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EUSSR: Hungarian town can’t be European Capital of Culture because there are “too many happy whites"

>The anti-white EU jury of the European Capital of Culture contest (EKF 2023), said that one of the participating towns is “too white and there are not enough migrants”, Hungarian news website “888.hu” reports.

With only seven semi-finalists left, the Hungarian town of Székesfehérvár made a promotional film for the jury. The film shows the town’s most beautiful places, a happy couple and some kids playing.

But the EU’s jury rejected the submission of Székesfehérvár’s debut film: “There are too many happy white people and crosses, and not enough migrants,” the jury said.

The film of the town also featured on YouTube and attracted over 3,000 views. One of the European Union’s experts replied with: “This is the propaganda film for white Christian Europe; everyone is white, happy and dancing in the streets.”

The mayor of the Hungarian town, Dr. András Cser-Palkovics, gave a press conference about the decision of the jury on Wednesday. He said that in fact no expert hearing was conducted, but the decision was solely based on daily political issues and accusations were directed at Székesfehérvár and the delegation.

The mayor also recalled the criticisms made by the film committee about Székesfehérvár: “They left the poor and the migrants out of the film, but at the same time, there were too many crosses, churches, and what was even worse, the attitude of the city, because they regarded this as a value.”

The jury decided after all to recommend the entries of Győr, Debrecen and Veszprém as finalists for the European Capital of Culture.


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Polish PM says some Jews aided Holocaust.Swastikas drawn on Polish embassy in Tel Aviv

Swastikas have been drawn on the gates of Poland's embassy in Israel, a day after the country's PM said Jews were among perpetrators of the Holocaust.

Police in Tel Aviv launched an inquiry after profanities and the word "murderer" were also discovered.

Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki's comments have been strongly condemned by Israel.

It's all because of thi new Polish law:

It says that "whoever accuses, publicly and against the facts, the Polish nation, or the Polish state, of being responsible or complicit in the Nazi crimes committed by the Third German Reich… shall be subject to a fine or a penalty of imprisonment of up to three years".



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U.S. officials tell world leaders to ignore Trump’s tweets,just ramblings of a fool

Amid global anxiety about President Trump’s approach to world affairs, U.S. officials had a message for a gathering of Europe’s foreign policy elite this weekend: Pay no attention to the man tweeting behind the curtain.

U.S. lawmakers — both Democrats and Republicans — and top national security officials in the Trump administration offered the same advice publicly and privately, often clashing with Trump’s Twitter stream: The United States remains staunchly committed to its European allies, is furious with the Kremlin about election interference and isn’t contemplating a preemptive strike on North Korea to halt its nuclear program.

The determination to ignore Trump’s foreign policy tweets has been bipartisan.

“There is a lot more support for continuing our past policies than it might appear from some of the statements,” Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) told an audience on Sunday that was made up mostly of Europe’s foreign policy elite. “The unanimity comes from those folks who are actually operationalizing policy.”

The question of whom they should believe — the president or his advisers — has befuddled European officials. German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel confessed Saturday that he didn’t know where to look to understand America.

“Is it deeds? Is it words? Is it tweets?” he asked.

Even hawkish Republicans shrugged on the matter of Trump’s top priorities. While speaking on a panel Friday, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) was cued up by a questioner to attack the “failure” of Europe to spend 2 percent of its economic output on defense — a frequent Trump talking point. Graham demurred.

“I want you to get to 2 percent so Trump will be quiet,” he said before swiftly moving on.


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Hungarian leader calls Christianity 'Europe's last hope'against the Muslim horde

Hungary's prime minister says that "Christianity is Europe's last hope" and that politicians in Brussels, Berlin and Paris favoring migration have "opened the way to the decline of Christian culture and the advance of Islam."

Viktor Orban said Sunday during his 20th annual state of the nation speech that his government will oppose efforts by the United Nations or the European Union to make migration acceptable to the world.

He conjured the image of a Western Europe overtaken by Muslims, saying that "born Germans are being forced back from most large German cities, as migrants always occupy big cities first."

Orban claimed that Islam would soon "knock on Central Europe's door" from the west as well as the south.

Orban will seek a third consecutive term in an April election.



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Time-traveller has returned from the year 5,000 with a chilling warning about future of humanity

A video posted on ApexTV shows Edward describing what led him to time travel, as he sits in what is thought to be an Armenian park.

His face is hidden and his voice distorted as he claims he was part of a top secret experiment in 2004.

This is what gave him the chance to travel through time, he says.

During his admission he pulls out a photo from his jacket and says it was taken 3,000 years in the future.

It apparently shows Los Angeles deep under water.

He says: "I will tell you a story which will amaze you and you will be astonished."

He was working in LA in a laboratory when he says he was offered an assignment to go to the future and take pictures.

He said: "I appeared to place. It was unbelievable.

"I was standing on a huge wooden platform. Not only me, houses, building or course all made from wood

"And after, I realised it was the same city, Los Angeles, but under water."

He said he spoke with people who live there who told him the flood happened due to global warming.


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Traitor Trump's aide, Richard Gates pleads guilty;testifies against Manafort,gets 18 months jail

Mueller is heading the prosecutions of Gates and Manafort as part of the wide-ranging investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and whether Trump or his aides committed crimes before, during or since the campaign.

A former top aide to Donald Trump's presidential campaign will plead guilty to fraud-related charges within days — and has made clear to prosecutors that he would testify against Paul Manafort, the lawyer-lobbyist who once managed the campaign.

According to a person familiar with those talks, Gates, a longtime political consultant, can expect "a substantial reduction in his sentence'' if he fully cooperates with the investigation. He said Gates is likely to serve about 18 months in prison.

One of the final discussion points has centered on exactly how much cash or other valuables — derived from Gates' allegedly illegal activity — that the government will require him to forfeit as part of the guilty plea.

Gates, 45, who is married with four children, does not appear to be well positioned financially to sustain a high-powered legal defense.

"He can't afford to pay it, said one lawyer who is involved with the investigation. "If you go to trial on this, that's $1 million to $1.5 million. Maybe more, if you need experts to appear as witnesses

Manafort and Gates had engaged in a complex series of allegedly illegal transactions rooted in Ukraine. The indictment alleged that both men, who for years were unregistered agents of the Ukrainian government, hid millions of dollars of Ukraine-based payments from U.S. authorities.

Gates may have information to offer Mueller's team that would "turn the screws on Trump. The president has repeatedly called the special counsel's investigation a "witch hunt.

When a delegate proposed that the Republican platform call for "providing lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine's military in its struggle against Russia-backed armed forces, the Trump campaign defeated the effort. Instead of U.S. weaponry, the convention platform committee accepted the campaign's substitute language, which offered Ukraine "appropriate assistance.


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CIA:When we meddle in foreign elections it's because we're the good guy

Following a federal indictment of Russians accused of meddling in the U.S election, a former CIA director on Friday said the U.S. “probably” meddles in other countries’ elections, as well.

The Russian embassy flagged his comments.

When asked whether the U.S. interferes in other countries’ elections, James Woolsey said, “Well, only for a very good cause in the interests of democracy."

The Russian embassy to the United Kingdom quoted Woolsey on Saturday, adding the comment: “Says it all."


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Putin owns Trump

Trump’s real estate empire has taken large amounts of money from shady oligarchs linked to the Kremlin — so much that they literally own him; or rumors are true that he engaged in sexual misbehavior while he was in Moscow running the Miss Universe contest, which Russian intelligence has on tape and he doesn’t want released; or Trump actually believes Russian President Vladimir Putin when he says he is innocent of intervening in our elections — over the explicit findings of Trump’s own C.I.A., N.S.A. and F.B.I. chiefs.

In sum, Trump is either hiding something so threatening to himself, or he’s criminally incompetent to be commander in chief. It is impossible yet to say which explanation for his behavior is true, but it seems highly likely that one of these scenarios explains Trump’s refusal to respond to Russia’s direct attack on our system — a quiescence that is simply unprecedented for any U.S. president in history. Russia is not our friend. It has acted in a hostile manner. And Trump keeps ignoring it all.

Up to now, Trump has been flouting the norms of the presidency. Now Trump’s behavior amounts to a refusal to carry out his oath of office — to protect and defend the Constitution. Here’s an imperfect but close analogy: It’s as if George W. Bush had said after 9/11: “No big deal. I am going golfing over the weekend in Florida and blogging about how it’s all the Democrats’ fault — no need to hold a National Security Council meeting.”

At a time when the special prosecutor Robert Mueller — leveraging several years of intelligence gathering by the F.B.I., C.I.A and N.S.A. — has brought indictments against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian groups — all linked in some way to the Kremlin — for interfering with the 2016 U.S. elections, America needs a president who will lead our nation’s defense against this attack on the integrity of our electoral democracy.

What would that look like? He would educate the public on the scale of the problem; he would bring together all the stakeholders — state and local election authorities, the federal government, both parties and all the owners of social networks that the Russians used to carry out their interference — to mount an effective defense; and he would bring together our intelligence and military experts to mount an effective offense against Putin — the best defense of all.

What we have instead is a president vulgarly tweeting that the Russians are “laughing their asses off in Moscow” for how we’ve been investigating their interventions — and exploiting the terrible school shooting in Florida — and the failure of the F.B.I. to properly forward to its Miami field office a tip on the killer — to throw the entire F.B.I. under the bus and create a new excuse to shut down the Mueller investigation.

It is so obvious what Trump is up to: Again, he is either a total sucker for Putin or, more likely, he is hiding something that he knows the Russians have on him, and he knows that the longer Mueller’s investigation goes on, the more likely he will be to find and expose it.

Donald, if you are so innocent, why do you go to such extraordinary lengths to try to shut Mueller down? And if you are really the president — not still head of the Trump Organization, who moonlights as president, which is how you so often behave — why don’t you actually lead — lead not only a proper cyberdefense of our elections, but also an offense against Putin.

My guess is what Trump is hiding has to do with money. It’s something about his financial ties to business elites tied to the Kremlin. They may own a big stake in him. Who can forget that quote from his son Donald Trump, Jr. from back in 2008: “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross section of a lot of our assets.” They may own our president.


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US soldiers can't throw grenades or read maps

>The U.S. Army will drop its hand grenade competency requirement for graduation from basic training because getting recruits to pass it is taking “too much time” and they’re just not strong enough, Major General Malcolm Frost told reporters on Friday.

>Changes to the Army’s Basic Combat Training (BTC) will eliminate the current hand grenade proficiency standards as a requirement for graduation

>“Rather than spend time getting soldiers through the hand grenade and land navigation qualification courses in order to graduate basic, those skills will be incorporated into three new field training exercises, dubbed Hammer, Anvil and Forge.”


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Putin cucks Netanyahu

>Russian President Vladimir Putin put an end to the confrontation between Israel and Iran in Syria and both sides accepted his decision. That’s the apparent conclusion to be reached from the chain of events this past weekend.

>On Saturday afternoon, after the second wave of bombardments by the Israel Air Force against Syrian targets and Iranian installations in Syria, senior Israeli officials were still taking a militant line and it seemed as if Jerusalem was considering further military action. Discussion of that ended not long after a phone call between Putin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


>"The response to the downing of the Israeli jet was intended to be a lot more violent," according to Ronen Bergman, an Israeli investigative journalist. Israeli generals brought out plans "for a huge offensive operation in Syria," Bergman writes in a New York Times op-ed.

>A "furious" phone call from Putin "was enough to make Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel cancel the plans," Bergman writes.


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President Trump's Blonde Skank Fetish Confirmed

The long-term personal lawyer of US President Donald Trump has admitted privately paying an adult film star $130,000 (£95,000) in 2016, in a statement to the New York Times.

It follows US media reports that the actress known as Stormy Daniels was paid to sign an agreement stopping her discussing an alleged affair.

She first said she had a relationship with Mr Trump in a 2011 interview.

The lawyer has previously said Mr Trump "vehemently denies" it occurred.

"Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Ms. Clifford [Stephanie Gregory Clifford, her real name], and neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly," Michael D. Cohen said in a statement to The New York Times.

He said he told the Federal Election Commission the same after a watchdog group filed a complaint about the payment serving as an "in-kind" political contribution to Mr Trump's campaign.

"The payment to Ms. Clifford was lawful, and was not a campaign contribution or a campaign expenditure by anyone," Mr Cohen said.

In a 2011 interview with InTouch magazine, the actress said she began a sexual relationship with Mr Trump in 2006, shortly after Melania Trump gave birth to his son Barron.



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Steve bannon claims Donald Trump had homosexual desires

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Rigged German diesel CO tests on monkeys(no,not again!)show new cars more harmful than 20-yr-old car

Rigged German diesel CO tests on monkeys(no,not again!)show new cars more harmful than 20-yr-old cars

Suppressed: rigged diesel tests on monkeys showed new cars more harmful than 20-year-old models

The results of rigged animal tests that have plunged the German car industry into renewed turmoil were suppressed because they showed the opposite of what car-makers wanted, it has emerged.

Monkeys were forced to breathe diesel exhaust fumes

from a VW Beetle for several hours in an attempt to prove they were not toxic in a study funded by Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler, the company that makes Mercedes.

But it has now emerged that the experiment found the exhaust was more harmful than fumes from a 20-year-old diesel car — despite the fact that the Beetle was fitted with software designed to lower emissions during tests.

The car-makers allegedly refused to pay for

the tests, which were conducted in the US,

after the results weren’t what they were expecting.


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Heavy Fire Destroys Mobile Home, Propane Tanks Cooled

NASHUA, N.H. (AP) — Firefighters have acted quickly to put out a heavy fire that destroyed a mobile home and approached two propane tanks in Nashua, New Hampshire.

At least half of the home was on fire when firefighters arrived early Friday.

Firefighters cooled two, 200-pound propane tanks near the home.

No one was inside at the time.

The case of the fire wasn't immediately known. The state fire marshal's office is investigating


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Ivan's Trolls played you for the fools you are,lefty righty /pol/

Russian Facebook Trolls Got Two Groups of People to Protest Each Other In Texas

A US Senator revealed on Wednesday that Russian trolls organized a simultaneous protest and a counter-protest in Texas in 2016.

Facebook pages controlled by Russian trolls organized both a protest and a counter-protest in 2016 where fewer than 100 people showed up, according to Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC). During a Senate hearing on social media influence in the 2016 elections on Wednesday, Burr revealed that a protest and simultaneous counter-protest in Houston on May 21 of last year were organized by Facebook groups under the control of the infamous Internet Research Agency. This troll farm allegedly works for the Russian government and was responsible for wide-ranging influence operations on social media platforms in the lead-up to the US presidential elections.

The first protest, called "Stop The Islamization of Texas," was organized by a Facebook group with more than 250,000 followers called Heart of Texas, as previously reported by CNN and Business Insider. As it turns out, a counter-protest on the same day, at the same time, and at the same location was also organized by Russian trolls, this time using another Facebook group called United Muslims of America, which had more than 300,000 followers.

"What neither side could have known was that Russian trolls were encouraging both sides to battle on the streets and create division between real Americans," Burr said during the hearing.



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Mueller lays charges against 13 Russians For helping Trump win

Mueller’s office said 13 Russians and three Russian entities, including the notorious state-backed “troll farm” the Internet Research Agency, had been indicted by a federal grand jury in Washington DC.

A 37-page indictment alleged that the Russians’ operations “included supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J Trump … and disparaging Hillary Clinton,” his Democratic opponent.

Mueller alleged that Russian operatives “communicated with


individuals associated with the Trump campaign”, but the indictment did not address the question of whether anyone else in Trump’s team had knowingly colluded.

Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, said at a press conference in Washington: “There is no allegation in this indictment that any American had any knowledge.”

One defendant, Yevgeniy Prigozhin, is accused of using companies he controlled – including Concord Management and Consulting, and Concord Catering – to finance the operations against the US. The operation at one stage had a monthly budget of $1.25m, according to Mueller, which paid for operatives’ salaries and bonuses.

Events were organised by Russians posing as Trump supporters and as groups opposed to Trump such as Black Lives Matter, according to prosecutors. One advertisement shortly before the election promoted the Green party candidate Jill Stein, who is blamed by some Clinton backers for splitting the anti-Trump vote.

In August 2016, Russian operatives communicated with Trump campaign staff in Florida through their “@donaldtrump.com” email addresses to coordinate a series of pro-Trump rallies in the state, according to Mueller, and then bought advertisements on social media to promote the events.

At one rally in West Palm Beach, a Russian operative is even alleged to have paid Americans to build a cage on a flatbed truck and to have an actor posing as Clinton in a prison uniform stand inside.

One defendant, Irina Kaverzina, is accused of admitting her involvement in the operation and a subsequent coverup in an email to a relative in September last year, after Mueller’s inquiry had begun. “We had a slight crisis here at work: the FBI busted our activity,” Kaverzina allegedly wrote, “so I got preoccupied with covering tracks together with the colleagues.”

The Russians are also accused of working to suppress turnout among ethnic minority voters. They allegedly created an Instagram account posing as “Woke Blacks” and railed against the notion that African Americans should choose Clinton as “the lesser of two devils” against Trump.

In early November 2016, according to the indictment, the Russian operatives used bogus “United Muslims of America” social media accounts to claim that “American Muslims [are] boycotting elections today.”

Following Trump’s victory, the Russian operation promoted allegations of voter fraud by the Democratic party, according to Mueller’s team. Around that time, Trump repeatedly claimed without evidence that he would have won the popular vote if not for large-scale voter fraud.

The individuals charged are Mikhail Ivanovich Bystrov, Mikhail Leonidovich Burchik, Aleksandra Yuryevna Krylova, Anna Vladislavovna Bogacheva, Sergey Pavlovich Polozov, Maria Anatolyevna Bovda, Robert Sergeyevich Bovda, Dzheykhun Nasimi Ogly, Vadim Vladimirovich Podkopaev, Gleb Igorevitch Vasilchenko, Irina Viktorovna Kaverzina, Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin and Vladimir Venkov.

All were charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States. Three defendants were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud, and five defendants were charged with aggravated identity theft.

Two Trump campaign advisers have pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Two others have been charged with federal crimes.

US investigators have long signalled their belief that Prigozhin, a 56-year-old billionaire businessman, is behind Russia’s internet troll factories.

Nicknamed the “Kremlin’s chef”, Prigozhin once ran Putin’s favourite restaurant in St Petersburg, after which he was awarded multi-billion pound state catering contracts.

Speaking to the RIA Novosti state news agency on Friday, Prigozhin said: “The Americans are really impressionable people, they see what they want to see. I have great respect for them. If they want to see the devil – let them see him.”


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What’s with those ‘chocolate sprinkles’ on Hilton Head beaches? Nope, it’s not crab poo

Next time you’re at the beach, take a closer look at the sand beneath your feet as you walk near the low tide line. See those thousands of perfectly round brown pellets piled around tiny holes?

They are not chocolate sprinkles. And they’re not crab droppings either, contrary to popular belief.

The other day during my beach run on Hilton Head’s south end, I noticed the beach was cluttered with thousands of holes and millions of little pellets, with most of them in regular piles, and my mind started racing with questions.

What kind of creature surrounds its little home by its own poo? How come I’ve never seen these creatures before? Is the stuff toxic?

Read more here: http://www.islandpacket.com/news/local/news-columns-blogs/untamed-lowcountry/article197680769.html#storylink=cpy

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Bolshevist putinist anti-white judeo-kremlin media claims that AI is "discriminatory"

Flaws in facial recognition software are fueling discrimination against people with darker skin, according to a new study.

The Gender Shades project, conducted by the MIT Media lab, tested facial recognition software from Microsoft, IBM and Face++ on more than 1,200 images of people from six African and European countries. While the researchers found that the software can guess the gender of a person 99 percent of the time, it made over 35 percent more mistakes when studying the faces of people with darker skin.

READ MORE: Facial recognition database? Google’s new art selfie app sparks privacy concerns

Images of men produced around 8 percent of the errors. Meanwhile, pictures of women returned an error rate of more than 20 percent. The products made fewer errors when identifying subjects with lighter skin, with error rates ranging between 11 and 20 percent. “We found that all classifiers performed best for lighter individuals and males overall. The classifiers performed worst for darker females,” the report concluded.

The study claims that, while facial recognition software is increasingly used by law enforcement in the US, none of these products have been publicly tested for accuracy. “This kind of technology is being built on machine-learning techniques. And machine-learning techniques are based on data. So if you have biased data in the input and it’s not addressed, you’re going to have biased outcomes,” Joy Buolamwini, the study’s lead author, told NPR.


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Trump supporters are particularly susceptible to fake news, new study says

A new study suggests that extreme hard right conservatives and supporters of President Trump share more fake news on social media than other ideological groups. Researchers from Oxford University's Project on Computational Propaganda studied three months' worth of recent social media data and found that, on Twitter and Facebook, groups categorized as the "Trump Support Group" and the "Hard Conservative Group" shared more than half of all the fake news the study uncovered. While the research indeed demonstrates that other groups also spread dubious reports, this occurs "at much lower levels."

The researchers defined news as being "fake" based on its adherence — or lack thereof — to journalistic standards, its partisan skew, its use of fake sources, and occurrences of forgery. They then categorized more than 10,000 Facebook and 13,000 Twitter users into various groups based on their location, positive interactions with specific news stories (Twitter faves or Facebook likes), and their interactions with other users.

The findings show that unfounded reports and headlines were most prolific on Twitter, where the "Trump Support Group" shared 55 percent of all the fake news, while "Democratic Party" and "Progressive Movement" groups accounted for 1 percent by comparison. On Facebook, the "Hard Conservative Group" accounted for 58 percent of fake news; Democratic affiliated users tallied around 12 percent.

But hard right conservatives aren't the only culprits here. "Resistance" groups — aka hardline anti-Trumpers — spread 18 percent of Twitter's junk news, the research found.


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Tennessee sheriff taped saying 'I love this shit' after ordering unarmed suspect's killing

A Tennessee sheriff is being sued for using excessive force after he was recorded boasting he had told officers to shoot a man rather than risk damaging police cars by ramming him off the road.

Police pursuit of Michael Zennie Dial II of Clarksville began in Smithville when police there responded to a report of shoplifting at Wal-Mart, according to District Attorney Bryant Dunaway.

“They said ‘we’re ramming him,’” Sheriff Oddie Shoupe of White County said on tape in the aftermath of the killing of suspect Michael Dial. “I said, ‘Don’t ram him, shoot him.’ Fuck that shit. Ain’t gonna tear up my cars.”

Shoupe arrived on the scene shortly after police had shot Dial at the conclusion of a low-speed chase, clearly upset he had missed the excitement.

“I love this shit,” Shoupe said, apparently unaware that his comments were being picked up by another deputy’s body-worn camera. “God, I tell you what, I thrive on it.

“If they don’t think I’ll give the damn order to kill that motherfucker they’re full of shit,” he added, laughing. “Take him out. I’m here on the damn wrong end of the county,” he said.

Shoupe’s comments have prompted a federal lawsuit from Dial’s widow, Robyn Dial, alleging the use of excessive force against her late husband, who was unarmed.

DeKalb County deputies, who began the pursuit before White County deputies took over, told investigators it was “more like a funeral procession” than a highway chase, with speeds topping out around 50mph.

In June, the county district attorney declared the shooting justified.

Dial told Tennessee’s News Channel 5 that she believed her husband had tried to drive away from the police because he was scared, and said she could not make sense of the order to shoot. “I feel with every part of me that’s exactly what they wanted to do was kill him.”


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U.S. secretly Negotiates With Russia to Buy back Stolen NSA Documents—oops! Trumps in them!

The United States intelligence community has been conducting a top-secret operation to recover stolen classified U.S. government documents from Russian operatives, according to sources familiar with the matter. The operation has also inadvertently yielded a cache of documents purporting to relate to Donald Trump and Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

The secret U.S. intelligence channel with the Russians is separate from efforts by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to obtain information about Trump and his ties with Russia. Steele worked with Fusion GPS, an American private investigations firm that was first hired by Republican and later Democratic opponents of Trump to dig up information on him during the 2016 campaign.

At the time, the NSA was desperate to recover documents that intelligence officials believed Russia had obtained through a mysterious group known as the Shadow Brokers. The group stole highly secret NSA hacking tools and began releasing them on the internet in the summer of 2016. The Shadow Brokers theft of the hacking tools devastated morale at the NSA, putting its custom-built offensive cyber weapons out in the open.

It was as if a bioweapons laboratory had lost some of its most deadly and dangerous viruses. U.S. officials wanted to identify which NSA documents the Shadow Brokers had stolen, so they could determine how badly the agency had been damaged by the theft.

A Russian who has been acting as a go-between for other Russians with access to Russian government materials has sought payment for the materials he is offering.

Everything I say is a lie,including this

Further, it is not known whether the Russians involved in the channel are acting on their own or have been authorized by the Russian government to try to sell the materials to the United States. As a result, the Americans are uncertain whether the Russians involved are part of a disinformation campaign orchestrated by Moscow, either to discredit Trump or to discredit efforts by American officials investigating Trump’s possible ties to Russia, including Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The CIA, which is now headed by a Trump loyalist, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, has at times been reluctant to stay involved in the operation, apparently for fear of obtaining the Trump-related material offered by the Russians, according to sources close to the negotiations.

At a meeting last month in Spain, the Russian told the American intermediary of his desire to move forward with the delivery of the Shadow Brokers data, as well as material related to the 2016 election. The American questioned him on the credibility of his data and told him the data he was providing on Trump officials and election activities was “unsolicited.” The Russian also expressed interest in giving the material to media outlets, which the American told the Russian he found “disconcerting.”


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Philadelphia police response to cumskin chimpout shows racial double standard

I've been in a Philadelphia school board meeting where four African-american people were arrested. There were no fires set, no cars toppled and no property destroyed, yet four non-violent African-american education activists were dragged out in hand-cuffs and charged with disorderly conduct for speaking up for better wages for teachers and more resources for African-american kids.

Meanwhile, thousands of crazed cumskinned football fans utterly destroyed parts of the city Sunday night, and those same Philly police officers who were so tough in School Reform Commission meetings arrested only four people.

Fucking Four

In 2018, we are left with the reality that if you speak out peacefully in support of poor, African-american kids in schools too poor to afford toilet paper, you don't get a fraction of the courtesy that cops afforded packs of hard-partying, mostly cumskinned Eagles fans Sunday night and early Monday morning.

This is not new. There is a long line of disproportionate police responses to protests and riots across history, across the country. Sunday night only reaffirmed that perceived bias.

In 1985, the Pennsylvania State Police dropped a bomb — a bomb! — on black activists bunkered in a West Philadelphia neighborhood that killed 11 people, five children, and destroyed 61 homes. Meanwhile, Philly cops stood down and let some cumskinned Eagles fans launch an assault and scale the iron gates of City Hall with a keg in tow Sunday night.

Contrast what went on in Philly Sunday night with what happened in Ferguson, where non-violent protests were met with military-grade force much nastier than football fans will ever see. Contrast what went on in Philly Sunday night also with what happened at Standing Rock, where non-violent protesters were blasted with fire hoses and attacked with dogs. The only dogs we saw in Philly were the masks Eagles fans have been encouraged to wear.

Think about that for a second: When have you ever in your life seen public officials encourage masses of people to get drunk, put on masks, and go wilding through a major American city? Oh, and later this week, they're giving out free beer for the parade. The party is only beginning.

Most every incident involving fan violence documented in the last month in Philly has involved cumskinned fans. The two guys who punched horses were white. Every person we've seen atop a street sign has been cumskinned. The worst of the worst of sports fans tend to be young, privileged, cumskinned males.

Not Sorry.It's true. Deal with it…Whitey


R: 21 / I: 9 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

How white nationalists fooled the media about Florida shooter

Following misrepresentations by a white nationalist leader and coordinated efforts by internet trolls, numerous researchers and media outlets spread a seemingly false claim that the man charged with killing more than a dozen people at a Florida high school belonged to an extremist group.

Law enforcement agencies say they have no evidence so far to support this claim, and the rumor appears to have been perpetrated by white nationalist trolls themselves.

“A spokesperson for the white supremacist group Republic of Florida (ROF) told the Anti-Defamation League on Thursday, February 15, that Nikolas Cruz [….] was associated with his group,” the ADL reported. The ADL quoted a man named Jordan Jereb, who runs the small group, which is based in Tallahassee.

“Jereb added that ROF had not ordered or wanted Cruz to do anything like the school shooting,” the ADL wrote in a blog post that was quickly picked up by ABC News and The Associated Press, and later percolated through dozens of other media outlets. Even The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website, picked up the claim.

But a few hours later, after law enforcement agencies said they had no evidence linking Cruz to ROF, Jereb said his identification of Cruz was a “misunderstanding” and that he, too, had been the subject of a “prank.” On online forums and Twitter, trolls and white nationalists gloated at the disinformation they had sowed.

“All of our evidence seems to point to the ADL getting this wrong,” said Joan Donovan, a researcher who tracks online misinformation campaigns for Data & Society, a think tank in New York City.

The ADL subsequently revised its report, as did many news outlets.

Donovan called this an instance of “source hacking,” a tactic by which fringe groups coordinate to feed false information to authoritative sources such as ADL researchers. These


in turn, disseminate the information to reporters, and it reaches thousands of readers before it can be debunked.

“It’s a very effective way of getting duped,” Donovan said.

On Wednesday, an anonymous 4chan user posted about receiving a message on Instagram from an ABC News reporter after making a joke suggesting he knew Cruz.

“Prime trolling opportunity,” another user replied.

“You have to take advantage of this,” a third chimed in.

He asked for proof of the reporter’s identity, according to posted screenshots from their correspondence. The reporter provided an official email address and sent a photo of an ABC identification badge.

Some on the 4chan thread joked about sending back obscene photos, but others gave concrete tips for tricking the reporter: “Keep talking to her so she gains your trust”; “Keep this going be realistic … say you have known him for years you met him on a Liberal Facebook page years ago and you have kept in touch”; “Say you are scared to tell her in case you get blamed, it will get her excited you know something big.”

This particular 4chan user seems to have sent the reporter a racist cartoon and was quickly blocked. Many on the forum ripped into him for missing a “a golden opportunity.”



R: 10 / I: 3 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Alex Jones Suggests Flying False Flag at Half-Staff for Florida school shooting Victims

nowned radio show host and online real news creator Alex Jones has reportedly asked his audience to fly the false flag at half-staff today in honor of the Florida school shooting victims. Jones’ request comes after a gunman opened fire on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla,killing 17 and injuring dozens more. While details of the shooter have been released, Alex is adding his own theories satisfy his legion of red-pilled followers.

“Was the shooter a Muslim? Antifa? BLM? Was he radicalized by the gay agenda? Why did he hate kids? Is there really even a High School in Parkland? Are these the same crisis actors used during the Vegas shooting? Did you see that Craigslist ad recently seeking extras for a mass casualty exercise? How was Hillary involved? Could Obama have done more to prevent this attack? Did some crazed liberal shoot up this church to blame Trump and take away our guns? If this story is even true why did none of the students shoot back?,” Alex opined during this afternoons editorial meeting.


R: 13 / I: 5 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Di sun no go too dey hot by 2050

One report by scientists from University of California dey show say di sun go cool well well by di year 2050.

Di report wey dem publish for inside di Chicago-based journal Astrophysical Journal Letters say dis "grand minimum" event go make di sun dey 7 percent cooler. Wetin grand- minimum mean according to di study na period wey di sun no go work too hard and dis wan go make earth dey cool. For di grand-minimum wey happen for di middle of di 17th century, temperature drop sotay Thames River freeze.

Dis one no mean say na all di world go cool well well. For di one wey happen for di 17th century, even as weather dey cold for Europe, other areas like Alaska and di southern Greenland no join for di matter as dem dey warm. Scientists dem dey reason say di grand minimum go make di earth cool by around 0.25 percent between 2020 and 2070.

But dem also dey quick to talk say dis one no mean say di global warming palava don end.



R: 18 / I: 5 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Fed up with paying rent? Pull up stumps and live in the back of a truck like Chrissie

>How does life in the big city rent-free sound to you?

>Too good to be true, sure.

>But not if you're living in the back of your truck.

>Chrissie Junge has turned the idea of home ownership on its head, instead choosing to live all over Brisbane in the back of her 2000 Mazda T600 truck.

>Nicknamed Harry, after the man she bought the truck from, Ms Junge's goal while maintaining her job as a retail manager is to convert the $13,000 vehicle into a fully-functioning mobile home, complete with toilet, shower, and small kitchen.

>"Then I'm going to quit my job and go around Australia. I'm going to take as much time as I want," Ms Junge said.

>"I'm going to find random, crappy bartending and fruit-picking jobs all over, meet lots of people, see lots of things, and have fun."

>She's been documenting her journey so far on Instagram and with a blog.


R: 39 / I: 4 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Dirty India poses threat to world,Spreads antibiotic resistant super-infections globally

In August of 2016, doctors in Washoe County, Nevada, found that one of their patients couldn’t shake a bad bacterial infection. The infection had likely taken hold years before while the local woman was on an extended visit to India. There, she had undergone multiple hospitalizations and surgery for a leg injury and developed a bone infection. By the time she got back to Nevada, the infection had spread.

The US doctors isolated her in a hospital room and threw all the antibiotics they could at the infection. It resisted all of them—26 in total, tests confirmed. In early September, the woman developed septic shock and died.

The case highlights two important points: that drug-resistant bacteria don’t stop at borders and that India is of particular concern in the fight against antibiotic-resistant infections

because of unhygienic conditions.

While cases of drug-resistant bacterial infections are rising globally, recent data shows that India has among the highest rates of such infections in the world. The country is also the largest consumer of antibiotics per capita.

Now, new data paints a clearer picture as to why the country appears to be a breeding ground for drug resistant infections that threaten to spread within and beyond the country.

Drug companies—some international and even US-based—are selling millions of dubious and unapproved cocktails of antibiotics in India,and this combined with the unhygienic conditions of the country, all of which spur the development of drug-resistant bacteria and imperil people all over the globe


R: 67 / I: 13 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

RETARDED EPA head Scott Pruitt says global warming may help 'humans flourish

Environmental Protection Agency director Scott Pruitt doesn’t believe decades of increasing temperatures on Earth necessarily have anything to do with the fact that we’ve pumped massive amounts of heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere. But just in case there might be some kind of connection between those two things, Pruitt says not to worry, because global warming might be good for us.

This is an old and not very well-reasoned talking point by people who want to continue unregulated carbon pollution. It is true that the planet has warmed and cooled in the past, and that warming has coincided at times with thriving human civilization. But those periods of warming occurred over a far more gradual time span. In addition, human life was then far more mobile; in the modern world, people and cultures have adopted settlement patterns that will undergo massive, costly disruption in the face of climate change. Drastic, severe changes in the temperature of the oceans and air will lead to extinctions, famines, and disease, not to mention the abandonment of coastal cities, of which many humans have grown rather fond.

Pruitt would be free to read some science about some of these effects on the website of his own agency — like here and here — except that he took the pages down. Anyway, bottom line, climate change means a lot worse things than putting on some extra sunscreen.


R: 9 / I: 3 / P: 2 [R] [G] [-]

Black Panther film is banal comic-book blockbuster racial exploitation.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) first infantilizes its audience, then banalizes it, and, finally, controls it through marketing.

The media’s enthusiasm for this bland action flick is maddening. The problem isn’t one particular movie, but the celebration of the illusion of “progress.” When Hollywood pegs everything in terms of race or gender, it dictates to the masses and keeps them all in a plantation mentality, mindlessly applauding Black Panther as part of the new segregation.

This commercial strategy, geared toward adolescents of all ages, resembles the Democratic party’s political manipulation of black Americans, targeting that audience through its insecurities about heritage, social prestige, and empowerment. So Marvel’s new, instant blockbuster Black Panther appeals to adolescent fantasies about birthright and ethnic invincibility — dishing up the routine super-heroics of T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), a black version of Batman who fights crime dressed as a panther.

The Black Panther film and its hype are inseparable.

What motivates their methods of racial exploitation are confirmed by this week’s Time magazine: Its cover features Boseman, Black Panther’s star, handsomely replacing Time’s infamously racist, darkened O. J. cover, to prove that the publication has abandoned journalism to become a social-justice-warrior pamphlet. Combining youth and black exploitation is an effective propaganda tactic when audiences don’t recognize how they’re being manipulated; they’re simply flattered by it.

The film distorts actual history and anthropology the same way that TV, comic books, video games, and movies have supplanted traditional education and learning. Utopian Wakanda, hidden behind clouds and mountains away from European colonizers, resembles the faux-naïve heaven of the 1933 negro musical Green Pastures. But the old-timey Christianity in that film is now replaced by faux-naïve Afrocentricity, including clichéd tribal customs (T’Challa must fight challengers to his throne).

During the radicalized 1960s, Green Pastures’ stereotypes were considered an outrage. Black Panther would seem similarly fake if people weren’t falling for it without question. Once again, we see the nation’s psychic wounds — and black folks’ desperate need for whites’ appreciation — exposed by stripping off the Obama bandage.

Even elderly academics and young Afro-futurists who prattle about “revolution” have unaccountably joined the circle of Black Panther hype, as if it was somehow a protest. They accord an oddball sanctity to the media practice that persuades the public to cheapen its own best interests. The horror of seeing the makers of Black Panther on the stump, invoking the names of serious historians from Dr. John Henrik Clarke to Ivan van Sertima, twisting their principled, arduous studies into promotional fodder, suggests an intellectual setback.


R: 12 / I: 1 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Moscow residents:only way to get snow removed is write name of opposition leader Navalny on it

Moscow residents say they have found that the only way to get the council to clear snow is to write the name of opposition leader Alexei Navalny on it.

Posts on Facebook and Twitter have received thousands of likes, after disgruntled residents took to social media, saying that they tried spray-painting "Navalny" on the city's deep snow out of frustration at the authorities' slowness in removing them.

One user said the move prompted immediate reaction and that council workers removed the graffiti "within hours".

Mr Navalny is Russia's best-known critic of President Vladimir Putin, and state media never mention him by name. President Putin famously refuses to call Mr Navalny by his name, usually referring to him as "that person" when asked about him.


R: 52 / I: 7 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

New Mutant crayfish that doesn't need males to mate threatens world order

A mutant species of all-female crayfish taking over the world is not the latest science fiction film but a real-life environmental thriller.

A new study has found that marbled crayfish are multiplying rapidly and invading ecosystems across the world.

The ten-legged pests are descended from one single female with a mutation allowing it to reproduce without males.

These self-cloning ladies are found for sale in North America, despite a warning against keeping them as pets.

Sales of the six-inch creature are already banned by the European Union.

Procambarus virginalis did not exist three decades ago.

Born to a male and female slough crayfish, a species originally from Florida, the original marbled crayfish had an additional set of chromosomes - a mutation that made her distinct from her parents and allowed her to reproduce without having to mate.

Now officially a separate species, the marbled crayfish can been found in the wild in Japan, Madagascar, multiple European countries and the US.

The new study published in Nature, Ecology and Evolution describes the invasive species as a threat to the planet

"If you have one animal, essentially, three months later, you will have 200 or 300 then 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,00" Dr Wolfgang FrenkanStein said.


R: 16 / I: 3 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Pilot forced to make emergency landing after fight breaks out when passenger refuses to stop FARTING

>Pilot forced to make emergency landing after fight breaks out when passenger refuses to stop FARTING





R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Russia makes Facebook take down anti-Putin posts by opposition leader Alexey Navaln

Navalny, who is Russian President Vladimir Putin's fiercest rival, posted a video on YouTube earlier this month, that showed metals oligarch Oleg Deripaska allegedly meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko on the billionaire's yacht in Norway.

In the video, Navalny used Instagram posts from a woman called Nastya Rybka, who he claimed to be an escort. Rybka was on the yacht with both Deripaska and Prikhodko. The 25 minute video, which has been watched over 5 million times, claims that bribery took place.

Deripaska won an injunction against the video after a local court ruled that the video had violated his privacy rights. Last week, Deripaska said in a statement that Navalny's video showed "outrageous false allegations."

The female involved in the video took some of the Instagram posts down at the request of communications watchdog Roskomnadzor, but the Facebook-owned service also complied with the order to remove two more posts.

Facebook's latest transparency report, which covers the period between January and June 2017, shows it restricted 195 pieces of content after requests from Russia.

The YouTube video is still online and has not been taken down.

Some major figures have raised concerns about the power of internet platforms like Facebook and Google and the dangers of "data-rich IT monopolies" forming an alliance with with authoritarian states that "may well result in a web of totalitarian control the likes of which not even George Orwell could have imagined."


R: 282 / I: 56 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

‘I saw starving prisoners eat dead humans and a baby’s legs torn off by evil Nazi officers in horror

While in the concentration camp and on death marches, the Romanian national saw starving prisoners eating dead bodies, a baby who had its legs torn clean off its body by a Nazi guard, and a Jew working alongside him shot for simply straightening his back.

Leslie wells up as he remembers his family during an interview with Rabbi Naftali Shieff to mark Holocaust Memorial Day today, 73 years after the liberation.

But despite the horror of Nazi Auschwitz, his resounding message is one of love, in a bid to educate those who do not know about the terror of the war.


R: 46 / I: 9 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Duterte orders soldiers to shoot female rebels 'in the pussy'

President Rodrigo Duterte has been branded a misogynist and “macho-fascist” after he ordered soldiers to shoot female communist rebels in the pussy.

In a speech to over 200 former communist soldiers in Malacañang last week, the Philippines president gave a directive of what to do with female guerrilla fighters.

Thousands dead: the Philippine president, the death squad allegations and a brutal drugs war

Read more

“‘There’s a new order coming from the mayor, ‘We will not kill you. We will just shoot you in the pussy,’ ” said Duterte. He went on to say that without their pussies, women would be “useless”.

Duterte mentioned the Visayan word “bisong”, meaning pussy, repeatedly throughout the speech, although it was later censored from an official Palace transcript, replaced simply with a dash.

He said the soldiers should go a step further than President Trump and not grab them by their pussies,but shoot them in their pussies


R: 20 / I: 2 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

A killer whale has been taught by scientists to talk

The researchers were studying a 14-year-old female killer whale named Wikie, who was well-trained and had been taught how to copy behaviours in a previous study.

Wikie was recorded mimicking English words like “hello”, “bye bye” and “one two”, as well as the name of her trainer, Amy.

“Killer whales use their blowhole to make noises, almost like speaking out of your nose, so we were not expecting it to be perfect,” said Dr Jose Abramson, a researcher at the Complutense University of Madrid, who led the study.

Imitating vocal sounds in this way is a key component of language, and the ability to do so is rare in mammals besides humans.

Despite their intelligence, other primates are not generally capable of such imitation.

However, cetaceans – the mammal group that includes whales and dolphins – are known to be highly adept when it comes to vocal imitation. Both bottlenose dolphins and beluga whales have been observed copying noises they are exposed to.

“We still don't fully understand why some animals learn to mimic, but there are a few possibilities," said Dr Alex Thornton, a senior lecturer in cognitive evolution at the University of Exeter who was not involved in the study.

Some animal imitate others to deceive them, while other animals appear to do so in order to show off to potential mates, according to Dr Thornton.

“In some cases copying sounds might help to identify an individual as a member of a group," he said, explaining the dialects of whales help to mark them out as members of specific groups.



R: 95 / I: 21 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Airline told her to flush Pebbles,her emoitional support hamster down toilet,she does


is the latest victim in the ongoing battle between airlines and passengers who want to travel with their “emotional support” animals.

Pebbles’ owner, Belen Aldecosea was scheduled to fly from Baltimore to her home in Florida on Spirit Airlines. When she booked her reservation, Aldecosea said she was assured by a Spirit Airlines representative that she could bring the hamster on board with her. But when the 21-year-old arrived at Baltimore-Washington International airport for her Nov. 21 flight, she was told Pebbles was not welcome.

And then, she told the Miami Herald, things took a turn for the worse.

Unable to bring the hamster with her but needing to get home to deal with a medical issue,(a scheduled teeth cleaning), Aldecosea said an airline representative suggested she either set Pebbles free outdoors or flush her down the toilet.

Feel the tartar on her teeth,Aldecosea said she spent hours scrambling to find another way to get home, including trying to rent a car..

But given it was the holiday season, there were no cars available. And so an increasingly desperate Aldecosea said she flushed Pebbles down an airport toilet.

“She was scared,she looked up at me with those little shiny eyes…and…and I put her in the water…she squealed for me to rescue her..I..I..flushed."

"I sat there for a good 10 minutes crying in the stall.”


R: 7 / I: 2 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

It is required to enter a subject when starting a new thread on this board





























R: 8 / I: 1 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Tinder can’t charge more for premium services if you're over 30, California court rules

Tinder can no longer charge higher rates to users aged 30 and over after a California court ruled on Monday that the practice was a form of age-based discrimination.

Tinder Plus, a premium version of the free dating service app Tinder, violated state civil rights law by charging users who were aged 30 and over a $19.99 subscription fee, while at the same time charging users under the age of 30 only a $9.99 or $14.99 subscription fee for the same features, according to a ruling handed down by the 2nd District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles. The pricing had been in place since its release in March 2015.

Plaintiff Allan Candelore filed the suit in February 2016, alleging that Tinder Plus’ price differences violated the state's Unruh Civil Rights Act, which broadly outlaws discrimination based on sex, race, sexual orientation and age, among other classes.

According to the suit, Tinder’s rationale for the price difference is “reasonably based on market testing showing 'younger users' are 'more budget constrained' than older users, 'and need a lower price to pull the trigger.'"


R: 5 / I: 3 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

WE WUZ DINOSAURZ - Lost history of African dinosaurs revealed



A new species of dinosaur found in the Egyptian desert is shedding light on Africa's missing history of dinosaurs.

Few fossils have been unearthed from the last days of the dinosaurs, between 100 and 66 million years ago, on the continent.

Scientists say the dinosaur, which lived about 80 million years ago, is an "incredible discovery".

The giant plant-eater was the length of a school bus and weighed about the same as an elephant.

Does this mean African Americans once ruled the Earth in the distant past, only in a different form?

R: 58 / I: 9 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Israel sues 2 New Zealanders for convincing Lorde to boycott their nation

An Israeli legal rights group said Wednesday it is suing two New Zealanders for allegedly convincing the pop singer Lorde to cancel her performance in Israel in what appears to be the first lawsuit filed under a contentious Israeli anti-boycott law.

The 2011 law opens the door to civil lawsuits against anyone calling for a boycott against Israel, including of lands it has occupied, if that call could knowingly lead to a boycott. The law, which is part of Israel’s fight against a global movement calling for boycotts against the Jewish state, allows for courts to impose damages against defendants. Critics said the law would stifle free expression.

The two New Zealanders, Justine Sachs and Nadia Abu-Shanab, penned an open letter to Lorde last year in which they urged her to “take a stand” and “join the artistic boycott of Israel.” The New Zealand singer-songwriter replied to a tweet of the letter saying “Noted! Been speaking (with) many people about this and considering all options. Thank u for educating me i am learning all the time too.” She canceled her show days later.

The group, Shurat HaDin, claims the New Zealanders, one Jewish and one Palestinian, knew that their letter could trigger a boycott, making them open to a suit under the law. The group, which filed the lawsuit in a Jerusalem court on Tuesday, is suing on behalf of three Israeli would-be concertgoers for about $13,000 in damages.

“This lawsuit is an effort to give real consequences to those who selectively target Israel and seek to impose an unjust and illegal boycott against the Jewish state,” said Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, the group’s head and a lawyer representing the plaintiffs. “They must be held to compensate Israeli citizens for the moral and emotional injury and the indignity caused by their discriminatory actions.”


R: 71 / I: 9 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

22 year old teacher charged with sex assault on 18 yr student


>Tayler Ivy Boncal, a student teacher at Conard High School in West Hartford, Connecticut, has been charged with sexual assault after she engaged in a consensual sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student.

>Former student teacher and track coach Tayler Ivy Boncal was charged last week with three counts of second-degree sexual assault for her participation in a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student. Although Boncal had finished her semester as a student by the time of the relationship, she was active in the district as a coach for Conard High School’s track team.

>A concerned parent notified the school district about a potentially inappropriate relationship between a former teacher and student. Connecticut police started an investigation into the alleged relationship. According to their findings, the 18-year-old student initiated the relationship when he asked for her cell phone number in December 2017. The student was enrolled at the time in one of Boncal’s social science classes.


R: 25 / I: 1 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Undocumented immigrant reports burglary and is arrested, while the suspect was allowed to go free

Officers in the Seattle suburb of Tukwila detained father-of-three Wilson Macarreno at his home last Thursday.

He was held after they found a warrant from immigration officials in a national crime database.

Mr Macarreno's lawyer says his client fled violence in Honduras in 2004, and has no criminal record in the US.

The attorney, Luis Cortes, says the arrest itself was illegal. He argues that police do not have authority to detain people on behalf of immigration agents.

The lawyer also says his 32-year-old client is a carpenter, church leader and family man who has three young children who were born in the US.

Mr Macarreno said he called police after spotting someone trying to break into his car in the early hours.

Officers questioned a trespasser, but they lacked probable cause to arrest him so he was released, according to Tukwila Police Department.

Tukwila police say it is departmental policy that they do not ask people about their immigration status.

Following the incident with Mr Macarreno, they said they will no longer "collaborate" with Ice.

"We want to ensure that all members of the community are comfortable calling us for assistance regardless of their nationality or immigration status," the agency wrote on Facebook.

But immigration advocates say the damage has already been done.

Rich Stolz, of the OneAmerican non-profit group, said the arrest sends a message that immigrants cannot safely call police.

"Whatever assurances the police may give, there is no doubt that victims of crime will think twice before they go to the police charged with protecting all of our communities," he said.



R: 40 / I: 10 / P: 3 [R] [G] [-]

Socially-sanctioned mentally ill man breastfeeds baby in first recorded case

A transgender woman has been able to breastfeed a baby in the first recorded case of its kind, researchers say.

The 30-year-old wanted to breastfeed after her pregnant partner said she did not want to do it herself, according to the Transgender Health journal.

She was able to breastfeed after taking a course of drugs and breast pumping, the US case report said.

A UK expert said the "exciting" research could lead to more cases of transgender women breastfeeding.



R: 45 / I: 2 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

FDA Declares Kratom an Opioid

“Cases of mixing kratom, other opioids, and other types of medication is extremely troubling because the activity of kratom at opioid receptors indicates there may be similar risks of combining kratom with certain drugs, just as there are with FDA-approved opioids,” Gottlieb said.

The administration acknowledged that despite the information collected, there is still much to learn about the substance. Reportedly, there are current scientific assessments underway to further the understanding of the biologic effects of kratom.

“Notably, we recently conducted a novel scientific analysis using a computational model developed by agency scientists, which provided even stronger evidence of kratom compounds’ opioid properties,” Gottlieb said. “These kinds of models have become an advanced, common and reliable tool for understanding the behavior of drugs in the body. We also have learned more about deaths that involved kratom use and have identified additional adverse events related to this product. This new data adds to our body of substantial scientific evidence supporting our concerns about the safety and abuse potential of kratom.”

In its previous statements and documents, the FDA advised against the use of kratom and compounds found in the plant. As the United States battles the ongoing opioid epidemic, the concern surrounding the plant seems to have bloomed.


R: 20 / I: 4 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

Drug firms shipped 20.8M pain pills to WVirginia town with 2,900 people

Over the past decade, out-of-state drug companies shipped 20.8 million prescription painkillers to two pharmacies four blocks apart in a Southern West Virginia town with 2,900 people, according to a congressional committee investigating the opioid crisis.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee cited the massive shipments of hydrocodone and oxycodone — two powerful painkillers — to the town of Williamson, in Mingo County, amid the panel’s inquiry into the role of drug distributors in the opioid epidemic.

Between 2006 and 2016, drug wholesalers shipped 10.2 million hydrocodone pills and 10.6 million oxycodone pills to Tug Valley Pharmacy and Hurley Drug in Williamson, according to Drug Enforcement Administration data obtained by the House Committee.

Miami-Luken also was a major supplier to the now-closed Save-Rite Pharmacy in the Mingo County town of Kermit, population 400

In 2008, the company provided 5,624 prescription pain pills for every man, woman and child in Kermit.


R: 207 / I: 63 / P: 4 [R] [G] [-]

The Federal Reserve has stolen $25,000 Trillion!!

The Critical Post Chicago

Published on Jan 29, 2018

This report is an announcement about a $25,000 Trillion Theft by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York upon Indonesian Royal, Mr. Yohannes Riyadi. Please send this broadcast to everyone you know along with the hashtag #ArrestTheFed.



Their greed will be their downfall.


The Storm is here.

The releases coming over the next few weeks will expose the details of the methods by which the cabal rules the world through the control of money by showing you trading contracts with proceeds as high as $3 Trillion and $25,000 Trillion. Enough to fund every TRUE humanitarian project on Earth in addition to advanced technology, free energy, the exploration of our universe, housing, hydroelectric projects for undeveloped countries, turning deserts green and other infrastructure projects all over the world. Instead, the money is used to subvert the production of the people to a select few bloodline families. This is how these people control Planet Earth.

Signatories to the trading contracts:

(Scumbag criminals involved).

Federal Reserve:

Alan Greenspan

Ben Bernanke

Roger Ferguson

Janet Yellen

Timothy Geithner

US Government:

Barack Obama

Joe Biden

Jack Lew

Paul O’Neill

Neil Wolin


Trading Programs

Trading programs were created as a way to raise funds for projects that relate to humanitarian endeavors, ie. Creating, maintaining and rebuilding infrastructure, assistance with bringing undeveloped countries up to current technologies, rebuilding communities after natural disasters….are just a few of the applications.






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Archeologists find 8,000-year-old Swedish skulls mounted on stakes in Central Sweden

The skulls, found in 2011 at an excavation site in Motala, central Sweden, are understood to be from around 8,000 years ago.

At the time they were found, scientists were baffled as to why some of the skulls were mounted on wooden stakes. The unusual discovery was believed to be the first of its kind anywhere in the world, as The Local reported at the time.

This week, scientists have revealed more information about the bones of the nine adults and one newborn child.

"The majority of the skulls have traces of healing injuries in the same area on the head. It appears to be repetitive and there are differences between the men's and the women's injuries," Anna Kjellström of the Stockholm University said in a statement.

Writing in the journal Antiquity, Kjellström and her colleagues explained that the women had injuries on the back and the right side of their head, while the men had injuries at the top of their heads.

They said these injuries were caused by "interpersonal violence".


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Historian Who Predicted Every Presidential Win Since Reagan Predicts Trump will be impeached

>Allan Lichtman, an American University history professor, has correctly predicted the outcome of every presidential election since President Ronald Reagan was elected in 1984. Yes, he even predicted President Donald Trump's win in 2016.

>Now, he's doubling down on another prediction: Trump will be impeached following the results of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

>"I think Mueller — and this is my prediction — is going to come up with findings that are going to shock the country, not only involve conspiracy with Russia but could involve serious financial crimes,” Lichtman said on MSNBC's MorningJoe.

>Lichtman also believes the Russia investigation could turn out to be worse than many expect for the president.

>"[T]aking things of value from foreign nationals is a crime, aiding and abetting illegal computer hacking is a crime, negotiating as a private citizen with a hostile foreign power with which there is disputes is a crime. If this is serious enough—and I’ve taken a lot of flak for that—I think there even could be charges of treason," Lichtman said. "After all, Russia was waging war against us—not a war with bombs and bullets, but a cyber attack, an online attack designed to destroy democracy."

>This is to say nothing of possible obstruction of justice charges. “There’s as strong a case of obstruction of justice as there was against Bill Clinton on a vastly more important matter than a blue dress,” Lichtman observed.

>The historian expects that Republicans will be forced to act by a furious public after Mueller's findings are released.


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/Leftypol/ is still gay

Leftypol was seen sucking dicks and drinking de cum but dey not admit being gays even thou dey dress up like woman and lick da penis

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Ex-SEAL who shot bin Laden says Trump's military parade is 3rd world BULL SHIT

The former Navy SEAL who claims he fired the shot that killed Osama bin Laden is blasting President Donald Trump's desire for a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.

"A military parade is third world b——-. We prepare. We deter. We fight. Stop this conversation," Robert O'Neill tweeted Thursday.

O'Neill was part of the military operation ordered by President Barack Obama that killed the al Qaeda leader in 2011. He also has been a guest host on a favorite morning show of Trump's, "Fox & Friends," and dined with the President at the White House last year.

Reports surfaced Tuesday that Trump asked the Pentagon for a parade that would rival France's Bastille Day celebration that he attended last year. Defense Secretary James Mattis said Wednesday that the Pentagon is preparing options for a possible military parade to send to the White House for a decision.

Some question Trump's motives and argue that such a parade calls to mind displays of military power by authoritarian regimes such as North Korea or Russia.

The last major military parade held in the United States was in 1991 under President George HW Bush to celebrate victory in the Gulf War.


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The drug seen as more harmful than marijuana

Young people are far more likely to consider alcohol more harmful than marijuana, a new study has found.

Of the more than 1,900 people in Oregon asked by researchers from the Research Triangle Institute, an overwhelming 70.5 percent of those aged 18-34 believed alcohol is more harmful to a person's health.

And for people who declared they have used both marijuana and alcohol, 67.7 percent said alcohol was more harmful.


Archive wasn't working

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Pro-Gun Russian Bots Flood Twitter After florida school Shooting

Pro-Gun Russian Bots Flood Twitter After florida school Shooting

In the wake of Wednesday’s Parkland, Florida school shooting, which resulted in 17 deaths, troll and bot-tracking sites reported an immediate uptick in related tweets from political propaganda bots and Russia-linked Twitter accounts. Hamilton 68, a website created by Alliance for Securing Democracy, tracks Twitter activity from accounts it has identified as linked to Russian influence campaigns. As of morning, shooting-related terms dominated the site’s trending hashtags and topics, including Parkland, guncontrolnow, Florida, guncontrol, and Nikolas Cruz, the name of the alleged shooter. Popular trending topics among the bot network include shooter, NRA, shooting, Nikolas, Florida, and teacher.

On RoBhat Labs'


, a website created by two Berkeley students to track 1500 political propaganda bots, all of the top two-word phrases used in the last 24 hours—excluding President Trump's name—are related to the tragedy: School shooting, gun control, high school, Florida school. The top hashtags from the last 24 hours include Parkland, guncontrol, and guncontrolnow.


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White Nationalist Nikolas Cruz kills 17 in Florida School,after they wouldn't meet up with him

Seventeen people – children and adults – were killed when a gunman entered the high school on Wednesday afternoon and launched an attack. Twelve people were found dead inside the school, two were killed outside the building, one in the street, and two died later in hospital from their injuries.

The suspect has been named by police as 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz. He was arrested at the scene and when questioned by investigators,said,"I want to kill White nationalists people who wish to meet up without me.

The killer was armed with an AR-15 rifle and “multiple magazines”, police said.

Cruz was formerly a student at Douglas, but was expelled for wanting to kill White nationalists people who wish to meet up without him.

A teacher at the school said staff had been warned not to let him back on campus. The suspect had reportedly been receiving treatment for mental health issues.

Twelve of those killed have been identified, police said on Wednesday evening. No names of victims have yet been released, but Sheriff Scott Israel said a football coach was among those lost.

Fifteen victims remain in hospital: five in a life-threatening condition and 10 with injuries that are not life-threatening.

Students who had been at school with Cruz said many classmates had predicted he could “do something” to harm them and that he had previously brought guns to school and said he wanted to kill White nationalists who wished to meet up without him.


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10,000 yrs ago,First modern Britons had 'dark to black' skin, Cheddar Man DNA analysis reveals

The first modern Britons, who lived about 10,000 years ago, had “dark to black” skin, a groundbreaking DNA analysis of Britain’s oldest complete skeleton has revealed.

The fossil, known as Cheddar Man, was unearthed more than a century ago in Gough’s Cave in Somerset. Intense speculation has built up around Cheddar Man’s origins and appearance because he lived shortly after the first settlers crossed from continental Europe to Britain at the end of the last ice age. People of white British ancestry alive today are descendants of this population.

Combing human genome reveals roots of hair diversity

Read more

It was initially assumed that Cheddar Man had pale skin and fair hair, but his DNA paints a different picture, strongly suggesting he had blue eyes, a very dark brown to black complexion and dark curly hair.

The discovery shows that the genes for lighter skin became widespread in European populations far later than originally thought – and that skin colour was not always a proxy for geographic origin in the way it is often seen to be today

To perform the DNA analysis, museum scientists drilled a 2mm-diameter hole into the ancient skull to obtain a few milligrams of bone powder. From this, they were able to extract a full genome, which held clues about this ancient relative’s appearance and lifestyle.

The results pointed to a Middle Eastern origin for Cheddar Man, suggesting that his ancestors would have left Africa, moved into the Middle East and later headed west into Europe,

before eventually crossing the ancient land bridge called Doggerland which connected Britain to continental Europe. Today, about 10% of white British ancestry can be linked to this ancient population.

Scientists believe that populations living in Europe became lighter-skinned over time because pale skin absorbs more sunlight, which is required to produce enough vitamin D. The latest findings suggest pale skin may have emerged later, possibly when the advent of farming meant people were obtaining less vitamin D though dietary sources like oily fish.

Cheddar Man would have lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, making sharp blades from flints for butchering animals, using antlers to whittle harpoons for spear fishing and carving bows and arrows.


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When do we start shooting them?

These fucking degenerate-perverts aren't even hiding their depravity anymore.

How long must we tolerate being robbed and degenerated by these worthless-souls? This is why your education is shit, and your neighbor is trying to diddle your kid. This is why that chick you had a crush on in high-school now repulses you with her blue-hair, face-piercings and tattoo-covered tits. This is only the tip of the ice-berg… https://onwardstate.com/2018/02/07/study-sex-college-tour-coming-to-the-hub/

Please, let me know what day we are taking up arms to go full-Duterte on these cock-suckers. Thank you.

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YouTube CEO on Facebook's video ambitions:'They should go back to baby pictures'

The social network has been beefing up its video offering in what sources have described to CNBC as a more direct assault on YouTube. Facebook has talked to advertisers about expanding its "Watch" video product to more individual creators and rolling out an advertising system similar to YouTube's where all parties get a split of the revenue.

When Recode co-founder Kara Swisher asked Wojcicki on stage about whether she worries about increased competition from Facebook, the YouTube CEO returned a very diplomatic answer:

"I mean you always have to take your competitors seriously, but you don't win by looking backwards and looking around," she said, adding that she didn't know anything about Facebook's plans beyond what was reported in the media.

But, when pressed, she conceded:

"I mean, I think they should focus on what they're focused on," she said. "I think they should get back to baby pictures and sharing."


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DICTATOR Trump Won't Declassify Democratic Rebuttal to Nunes,IT hurts him

The White House has opted not to declassify a memo written by Congressman Adam Schiff and his Democratic colleagues on the House Intelligence Committee until the panel complies with Justice Department and FBI recommendations to redact certain portions of the document which refute the Nunes memo

The 10-page document was written in response to a memo written by the committee’s chairman, Devin Nunes, outlining alleged surveillance abuses by the Justice Department and FBI in pursuit of a surveillance order against early Trump campaign adviser Carter Page in October 2016. The FBI was, and still is, investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, and whether the Trump campaign aided the effort.

At issue is whether, as Nunes alleged, the FBI misled the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by improperly concealing the political origin of some of the evidence; both Democrats and the FBI have said the charge is false..so Trump won't release it


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QANON is compromised - stop contradicting me until you watch this video. Sorry, people. It's a total sham: when someone promotes a fake Podesta email as real, they lose all of my respect. Focus on what we really have- the WikiLeaks emails, the forthcoming memo. Give the egomaniac on 8chan a rest already. I don't care. And I believe the earlier Q on 4chan may have been legit, as the posts led to specific events right afterward. New Q is a Yoda wannabe wasting our time: no trust in him or her left! Time to arrest Podesta! No more puzzles or riddles! Where is SESSIONS? I don't trust him any more - not at all. Everyone is still free, FBI is totally rigged, so much time for the Clintons and Podestas to cover their tracks!



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Russians say Barents Sea king crab population hit record in 2017

The population of Kamchatka crab in the Barents Sea reached a historical record in 2017 said Russia's fishing agency, Rybolovstvo.

This may result in an increase of the total allowable catch by the Russian government in 2018 and the abolishment of the existing ban on coastal crab production in Russia, which has long been lobbied for by some leading local crab producers.

In addition to Kamchatka crab, the population of opilio crab, according to the agency's scientists, has also grown. Due to this, total catch of both species in the Barents Sea may reach 18,000 metric tons this year.

The population of the Kamchatka crab previously peaked in 2004, according Konstantin Sokolov, head of the Coastal Research Laboratory of the Polar Scientific Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (PINRO).

He also added that since 2004 the population has started to decline. However, it has grown in the last two years.

In the meantime, the rising Russian crab biomass has already led producers there to start a new wave of pressure on the country's government to lift the existing ban on crab catch in the 12-mile coastal zone.

Producers have already said they will provide additional guarantees on the release of all the juvenile and females during their fishing, as required by Russian legislation. They also pointed to the need to use the experience of neighboring Norway, which does not have any bans on the crab catch within its nearshore coastal area.

In the meantime, the attempts of producers to lift the ban have generally been rejected by the Russian government on the basis of recommendations of PINRO scientists and other research institutions, who disagree with producers on crab mortality.

They claim that more than 90% of the nearshore traps have excessive bycatch of small and female crabs. They believe lifting the ban will result in a significant decline of Russia's crab biomass.

Russia's Rosrybolovstvo also believes in order to abolish the moratorium on the coastal fishing of the Kamchatka crab, additional results of juveniles and female bycatch observations in territorial waters are needed.

A spokesman of Rosrybolovstvo said it is necessary to determine those fishing areas and zones, where the total bycatch will be less than 25%, and confirm this by regular observations.

Panelists at the recent Global Seafood Market Conference predicted that more Russian supply will hit the market in 2018 – the country’s red king crab quota, split between the Barents Sea and Far East fisheries, is expected to reach around 26,000t in 2018, compared to over 21,000t in 2017.


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Texas High-School Coach ‘Ignored’ Boy’s Screams as Teammates Raped Him with flashlight,baseball bat

Now, a new family has filed a lawsuit against the school district, claiming that a La Vernia coach witnessed and ignored two violent sexual assaults suffered by their son while he was on its basketball team.

The complaint alleges that a boy, listed as John Doe, was sexually assaulted more than 30 times between October 2016 and February 2017 in the La Vernia High School locker room, a shower at the school, during basketball practice, at other schools’ gyms, before and after basketball games, and after team dinners at other families’ homes.

Ultimately, police found that the alleged abuse—perpetrated by players on the high school’s baseball, football, and basketball teams—targeted at least 10 victims and spanned more than three years. The full scale of the assaults is not yet publicly known, but it has roiled the tiny town about 30 miles southeast of San Antonio.

Varsity players on all three teams were accused of sodomizing younger teammates with baseball bats, flashlights, and carbon-dioxide tanks. A total of 13 students—six of them legally considered adults—were arrested and charged with either sexual assault or sexual assault of a child.

The suspects facing criminal charges include 17-year-old Alejandro Ibarra, 17-year-old Robert Olivarez Jr., and 18-year-old Dustin Norman. According to arrest affidavits, they stand accused of pushing down a 16-year-old boy on a bed while raping him with the threaded end of a carbon-dioxide tank.

Also charged were 18-year-old Colton Weidner, 18-year-old Christian “Brock” Roberts, and 18-year-old John Rutkowski—all members of the school’s basketball team. According to arrest affidavits, Weidner, Rutkowski, and an unidentified juvenile held down a 15-year-old while Roberts sodomized him with a flashlight.

In another, at the Navarro High School gym on Jan. 20, 2017, Doe was sexually assaulted by his his teammate with a toilet brush handle, the suit states. Though the boy says he was “screaming and yelling as loud as he could,” he claims nobody helped him—not his teammates, not the coach.

When he emerged from the gym, the coach was allegedly standing there idly.

“It was clear [the coach] heard the screaming and yelling,” according to the lawsuit. But he “ignored the assault and did nothing.”

The first civil lawsuit lodged against the district was filed in April. It claimed that school coaches “sanctioned these rituals,” that it allowed a culture of hazing to flourish, and that other school officials “turned a blind eye toward the abuse, even after the abuse was reported to them.”

In the new lawsuit, John Doe echoes that fear, saying he began “having to shower with his underwear on to help deter and/or prevent future sexual assaults.”

La Vernia mothers told The Daily Beast in April that, according to their sons, once enough pairs of underwear were torn off and stuffed down the drains during the assaults, it clogged the pipes in the school. There were that many, they said.



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Charlottesville: Antifa Professor ClaimS He Chased James Fields’ Car with a Rifle Prior To Car Crash

Dwayne Dixon, a 45-year-old University of North Carolina anthropology professor and one of the ringleaders of the Antifa “Redneck Revolt” terror group that led the assault on the peaceful Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville on August 12 posted a picture on Facebook of himself holding a gun with the statement: “I take perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike’s lower in the defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south. Spike’s needs a good lesson in ethics and antifascism.”

From just shortly after the Charlottesville event happened, wherein James Fields drove his car into a crowd of leftists rioting in the street, resulting in Heather Heyer falling down and having a heart attack, the Alt-Right narrative has been to assume that Fields panicked due to having his car attacked, and that the accident was an accident.

Reportedly when Fields was arrested, he was crying and asking if anyone was hurt.

And here you have this man saying that he is pleased to have chased Fields with a rifle before the crash. That would certainly cause a man to panic, would it not?

When confronted in his office in the above video, Dixon completely loses his shit, assaults the cameraman and calls security.

You notice that the Fields case is not going anywhere. Nothing is happening. The media isn’t reporting on it.

Instead, the focus is on a bunch of Jews suing the attendants of the rally, claiming that they are all a part of a conspiracy to cause that car accident.


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Florida school shooter was DACA Dreamer

The Florida school shooter was a DACA "dreamer" who was obsessed with guns, ANTIFA and considered himself to be a Muslim joining many if the Arab resistance groups. When will we deport the illegals who terrorize us? When will the left stop hating America and Americans?

The DACA program is literally made to protect criminals.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – The man wanted for murdering a father who came to the aid of a shooting victim is a "Dreamer" with violent felons for a father and brother.

Judas Deluna, 21, is on the run, and accused of killing a father and husband as he just tried to help. De Luna is charged with felony murder in the shooting death of Rahman Rupani, 30.


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Liberals Mail Fake Anthrax to Donald Trump Jr

On Monday, Vanessa Trump was rushed to the hospital after she opened a letter addressed to her husband, Don Jr., which contained a suspicious white powder.

The suspicious letter that sent President Donald Trump's daughter-in-law to a Manhattan hospital was postmarked from Boston and appeared to contain corn starch, multiple senior law enforcement officials told NBC News.

The letter was addressed to Vanessa Trump's husband, Donald Trump Jr., the president's eldest son, officials said.


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Underwater supervolcano soon to blow and kill 100 million Japanese,six-mile lava dome is found

Researchers have found a six-mile wide lava dome which they believe is sitting over a restless reservoir of lava. It lies within within Kikai Caldera, near the southerly Ōsumi Islands Archipelago

Now experts fear a fresh eruption could even trigger deadly tsunamis, large enough to strike islands in Southern Japan, China and even North and South America.

The lava dome has risen to 600 metres above the seabed and is now only 30.5 metres beneath the Earth’s surface.

Researchers discovered several intrusions on the surface of the dome, leading them to believe that lava is building up underneath the dome.

They also spotted super-heated water columns, near the dome’s crust



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Israel will pay civilians $9,000 to capture African migrants

Israel is hiring civilian “immigration inspectors” to crack down on “illegal aliens and their employers,” marking a turning point in the Middle Eastern nation’s relationship with migrants and refugees.

In an advertisement this month, the Population and Immigration Authority said it would pay up to 30,000 Israeli shekels ($8,845) for civilians to carry out an “enterprise of national importance.” That included undertaking “enforcement tasks” against migrants that involved detecting, investigating, and arresting them. Candidates are expected to start in March 2018, a month before the country starts its designated “voluntary” process to return migrants to their country of origin or a third one.

The move comes a few weeks after Israel said it would help purchase tickets, obtain travel documents, and give $3,500 to African illegal migrants to leave—threatening them with arrest if they are caught after the end of March.

The United Nations refugee agency estimates that there are 27,000 Eritreans and 7,700 Sudanese in Israel, with the vast majority of them saying they fled war, persecution, and conscription. However, Israeli officials have called them “infiltrators” and a “cancer” who are in search of economic opportunities, and who constitute a threat to Israel’s social fabric and Jewish identity. As such, only 10 Eritreans and one Sudanese have been recognized as refugees in the country since 2009, according to UNHCR. Another 200 Sudanese from Darfur have also been granted humanitarian status.


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Israel Tortures 60% Of Palestinian Child Detainees

According to the PPC’s statement, Israelis interrogators beat and sleep deprive and threaten imprisoned Palestinian children with torture tools in order to force them to confess. The majority of These children are charged with throwing stones.

Since 2000, at least 8,000 Palestinian children have been arrested and prosecuted in an Israeli military detention system known for its systematic ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children.

In 2013, 199 Palestinian children, on average, were being held in Israel’s military detention every month, the highest average since 2010.


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YouTube serves ads with CPU-draining cryptocurrency miners

YouTube was recently caught displaying ads that covertly leach off visitors' CPUs and electricity to generate digital currency on behalf of anonymous attackers, it was widely reported.

Word of the abusive ads started no later than Tuesday, as people took to social media sites to complain their antivirus programs were detecting cryptocurrency mining code when they visited YouTube. The warnings came even when people changed the browser they were using, and the warnings seemed to be limited to times when users were on YouTube.

On Friday, researchers with antivirus provider Trend Micro said the ads helped drive a more than three-fold spike in Web miner detections. They said the attackers behind the ads were abusing Google's DoubleClick ad platform to display them to YouTube visitors in select countries, including Japan, France, Taiwan, Italy, and Spain.

The ads contain JavaScript that mines the digital coin known as Monero. In nine out of 10 cases, the ads will use publicly available JavaScript provided by Coinhive, a cryptocurrency-mining service that's controversial because it allows subscribers to profit by surreptitiously using other people's computers. The remaining 10 percent of the time, the YouTube ads use private mining JavaScript that saves the attackers the 30 percent cut Coinhive takes. Both scripts are programmed to consume 80 percent of a visitor's CPU, leaving just barely enough resources for it to function.

"YouTube was likely targeted because users are typically on the site for an extended period of time," independent security researcher Troy Mursch told Ars. "This is a prime target for cryptojacking malware, because the longer the users are mining for cryptocurrency the more money is made."

While drive-by cryptocurrency mining is an abuse that drains visitors' electricity and computing resources, there's no indication that it installs ransomware or other types of malware, as long as people don't click on malicious downloads.


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Pity Party -- Excellent Content by Atlantic

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFZBr03b9 Hk

Celebrate with your friends, your right hand, or by yourself Atlantic's brand new Valentine's Day special named Pity Party.

Pity Party goes into the deep complex relationship between Hydrastra and JEWS that divided #8chan into two chats. Luckily JEWS came to his senses and demodded Hydrastra to end a schism that still has impact to this very day.

Mind the space between the H and K

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

Cry if I want to (cry, cry, cry)

I'll cry until the candles burn down this place

I'll cry until my pity party's in flames

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

Cry if I want to (cry, cry, cry)

I'll cry until the candles burn down this place

I'll cry until my pity party's in flames

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFZBr03b9 Hk

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


==https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFZBr03b9H k== (mind the space)

Whether your loved one is your right hand, a waifu, or a real woman, it is never been a bad time to share Atlantic's new painfully artistic Pity Party video with your special one this Valentine's Day.

From the YouTube Studio of Atlantic I cheerfully present my brand new video titled "Pity Party" from the virtuoso of Roblox music video creating, Kavra.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

Cry if I want to (cry, cry, cry)

I'll cry until the candles burn down this place

I'll cry until my pity party's in flames

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

Cry if I want to (cry, cry, cry)

I'll cry until the candles burn down this place

I'll cry until my pity party's in flames

==https://youtu.be/jFZBr03b9H k== (mind the space)

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]


Whether your loved one is your right hand, a waifu, or a real woman, it is never been a bad time to share Atlantic's new painfully artistic Pity Party video with your special one this Valentine's Day.


From the YouTube Studio of Atlantic I cheerfully present my brand new video titled "Pity Party" from the virtuoso of Roblox music video creating, Kavra.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to Cry if I want to (cry, cry, cry) I'll cry until the candles burn down this place I'll cry until my pity party's in flames It's my party and I'll cry if I want to Cry if I want to (cry, cry, cry) I'll cry until the candles burn down this place I'll cry until my pity party's in flames

R: 14 / I: 3 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

Twitter is bots

The Follower Factory

Everyone wants to be popular online.

Some even pay for it.

Inside social media’s black market

Celebrities, athletes, pundits and politicians have millions of fake followers.

he real Jessica Rychly is a Minnesota teenager with a broad smile and wavy hair. She likes reading and the rapper Post Malone. When she goes on Facebook or Twitter, she sometimes muses about being bored or trades jokes with friends. Occasionally, like many teenagers, she posts a duck-face selfie.

But on Twitter, there is a version of Jessica that none of her friends or family would recognize. While the two Jessicas share a name, photograph and whimsical bio — “I have issues” — the other Jessica promoted accounts hawking Canadian real estate investments, cryptocurrency and a radio station in Ghana. The fake Jessica followed or retweeted accounts using Arabic and Indonesian, languages the real Jessica does not speak. While she was a 17-year-old high school senior, her fake counterpart frequently promoted graphic pornography, retweeting accounts called Squirtamania and Porno Dan.

All these accounts belong to customers of an obscure American company named Devumi that has collected millions of dollars in a shadowy global marketplace for social media fraud. Devumi sells Twitter followers and retweets to celebrities, businesses and anyone who wants to appear more popular or exert influence online. Drawing on an estimated stock of at least 3.5 million automated accounts, each sold many times over, the company has provided customers with more than 200 million Twitter followers, a New York Times investigation found.

The accounts that most resemble real people, like Ms. Rychly, reveal a kind of large-scale social identity theft. At least 55,000 of the accounts use the names, profile pictures, hometowns and other personal details of real Twitter users, including minors, according to a Times data analysis.

Jessica Rychly, whose social identity was stolen by a Twitter bot when she was in high school.

“I don’t want my picture connected to the account, nor my name,” Ms. Rychly, now 19, said. “I can’t believe that someone would even pay for it. It is just horrible.

In November, Facebook disclosed to investors that it had at least twice as many fake users as it previously estimated, indicating that up to 60 million automated accounts may roam the world’s largest social media platform. These fake accounts, known as bots, can help sway advertising audiences and reshape political debates. They can defraud businesses and ruin reputations. Yet their creation and sale fall into a legal gray zone.

The actor John Leguizamo has Devumi followers. So do Michael Dell, the computer billionaire, and Ray Lewis, the football commentator and former Ravens linebacker. Kathy Ireland, the onetime swimsuit model who today presides over a half-billion-dollar licensing empire, has hundreds of thousands of fake Devumi followers, as does Akbar Gbajabiamila, the host of the show “American Ninja Warrior.” Even a Twitter board member, Martha Lane Fox, has some.


R: 4 / I: 2 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]

SOTU rundown plus David Rothschild crying


ALSO the Democratic assasina tion attempt with the train crash bane style!!!


>segment one is SOTU breakdown

>>7 points to discuss

>>>then some good bants about medical mafia

>bill crystil tweets before crash!

>>David redshield is going nuts at Trump

What will the establishment do to get their power back.

Tune in and grab some non soy cocoa…

Kick back and relax shooting b ball outside of.school

>Stephen King claimed this week’s fatal train crash, which was carrying Republican congressmen and killed one person, was “karma” in a post on Twitter, Thursday.

R: 41 / I: 17 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Mysterious sonic weapon attacks on americans in Cuba continues,same symptoms suffered by diplomats

Nineteen American citizens have reported symptoms similar to those suffered by U.S. diplomats who had been identified as victims of alleged attacks in Cuba.

“Since September 29, the Department of State has been contacted by 19 U.S. citizens who reported experiencing symptoms similar to those listed in the Travel Warning after visiting Cuba,” a spokesperson for the State Department’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs told the Miami Herald in an email.

“We continue to urge U.S. citizens to reconsider travel to Cuba,Some sort of sonic weapon is being used on unsuspecting americans” she added.



R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Rose McGowan drives her manager to suicide,blames Harvey

Rose McGowan slammed online for posting picture of herself but NOT mentioning suicide of former manager

The 44-year-old actress shared a selfie from January's Digital-Life-Design Conference where she was honored with an Impact Award for using her voice to speak out against sexual assault as she continued to milk the Weinstein affair for all it's worth

One Twitter user quickly responded to the photo, saying, 'What do you do for all women? You're endangering a movement for me and all women. You've taken a hammer to #metoo.'

Ashley Paulman continued, 'Rose is at the helm of her own cis white feminism– selfish, self important, and she has publicly tormented victims.

'Today she pats herself on the back for "what [she's] done for all women" and says 0 about Jill. Harmful, uncaring narcissism not to be confused with #metoo.

The family of Messick, age 50, released a statement on Thursday confirming that the studio head had died from suicide.

Messick's family revealed the executive had suffered privately from depression and at least one manic episode, in an essay that was intensely critical of Weinstein, McGowan and the press, saying their loved one 'became collateral damage in an already horrific story.'


R: 50 / I: 12 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Israeli minister 'honored' to be barred from Nazi Poland over Holocaust bill

Poles murdered a lot of jews for their Nazi masters,like the subservient genetically inferior dogs they are.

THey even killed millions more,without the go ahead of their betters.

This is known as the pecking order (a hierarchy of status seen among members of a group of people or animals, originally as observed among hens.)

The Poles felt superior after butchering children in gas chambers,where as the Nazis just considered it getting rid of vermin

It was in this poisonous atmosphere(no pun intended) that Israel’s education minister said on Monday he was “honored” Poland had canceled his visit to Warsaw this week because he refused to back off of condemnation of a bill that would outlaw suggesting Poland was complicit in the Holocaust.

Earlier on Monday, Naftali Bennett said he would travel to Poland to discuss the bill, which Israeli officials have said amounts to Holocaust denial. However Poland’s government spokeswoman said there would be no such visit.

“The blood of Polish Jews cries from the ground, and no law will silence it,” Bennett later said in a statement. “The government of Poland canceled my visit, because I mentioned the crimes of its people. I am honored.”

A Polish measure to impose prison sentences of up to three years for mentioning the term “Polish death camps” and for suggesting “publicly and against the facts” that the Polish nation or state was complicit in Nazi Germany’s crimes is known as de-nile,which ain't a river.

Today Poland still evinces it's Subservient Bootlicking to it's Nazi betters as it tries to think of it's self as an Aryan Race


R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Ban circumcision for boys under-18s,says Denmark group,but Goverment fears refugees

A group called Intact Denmark is trying to garner support to ban male circumcision for anyone under 18.

This is a measure, that if a recent Megafon poll is to be believed, 83 percent of Danes are behind, reports TV2 News.

As in a number of other countries, ordinary citizens can start a petition to the Danish Parliament on issues they feel strongly about via the borgerforslag.dk website. If a suggestion receives a minimum of 50,000 supporters within 180 days, Folketinget is obliged to debate it.

Intact Denmark has submitted its suggestion and is waiting for it to be approved and posted on the website for signing.

It’s all about freedom of choice

“If people want to let themselves be circumcised then they should have the opportunity to make that choice as an adult. Otherwise, they ought to be allowed to grow up with their body intact,” said chairperson of the organisation, Lena Nyhus.

However, the issue is fraught with cultural and religious baggage, as male circumcision is commonly practiced by both Jews and Muslims.

“There could be a national security risk if Denmark becomes the first country to ban circumcision,”

said Liselott Blixt, health spokesperson for DF.

"we must let immigrants dictate our national laws and policies first,then we decide",he further iterated.


R: 21 / I: 3 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

6 Kansas Teens Enter Governor's Race..rules changed quickly

When it comes to the rules about who can run for state office? There are no rules.

"Under Kansas law, there is no law governing the qualifications for governor, not one," Bryan Caskey, director of elections at the Kansas secretary of state's office, told The Kansas City Star last year. "So there's seriously nothing on the books that lays out anything, no age, no residency, no experience. Nothing."

So into the race jumped Jack Bergeson. Calling himself an anti-establishment candidate, 17-year-old Bergeson is pursuing the Democratic nomination, advocating for a $12 minimum wage, legalization of medical marijuana, and high-speed rail for major cities in the region.

Two more teen boys threw hats in the ring, spurring Kansas lawmakers to try to put a stop to such youthful exuberance. Republican Rep. Blake Carpenter introduced a bill requiring candidates to be at least 18 years old to run for the state's top elected offices, such as governor, secretary of state or attorney general. And candidates for governor and lieutenant governor would have to have lived in the state for four years.


R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

San Fran Teacher Arrested For Dangling brat yr old Student From 2nd Story Balcony

A teacher at San Francisco’s Marshall Elementary School who was seen dangling a student from a second floor balcony has been arrested on child endangerment charges, authorities said Tuesday.

San Francisco Police said 47-year-old Andres Tobar turned himself into police on Tuesday morning. He was being held in the San Francisco County Jail on felony child endangerment/abuse charges.

San Francisco School District Chief Communications Officer Gentle Blythe said in an email to KPIX 5 that Tobar “was seen cradling a student and holding the student over the balcony on the 2nd floor of Marshall Elementary School”,saying,"You just couldn't keep your little faggot mouth mouth shut in class,could you?"


R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Longest-standing video game(Atari 2600 Dragster)record declared ‘impossible,’ thrown out after 35 yr

Twin Galaxies, the video game record keeper and official source for Guinness World Records, has declared one of the oldest gaming world records invalid after 35 years. Player Todd Rogers has been stripped of his world record for finishing the simple Atari 2600 racing game Dragster, after months of debate over his completion time.

“Based on the complete body of evidence presented in this official dispute thread, Twin Galaxies administrative staff has unanimously decided to remove all of Todd Rogers’ scores as well as ban him from participating in our competitive leaderboards,” reads a post on the Twin Galaxies forum from the organization’s staff.

That’s a major blow to a prolific record holder, whose career stretches back to the earliest days of console gaming. Rogers courted controversy with his oldest record, however — and it directly caused his ban. In 1982, Rogers submitted to Activision’s official fan newsletter a time of 5.51 seconds, which the company recognized in print, awarding Rogers a patch. Twin Galaxies later added Rogers to its own leaderboards in 2001, and Guinness World Records awarded the player with the honor of holding the world’s longest-standing gaming record in April 2017.

Yet Rogers never provided recorded or other proof of his 5.51 time in Dragster, a sticking point in the years that followed. His personal website offered a simple explanation of how he achieved his unbeatable time, while maintaining that Activision’s certification of his time — highlighted in one of the company’s newsletters — was enough to cement his place on the gaming leaderboards.

Yet when Twin Galaxies introduced a new process for disputing scores in July 2017, Rogers’ time in Dragster was one of the first to be challenged. In August 2017, several community members submitted Rogers’ 5.51-second Dragster finish for review. A thread on the Twin Galaxies’ forum about how Rodgers’ Dragster time was technically impossible ran for nearly 300 pages and included almost 3,000 posts. Its most notable skeptic, who goes by the handle Omnigamer, wrote that they failed to reproduce Rogers’ time in a tool-assisted run, leading them to analyze the game’s code and conclude that no one could complete the racing game that fast without some serious cheating


R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Britain First deputy Jayda Fransen blamed for baby's death

A mother has told a court she blames the deputy leader of Britain First for her daughter's stillbirth. Kelli Best said she lost her child two days after Jayda Fransen shouted "racist remarks" through her letterbox.

Folkestone Magistrates' Court heard Ms Fransen had been directing the comments at Ms Best's partner, a Muslim man due to face trial for rape. Ms Fransen and the leader of the far-right group, Paul Golding, both deny religiously-aggravated harassment. A video played in court showed her banging on the door of the Kent property and shouting: "Come out and face me you disgusting rapist."



R: 238 / I: 50 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

The Fix /pol/ Spammer works in a supermarket

The fix_/pol/ spammer accidentally uploaded an image of his workplace while on one of his tirades. The file name Indicates that it came directly from his phone and Tineye had 0 matches. Now we know the source of his anger, he is mad because he has to mop up peepee all day. Be sure to ask him how his shift was whenever you see him post.







R: 13 / I: 1 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

I got banned for posting this on /newsplus/






















R: 5 / I: 3 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Hungary’s border fence shows that tough borders work and protect communities

The Hungarian prime minister’s state secretary, Csaba Domotor, visited the country’s border crossing at the town of Tompa on Monday.

>According to Domotor, “The Tompa border fence guarantees Hungary’s security and stands as a symbol of the fight against illegal migration”. The fence also shows that “it is possible to protect our communities and our culture,” Domotor said.

Since building its border fence, illegal migration in Hungary has dropped 99.7%. Hungary is free of Islamic terrorism and no-go zones. The country’s border fence is a clear example of how borders can protect nations and their citizens.

Domotor said that without the fence, “hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants would be arriving even today, making the country vulnerable to the consequences of migration”.

He mentioned that the fence will stay in place as long as Viktor Orban is the country’s prime minister.


R: 13 / I: 2 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Steve Bannon Said He 'Didn't Want To Be A Wet Nurse For A 71-Year-Old' As He Left White House

Bannon reiterated his support for Trump after it had emerged in Fire and Fury that he had referred to Donald Trump Jr. as a traitor for meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential campaign, in a comment that appeared to enrage the president, who claimed the book was “fake.”

“Michael Wolff is a total loser who made up stories in order to sell this really boring and untruthful book,” Trump tweeted in January.

“He used Sloppy Steve Bannon, who cried when he got fired and begged for his job. Now Sloppy Steve has been dumped like a dog by almost everyone. Too bad!”


R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

This Year’s Flu Is as Bad as the Swine Flu Epidemic,CDC Says

It surpasses every winter flu season since 2003, when the government changed the way it measures flu.

Early last month, it hit what seemed like peak levels — but then continued to surge.

The season has been driven by a nasty type of flu that tends to put more people in the hospital and cause more deaths than other more common flu bugs. Still, its long-lasting intensity has surprised experts, who are still sorting out why it’s been so bad.

One possibility is that the vaccine is doing an unusually poor job; U.S. data on effectiveness is expected next week.Preliminary studies out of Australia and Canada have found the shot was only 10 to 20 percent effective in those countries against the H3N2 strain that’s causing the most suffering this winter.

Some doctors say this is the worst flu season they’ve seen in decades. Some patients are saying that, too.


R: 48 / I: 14 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]


>A California judge ruled Monday the state couldn’t force a cake shop owner to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding, ruling that doing so would constitute a violation of free speech.

>Superior Court Judge David Lampe denied the State of California’s request for a preliminary injunction that sought to force bakeshop owner Cathy Miller to design a wedding cake for a gay couple.

>“For this court to force such compliance would do violence to the essentials of Free Speech guaranteed under the First Amendment,” Lampe ruled, according to a press release sent to The Daily Caller News Foundation. The injunction also posited that if Miller refused to design the cake, the state would force her to close her Tastries Bakery shop altogether.

>“We are pleased that the judge recognized that the First Amendment protects Cathy’s freedom of speech,” chief counsel and Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF) president, Charles LiMandri, said after the ruling, the press release reports. LiMandri argued in Friday’s court hearing that Miller doesn’t discriminate against same-sex couples, but refuses to use her artistic talents to express a message that conflicts with her religious beliefs about marriage.

>The ruling comes after two women asked Miller to design their wedding cake and filed a complaint with the state, alleging that Miller discriminated against them on the basis of sexual orientation. They also posted about the event on social media. Following their complaint, the state launched an investigation and sought a court order to force Miller to bake their wedding cake.

>“This is a significant victory for faith and freedom because the judge indicated in his ruling that the State cannot succeed in this case as a matter of law,” LiMandri said. “No doubt the California officials will continue their persecution of Cathy, but it is clear that she has the Constitution on her side.”


R: 23 / I: 7 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Dan Rather:"Trump's Defense Of Wife beating Porter is A 'Heat-Seeking Missile'"

Long-time CBS anchor Dan Rather called President Donald Trump’s defense of Rob Porter, a former White House staff secretary accused of domestic abuse, a “heat-seeking missile” aimed at some of the president’s “biggest vulnerabilities.”

It Takes a little more than just an accusation to get a restraining order against someone and since there was such order, police found enough credible evidence to pursue it in a court of law.

Rather wrote in a Facebook post that Trump’s support of Porter “reminds everyone” that Trump, too, has been “credibly accused of assault (by multiple women).” Twenty-one women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct.

Trump’s “incredible cocoon of privilege and ego … blinds him to the sheer horror of his statements in defense of Mr. Porter,” Rather said.

“Debating whether credibly accused wife beaters should be allowed the honor … to serve in the White House isn’t democracy. It’s madness — and a moment of sadness for the country,” Rather concluded.


R: 12 / I: 1 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Germany’s far-right party is launching its own newsroom because of left news bias

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) is taking matters into its own hands and is launching its own online newsroom because it believes its not getting enough press or is being presented it in the way it would like.

Speaking to Focus magazine (link in German), AfD leader Alice Weidel said its TV newsroom, which will be launched in April, would offer an alternative public sphere to the established media. Weidel called it “an innovative turning point in the federal republic.”

“As long as the AFD is ignored by many media or deliberately maligned with fake news , this can be the only way,” Weidel said.

The plan is for a group of 20 staff working 24 hours a day to disseminate the party’s take on the German news. They’ll also spread the AfD’s messages and highlight topics that, according to Weidel, “have been swept under the carpet.” However, there’s resistance in the AfD ranks about funding—they’ve already hit a snag getting approval for the PR staff budget.

The AfD—which entered the German parliament for the first time with around 13% of the vote after the September 2017 election—is already pretty social-media savvy. During the election campaign, it hired Texas-based Harris Media, which has worked with Britain’s UKIP and Donald Trump’s campaign during the Republican primaries.

The AfD campaigned purely on anti-immigrant sentiment, with posters depicting pigs, captioned: “Islam doesn’t fit with our cuisine,” and scantily clad women and the line: “Burqas? We like bikinis.”


R: 29 / I: 4 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

UK needs 4300 more migrant workers,food rotting in fields,Brexit to blame

Fruit and vegetable farms across the UK were left short of thousands of migrant workers in 2017, leaving some produce to rot in the fields and farmers suffering big losses.

More than 4,300 vacancies went unfilled, according to new survey data from the National Farmers Union (NFU), which covers about half the horticultural labour market. The survey, seen exclusively by the Guardian, shows more than 99% of the seasonal workers recruited came from eastern Europe, with just 0.6% from the UK.

Since the vote to leave the European Union in 2016, growers have warned repeatedly of damaging labour shortages, with recruiters reporting that Brexit has created the perception among foreign workers that the UK is xenophobic and racist.


R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake Are Starting Sex Education Now with 2-Year-Old Son Silas



>Discussing her involvement in the video — which helped launch the Tryst Network, a new sex-positive initiative to help women raise their sexual IQ via engaging, fun content — Biel also dished on how her opinions on the subject affect her household that includes husband Justin Timberlake and their son Silas Randall.

>“I have a 2½-year-old [and] we’re starting [sexual education] now,” she said. “We’re using technical terms … we shower together, and [we say], ‘This is what I’ve got. This is what you’ve got.’ We just talk about it. I know it’s really young, but I really believe that if you start this early, there’s no shame.”

>“I don’t want to tell him, ‘Keep your private parts,’ and this and that,” explains the actress, 35. “It’s a beautiful thing. You have it and mine is different and it’s cool, man. We have to respect ourselves and respect each other. So I believe it starts really young.”

R: 11 / I: 1 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Germany averaged four anti-Jew crimes per day in 2017

The rising trend of anti-Semitic crimes in Germany shows no signs of abating, according to a newspaper report on last year's crime statistics that was published on Sunday.

In 2017, German police registered a total of 1,453 crimes that targeted Jews or Jewish institutions, reported German newspaper Tagesspiegel, citing figures from the German government.

Police attributed 33 of the offenses to foreign-born anti-Semites, not including Islamists.

Another 25 of the cases were "religiously motivated," including those involving either foreign-born or German Muslims with extremist beliefs, according to the Tagesspiegel report.


R: 10 / I: 7 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Quincy Jones says Marlon Brando had sex with Richard Pryor & Marvin Gaye

Pryor's widow, Jennifer.

Jennifer confirmed the Richard-Marlon hookup, which Quincy Jones first mentioned in a pretty wild Vulture interview. As Q put it, Brando would "f* anything. Anything! He'd f* a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye." The allegation sent the Internet into a frenzy.

Jennifer tells TMZ … Richard would have no shame about Quincy's comments. She says the comedic legend was always very open about his bisexuality with friends, and documented it extensively in diaries. Jennifer says she'll publish them later this year.

As for Richard hooking up with Brando – she says, "It was the '70s! Drugs were still good, especially quaaludes. If you did enough cocaine, you'd f*** a radiator and send it flowers in the morning."

Jennifer says she has no doubt Richard would be cracking up if he heard Quincy spilling the tea.


R: 29 / I: 13 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Villagers put frozen 'meteor' in fridge - turns out to be airplane poop

Indian villagers were so excited by a frozen "meteor" that crashed into a farmer's field Saturday that a few gathered pieces of the rock and stashed them in their refrigerators.

Meteorites can be worth thousands of dollars, but this unidentified falling object was not from outer space.

According to the Indian Express and the International Business Times, the yellow-brown "meteor," weighing around 20 pounds, had a transparent surface and resembled ice. The impact created a 1-foot-deep hole in the field.

"I rushed to the spot and saw the object. It seemed to weigh at least 8 or 10 kilograms, judging by the dent it had made on the ground," the Indian Express quoted Govind Singh as saying. "Initially, we thought it could be ice but it was not melting. So, we figured it must have some kind of chemical in it."

Eventually a team of scientists from the India Meteorological Department was assembled and collected samples of the object at the site.

Their verdict: The meteor was actually frozen feces.

The news was a setback for the souvenir collectors, who realized their refrigerators were preserving airplane lavatory poop. They had to clean the appliances and anything else in their houses that had come in contact with the frozen excrement.

Airplanes jettisoning human waste is apparently a problem in India. Only 10 days ago the government reiterated a December 2016 order forbidding airlines from emptying their toilet tanks mid-air, the Indian Express reported.

The fine for dumping is 50,000 rupees ($782), a penalty that may not be draconian enough to get the airlines' attention.

In 2016, a woman from Madhya Pradesh suffered a severe head injury after she was hit by a frozen football-sized chuck of frozen sewage, according to the International Business Times.


R: 31 / I: 2 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Soynadian PM Trudeau Mansplains To Woman That "Mankind" Is Not An Appropriate Term

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being widely mocked over the internet after he interrupted a woman during a town hall to admonish her over using the word "mankind" in her question, telling her to instead use "peoplekind." Trudeau was hosting a Q&A at MacEwan University in Edmonton on Thursday as part of a cross-country tour which began in January.

Aimee, a member of South Korean feminist church World Mission Society Church of God, asked a question about removing Canadian restrictions on religious organizations when Trudeau corrected her.

Aimee: We came here today to ask you to also look into the policies that religious charitable organizations have in our legislations so that it can also be changed because maternal love is the love that's going to change the future of mankind.

Trudeau: We – we like to say "peoplekind," not necessarily "mankind" 'cause it's more inclusive.


R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Killer says: Teen girl Posted a Craigslist Ad Asking to Be Murdered,so he did

Joseph Lopez, 22, claims he didn’t know Natalie Bollinger before the Broomfield, Colorado, teenager allegedly wrote a disturbing Craigslist post. “I want to put a hit on myself,” Bollinger allegedly wrote on her local Craiglist’s “women seeking men” section in late December, according to an affidavit first reported by Denver7. Lopez claims he answered the post posing as a hitman. Then, cops say, his make-believe profession became real.

Lopez said he replied to the ad, using a hit man persona. He reached Bollinger, who allegedly told him she would pay him to kill her execution-style.

Eventually, Lopez claimed, they found the wooded area. He said they prayed before he shot her in the head with a gun she provided.

Police found Bollinger’s body in a wooded area on a dairy farm on Dec. 29. Her boyfriend had reported her missing the previous day. The boyfriend’s Glock pistol was also missing from his home, he told police, according to the affidavit.

Although the bullet killed her, her autopsy also noted that Bollinger had “a potentially lethal level of heroin in the blood at time of death.”



R: 38 / I: 6 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Lesbian teacher fired after posting wedding pictures on Facebook,outrage & lawsuits ensues

In a letter to parents, Principal Carlota Morales called it a “difficult and necessary” decision. Nearly a dozen parents who had children in Morffi’s class came to the school to protest her firing. The parents called her a “great teacher” and said they were aware that she is openly gay and that it made no difference.

A spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Miami told WPLG Morffi “broke the contract she signed when she began teaching at a Catholic school.” Her contract contained a moral turpitude clause.

Morffi’s attorney told WPLG they are considering the next legal steps they can take.

Morffi posted a brief statement to Facebook on Friday addressing the issue:

“This weekend, I married the love of my life and, unfortunately, I was terminated from my job as a result. In their eyes, I’m not the right kind of Catholic for my choice of partner. “


R: 52 / I: 17 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Marine Veteran shot in the Head

Marine veteran shot in the head by irresponsible gun owner who was also an irresponsible driver

“We don’t know the motive and we don’t know what preceded it other than the red car was striking the golf cart,” Hoster said. “We know that this was very erratic behavior on the roadway leading up to the shooting.”

Brayer, who graduated from Arizona State University, joined the Marine Corps in 2001 after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to an ASU news article. He was in Iraq for nine months and also did humanitarian work in the Philippines, according to the article.

“I had wanted to be a Marine since I was 10 years old,” Bayer said in 2011. “My family was very patriotic. We flew the flag every day, and my grandfather was a decorated World War II veteran who was regional director of the American Legion in Arizona.”

Parks is being held on a $300,000 bond and is scheduled back in court next week.


R: 147 / I: 19 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Did Russia donate to NRA To help Trump Win?

The FBI is investigating whether a top Russian banker with ties to the Kremlin illegally funneled money to the National Rifle Association to help Donald Trump win the presidency, two sources familiar with the matter have told McClatchy.

FBI counterintelligence investigators have focused on the activities of Alexander Torshin, the deputy governor of Russia’s central bank who is known for his close relationships with both Russian President Vladimir Putin and the NRA, the sources said.

The extent to which the FBI has evidence of money flowing from Torshin to the NRA, or of the NRA’s participation in the transfer of funds, could not be learned.

However, the NRA reported spending a record $55 million on the 2016 elections, including $30 million to support Trump – triple what the group devoted to backing Republican Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential race. Most of that was money was spent by an arm of the NRA that is not required to disclose its donors.



R: 97 / I: 25 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

The Mules and thugs of Shadow Gov exposed.



Fake Pee Pee Dossie used by Mueller as a basis for fake prosecutions against Paul Manafort




This article lies:

Senior military and intelligence officials in the Trump administration say they agree with findings in a January report by key American intelligence agencies that Moscow directed a misinformation and hacking campaign to tilt the U.S. election.

Trump officials never claimed they agreed with this. If anything, they agree that Hillary used the Russians to produce the pee pee dossie to attack Trump.

Among other things, the document alleges Trump’s former campaign chief Paul Manafort, political operative Carter Page, and Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen played a role in procuring damaging information on Trump’s campaign rival Hillary Clinton with assistance from the Kremlin.

Thus, the Mueller indictments against Manafort and Carter Page psy warrant are thus based upon this fake phony pee pee dossie as well.

Fake Dossie damages reputations of Russians

Three Russians named in the document filed a libel lawsuit in the U.S. against Fusion GPS early this week claiming their reputations have been damaged by the firm.

On Tuesday, three Russian investors filed a lawsuit in Washington claiming their reputations had been damaged by the dossier.





Scumbag Trey Gowdy claims the pee pee dossie has nothing to do with the Mueller probe, but the above information shows that Mueller used the pee pee dossie to renew the recent FISA warrants under Rosenstein (with a total of 4 warrants having been issued and some recently, based upon the fake pee pee dossie).

Thus, Mueller not only used the fake pee pee dossie to begin his investigation, but also used it to renew the FISA WARRANTS!

R: 22 / I: 2 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Sex differences in human brain structure are already apparent at one month of age, study finds

On average, men and women differ psychologically in small but reliable ways, such as in personality, interests, and cognitive performance, but the basis of these differences is up for debate. Are they innate or due to how we’re socialised?

Neuroscientists look for traction on this question by studying sex differences in the brain, premised on the idea that these might contribute to the observed psychological differences. However, studying the brains of adults, or even teenagers, still leads to spinning wheels, because culturally produced differences will show up in the brain too. But how about one-month old infants, the subjects of a paper published in the journal Brain Structure and Function? Since birth, babies at this age have spent most of their time sleeping and suckling with limited eyesight, so profound socialisation effects aren’t going to be a factor. And yet, the new findings reveal that sex differences in a number of brain areas are already apparent.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison team led by Douglas Dean III recruited 149 expectant mothers who brought in their infants – 77 girls and 72 boys – for brain scanning one month after giving birth.


R: 30 / I: 10 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Canadaian PM Trudeau faces backlash over 'peoplekind' comment

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing a backlash for correcting a woman who used the term "mankind". During a town hall event in Edmonton, Alberta, last week, Mr Trudeau interrupted the young woman and urged her to say "peoplekind" instead.

Critics accused the prime minister of "mansplaining", "virtue-signalling" and making up words. But his spokesman said Mr Trudeau was "a proud feminist" whose policies reflect "commitments to equality". A young woman stood up during last Thursday's town hall and praised Mr Trudeau for having a gender-balanced cabinet.

The audience member, mentioning her membership of a feminist Korean church, said the country needed an economy filled with women. She then asked the prime minister about his policy on volunteerism and religious organisations. The young woman ended her question by saying: "Maternal love is the love that's going to change the future of mankind."

Mr Trudeau waved his hand and said: "We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind. It's more inclusive." The young woman said: "Exactly, yes, thank you." Members of the crowd cheered and applauded.



R: 7 / I: 2 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Nbc Olympic Commentator say S Korea was lucky to be Occupied by Japan from 1910-1945

Noting that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan was in attendance, Mr. Ramo described Japan as “a country which occupied Korea from 1910 to 1945, but every Korean will tell you that Japan is a cultural, technological and economic example that has been so important to their own transformation.”

The remark immediately ignited outrage in South Korea, the Olympic host nation, where resentment of Japan’s harsh early 20th-century annexation of the Korean Peninsula continues to simmer. Just last month, Mr. Abe’s attendance at the Games was in question after tensions escalated over Japan’s refusal to reissue an apology for the Japanese military’s role in forcing Korean and other women to work in military brothels during World Wa II.


R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Orcas can imitate human speech, stunning new research reveals

Killer whales able to copy words such as ‘hello’ and ‘bye bye’ as well as sounds from other orcas, study shows

High-pitched, eerie and yet distinct, the sound of a voice calling the name “Amy” is unmistakable. But this isn’t a human cry – it’s the voice of a killer whale called Wikie.

New research reveals that orcas are able to imitate human speech, in some cases at the first attempt, saying words such as “hello”, “one, two” and “bye bye”.

The study also shows that the creatures are able to copy unfamiliar sounds produced by other orcas – including a sound similar to blowing a raspberry.

Scientists say the discovery helps to shed light on how different pods of wild killer whales have ended up with distinct dialects, adding weight to the idea that they are the result of imitation between orcas. The creatures are already known for their ability to copy the movements of other orcas, with some reports suggesting they “We wanted to see how flexible a killer whale can be in copying sounds,” said Josep Call, professor in evolutionary origins of mind at the University of St Andrews and a co-author of the study. “We thought what would be really convincing is to present them with something that is not in their repertoire – and in this case ‘hello’ [is] not what a killer whale would say.”can also mimic the sounds of bottlenose dolphins and sea lions.


R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Probe reveals NHS hospitals are infested with maggots, cockroaches and rats

Probe reveals NHS hospitals are infested with maggots in a cancer clinic, cockroaches in intensive care and rats above operating theatres

The details of the infestations – the most comprehensive ever to emerge – follow a Freedom of Information request by this newspaper to 135 trusts across England.

From the jaw-dropping responses, it can be revealed that:

Rats were found above operating theatres at Exmouth Hospital in Devon, while evidence of them was found in the ceiling voids above theatres and day surgery units at University Hospital Coventry;

Maggots dropped from the ceiling in the reception of a cancer clinic at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust;

Britain’s most dangerous spider, the false widow, was reported several times at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, and in the creche at Queen’s Hospital in Romford;

Cockroaches were reported in the intensive care unit at Walsall Hospital and in the chemotherapy unit at the Hospital of North Tees;

At Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, mice were found in the private maternity wing;

Nursery staff at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex, reported rat sightings six times in less than three years;

Mice, ants and fleas have been reported in MRI and CT scanners.


R: 10 / I: 3 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Soros IS TRYING to stop Brexit

His foundations have donated £400,000 (more than $556,000 USD) to the Remain-supporting group Best for Britain.

The campaign is targeting both members of the public and MPs to prevent Brexit from occurring.

Soros hosted a donors dinner at his house but was unsuccessful in getting any financial pledges.

The organization since confirmed that Soros contributed £400,000 (more than $556,000) through his foundations.

Best for Britain plans to launch a country-wide campaign this month to push for a second referendum and, per leaked documents obtained by The Telegraph, the campaign is also targeting MPs to vote against the final Brexit deal.

The document reportedly says the campaign must "wake the country up and assert that Brexit is not a done deal. That it’s not too late to stop Brexit."

It also outlined plans for mass rallies as well as the use of "guerilla marketing tactics."

The campaign is currently trying to recruit donors, and Soros hosted donors at a dinner party in late January.

The Telegraph reports donors were told the attendee's goals were to"raise public support for Remain to a clear and growing national majority by June/July 2018 and channel that pressure into MPs’ mailbags and surgeries."


R: 26 / I: 5 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

To Kill a Mockingbird, Huckleberry Finn removed from Duluth schools for the nigger word

Beginning next school year, they'll be replaced as required reading by other literature that addresses the same topics in ninth- and 11th-grade English classes, said Michael Cary, the district's director of curriculum and instruction.

Stephan Witherspoon, president of the NAACP's local chapter, applauded the school district's decision to stop requiring students to read the books. Some people think the novels are educational literature for students, he said, but the novels are "just hurtful" and use "hurtful language that has oppressed the people for over 200 years."

"It's wrong. There are

a lot more authors out there with better literature

that can do the same thing that does not degrade our people.


R: 35 / I: 8 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

German workers win right to 28-hour week

Labor union IG Metall secured an unprecedented deal this week to give a large portion of its 2.3 million members more flexible working hours and a big pay rise.

From next year, workers at many of Germany's top engineering firms – such as Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler (DDAIF) – can opt to work 28 hours a week for up to two years, before returning to the standard 35-hour week.

The deal was negotiated with representatives of more than 700 companies in southwest Germany. It is expected to have ripple effects across German industry.

"This sets the standard for everyone else," said Megan Greene, chief economist at Manulife Asset Management.

IG Metall said the flexibility would help employees who want to care for children or relatives. Pay will be reduced to reflect the shorter working week. The deal also gives workers the option to work 40 hours to earn more.

German workers are taking advantage of low unemployment and strong economic growth to flex their muscles.

"You can expect similar deals to come in other sectors and regions soon," said Famke Krumbmüller, a partner at OpenCitiz, a political risk consultancy.


R: 8 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Morgan Freeman’s Srebrenica Show Angers Bosnian Serbs

The screening of a National Geographic Channel programme in the Morgan Freeman series ‘The Story of Us’ has sparked accusations of anti-Serb bias and counter-accusations alleging that wartime crimes are being denied.

In the programme, which was broadcast on Sunday, Freeman is shown around the Srebrenica genocide memorial by well-known Bosnian TV journalist Senad Hadzifejzovic and his son.

The Hollywood star also visits Sarajevo, talks about the three-and-a-half-year siege of the city by Bosnian Serb forces, and discusses Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic’s culpability for the 1992-95 war.

The Bosnian Serb official news agency SRNA published angry reactions from well-known Serb analysts on Tuesday, accusing the National Geographic Channel of depicting Serbs as war criminals during the 1990s conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We have seen for 25 years many similar attempts to present the Serbs as war criminals in the former Yugoslavia and as the criminal party, so in this sense, this is not surprising,” Banja Luka-based writer Vladimir Kecmanovic told SRNA.

Belgrade-based analyst Dragomir Andjelkovic meanwhile described the Freeman programme as “propaganda” that should be systematically countered.

Others have complained that Freeman did not mention Serb war victims in the programme, giving a one-sided view of wrongdoing in the Bosnian war.

But Zlatiborka Popov Momcinovic, a Sarajevo-based peace activist, said that these reactions were an attempt to deny what actually happened.

“Every time when the responsibility of Serb leaders is mentioned, you will find these or similar reactions, which shows us that efforts to face the past must be stronger,” Popov Momcinovic told BIRN.


R: 11 / I: 3 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

USAToday's List of America’s Top 20 most-hated companies updated for 2018

20. The Weinstein Company

19. United Airlines

18. Facebook

17. CenturyLink

16. Monsanto

15. Comcast

14. Uber

13. Sears Holdings

12. The Trump Organization

11. Wells Fargo

10. Cigna

9. Spirit Airlines

8. Vice Media

7. Sprint

6. Foxconn Technology Group

5. Electronic Arts

4. University of Phoenix

3. NFL

2. Fox Entertainment Group

1. Equifax



R: 20 / I: 3 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Male victim accuses California DEM.Assemblywoman #MeToo leader of Groping his penis

California Democratic Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, the head of the Legislative Women’s Caucus and a leading figure in the state’s anti-sexual harassment movement, is accused of groping a male staffer from another lawmaker’s office.

Daniel Fierro told The Associated Press on Thursday that Garcia stroked his back, squeezed his buttocks and touched his crotch in a dugout after a legislative softball game in 2014.

Fierro didn’t report it at the time but in January told his former boss, Democratic Assemblyman Ian Calderon, who reported it to Assembly leaders. The Assembly is now investigating Garcia.

Politico first reported Fierro’s accusation.

Garcia’s spokeswoman Teala Schaff said the assemblywoman learned Jan. 23 a complaint was filed but was given no details and only learned the specifics of the allegations from Politico.

“Every complaint about sexual harassment should be taken seriously and I will participate fully in any investigation that takes place,” the Los Angeles-area lawmaker said in a statement thursday. “I have zero recollection of engaging in inappropriate behavior and such behavior is inconsistent with my values.”

“If the person leading the charge on it isn’t credible it just ends up hurting the credibility of these very real stories,” Fierro told the AP.

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, a Democrat, said in a statement he is directing human resources to reach out to Garcia’s staff to make sure they feel safe from this predator.

Garcia’s photo was featured in Time Magazine’s Person of the Year issue on being one of the “Silence Breakers” on sexual harassment.

“I refuse to work with (Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra) and anyone who takes part in harassment or assault,” she tweeted in October after it was reported Bocanegra had been disciplined in 2009 for groping a colleague. Bocanegra later resigned after more women made public accusations.

Fierro and the lobbyist said it appeared Garcia was inebriated at the time of the encounters.



R: 12 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Gay figure skating star refuses to meet with Mike Pence,says he might be ass raped to convert him

Gay figure skating star refuses to meet with Mike Pence during the Winter Olympics — and Pence fires back, saying he's 'misinformed','I don't rape'

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, who is openly gay, turned down a meeting with Vice President Mike Pence after publicly criticizing Pence's record on LGBTQ rights and the number of gay rapes he has been accused of

"You mean Mike Pence, the same Mike Pence that funded gay conversion therapy by ass raping gays? I'm not buying it," Rippon said last month, referencing the controversial and scientifically discredited practice that seeks to alter an individual's sexual orientation or gender identity.

He went on, "I'm not trying to pick a fight with the vice president of the United States. If I had the chance to meet him afterwards, after I'm finished competing, there might be a possibility to have an open conversation,as long as he didn't try to ass rape me."


R: 51 / I: 8 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Russia bans British satire film about Soviet history

The Russian release of British comedy film The Death of Stalin has been shelved following a screening before senior figures on Monday night.

The Russian attendees complained that the satire contained "ideological warfare" and "extremism".

The film's distribution certificate was withdrawn, effectively cancelling its planned Thursday release.

The culture ministry told Interfax news agency it had informed the film's Russian distributor, Volga, of the decision.

Monday's screening of the film, which was released in the UK in October, was attended by members of parliament as well as representatives from Russian cinema.

Many were unhappy with what they saw.

Yelena Drapeko, deputy head of the lower house of parliament's culture committee, told RBK news she had "never seen anything so disgusting in my life".



R: 36 / I: 7 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Trudeau Compares Italians immigrants to Returning ISIS Fighters

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s outdone himself this time. The PM has already chalked up a pretty good list of greatest gaffes.

Justin Trudeau was asked by a Canadian man how he would keep Canada safe from returning ISIS fighters.

Trudeau started talking about refugees, even mentioning the Italian, Greek, and Portuguese community. He tried to make a comparison of past attitudes towards those communities, and then apparently link those attitudes to returning ISIS fighters.

In doing so, Trudeau insulted millions of Canadians.


R: 25 / I: 5 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Trump's offshore drilling plan could hurt Maine lobsters and Maryland crabs

Fishermen and environmental advocates say searching for offshore oil can damage marine life, because surveyors shoot the ocean floor with airguns.

Seismic exploration's "impacts include temporary and permanent hearing loss, abandonment of habitat, disruption of mating and feeding, and even beach strandings and death," according to the advocacy group Oceana.

Shortly before leaving office, the Obama administration denied permits to oil companies for seismic testing in the Atlantic. In May, the Interior Department said it would resume requests for surveys.

Fishermen also worry about the possibility of an environmental disaster like the 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico spill.

In Mississippi, seafood and commercial fishing sales dropped by nearly 50% between 2009 and 2010 and jobs fell by a third, according to a survey from Mississippi State University's Coastal Research and Extension Center.

The BP spill hurt the state's seafood industry, too, because people were concerned about consuming fish from the Gulf, according to a 2015 report from Mississippi State Professor Ben Posadas.


R: 24 / I: 11 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Trump crab makes it's wig from sponges,tell him so offshore drilling won't hurt Maryland crabs

The sponge crab is drawn toward its hairpiece by a deep, evolutionary need for protection. A young crab will approach a sponge and "feel around with its pincers and snip off a piece," says Mary Wicksten, a biologist at Texas A&M University. It then tailors the sponge to fit its shell and goes through a rather elaborate hairdressing ritual, hoisting the sponge onto its back with a pair of short, hooklike legs. Only then is the crab complete.

Once the crab is sponged, its fear of death is somewhat eased, as sponges smell bad to kani-loving octopuses and fish(like President Trump's hair smells to democrats).

It is then free to troll the ocean floor(as President Trump does twwitter) for seaweed, worms, and other morsels of protein.

When it comes to food, says Wicksten, "Like President Trump, the crab is not fussy at all."


R: 46 / I: 14 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Record Distance Migration of Blue Crab, Ramifications Unknown

CRYSTAL RIVER, Fla. — A commercial fisherman isn't sure how his latest catch ended up in his trap. The crab he caught had a tag on it that read "Smithsonian Environmental Research Center."

The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, Maryland tagged nearly 50,000 crabs in the Chesapeake Bay between 2003 and 2016.

Robert Aguilar, a biologist with Smithsonian, said recreational and commercial crabbers who reported catching a tagged crab received a reward. Some crabs worth $5, but others worth more.

Aguilar said they believe they tagged the crab Cochran caught on July 17, 2015. This would be the furthest south any of their tagged crabs have traveled.

Researchers tagged the crabs because they are interested in studying the blue crap population.


R: 11 / I: 1 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Fake News outlet 'Newsweek' in Chaos as Top Editors, Reporters Fired and Staff Sent Home

The staff turmoil comes amid questions about the media company’s financial viability amid legal woes over sexual harassment and questions about the veracity of its online traffic.

“IBT employees were not paid last night,” a current Newsweek employee told TheWrap. “They claimed we were about to get paid by 3 and 5 today and if we don’t get paid by 5 I am going to lead the f—ing revolution.”

Company management fired “everyone on that investigative team and a ‘payroll error’ last night means nobody in the company got paid,” said the employee.

A second Newsweek insider said a general panic had swept remaining employees.

On Friday, Newsweek’s chairman, Etienne Uzac, and his wife, finance director Marion Kim, both left the company after a report in BuzzFeed said that the media company had engaged in ad fraud and used dodgy tactics to artificially increase traffic.

Last month, Newsweek’s office was raided by the NYPD and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for reasons that remain unclear. Employees at the time reported that officers had been taking pictures of computer servers.

Also last month, the company’s chief content officer, Dayan Candappa, was placed on leave after sexual misconduct accusations at a previous employer surfaced.


R: 14 / I: 1 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

'Offensive' Tunnock's Tea Cake ad banned by regulator

An advert featuring a female tennis player holding a Tunnock's Tea Cake at the top of her thigh has been banned. The Tea Cake, in place of a tennis ball, was visible with the player's skirt raised at the hip along with the text "Where do you keep yours?" and "Serve up a treat".

One person complained that the ad was sexist and objectified women. The Advertising Standards Authority upheld the complaint because of its likelihood to cause serious offence. Thomas Tunnock Ltd, trading as Tunnock's Tea Cakes, said the ad appeared on a poster site next to the SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow last November to coincide with a charity tennis match.



R: 23 / I: 3 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Russian spy master visited Trump despite being on U.S. blacklist

Senate Democrats expressed outrage Tuesday at reports that the head of Russia’s foreign intelligence service visited Washington recently despite being on a U.S. government blacklist that prohibits many dealings with him.

The Russian Embassy in Washington said via Twitter that Sergey Naryshkin, who heads the Russian intelligence agency known as the SVR, was in Washington last week for “consultations” with his American counterparts “on the struggle against terrorism.” The embassy cited a report in the state-controlled Russian news agency, Tass.

This is a serious national security issue,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said. “Russia hacked our elections. We sanctioned the head of their foreign intelligence. Then the Trump administration invites him to waltz through our front door.”

Schumer and other Democrats suggested that Naryshkin’s visit may have influenced President Trump’s decision not to impose new sanctions on Russia before a deadline Monday. The administration instead released a list of more than 200 Russian officials, politicians and “oligarchs,” defined as people with a net worth of more than $1 billion — who it said could be penalized.


R: 101 / I: 28 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Facebook: Russian agents created 129 U.S. election events

WASHINGTON/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc said Russian agents created 129 events on the social media network during the 2016 U.S. election campaign, according to testimony to Congress, shedding more light on Russia’s purported disinformation drive aimed at voters.

Facebook, in a written statement to U.S. lawmakers released on Thursday and dated Jan. 8, said that 338,300 different Facebook accounts viewed the events and that 62,500 marked that they would attend. The company said it did not have data about which of the events took place.

Facebook, the world’s largest social media network, said in September only that Russians had created “several promoted events.”

Copies of the event pages that have surfaced since then show that at least some of them were political rallies centered on divisive subjects, such as immigration. Russia denies the conclusions of U.S. intelligence agencies that it tried to meddle in American democracy.

Facebook delivered the details to Congress this month in response to written questions from the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee.

Facebook said that it had found “overlap” between the online marketing done in 2016 by Russian agents and by President Donald Trump’s campaign and called it “insignificant.” The company said it was not in a position to either substantiate or disprove allegations of collusion between the two camps.

Trump denies any collusion and has described investigations by congressional panels and a special counsel as a witch hunt.

Facebook has previously said some 126 million Americans may have seen Russian-backed political content on Facebook over a two-year period, and that 16 million may have been exposed to Russian information on Instagram.

Facebook, Twitter Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google testified about misuse of their services before three congressional committees in October and November.

Also in its written response to follow up questions, Facebook said that last year it removed Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab from its list of free anti-virus offerings to users who go to the social media site from a computer that may be infected with malicious code.

Facebook said it no longer provided Kaspersky Lab as a recommended anti-virus option but that it was “unable to easily reconstruct how many Facebook users downloaded Kaspersky software.”

Kaspersky Lab has repeatedly denied allegations by U.S. security officials that its software could enable Russian espionage, a fear that led to the U.S. government last year to ban the use of its products in federal computer networks.

A Kaspersky spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the testimony.

Facebook said it was also in the process of “phasing out internal use of a different Kaspersky antivirus product” that does not transmit data back to Kaspersky Lab. It did not name the product.

In separate written responses, Google said Kaspersky Lab had not been approved for use in its corporate systems and that a review had not found any installation of its products. Twitter also said it did not use Kaspersky Lab.

Facebook also said it would take “significant steps” in the coming weeks to notify users of an online tool it released last month that allows them to check whether they have followed or liked Facebook pages or Instagram accounts associated with the Internet Research Agency, a suspected Russian troll farm.



R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]


The Democratic Coalition, one of the many new progressive-minded organizations to bloom in the age of anti-Trump fervor, brought in nearly half a million dollars last year. Its donors include Siddiqui, a pair of Hollywood television producers, a former Real Housewife of Miami, and a member of the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors. The vast majority of its funds, however, have come from people whose names don’t make it into Federal Election Commission disclosures: the small, “unitemized” donors who give $200 or less.

It’s what the group has done with its money—not how much it has brought in—that has raised eyebrows among other operatives.


R: 27 / I: 2 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

DPD courier who was fined for day off to see doctor dies.DPD does damage control

A courier for the parcel giant DPD who was fined for attending a medical appointment to treat his diabetes collapsed and died of the disease, it has emerged. Don Lane, 53, from Christchurch in Dorset, missed appointments with specialists because he felt under pressure to cover his round and faced DPD’s £150 daily penalties if he did not find cover, his widow has told the Guardian.

DPD delivers parcels for Marks & Spencer, Amazon and John Lewis but only pays couriers per parcel delivered. It treats them as self-employed franchisees and they receive no sick or holiday pay. The company’s system of charging drivers if they cannot cover their round has been described as appalling by the chairman of the House of Commons’ work and pensions committee, Frank Field.

Lane had collapsed twice, including once into a diabetic coma while at the wheel of his DPD van during deliveries, when the company fined him in July after he went to see a specialist about eye damage caused by diabetes. He collapsed again in September and finally in late December having worked through illness during the Christmas rush. He died at the Royal Bournemouth hospital on 4 January, leaving behind a widow, Ruth, and a 22-year-old son. He had worked for DPD for 19 years

Ruth Lane told the Guardian: “There was a constant threat of a fine. They had to deliver the parcels to tight slots and the pressure to get them done was huge. He was putting the company before his own health. He wasn’t able to do his parcels first and make the hospital appointments, so he would cancel on the day. .

Trade unions last night said the government must crack down on bogus self-employment. The TUC general secretary, Frances O’Grady, said: “The insecure work free-for-all has to end … this will be a real test of Theresa May’s government. Does she even have a domestic agenda any more?”


R: 58 / I: 31 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

'Here's for the guys' downed Russian pilot says,pulling grenade as jiadists closed on him in Syria

'Here's for the guys'Russian pilot says,pulling grenade as jiadists close in on downed jet in Syria

The DUKE would have been proud of this "russkie".

He puts the American flyboys to shame,sitting in their chairs back 'home',joysticks in hands,killing children remotely

Roman Filipov's reported last words were: "Here's for the guys."

His Sukhoi-25 ground-attack aircraft was shot down over rebel-held Idlib province. He survived the attack and ejected, but died in a ground fight.

It reported that he told his superiors he had been hit by a missile, before ejecting himself from the plane.

Is this a rare event?

It could be the first time rebels have shot down a Russian fighter jet since Moscow began its Syria campaign in September 2015, although rebels did bring down a helicopter in 2016.


Mean while 2,000 US troops fight in 1 Donkey Syrian farm town Because of the pro-Israel neocons in DC

Why on earth are at least 2,000 US troops mixed up in this fracas in darkest Syria? Because the pro-Israel neocons in Washington, who pretty much run US foreign policy these days, are determined to have revenge for the defeat of US-backed rebel forces in Syria. So it’s once more into the breach near Afrin and the town Manbij though America has zero national interests in Syria.


R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Fake Indian doctor infects 33 people with HIV,re-uses same needle for fake flu shots

The Indian Medical Association estimates that about 45 per cent of the people in India who practice medicine have no formal training.

The police the doctor(sic) could be charged with carrying out a negligent act likely to spread infection, voluntarily causing grievous harm and practising medicine without having registration as a medical practitioner.

“Patients have told us this man is about 35 years old and would go around on a bicycle, giving out pills and injections to treat colds, coughs and other ailments. He is a quack,” Choudhary said.


R: 11 / I: 1 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Watch Live Views of SpaceX's Starman Riding a Tesla Roadster in Space!

Update for 11:56 p.m. EST: SpaceX's live webcast of the Tesla Roadster and its Starman mannequin has ended after more than four hours.

SpaceX's "Starman" dummy may have launched into space with today's maiden voyage of the Falcon Heavy rocket, but there's no need to say farewell to the lonely passenger just yet. Now you can virtually ride along with him in his cherry-red Tesla Roadster by tuning in to a live webcast beamed to Earth directly from the space car.

Following the launch of the Falcon Heavy, the electric car and its dummy passenger were placed into orbit around the Earth. But in a few hours, the payload will be on its way into a solar orbit that will send it cruising by Mars.[In Photos: SpaceX's 1st Falcon Heavy Rocket Test Launch Success!]

SpaceX has not yet said how long the live stream will last, but the Tesla's battery will only last for about 12 hours after liftoff, Musk said in a post-launch briefing at Kennedy Space Center. So the live views from Starman's vehicle should end sometime around 3:45 a.m. EST (0845 GMT) on Wednesday (Feb. 7). As with other SpaceX webcasts, a video recording will likely be available on SpaceX's YouTube page after the live stream ends.


R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

"First britons were black", Jewtin's anti-white judeo-bolshevist kremlin kike media claims


The Russian president has denounced any attempts to rehabilitate Nazism as immoral and dangerous in his message to the Russian-Chinese conference dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

“We consider the cynical attempts to rewrite history so that it matches someone’s urgent political interests, to rehabilitate Nazis and their collaborators, as absolutely inadmissible,” Vladimir Putin said in his address to members of the Russian-Chinese conference on the role of USSR and China in the victory over Nazi Germany and militarist Japan in the Second World War.

“Such actions are not only immoral, they are extremely dangerous as they push the world towards new conflicts, cruelty and violence,” the Russian leader added.

In January, Putin spoke at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow and stated that another reason for political forces attempting to rewrite the history of WWII was the desire to hide one’s own disgrace, cowardice, hypocrisy and treachery, as well as the intent to justify the direct or indirect collaboration with Nazism.

R: 17 / I: 6 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

A special tax to save the struggling NHS won’t work. Here’s why

This idea distracts from what’s needed: a bipartisan royal commission to stop NHS money being wasted, then reform.

A special NHS tax is a bad idea. The concept as put forward today by a group of health professionals is naive. First, it will not happen and is thus a distraction from getting more money for health. Second, if it were introduced, every good cause would want its own tax: housing, schools, student fees and the army. The Treasury would just slash existing spending on them.

That 10 senior figures from the NHS, general practice and nursing, on a panel set up by the Liberal Democrats, should want more for their service is not surprising.

This winter has seen the biggest flu epidemic in a decade put intense pressure on hospitals. As usual, this has led to critical operations being postponed for lack of beds: the big NHS squeeze point is moving people in and out of hospital. This does not prove a lack of money, but reflects a breakdown in coordination between GPs, hospitals and that Cinderella of the health service, local council community care.

Massive resources were tipped into the NHS by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The chief beneficiaries were medical salaries, drug company profits and private finance initiative contractors. After 2010, the coalition’s austerity cuts slashed community care by as much as a third, inundating surgeries and clogging hospitals. Money was poured into the NHS, but withdrawn from home care, day centres and other ancillary services on which maternity and a soaring number of elderly people depend. A special tax for the NHS and social care in England will not cure this, and a special council tax for community care will lead to howls over postcode lotteries.

The welfare state was founded on a tax called national insurance. It was initially ringfenced – but soon merged into general taxation. Car taxes were supposed to go on road building. It was promised that the lottery would not replace normal spending on the arts and sport. It was all rubbish. A health surtax on incomes would merely enable the Treasury to cut or freeze existing spending.

It was a good idea by the Lib Dems to put together a 10-person inquiry into the NHS, a bad one to set up a lobby for the NHS’s ancien regime. No profession will suggest radical reform of itself, least of all doctors. The best ideas would be for a bipartisan royal commission to see where NHS money is being wasted, whether on drugs, agencies and PFI, or on archaic professional barriers between GPs, consultants, nurses, pharmacists and care workers. We all know that demand for the NHS is soaring, with the Care Quality Commission predicting a “sharp decline” in future service. Most overseas systems – many now outperforming the NHS – ration by selective pricing or the “nudge” of reclaims or insurance.

The British NHS rations by congestion, delay and bad publicity. It may be that taxpayers should go on paying more for it, but there should be no taxation without reformation.



>lefties being conned into supporting big brother pharma while God Emperor Trump keeps infinitely striking back at the pharmaceutic jew

R: 37 / I: 8 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

US opposes gas pipeline linking Russia to Germany,citing it would make europe less dependent on USA

The United States and Poland on Saturday took a strong stand against a planned gas pipeline linking Russia to Germany, saying it is part of a Kremlin scheme to politicize energy and undermine attempts to make Europe less dependent on Moscow.

And more dependent on the US

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz, after meeting in Warsaw, denounced the pipeline, which would bypass Poland and leave Central Europe less vulnerable to US pressure

“Like Poland, the United States opposes the Nord Stream 2 pipeline,” Tillerson said at a news conference with his counterpart. “We see it as undermining Europe’s overall energy security and stability and providing Russia yet another tool to politicize energy as a political tool over which the US has no control.”

The pipeline would be the second to carry Russian gas directly to Germany and Western Europe via the Baltic Sea instead of through Poland and Ukraine where the US can control it.

Poland began importing liquid natural gas from the U.S. last year at subsidized prices


R: 85 / I: 8 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Trump Ordered Mueller Fired, but Backed Off When White House Counsel Threatened to Quit

President Trump ordered the firing last June of Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation, according to four people told of the matter, but ultimately backed down after the White House counsel threatened to resign rather than carry out the directive.

>The West Wing confrontation marks the first time Mr. Trump is known to have tried to fire the special counsel. Mr. Mueller learned about the episode in recent months as his investigators interviewed current and former senior White House officials in his inquiry into whether the president obstructed justice.

>Amid the first wave of news media reports that Mr. Mueller was examining a possible obstruction case, the president began to argue that Mr. Mueller had three conflicts of interest that disqualified him from overseeing the investigation, two of the people said.

>First, he claimed that a dispute years ago over fees at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va., had prompted Mr. Mueller, the F.B.I. director at the time, to resign his membership. The president also said Mr. Mueller could not be impartial because he had most recently worked for the law firm that previously represented the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Finally, the president said, Mr. Mueller had been interviewed to return as the F.B.I. director the day before he was appointed special counsel in May.

>After receiving the president’s order to fire Mr. Mueller, the White House counsel, Donald F. McGahn II, refused to ask the Justice Department to dismiss the special counsel, saying he would quit instead, the people said. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because they did not want to be identified discussing a continuing investigation.


R: 20 / I: 2 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Why dogs eat shit

While gulping down turds at the dog park is typically not dangerous to the pooch, Hart said the mere idea - not to mention the resulting potty breath - is so revolting to some owners that they're willing to give their poop-eaters away.

More than 80 percent of the shit eating dogs were reported to favor shit no more than two days old. Hart believes this taste for freshness suggests a cause that goes back more than 15,000 years - to dogs' wolf ancestors.

Wolves typically shit away from their dens, in part because shitcontain intestinal parasite eggs.

But if, say, a sick or lame wolf did its business at home, the waste wouldn't necessarily be dangerous immediately. Parasite eggs usually don't hatch into infectious larvae for a few days, Hart said.

"So how do you get rid of it? They don't have pooper-scoopers," Hart said of wolves. "If they eat it right away, it's safe to eat. They won't get infected by parasites."

That led Hart to proffer a new theory: That today's shit-eating dogs still carry around this wolfy instinct, even though the shit of modern-day pets tend to be parasite-free thanks to preventive treatments. The case isn't closed, he said, but "it's a logical explanation

But Serpell noted that the survey also found that coprophagic dogs were far more likely to be labeled "greedy eaters" by their owners, which he said might suggest dietary motivations.

Previous research, Serpell said, has found that free-roaming dogs in developing countries, who must scavenge to fill their bellies, eat quite a lot of human shit.

It asked owners about their efforts to stop dogs from eating shit - whether with behavior modification, such as lacing stools with pepper or rewarding dogs that obeyed when told "leave it alone," or by using any of 11 popular commercial products.

All failed miserably. Owners' reported success with store-bought products, many of which are tablets that make dogs' own shitoop taste terrible, ranged from 0 to 2 percent.


R: 13 / I: 2 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Former Italian PM says if elected,pledges to deport 600,000 illegal immigrants from Italy

Silvio Berlusconi has pledged to deport 600,000 illegal immigrants from Italy should his centre-right coalition enter government after elections on 4 March, as tensions simmer over the shooting of six Africans by a far-right extremist on Saturday.

The 81-year-old rightwing former prime minister said in a TV interview that immigration was a “social bomb ready to explode in Italy” and that the shooting in Macerata posed a security problem.

“Immigration has become an urgent question, because after years with a leftwing government, there are 600,000 migrants who don’t have the right to stay,” said Berlusconi. “We consider it to be an absolute priority to regain control over the situation.”

Berlusconi’s Forza Italia has forged an alliance with two far-right parties, the Northern League and the smaller Brothers of Italy, for the elections.

Berlusconi took a swipe at the EU for failing to share the burden of Italy’s migrant arrivals, saying: “Today, Italy counts for nothing in Brussels and the world. We will make it count again.”

Italy is a favoured landing point on Europe’s southern coastline for people making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean, often on board unseaworthy boats, to enter the continent. However, 2017 was a turning point for Italy: the country went from large-scale arrivals in the first six months to a sharp drop-off, thanks to a controversial agreement between the EU and Libya. About 119,000 people came to Italy by boat last year, a 37% drop from 2016.

Five men and one woman, all from Ghana, Mali or Nigeria, were wounded in the Macerata shooting. Luca Traini, a 28-year-old arrested over the incident, was a failed candidate for the Northern League in local elections last year.

The party’s leader, Matteo Salvini, distanced himself from the shooting but said an “invasion of migrants” was at the root of a “social clash”. “I can’t wait to get into government to restore security, social justice and serenity to Italy,” he said on Saturday.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

testimony of carter page

Carter Page was threatened by domestic terrorists after the FBI leaked information they unlawfully obtained using the Steele Dossier as a source. He states the only Russian he greeted was Arkady Dvorkovich after giving a speech at an event Arkady Dvorkovich was set to speak at too. He states he has never even met with Trump face to face or contacted him through other means like cellphone, email, etc. He pleaded the fifth because the FBI had already illegally obtained more info on him than he could possibly provide. The absolute madman.

This is a great read if you have the time.


R: 13 / I: 6 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

127Lb female competitive eater beats them all,again,500 chicken wings in 30 min

Molly Schuyler smashed the previous record of 444 wings, set by Patrick Bertoletti at Wing Bowl 23 in 2015. Schuyler’s a Wing Bowl veteran, boasting wins at Wing Bowl 22, when she ate 363 wings, and Wing Bowl 24, when she ate 429 wings.

Last year’s Wing Bowl winner, Bob “Notorious B.O.B.” Shoudt, who weighs 275 pounds, ate 409 wings. Schuyler, by contrast, weighs only 127. It may seem like a bigger person would be a better eater, but in fact, with less abdominal fat, Schuyler’s stomach has more room to expand, unrestricted by fat.

A 2007 study on competitive eaters’ stomachs, first-authored by Marc Levine and published in the American Journal of Roentgenology, showed that a competitive eater’s stomach can be trained to become “an enormous flaccid sac capable of accommodating huge amounts of food.”

“In that sense, a top competitive speed eater may be compared with a predatory carnivore that periodically gorges itself on its kills, ingesting massive amounts of food for sustenance until it captures another prey days or even weeks later,” wrote Levine and his colleagues. Similarly, competitive eaters often don’t eat for a full day after a competition, allowing their body to process and uh, pass all that food.

In a 2014 interview, Schuyler said she eats mostly veggies at home, but that she drinks plenty of liquids, which could help keep her stomach from shrinking back down between competitions.


R: 69 / I: 13 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Formula 1 stops using grid girls: a feminist victory?

Feminist victory?

I've gone back to the first source:


31 Jan 2018

Formula 1 will end the long-standing practice of using walk-on grid girls, commencing with the start of the 2018 FIA Formula 1 World Championship season. These changes also apply to our other motorsports series that take place during the Grands Prix weekends.

Formula 1 considers the time spent by teams and drivers on the grid before a race as one of celebration, where guests and various performers can add to the glamour and spectacle of the Grand Prix, enabling promoters and partners to showcase their countries and products.

“Over the last year we have looked at a number of areas which we felt needed updating so as to be more in tune with our vision for this great sport," saidSean Bratches, Managing Director, Commercial Operations at Formula 1.

"While the practice of employing grid girls has been a staple of Formula 1 Grands Prix for decades, we feel this custom does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms. We don’t believe the practice ist appropriate or relevant to Formula 1 and its fans, old and new, across the world.”

The new F1 season begins on March 25 with the2018 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

R: 113 / I: 26 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

People with autisim have much higher rates of Paranoia and belief in Conspiracy Theories

Levels of paranoia are higher in autism: systematic review

The idea that levels of paranoia might also be elevated as and when a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is received is discussed in a recent review paper by Debbie Spain and colleagues [1]. Looking at the available peer-reviewed literature on the topic, researchers reported that those with ASD "were consistently found to have higher levels of paranoia compared to non-clinical controls, and lower levels than individuals with current psychotic experiences manifesting in the context of schizophrenia." They further speculated that: "core ASD characteristics and associated neurocognitive impairments also serve to precipitate and perpetuate paranoia."

Appropriate clinical screening is, once more, implied as and when any suspicions about the presence of chronic paranoid thinking occur when autism is diagnosed; not least because of the potential for progression into the clinical realms of schizophrenia (with caveats) and related labels. That paranoia combined with ruminative thinking and/or worry [5] for example, can in some circumstances be absolutely disabling for a person is also a good reason why intervention should be very, very seriously considered…



Conceptualising paranoia in ASD: A systematic review and development of a theoretical framework


Psychosocial factors may render individuals with ASD vulnerable to developing paranoia.

Seven cross-sectional studies have examined paranoia in ASD.

Levels of paranoia are higher in ASD, compared to typically-developing samples.

ASD traits and neuropsychological functioning may precipitate and perpetuate paranoia.

A framework outlining causal and maintaining factors for paranoia in ASD is proposed.

Relatively little is known about paranoia in individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), but rates could be expected to be higher given both difficulties in understanding others’ mental states and frequent experiences of negative social interactions. A systematic search of English-language peer-reviewed publications was undertaken to synthesise empirical research about paranoia in ASD. Seven studies, comprising a total of 180 ASD participants, met the inclusion criteria. All the studies were cross-sectional, thereby limiting causal interpretations. Individuals with ASD were consistently found to have higher levels of paranoia compared to non-clinical controls, and lower levels than individuals with current psychotic experiences manifesting in the context of schizophrenia. Furthermore, the initial evidence indicates that paranoia in ASD may be linked with theory of mind performance, negative affect, and jumping to conclusions, but not to attributional style. As in typically-developing populations, causal and maintaining mechanisms for paranoia in ASD, against a background of genetic and environmental risk, most likely include cognitive and affective processes interacting with social factors. We hypothesise, however, that core ASD characteristics and associated neurocognitive impairments also serve to precipitate and perpetuate paranoia.



R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Despite sanctions, North Korea exported coal to South, Japan via Russia

PARIS/LONDON/MOSCOW (Reuters) - North Korea shipped coal to Russia last year which was then delivered to South Korea and Japan in a likely violation of U.N. sanctions, three Western European intelligence sources said.

The U.N. Security Council banned North Korean exports of coal last Aug. 5 under sanctions intended to cut off an important source of the foreign currency Pyongyang needs to fund its nuclear weapon and missile programs.

But the secretive Communist state has at least three times since then shipped coal to the Russian ports of Nakhodka and Kholmsk, where it was unloaded at docks and reloaded onto ships that took it to South Korea or Japan, the sources said.

A Western shipping source said separately that some of the cargoes reached Japan and South Korea in October last year. A U.S. security source also confirmed the coal trade via Russia and said it was continuing.

“Russia’s port of Nakhodka is becoming a transhipping hub for North Korean coal,” said one of the European security sources, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of international diplomacy around North Korea.

Asked to respond to the report, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday that Russia abided by international law.

“Russia is a responsible member of the international community,” he told reporters on a conference call.



R: 42 / I: 5 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Cringeworthy western pro-Putin kremlinboo vatniks get BTFO and rebuffed by Pootin's media in RT OpEd

This is the very same site Anglin's FailySpergler frequently cites in many of its autistic putinist pan-slavist kremlin vatnik gopnik stooge fake news articles mind you. Real funny to see them get rebuffed by the same bolshevists they worship so much now.

RT: "Anti-Semitic tirade on western pro-Kremlin site betrays ignorance of Russia"

>"An outrageous anti-Semitic tirade on an American ‘pro-Russia’ blog-site proves that the inability to properly understand Russia often extends to westerners who think they are ‘supporting’ the country.

Since its inception, there have been numerous reasons to laugh at ‘Russia Insider’ (henceforth RI). There’s the way it brazenly steals content from professional news outlets and repackages it, with a twist. Not to mention the pseudo-messianic zeal of its founders, displayed in its initial fundraising videos. But it’s definitely not funny anymore."

Cont at http://rt.com/op-edge/416804-anti-semitic-russian-insider/

R: 88 / I: 9 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

London To witness the 'Yugest protest in UK history' against Trump

London braced for the 'biggest protest in UK history' against Donald Trump visit, as celebrities and politicians throw support behind demo

It comes as the US leader claimed he will travel to Britain for an official state visit in October this year, and that he was invited by Theresa May twice.

Campaigners have vowed to stage the “biggest” demonstration in the capital that the UK has ever seen, as politicians and celebrities joined to speak out against the visit.

One Facebook event planned for next month has already seen more than 21,000 people sign up to express an interest in the demo against the President’s planned trip.

David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham, was among those calling for a large-scale demo. Responding to news of the visit, he wrote on Twitter: “To be met by the biggest protest this country has ever seen. Who’s in?”



R: 19 / I: 4 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Cryptocurrency mining is a waste of energy – IMF's Lagarde

The amount of power wasted on producing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could soon be equivalent to the yearly energy needs of a large country like Argentina if current trends continue, according to IMF chief Christine Lagarde. “The bitcoins mining, which is this accelerated and augmented use of computers to actually determine the value and incentive the functioning of the mechanism, is energy angry,” Lagarde said at the World Economic Forum in Davos in an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday.

“And we figure that in 2018, if it continues, that system will actually consume as much electricity as Argentina.”

According to the Bloomberg’s data, cryptocurrency miners used more than 37 gigawatt-hours a day – equivalent to 30 1.2-gigawatt nuclear reactors running at full capacity.

Digiconomist’s Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index says cryptocurrency mining could power 4,124,115 US households, and the energy consumed can be compared to Iraq’s electricity consumption.

The cryptocurrency network is mostly fueled by coal-fired power plants in China because energy is cheap there, which results “in an extreme carbon footprint for each unique bitcoin transaction,” the website claims.https://www.rt.com/business/416946-bitcoin-mining-energy-waste-lagarde/

R: 43 / I: 4 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Gene found for Paranoia,Behaviour of conspiracy theorists

Humans and other animals possess two copies of most genes. This stems from the fact that animals contain pairs of chromosomes, one from the mother and one from the father.

Even though we contain two copies of nearly every gene, that does not mean that our bodies actually use both copies. A handful of genes, about 1% in mammals, are either turned "on" or "off" based on whether they came from the mother or the father.

A genetic disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) in humans is caused by defects involving chromosome 15. Some of the genes on the maternally inherited chromosome are turned off, so their counterparts on the father's chromosome need to be fully functional.

(See diagram.)

If they are not, a person develops PWS, which manifests as obesity, intellectual disability, and possibly mental illness. PWS patients with mental illness usually experience schizophrenia-like symptoms, such as hallucinations and paranoia.

Because they suspected that genes related to paranoia could be located in the Prader-Willi region of chromosome 15, a team of Canadian scientists investigated further. The researchers asked 831 undergraduate students to complete questionnaires aimed at assessing traits associated with schizophrenia and autism.

The team found that students who exhibited signs of paranoid thinking (specifically, ideas of reference, which is the tendency to interpret random coincidences as highly meaningful or to believe that other people are talking about or plotting against them) had a particular genetic profile

At rs850807, they contained a "C" nucleotide on both the father's and mother's chromosomes. Those with a "T" on either or both chromosomes were less likely to exhibit paranoid thinking*.

the fact that a tiny genetic region can have such a profound impact on our thinking patterns is quite remarkable.


R: 17 / I: 5 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Brazilian cannibal teen gang ate woman's ovaries while she & husband watched

A Brazilian teen cannibal gang tortured and butchered a couple and then ate parts of their bodies.

According to media reports, Cristina Amaral, 44, was violently raped as her husband Juvenal, 57, watched helplessly.

The gang was trying to force the pair to surrender a large amount of cash.

“Internal organs, including the ovaries and fallopian tubes, had been ripped out of the female’s body and other body parts are missing. There is no indication of where these organs are.”

“It appears that the accused practised cannibalism,” homicide head Det. Maria Tereza Santos said.

We are also investigating whether consumption took place while the victims were still alive.”

Anonymous tipsters fingered Daniel Santos Neves, 29, and Carlos Alberto Neres, 25, along with three youths, aged 13, 14 and 16.

The doomed couple had recently received a $25,000 settlement and their house cleaner — grandmother of one of the accused — told her grandson. She is not implicated in the heinous crime.

“It appears the suspects set out to rape, kill and we believe eat the victims as part of some sort of depraved ritual,” Santos said, adding that the female victim suffered “horrendous injuries” before she died. “The victim’s arm was amputated while she was alive,” she added.


R: 22 / I: 1 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Most US workers are 'over-educated' relative to their jobs

More than 44 million Americans have taken out student loans to pay for higher education, in the process incurring around $1.4 trillion worth of debt.

It's a symbol of the importance society places on higher education. As it turns out, the financial benefit of earning a college degree,might be overstated. That argument is raised in a new report published by The Economist, which analyzed the post-school earning potential of those with degrees, versus those without.

"Policymakers regard it as obvious that sending young people to university will boost economic growth and social mobility," the report noted. "As technological change makes new demands of workers, it seems plausible that more will need to be well-educated. A degree is a way for bright youngsters from poor families to prove their abilities."

The main evidence cited by policymakers, though, is something called the "graduate premium," defined as a return of investment on education, or, "the difference between the average earnings of someone with a degree and someone with no more than a secondary-school education," according to the report.

In the U.S., that premium is about 15 percent per year, according to New York Federal Reserve data. That means an investment equal to the cost of tuition and other education-related costs would have to earn 15 percent annual interest before matching the average value over a working life of gaining a degree, The Economist explains.

The Economist produced its own gauge of how over-educated the job force is, and noted that more than 25 million U.S. workers — two-thirds of those with degrees — "are doing work that was mostly done by non-graduates a half-century ago," it wrote.


R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Trump tweets:universal healthcare is bad,UK system is broke,Teresa May says 'stuff it'

“The Democrats are pushing for universal healthcare while thousands of people are marching in the UK because their U system is going broke and not working,” he said.

Theresa May has rebuked Donald Trump over his claim the NHS is failing, publicly backing her health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, after he tweeted disagreement with the US president’s view.

The response from May – who generally seeks to avoid criticising Trump – came after the president condemned Democrat plans for a universal healthcare system by noting in a tweet Saturday’s protest march in London demanding more NHS funding.

Hunt responded via Twitter by saying that while he disagreed with the opinions of some of Saturday’s marchers, “not ONE of them wants to live in a system where 28m people have no cover”, a reference to the US situation.

He added: “NHS may have challenges but I’m proud to be from the country that invented universal coverage – where all get care no matter the size of their bank balance.”

Asked whether May backed Hunt’s opinion, her spokesman said: “The prime minister is proud of having an NHS which is free at the point of delivery.

“NHS funding is at a record high, and was prioritised in the budget with an extra £2.8bn. In the recent Commonwealth Fund international survey the NHS was rated the best in the world for a second time.”

The channel’s morning show had featured the former Ukip leader Nigel Farage discussing the pro-NHS marches. Asked why people were protesting, Farage claimed pressure on the NHS was caused by immigration.

“Well the big problem we’ve got is a population crisis caused by government policy on immigration,” Farage said.

"All these immigrants show up here,with strange,exotic diseases and this puts quite the strain on our system", he further iterated


R: 9 / I: 4 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Putinist state-run kremlin tab "Sputniknews" whines about "racist double standard w/white rioters"

The putinist bolshevist pan-slavist germanophobic anti-white kremlin kike propaganda targeting whites is getting out of control again.


"The chaos that erupted in Philadelphia Sunday night as football fans destroyed property in celebration of the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl victory prompted many people, including NY Daily News journalist Chuck Modiano, to note the double standards of rioting applied to sports fans as opposed to people of color protesting for basic human rights.

"Somehow, it seems there's a line drawn in the sand where destruction of property because of a sports victory is okay and acceptable in America. However, if you have people who are fighting for their most basic human right, the right to live, they will be condemned," Black Lives Matter New York President Hawk Newsome told Newsweek on Monday.

​"You can riot if you're white and your team wins, but if you're black and being killed, you can't speak out," Newsome added."

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Russia Stations warplanes on annexed kuriles, hampers hope of peace treaty w/Japan

A one-line decree signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on 30th January merely assigned a dual civilian-military role to the newly operational airport on the island of Iturop in the disputed Kurile chain. But its strategic content is unmistakable – Moscow is taking a big step forward in the militarization of the Kuriles by deploying warplanes, drones and command systems at the facility. The airport has a 2.3 milometer runway and can handle giant aircraft.

The Iturop island is one of four seized by Soviet forces in the final days of World War Two and is located off the north-east coast of Hokkaido, Japan’s biggest prefecture. The dispute over the islands (known as the Kuriles in Russia and the Northern Territories in Japan) has prevented the signing of a formal peace treaty between Russia and Japan to mark the end of the war.


R: 57 / I: 21 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Man with Italian flag on car shoots 6 blacks in driveby after Nigerian migrant cuts up teen Italian

Earlier in the day, chaos prevailed in the city as authorities advised residents to stay indoors following reports of multiple shootings. All of those injured in the “drive-by” attacks were of “foreign nationality,” according to police.

Macerata resident Marcello Mancini said Traini had been targeting “coloured people”. “He drove around in his car and when he saw any coloured people he shot them,” he said.

At least six African immigrants were injured after an Italian gunman opened fire on the city of Macerata in a racially-motivated attack, according to police.

Authorities named the suspected shooter as Luca Traini, a 28-year-old from the same region, located about 125 miles east of Rome.

Police said he had an Italian flag draped over his shoulders when he was arrested in the street by armed officers. A pistol was found in his nearby car.

The shootings happened just days after the body of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro was discovered cut up and hidden in two suitcases. A Nigerian migrant has been arrested in connection with the death.

Macerata Mayor Romano Carancini said: “They were all of colour, this is obviously a grave fact. As was grave what happened to Pamela. The closeness of the two events makes you imagine there could be a connection.”

Newspapers claim the alleged perpetrator Innocent Oseghale was denied asylum last year but had remained in Macerata to appeal against the decision.

“What was this worm still doing in Italy?” Northern League leader Matteo Salvini wrote on Facebook, accusing the centre-left government of responsibility for Ms Mastropietro’s death for allowing migrants to stay in the country. “The left has blood on its hands,” he wrote.


R: 10 / I: 3 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Today is Trayvon Martin's Birthday


>February 5th marks five years and 339 days since Trayvon Martin’s memorial service; it would also be his 23rd birthday.

>The day is necessarily somber. Nearly six years ago, Trayvon’s death at the hands of white supremacist vigilante violence indicated the beginning of an escalating attack on Black lives and demanded that this nation confront its overtly racist past and present. The urgency of #Justice4TrayvonMartin turned into a global urgency to fight for Black lives — one which persists today.

>What we acknowledged as a nation during the one-and-a-half year trial of George Zimmerman is that the white majority’s public imagination of Black people was based on their fear of us, not the reality of who we are. Trayvon Martin was a teenage boy literally walking in his own neighborhood doing what most teenagers do: Wearing a hoodie, buying snacks and talking on his cell phone. His family and Trayvon would not know that his life would end that night because a white vigilante would be empowered by his own racist beliefs and murder a 17-year-old boy in cold blood.

>The senseless attack on Trayvon’s life reignited a movement across the globe and pushed us to acknowledge the worth of a generation that has been historically disenfranchised. Trayvon and his generation have been served incarceration, low-wage no wage jobs, over-policing and laws that criminalize our every day in this country.

>His murder and the acquittal of George Zimmerman left us with a sharpened clarity about what we stand for, and how we should stand up for Black lives. The phrase — black lives matter — that would turn into a hashtag, a political platform and then a global decentralized network ushered in a new way of fighting for Black lives and thus American democracy.

>Many of us believed that Black Lives Matter would move this country to not only reckon with white racism but to usher in new laws and practices that would curb vigilantism and law enforcement violence. But, instead, white nationalism was nurtured and began to take root among the American people.

>We elected a white supremacist president and, every day that he is in office, he erodes the United States constitution and emboldens a new kind of white nationalism — one that isn’t cloaked in white robes, but instead carries tiki torches and espouses hateful rhetoric. Last year marked another height of white supremacist violence in this country: We witnessed people in Charlottesville, Virginia stand up against “one of the largest white supremacist events in recent history” and then watched the Trump administration defend the racism.

>Last year was the one of the deadliest years of fatal police shootings, with at least 987 documented cases in the Washington Post’s fatal force database. And more specifically, in the spring of 2017, we saw the deaths of three young Black boys — Jordan Edwards, Jayson Negron and Darius Smith — at the hands of law enforcement in a month.

>Civil rights in this country is not enough to resolve the atrocities this country has waged against Black people. We need to fight for a new human rights movement that recognizes and values Black life.




R: 21 / I: 6 / P: 11 [R] [G] [-]

Muslims say Mass. college Holy Cross football team name "Crusaders" is offensive

Loyalties to the college’s Crusader mascot run deep at Holy Cross. But now some at the college are asking whether a symbol from a bloody time in Christian history presents an affront to non-Christians, an emblem of aggression from Holy Wars past.

A campus task force has been named by the college’s president, the Rev. Philip Boroughs, to gauge the opinions of the Holy Cross community on the Crusader name and symbol.

At issue is whether the Crusader appropriately represents the Catholic college’s mission and values.

The findings are to be submitted by Rev. Boroughs in February to trustees who will decide the future of the sword-wielding knight.

With the college in the midst of a $400 million capital campaign, some of the school’s most loyal donors converge on campus this weekend all pissed off at SJWs.