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Trump exploits 9/11 anniversary to promote himself, just like he did 16 years ago


True to his narcissistic self, as he did 16 years ago on 9/11 when he pivots the narrative back to be all about himself, so he does now on the anniversary, releasing a video that is nothing but shots of himself.

shot of american flag

trump enters

trump stands

trump lays wreath

flowers (no trump?)

trump speaking

never forget

trump looking at flag

on 9/11:

>“40 Wall Street,” he said, referring to his 71-story building blocks away from the now-collapsed twin towers, “actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was actually, before the World Trade Center, was the tallest—and then, when they built the World Trade Center, it became known as the second-tallest. And now it’s the tallest.”

"and now it's the tallest."


And to all you trump supporters, you know it's okay to criticize him when he does something stupid right? He's not god. he makes mistakes (lots of them) Don't try to deflect it. Sometimes he's a moron. I just wonder what it takes to lose support, if not regularly-scheduled callousness like this. The other day he's telling hurricane survivors in a shelter to "have a good time" today he's telling everyone to look at how great he is honouring those lost on 9/11, while not actually paying tribute to anything but his own image. stay classy trump!


> And to all you trump supporters, you know it's okay to criticize him when he does something stupid right?

Yeah the problem with that is the alt-left are the ones that made this "Us VS Them." You spend a solid year publicly demonizing people because they don't agree with your political beliefs they're not going to be inclined to side with you on anything.


>demonizing people because they don't agree with your political beliefs

Most of the criticism against trump has been his general failures as president, not of political ideologies.

Wait, you think that trump making 9/11 all about himself is a "political belief?" that he is entitled to and you should be able to support with the expectation of a healthy debate on the merits/pitfalls of it. That it's in the same league as say, supporting or opposing a tax on the rich and complaining that you're being "demonized" instead of simply criticized?



Nice deflection btw, especially after being asked "don't deflect." Trump would be proud of you! now all you have to do is pivot the narrative back to how great you are and your posting level will be over 9000.


I bet he did it with two scoops of ice cream in one hand and an over sized pepper shaker in the other. What a monster.


Yeah Trump is awesome! If he wants people on 9/11 to know he's doing a great job, what's wrong with that? He laid a wreathe, isn't that enough? Seriously, you lefties will criticize him for anything!


5D chess niggers


File: cf04cc0da7cf699⋯.jpg (111.86 KB, 635x600, 127:120, 1439632619124.jpg)


That's the difference between winners and cucks.

Winners celebrate their own accomplishments. Cucks celebrate the accomplishments of others.


Do you not realize how ass damaged this comes off as?


>Man voted in for being willing to offend people who take offense easily offends them yet again.

wtf i love hillary now



What a true American patriot! Celebrating himself when Americans were dying on 9/11, then celebrating himself again instead of honoring them in memoriam!

Yes, you're right, he sure is a winner! A great one, at that. We should all look up to someone of his character and aspire to be just like him. Only then would America truly achieve greatness.


your grammar sucks OP.


File: a3949fcb37c772d⋯.jpg (230.18 KB, 718x1000, 359:500, 1457818847714.jpg)


>Cucks celebrate the accomplishments of others.

And that's what makes you a Trumpcuck,




Is the word cuck a lgtb friendly word?


>all dese driggled drupfkugs in dis dreb

jeez feggitz gro a sbine amb sug id ub



We do, like when he does shit like Attack Syria for no reason

But this is just Autism



I don't think the gays are into cuckolding.



File: 655b63405c54f79⋯.jpg (89.47 KB, 960x940, 48:47, Trump-Cuck-15.jpg)



nice deflect!


>Attack Syria for no reason

>no reason

don't get out much?


File: 1bdaa8a3eabede5⋯.jpg (55.79 KB, 700x325, 28:13, ManDrinkingCoffee-700x325.jpg)


Don't worry, i'm sure there were some non-americans in those towers, too. World trade centers after all.


>there are people in this thread who took the bait






> And to all you trump supporters, you know it's okay to criticize him when he does something stupid right?

Yeah most Trump supporters have been critical when he made some bad decisions like attacking Russia in Syria. The net neutrality thing and marijuana laws.

The problem is that the people who dont like trump focus on really insignificant things and are usually not criticizing his actual policies, but things that they imagine about him in his head. Like in the OP.



Trump is president and there's nothing you can do about it.

How does that make you feel?


>all the butthurt in this thread

She lost. Get over it.



kill yourself, you fucks had your chance, now its war


>Those related articles

Holy shit.Berniecucks are pathetic.


He wasn't bragging about it. Ffs. I don't even really care for the guy, but the way people like you try to read malevolent intentions into every little thing he does… It's the very picture of insanity.

<Just look at the EVIL way he eats his cereal!

<Just look at the EVIL way he brushes his teeth!


It's impossible to tell the parodies from the real crazies, that's why.



all the butthurt trumpfags in every thread. trump has been such a failure, the only success they repeatedly point to is the election.


Still over three years to go OP.



>trump has been such a failure

And she still lost to him.



um, the loss came before trump's failures. your comment makes no sense.


then again why should i surprised, since the only people currently approving of his presidency are dumb hicks whose IQs match his.



Oh look, it's the "guy who took a million dollars and multiplied it a few thousand times over and then became President of the United States is actually just a lucky idiot" meme.

He's a swindler and a showman, not an idiot.


File: ecbe0b422e5f205⋯.jpg (141.54 KB, 955x713, 955:713, obama presidency.jpg)



>Upholds travel ban

>American economy running wild

>Employment increases

>Employment among MINORITIES increases

>Anti-patriotism is kicked to the curb as more and more Americans realize that their country is still the most prosperous in the world, and that will only continue through capitalism and dedication to the sovereignty of the American citizens, as opposed to a power-tripping nigger who circumvents congress because he can't get his deliberate destabilization agenda ratified.

And even before he was elected:

>Record number of blacks voted Republican

>Record number of Hispanics voted Republican

Sorry, but just because it's a loss for leftycucks like you doesn't mean you get to project your failures onto us. Stay salty.



yeah, everything in your list related to jobs and the economy is because of Obama's policies, which pulled the economy out of the worst position after the recession of 2008, and brought the US back to traditional lows for unemployment. Trump did nothing in office that affected those policies or altered the course of the economy. So yeah, you and trump can thank Obama for that. Wait, are you a dumb enough hick to believe that every job gained and stock market increase after jan 1 was thanks to trump? bwaha, stoopid trumpfag!

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