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File: 1e9cef0ef338335⋯.png (22.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, serveimage(2).png)



BERLIN (AP) – An artist tired of seeing hateful tweets ignored by Twitter has managed to get the social network to remove or hide some of them - by spray-painting the offending posts in front of the company's German headquarters.

Shahak Shapira said he reported some 300 tweets containing possible illegal content to Twitter over a period of about six months but the social networking site ignored him. This occurred at a time when Twitter was arguing against tough new legislation in Germany, insisting it was already taking sufficient measures against hate speech.

Shapira said he painted almost 30 of the offending tweets on the street in front of Twitter's Hamburg offices Friday because "flagging things clearly wasn't enough."

"I had to spray it on the ground," he told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Wednesday.

The Israeli-born artist said he never got any kind of direct response from Twitter, either before or after the stunt.

But a video of it received over 100,000 views in 48 hours and clearly got the company's attention. By Wednesday, Twitter had deleted three tweets, suspended four accounts and withheld another seven accounts in Germany.


Fifteen other tweets, including some containing anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim and anti-black comments, were still online.

Shapira said he doesn't advocate mass censorship, but wants Twitter to take the issue of online abuse seriously. A study commissioned by the German government found that Twitter lagged behind other social networks such as Facebook and YouTube in responding to complaints about hate speech.

"It would be nice if Twitter had reacted," said Shapira, whose previous work includes questioning the way young people confront the Holocaust. "What I want is that these flagged posts are reviewed the way Facebook does. What Facebook does isn't perfect, but at least they are making an effort."

Under pressure after Germany passed a law last month that could see social networks fined up to 50 million euros ($58.6 million) if they fail to swiftly remove illegal content, Facebook announced plans this week for a second office in Germany to review posts for illegal content. Free speech advocates have criticized the law, saying social networks may err on the side of censorship to avoid hefty fines.

Twitter refused to publicly comment on the stunt after first being contacted by the AP about it on Monday. Instead, the company cited its guidelines which include a ban on promoting "violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity."

Among the spray-painted tweets that remain online is one directed at Shapira from a user who references the artist's Jewish identity and expresses hope that he should bump into a group of criminals on a dark evening.


>An artist

Self-proclaimed I'm sure.

>tired of seeing hateful tweets ignored by Twitter

Oh boo hoo hoo mean words on the internet. Turn it off pussy.

>The Israeli-born artist

Of fucking course.





I wonder if they ever remove the anti-white comments as well? I mean, hate IS hate no matter what, right?


>Artist arguing for censorship

Bizarro will finally defeat Superman!



Hey Rabbi, watcha doing?



>Shapira said he doesn't advocate mass censorship




>Of course we wouldn't advocate censorship goyim, we just don't like when people say things we don't approve of. No problem letting the (((authorities))) know about this abuse.


File: 2d0b6eaf86034a8⋯.jpg (31.96 KB, 537x399, 179:133, How The Fuck Is Cyber Bull….jpg)




File: 764dec1e0af071a⋯.jpg (633.02 KB, 2328x1302, 388:217, Germany.jpg)


White Nationalist retards helping again.



Spray paint the anti White comments in front of Twitter's office.


File: 0656c2b9531f1df⋯.png (1.15 MB, 997x694, 997:694, coincidence.png)


Oy vey, that's just a coincidence.


File: 6b55622e2b88db6⋯.png (91.33 KB, 357x335, 357:335, 6b55622e2b88db617ec66ae2dc….png)


>white nationalists destroyed germany

>white nationalists are the reason why we can't have white nationalism

Your yarmulke is showing



"Anti-Semitic" is code for "Anti-White."


Great news

The more fucked up twitter gets the sooner it dies



I know you worked hard on that thing and you would like to think you spent your time fruitfully, but that image is shit, and so are you. Copying a map and drawing on "rip" does not make your false-information more believable.


/leftypol/ here

You're gonna have to choose one of the following:

1. Either you believe that a private business can indeed do whatever it wants, and therefore this isn't censorship and you should stop calling it such, or

2. Accept that a capitalist business, and consequently capitalism itself, can be a threat to our basic liberties, such as freedom of speech.



if you think pol gives a fuck about freedom you need to lurk more

the only problem here is, this business is against pol, not for it



Private businesses are free to regulate the content on their platform, but that doesn't absolve them from any criticism. Even though it may not legally apply here, the principle of freedom of speech is still important to people. If they see that it's being violated they're going to criticize it, and may move to another platform.

Furthermore, even if something isn't a 1A violation, it can still be considered censorship. It's ridiculous to imply otherwise.



>You're gonna have to choose one of the following:

or i could just point out that jews control shit by maintaining in group loyalties and dividing people down to individuals by supporting ideologies that remove people's ties to history and community by grinding everything down to economics that are more and more rapidly becoming redundant with the dawn of robotic workers.

which they'll probably turn into terminator and get everyone killed.



Jews are white.


>Jew commits vandalism in the name of censorship, wins



It was with chalk. It cleans right off.



>Jews are white.

genetically they're part-Semite part-Asian, try again.



If Jews aren't white than how come they are so white?



>no Kosovo

>no Montenegro

>grammatical errors throughout the sea of text

Why the fuck can't anyone by WNs meme properly?



Chalk is made of the ground up bones of dead Jews from the Holocaust. My ancestors remains should not be used as a vehicle for hate speech. You owe me money now.



they have a genetic disease where sun-light literally burns their blood in their veins and they're sorcerers drink blood.

they're very literally vampires, which is why they always like to portray that particular monster positively.



Typical white people problems.



meanwhile niggers have sickle cell and more then likely to kill someone another for some retarded reason like thinking bald people have gold in their heads.

chinks are little more then the niggers of the east after Mao and the Koreans are the jews of the east, which is to say inbreeding and plastic surgery.

arabs haven't been good since they allowed niggers to guard their harems and stopped cutting off their dicks.

then you got abos, aka god's joke.



Shit OC



Twitter doesn't need an excuse to censor people. They've deleted accounts, messages and shadow-banned millions without giving a reason. It's a closed platform. You either do what they want you to do, or you're getting removed.



>sickle cell

Side effect from the genetic mutation that allows blacks to have resistance to malaria.

Not a bad evolutionary trade off.

Also blacks from North Africa don't get sickle cell.


so, should someone spray something like 300 anti white tweets all over their HQ and parkinglot and why not fucking everywhere



More to the point, someone should spray paint comments made by kikes (or their lackeys working for kike organisations) that denigrate white people. This is the most infuriating thing tbh. They call us all the names under the sun - IN THE FUCKING PRESS AND IN ACADEMIC LITERATURE! Shameless parasite. They are so convinced our clemency will continue forever. I am convinced that it won't.



>blacks from north africa



Hitler was right though.



Either it's wrong or it isn't.

You can't have it both ways.



>Tyler, the creator.

Dunno if you know this but he came out as gay or bi in his latest album a few weeks ago and then all the sjw, pro gay rights groups were saying fuck him and that he didn't represent gays despite never saying he did. It's pretty funny.



>If you fight the jews, they win.


File: 6cd611a524d56be⋯.jpg (66.52 KB, 372x586, 186:293, 0c966d3245167f6821665aa33e….jpg)

Nazis BTFO polyps on superside watch. How will whites ever recover? Jews truly are our greatest allies. Keeping us safe from white devils lol.


>vandalize public property

<twitter punishes everyone you hate

Must be good being a jew.



Idiots like you are the cause of white nationalism. Whenever progressive intellectuals like myself try to gather a movement for feminism or gayrights or communism, you anti white retards show up and ruin everything. People like you are playing directly into the racists hands by turning whites against us. Every time you spout your anti white nonsense, you give the WN bigots a chance to recruit more people. Anti white is code for anti progressive. It is because of people like you that Drumpf won the election.






>be private business

>refuse to bake cake for gay customers

>imprisoned lol

>be private business

>customer refuses to allow anti-SJWs to shitpost

>ban them

>SJWs and other leftists defend you



Yet you offer no evidence as a rebuttal.



anyone by WNs?



If you use White Nationalist retards like Duke and Daily Stormer to "help" Defend Europe you help the Jews.



>if you fight the Islamic invasion, you help the jews.

>you should just give up and accept that the white race is going extinct, goy.



Whoops, I used the term "Islamic Invasion" does that help the jews for being too triggering to our new Islamic neighbors?




U white nationalist are no match for the mighty cock of allah. Bend over and accept his glorious poz load.



Yes, by. As in beside. Next to. Learn English.




>Talking about liberties.




Freedom is for stupid people.



>we're not advocating censorship we don't support such a thing

>but we're gonna do it anyway



>SJWs and other leftists

Useful idiots



That's all White Nationalists can do is to leech off of others hard work which by proxy derails their efforts.

You're the reason Whites are going extinct. Always fucking up anything Whites do in their favor so you can plug your sick infantile movement.



Are you fucking kidding me?

"Why the fuck can't anyone by WNs meme properly?"



Sounds like /pol retards.



Yes, the Trump is a Jew shit from White Nationalist is empirical evidence.



its just pure


that its a whiny jewess kvetching about censoring non PC goys.

goddamn i fucking hate jews.


>hurr durr hating jews is sick and infintile

>plug me daddy

>we should like, just all get along maaaaaan



>Shahak Shapira


look at all the compensation this kike has to make for his lack of foreskin…

"proud owner of a regular sized penis"

"99 problems put a foreskin aint one"


hes also flashing the kohanim or more commonly known as an illuminati hand gesture.

google: kohanim hand signs and you see the origin is jewish (its on many rabbis grave stones)


its actually not a jewess but with such a gay name like that its sounds he like he has to wear a butt plug everywhere he goes



>one race

>le hooman race xd


>he thinks the name of the board is /pol

>this is not the first time he has made that mistake.

Remember, don't reply directly to the Indian shills, they get paid per reply. They are the source of this "anti White Nationalism" shill storm. Luckily, we are much smarter than they are and they are getting BTFO, keep up the good work.



if you see the pictures you see that there is no way this kike didnt accomplish such an act without help from above

he covers the entire street

twitter definitely let him do this shit as a publicity stunt.


File: 2b66699ba6de9d2⋯.png (206.22 KB, 512x424, 64:53, a5e4da9ad28b38e763f00b56bf….png)


Forgot my smug anime grill.




Get out there and do something faggot. March in the street with "Hitler was right" or "Niggers and Kikes".

Why do you always try to tag along with the "Normies"?


File: dcec2b01026aee8⋯.jpg (44.72 KB, 402x402, 1:1, 0ab7072b511c771c0c24bcb152….jpg)

>> 563917

>That's all White Nationalists can do is to…

>plug your sick infantile movement…

>this is actually his own personal copy pasta.


File: b99364090759969⋯.jpg (170.04 KB, 881x900, 881:900, d8838da6542fa125f07739f365….jpg)

>> 563937

We do, and people love us for it.


It's like these kikes are just begging to be thrown in the oven.



>Duhhhhh copypasta



Yes, they keep promoting Nazi shit to stop Whites from a real normal organization.


File: f26d450d86e3237⋯.gif (4.59 MB, 401x246, 401:246, f26d450d86e32371ea25086401….gif)


>normal white organization.

Go back to the teaparty, gramps. We are the future. We'll pull the Jewish cock out of your mouth and hang you both. Your generation whorships the kikes and handed over all the power to them. Our generation will have to fight to corret your mistake.


File: 0ac70b94464e215⋯.jpg (87.99 KB, 724x720, 181:180, 1410294462409.jpg)

>> 563966

>the shill is so new, he doesn't know what copy pasta means.



The future? You assholes are too scared to meet up in real life. Nothing more Jewish than White Nationalism.

But it will work in 100 years.



Your pathetic shit is so old…. but you be saving the White Race soon. Just few more million memes and the Jews will surrender to the normies while you eat cheese puff and wank to cartoons on the internets.


File: aa5ec0fb9ec5ded⋯.png (8.78 KB, 359x291, 359:291, 7fae136b1abbef297186764bec….png)

>> 563975

>> 563976

>oh no, I wanted to stand up for my race and people but now I can't because some white guy said mean things!

Said no one ever.

We are stronger than we have ever been. This is a war of ideas and we are winning, my friend The future is ours, lol.



>huffing meth

Yea, working real will with that Nazi Stormer conference.



The jew vandalizing his own synagogal.


This faggot doesnt speak for all us jews.


No shit there are awful kikes, and us sane jews look down on them.

We are right wing and nationalist too. We are against forced race mixing. we just don't care about people who do it out of their own free will.

I dont expect natsoc ( Socialists) to understand this TBH.



White Nationalists destoryed white Nationalism

I hate White Nationalists because the concept of white, and the term itself, is incorrect.

There is no white nation. There are Slavs, Germans and Celts, but no whites.

I also hate skinheads, they're idiotic thugs who are Liberal criminals.



"Us sane jews"



File: 7a29535ee81371d⋯.gif (6.16 MB, 400x400, 1:1, trump to hitler.gif)


>Shahak Shapira

>violently against the pillars of westerns civilization like the free speech

How shocking.



If Chinks and Nips are both yellow, then Germans and Jews are both White. FST for Chinks and Nips = .007. FST for Germans and Ashkenazim = .0072. Either Ashkenazim are White, or race isn't real.



Humans and Rats are genetically similar so were all Rats.



Whites are rat-like.


What were the comments even?


File: 77451c001a0dbd9⋯.jpg (9.73 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 033ebb1669327e56a543724736….jpg)


You misspelled kikes.



We'll stop demonizing the jews when they stop making problems for the rest of us. Get your community in order, you'll hear no end of this shit until you do. Good LUCK on that front.


File: 91b7bd1d4c5ee59⋯.jpg (144.45 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Triggered Trump.jpg)


>Trump = Hitler meme

Of course, let's forget that communism caused a fuckton of holocausts and since they gassed chinks no one should give a shit.



Gas your fucking self, scum.



Okay shlomo, let us just ignore the problem altogether. Jamal and Pajeet are there to help us all. Go fuck yourself.



Jews are white!



I thought that meme was /pol/tard fantasizing.



Yea, you assholes did a fine job in Charlottsville. Nazis, KKK, David Duke and alt-right freaks saved the White Race.

"Shlomo, Jamal and Pajeet" are the ones that benefited from that 3 ring circus. Not a single White person was helped.



Seems Jews don't think they are White. "Semitic" is Arab not White.


File: 7fa8150255f0647⋯.jpg (86.49 KB, 570x392, 285:196, Beastie-Boys.jpg)


So you're telling me the Beastie Boys weren't the first all white hip-hop crew? They were the first Arab rappers?

Get the fuck outta here.




Arab does not equal White. WTF is do difficult to understand Jew asshole?



so you base race entirely on skin color, no wonder you're retarded.

drink bleach.


>> 564031

>Not a single White person was helped.

Wrong. We ran over and killed an SJW whore, and injured a dozen more antifa. You faggots said we don't do anything, but in one moment, we accomplished more good than you or the faggot oathkeepers have ever done in your lives. We kill traitors here, if you don't like it then step in front of my vehicle.



You think "Nazis" marching is helping White people? Millions of Whites are dying because of Nazi fags. They are the ones who make it impossible for Whites to take a real life stand in their defense.

Every other group has thousands of organizations on their behalf.

Whites have none.


>> 564333

Your inane copy pasta isn't convincing anybody. You won't be able to Dodge the gas chambers.


File: a56623e607f054a⋯.jpg (98.68 KB, 816x684, 68:57, DA8F83EXoAAZKRt.jpg)

We are that only ones who give a shit about the white race. The rest are content on being replaced. Not to worry, we are growing stronger every day. Smearing that sow's guts across the pavement was just the beginning. Soon we will be able to drag anti white politicians into the streets and see how well they can Dodge.


File: 143a96c102a97fb⋯.jpg (280.66 KB, 1920x1152, 5:3, g0lj2l7vfkfz.jpg)


If the alt-right Nazis in Charlottesville were representative of the Wehrmacht, Hitler would have gotten bogged down trying to remilitarize the Rhineland.


File: 40afc69dceb27a6⋯.jpg (131.4 KB, 1199x882, 1199:882, DHDWDd8VoAAPz6J.jpg)


Dodge this.


File: 210e5e0d54a6321⋯.jpg (71.97 KB, 1002x1199, 1002:1199, 1502590291121.jpg)




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