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File: 329d08380522e2f⋯.jpg (185.31 KB, 780x439, 780:439, dungeness-crab.jpg)



Earlier this month, Andrew Newman was dismayed to witness two people rip the claws off undersized crabs in White Rock, B.C. and toss them back into the ocean.

Newman, the owner of White Rock Sea Tours and Whale Watching, described the scene as an act of "greed and cruelty" and called authorities.

He later posted a video of the RCMP bust that resulted in fines for two people accused of removing the meaty claws from undersized and female crabs.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans says Hsin Chan and Chun Li were charged and ticketed under the federal Fisheries Act for fishing without a licence and harvesting undersized Dungeness crab on Sept. 7. 

Fisheries officials did not have statistics on poaching in B.C., but a biologist at Vancouver Island University said crab poaching is a problem in the Lower Mainland.

Stefanie Duff, chair of the fisheries and aquaculture program at the University of Vancouver Island, said she has noticed a number crabs without their claws, especially in intertidal areas where recreational fishermen often pitch their traps.

Poachers rip the claws off crabs because they contain the most succulent — and therefore most valuable — part of the crab. Poachers then toss the rest of the body back in the water.

"It's a bloodbath, basically," Duff  said, adding that removing a crab's claws is akin to cutting off a human's hands; it reduces the animal's ability to eat, defend itself, move effectively and almost ensures a slow death.

A slow death

It's illegal in B.C. to retain any part of a crab without the body. It is also illegal to keep female crabs which can produce between 20,000 and 80,000 offspring in a lifetime, said Duff.

Because crabs don't have blood vessels the way mammals do, they are likely to bleed to death if an appendage is torn off carelessly, Duff said.


Canadian crab grabbers!


evil motherfuckers


Kill yourself.


More crab threads please


We must defend against the CRABPOCALYPSE


I will do my part to help this story claw its way back onto the front page.


>Shin Chan and Chun Li

Fake news?


i like poached crabs in lemon juice and wine


Humans are retards, we're all doomed, get over it.


This is what happens when you allow non-stop chinese migration.

Won't be long till dogs start disappearing from neighborhoods.



>Chinese being cruel to animals, wasteful, and environmentally destructive for a cheap buck

>fake news

It's B.C. for christs sake. Theres tons of chinks in Vancouver.



they pretty much control the drug trade in Canada



damn almost missed that lol



>Hsin Chan and Chun Li


Pick one, nigger.


You first, shitstain.


Why would it be? see >>571757


10/10, would read your cynical bullshit again.

Not all people are retarded, but a large part is.

What I'm saying is; "Not all humans"









>10/10, would read your cynical bullshit again.





Nice webm.




Overfishing is a real problem,read cannery row.



what does MGTOW have to do with crabs?



Neither of them can hold a coherent conversation

Wait … that's a little unfair on the crabs



Crabs get to mate with the opposite sex, unlike MTOWs.


File: df717b206e67fbc⋯.png (140.7 KB, 357x470, 357:470, stand in the ashes.png)

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