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File: e134cae7d4398b7⋯.jpg (67.72 KB, 1078x515, 1078:515, george-soros-devil.jpg)



Online message boards that allow anonymous posting – including 4chan, 8chan, Reddit, and AnonIB – tend to make headlines mainly when users illegally share private photos of high-profile women. But such photo sharing is just part of the relentless abuse that these sites constantly allow and enable.

On a daily basis, users of these message boards target women, people of color, activists, members of the media, and vulnerable communities like undocumented immigrants by orchestrating online harassment campaigns, which can involve illegal activities like hacking and publishing personal information and images. The sites are often also the origin of unsubstantiated speculation, which can make its way to fake news purveyors and hyperpartisan blogs that push misinformation, sometimes causing dangerous real-life consequences.

The actor Emma Watson was one of the victims of a recent illegal photo-sharing scandal, in which alleged personal photos were widely circulated on Reddit and 4chan. Weeks before, reports had revealed that members of the armed forces were involved in sharing “nude photographs of women, including fellow Marines – some taken without their knowledge” through the anonymous posting site AnonIB, which was also implicated in the publication of hacked personal photos of a number of celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, in 2014.

The cases involving celebrities and members of prominent military institutions are widely reported, but their treatment is just one part of the picture. These sites enable victimization of other individuals on a daily basis – often as part of orchestrated and politically motivated harassment campaigns. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter David Cay Johnston was the victim of doxxing – the publication of personal information like phone numbers and addresses with the intent of enabling intimidation and harassment – on 8chan following his reporting on President Donald Trump’s 2005 tax documents. Anonymous users on 4chan organized an effort to target undocumented immigrants, encouraging others to trick Twitter users into outing themselves as undocumented so they could “report” them to the authorities for deportation. Muslim activist Linda Sarsour, who has been repeatedly defamed on these sites, was recently smeared on 4chan as an “Islamist using the flag of feminism to subvert western women and entice them into supporting sharia law.”

The forums have also been at the epicenter of unsubstantiated speculation that has been weaponized by fake news purveyors, in some cases with dangerous real-life consequences and negative impact on real people.

While women aren't the only victims, misogyny is perniciously at the center of many of the posts on these forums. As reported by Gawker, message boards like 4chan, 8chan – which was launched as a response to perceived censorship on 4chan and became a similar, but more anarchic, platform – and AnonIB serve as a sanctuary where “angry, anonymous young men can dance out their anger against women.”



Wow, I wonder if we have made major impact?


Well shit, the eye of Sauron is on our asses now. I hope he doesn't shut the site down but if he does oh baby, gamergate is going to seem like fuck all compared to the autism he's about to unleash upon the world


File: 53db4d4d4fe4a9f⋯.mp4 (691.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2017-03-19 22-12-38.mp4)

I found some anons on this board the other day bragging how 8chan was mentioned in a new TV show, something about a criminal investigation storyline. Imbed related.



I'm glad I routinely back up and archive a lot of threads here. This could come in handy some day if this website is ever shut down. I'd just go back to posting news, doxes and mirroring leaks on obscure pastebin sites.


Thanks for the free advertising, faggots.



BTW, I remember posting news about elite political pedo rings years before the 'Pizzagate' scandal ever came out. Dave Hodges was among the first to do investigative research into CPS kidnapping children and selling them on the black market. In one article, written like 3 years ago he mentioned names and addresses. The feds had his website (thecommonsenseshow) shut down temporarily over it. I backed up the reports before hand and was able to mirror the full reports on txt over several pastebins, one of the getting over 20,000 views on quickleak.org (now defunct). I must have pissed them off badly because that site started getting DDoS attacked, and was hit by spam bots, later being shut down altogether!



>hacked personal photos of a number of celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, in 2014.

Then maybe they shouldn't be taking photos they don't want the world to see. Technology will always be hacked, you fucking idiots.

>On a daily basis, users of these message boards target women

Not really.

>people of color,

Hey, alot of us are pretty pissed off that are jobs are being taken by immigrants who don't even live in our countries.

>members of the media

>implying that isn't an inherent part of the internet as a whole.

>vulnerable communities like undocumented immigrants

Then you should legally immigrate.

>The sites are often also the origin of unsubstantiated speculation

Unsubstantiated speculation? That's the whole point of speculation, we think/have a gut feeling something isn't what it seems, but we don't yet have hard evidence. By that logic, we should get rid of the Sciences because it's Unsubstantiated speculation. Idiots. Might as well not use Pythagoras's theorem, it's just a "theory", not fact.


Just imagine a bunch of r9kers deciding that since their board is gone, they have nothing left to live for and go out with a bang.


File: 84ab63060377270⋯.png (62.08 KB, 694x535, 694:535, 73473290a51a95838de0dff6a4….png)

well now we have Soro's direct attention. let the real fight between Kek and Moloch begin.




Complete doxxing of soros is in order.

Everything you can find, including his daily schedule.

The eye of soros fears exposure,



Fuck you, shillcen, nobody likes you.



If they have to write a hit piece against us, that means we are having some kind of undesired effect. How much of an impact? I don't know.

But we need to keep up the good work. I'll do my best continuing to spread "unsubstantiated speculation weaponized by fake news." KEK!



>run a society that creates a bunch of social outcasts who inevitably find each other

>demonize them and wonder why you're pissing them off

It's like hitting a hornets nest. Honestly, I would've figured they're smarter than that.



Start with Alex,his son. Start with Soro's heads of NGO's, Brock has to have some links to Soros and didnt we dox David Brock? Now we have to call upon those "400lb russian hackers" and start accessing website db's, email db's, EVERYTHING. We must put the Internet hate Machine in overdrive.


File: 3036cad896b637c⋯.png (685.68 KB, 800x1517, 800:1517, Soros-Info.PNG)



waiting on paypal money to come in, when it does I'll get some VOIP credit and start making calls. i have a history of successful social engineering so i'll think of something. Should this be moved to another board? idk about /baph/ because i've heard its a honeypot




You may be able to find something here, too:


http://archive.is/gF4vi (/pol/ thread #1)

http://archive.is/C8PGu (/pol/ thread #2)

http://archive.is/Dz2yt (/realnews/ thread)

Archives of ALL these leaks can be found on /leaked/ and /killcen/ (Notify me if they have been 404'd, I'll just re-upload them).


File: 7e961ffcda09d07⋯.png (48.14 KB, 1797x294, 599:98, 1242648565363452.png)


Fuck off, killcen.






Fuck off, killcen.


I'd even prefer india and crab spam to killcen.



It's sad because it's true.



They always learn far too late, 'you don't mess with football' or, in other words, you don't take away people's soma.





Someone's working overtime.



You're the second-largest cancer on /n/, next to Jim himself. I remember everyone shitting on you, back when /n/ actually had a bit of quality to it.



>Someone's working overtime.

Call me paranoid, I don't give a fuck, with the way that anon tries to discredit everything and derail important news ALL THE TIME, I would not be a least bit surprised this anon is a shill working for some Soros / globalist NGO or liberal propaganda firm, or even working in some alphabet agency. We all know their kind exist. We all know they do troll, shill and monitor the boards here. People would have to be stupid to think otherwise.



>I'm a shill for shitting on killcen constantly




But I'm not killcen, though I do follow alot of what he posts. I don't agree with everything, but he posts some valuable information, and his heart's in the right place.


I think until now people thought chans were small potatoes. Now that they may try to shut them down in the future, I'll get to see a very interesting show. If ten thousand anons can cause gamergate and be a trolling committee to help Trump win and expose pizzagate, I drool at the idea of what ten million anons will do.



Also it was kind of refreshing that either one shill or a few were the only ones messing with you. That means their influence power here is pretty low.



>I do follow alot of what he posts

killcen please, this is pathetic



:^) Is someone down to name calling?



Thanks anon. I try my best.



No problem. No way to tell if you killcen, but please know this - killcen, you have my thanks.




>samefagging in order to jerk yourself off

Pathetic, killcen.



Soros sold out his best friends to the Nazis, I don't think he'd be too worried about his son.




This is as transparent as it gets



You're more of a shitposter than he ever was. Be careful when you gaze into the abyss, anon.


you will lose, kikes

nothing but street light ornaments



>undocumented immigrants

>read as: criminals




What the fuck is AnonIB?


t r u e



File: 55a939b83528d25⋯.jpg (125.43 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, her-smile-and-optimism-gon….jpg)

Heh. Remember the last person who decided it was a good idea to attack image board culture in the form of a racist cartoon frog?


File: e3b5e9098fbc3ba⋯.jpeg (28.02 KB, 600x450, 4:3, image.jpeg)


Checked; but no, I do not remember. Please enlighten us. Who the fuck was that pussy anyway?

Top Fucking Kek that they think that once autists have gotten a taste of Anonymity that they would give it up without a fight!



The internet was always about anonimity, before corporations decided that ad revenue was "the way" to make money online and attracted normalfags with social media that needs to be heavily moderated to make people comfortable to input their personal information so they can be subject to targeted advertisement.



they are notable for being ground zero of the fappening


File: 79ba4a27cfc5801⋯.jpeg (122.21 KB, 932x932, 1:1, image.jpeg)


Trust me, I remember. I was one of the original autists. My first computer was a Commodore 64, then I moved up to a TRS80 III. There was no real "internet" back then, and we used phone modems, but hacking was already in vogue, and anonymity was always King. We used to fuck with payphones a lot, long b4 the "internet", Kevin Mitnick style; but, like everything else, SJWs ruined everything with their incessant needs for self-identity and destroying new technologies in favor of making sure no one gets "triggered". It can only get worse from here. The best days of Anonymity are long behind us.

But the war continues…


the only satisfaction one can glean from Soros untimely death is the fact that he has failed in his corrupt quest to destroy nations and subvert fair democracy.

>oh wait…



Hit the nail on the head. We must be going down the right path, notice all of the shills that popped up as soon as you posted that?











We have to dox everyone who is close to Soros and find out as much information about the old bastard as we can. Don't let the shitposters distract you, we've got work to do.



I hear that Soros is constantly travelling and no one knows where exactly he is at any given time except those who he has arranged to meet with, who know where he will be at a date and time, and then off Soros goes again.

You can only guess at what country he might currently be in.

Guarantee Soros has no publicly available e-mail or phone number or address. Probably his direct assistants don't either.

Best you could do is DDOS whatever shit he has going on right now that is most important.




>a good infohound won't be deterred by low grade slideposts though, others however can run interference and report shills ASAP.




Anyone feel like observing that location for extended periods of time to gather information.

Go to it.

Leave gifts behind while wearing gloves.

Recommendations for gifts.

Pyramids, eyes, things with images of eyes on them, a set of scales.

Someone think of better symbolism.



He is already ancient, despite the stolen blood and organs.

He can't travel that often, it is a big strain.

Don't listen to the stories they feed you.

chances are he's stuck in his home most of the time.






Spread the mission, pepes on soros' doorstep.

If he reports it, it is more exposure.

These people have no idea how things work anymore.

They can't survive, none of their old tricks work. They just make themselves bigger targets.



Just give up shill.


Soros, will get you before you will ever lay your hands on him.

Not even Trump can lay his hands on Soros.

If he could, Soros would ALREADY be in jail.

Let that sink in.


Too late, he doesnt stay in one place for too long. Especially right now in these times.

Even if you manage to get his current, he'd likely to have you "die accidently".

Even if he is caught, he is just a SCAPEGOAT.

He is not even the mastermind to all of this. He is just a lackey.



even a small victory is a victory.



He'll be dead soon and burning in hell like Rockefeller anyway. And when he does, it will be Good! news.





wtf I love /killcen/ now

not that I like his endless spamming though



What is it that I "spam" though? I try to be the biggest contribute of important, breaking news here. I don't consider that 'spamming' at all.



Posting the same thing 9000 times over and over gets tiresome, but that's just my opinion and it might be biased, considering I used to go on fuckhueg (2000+ users online) forums before 8chan.



where would we regroup at though?



So much this.

>‘If you don’t initiate your young men into the tribe, they will burn down the village’

Even the African tribal groups had this one figured out.



>concern troll

>certain words in all CAPS

>conveniently ignoring the fact he is a European

>just being retarded





Attention whores.

>people of color

Niggers and mudslimes.



>members of the media


>undocumented immigrants

Illegal aliens.

And I like how they try to make it out like we don't shit on everyone. Sure some people get shit on more often and harder, but that because they do something to bring it on themselves.



for a second I thought they were referring to anontalk

anyone remember that shithole run by that pedo kimmo?


Yeah, and George Soros is so rich and all powerful that he can't block any of the sites mentioned. Not a single one.

But Putin can

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