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File: dcbaaf111075350⋯.jpg (29.99 KB, 748x482, 374:241, pri_38341450-e149519709890….jpg)


An inquest jury has concluded that it was right that a transgender prisoner who died at Leeds Prison was held in a male jail, but also found she was let down by a range of services as well as her family.

Miss Thompson, who was from Keighley, West Yorkshire, had identified as female since she was 10 years old but never had any surgical or hormone treatment.

The inquest heard she did not have a Gender Recognition Certificate establishing her female identity so she was sent to a male prison.

The jury also heard about the extensive drug, alcohol, mental health and other problems Miss Thompson had experienced in her life.



didn't suck off enough gangsters I presume.



Big Bubbah type gangsters aren't the main danger in UK prisons, at least not the same way they are in the USA.

They are controlled by the immams.

"She" probably chose to die instead of convert.


This actually bothers me. They should have just put him in a mental hospital instead of prison. And not one of the cruel state-run kind. Just a regular one. I'm guessing his offenses were just drugs or something.


Dressing like a girl in a male prison has very predictable consequences.



One should think rape would be the biggest problem for those types not homicide. Desperate horny prisoners could only dream of being able to fuck someone who looks remotely like a girl.



masculinity is like social currency in prison, a transgender would be considered the bottom of the totem pole.

Remember when kids bullied and called you a faggot in middle school for acting girly? Times that by 100.


File: 9a63ab99715a224⋯.jpg (140.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, leftist sjw.jpg)


narcissism isn't really classified as a mental illness anymore. It should be.



Good. Anyone can say they identified as anything to escape jail time or a harsh sentence. Unless he got his junk turned inside out, he goes to a male prison.



Leeds prison is also probably full of Muslims.



Its a huge thing in prisons because In Islamic society homosexuality is defined differently.

In islam if you stick your penis in a mans ass, you are still considered straight even if you enjoyed it because you are the 'giver'.

If you have a penis stuck in your ass you are considered gay even if you hate it because you are the receiver.


>transgender identifying faggot also had other mental illnesses and drug problems.

>Identified as female since 10

>Was "let down by family"

What a surprise




Ha ha ha fuck you jewdiciary. You obviously haven't been pozzing hard enough in bongland.


Then this tranny faggot will be delighted to live like a woman with sandnigger dick up """her""" ass every day.



Except in the UK it's muslims that rub the show.

Convert or get shit.


Isn't there a lot of skinheads or EDL members in uk prisons?


Otherkin wasn't sent to furry prison. Story at 11.


I would fuck her in her tight little boypussy while jerking her off before we both bust a nut at the same time.



>never had hormone replacement therapy

>extensive drug, alcohol, mental health and other problems

yep, transexuality is totally normal, cishets. animals do it too!


File: 239ae84e2b8ec3a⋯.jpg (53.58 KB, 620x385, 124:77, pri_40317092.jpg)

Holy shit no wonder this thing came out wrong, look what it spawned from



Maybe yeah. There's a lot of thugs and hooligan types in the EDL. They don't run prisons as the EDL though. Most prisons are majority white and the criminals who run them are your average drug dealer types.


Dear God.




meth yoda



Brandishing a metal knife in the kitchen, while cooking.



Read the article again



>One should think rape would be the biggest problem for those types not homicide.

Because you don't understand the demographics of UK prisons.

Faggotry is expected in American jails, in fact it is not only expected, it's virtually obligatory.

Your niggers are redundant farm machinery.

Our prisons are full of

a) Poles

b) Muslims

c) Jamaican yardies.

The first two groups hate faggots for religious reasons (Poles are backward Catholics), for the Yardies (Jamaican nigger gangsters) it is cultural, probably a cultural memory of "buck breaking", where the fresh male slaves would be gang raped by the plantation owners to stop them being viewed as men and remove their ability to lead a rebellion, and break any spirit of rebellion.

Any of these groups will kill a known faggot on sight, which is why you have a Nonce wing (protective custody).

The great thing about this story is that it shows the blatant contradiction in the whole "they really are women" preaching. Everyone says they are "real women", you can even be sent to prison for policies or actions which do not honour the pretense, but a judge and jury can ignore the "real woman" status just like that, because behind all of the social signalling, NO ONE BELIEVES IT AND NO ONE EVER WILL.

If these head cases were really viewed as women, he would never have been sent to a male prison.

tl;dr sending someone like this to a normal male prison, full of Slavic catholic throwbacks, Muslims and West Indians is a virtual death sentence.



The EDL is not a skinhead nor an anti-gay organization.

It is Zionist and pro-LGBT.

>b…but muh MSM news says they're nazis who hate gays.

Right, that's why they have LGBT and Jewish branches.

>muh skinheads.


British jails are filled with Muslims, Poles and Blacks and freaks like this aren't put into the general population anyway, they are placed in protective custody right away, along with the rapists and the child molesters.

Gays, rapists and child molesters are killed if placed in general population because homosexuality is not a cultural norm in Britain, even in prison.


This is getting weird.

Tranny criminal now?



Underrated post.


File: 869ce7f5e754aee⋯.jpg (292.99 KB, 951x628, 951:628, W H Y 1.jpg)




File: a939b0c1e0f6b0f⋯.png (320.76 KB, 402x390, 67:65, W H Y 2.png)



Who would have thought nightmare fuel would come from an everyday pr news real.


File: d97e6f31f5c5064⋯.jpg (125.18 KB, 500x485, 100:97, jews_image19.jpg)






Holy crap, I never noticed how much the guy on the right looks like Anthony Weiner before.


meh, would've smashed that boy pussy



Looks like the victim of an acid attack



das it mane

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