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File: 07a8efabfdd2e84⋯.jpg (60.01 KB, 800x416, 25:13, C7UJNjYX0AALe8P.jpg)


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The arrogance of a CEO of a major company like Starbucks, that would put his radical political opinions above the health of the company and the stockholders is astounding. The idea that Howard Schultz believed he could say Starbucks would make hiring 10,000 refugees a priority, while so many Americans are out of work, and it wouldn’t harm the Starbucks brand is beyond foolish…

The arrogance of a liberal Starbucks CEO has backfired on him. He has to step down from his high position.

Howard Schultz will be replaced as Starbucks CEO next month.

Schultz was in the news recently when he arrogantly said that Starbucks would hire 10,000 refugees in reaction to President Trump's first executive order on the temporary travel ban for nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries.

Many Americans were offended by Schultz's offer to refugees because many of them are not employed. They felt that Americans should have been a priority for jobs for a huge company like Starbucks. Trump has said that U.S.companies must give priority to Americans.

Trump supporters also got angry with the CEO's big offer to refugees because they know he is making a political statement against Trump.

Trump supporters called for a boycott of Starbucks since January 29. Shortly after, Starbucks has felt the effect. Sales went down.

Starbucks consumer perception levels as measured by YouGov BrandIndex's Buzz score, falling by two-thirds between January 29 and February 13.

The problem with Schultz is that he used his Starbucks position for his political agenda. Schultz is a known Democrat and public supporter of Hillary Clinton. He was even considered as a running mate for the Democratic nominee.

Schultz will remain with Starbucks as executive chairman. He will focus on Starbucks' high end coffee shops. It is a lower position in essence. The new job will also not allow him to make such big statements as what he arrogantly did with the supposed 10,000 jobs offer to refugees.

He will be replaced by current Chief Operating Officer Kevin Johnson who takes over next month.

It is a loss for Schultz and a victory in a sense for Trump supporters.




File: 07695bb2b04f5ee⋯.jpg (157.6 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 2a144274329ecee71e3e562298….jpg)

still not tired of winning


hipster brown piss dispenser company







Praise free market capitalism!


When the general public wants refugees less than most politicians do.




This is the power of the people, if only they can do this to the tv/movie, music and video game industry then that would tell these retards that America comes first in America.



First Target, and now Starfucks, who's next?

>Please be Microshit and Applel



(((Schultz))), refugees welcome!



>Video game industry

The developers and publishers are retards who always go after the wrong reason when something does not sell well. And thats not even mentioning the evil developers. And the starbucks and target boycots work because they have plenty of competition, vidya is one evil to the next idiocy.



>Microshit and Applel

Good luck, microshit has a monopoly on all but hipsters and apple has only hipsters.


wow jobless liberal college graduates with useless degrees finally agree with jobless racist rednecks.

to think with this much effort, we can boycott feminist shit or hell american products, fuck their degenerate culture.


File: eedb8f36236d624⋯.jpg (430.62 KB, 640x1974, 320:987, 1439674485344-0.jpg)

good goys, perhaps boycotting a nation is next


t o t a l



Oh no, a strawman comic, how will burgers ever recover!



i dont think jobless racist rednecks is a thing. do you think there is a number of immigrants/refugees/etc between the numbers of 1 and infinity that if we cross that number, it will be detrimental to the nation as a whole?


Loss of sales could also be due to the restaurant recession, just saying.



It may just come down to that, libturd.




>starbucks cafés



>mental gymnastics and delusion


I'm still not tired of winning. Let's have this kike drawn and quartered.


File: 6a8d638c712af6e⋯.jpg (25.24 KB, 428x391, 428:391, Black_coolface.jpg)


Can someone with editing skills please stretch that Trump into Troll Face like pic related?


File: 0491bad8af6cc7d⋯.png (119.46 KB, 482x468, 241:234, starcucks.png)




That's literally impossible since you can correlate it when he made those statements, his own defensiveness regarding the whole ordeal during the shareholder meeting, and his stepping down. Then the relativity of others and rifle coffee doing extremely well.



Someone should make a big banner of that pic, and juxtapose it against a real Starbucks logo outside their business.

Take pictures too, and spread them. Wow would it take the image boards by storm.



>Wow would it take leddit by storm.



A whole lot of trumpsters salivating over their fake news. Here's the REAL story. Starbucks has just come off a record-breaking, best quarter they've had in 24 years. Their sales had only way to go, and NO it wasn't down. They lessened slightly, in step with the whole restaurant industry (and last I checked, the entire restaurant industry didn't pledge to hire refugees) but still did better than most of the industry. Credit Suisse has said that there's some concern over lingering sentiment to a boycott and that it may affect the brand, but the actual numbers don't indicate any effect on sales.

Oh, and btw, Howard Shultz, CEO was already set to step down in april LONG before the refugee pledge. The two have nothing at all to do with each other.

But go ahead you silly trumpsters, whatever boycott may have happened hasn't materialized into anything, but feel free to believe it because you want to believe it. It's the way of your emperor. Better yet, go ahead and send out some FAKE TWEETS all about it..



Clarifying: sales slowed, but still INCREASED by a few percentage points. They did not actually go negative, but positive, just not as big a positive as in the previous record-breaking months. They still sold MORE in each month than they did the previous month.



The BOYCOTT remains forever! I'm supporting their rivals from now on!







Well, to a certain extent you can, but not totally either…

You can to some degree – by diversifying some of your savings into gold and silver, among other essential assets (prepping, for example).

You can't – because you still have to pay your monthly bills, among grocery bills as well, plus taxes… So you still need some fiat currency in order to be a member of society.


Interesting, it seems that 8chan is censoring and locking threads it doesn't like. the same "boycotts work" was added to another thread about "rifle coffee" or some such shit and I replied there with the same info that showed that actually no, the boycotts did nothing. A couple days later that reply was deleted and the thread locked.

btw, interesting to see that after the info I posted the salivating trumpsters stopped replying. they went back to their holes to hide in shame.


Free market works.

Commiecucks on suicide watch!



The CEO was saying he'd leave a year ago, but I think Starbucks recently asked him to resign as a ploy to save their business.

Guess what? We will continue to Boycott Starbucks until they hurt badly, just like we did to Target. Don't ever forget the impact we have had on Target after two years of boycotting over their tranny bathroom BS.



>Restaurant Recession

>When a chef is the highest growth area for jobs atm



> boycotting a nation

isn't that known as sanctions?

are you an idiot?



by eating industrial doses of processed fat and drinking copious amounts of sugary beverages, as always.



>by diversifying some of your savings into gold and silver, among other essential assets (prepping, for example).

Prepping… THE BULL?



>The CEO was saying he'd leave a year ago, but I think Starbucks recently asked him to resign as a ploy to save their business.

You think wrong. Last year he was set to leave in April. He's leaving in April, just like this "boycotts" message says. Nothing changed. Trumpsters just have a hard time admitting they're wrong, or facing reality, just like the emperor.



>Troll Face

what is this, 2008?



Ignore CIA or CREW. Their meme folders are old


>Schultz will remain with Starbucks as executive chairman.







Yes, don't let up on the boycott. It could be a trick.




>useless degrees

>jobless racist rednecks

How do you get a job with useless degrees?

Are you saying both parties are jobless?



>Are you saying both parties are jobless?

Holy shit, how do navigate this website with down syndrome?



What a sad empty life you CTR shills have had since Hillary lost….I pity you.



Have any sources?



You didn't even try to answer the question.

I don't think raging in a thread, giving up on discussion, and trolling are going to do any good.

Just do yourself a favor and move along, anon.



Sorry to burst your bubble…he announced that he was stepping down months ago. Before the boycott, Also, he's not gone he will still be working on special projects.


Why would you boycott Shitbucks for hiring refugees? Let them hire them and laugh as their shit eating hipster customers and employees get harassed and raped and they can't fire the sandniggers because islamiphobia.



>Have any sources?

Yes, I went to the website address www.google.com. There is a space there called "search" where you can type in anything and find info about what you type. You should try it out whenever you want to find information about things.





Most people angered at this aren't fully redpilled.



Not that guy, but burden of proof is on you, nigger.



If they choose not to hire Americans, the fuck them! The BOYCOTT is on – for life!

They made their decision, now they pay for it!


File: d2f8d5896601607⋯.png (704.27 KB, 600x826, 300:413, trump troll.png)



actually the burden of proof was on OP, who obviously didn't visit google before breathlessly posting his fake news.



wrong, the burden of proof has no order, anyone making a claim assumes the burden of proof for that claim the moment it is made.


File: 2c4da60a45880f0⋯.jpeg (30.43 KB, 286x341, 26:31, image.jpeg)


Not any of these anons, but as a home school dad I can assure you that my 13 yr old already well knows that, in today's world, you better damn well back up any assertion or opinion with sources; preferably several sources with different viewpoints that happen to support your opinion.

Learn to news, faggot!

It is not enough to tell folks they should Google it, nigger!

and who actually uses Google as a search engine anymore, idiot?

Here's your gold medal.

>sage because you suck


I'll make it easier, but I won't cow-tow to you idiots who just want the satisfaction of having me post a link.

search starbucks, record quarter, schulz, monthly revenue, etc. and you'll find all the info you need, and it won't be from sites with names like "100percentfedup.com"


Yep, he's trying to high tail it out before it goes to total shit. He knows he fucked up.






You know, even if he said he would resign, doesn't this still seem cheap?

He pretty much spearheaded a new project by declaring that Starbucks would hire refugees, and now he bails on it.

If he had faith in this, wouldn't it make sense for him to see it through and, say, make sure this hiring policy is enforced, resisting the boycott?

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