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File: 47bf04ea057447f⋯.jpg (112.15 KB, 1270x658, 635:329, Özoguz_plädiert_für_Wahlre….jpg)


A commission chaired by Germany’s immigration and refugee czar has proposed voting rights for migrants living in the county. According to the Federal Integration Commissioner Aydan Özoguz, “people who permanently live in a country should be able to participate in democratic decision making.”

Keeping a Brexit-like scenario in mind, commission wants the voting rights for migrants and refugees at par with German citizens in any future referendum.

The head of the commission, Turkish-origin Aydan Özoguz, has been serving as Minister of State in Merkel’s Chancellery since 2013. As Federal Commissioner for Immigration, Refugees and Integration she has been instrumental in shaping and executing Merkel’s ill-advised “Refugee” Policy.

The report was commissioned by German Social Democratic Party’s (SPD) Friedrich Ebert Foundation. SPD — currently a coalition partner in Merkel’s government — is surging ahead in the polls ahead of September General Elections. SPD’s Chancellor Candidate Martin Schulz already backs many of the ideas proposed by Commissioner Özoguz.

The right-wing AfD party attacked commission’s proposals as an attempt by leftist SPD to create new voters.

The report paints a picture of Germany where natives were soon to become minority. “[M]igrants and their offsprings make up the majority in several [German] cities. [City of] Offenbach leads the trend where more than 80 percent of children have a migrant background.” The changing demographics “require a new understanding of the composition of [German] society.”

The published proposal is peppered with social justice jargon and deliberately ambiguous terms. German newspaper Die Welt reported on Commissioner Özoguz’s proposal:

A commission headed by Federal Integration Commissioner Aydan Özoguz, on behalf of SPD-affiliated Friedrich Ebert Foundation, has created a mission statement for Germany’s immigration society. (…)

A just society means that everyone can participate.

Therefore the authors demand local voting rights for non-EU foreigners living permanently in Germany. It is integral “to democratic principles that people who permanently live in a country should be able to participate in democratic decision making.” (…)

Furthermore, permanently residing foreigners should get the right to vote in referenda. The possibility of co-decision making in questions of one’s own living environment should be regarded as a participatory progress.

Towards this aim, members of the commission believe, one needs easier access to German citizenship, “lowering of the minimum duration in case of naturalisation, targeted use of available possibilities in case a discretionary naturalisation, and provision of dual citizenship.” Targets could be set to encourage companies to employ people with migration background. [Author’s translation)

However, the champion of “just society” and “equal rights”, Özoguz doesn’t support justice and equality for everyone — at least not for underaged child brides living in Germany. In November 2016, she publicly opposed banning child marriage. Official estimates point to a rise in child marriages in Germany. Thanks to Merkel’s “Refugee” Policy this medieval practice is returning to Germany at an alarming rate, with authorities reporting over 1,400 such cases, including hundreds of child brides below the age of 14. The trend has been attributed to rapid immigration from Muslim majority countries like Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

Özoguz is busy celebrating the new-found ‘diversity’ in the wake of mass-migration and won’t let inconvenient facts get in her way. The facts that, in today’s Germany, girls are being sold into marriage and end up becoming victims of the worst kind of sexual abuse.

Merkel-confidant Özoguz who first shaped Merkel’s Refugee Policy that opened Europe’s floodgates to million of migrants from Arab and Muslim countries, now puts forward a road map for pushing ahead radical transformation. To offset the rising popularity of right-wing parties, Özoguz hopes to recruit an army of migrants as political counterweight.




Fucking traitors. Germany needs to fix their country with marches by torchlight and Wagner.



Wow. Go figure. She knows she's fucking hated, and she'll commit even more treason just to try to stay in power.

What a communist depot.


bumping news




Mo fake news



Of course she does. Its the only possible way she or her cronies will ever be elected in future.

Is this not treason?


Germany needs a good old fashioned lynching - Gaddafi style.


>permanently live in a country


Straight from the horses mouth, remember this whenever libs say they are only here temporarily.


Please tell me this is fake FUCKING PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS FAKE.


Be encouraged, fellow anons, as this only means that the pendulum in Germany will swing back very, very hard. Germans are known for swinging from one extreme to the other very rapidly. Take heart, because Germans' grandchildren will build a new Reich with the full support of the Trumperican Empire.


Endrogay's little bomblet in Germany, huh?



once they become resident for 1 year and are naturalized then fine. until then no.



I don't think it is fake, anon.

Merkel really has no respect for her country.



what if its too late by then and the barbaric hordes already out number the germans?


Good bye Germany. You've had a good run, too bad you never caught a break.


well, looks like she's desperate

what are the chances of afd winning?

if germans overthrow merkel only to put schulz in his place then i'm sorry but they would be just too stupid to survive




It's OK, as long as they're not outnumbered by Slavs the Germans will be alright :^)



gercuck yes!


Leave her in the stocks in a public square in a refugee camp.

The 85% males can vote with their dicks.

The rest can stone her to death for having let herself be fucked in public.

Arab freedom of expression.



Does this woman have rape fantasys?



She's living the dream



inb4 Germany recruits the Slavs to fight the Ottomans



I-is that even a woman?


Good! You invited them and give them the full rights also time to replace the dying useless white cuckold breed.



Nigger, they said the niggers in 1960s who came here to work were here temporarily. It's been proven they came to be here permantly.

I'm done with these traitorous scum. I want a war. I want to kill these invaders. Fuck this leftist pinko sandnigger. In a country that was 100% white in the 40's is now 30% mixed.





Revolution in every country with a complete purge of anything darker than a piece of sun-dried bone.

Mass chemical castration of all negroids would be enough to wipe them out within a generation - but that is a generation too long.

It has been shown how quickly countries have deteriorated when infected with the dark disease.

Even in months it can have a serious affect on morale and quality of life.

Look at germany and sweden - now rape capitals.

This is deliberate - it sounds like a meme but the jews have been setting this up for fucking decades. They want to destroy humanity, they want europe to fall into ruin.

Having reached space, conquered the planet and the seas - it all now crumbles, when we were almost touching the stars.


File: 54361c75cb7dc1c⋯.jpg (50.64 KB, 279x394, 279:394, Then the winged hussars ar….jpg)


>Germany recruits the Slavs to fight the Ottomans

To be fair, they've got form there.


File: 318df6d84d65682⋯.png (5.54 KB, 358x241, 358:241, 1396104583478.png)

>people who permanently live in a country should be able to participate in democratic decision making.”

Remember when they told people that the refugees weren't a problem because they'd be going back before long?

What happened to that?


Democracy is such a great system. Everyone gets an equal voice!



Prepare your anus and mother's vagina. It's happening!.



>Trusting a single word that comes out of a politicians mouth.

Well there's your problem.

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