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File: 3c1e6f956b7737b⋯.jpg (727.35 KB, 2140x1728, 535:432, nintchdbpict000324452939[1….jpg)


AN AMERICAN football team accused of sexually assaulting 52 women over three years used gang rape as a vile team building exercise, it is alleged.

Notorious Baylor University in Waco, Texas, has been plunged further into scandal with new allegations suggesting as many as eight football players drugged a fellow athlete and took turns raping her.

The lawsuit filed by a former Baylor volleyball player known only as “Jane Doe” is the seventh lawsuit against the institution.

At least 17 women have reported having been victims of sexual or domestic violence, including five alleged gang rapes, at the hands of 19 Baylor University football players.

Another lawsuit claims a minimum of 52 rapes have been perpetrated by no fewer than 31 players on the team between 2011 and 2014.

Victims allege players hazed freshmen recruits by making them lure freshman girls to house parties, where the girls would be drugged and gang raped — or in the alleged words of the football players “trains would be run on the girls”.

According to the suit, these gang rape sessions were a “bonding” experience for the team and participants would take photos and videos of “semiconscious” girls and then “circulate” them to other players and friends.

One plaintiff has submitted a 21-second video allegedly featuring two girls being gang raped as evidence.

In March, state investigators joined federal authorities to dig into how the school handled its years-long abuse scandal involving at least 125 alleged female victims.

Doe’s filing claims that the football team, under former coach Art Briles and former athletics director Ian McCaw, “had run wild, in more ways than one, and Baylor was doing nothing to stop it”.

The volleyball player claimed she was gang raped in a practice that had become common for the team and is seeking actual and compensatory damages in addition to legal fees and a jury trial.

Doe’s lawyer Muhammad Aziz, told the Waco Tribune-Herald: “Really, what we are seeking to enforce is just a safe education environment for the girls at the school.

“These girls affected by this are seeking their day in court. We thought about this a lot, and … eventually, we decided to proceed.

“Really, what we are seeking to enforce is just a safe education environment for the girls at the school.”

Doe’s alleged assault is referenced in several other lawsuits against Baylor, including one that claims the players admitted to “fooling around” with Doe, calling it “just a little bit of playtime”.

It is the latest fallout for the school that is still reeling from a widespread sexual assault scandal that cost Baylor University president Ken Starr and Briles their jobs, and led to the resignation of McCaw a year later.

In January, a lawsuit was filed accusing 31 players of committing 52 rapes, five of them gang rapes, over a period of four years.

After the lawsuit, Baylor released text messages that implicated Briles in covering up the assaults.




I don't believe in rape accusations anymore. I bet those girls just drank a little more than they first wanted, consented to being gangbanged, and then regretted it in the morning because they thought their peers would disapprove.



These accusations are just a feminist cover for white females selfishly acting out their most depraved slut fantasies.

Like always, ultimately, this is a money grab. Is Gloria Allred representing the womyn?




you guys are severely deranged if you believe in your /pol/ fantasies.


> assraped

More like Gaylor U.



You know nothing about /pol/ if you don't realize those hopeless tradcucks always white knight these cock carousel sluts and claim that they can be "reformed" into faithful housewives and devoted mothers.


File: 2f5aaad47aab256⋯.jpg (30.71 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 2f5aaad47aab25680c34bff2da….jpg)



>One plaintiff has submitted a 21-second video allegedly featuring two girls being gang raped as evidence


How exactly is this any different from the fake rape accusations on college campuses.

And if it is real, congrats, you made it so no one believes you or takes you seriously. So when girls are actually raped people automatically assume that you're lying, including the judge and jury.

Innocent before proven guilty, and i'm seeing a lot of nothing surrounding the case.



Granted. I assumed too quickly that the "all-woman-enjoy-rape" meme was a /pol/-trait.



>all-woman-enjoy-rape" meme

but they do




Video evidence isn't an allegation.



A 21-second video. Way too little, too easy to distort and take things out of context.



That and you've gotta prove who it is that you see in the video, victim and suspect. It's really quite tough to prove it when it's a real crime. Most people who are convicted are minor offenses that don't even normally have victims like drug charges and duis.



To DUI is to put others' lives in danger. No pity for such people.


I don't watch football at all, and you know what? I'm more of a man than 99% of those cucks who sit on their ass in front of the TV watching it.

It's become a reality TV show for wimpy men who like to shout slogans and fixate on other men running around and jumping on top one another for a living.

Real men play tackle football out in the parks, strictly for fun.

Beta cucks watch steroid addicted thugs who play football as a career.



The fact you think about this so much shows how insecure you are.




Neither of the two positions given are /pol/'s. Even keeping in mind that /pol/ isn't a hivemind.


Why did it take 3 years to report a rape? I never understood that, if someone who I didn't want to fuck me forced me into it you better fucking believe I'm doing whatever I can to make their life a living hell. Not sit on it for a few years before remembering "oh right, I was raped."


File: 8e2eaaa145e1fc9⋯.jpg (23.85 KB, 477x720, 53:80, 18423929_784973031671666_4….jpg)


"American Football Players Who Assraped 52 Women Over Three Years"



what the fuck are you on about? /pol/ is cultivated to be a literal hivemind. Anything that "breaks the consensus" is decried as shilling and the user gets banned.

Stay new



I can vouch for this. You've gotta be real careful with your posts over there or you will be banned for MONTHS. It's basically not worth going there anymore, since it's impossible to have a conversation if everyone's posts have to be structured the same and advocate the exact same viewpoints.



So, no different from Hillary's DNC machine?



>/pol/ isn't a hivemind




Yeah, stop thinking, thinking is beta!


Since when was raping cheerleading whores illegal?



>/pol/ is a shit hivemind

>yea b-b-but so is hillary!





>a shitty kike vol banning everyone makes the board a hivemind

Do you even know what a hivemind is you little faggot?



When every high profile rape accusation is fake, people start thinking all high profile rape accusations ard fake.

Tell the women to stop lying so much and we'll believe it more.



It's not just high-profile cases. There's so many instance of crying wolf, that you start not caring.





File: d9767f2ac954c23⋯.jpeg (17.28 KB, 184x300, 46:75, th-7.jpeg)

This seems like another Duke university Rolling stone magazine rape case. Also remember not to be islamphobic #rapeugees welcome.


Daily reminder that rape is easily prevented by pissing and crapping yourself yet less than 1% of female rape victims do.

Why is that?



Unlike you, most people can't just crap themselves on demand.


If running a train on, and hazing by fetching sacrificial girls are things. Why are there only 5 gang rape claims?

Either it's going to balloon into a class action lawsuit later or that doesn't fit great.

That said, there's no scenario where some baylor football players aren't rapists. With 100+ players, as well as guaranteed turnover suggesting another 100+ players in a 4 year period. Only 30 accused, you can guess which ones they'd be.





Obsessing in a salty way about perceived "inferiors" is beta



my friend is in prison for 20+ years because idiots like you exist. women do consent to sex then later regret it and claim rape, a lot. fuck you, i hope you get raped by niggers to death


File: d97d2509213d53e⋯.jpg (49.92 KB, 504x808, 63:101, tmp_15731-d97d2509213d53e2….jpg)


>He doesn't carry a tactical butt laxative on his pants ready to inject in case of surprise buttsex

>He's never on the verge of shitting oneself in case of surprise buttsex

Fucking pleb




Work in a prison here

Too many scumfucks fought for years they didnt rape a girl

proven, sentenced, "yeah, kidnapped her, raped her, cut her face the little. D'fuck bout it?"

I see men every day who have raped and murdered, some serial rapists who liked cutting their victims

If they can prove it's rape, lock em up, throw away the key.



To drive in general is to put other lives in danger. I have no sympathy for people who drive. To concealed carry while drinking is to put lives in danger, therefore, you do not have the right to defend yourself if you've been drinking.

Fucking totalitarian nut jobs man



and if they can't? no harm no foul?

give me a fucking break.



>you do not have the right to defend yourself if you've been drinking.

The Constitution would say otherwise, leftyturd.



I was being satirical. Of course you have that right. You also have the right to travel unmolested /drunk according to the constitution.


>21-second video allegedly featuring two girls being gang raped as evidence

The public deserves access to this evidence



>Work in a prison here

shittiest job ever. you must have zero to offer society to accept such a "career"


>womyns vs dindus

How will the jewdiciary call this one?



I agree but only after the trial and with faces blurred.


>52 rapes

Come on.




>believing niggers wouldn't rape women

Are we using different /pol/s?


>fill the NFL with niggers

>rape is rampant in the NFL



File: c0c08d126d99751⋯.png (464.93 KB, 498x811, 498:811, 7u65y4effg.png)


One time I was working security downtown SF at the marriott hotel during the debutant ball and I saw a white girl surrounded by black dudes all get into an elevator together and go to a room. I could tell she was drunk and I knew all of them were bona fuck her. She was stumbling and in the center of the ring of dudes. Every time she would stumble one of the balack guys would right her and keep walking.

I wanted to say something but I didnt because in SF I would be labeled some kind of prude or religious fanatic or racist for stepping in to stop degeneracy.



You were a security guard so that means you were armed. You had no excuse not to shoot those niggers dead. The purity of our race is on the line but instead you cucked out like a coward. Shameful.



>If they can prove it's rape, lock em up, throw away the key.

>Be you

>Hook up with a girl you meet one night

>Have consensual sex, she was on top, riding you, screaming about she wanted it 'harder' throughout.

>Either you don't call her the next day, or she feels guilty, or her friends convince her, or she just wants the attention - she reports you to the police as a rapist.

>It's your word against hers, feminist jurors side with her, blackmail other members of the jury to vote guilty as well.

>It doesn't help that your face was all over the national news alongside the words "THIS IS AN EVIL RAPIST, HATE HIM, HATE HIM!" in the run up to your trial.

>You're convicted.

>Society is perfectly happy to throw away the key to your cell.

>Even if you do get out best of luck having no chance at rebuilding your life at all.

GG m8.


99% chance this isn't true, if it IS true, hang 'em.



How many of those men were Niggers



>eight football players drugged a fellow athlete and took turns raping her.



Pick one.


File: 9319b05edd80dc7⋯.png (84.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 19Ok2eQI.png)






its about 40% probably



> don't believe in rape accusations anymore

unless they are brown or black, then suddenly youre all like feminists


File: 71c3886c53fa00c⋯.jpg (124.87 KB, 800x550, 16:11, 1450779759603.jpg)


when whites rape, they use to call it false accusation, now its team building


sex dolls are real now just buy one you rich fucks.


File: 4e2e356c6a7134a⋯.jpeg (52 KB, 900x810, 10:9, 4e2e356c6a7134a96915512bd….jpeg)


When niggers rape…

wait who we are kidding, with niggers its always rape



Eh, this isn't /pol/. The polacks may hold a over idealized view of the 1950's Mcarthy era household, but they don't get off to rape. Oh no. That realm of degeneracy belongs to the MGTOW fags.



Better than not having one at all. My Grandfather was a prison guard at one point during his life.


File: 4f64a17ebfff3e3⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 499x451, 499:451, 1387925864231.gif)



>a supposedly terrifying and traumatizing experience

>can't shit themselves or even piss themselves despite the threat of being RAPED ZOMG!!!

Also expect for infants most people can in fact crap on demand. I mean I can't speak for you of course, It's possible you are some sort of adult diaper fetishist; but most normal people can indeed crap on demand.



>rape apologist bullshit

>talking about shitting on demand

Pajeet, is that you? Don't you have some cows to worship?


Even back in 1994, 50% of university rape accusers later recanted their allegations and admitted lying.

"Bandwagoning" always happens when an institution or high-profile man is accused of rape, women, seeing an opportunity for monetary gain, either outright concoct a rape fantasy or misrepresent consensual sex as "rape".

Group sex which becomes public knowledge or is filmed, is almost always claimed to be rape by the woman who enjoyed it, this is simply a pathetic attempt to salvage her reputation and marriageability.

>b…but what about the other 50%?

They stuck to their false stories. Many police departments have stated that the true level of false allegation in their belief is 90-100%.

Because true rape is virtually non-existent.


Another week, another bunch of lying single or unhappily women looking for a pay day.



>I saw a white girl surrounded by black dudes all get into an elevator together and go to a room. I could tell she was drunk and I knew all of them were bona fuck her. She was stumbling and in the center of the ring of dudes.


>The purity of our race

Pretty sure this is just bait.



Except as previous articles have shown, nearly all the rapists are niggers and they specifically targeted white girls.



You might want to see a doctor about your incontinence. It's not normal, despite what you seem to think.


File: 694dc0e681c4a5b⋯.jpg (226.38 KB, 725x483, 725:483, 143920471.jpg)



Did you miss your check up gramps?

This isn't up for debate by white knights and cunts who call it rape because they have regrets.

If rape is as traumatizing as women claim (worse than murder no less!) it would trigger the fight or flight response and it would be no problem to either shit or piss yourself to ward off your rapist (because unless they have a scat fetish no one wants to rape some crazy bitch with piss and shit all over her).



>Damage control roasties BTFO




White whores aka all white girls intentionally get drunk before sex because it's the only way they can justify their innate slut nature to themselves the next morning because, "OMG I would have never done that if I'd been sober"

White womyn: not even once



>is incontinent

>calls other people "gramps"

Congrats, you're the dumbest person here, and that's saying something.

>it would trigger the fight or flight response

I've had niggers try to mug me and I've been chased by slavering dogs, and yet somehow I've never pissed my pants or pooped myself. You really might want to see a doctor.



>team accused of sexually assaulting 52 women over three years used gang rape as a vile team building exercise,

Sounds like a plot of a hentai.


File: 9bb792448ab48a0⋯.jpg (82.62 KB, 634x421, 634:421, youdeserverape.jpg)


File: fd0190270aa66f4⋯.jpg (31.58 KB, 600x400, 3:2, The-More-You-Know-logo.jpg)


>Calls other people dumb

>Lacks ability to read sources and refutes arguments with anecdotes and Ad Hom.

Might want to work on that fam. Fight or flight doesn't guarantee you will soil yourself but your body prepares to do so in case it is needed. If you have recently evacuated your bowels you will similarly not have to during a life and death scenario. Speaking of which running from niggers and dogs isn't exactly life and death kiddo. More of a reflection of your own cowardice than anything. You might want to work on that too and either take karate or get a pistol permit.

Now if you can calm your 'tism for 2 seconds I'll even explain why people crap themselves in life and death situations. It's because of the risk of going into septic shock in the event you get a puncture wound in the guts during battle. The immune system in humans and animals can handle quite a bit but having shit mixed in with your blood flow isn't one of them. This is also the reason most soldiers try to empty themselves before going into battle.




Your sources don't back up your claims.

People can't just shit themselves.

Excepting you, clearly.


Let's see if it's true or not when more evidence is released and analyzed by both them and us. Video evidence is usually damning, but it depends on what is happening in the video (is she crying or smiling) and the quality of the video. A 21 second video will face added scrutiny, especially if the quality is bad. Time will tell.



> Daily reminder that rape is easily prevented by pissing and crapping yourself

USD 4,495.70 Mn in 2015 of global laxatives market say you are full of shit.


partaking in a crime is the standard for initiation in secret societies, criminal circles

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