartment, a North Vancouver couple now has what they believe is a Japanese giant hornet living in their home.

Valerie Walsh first alerted Global News to the discovery Friday, posting pictures of the four-centimetre-long insect that remains trapped under a wine glass on her counter.

Beyond its massive size, Walsh said she found out through her research just how deadly the wasp can be.

“We found out that if you get stung 10 times, you should go to the hospital, and 30 stings will kill you,” she said.

Those numbers are a common refrain in Asia, where medical authorities urge people to seek medical attention immediately after being stung — even if they’re not allergic.

Tests have yet to determine what type of insect Walsh found.

After viewing a video of the insect, Cameron Lait with Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s School of Horticulture says it is not a Japanese giant hornet.

“The first and second abdominal segment colouration is unique for the wasp in the video and more like a paper wasp than any of the giant hornets from Asia,” he told Global News.


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Doris Day Dead DDD- Que Sera Sera

Doris Day, the freckle-faced movie actress whose irrepressible personality and golden voice made her America’s top box-office star in the early 1960s, died on Monday at her home in Carmel Valley, Calif. She was 97.

The Doris Day Animal Foundation announced her death.

Ms. Day began her career as a big-band vocalist, and she was successful almost from the start: One of her first records, “Sentimental Journey,” released in 1945, sold more than a million copies, and she went on to have numerous other hits. The bandleader Les Brown, with whom she sang for several years, once said, “As a singer Doris belongs in the company of Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.”

But it was the movies that made her a star.

Between “Romance on the High Seas” in 1948 and “With Six You Get Eggroll” in 1968, she starred in nearly 40 movies. On the screen she turned from the perky girl next door in the 1950s to the woman next door in a series of 1960s sex comedies that brought her four first-place rankings in the yearly popularity poll of theater owners, an accomplishment equaled by no other actress except Shirley Temple.

In the 1950s she starred, and most often sang, in comedies (“Teacher’s Pet,” “The Tunnel of Love”), musicals (“Calamity Jane,” “April in Paris,” “The Pajama Game”) and melodramas (“Young Man With a Horn,” the Alfred Hitchcock thriller “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” “Love Me or Leave Me”).

[Four great Doris Day movies (and 1 TV show) to stream now.]

James Cagney, her co-star in “Love Me or Leave Me,” said Ms. Day had “the ability to project the simple, direct statement of a simple, direct idea without cluttering it.” He compared her performance to Laurette Taylor’s in “The Glass Menagerie” on Broadway in 1945, widely hailed as one of the greatest performances ever given by an American actor.

She went on to appear in “Pillow Talk” (1959), “Lover Come Back” (1961) and “That Touch of Mink” (1962), fast-paced comedies in which she fended off the advances of Rock Hudson (in the first two films) and Cary Grant (in the third). Those movies, often derided today as examples of the repressed sexuality of the ’50s, were considered daring at the time.


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Stepfather Arrested: There Were No Mexican Kidnappers

RELATED: Killcen actually believed the story about Mexican Kidnappers !!

The stepfather of 4-year-old Maleah Davis is in custody for alleged evidence tampering, Houston police said. The Harris County jail website said Derion Vence was being held on charges of tampering with a human corpse, although police have not said if Maleah's body has been found.

Judge Courtney St. Julian set a $1 million bond for Vence, CBS Houston affiliate KHOU-TV reports.

RELATED: I created a thread about this story last week, but used photos of a white man & white stepdaughter, and because Killcen is racist, he automatically believed that the story about Mexicans was true !!

In a statement, Houston police said blood evidence in Vence's apartment has been linked to Maleah and Vence was seen carrying a laundry basket out of the apartment.

Vence's car was found in neighboring Missouri City on Thursday, and police said the laundry basket was found in the trunk along with a gas can.

RELATED: the nigger's story about Mexican kidnappers was far-fetched and extremely unlikely, but Killcen heard the word 'Mexicans' and believed every word of the stepfather's bullshit tale !!

Police said Vence told investigators that he was driving the car to the airport to pick up Maleah's mother, Brittany Bowens, Friday night when he pulled over to check if it had a flat tire. Vence said Mexican men in a pickup truck pulled up, knocked him out and abducted him, Maleah and his 2-year-old son before eventually allowing him and the boy to go free, according to Houston police.

RELATED: Killcen's objectivity cannot be relied on, due to his preconceived notions !!

Although Vence reported his Altima was taken in an abduction, KHOU-TV reported police said surveillance video showed someone in that Nissan Altima dropped Vence off at the Methodist Sugar Land Hospital on May 5.

Vence initially reported his stepdaughter missing after he showed up Saturday at a hospital in Sugar Land, which is next to Missouri City. He told police he had been in and out of consciousness over the previous 24 hours and had walked there after coming to on a highway that runs through the region. However, a Sugar Land police spokesman said Vence's "story changed several times."

Child Protective Services has been monitoring the home where Maleah lived with Vence, her mother and her siblings for months, according to spokeswoman Tiffani Butler. During an emergency hearing Wednesday, Maleah's two brothers, 1 and 5, were placed in the custody of family and Vence and Bowens were ordered to have no contact with them, KHOU-TV reported.


R: 41 / I: 4 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

ONCE AGAIN, Govt-Tech Firms' 'Smart' Databases Full Of Consumers' Private HACKED


In a blow to consumers' privacy, the addresses and demographic details of more than 80 million US households were exposed on an unsecured database stored on the cloud, independent security researchers have found.

The details included names, ages and genders as well as income levels and marital status. The researchers, led by Noam Rotem and Ran Locar, were unable to identify the owner of the database, which until Monday was online and required no password to access. Some of the information was coded, like gender, marital status and income level. Names, ages and addresses were not coded.

The data didn't include payment information or Social Security numbers. The 80 million households affected make up well over half of the households in the US, according to Statista.

"I wouldn't like my data to be exposed like this," Rotem said in an interview with CNET. "It should not be there."

Rotem and his team verified the accuracy of some data in the cache but didn't download the data to minimize the invasion of privacy of those listed, he said.

It's one more example of a widespread problem with cloud data storage, which has revolutionized how we store valuable information. Many organizations don't have the expertise to secure the data they keep on internet-connected servers, resulting in repeated exposures of sensitive data. Earlier in April, a researcher revealed that patient information from drug addiction treatment centers was exposed on an unsecured database. Another researcher found a giant cache of Facebook user data stored by third-party companies on another database that was publicly visible.

"I wouldn't like my data to be exposed like this. It should not be there."



R: 12 / I: 0 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

US Taxpayers In Leftist Hellhole New York City Will Now Pay To Take Care of Illegals

New York City’s socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday that illegal aliens living in the Bronx will be among the first to receive an “NYC care card” in August.

Those who receive the “NYC care card” will have access to free health coverage paid for by city funds, in a move Mayor de Blasio has presented as radical form of wealth redistribution.

“You will hear some critics who say we can’t afford to give everyone healthcare,” de Blasio said as he announced the plan during a press conference at Lincoln Hospital.

“I have a simple answer. It’s not a problem of money from my point of view,” de Blasio argued.

“There’s plenty of money in this world, there’s plenty of money in this country, it’s just in the wrong hands.”


Ahhhhhhh, hear that hardworking NY taxpayers? Blasio says you don't deserve the money you worked hard for! Illegals deserve that money!

There are thought to be over half a million undocumented immigrants living in New York City.

According to the New York Post, the project to give away free health care is projected to cost taxpayers $100 million.

The mayor introduced the NYC Care card that will give some 300,000 immigrants and low-income New Yorkers free medical care.

The card will give recipients access to a primary care doctor, prescriptions and other medical services.



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Police State USSA: SEC Is Allowing MasterCard's Discrimination Against Conservatives

Blocking payments to individuals or groups by financial service firms impedes freedom of speech in a free society, journalist Ben Swann has told RT, following reports that MasterCard is allegedly on course to censor the far-right.

The New York-based firm is reportedly being forced by 'liberal' despots to set up an internal “human rights committee” that would monitor payments to “white supremacist groups and anti-Islam activists.”

“The problem is that everyone has their own views and, in a free society, the idea of a free society is that you are free to have your belief systems, as long as you’re not harming anyone else physically,” Swann told RT America.

“But your belief system belongs to you and you have the right be wrong. White supremacists have the right to be wrong.”

MasterCard is not the only holder of purse-strings that is mulling the selective banning of individuals from their services and funds. Patreon and PayPal have previously barred individuals from receiving payments using their platforms, due to their 'extreme' views.

These actions are in-our-face Anti-American and defy Constitutional law.

The issue with such an approach, the investigative journalist argues, would lead to a wider crackdown on financial payments to anyone who the government would see as unfavorable.

“The fact that the SEC has given a green light to this essentially says the SEC supports the idea of censoring these groups in order to freeze out essentially anyone you don’t agree with,” the journalist said.

“It is such a dystopian 1984 world view and yet we’re living through it right now,” the journalist observed.



R: 43 / I: 6 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Wireless Headphones Pumping Radiation Into Brains (No Wonder The Masses Are So Stupid!)

Wireless headphones could pump radiation directly into your brain and harm your health, a biochemist has warned.

According to Jerry Phillips, professor of biochemistry at the University of Colorado at Colorado Spring, there is evidence which “indicates potential concerns for human health and development from all technologies that operate at radio frequencies.”

Metro.co.uk reports:


He was one of the 250 signatories of a petition to the UN calling for ‘protection’ from the radiation emitted by electronic devices.

‘Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines,’ the petition said.

‘Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans.

‘Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.’

The petition continued: ”The various agencies setting safety standards have failed to impose sufficient guidelines to protect the general public, particularly children who are more vulnerable to the effects of EMF,’ they wrote.’ By not taking action, the WHO is failing to fulfil its role as the preeminent international public health agency.’

Apple makes wireless headphones which fit into the ear called AirPods, whilst Samsung manufactures similar devices called Galaxy Buds.



R: 16 / I: 0 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Federal Judge Rules Flint Residents Can Sue EPA Over Water Contamination Crisis

RELATED: >>>/realnews/1355 | https://archive.fo/D2AHB

As Flint, Michigan, marks five years since the city's deadly water crisis began, a federal judge ruled in favor of residents who want to sue the federal government for not acting promptly to ensure the city had clean drinking water.

Residents filed suit against the EPA in 2017, demanding $722 million in damages and arguing that the agency was able to inform the city that its drinking water was contaminated months before it finally issued an emergency order.

"These lies went on for months while the people of Flint continued to be poisoned," Judge Linda Parker, an Obama appointee, wrote in her ruling Friday.

Today we celebrate the court’s ruling permitting the lawsuit against the EPA to move forward. Lawsuit alleges EPA failed to take steps necessary to protect the people of Flint from being poisoned by their water. Go Get ‘Em Flint Team.@PittMcGe@michaelpitt8 pic.twitter.com/BTPYbODw1y

— Pitt Law (@PittMcGehee) April 18, 2019

Flint residents will get their day in court with the U.S. government. https://t.co/kpawKAiF9h

— Rebecca Beitsch (@RebeccaBeitsch) April 19, 2019

The EPA was notified that Flint was using a contaminated drinking water source—the Flint River—in mid-2015, when a whistleblower wrote in a memo that the water contained lead. But the agency didn't issue an emergency order to protect residents for another seven months.

By that time, residents of the majority-black city had been drinking the tainted water for a year and a half.

City officials began drawing drinking water from the river in April 2014, switching from Detroit's system to save money. Residents began complaining of rashes, hair loss, and other health concerns almost immediately, and reporting that the water was brown and had an unpleasant taste and odor—but the city insisted the water was safe.

State regulators continued telling residents that the water was safe for drinking even after a group of doctors reported in September 2015 that they had detected high levels of lead in children's bloodstreams. The EPA issued its emergency order in January 2016 and claims that it lacked the authority to take action sooner because of the state's decision-making.

As residents are arguing in their lawsuit, the agency's inspector general reported later that year that under the Safe Drinking Water Act, in the event of state inaction "the EPA can and should proceed with an [emergency] order" to protect the public "in a timely manner."

"The lead-contaminated public water supply system will affect the residents for years and likely generations to come," Parker wrote.

"The acts leading to the creation of the Flint Water Crisis, alleged to be rooted in lies, recklessness and profound disrespect have and will continue to produce a heinous impact for the people of Flint."



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Europe Vows To Continue Buying Iranian Oil As US Revokes Export Waivers

As if to mark one year since President Trump formally withdrew from the JCPOA - better known as the "Iran Deal" - last May, the foreign ministers of the UK, France and Germany, as well as EU foreign policy head Federica Mogherini, on Saturday issued a statement condemning the White House's decision, and vowing once again to abide by the terms of the deal.

The statement is the latest sign that Trump's decision to reimpose sanctions on Iranian oil exports could set up the US for a showdown with its allies in Europe that could accelerate the de-dollarization of the global financial system, as Europe continues to work on an alternative payments system to the Treasury-dominated SWIFT network.

"We, the High Representative of the European Union and the Foreign Ministers of France, Germany and the United Kingdom, take note with regret and concern of the decision by the United States not to extend waivers with regards to trade in oil with Iran," the European guarantors of the nuclear deal, called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Politico reports.

The US turned the screws on Iran last week by cancelling all of the waivers on Iranian crude exports it had issued after reimposing sanctions back in November - effectively leaving $1 billion in Iranian crude stranded outside a Chinese port - while also cancelling two of the seven waivers granted to businesses working with Iran's civilian nuclear program.

Despite the US's decision to brand Iran’s revolutionary guard as a "terrorist organization," the Europeans continued to "encourage all countries" to make their "best efforts" to engage in legitimate trade with Iran.

It's also possible that the Europeans' statement was intended to calm global oil markets, as the US's decision to crack down on remaining Iranian oil exports, combined with the turmoil in Venezuela and Libya, could send oil prices higher (though the Trump administration has sought to offset this by recruiting Iran's regional rivals to increase their output). The rising tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia have prompted Iran to warn that the collapse of OPEC could be imminent (should that happen, it's very likely that a new organization led by Saudi Arabia and Russia could emerge in its place).

And in any case, Iran has vowed to continue exporting its oil in defiance of the Americans' wishes.

Read the full statement below:

We, the High Representative of the European Union and the Foreign Ministers of France, Germany and the United Kingdom, take note with regret and concern of the decision by the United States not to extend waivers with regards to trade in oil with Iran. We also note with concern the decision by the United States not to fully renew waivers for nuclear non-proliferation projects in the framework of the JCPoA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action).

The lifting of nuclear-related sanctions is an essential part of the JCPoA – it aims at having a positive impact not only on trade and economic relations with Iran, but most importantly on the lives of the Iranian people. We deeply regret the re-imposition of sanctions by the United States following their withdrawal from the JCPoA.

We remain deeply convinced that the JCPoA is key to increasing stability and security in the Middle East region.

Together, we emphasise our continued commitment to the JCPoA, a crucial element of the global nuclear non-proliferation regime and essential for our national and shared European security.

…. more:



R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Control Freaks Appalled As Norwegian Health Minister Actually Stands Up For Consumer Choice, Freedom

Letting the consumers decide what they desire to consume? Oh the horror!

Norway's newly appointed Health Minister Sylvi Listhaug has once again stirred up the control freak loonies by claiming that she wants to avoid becoming the "moral police" and instead intends to let fellow Norwegians indulge in "bad habits" if they so please.

Progress Party figurehead and newly-minted Health Minister Sylvi Listhaug has shocked her compatriots with an unorthodox stance on nutrition, alcohol, and tobacco.

"I believe people should be allowed to smoke, drink and eat as much red meat they just want. The authorities may like to inform, but people already know pretty well what is healthy and what isn't, I believe", Listhaug told national broadcaster NRK.

"My starting point for the job is very simple. I don't plan to be a moral police, and will not tell people how to live their lives. Instead, I intend to help people get information that forms the basis for making choices", she explained.

Listhaug, who this weekend was also elected first vice-chair of the right-wing Progress Party, a paramount sidekick for the Conservative-led government, said she was increasingly sympathetic toward a particular group in society — smokers.

"I believe many smokers feel they have become pariahs. They feel they almost need to hide away, and I believe that's stupid", 41-year-old Listhaug, herself a social smoker, said. "Although smoking isn't good, because it is harmful, adults have the right to decide for themselves what they do."

One would only wish leftists felt the same way they did back in the 60s, right?



R: 14 / I: 2 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Once Again, YouTube Demonetizes And Censors Pro-Second Amendment Videos

Alternatives To State-run Social Media: >>>/prepare/20 | https:// archive.fo/V2e53

If you still believe that the Anti-American owned social media behemoths are not using their incredibly powerful reach and influence to silence conservatives, pro-Trump voices, and American constitutionalists, as well as deprive of them of a means of earning a living, here’s the latest example proving that they do.

Writing at The Truth About Guns, “Jeremy S” writes that suddenly, YouTube censors are finding new and inventive ways to deprive him of earning revenue on his incredibly popular firearms-related videos.

“Not exactly breaking news” that YouTube is demonetizing Second Amendment supporters, he writes, adding that, nevertheless, “the percentage of my videos…YouTube chooses to pull paid advertising from just keeps going up,” he writes, including a graphic in his piece that shows the number of demonetized offerings.

And one video on the graphics list provided with the article shows that it was “reject” for “inappropriate content.”

In all, 20 of the 29 videos Jeremy S included on his list had been demonetized. But why? What was the reason YouTube censors gave? Did he violate any of the platform’s “advertiser-friendly content guidelines?”

They include “controversial issues and sensitive events” such as “war, political conflict, terrorism and extremism” — nope.

Also, “drugs and dangerous products or substances” such as — well, drugs — including “illegal drugs, regulated drugs or substances, or other dangerous products not suitable for advertising.” Is this what YouTube censors used to justify pulling ad funding — that guns are “dangerous products?” If so, why is this section primarily about “drugs” and “substances?”

How about the section on “harmful or dangerous acts?” Well, Jeremy S is teaching people about firearms and ammunition, he’s not advocating anything “harmful or dangerous” regarding firearms.

“Hateful content?” Nope; this doesn’t fit, either.

There are other inappropriate sections as well — “incendiary and demeaning”; “sexually suggestive”; and “inappropriate use of family entertainment characters,” but again, none of these fit.

Meanwhile, there is a true-blue pro-freedom (and certainly pro-Second Amendment) video-sharing platform that is miles ahead of YouTube in terms of endorsing liberty and free speech: Brighteon.com

Even better, Brighteon is getting a technology facelift in the coming weeks that will enable the platform to become free-standing and not reliant on upstream infrastructure providers.



R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Using Classical Music to Fight Crime

Don't call the police. Let Beethoven and Vivaldi handle the riffraff.


Liquor stores are some of the most dangerous places to work in the U.S. Robberies are a constant threat and the establishments can be magnets for sketchy folk. Now, many convenience stores are trying an experimental stratagem to deter unwanted activity and loitering around their stores: blasting classical music.

It’s a tactic that’s been used since the mid-1980s, introduced by a 7-Eleven in Canada looking for a novel way to deter teenagers from congregating in their parking lot. A melodic form of defensive urban design, it’s since been tested out in other physical locations to combat loiterers, panhandlers, and those looking for a place to nap.

The London Underground has dabbled with streaming classical music and Florida police have played Mozart and Bach on the corners of crime-ridden streets. Multiple businesses in San Francisco, California — a city that struggles with a large homeless population — have piped it through outdoor speakers to stop people from using the sidewalks as crash pads, leaving behind blankets and drug detritus in front of their stores.

What’s wonderful is that the non-confrontational tactic works. Sukhi Sandhu, the owner of a 7-Eleven franchise in Modesto, California, told the Modesto Bee that once his store started blaring symphonies and operas through its outdoor speakers, “The riffraff left.” The high volume of the music makes it hard for loiterers “to hang out and gossip and joke around” outside of the store. Customers feel safer as a result, Sandhu said, describing it as “a win-win situation.”


R: 7 / I: 3 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

CO2 Levels Hit 415 PPM for 1st Time in 3 Million Yrs - Preparing is futile,Spend yor gold

Atmospheric levels of carbon registered 415 parts per million over the weekend at one of the world's key measuring stations, a concentration level researchers say has not existed in more than 3 million years – before the dawn of human history.

Taken at the Mauno Loa Observatory in Hawaii by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the measure continues the upward trend of atmospheric carbon concentration that lies at the heart of the global warming and climate crisis:

Meteorologist Eric Holthaus, a journalist who covers the climate crisis for Grist, contextualized the latest readings in a tweet that was shared widely on Sunday:

One person responded to the Holthaus tweet by asking, "How is this not breaking news on all channels all over the world?"

Rich Pancost, head of the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol in the U.K., said that the best guess of the scientific community is that global atmospheric carbon levels have not been this high for "about 3 millions years… [m]aybe more."

Writing on his Informed Comment blog Monday, historian Juan Cole said that life on Earth in that pre-historic era, known as the Pliocene Period, is not a place humans would recognize:

In the Pliocene, it was much hotter.

In the Pliocene, oceans were much higher, maybe 90 feet higher.

That is our fate, folks. That is what 415ppm produces. It is only a matter of time, and some of the sea level rise will come quickly.

Amsterdam, New Orleans, Lisbon, Miami – the list of cities that will be submerged is enormous.

Elsewhere online, reaction to the unsettling milestone was met with a mix of frustration, alarm, and fresh demands for urgent action to address the crisis.


R: 29 / I: 8 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Wall GoFundMe sponsor just paid for a ‘nearly’ $1 million yacht

A source close to the Florida man who raised over $22 million on GoFundMe in the “We The People Will Build the Wall” campaign just revealed today that the money has been diverted to pay for a ‘million dollar’ yacht and high-flying lifestyle.

This article draws on the use of an anonymous source whose identity is being protected because they stepped forward to expose what they believe is a wrong-doing or possibly criminal fraud by the Wall GoFundMe campaign that received over 300,000 individual donations.***

That source is a known activist that is pro-Trump and has gone on Fox News for his bipartisan cause. The source told The Stern Facts that they “ironically” know Brian Kolfage, who built that Wall Go Fund Me page.

According to the source, Brian Kolfage personally confided that was “broke” last year after his “really fake” news empire collapsed and Facebook “deplatformed” him.

Kolfage only responded to this story after publication, and TSF has responded with a list of questions about his project and continues to investigate his reply.


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

473 knives confiscated over four months in one London court


Sir Andrew McFarlane, the President of the Family Division at the High Court of Justice, has revealed shocking figures that highlight the extent of knife-carrying in the capital city.

Delivering a speech at Gray’s Inn, the senior judge said that nearly 500 knives of over three inches in length were confiscated at the Central Family Court in Holborn in the first four months of 2019, with a further 230 being discovered elsewhere on the premises.

McFarlane described the phenomenon as “one of the regular challenges now presented to the staff and security teams” at London courts and that “it simply seems to be a facet of everyday life in 2019 for some members of the population to carry a weapon with them at all times”.

With knife crime continuing to spiral out of control in London, the fact that people are now bringing knives to courthouses should serve as a stark reminder of the extent of the problem. It’s time for politicians to show some strength and take decisive action.

R: 37 / I: 3 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

The Museum Of Bad Art Exists


That terrible painting you saw on the curb the other day might have looked like trash to you, but to one Boston-area museum, it’s a piece of fine art.

You won’t find any Mona Lisas at the Museum of Bad Art, where all that is weird, wacky, and awful gets a nail in the wall. Instead, you’ll find paintings of ferrets in brothels, women riding lobsters, and anatomically incorrect nudes, all divided up into cleverly-titled categories such as “Poor Traits,” “Look Ma, No Hands!” and “Oozing My Religion.”

“We’re not collecting kitsch or schlock, you know, dogs playing poker, things that are produced commercially like that,” Curator-in-Chief Michael Frank told OK Whatever. “We collect pieces that were made in what I believe was an honest attempt to make an artistic statement, to create real art, and clearly something has gone wrong, either in the execution or the original concept.”

Frank — who is also a professional musician and balloon artist — is part of a group of art-loving volunteers that help run the museum, which was founded in the early 1990s and located in the basement of an independent movie theater in Somerville, Massachusetts, for the last decade.


R: 54 / I: 4 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

CNN guest:'When a woman is pregnant, that's a body part,not a human being inside of her'


Friday, May 10, 2019

CNN guest: 'When a woman is pregnant, that is not a human being inside of her'

by Julio Rosas

| May 07, 2019 05:57 PM

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Debate on CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" caught fire Monday night after a guest proclaimed that a fetus is not a human being.

When host Chris Cuomo gave Christine Quinn, the former speaker of the New York City Council, the last word, she said a fetus is effectively a body part. Her comments drew Cuomo, Quinn, and guest Rick Santorum into a heavy debate over Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's comments about whether a newborn baby should be permitted to live and New York's new late-term abortion laws.

"When a woman gets pregnant, that is not a human being inside of her. It is part of her body, and this is about a woman having full agency and control of her body and making decisions about her body and what is part of her body with medical professionals," Quinn said. "Those are the facts and that is the law."

Santorum replied: "So the baby is their property and they can do whatever they want to it. They can maim the baby or torture the baby."

Santorum has a point. If you can kill it because it's not a human being, if you're blind why can't you pluck out its eyes in the womb? Why can't you take off the arms and legs?

R: 25 / I: 3 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Mexico wants to decriminalize all drugs the U.S. to do the haha...hee same

exico’s president released a new plan last week that called for radical reform to the nation’s drug laws and negotiating with the United States to take similar steps.

The plan put forward by the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, often referred to by his initials as AMLO, calls for decriminalizing illegal drugs and transferring funding for combating the illicit substances to pay for treatment programs instead. It points to the failure of the decades-long international war on drugs, and calls for negotiating with the international community, and specifically the U.S., to ensure the new strategy’s success.

“The ‘war on drugs’ has escalated the public health problem posed by currently banned substances to a public safety crisis,” the policy proposal, which came as part of AMLO’s National Development Plan for 2019-2024, read. Mexico’s current “prohibitionist strategy is unsustainable,” it argued.


R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Ben Shapiro gets RAMMED by large british cock EPIC™ style

Right-wing commentator and “cool kid’s philosopher” Ben Shapiro stormed out of a contentious BBC interview on Thursday after accusing the conservative host of being a “leftist” and bragging about how popular he is.

During the pre-taped interview with BBC interviewer Andrew Neil promoting his new book, The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great, Shapiro quickly became perturbed when Neil—who is known for playing devil’s advocate in interviews—pressed him on recent attempts to roll back abortion rights, asking the editor-in-chief of clickbait rage factory The Daily Wire if those policies would take America back to the “Dark Ages.”

“You purport to be an objective journalist,” Shapiro sniped. “BBC purports to be an objective, down-the-middle network. It obviously is not, it never has been. And you as a journalist are proceeding to call one side of the political aisle ignorant, barbaric, and sending us back to the Dark Ages, why don’t you just say you’re on the left.”

This caused Neil, chairman of conservative magazine The Spectator, to chuckle and tell his guest: “If you only knew how ridiculous that statement is you wouldn’t have said it.”


R: 27 / I: 5 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Little Girl Missing, Stepfather Claims Mexicans Abducted Her

HOUSTON — An Amber Alert remains in effect or a missing 4-year-old who was reportedly kidnapped by three men in north Houston.

The Amber Alert is for Maleah Davis. Maleah's stepfather, Darion Vence, lied and told investigators he was driving to Bush Intercontinental Airport at around 9 p.m. Friday with the girl and his two-year-old son, Courtland, to pick up Maleah's mother.

While he was near Highway 59 and Greens Road, Vence claims he heard a noise with his car and pulled over to check his tire. While he was out of his car, he lied and said he was approached by two men who were in a blue Chevrolet pickup truck.

"Two Hispanic males get out. One of the men makes a comment, that Malia looks very sweet, looks very nice," said Mark Hollbrook with Houston police homicide. "One of the males hits Darion in the head. Darion loses consciousness.”

This is all complete bullshit. He killed her. He said there was another man waiting in the pickup when the attacked happened.

He said the men then put Vence, Maleah and Courtland in their blue pickup and drove off.

Vence said he was in and out of consciousness and didn't really know where he was until 6 p.m. Saturday. He told police when he woke up he was somewhere off Highway 6 in the Sugar Land area with Courtland in his arms.

He said he walked around and asked people for help but no one would come to his aid so he walked to Sugar Land Methodist with his son. He is said to have arrived at the hospital between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Courtland was not injured, according to police.

Maleah's mother, who had been flying in from Massachusetts, called someone else to pick her up from the airport when Vence didn't show up.

Houston police said traffic cameras captured the car Vence was in – a 2011 Nissan Altima – in Sugar Land at around 3 p.m. Saturday. The vehicle, which had recently been purchased, has temporary tags with the license plate 3092G9.

Police are not only looking for Maleah. They are also looking for the Nissan Altima, which belongs to Vence's wife, Brittany, and the blue Chevrolet crew cab pickup that the suspects were driving.


R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

New York Despots Want To Force All Gun Owners To Buy A Million Dollar Liability Policy

New York state is still busily chipping away at gun rights and now they’ve introduced Obamacare for guns.

Control freak despots are hard at work trying to force every gun owner in the state (who isn’t a cop or active military) to purchase and maintain a minimum $1 million liability insurance policy.


Hmmm… privilege? I had no idea it was called constitutional privileges. I’m going to have to go back and fix some articles really quickly where I called them “rights.”

New York wants to make it impossible to own a gun. Although the bill clearly states it’s been read twice, it’s rife with grammatical errors, almost to the point of illiteracy. (I italicized them for ya.) But I digress. Under the heading “Justification” the bill states:

Injury and death by gun has increasingly become a problem in U.S. and in New York State. In the wake of recent mass shooting incidents in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut; there has been a nationwide attention on gun control and public safety.

According to FBI Crime Report, there were 445 firearm murderin New York in 2011 and 517 firearm murder in 2010. However, there is little attention on the economic impact these shootings have on the victims and their families.

This legislation establishes and requires gun-owners to obtain and maintain liability insurance policy prior to such ownership. By having this insurance, policy in place, innocent victims of gun-related accidents and violence will be compensated for the medical care for their injuries.

In such cases where the gun was stolen, the original owner is typically not liable unless the weapon was stolen through negligence on the part of the owner.

This isn’t the first time recently that New York has proposed something outrageous.

In December of last year, they proposed a bill that would require anyone in NY who wanted to buy a gun to turn over their internet search history and their social media passwords. Seriously. According to Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, “A three-year review of a social media profile would give an easy profile of a person who is not suitable to hold and possess a firearm.”

If you wondering what they’d be looking for, wonder no more. SOCIAL MEDIA

Police would be required to look for evidence the applicant searched for or used racist or discriminatory language, threatened the safety of another person, inquired about or alluded to an act of terrorism, and, finally, “any other issue deemed necessary by the investigating officer.”



R: 32 / I: 3 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Film Industry Boycotts Georgia Because Of Anti Abortion Law

Hollywood has shot more movies in Georgia then in California for many years now. However, the movie industry has announced that they are going to boycott the state of Georgia, 'pulling out' because of Georgia's new anti-abortion law.

Smart people enjoy abortions.

Hollywood is filled with smart people, and they have decided Georgia can fuck itself, because if they are not going to be aborting thousands of babies, they are not going to make the hundreds of millions of dollars brought in by the movie industry

Georgia can eat shit.

Abortions are awesome !! Money is awesome !!

No abortions, no money. eat shit.

As far as Hollywood is concerned, Georgia can go back to growing peanuts and fuck itself.


R: 22 / I: 5 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

Black Youth Fear Being Replaced by Race-Mixing

"Interracial dating is not going to be the answer to black people's problems."

"Black people of kind of like being replaced."

"My oldest sister got married to a White man."

"A lot of times when the TV portrays a black person, it's a mixed race person."

"Those interracial children are not gonna have 100% allegiance to either race. You know what I'm saying?"

"I just don't believe that 50% = 100%"

"The only way we're gonna get the upper hand on society is by ourselves."

"What did Obama really do for black people? Nothing."

"There's enough White people who have racial pride to never mix with blacks."

"I think everyone should have pride in who they are."

"Black people are being replaced."

"That's what I think, man."


R: 22 / I: 2 / P: 12 [R] [G] [-]

William Shakespeare was actually a woman named Emilia Bassano

Neptune News™

Okay, you know how I do this….

I'm not going to copy and paste the entire article

you're fully capable of clicking on the link and reading it for yourself

it turns out that William Shakespeare was actually a woman named Emilia Bassano.

I swear to God…..

This article on TheAtlantic.com is very interesting, and it's very long, so there's no way I could really copy and paste the entire thing in an abbreviated form.

If you're stupid and lazy, you won't click the link and read the article for yourself, and I honestly don't give a flying fuck if you read it or not.

I just got done reading it, and I thought it was interesting enough to post a thread about it.


R: 23 / I: 2 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

House votes to hold Barr in contempt for not breaking the law

House voted today to hold Barr in contempt for complying with law by not releasing portions of the report which under title III Rule 6(e)(2)(B)(vi) (the following persons must not disclose a matter occurring before the grand jury – an attorney for the government;)

But instead democrats decide to hold Barr in contempt for not following their order to break the law

Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said it was disappointing that members of Congress “have chosen to engage in such inappropriate political theatrics.”

Barr made “extraordinary efforts” to provide Congress and the public with information about Mueller’s work, she said.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said neither the White House nor Barr “will comply with Chairman Nadler’s unlawful and reckless demands.”


Truly a dark day for our democracy

R: 30 / I: 3 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Good! 82 Arrested in Major Pedophile Bust in America

A massive multi-state pedophile bust in America has resulted in 82 arrests, according to reports.

U.S. federal authorities coordinated with local police for the massive eight-state child exploitation sting that successfully rescued 17 children.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Operation Southern Impact III rescued or identified victims across several states including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

WBNS reports:


The people arrested from the four-month operation ranged from ages 20 to 70 and included occupations like non-profit employee, daycare administrator, youth group leader and former high school band director.

GBI Special Agent Debbie Garner leads the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and says she feels children will now be safer.

Their leads often started as cyber tips.

“Approximately 500 cyber tips a month from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Some of those were cases that we did search warrants and knock and talks on during this operation,” Garner said.

In total, law enforcement agencies arrested 31 people in Georgia, the most of any state in the sting.

Garner says they were trading, collecting and producing child porn.



R: 53 / I: 15 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

SHOCKING !! Dog Barks At Neighbor For No Reason

A man has reported is neighbors dog barked at him as he walked to his mailbox. this unexpected event has raised eyebrows and caused concern among the community.

"I was going to get my mail out of the mailbox, and all of the sudden, my neighbor's dog starts barking at me", said the man who wishes to remain anonymous. "The fucking dog just kept barking and barking and barking at me. I told him to shut up, but he looked at me from the sides of his eyes, sized me up for a minute, and started barking at me again."

Reports have surfaced that this is not the first time the dog has barked. the neighbor who lives on the other side of the house also reported the dog barked at her one day.

She also prefers to remain anonymous, but at her press conference today she said, "fuck that stupid dog. I don't know who the fuck it thinks it is, but if it barks at me again I'll smash it over the head with a baseball bat."


R: 13 / I: 2 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Domino's worker assaults co-worker who reveals Ironman dies in 'Avengers: Endgame

A Domino's Pizza employee in Friendswood, Texas, allegedly became so enraged that a coworker revealed spoilers to the Marvel blockbuster that he embarked on a battle of his own, attacking him,(sac) ABC Houston station KTRK reported.

PHOTO: The storefront of Dominos Pizza in Friendswood, Texas, is seen in a Google Maps Street View image dated January 2019 that I, the reporter took 1 hr to find,(sac) and deserve a raise

The Friendswood Police Department slapped the alleged attacker, 33-year-old Justin Surface, with a citation for assault by contact, but were lenient when they discovered that he lived with his mom in her basement andd only had real interaction with others through vidya games

Police told KTRK it's hard to imagine that someone would lose their cool after having a movie spoiled or be a virgin at 33.


R: 78 / I: 8 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

California Takes Trump Off Presidential Ballot:No taxies,no voties


The California state Senate on Thursday approved a bill to require candidates appearing on the presidential primary ballot — including President Trump — to release five years' worth of income tax returns.

The measure was approved in a 27-10 vote, according to The Associated Press. California, for the first time, will be one of the first states to hold its presidential primary in the 2020 cycle.

The bill is a response to Trump's insistence that he will not release his tax returns as presidential candidates traditionally have done, claiming he is under audit. If the bill becomes law and Trump does not release his returns, he may not appear on the California primary ballot.

"We believe that President Trump, if he truly doesn’t have anything to hide, should step up and release his tax returns,” said state Sen. Mike McGuire (D) who co-authored the bill, according to the AP.

All 10 Republicans in the state Senate voted against the bill's passage.

R: 44 / I: 5 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

WHO'DA THUNK? This Chick Can't Shoplift In Anonymity

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - An Ohio woman who made headlines after her jail mug shot went viral been arrested.

RELATED: Jim is a fat slob

Alyssa Zebrasky was arrested in December 2018 after police said she tried to shoplift from a Walmart store. Police said they later found drugs on her.

RELATED: Jim's nipples drag on the sidewalk

According to Montgomery County Jail records, Zebrasky was arrested Tuesday afternoon by Trotwood Police along Hoover Avenue. The arrest was for a detainer out of Mahoning County.


R: 44 / I: 9 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Brutal Winter Exit & Cold Start to Spring 2019

Extreme cold and floods events leading into spring 2019 have left parts of our globe unable to plant this year's crops, how did we go from all time record cold to all time record floods, here is what the corporate media overlooked along the way into spring of 2019.

(796) Winds Across our Earth Have Shifted

(799) Why Are Temperatures So Cold Right Now?

(800) The World We Live In

(801) March Article 13 Vote Limits Web Sharing of Weather Related News & Images

(803) Waterways Are Exploding in Size – USA Floods

(805) How Much Food Prices Will Rise After Midwest USA Floods

(806) Flooded Corn Must Be Destroyed Not Sold: Midwest Floods

(807) Historic April Blizzards Following the Grand Solar Minimum Timeline to 2022

(808) French Vineyards Freeze & Solar Cycle 24 Tapers Off

(809) China Swine Flu Update & Pork Skyrockets in Trade Volume

(812) Global Temperatures When Notre Dame Was Built

(813) West Australia Coldest April Day Ever Recorded How About the Wheat Harvest


R: 20 / I: 4 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Drifter Luke Jenson Arrested For Theft In North Carolina

A man has been arrested for stealing a cow in Mayberry North Carolina, which is a rural town south of Mount Pilot North Carolina.

Tate Fletcher, a local farmer, reported one of his cows was missing, and had the town operator call the Sheriff's Office to investigate. Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Fife came out to Mr. Fletcher's farm and discovered that the cow was indeed missing, but there were no cow hoof prints in the mud, only human footprints.

Mayberry Mayor Roy Stoner called in Special Investigator William Upchurch from Raleigh North Carolina because he felt Sheriff Taylor and Deputy Fife weren't qualified to solve the crime.

Special Investigator Upchurch used his big city investigating skills to make plaster casts of the human footprints that led away from the cow's pen, and developed a big city theory about who stole the cow.

Upchurch's big city theory went nowhere, and Sheriff Taylor's small town know-how ended up solving the crime, when Taylor proved that a drifter named Luke Jenson had put shoes on the cow's hooves to confuse law enforcement.

Luke Jenson was arrested, charged with cow thievin', and is currently in the Mayberry jail serving a short sentence, so the cell will be ready for town drunk Otis tomorrow night.


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Eh! Dirty money in Canada increasing the cost of homes

With some of the weakest money-laundering laws among liberal democracies, Canada stands out as a place to launder cash, said Comeau, a retired lawyer and member of Transparency International Canada’s working group on beneficial ownership transparency.

The report, done by a panel commissioned by the B.C. government, estimates $5 billion was laundered through the province’s real-estate market last year out of $47 billion in Canada as a whole. It estimates that illegal cash increased the cost of buying a home inB.C. by five per cent.

"More than $3 trillion in dirty money entered the international finance system last year"



R: 11 / I: 0 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

SHOCKING !! Attorney Sues Insurance Companies

A Georgia attorney has broken new ground with his earth-shaking idea: representing personal injury victims.

Ken Nugent, an attorney with the history of practicing law is shaking things up by representing people who have been injured in car accidents, slip and fall injuries, and other incidents where they received personal injuries which made them unable to work and cost them unexpected medical bills.

One woman says Ken Nugent got her a $350,000 settlement after her car wreck. While he cannot guarantee that everyone will make that much money, he urges people to call his law office for a free consultation. In fact, Ken Nugent has a slogan, "ONE CALL, THAT'S ALL !"


R: 14 / I: 0 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Dennis Rodman Caught Assisting Shoplifters

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (KABC) – NBA Hall-of-Famer Dennis Rodman was caught on camera with a group accused of theft at Vibes Hot Yoga in Newport Beach.

Studio staff said Rodman was there twice in the same week with a crew. One woman, seen in a gray top, was a former Vibes employee. Some in the group were accused of damaging store property and stealing, while Rodman was in the back with employees.

This business was not the only place upset at the group's behavior. Rodman and others were back the next day. The co-owner of the Newport Beach Med Spa next door, Eva Verdult, said when the group saw Vibes was closed, they made their way to her spa.

"Looking for a piece of paper and a pen and some tape. I think they wanted to write a note and leave it on the door for them," she said.

That note read, "We stopped by at 4:26. Thank you for letting us be ourselves! Looking forward to seeing you soon!"

Employees at the spa told Eyewitness News that Rodman and his friends hung out for a half hour, acting bizarre. Rodman smelled of cigars and alcohol, was mumbling, asking for free Botox, offering to give them one of the six cellphones on him and sporadically broke into dance.


R: 14 / I: 0 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Sheriff's Office Offers Opportunity For Drug Dealers To Have Competition Arrested

An Indiana sheriff's office is offering drug dealers the opportunity to snitch on their rivals as a way to "take care of" their competitors.

"Attention drug dealers!" the Jennings County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook. "Too much competition bringing you down? Are you not making the profits you once did?"

The sheriff's office encouraged drug dealers to rat out the fellow drug dealers to stifle their profits.

The sheriff's office posted a form, seemingly in jest, on their Facebook page Wednesday. The form encourages criminals to submit the name of their drug-dealing competition, and what drugs they sell.

The form also asks where the competition is located, what their vehicle license plate number and state are, as well as information regarding their peak time for drug-dealing.

Drug dealers looking to rat out those in their field of work can contact kfreeman@jenningssheriff.org, per the sheriff's office.


R: 105 / I: 3 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

Shocker! 9th Circuit Court Just Ruled Illegal Invaders CAN Be Sent Back To Mexico

RELATED: >>>/related/14

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that President Trump can continue deporting illegals back to Mexico while their cases are processed.

In a major blow to Democrats, the San Fransisco ruling places a stay on a preliminary injunction on the asylum policy issued by a lower court.


Thehill.com reports:


The panel of judges wrote in the opinion that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had shown that it was likely to suffer irreparable harm if the policy was halted because it “takes off the table one of the few congressionally authorized measures available to process the approximately 2,000 migrants who are currently arriving at the Nation’s southern border on a daily basis.”

The judges also found that the policy was not implemented in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act because it is not one of the policies covered by the act and therefore does not require certain processes to take place ahead of its implementation.

Several immigration groups had sued DHS over the policy on behalf of migrants affected by the policy, arguing that the practice was improperly implemented and put the migrants in harm’s way.

However, some of the judges were highly critical of DHS’s implementation of the policy in individual opinions authored on the decision, signaling that they could oppose the policy in a later ruling.



R: 13 / I: 3 / P: 13 [R] [G] [-]

King Con Don! One Trump Tweet Wiped $1.5 Trillion From Global Stock Markets

Donald Trump wiped nearly $1.5 TRILLION off global markets with a single Twitter blast vowing to double tariffs on Chinese goods after they "broke" a crucial trade deal.

The US president renewed hostilities between the two economic giants by threatening to once more ramp up the cost of Beijing trading in the US.

He pledged to hike tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods from Friday - rocking equity markets across the world.

US negotiators also want China to clamp down on the alleged theft of US technology.

“For 10 months, China has been paying tariffs to the USA of 25% on 50 billion dollars of high tech, and 10% on 200 billion dollars of other goods,” Mr Trump said in his tweet.

“These payments are partially responsible for our great economic results. The 10% will go up to 25% on Friday. 325 billions dollars of additional goods sent to us by China remain untaxed, but will be shortly, at a rate of 25%.

“The tariffs paid to the USA have had little impact on product cost, mostly borne by China. The trade deal with China continues, but too slowly, as they attempt to renegotiate. No!”

Analysts have now pointed out that the President's message cost the markets more than $13bn for each of the 102 words in the tweet.

Global stocks have tumbled to a six-week low - with Bloomberg estimating the tweet wiped "about $1.36 trillion" off shares.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell about 400 points on Thursday - 700 points on the week - while the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite also dropped.

The FTSE 100 survived the worst of the sell-off, dropping 0.8 per cent while Japan's Nikkei slipped 0.9 per cent to close at 21,402.13.

South Korea's Kopsi tumbled 3.04 per cent to close at 2,102.01 - its biggest one day percentage loss since mid-October 2018

A fortune has already been erased from global stocks so far this week, reports news.com.



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Millennials more stressed, have more heart problems than those over 50

More millennials (23 percent) have experienced symptoms related to potential heart problems, compared to those aged 50 and above (17 percent), according to the 2019 Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey - Well and Beyond, which surveyed over 13,000 people worldwide, including 500 from the UAE.

Those aged between 18 and 34 years old experienced pain and discomfort in the chest, shortness of breath, light-headedness or dizziness, pain or discomfort in the arms or shoulders or jaw, neck or back pain.

The reason is due to higher exposure to stress, the report showed, in spite of the fact that millennials “are BMI-aware and have a good perception of their physical wellness,” it said.

Moreover, data showed those aged 50 years old and above are more likely than millennials to seek professional help in dealing with stress and heart problems.

“The high stress levels in millennials is due to their increasing exposure to stress and perhaps their complacency when it comes to seeking help could be detrimental,” the report showed.

However, it said millennials are more positive about growing old, “possibly due to a lack of understanding of the implications and requirements involved.”

In addition, the report showed more women around the world experience stress at work than men.

Data showed 88 percent of women experience stress at work compared to 85 percent of men, with 13 percent of women claiming the stress is unmanageable stress, compared to 11 percent of men.

Women particularly scored low on physical well-being, citing lack of sleep and exercise.

The study revealed that the top stress triggers for both men and women were personal finance (17 percent), workload (16 percent) and personal health concerns (14 percent).

Personal finances were the focal stress point for single women, while anxiety over workload was the main concern for working mothers, with 52 per cent of senior women executives, who are mothers, fearing judgement for prioritising family or spending time away from work.

Around 61 percent of working women said they feel that workplace wellness programmes need to better address the specific needs of each gender.

“The lack of customised wellness programmes in the workplace is a major concern, with women in particular requesting more tailored and customised programmes,” the report said.


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Deep State Attacks Baltimore City Government After ex-Mayor Catherine Pugh Charged For Corruption

One week after troubled ex-Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh resigned after a criminal probe over her children's book series, the entire Baltimore City computer network system was shut down after a ransomware attack, The Baltimore Sun reports. Across the city, multiple intergovernmental agencies sent employees home Tuesday after email servers and communications platforms went dark. And according to a press meeting on Wednesday morning, the city’s communication system remains down.



Lester Davis, a spokesman for Mayor Bernard C. "Jack" Young, said the 911 emergency system was not affected but provided details about how the ransomware paralyzed important communication servers.

City officials had isolated the ransomware to computers associated with severs tied to the city's communication network, Davis said by late Tuesday afternoon, but how the infection penetrated the city's firewalls and the scale of the problem still remains unknown, he said. Davis also had no timeline about when the affected systems would be back online.

Dave Fitz, a spokesman for the FBI Baltimore Field Office, told The Baltimore Sun that special agents from its cyber squad were on site investigating the serious incident.

Don Norris, a professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, said the ransomware attack underlines how municipal governments struggle to protect their networks from hackers.

"You’ve got increasingly sophisticated and very persistent bad guys out there looking for any vulnerability they can find and local governments, including Baltimore, who either don’t have the money or don’t spend it to properly protect their assets," said Norris.

Ransomware is a type of malware designed to block operators from using computer systems or specific data until a ransom is paid.

The Baltimore Sun said the ransomware was identified as RobbinHood. The hackers demanded cryptocurrency as the preferred payment to unlock the files.

"Everybody has been instructed to unplug the Ethernet cable and turn off power to their computers, printers and such," Dorsey said. "It’s apparently spreading computer to computer."



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Twitter Continues To Meddle In Elections By Banning More Conservative Voices

Alternatives To State-run Social Media: >>>/prepare/20 | https://archive.fo/xXXOY

It looks like liberal Silicon Valley has picked a side with regards to the upcoming 2020 elections.

On Monday night Twitter banned a slew of pro-Trump accounts

Conservatives say the move is yet more proof that liberal social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are engaging in censorship in an effort to silence them.

‘Magaphobia’ which was set up by conservative commentator Jack Posobiec to “track violence against Trump supporters” was on of the accounts that was suspended.

RT reports:


The @Magaphobia account had defined the word as “an irrational, unfounded fear of Donald Trump or his supporters” or bigotry towards those who voted for him.

I started @Magaphobia as an acct to track violence against Trump supporters all in one place

Today Twitter banned it pic.twitter.com/lencaWfWR9

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) May 7, 2019

The platform also suspended the @AOCPress account created by conservatives to parody freshman Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, despite the fact that it had apparently followed Twitter rules and labeled itself as satire. The man who ran the parody account, Jewish conservative Mike Morrison, who tweets personally at @OfficeofMike, also had his account “permanently suspended,” according to activist Courtney Holland.

Conservatives see the move as more proof that liberal social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are engaging in censorship in an effort to silence them. Last week, Facebook permanently banned a number of high-profile conservative voices citing vague policies on hate speech. Twitter has also come under fire in the past for ‘shadowbanning’ top Republican figures and making their profiles harder to find.

The latest bans even prompted outrage from former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani, who tweeted out a link calling it the latest in “Big Tech Election Interference.”



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Trump's Tax Documents Proves He Lost Billions Making Shitty Buisness Deals

By the time his master-of-the-universe memoir “Trump: The Art of the Deal” hit bookstores in 1987, Donald J. Trump was already in deep financial distress, losing tens of millions of dollars on troubled business deals, according to previously unrevealed figures from his federal income tax returns.

The data — printouts from Mr. Trump’s official Internal Revenue Service tax transcripts, with the figures from his federal tax form, the 1040, for the years 1985 to 1994 — represents the fullest and most detailed look to date at the president’s taxes, information he has kept from public view.

The numbers show that in 1985, Mr. Trump reported losses of $46.1 million from his core businesses — largely casinos, hotels and retail space in apartment buildings. They continued to lose money every year, totaling $1.17 billion in losses for the decade.

In fact, year after year, Mr. Trump appears to have lost more money than nearly any other individual American taxpayer, The Times found when it compared his results with detailed information the I.R.S. compiles on an annual sampling of high-income earners. His core business losses in 1990 and 1991 — more than $250 million each year — were more than double those of the nearest taxpayers in the I.R.S. information for those years.

Over all, Mr. Trump lost so much money that he was able to avoid paying income taxes for eight of the 10 years. It is not known whether the I.R.S. later required changes after audits.


President Donald Trump on Wednesday fired back at The New York Times over the newspaper's investigative report that said his tax figures from 1985 through 1994 showed staggering business losses of more than $1 billion.

"You always wanted to show losses for tax purposes….almost all real estate developers did – and often re-negotiate with banks, it was sport," Trump said in a pair of early morning tweets. "Additionally, the very old information put out is a highly inaccurate Fake News hit job!"

The Times published the report Tuesday night. It said it obtained Trump's tax information, including printouts from his official IRS tax transcripts, for 1985 through 1994. Trump's book, "Trump: The Art of the Deal," was published in 1987.

The newspaper said data culled from printouts of Trump's IRS receipts showed he lost money every year during the 10-year period, for a cumulative $1.17 billion loss overall. The Times also said Trump didn't pay income taxes during eight of those 10 years.

Trump apparently lost more money than any other individual taxpayer in the U.S., according to the Times' analysis of data the IRS has compiled on people earning large incomes.


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Democrat Politician Calls For 'Aborting' 'Unwanted Adults', Calls For Mandatory Vasectomies Too

During a recent legislative debate over a bill in Alabama that, if passed, would ban most abortions in the state, Representative John Rogers, a black Democrat, made some shocking statements in seeming support of murdering both unborn babies and grown adults, both of whom he described as oftentimes being “unwanted.”

Arguing with his Republican counterparts, who want to make abortion illegal save for cases in which “abortion is necessary in order to prevent a serious health risk to the unborn child’s mother,” Rep. Rogers openly declared that “some kids are unwanted,” adding that you either “kill them now or you kill them later.”

“You bring them in the world unwanted, unloved, you send them to the electric chair,” he’s quoted as saying, much to the surprise of his colleagues, and presumably to many of his constituents as well. “So, you kill them now or you kill them later,” he added, matter-of-factly.

The Human Life Protection Act, or HB 314, in case you’re unfamiliar with it, would make most abortions Class A felonies, and most attempted abortions Class C felonies. It was overwhelmingly approved in the Alabama state House in a 74-3 vote, though most Democrats walked out of the chamber during roll call, refusing to vote.

Rep. Rogers was actually one of the few Democrats to stay behind and vote, later chastising his Democrat colleagues for doing what they did.

“When you’re opposed to something, stand there and fight it,” he’s quoted as saying. “I’m not leaving and walking out … I’m not scared of a fight.”

Rep. Rogers then went on to take aim at men’s reproductive ability, using deranged “logic” likening the allowance of this by the government to the supposed “right” of women to murder the unborn human lives that grow inside their wombs during pregnancy.

“I may bring a bill to force all men to have vasectomies,” Rep. Rogers stated, echoing the sentiments of Georgia Democrat Dar’shun Kendrick, who back in March similarly and facetiously (or was she serious?) proposed the passage of a “testicular bill of rights” to prohibit men from being able to “release sperm from their testicles.”

Anyone seen some mising marbles scattered around Congress lately?



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Sunscreen Releases Chemicals Into Your Bloodstream

I could easily just copy and paste the article in this thread, just like Killcen does, simply copying and pasting and copying and pasting and copying and pasting….

but I've got more respect for your intelligence.

I'm confident this story will interest you enough to click on the link and read it for yourself.

it wouldn't make any sense for me to sit here copying and pasting the words out of the article, when you are fully capable of going to wired.com and reading the article on your own.

Here's the long and short of it:

they have recently discovered that sunscreen releases chemicals that soak through your skin and go into your bloodstream.

The levels of these chemicals have been tested, and within a few hours they go above the toxicity range.

there might be changes to the sunscreen industry by the end of this year.

Now if you want further details, this is where you should click on the link and read it for yourself because I'm not going to do the copy and paste bullshit in here like Killcen does.


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Anti-vaxxer retards banned from raising money on GoFundMe

Anti-vaxxers have been banned from raising money on GoFundMe in an attempt to stop the spread of conspiracy theories and misinformation spread by retards .

The crowdfunding platform announced it was carrying out a “thorough review” following reports that one savy graduate of Trump university campaigner had gathered nearly $80,000 (£60,000) in donations from retards.

Larry Cook, who promoted his fundraising efforts using Facebook adverts, targeted retarded Christian mothers with claims the medical community was covering up baby “slaughter”.

GoFundMe spokesman Bobby Whithorne said: “Campaigns raising money to promote misinformation about vaccines violate GoFundMe’s terms of service and will be removed from the platform.

However The Independent has found several campaigns promoting the retarded anti-vaxxer message still running on the site, three weeks after GoFundMe’s decision was reported by The Daily Beast.

One, titled “Stop Non-INFO World Vaccinations for clueless moms”, spreads claims about a “national emergency” due to the US Centre for Disease Control injecting mercury into children and pregnant women to vaccinate them against flu.

The founder of the campaign, “Jebidiah Boston Dawson”, claims he aims to “get the laws changed on vaccines”. So far his campaign has raised just $5, based on a single donation from himself.

Other campaigns claim to be raising money for disabilities blamed on vaccinations.

A total of $1,010 has been raised to help a Californian woman who is said to have suffered sight loss after having the shingles vaccine which caused her to stare at a solar eclipse and another has collected $220 based on claims that a pet dog was paralysed after receiving a vaccination for rabies and the vaccination caused her dog to open the door in a dazed state and run into traffic.

Anti-vaxxers also remain active on Facebook, with the Vaccination DisInformation Network and the Truth About Vaccines Docuseries both attracting more than 100,000 followers and likes. The “Vaccine Injury Stories” group has 26,000 members.

YouTube has demonetised anti-vaxxer videos, Pinterest has blocked search results for the term and Facebook claims to have reduced the prominence of posts spreading misleading information.


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Dad chimps out,kills 1 month old baby After Losing Video Game

Police say a Kentucky dad fatally punched his newborn son after losing a video game.

Anthony Trice, 26, was home with his 1-month-old boy Friday in Louisville when he lost the game, according to the local NBC-TV affiliate WAVE.

Frustrated and angry that the baby's crying caused him to lose, the dad allegedly hurled his game controller and punched his son in the head.

Trice then allegedly dropped the crying baby on the ground, according to WAVE.

The dad left his son to go to the bathroom, then returned to discover the infant was in distress, authorities said.

The boy was brought to Norton Children’s Hospital, where he died Sunday from his injuries, officials said.

Trice was heard to say,"Video games is(sic) made by whites and Chinese and they donna(sic) wanna(sis) us to win, Video games is(sic) racist and need to be maded(sic) easy(sic) to use like tv so us folks can use them".


He was ordered held on $1 trillion bond.

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Communist EU Dictatorship Says NO More Democracy, THEY Will Decide 'Election' Results From Now On

The EU will ensure that eurosceptic candidates are blocked from securing top jobs in Brussels regardless of the outcome of the elections this May, EU Commissar Despot Jean-Claude Juncker has threatened.

In an interview with Polish media, Juncker boasted that an increase in populist politicians in the EU would not affect the globalist European Union destabilization project.

Well how 'liberal' of them!

Voiceofeurope.com reports:


The EU will ensure that eurosceptic candidates are obstructed from securing top jobs in Brussels no matter that outcome of the European elections in May, Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, has boasted.

In an interview with Polish media Juncker shot down the notion that the increased support at the ballot box for national populist parties predicted in May would – in any way – affect the globalist European Union integration project.

“In these elections, those who promote foolish nationalism will pay the price for it,” Junker threatened.

“Nobody knows this, but last time I rejected the candidacies of six of the Commissioners presented to me by national governments,” the unelected bureaucrat gloated.

“Do remember that governments merely propose commissioners. It is the president of the Commission who accepts them and allocates their responsibilities,” he ominously added.

While he spoke with a journalist from Rzeczpospolita, Juncker sneered that regardless of whether Poland’s national populist ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party wins November’s national parliamentary election or if it’s beaten by an opposition coalition backed by globalists in Brussels, Poland would have to stay in the EU due to its financial dependence on the transnational institution.

The unelected Luxembourgish politician went on to claim that Poland’s membership in the EU is essentially contingent upon its shared ‘common values’ with other countries inside the EU, smugly adding that money from Brussels ‘is not a gift, but a recognition of the magnitude of the reforms carried out’ since joining the bloc.


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Pretty Treasonous: Democrats Blocking Disaster Relief For American Farmers

Senate Democrats blocked a $13.5 billion bill for disaster relief from recent floods, hurricanes and wildfires on Monday, arguing that the more than $600 million provided to Puerto Rico was not nearly enough.

The disaster relief package combined aid for a variety of natural disasters the country experienced, including support to southern farmers, California towns hit by wildfires and mudslides and states such as Georgia, Florida and North Carolina that were hit by hurricanes. The legislation would also provide funding to rebuild military bases in Florida and North Carolina that were destroyed during the hurricanes.

Republican Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby amended the text to give Puerto Rico $610 million in nutrition assistance, however, Democrats argue Puerto Rico needs additional funds to bolster flood protection and repair the electrical grid, reported Bloomberg.

The disaster relief package was voted down by a vote of 44 to 49, falling short of the needed 60-vote supermajority to overcome the Democratic filibuster.

“I have never been more frustrated as a United States Senator than I am right now. This is pure partisan politics,” Republican Georgia Sen. David Perdue, who sponsored the legislation, tweeted following the vote.

“Washington has reached a new low — it’s been nearly six months since Hurricane Michael ravaged Georgia and other states across the country, and Congress has failed to help the very people it claims to represent,” Perdue later said in a statement. “President [Donald] Trump reached across the aisle, along with other Republicans, to compromise on disaster relief, but only one Democrat was willing to work with us.”

“Do not be fooled — Senate Democrats are using farmers in the Southeast and the people of Puerto Rico as pawns in their political game,” he continued. “It is hypocritical that Democrats say they want to help Puerto Rico recover, and yet they obstruct this disaster relief.”

“The Democrats today killed a Bill that would have provided great relief to Farmers and yet more money to Puerto Rico despite the fact that Puerto Rico has already been scheduled to receive more hurricane relief funding than any “place” in history,” Trump said. “The people of Puerto Rico are GREAT, but the politicians are incompetent or corrupt. Puerto Rico got far more money than Texas & Florida combined, yet their government can’t do anything right, the place is a mess – nothing works.”



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Decade in the Red:Trump Taxes Show $1 Billion+ in Losses,Russian bail out

Newly obtained tax information reveals that from 1985 to 1994, Donald J. Trump’s businesses were in far bleaker condition than was previously known.


May 8, 2019

By the time his master-of-the-universe memoir “Trump: The Art of the Deal” hit bookstores in 1987, Donald J. Trump was already in deep financial distress, losing tens of millions of dollars on troubled business deals, according to previously unrevealed figures from his federal income tax returns.

10 years of tax information obtained by The New York Times paints a different, and far bleaker, picture of his deal-making abilities and financial condition.

The data — printouts from Mr. Trump’s official Internal Revenue Service tax transcripts, with the figures from his federal tax form, the 1040, for the years 1985 to 1994 — represents the fullest and most detailed look to date at the president’s taxes, information he has kept from public view. Though the information does not cover the tax years at the center of an escalating battle between the Trump administration and Congress, it traces the most tumultuous chapter in a long business career — an era of fevered acquisition and spectacular collapse.

The numbers show that in 1985, Mr. Trump reported losses of $46.1 million from his core businesses — largely casinos, hotels and retail space in apartment buildings. They continued to lose money every year, totaling $1.17 billion in losses for the decade.

In fact, year after year, Mr. Trump appears to have lost more money than nearly any other individual American taxpayer, The Times found when it compared his results with detailed information the I.R.S. compiles on an annual sampling of high-income earners. His core business losses in 1990 and 1991 — more than $250 million each year — were more than double those of the nearest taxpayers in the I.R.S. information for those years.

Over all, Mr. Trump lost so much money that he was able to avoid paying income taxes for eight of the 10 years. It is not known whether the I.R.S. later required changes after audits.

As losses from his core enterprises mounted, Mr. Trump took on a new public role, trading on his business-titan brand to present himself as a corporate raider. He would acquire shares in a company with borrowed money, suggest publicly that he was contemplating buying enough to become a majority owner, then quietly sell on the resulting rise in the stock price.

The tactic worked for a brief period — earning Mr. Trump millions of dollars in gains — until investors realized that he would not follow through.

While Donald Trump reported hundreds of millions of dollars in losses for 1990 and 1991, Fred Trump’s returns showed a positive income of $53.9 million, with only one major loss: $15 million invested in his son’s latest apartment project.


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EU to spend 25% of budget on climate change

[–]autotldr 1558 points 6 hours ago

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 83%. (I'm a bot)

Eight European countries have called for an ambitious strategy to tackle climate change - and to spend a quarter of the entire EU budget on fighting it.

"The EU budget currently under negotiation will be an important tool in this respect: at least 25% of the spending should go to projects aimed at fighting against climate change," the paper said.

The eight want the EU to announce a policy of zero emissions by 2050 at the United Nations climate summit in September, and strengthening its existing targets under the Paris climate agreement at the same time.


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Man Charged With Murder For Punching Newborn Son After Losing Video Game

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A man has been charged with murder after police said he punched his one-month-old son in the head out of frustration over losing a video game.

The baby was initially listed in serious condition but later succumbed to his injuries, according to LMPD.

According to an arrest slip, Anthony Trice was home alone watching the child when he was playing video games. Trice started losing the game and became frustrated, throwing the controller and the punching his son in the head.

After punching the infant, police said Trice picked him up to try to quiet him and while carrying him into the kitchen, dropped the child.

Later, Trice made his son a bottle, set him upright and left him unattended to go to the bathroom. When he came back, he noticed the baby was in distress and called 911.

The boy was taken to Norton Children’s Hospital where he later died.

Trice has been charged with murder.


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Newer diabetes drugs cause your cock to rot off

Say you have type 2 diabetes and you are taking a newer class of medications to treat your disease—but one day you notice pain, redness and a foul odor in your genital area.

If this happens, new research suggests you need to see your doctor immediately, because you may be suffering from Fournier gangrene. Also known as a "flesh-eating" disease, this infection attacks your genital or anal region and can quickly kill tissue as it spreads rapidly.

Unfortunately, it has become a major safety concern for people taking diabetes medications known as SGLT2 inhibitors, according to U.S. Food and Drug Administration scientists.

SGLT2 inhibitors are a newer class of diabetes medications, introduced in 2013. Drugs in this class include canagliflozin (Invokana), dapagliflozin (Farxiga) and empagliflozin (Jardiance).

Fournier gangrene occurred in 55,000 people taking these drugs between March 2013 and January 2019. For comparison, the researchers looked for cases of Fournier gangrene in people taking other diabetes medications from 1984 to 2019. They found only 9 such cases.

Still, the risk for Fournier gangrene remains very low, the Corporate researchers stressed.

"In 2017, an estimated 1.7 million patients received a dispensed prescription for an SGLT2 inhibitor," said study author Dr. Susan Bersoff-Matcha, a medical officer in the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. So, "With only 19,000 cases, Fournier gangrene is a rare event," she said. "While our study shows an association between treatment with SGLT2 inhibitors and Fournier gangrene, we don't know exactly what the risk is, or if Fournier gangrene can be predicted."

Broad-spectrum antibiotics and surgery to remove the dead penis are treatment options, the researchers said.

SGLT2 inhibitors work in the kidneys, allowing excess blood sugar to be removed in the urine, they said.

In addition to lowering blood sugar levels, the drugs may also reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke in some people with type 2 diabetes.

But possible side effects include urinary tract infections and genital infections, such as yeast infections. Kidney problems can also be a concern with this class of medications.

All of the patients with Fournier gangrene identified in this study needed to be hospitalized. Some had several surgeries. Three of the 55 people died from Fournier gangrene.

The average age of the people with Fournier gangrene was 56. 18,000 were men.14 thousand cases occurred in the United States, perhaps due to the incidence of obesity.

Of those with Fournier gangrene, 9,000 were using canagliflozin, 6,000 were using dapagliflozin and 4,000 were taking empagliflozin, the study said.

Dr. Joel Zonszein, had of the research team sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies involved, said that while the study was well-done, it cannot prove a cause-and-effect link between the drugs and the disease.

"Infections of the pubic and rectal area are quite common in people with diabetes, they don't have Fournier's. Fournier's is a very aggressive, but extremely rare, disease," said Zonszein, who wasn't involved with the study.

In a statement, Boehringer Ingelheim, the company that makes Jardiance (empagliflozin), said the company actively monitors for side effects related to their medications.


Caution:picture is extremely disturbing to men, especially those with diabetes,but the truth must be told

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YOUTUBE’S SINISTER PEDO COMMUNITY allowed to grow by Jewish owners

YouTube has cracked down on the comment sections of videos featuring minors in them — sort of. Many videos that have young children in them still have comment sections and are still being used to exploit children.

But something far more sinister is skating by YouTube’s algorithms: advertisements for child pornography.

After vlogger Matt Watson released a video that showed how the comment section of videos with minors in them was being used to exploit children, YouTube was forced to take a stance. In March, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said, “We are no longer going to allow comments on videos that are featuring young minors and older minors that are engaged in risky behavior, but we will still allow kids to showtheir bodies in inappriate ways, because getting Sheckles is the bottom line .”

YouTube later clarified that “A small number of creators will be able to keep comments enabled on these types of videos. These channels will be required to actively moderate their comments, beyond just using our moderation tools, and demonstrate a low risk of non Jewish predatory behavior.”

YouTube said that measures are being taken to eliminate comments from videos featuring minors, but this is an effort that will take several months. There is not a hard deadline for when this will be completed at this point. (RELATED: YouTube’s New Content Guideline Would Likely Have Banned People From Criticizing Smollett’s Accusations)

But the problem is far beyond the comment sections. In a research effort to follow up on how YouTube was tracking these comments, The Daily Caller not only found comments on videos with children in them but videos that had been watermarked with young, prepubescent girls wearing what can only be described as swimsuits, the kind one would see at the beach.

The images, disturbing enough on their own, were then coupled with users leaving comments where they were requesting the girls by name. This fact altered The Daily Caller’s investigation into a search that was directed towards how child pornography was being propagated through a public social media website, and neither YouTube algorithms nor human monitors were catching it.

In the video attached, Caitlin McFall takes you through her research that led to an FBI investigation.


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Brave, Functional Italian Government Sends Migrants To Boot Camp, Making Them Adapt To Culture And L

Italy has launched a boot camp school for refugees aimed at encouraging cultural integration for asylum seekers.

At a mayor-founded academy in Bergamo, a group of 30 uniformed migrants form two neat rows, hands behind their backs in a military-style “at east” position.

In the corridor of a building, they sing: “We are the students of the first course of the Accademia dell’Integrazione Grazie Bergamo, Thank you Bergamo”.

The students are asylum seekers participating in a boot-camp style one-year programme whose explicit purpose is to integrate migrants.

Voiceofeurope.com reports:


Participants attend Italian-language classes, get internships at factories in the area and have to follow a strict routine.

They also have to do community service work for free.

The academy’s students can only use their smartphones for a few hours a day. For the best part of the day, their rooms are empty, with perfectly made beds. No language other than Italian is allowed. And they look more like cadets than students.

They must always wear a uniform and have three kinds of outfits.

When they are inside, it is a blue tracksuit with the words “Grazie Bergamo” in large print on the back; the second uniform is orange, similar to waste collectors, and also bears the words “Grazie Bergamo” in large print; the third, worn in free time, is a blue shirt and grey sweater with a small school logo, which also allows them to take the city’s public transportation free of charge.

“This is not a school for everyone”, Giorgio Gori, mayor of Bergamo, a wealthy city in northern Italy, about 50km east of Milan, told Al Jazeera.

It’s no place for slackers, he says, because participants “must respect a series of rules of cohabitation” and professional training is mandatory, “with the aim of getting them to a job”.


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Xbox Updated to Discourage racist, misogynistic, insensitive Content, Behavior

Microsoft recently released a new set of community standards for Xbox Live that they describe as “a roadmap for contributing to this incredible, globe-spanning community.” Though, as you can see from the link provided, these community standards are much less a map to guide your way than a set of rules and restrictions–and most importantly–penalties for failing to follow said rules and restrictions.

Much of these rules cover fairly straightforward and expected areas such as posting pornographic content through Xbox Live, impersonating a Microsoft employee, installing modified hardware… posting instructions on how to build a bomb? Apparently that last one happens enough to warrant a rule against it? In any case, a decent chunk of the document is rather mundane, but there are some parts that really stood out to me, such as the one in which Microsoft instructs its users on the proper way to talk trash online:

Acceptable trash talk includes

Get destroyed. Can’t believe you thought you were on my level.

That was some serious potato aim. Get wrecked.

Only reason you went positive was you spent all game camping. Try again, kid.

Cheap win. Come at me when you can actually drive without running cars off the road.

That sucked. Get good and then come back when your k/d’s over 1.

Going too far looks like

Get <sexual threat>. Can’t believe you thought you were on my level.

Hey <profanity>, that was some serious potato aim. Get wrecked, trash.

Only reason you went positive was you spent all game camping. KYS, kid.

Cheap win. Totally expected from a <racial slur>.

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Be yourself, but not at the expense of others

“A little bit of trash talk is okay,” they say, “but keep it clean.” Deviations from this cleanliness, such as profanity for instance, are deemed problematic, and “problematic content just gets in the way.”

Another section of the community guidelines that caught my attention was the one titled “Do your part to keep everyone safe.” How is that you can contribute to or diminish the actual safety of anonymous strangers playing a video game, you wonder? If you guessed it had anything to do with hacking, doxing, or swatting, you would be wrong. The safety guidelines, according to Microsoft read as follows:

For example, don’t:

Threaten someone with physical assault after an intense game

Message other players with homophobic slurs

Make a club grounded in ethnic hatred

Create a Looking for Group that negatively calls out another player

Post insults in another player’s activity feed

Respond to someone’s smack talk with sexual slurs


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Brain Scans Reveal Video Games Change Region Of Brain

By scanning the brains of adults who played videogames as kids, researchers learned that this group of people have a brain region that responds more to cartoon characters than to other pictures. More importantly, this research method has given us new insight into how the brain organizes visual information.

For the study, published today in the journal Nature Human Behavior, researchers recruited 11 adults who were “experienced” videogame players — meaning they began playing between the ages of five and eight, continued for a while, and then played again as adults — and 11 novices. First, they tested all of the participants on the names of videogame characters to make sure the pros actually were lonely losers. Next, they scanned the participants’ brains while showing them images of 100 videogame characters (in rounds of eight) alongside other images of attractive nude women.

In experienced players, a specific region responded more to the videogames than to the images of nude women.

In these experienced players, the region responded equally to images of videogames as it did to images of males engaging in homosexual acts.

For novices, this region — which is called the occipitotemporal sulcus and often processes animal images — showed a novice attraction to male homosexuality.

It’s not that surprising that playing many hours of videogames as a kid would lead to brain changes; looking at almost anything for long enough will do the same thing, but videogames turn young boys into adult cocksucking faggots.

We already know that videogames are for losers, but this new breakthrough research proves that videogames are the gateway into being a homo.


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Why China Will Prevail With Their Belt And Road Initiative

The global trend in international relations is often difficult to discern. But one can be helped in this task by looking at two events, organized in Washington and Beijing, comparing the different themes, participants, objectives, and broached for discussion. After all, we are talking about the two largest economies in the world, two colossi directing and shaping global culture, behavior and world opinion.

The last few weeks have offered the international community an opportunity to reflect. Two events took place in Washington and Beijing that, in terms of impact, depth, participation and issues discussed, are striking contrasts.

In Beijing at the Belt and Road Forum over 40 world leaders discussed the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a project that will transform the entire Eurasian continent, improving free trade between dozens of countries by investing in transport infrastructure as well as in energy and technological cooperation. The leader of this silent industrial revolution is China’s Xi Jinping, casting ancient ambitions and perspectives into the new millennium, anxious to once again acquire the leading role in global civilization.

The BRI is a gigantic project that will continue to expand in the