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I know I say this a lot, but what the living hell is wrong with Trump?

I didn’t think he could top his disastrous first visit to Houston, where he bragged about the “turnout” to his visit with hurricane victims and then refused to personally meet with any of them.

An exasperated John Kelly no doubt told him to go out and try again… and this time actually mention their plight at least once. So Trump made a second visit where he went to a hurricane shelter, and for reasons no one can figure out, he turned to the wall behind him and signed his name— on the bare wall.

Twitter was as stunned as the people in the shelter on why he did this.

This isn’t a promotional tour, you nitwit!

Then President Dumbass said he “saw a lot of happiness" ….and told everyone when he was leaving to “Have a good time, everybody!”



>Daily Kos

Are you even fucking trying?


hurricane victims BTFO


Shit thread.


Not surprised. He is scum.


I don't think it's healthy to eat so much salt.


Based President Trump. THIS is how you do it O'Bummer.



The "have a good time" comment is pretty fucking stupid, but I think signing his name on the wall just shows the sheer narcissism that trump is often accused of. like he thinks he's on some kind of book-signing tour or something and that he thinks people will enjoy his "trump was here" stamp. The building should charge him for vandalism and make him pay for cleaning/repainting the wall.



all i read was "i suck cock for a living"


File: 63cd63a0c3a3ae2⋯.jpg (11.37 KB, 210x230, 21:23, st,small,215x235-pad,210x2….jpg)

leftypol GTFO. We don't need your faggoty whining over perceived sleights.


File: a37dab14b5e53f8⋯.jpg (95.44 KB, 650x684, 325:342, emperor-trump-congratulate….jpg)


Actually, he was asked to sign it. Get your facts right next time kike



>home gets destroyed

>lose everything I've worked so hard for

>some guy holds a rally and treats it like his campaign rallies

>tells me to have a good time

>I've lost everything




stop projecting


'IN' before North Korea fires the missile. :D


Anger is a more useful emotion than despair.



>Implying this isn't actually happening.

Personally I would be extremely pissed if some nig came by to profit off of a tragedy for PR reasons. Then again I'm not all that surprised someone would do something like that, very business-like move.



Then you wou hate Obama. He cash in at every tragetity and he gets a free pass from the press.


>Bush didn't go into the dangerous flood zone personally. That monster!

>Trump went but he didn't break down and cry like a faggot bitch like we wanted him to.

>literally the devil.

Learn that there is no pleasing leftists. It is better to just shoot the fuckers and dump them off into a mass grave.



>If you don't like trump's actions it must mean you love Obama!

Love that train of thought you have there lad.



Katrina was different the relief effort was a shit show and disorganized to boot. It was huge fuck up under the Bush administration.


File: 1d4aa471fd1c65d⋯.jpg (45.39 KB, 600x600, 1:1, U0lrmhZh.jpg)

TL;DR: When anyone but a leftist president experiences a natural disaster, it's an utter failing and ultimately their fault the storm touched down.



I would love for Trump to sign his name on my wall.

Obama played golf through every natural disaster on his watch.



I think its the local government that is tasked with handling natural disaster protection and relief.

Even if Bush had predicted the Hurricane in advance Im not sure if he was even allowed to improve the levees in New Orleans.



When I read the sidebar on this site, I thought it was satire for a moment



>Obama played golf through every natural disaster on his watch.

Uncomfortable fact for you: trump has been playing golf more than Obama ever did, even though he said he'd have no time for golf because he'd be "so busy" working for the american people. Instead, he's been golfing at least once a week, while not having a clue what's in his party's own 'repeal and replace" healthcare bill because he never read it and could never give a single specific detail about it when asked other than "it's going to be so great!" The only reason he didn't go golfing during the hurricane is because the storm went through mar-a-lago.



>Actually, he was asked to sign it. Get your facts right next time kike

prove it, please. google says otherwise.


>leftypol GTFO. We don't need your faggoty whining over perceived sleights.

you don't have to be lefty to know that telling people who have just lost everything, living in an emergency shelter to "have a good time!" is idiotic. it's not "perceived" it is an objectively downright moronic thing to say. not surprising coming from a guy (trying) to run the country and dangling his nuclear codes in front of North Korea's face while walking around with an 80 IQ.



I know this is meant to be a shill/ironic post but I find it funny and true enough to agree with it

Fucking hilarious


hounestly if you voted for trump you you deserve to have your shit fucked up

Once elite antifa forces replace the united states of tyrannys army all trump states are going to get FUCKED UP!








I know this is ironic shitposting, but antifa twinks actually think like this.



Wtf are you talking about? Didn't this guy donate 1 million dollars to the hurricane Harvey relief efforts? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/09/06/trump-announces-recipients-for-his-1-million-donation-for-hurricane-harvey-relief/ Where exactly is he profiting?



>Didn't this guy donate 1 million dollars to the hurricane Harvey relief efforts?


As per your link:

>It was not immediately clear, from the White House's statement whether the charities had received the donations or whether the checks would arrive in the coming days.

>Before last summer, Trump had a long record of making pledges to give his personal money to charity but an uneven record of fulfilling them.

>In years past, The Washington Post found, Trump had often promised to give the proceeds of various business ventures — a book, a TV show, and Trump University — to charity. But, often, he paid off those pledges with money from the Donald J. Trump Foundation, a charity filled with other people's money. Or, in some cases, Trump did not fulfill the pledges at all: none of the $5 million he earned from Trump University was actually given to charity.

And six days after that story came out, this was published:

>Trump joins many media personalities that have put up their own cash — except for the fact that he hasn’t actually donated yet. On Thursday, Trump had asked Huckabee Sanders to ask White House reporters for suggestions on where to give.





Yeah and remember when he chickened out of a republican debate and said "I'm gonna have my own event and raise money for vets!" to try to avoid criticism. Trouble was, months went by after the event and of the few million they raised, nothing was distributed. Then a journalist interviewed and asked him, where's the donations? As soon as he realized that the newspapers next day were going to have stories about him not paying passing on his fundraising to the vets, he started writing checks the next day. If that journalist hadn't asked him about it, who knows if he even would have paid it out. Trump is scum. The stingiest rich guy you ever met. Not to mention a crass idiot, as displayed by OP story.


File: d6b3f8e386e8e8c⋯.jpg (11.13 KB, 268x200, 67:50, 0932hfdui2893rfyhus8923f98….jpg)

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