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File: af36c54f8826de1⋯.jpg (62.75 KB, 625x550, 25:22, af36c54f8826de106b2244242a….jpg)


Las Vegas is betting on a new approach to combat rising heroin and HIV rates: vending machines of clean needles.

But the syringe exchange vending machines, a first in the United States, aren't open to just anyone walking by. They are accessible to clients of Trac-B Exchange, a program run by the Las Vegas Hard Reduction Center.

And the machines don't take money. Instead, drug users scan a card and enter a unique ID number in order to vend one of the colorfully gift-wrapped boxes inside.

"This is a harm reduction approach," said Chelsi Cheatom, program manager for Trac-B Exchange, in an interview with NBC Las Vegas affiliate KSNV. "People are already exchanging in these behaviors, and anytime someone's engaging in a behavior that could cause them some potential health side effects, we want to encourage them to reduce their risk of harm."



It's probably the most sensible solution to just legalize opium and opiate derivatives for recreational use. It's very easy to get addicted to opiates (it could happen to you after you get an injury and a painkiller prescription), virtually inevitable for it to escalate into a heroin dependency, and so much harder to get rid of the addiction.

Getting tough on heroin, as much of a common-sense solution as it may seem to be, only puts more lives at risk as it makes opiates harder to find, more expensive, and more diluted with dangerous chemicals. The obvious solution to this is that the people who need this heroin to escape withdrawal should line up at a rehab clinic but "line up" is the operative word as there are not enough clinics and not enough capacity at each of them to treat every addict and those addicts who can't get treatment will go on to die from suicide, detox, or commit violent crime.


if life wasn't so shit, people wouldn't need drugs



The best thing is to keep alternatives like Kratom available. I don't personally know of anyone who's used it to kick heroin, but I was using about 100 mg of oxy and/or hydro codine everyday and quit and only use Kratom now.

So on one hand I'm still an addict but at least you don't have to sell other drugs to support a Kratom habit.



Are you trying to ease off? Do you get withdraws if you stop taking it? I'm genuinely curious; Trying to kick alcohol myself.



I am trying to cut back, and yes, I have withdrawals some. Pretty much like opie withdrawals but not as bad; the worst thing for me is the feeling of "electrical" nervous energy running through my legs. It's a kind of tension that keeps you from sleeping and relaxing at all.

I'm taking about 12 grams now, so I'm gonna try and cut now to about 8 and then quit.


It is VEGAS, not Nevada. There is a world of difference. Nevadans would give it to mexico. Gladly



>harder to find so less people get addicted

>more expensive so that less people can afford them

>more diluted with dangerous chemicals so more people avoid them out of fear

>only puts more lives at risk

But anon, that's retarded.



>Ron Paul pic

This is actually perfectly libertarian politics. Why shouldn't people be allowed to buy syringes?

Wanting to prevent it is just nanny-state nonsense. People should be free to make whatever choices they want and face the consequences thereof.


If you cant get them to stop. You should offer a way to do it safely. Because less HIV and hepatitis there is around safer everyone is.


I thought all u yanks were right wing bible thumpin death penalty types


bestiality is legal in nevada also, fucking degenerates



>people get addicted anyway because doctors give out codeine and vicodin like candy on Halloween.

>more expensive so more people resort to robbery to get their fix.

>there will be a point when an addict won't care if its diluted with dirty chemicals because he needs his fix.

>this could only save lives.

Like I said: it's very easy to get addicted and it could happen to you after a visit to the doctor's office. Surely, most heroin addicts never wanted the stuff in their bodies in the first place but had to resort to it after they were unable to get pills like the ones they were using to manage their pain.



Drugs lower the chance for life to get better

They're incredibly short term solutions

They damage people irreparably


Why not do what Portugal did?


I say let people who overdose on drugs or get AIDS or whatever die. survival of the fittest.


The Chinese cut their precious white with fentanyl in my town; it gives you a guaranteed overdose.



In your professional opinion?


File: 11fa216185506e0⋯.jpg (35.45 KB, 720x544, 45:34, Crack_Addict.jpg)




From statistical research people are much less negatively affected when punishment for drug crime is treated as a mental disorder with damage reduction treatment instead of a Hardline criminality stance. Case and point the heroin addiction spree in Switzerland. Much lower rates of recitivism, overdose and drug addiction related crimes.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You don't have to be a professional to know that heroin has ruined every single life it has touched.

Go try it for yourself you stupid fuck.

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