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File: 65d2dde0558ec7d⋯.jpg (79.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


A Soros, Obama, Clinton Marxist Communist Plan To Overthrow The Government Of The US And America Itself!


"Resist Trump" is the mantra of the Marxist groups combining forces under Obama's Organizing for Action, which has combined resources with "Indevisible" - a 6,000 chapter strong group intent on disrupting and ultimately destroying our way of life.

Under The Hagmann Report, investigators have infiltrated several groups to find their real intent - to "take down" not just Trump, but our Constitutional Republic.

These groups are heavily funded and well-refined. Do NOT underestimate what they have planned.

……………….. ………………………………………. ………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

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if you don't have the power to enforce your interests, such as security, you'll just get rolled by some mafia who does.

such a mafia would eventually become the gov.

marxists and leftists are both unbelievably retarded.



The US isn't going anywhere you FuckN retart, it Will just morph into a more corporate estate.



Any source on the claims in that pic?



>Living in underground bunker with other Amerifats

>Raiding years worth of food supply in a month

>Start starving


Yeah go ahead hide in your bunker while munching other people meat. At least quick death is less painful and this earth will be cleansed from its number one parasite.



Could it be that you are confusing the state, the nation and the government? Because nobody is talking about abolishing government, security and laws.

(And the mafia is a symptom of capitalism, btw)


Someone here is in denial…


>literally on the bottom of the picture

File: 35b256fffd09dd6⋯.jpg (60.92 KB, 700x350, 2:1, Wapo-CIA.jpg)


Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos, was awarded a $600 million federal contract by the Obama administration to publish disinformation about Donald Trump.

The Amazon founder was tasked with undermining the new President via ‘leaked’ CIA documents given to him when he first took over at WaPo.

Conservativedailypost.com reports: http://archive.is/sKW21

Much worse and even more suspicious is the majority of the people have not been informed that Bezos landed a $600 million federal contract and by who? The CIA.

The “deal” is for a computing cloud developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It also just happens AWS services all 17 agencies within the US intelligence community.

An unholy alliance in which Bezos stands to gain many more millions by pacifying and working with the CIA through his publication The Washington Post. “Leaks” and “information” Bezos will publish without question, without proper verification and journalistic sourcing.

The CIA will now have its own propaganda publication to do whatever it likes in misinforming and manipulating the American people and the voters.

Vital information intentionally withheld from the American people, as Bezos uses the Post to forge pocket lining government contracts while promoting his own personal political agenda.

Is this lack of reporting of the Bezos/CIA partnership by the MSM the result of massive incompetency? Or a very well organized cover up within the MSM inner circle of four or five elitists who now own six companies that control over 90 percent of MSM outlets?

The same outlets which through diverse company divisions own every television station and newspaper in this country with the exception of very small, weekly community publications and certain Christian networks. Even many of those community weeklies have been scooped up by larger publication divisions.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>CIA Paid $600 Million To WaPo To Publish Trump Disinformation

Fake News

Amazon got the a $600 million as part of a contract to create cload technologies for the CIA. Several companies tried to secure the same contract. There is an obvious conflict of interest as he is trying to curry favor with the intelligence community to land these contracts, but your title is false. Stop discrediting real issues with you need for sensationalism.




Using 'Fake News' to describe a media outlet is akin to calling a nigger a nigger.



nice sage, dipstick



Fake news. Anti slide bump. Fuck you faggot.

File: bb0503612a96b1f⋯.jpg (25.94 KB, 700x350, 2:1, gardasil-victim-is-not-a-s….jpg)


Sponsored by >>>/crazynews/

A week ago, Your News Wire published the story of Mia Blesky, the 12-year-old girl who’s been paralysed since having the first dose of the Gardasil vaccine.

The story went viral with millions of views worldwide and was generally received positively and sympathetically, with many people donating to the GoFundMe fund that Mia’s mum Gini had set up.

Mia’s story was also picked up by several other websites and by the Mirror online in the UK. (Would have been nice if they’d credited us though!)

Gini and Mia were overwhelmed by the response. As Gini says: “We have had thousands of amazingly supportive comments and messages and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone who took the time to respond. I make a point of reading a selection of these positive messages to Mia daily and it really cheers her up. We’ve also had lots of suggestions on how to help Mia, which we’re now looking into.”

Sadly, however, there were some people who chose to attack – claiming that the story was a work of fiction and that it was being used to scam the public. Trolls not only pestered me (as the writer of the piece) but also Gini and her family too, brandishing all kinds of accusations, saying that Mia was faking her illness, that Gini was lying and that we (myself and Your News Wire) – were colluding with them both.

Here are a few of the comments the trolls made under Gini’s original post on Facebook about her daughter:


“Scam ARTIST!”

“This is bull.”

“Why would a mother do this to her own daughter?”


“It’s not the vaccine – she was already ill>”

“She was well enough to go to see Adele!”

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>V A C E N E S




Reported. Get your fake news the fuck out of here nigger.



You get the fuck out of here if you don't like reading news.

After all, this is a news board.


File: 7e961ffcda09d07⋯.png (48.14 KB, 1797x294, 599:98, 1242648565363452.png)

Hi, shillcen.

Thanks for helping to ruin /n/ along with Jim and the crab/india/propane spammers.


>that fucking click bait title

You got me OP, good job.

File: 653710ed132e77c⋯.jpg (29.85 KB, 640x422, 320:211, 1372082562.jpg)


NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre began his talk at CPAC showing clips of Trump supporters being attacked and warned Soros-funded protesters may start committing terrorism in the US.

I wonder if he's a reader?

Here's Raw Story freaking out about his little noticed speech:

During his talk at CPAC, LaPierre told conservatives that, despite their victories in last November’s elections, their nightmare may “just be beginning.”

“Right now, we face a gathering of forces that are willing to use violence against us,” he said. “The leftist movement in this country right now is enraged. Among them, and behind them, are some of the most radical political elements there are. Anarchists, Marxists, communists, and the whole rest of the left-wing socialist brigade.”

LaPierre also noted that “many of these people hate everything America stands for,” including “democracy” and “free-market capitalism.”

All of these activists, LaPierre continued, were funded by left-wing billionaires such as George Soros, and are also “angry,” “militant,” and “willing to engage in criminal violence.”

LaPierre went on to say: "We've got five million active NRA members, 25 million more who consider themselves NRA members and we have gun owners and Second Amendment supporters all over this country."

"So, if you're a member of the leftist media, or a soldier for the violent left, a violent criminal, a drug cartel gang member, or a would-be terrorist, hear this: you're not going to win and you will not defeat us," he said.

"Make no mistake if the violent left brings their terror to our communities, our neighborhoods, or into our homes they will be met with the resolve and the strength and the full force of American freedom in the hands of the American people and we will win because we are the majority in this country."

This man is awesome. No wonder his speech isPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 7b38042e7e605fd⋯.jpg (17.92 KB, 245x304, 245:304, img (27).jpg)

Doubt it. They'll go along quietly–that's what they're best at. In a generation or less, they'll start believing whatever the majority of people/their peer group believes.


>may commit

Are committing.



Hmmm… you belong on cpunks . org, with the other fags.



This, the majority of the people being swayed by this sort of externally instigated nonsense are not ideologues, they're not 'true-believers', they're not even all that bothered about the principles being spouted by anyone. They just want a relatively quiet, stable, comfortable life - and to get the occasional asspat from whatever group they perceive as the good guys (read, socially dominant/influential). The majority of the people causing trouble are just trying to be part of what they believe is the right group, it's why whenever someone tries to interview someone at one of their protests the interviewee sound like an absolute moron - they literally do not know why they're there, so they'll just fire off some buzzwords that sound sort of right to them. It's not a phenomenon limited to the political left, in a right wing society these lemmings would attach themselves to a hard right group just as quickly. It's all they know how to do.




Fuck off, Shillcen. Thanks for ruining /n/ along with Jim and the india/propane/crab spam.

File: cf87f6917451f68⋯.jpg (66.47 KB, 650x1146, 325:573, Ape-Grocery-Store.jpg)


CRAZY! This Welfare Queen Goes Ape After A Local Grocery Store Puts Up A New Sign!

Sponsored by >>>/crazynews/

Obama’s administration has done nothing but contribute to the “welfare state”, growing it to 41% or more than $193 billion since he took office. We’re officially spending more on welfare on a country than we are on securing the nation.

Now, many grocery stores throughout the nation are taking a stand where Obama has refused to. Wawa recently made headlines after putting up signs warning welfare recipients that they no longer take EBT cards.

The signs are reportedly being hung throughout the chain in Philadelphia. This sign in particular has gone viral after being posted on Facebook by Jay McGuire.

People who are liking and sharing the post are clearly frustrated with the system.


30 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


bumping crazy news




Your best bet is to go a technical/vocational college and learn a trade that is in demand. Depending on the course and the state you live in, you could possibly get an educational grant that will pay the entirety of the cost of the course. And with some types of aid, such as Georgia's WIA program, you could even end up with additional money that can help pay living expenses while you do this.

Something to think about.



You'll take my disability from my cold dead hands sonny.



It is absolute bullshit, but life sucks.

Do volunteer work for references or go to a temp agency.

File: 2a0509c7349b8b3⋯.jpg (193.76 KB, 500x545, 100:109, 85ea351c112941210b6a21094f….jpg)


Donald Trump is viciously fighting to reignite America’s spirit and eradicate the liberal bone-headedness that has kept our country from being great.

But at every turn, he’s being fought by people who would rather get their free government handouts.

People who are okay with full-grown men using the same bathrooms as our daughters.

And people that want hardworking patriots to fork over all of their money to wasteful federal programs.

In fact, right before Obama left office, he and his cronies at the Department of Labor initiated one last desperate maneuver to steal from American citizens.

They set a “blackout timer” that could destroy one of the most powerful tax havens, a class of investments some call “26(f) programs.”

According to the Wall Street Journal the plan “could cost American savers $80 billion.”

And CNBC warns this “will force major change” on American retirement planning.

But now that Donald Trump is in the White House, he is moving swiftly to halt this “Retirement Blackout” before it takes effect on April 10th, 2017.

But the resistance is tough. The beltway goblins are massing against him. They want to wring retirees for everything they’re worth.

And no one knows whether President Trump will be able to overcome the Democrats’ greed in time.

The uncertainty is making many Americans scramble to access the programs before the April 10th deadline.


https://moneymorning.com/acq/26f/donald-trump-fights-to-save-last-100-legal-tax-haven-for-oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


After all the shit trumps done I can't believe you guys still shill for him. Jesus




What has he done that is so wrong? Please enlighten me.

File: cb99e56f857093c⋯.jpg (25.32 KB, 575x379, 575:379, hasan-abbassi-575x379.jpg)


RELATED: >>>/realnews/1015

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Admits to Having Terror Cells Situated and Ready to Strike in US



A recent video posted this week shows Islamic Republic strategist, Hassan Abbassi, discussing the destructive potential of Iran’s hidden army within the US.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Abbassi admitted to having terror cells situation and ready to strike in the United States.

Abbassi: "I’ll be brief. We have two million Iranians there. Be certain that I will raise a guerilla army from amongst them against you. You know this well. Look how vulnerable you were on 9-11 when four Arabs who don’t know how to fight managed to endanger your foundations."


President Trump wanted a temporary ban on refugees from Iran:



The Democrats stopped him:

http://arcPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

6 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Yah, that's true.

But its also the reason we should have travel restrictions from the Middle East. False flags are very easy when you have thousands of Arab patsies running around that can be easily indoctrinated and blamed for an attack.

Also, getting rid of gun-free zoning laws makes it much more difficult for the attackers when surrounded by armed citizens (even if it happens to be a false flag attack).



>getting rid of gun-free zoning laws makes it much more difficult for the attackers when surrounded by armed citizens

When an airliner does not respond to five hails, a pair of F-16s takes off to check on it. Part of the doctrine. Yet the 9/11 airliners did not receive that treatment for some reason. Everyone could see they were headed towards a heavily populated zone, and shooting them down was a perfectly viable option. But they weren't shot down.

When (((construction workers))) were planting explosives in the Twin Towers' basements, nobody monitored them, even though the towers' management knew they were working down there.

All the guns in the world would not have prevented it, and will not prevent any future major terrorist attacks - because the people responsible for them are so high up you can't even see them, let alone reach them. Guns can stop a quranimal going on a rampage or a pavement ape chimping out at people, but attacks on the scale of 9/11? Fuhgeddaboutit.

That said, I do agree that gun-free zones need to be removed and those responsible for establishing them dumped in the middle of Detroit.



>All the guns in the world would not have prevented it, and will not prevent any future major terrorist attacks - because the people responsible for them are so high up you can't even see them, let alone reach them.

Passengers should be able to carry firearms, as long as they have no felony background. If you have a few good patrons on the airplane they could have shot the hijackers. Makes it much more difficult to commit a crime when you have good people who are potentially armed around you.

That said, I do believe 9-11 was an inside job. Clearly all the evidence points to that. But it could have been prevented if the government were not so corrupt and politicians were not so scared about average Americans carrying around guns.



>carry firearms

>on a plane

There's that minor thing called decompression.


File: 6e1aeacbbcfb6a0⋯.webm (6.96 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Archie-Bunker-on-Gun-Cont….webm)


Archie Bunker (the /pol/ of TV back in the '70s) talked about this issue.

Although meant to be comical, he was correct.

File: 62735626cb607fd⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1680x1024, 105:64, 1469684746397-0.png)


The tour was the highest profile of several visits by members of Congress during the February recess. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) rode along with Border Patrol agents last week. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) led five GOP lawmakers on a separate tour of the Rio Grande Valley this week. Cornyn has taken a more nuanced approach than the president and some lawmakers to building a wall, saying that enforcement and technology must accompany any physical barrier.

And Democrats in the Congressional Hispanic and Border caucuses met with community groups to denounce the wall as a detriment to immigrant communities.

Juanita Valdez-Cox, executive director of LUPE, an advocacy group founded by activist César Chávez, told the Monitor she expects negative rhetoric from Congress to escalate once Ryan returns to Washington.

“This visit is for him to be able to say that he’s been here and seen the Rio Grande Valley, when in fact he is neglecting to hear the stories and concerns from the people who live here,” Valdez-Cox said. “My fear is that it’s a plan to be able to justify Trump’s wall.”

McAllen is a fast-growing city of 141,000 in the Rio Grande Valley, which last year ranked as the busiest sector for illegal border crossings, largely because of a surge in unaccompanied children and families from Central America.

The river snakes through the region, forming the natural border between the United States and Mexico. It serves as a reminder of the complicated topography of building a wall, since it contains rivers, mountains and other rugged terrain.

Congress is beginning to assess the cost of building the president’s signature campaign promise. Trump has vowed to make Mexico cover the cost, but the Mexican government has balked at the plan. At the moment, the project has no reliable price tag. Trump has estimated the cost at $8 billion. Recent congressional legislation pegged the number at $10 billion, and construction experts say it could be more than double that.

Congressional Republicans seem amenable to underwriting the wall themselves — at least at first — although some budget hawks have said they want cuts to other federal spending to compensate. About 600 miles of the 2,000-mile southernPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

12 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Show us a project as big as creating an entire borderwall done within a month then you'd have an argument.


As a Canadian I highly endorse your wall. Catching and releasing hasn't worked for you after 50+ years. If it stopped the Mongols and allowed China to flourish, it will work for you too.



do you know how construction, let alone massive federal infrastructure construction works anon?



Drove up the national debt by $200 billion, for one.


apparently no one has seen an episode of Bullshit! from like ten years ago. fucking idiots, this entire administration.

File: 3c7222e6db9b81d⋯.png (349.34 KB, 800x419, 800:419, maddog.png)


RELATED: >>>/rn/59

Abu Khayr al-Masri, a top al-Qaida lieutenant, was killed in a U.S. drone strike near Idlib, Syria, according to several reports.

Pictures of a destroyed car, which Masri was ostensibly traveling in, were posted Sunday on Twitter. Masri served as the general deputy to al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. He was believed to be operating in Syria after being released from Iranian custody in September, 2015.

HUGE news via source:

>Al-Qaeda deputy leader Abu al-Khayr al-Masri has been killed in a U.S drone strike near Al-Mastoumeh in #Idlib. pic.twitter.com/RORT6sU8Sj

— Charles Lister (@Charles_Lister) February 26, 2017

The 59-year-old Masri was born in Egypt, beginning his terrorism career as a member of Egyptian Islamic Jihad. He fled Egypt in the mid-1980s, eventually traveling to the Balkans in the 1990s where he fought with other Arabs in the Bosnian war. Masri was considered an explosive expert, and is believed to have been involved in the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenyan and Tanzania in 1998. He also spent time in Afghanistan, where he became a close associate of Zawahiri before he was forced to flee to Iran after the U.S. invaded in 2001.




Daily reminder that Ayman al Zawahiri still lives

File: b7378325a48bdf7⋯.png (74.42 KB, 561x644, 561:644, govt_destabilization_tacti….png)


For some 15 years, airport security has become steadily more invasive. There are ever more checkpoints, ever more requests for documents as you make your way from the airport entrance to the airplane. Passengers adapt to the new changes as they come. But my latest flight to Mexico, originating in Atlanta, presented all passengers with something I had never seen before.

We had already been through boarding pass checks, passport checks, scanners, and pat downs. At the gate, each passenger had already had their tickets scanned and we were all walking on the jet bridge to board. It’s at this point that most people assume that it is all done: finally we can enjoy some sense of normalcy.

This time was different. Halfway down the jetbridge, there was a new layer of security. Two US Marshals, heavily armed and dressed in dystopian-style black regalia, stood next to an upright machine with a glowing green eye. Every passenger, one by one, was told to step on a mat and look into the green scanner. It was scanning our eyes and matching that scan with the passport, which was also scanned (yet again).

Like everyone else, I complied. What was my choice? I guess I could have turned back at the point, decline to take the flight I had paid for, but it would be unclear what would then happen. After standing there for perhaps 8 seconds, the machine gave the go signal and I boarded.

I talked to a few passengers about this and others were just as shaken by the experience. They were reticent even to talk about it, as people tend to be when confronted with something like this.

I couldn’t find anyone who had ever seen something like this before. I wrote friends who travel internationally and none said they had ever seen anything like this.

I will tell you how it made me feel: like a prisoner in my own country. It’s one thing to control who comes into a country. But surveilling and permissioning American citizens as they leave their own country, even as they are about to board, is something else.

Where is the toggle switch that would haPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 9884b545cd0337f⋯.jpg (111.03 KB, 680x437, 680:437, swedicide.jpg)


Swedish Citizen Reveals SICK Truth Of What’s Happening Right Outside His Window That Should Wake America The Hell Up

Donald Trump talked about “what’s happening in Sweden” and everyone goes crazy! What do you mean what’s happening in Sweden?

You don’t notice the crazy amounts of mass Muslim migrant crime? Hmmm. How about some riots? Hmmm. Notice it yet?

Here’s a Swedish resident who’s telling the story about what’s happening in his town. The only person who can speak about this better than a Swedish resident would be if the Muslims posted their own videos incriminating themselves of their crimes.


There you have it folks. The guy tells you EXACTLY what you need to know about the situation in Sweden.

If you can’t believe what a resident says, then who can you believe? To anyone who doubted Donald Trump – how do you feel now that you know what’s really happening in Sweden?

The only time I ever heard about Sweden was when people talked about their bikini team. From what I knew, this was a fun loving place to live where they had barely any problems. Then I find out that Sweden has become a cess pool thanks to the Muslim migrant refugees and their barbaric crime waves.

Now if you wear a bikini in Sweden, then you’ll probably be raped by a Muslim migrant refugee. The sex crimes are out of control!

Look folks – no one wants to deal with invasions of mass criminals. But the problem isn’t US – it’s them. If the Muslim migrant refugees went to new locations and were NICE people who helped make the town a better place to live, then all of America would want them.

But that’s not how it is. These crummy cretins continuously commit crimes.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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hes right



It wouldn't fit dumbass. You got a brilliant way to fix it? No, then fuck off.


I guess it's pretty fucking easy to sit on your high horse and disclaim any youtube video from ever being a credible source, even if it's sourced on it's page like the video linked to here.



Conservative white birth rate is above the birth rate of any other major group


File: 10cbefb0af62389⋯.png (370.68 KB, 1922x912, 961:456, Austria, MD in shitposting.png)


Dumbass, it's


when they do something in their favor for once. For example, had this been about how peaceful Jamal and Ahmed are, then you'd post



Sweden is now a third world hellhole. So is Germany.

File: 9ebd1489f5d56b5⋯.jpg (59.31 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Caliphornia_Governor_Brown….jpg)


RELATED: >>>/realnews/1949

Gov. Brown Benefits If the Oroville Dam Breaks: Two Million Lives at Risk



If the Oroville Dam fails and Gov. Brown has not initiated the mandatory evacuation order that Brown countermanded through the state agency, the Department of Water Resources and it will create the greatest natural (false flag) disaster in the history of the United States.

Please listen to my short video on the topic.. You will not believe the allegation I put forth as I take off the gloves and expose Governor Brown’s true motives behind doing nothing to protect the people of Central California. I have take the gloves off and all is being exposed. Brown needs the Oroville Dam to fail. His morality is on the same level as Hillary Clinton.

IF you want to undertand whaat is really going on in Central California and the Oroville Dam situation, this is mandatory listening. Please make this go viral.


Supporting Documentation

Many of the articles on this site have shown how dire the situation is. The 2 million people between Oroville and Sacramento are in severe damage if the dam breaks. There will be intermittent breaks in the weather, however, storm after storm is forecasted to be coming throught the Oroville area.

Sacramento is alreadyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



President Jerry Brown of the Republic of California

There is a strong movement to remove California from the United States and set up a new liberal republic and it is steadily gathering support.

Leading campaigners for the Yes California independence campaign say that a breakaway from the United States is every bit as possible as the unlikely victories for Brexit and Trump.

The movement, formerly known as Sovereign California, borrowed its name and logo from the Yes Scotland campaign after the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.

I recently interviewed Paul Preston on this topic and what I learned is that the Bank of China is financially supports Jerry Brown. Brown is also financing this move through drug trafficking. I have a source within the DEA which confirms most of Paul Preston claims. Drug trafficking in northern California (e.g. Fortuna) is rampant and al-Qaeda is working in conjunction with the Mexican drug cartels in this endeavor and part of the drug profits are going towards a “dark money” support of Calexit.

As covered in previous articles, the embed sources at the CAEXIT meetings states that the Chinese (banks and covert military), LaRaza, Mexican drug cartels, the Mexican Consulate, former Obama administration officials (eg Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch), and the movement opened an embassy in Russia in complete violation of US law.

The main obstacle to CALEXIT are the people from the State of Jeffeson movement which is where Oroville is located. The area and its residents are the enemy of Jerry Brown.

In the way of CALEXIT IsThe Great State of Jefferson

As many as 21 counties in Northern California and Southern Oregon are moving to secede/withdraw and join the state of Jefferson, the name of the intended 51st state. The movement has the support of local elected officials who arePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: e23d4af77bacf26⋯.jpg (29.86 KB, 605x328, 605:328, tmp_1023-06e1775878855.jpg)

>This will be the impetus for the breakup of the United States.

Hardly. We can only benefit by Commiefornia fucking off. Hopefully, Jew York will be next.



File: 197aabf75fafee4⋯.jpg (94.95 KB, 600x377, 600:377, RINOs.jpg)


RELATED: >>>/badnews/16

If Obamacare is not replaced within 2018, RINOs need to be purged come next Congressional election! Start making blacklists NOW!

Top Republicans are now publicly saying that Obamacare will never be fully repealed. In fact, many Republicans in Congress are already using the term “repair” instead of “repeal” to describe what is going to happen to Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.

Without a doubt, the Republicans in Congress are eventually going to do something, but strategists in both parties are now suggesting that most of the key elements of Obamacare are going to remain once everything is all said and done. It will be put into a more “conservative” package, but it will still be Obamacare.

On Thursday, former House Speaker John Boehner made headlines all over the country when he said that a complete repeal of Obamacare is “not what’s going to happen”. Instead, Boehner said that Republicans are going to “fix Obamacare” and that they will “put a more conservative box around it” in order to keep their constituents happy.

Of course this isn’t what we voted for. For years, Republican politicians all across the country have been promising that Obamacare would be repealed once they got control of Congress, but now Boehner is telling us that all of that was just “happy talk”…

Earlier in the panel discussion, Boehner said he “started laughing” when Republicans started talking about moving lightning fast on repeal and then coming up with an alternative.

“In the 25 years that I served in the United States Congress, Republicans never, ever, one time agreed on what a health care proposal should look like. Not once,” Boehner said. “And all this happy talk that went on in November and December and January about repeal, repeal, repeal—yeah, we’ll do replace, replace—I started laughing, because if you pass repeal without replace, first, anything that happens is your fault. You broke it.”

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



>Here's a decent list of conservatives

meant to say 'cuckservatives', the spell checker changed it


Trump spoke at CPAC and stated something very interesting.

He said the best thing to do was to repeal the mandate (which he already did), and just wait a year… let it collapse on its own. Then come in and create a whole new healthcare bill form scratch, making it much much better and cheaper for Americans.

If this is the case, some of the Republicans may just be taking Trump's advice and waiting till Obamacare collapses.

Note that Humana was recently the biggest insurance company that dropped out of the Obamacare exchanges. 25 or 26 others have left the last couple years as well.



With the mandate repealed it no longer affects me so I really do not care if it stays or goes. If it dies naturally that is fine. The problem is if it is still around when Trump leaves what happens to that mandate when the new president steps up.


ery angry



File: 49d9a737ba86ff5⋯.jpg (120.95 KB, 767x438, 767:438, Guadalupe-deportation-0223….jpg)


An undocumented Mexican immigrant committed suicide half an hour after he was deported from the United States, BBC reports.

Guadalupe Olivas Valencia, 45, jumped from a bridge at the border of San Diego, Calif. and Tijuana, Mexico after he was deported for the third time.

A U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency-issued bag that held his possessions was found near his body.

The man was transferred to a hospital, where he was quickly pronounced dead. He died of a heart attack and concussion.

According to witnesses, Valencia was "shouting that he did not want to return to Mexico” before jumping to his death. He was a native of Sinaloa, one of the country’s most violent states and home of a major drug cartel.

Valencia’s death follows recent orders by the Trump administration to ramp up deportations of undocumented immigrants in the country, many of them from Mexico.



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Waaaaait. Is that the same tranny I'm thinking of that busted into that White House party or something of the sort several years back spouting some nonsensical bullshit? I dunno something related to immigration or gay rights as it was fucking spontaneous.





Stupid White Nationalists calling illegals Meximonkeys makes them look like victims to the pro immigration movement.

Everything White Nationalists do is anti American and anti White.



There was no "gas" asshole.



No, it's not what we wanted. We wanted total eradication, but we'll take deportation. Baby steps.

File: fab9718d9985c57⋯.jpg (40.19 KB, 731x565, 731:565, 62c73d1ec4f96a310246957d6e….jpg)


Recently posted this @ /leftypol/

American conservative here.

I see a lot of rumors going around that Trump is a "communist puppet", working for Putin. So I'd like to say something first, and then get some opinions from anons who are openly admitted communists. Here it goes:

IF I'm a communist for supporting my new President, for wanting to protecting our borders, for supporting the 2nd Amendment (as well as all other constitutional rights), for supporting our troops, for wanting to get along with other nations who respect our national sovereignty, for not accepting the flaws of globalization or world government, who wants our country to have a strong industrialized economy, for wanting a strong military for defense purposes, for expecting our government to prevent domestic terrorism, who respects our American culture and way of life… IF all this makes me a communist… well then, I'm a proud American communist!

My question for the comrades at /leftypol/: am I really a communist? …Or is the Mainstream Media's narrative full of bullshit?

I'd love to know.



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Putin is a facsist. He took kept the authoritarian nationalism of the Soviet Union and dropped the "comunism". Trump as also a fascist, but definitely not a comunist. I don't like the direction he is taking the country, but still better that the astonishing levels of corruption in the dnc.



>Soviet Union


I don't think you know what that word means, anon




File: 903106caa5b2db6⋯.jpg (42.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

>Trump is a "communist puppet", working for Putin.

lol wat?


anyone who has ever accused Trump or Putin of being communists is not worthy of any attention.

i don't even…..



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