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File: 1d2e8a4ad88393d⋯.jpg (24.68 KB, 678x381, 226:127, Police Tase, Strangle, Bea….jpg)


A Dallas School District has shipped a 7-year-old special needs student to a mental facility for disrupting class.

7-year-old student Yosio Lopez was first violently restrained by the Dallas Independent School District Police who reportedly handcuffed and tasered him for banging his head against a wall.

CNN reports: https://archive.fo/R3ZPu

Yosio Lopez was handcuffed, Tased and bruised by Dallas Independent School District (DISD) Police after the boy started banging his head against a wall in class, the Lopez family lawyer, David Ramirez, told CNN.

Yosio is a special needs student who suffers from attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and another mood disorder. He has experienced similar outbursts in the past but has always had a trained school aide nearby to help calm him down.

But last Tuesday, the aide wasn’t there and Yosio didn’t have his “safe place,” Ramirez said.

The boy told his mother, April Odis, that he was put on a desk with his arms cuffed behind his back while the school principal put her elbow on his neck and choked him to restrain him, the family lawyer said.

In a statement about the incident, the school district said in part:

“The Dallas Independent School District is committed to educating the whole child each day, and in doing so, we believe in providing a productive learning environment that is safe for all staff and students. While there has been media interest into an alleged incident at one of our Dallas ISD campuses, due to federal confidentiality laws protecting the privacy of all students and their families, we are unable to publicly confirm or deny the matter reported.”

After the incident at school, Dallas ISD Police transported Yosio to a mental health facility without his mother’s permission and committed him for nearly a week. His mother was unable to visit him for the first two days, Ramirez said.

Yosio was heavily sedated during his stay at Dallas Behavioral Hospital and was restricted from seeing his mother under the claim that he was “a danger to himself and those around him,” according to Ramirez. The child was released Monday night and is at home recovering with his mother.







What were they supposed to do, let him break his head against the wall? He's obviously retarded so he wasn't going to sit still




Unironically bad



They should have simply removed him. They don't have to get violent with a 7-YEAR-OLD KID for Christ's sake. Pathetic, they should be fired and sued over this. Maintaining order is their job, and brutally assaulting children is NOT maintaining order, it is exacerbating the problem.



>Special needs student

>Public school

>Special needs Aide is not present

>The autistic need of a reassuring adult that tells him that everything will be alright is gone

>Poorly trained teachers call on the po-po

>Banging his head like a retard and gets himself tasered and into a mental hospital

>Muh bias! dindunuffin! need more money for those useless public schools!

Goddamn, there's special classes and everyone know public schools are shit at this.






not aborting the autistic is exacerbating the problem.


>Yosio Lopez




Stop making excuses. A grown ass man does not need to tase a 7 year old child to restrain it.



I agree. My little shithead oa 10, and has been diagnosed with adhd, and he gets disruptive in class. So when it gets bad the school calls me and I pick his ass up. About 2 years ago he really lost it and got violent. So I literally picked him up and carried him outside until he calmed down. Kids are small, the don't need to be fucking tazed.

Getting violent and confrontational just spins up kids even more and makes the situation worse.


what does a retard subhuman being retarded have to do with fascism?


File: 8bbd89f32d9369c⋯.jpg (42.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Dehumanization is a symptom of fascism



time to hang yourself, turbonigger



>A grown ass man does not need to tase a 7 year old child

>Public School called on the police

Read between the lines you fucking white knight faggot. Standards in training in public schools are shit, especially with kids with autism, doesn't make their retardation any better.



Accepting special needs is a sign of mental illness



Do you have a single fact to back that up?


I guess not wanting to see children get tazed makes me a white knight. I don't care who called the police officer, he went way over the line, and people like you are his white knight. Where's the taser for the big dumb police officer if being stupid subjects you to violent punishment now?



He should not be in a normal school. It is detrimental to the education and well-being of the students and staff.



lol. dehumanisation and the deconstruction of nature is a symptom of (((communism)))



Actually to be clear and honest, dehumanization is a symptom of ANY form of tyranny. This includes both fascism and communism.



You mean like how the Left and "liberals" dehumanize white males?




File: a69fa252b8020db⋯.png (619.56 KB, 710x532, 355:266, the more you notice.png)


Normalizing mental illness is a symptom of judaism



Nazis enjoy abusing children, got it.



fascism was created in response to the murderous system of communism. it's not tyranny in any way



>extreme right authoritarianism is totally not tyranny because extreme left authoritarianism also exists

Don't kid yourself


Lock them up!



If he has mental issues he should be in a place equipped to deal with him, not a regular school.

I don't support beating children (much less tase them) and I'm "like literally Hitler"


File: 521bbabe22a7d3e⋯.jpg (97.39 KB, 500x656, 125:164, Cost-60k-Reichsmark-.jpg)

Why do we abort healthy children but allow deform retards and cripples to live?



commies kill people, fascism kills commies



>a 7-year-old RETARDED kid

You forgot the key word, you fucking spastic.

All charges are forgiven, and you know it, when it was to keep retardation in check.

Just look at you; you could use a good visit from a few cops. Get your brain smashed in for being such a fucking autistic bum-pusher.





You first, ==nigger==



Doesn't matter much, retard or not. Assaulting a small child is just fucking wrong. You have to be one low life thug to do that shit.

If the kid pulled out a gun, I would understand tackling and tazing the kid. But over banging his head on a wall and throwing a temper tantrum? That's just child abuse, and those cops should be fired (and sued) for aggravated assault against a minor.



Should have shot the little terrorist.

Really though, keep spics/nigs/arabs/jews in one school, and humans in the other.

As for nutjobs, keep them segregated in nutjob schools?

All this forced integration ruins the experience.


File: 571dc173dff01aa⋯.jpg (726.41 KB, 1113x908, 1113:908, 1317376818426.jpg)


>doesn't matter much, retard or not

Now, that's where you're wrong, you fucking denegerate filth.

Keeping retards alive, like yourself, is a massive burden on society and the world as a whole.

If you truly want to avoid events, such as this, you could encourage more women to abort their children, the very second they realize it's gonna be a "special" one.

>those cops should be fired (and sued) for aggravated assault

Hahahahahahaha, fucking good one. You are at least good for a luagh. Now proceed into the collective shower room, please.



> attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Which changed as many names as global warming?


Seeing the Common Core shit from Mirkin schools, you'd have to be retarded to not ant to bang you head against the wall when hearing all this garbage.



One form of violent extremism does not justify another.


>Should have shot the little terrorist.

So a 7 year old is a "terrorist" for throwing a conniption fit in school? Wew! Now that is the kind of mentality that brings about tyrannical despotism.


Trained officers can't restrain a seven year old without tasering him?



>a seven year old retard

Why wouldn't they take the oppertunity to taze a spass?



You belong in an insane asylum, along with all the other despots in today's uncivilized, fucked up world. (Yes, whether you call yourself a fascist or communist really makes no difference when you support violent tyranny).


That's what I have been wondering.

What ever happened to civilized society? Is there no more moral or code of ethics anymore? Everyone is so spastic and reactionary today, especially those with authority.


>"special needs" student turns out to be just another boy with lots of youthful energy.

>Labeled with a fake mental illness because he can't sit still for hours

>Probably out of his drugged hours

>Gets taken out in handcuffs for being a 7-year-old boy

Am I reading this right? All I see is another victim child of the war on men.



These people in control want your children dumbed down, drugged up, to shut up, to obey any orders given, to sit still for hours and to speak only when they are directed to speak.

What could be wrong with that?

It seems today's society is already under a form of martial law, only under the conditioning stages before it gets totally rolled out and enforced on everyone. I bet that is the plan in the near future.


The police dindu nuffin, sometimes you have to hurt people so they don't hurt themselves. If you were intelligent enough to become a Texas cop you'd understand their reasoning.


>supporting police actions ever


That is what it has came to. You are either with the purge or not. These cops, just like our intelligence agencies, have been infiltrated and are being trained by MOSSAD right now.




I bet if this kid was out of control beating YOUR kid bloody into a retard, the story would be different.


ITT: /pol/ thinks it cool to taze children if they have a Spanish surname.



I honestly don't think these people think that deep. They read about a nigger shot dead by an Israeli-trained cop, and they celebrate because they hate niggers, but don't consider the implications of police being trained to act as an occupying army.


>7-year-old student Yosio Lopez

Wetback trash.

Sorry but as a white man I simply don't give a fuck about what happens to invaders kids.


File: 2261516462709cd⋯.jpg (28.6 KB, 614x338, 307:169, authoritah.jpg)


This kid didn't beat any other kid up though. This kid just threw a tantrum and banged his own head against the wall. The police responded very unprofessionally and way too aggressively for that situation. The kid was only 7 years old. The kid could have been peacefully restrained and removed by the cops - easily.

Instead, the cops assaulted the child. They attacked him, tackled him to the ground, choke locked him, tazed him and then arrested him. That was totally unnecessary and by the books it should be considered aggravated assault against a minor.


Most the fascists on /pol/ really are no different than the commie thugs on /leftypol/ whom both endorse this kind of hostile behavior as long as they are the ones in "authoritah!"



>muh retarded jewish tv show

nice opinions fag



Misusing the word "fascism" should be punishable by death.



It's Texas we're talking about. The kid could have been a Tejano who's family has been there since before the Americans came, for all we know.


File: 1b0a0d090de4806⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1600x1063, 1600:1063, mandatoryeducation.jpg)

On one hand, I don't think special needs kids should share classes with the general student body. I'm not saying they should be locked inside the special ed room all day with no outlet because that seems to be about the equivalent of solitary confinement, but for God's sake, if you can't control yourself as it is then there's absolutely no reason you should be lumped in with a group of people who you'd risk disrupting, especially when half the time the aides are never there to control them. This happened to me on too many occasions to even count back in my years of public school and annoyed the hell out of me every time. School was bad enough as it was and the retarded kids' outbursts in class that they almost never got reprimanded for just made it even worse.

On the other hand though, you shouldn't treat a mentally handicapped seven-year-old child like a seventeen-year-old inner-city nigger. The kid was hitting his head against a wall, not charging at the teacher with a pencil trying to stab them. He was a danger to himself more than anyone else; using the kind of force on a person you'd use to restrain someone more than twice that person's age is fucking ridiculous. Oh, and then there was the principal putting her goddamn elbow (of course it was a woman) on the back of the kid's neck while he was already being handcuffed. Thank you, zero-tolerance policy.



>Yosio Lopez

Yeah he definitely wasn't being disruptive



I know teachers that have been injured and lost work time because of 7 year olds.



They can't restrain a 7 year old without a tazer?

These guys had to pass a physical to become police officers.


File: 117971a417bb1c8⋯.jpg (13.45 KB, 200x314, 100:157, what.jpg)


How fucking weak are american cops? 7 year old kids aren't strong, even if they're tards. It's not hard to just pin him until he calms down


>>541816 (OP)

How fucking weak are american cops? 7 year old kids aren't strong, even if they're tards. It's not hard to just pin him until he calms down

Sounds like YOU should consider a career change. I taught in a public school. NEVER AGAIN.



>restrain a child

Don't you mean "sexually molest"? Because that's how this article would read if they had just grabbed him. 'Tard wranglers not being present are always the source of these types of stories.


What the fuck.


>Yosio Lopez

>after the boy started banging his head against a wall in class

>Yosio is a special needs student

>The boy told his mother, April Odis, that he was put on a desk with his arms cuffed behind his back while the school principal put her elbow on his neck and choked him to restrain him

Do you smell that? It smells like bullshit.


Yankee cops are only good at beating up defenseless people. Antifag with a tiny penknife? Wave the white flag faster than a frenchie! Turkroach attempting murder on US citizens? Run around like goddamn yakety sax was playing in the background.



Weak enough to get brushed off by turkroach hitmen.



not our problem, send him back.


File: 8f3818a39c3881f⋯.gif (76.89 KB, 310x266, 155:133, questions kirby.gif)


Is it even possible for leftists to make a political argument without referencing fictional entertainment?


>Cites CNN


File: e17da6436a5d555⋯.png (98.5 KB, 211x341, 211:341, 001.png)

>exaggerates what happened in title

>calls them "fascist"

>dosent even describe the moment when he was tased

>"beat" he was "beating" himself up

Competent people seem not exist



>Yosio is a special needs student who suffers from attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and another mood disorder.

Funny how they don't mention the other disorder, since ADHD doesn't make you start slamming your head into a wall.



>posts picture of Kirby

>complains that other people use pop culture references



Why do they need to tase him? Just pick him up and carry him into padded quiet room. Leave him alone until he is calm. For the sake, he is 7 years old and they would have kill him.



Are you trying to get our brave police officers killed? #bluelivesmatter



Don't be stupid anon.



Yeah, he doesn't even have ADHD.



>a reaction image is the same as using voldemort and darth vader in political discussions



Have you ever heard of retard strength? What power their brain is devoid of goes straight to their muscles. But I agree, cops are fucking sociopaths who are more than happy and willing to beat the shit out of children or shoot someone who's holding something black or gray in their hands.



Except that was a reaction to an image of Cartman.



No no, he has a point. You're a faggot,






Except the post with the Cartman reaction image was making a pop culture reference in the post itself.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're pretending, because I refuse to believe even the dumbest normalfag redditor outsider could possibly confuse a reaction image with an argument.


File: 1f4d3d7f919adc9⋯.jpg (71.45 KB, 498x467, 498:467, Good!.jpg)


Tasering him's better then letting him damage his brain by banging his head against the wall.

He was a harm to himself. Stop posting clickbait titles, faggot OP.



You underestimate retard strength.



cry more, spiclover


kek, it's about time we started nipping the beanershits in the bud before they become a further drag upon society.




Tazing can lead to brain damage too, what do you think it does to your nervous system?

Also, THIS: >>542573

Violence against children throwing temper tantrums is totally unnecessary and the cops have behaved just as belligerent and crazy as the child did.



If cops were called, the teacher obviously viewed it too hard to do anything. If cops are willing the risk the lawsuit and consequences of using force.. So many cues pointing to it being appropriate.

If some retard is going make himself even more retarded or try to kill himself. Intervention did well stopping it. If he wants he can continue and fuck himself up on a private home later instead of on school grounds.


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