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Free speech enemy and democracy hating Communist KGB agent, Vladimir Putin sentenced Alexei Navalny to 20 days in jail Monday for organizing an (((unauthorized))) rally to support his intent to run for President in 2018. It will be Navalny's third jail stent this year.

Police arrested him Friday as he traveled to Nizhny Novgorod, where he had called on his supporters to gather. Navalny said he didn't break any laws and argued he's being targeted for opposing Putin's government.

In June, a judge sentenced him to 30 days in jail for illegally staging a rally in Moscow. He and more than 800 people were arrested in the Russia Day event. Navalny's sentence was later reduced to 25 days.

On Monday, Navalny said he considered his new sentence a "birthday president for Putin," who turns 65 on Saturday.

Russia's Central Election Commission in June barred Navalny from running for president in 2018 because of a prior criminal conviction.

Navalny has also been attack multiple times by a green caustic substance thrown into his face and eyes by an unknown gopnik.



While he's immoral, he's not a coward. He's playing his role like a personal game of civilization.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Killing and jailing opponents and pumping propaganda 24/7 to prop up your shitty, corrupt, failing regime is cowardly. Russia was subverted by KGB gangsters and they use violence, intimation, police and the "justice" system, as well as actual murder to enforce their will.

Stop defending evil.



I'm not defending evil, I said he was immoral. Try to keep up. He's using whatever means necessary to shape the country has he sees fit - to give him and it power. He's playing a personal game of civilization. That's what it is to him, is it not?




Basically, he's immoral, but not a coward. He takes risks, but only calculated risks. He's disregarding morals, however, by hurting others and killing them to get to his goal. Immoral.



>playing a game

he's losing


talk to actual russians in russia to learn what a hopeless shithole their country really is now.

jewtin is a fucking joke, but if he is willing to kill anyone who opposes him (hiding behind lackeys who are doing the actual killing) then that's not something anyone could honestly justify like you are attempting to do. got it?



I'm not justifying him, I'm explaining him. From what I heard, he branched off of the world banks and made a country bank system, and has been feuding with the UN endlessly. He's like the little third world country leaders when given some power. I wouldn't be surprised if he fucked up many things, but by his speeches and mannerisms (when looking upon the rehearsed) he believes he's the hero of Russia, and speaks of their bear has if he wants to fuck it. Has for getting people to kill others that's standard practice - not even a matter of fear, but rather protecting your body so that you can continue ruling. Caution and calculation is not fear, but rather treating people like numbers. What he does is morally wrong, and I'm not justifying it, but I understand why he does it. I know a sociopath when I see one - it's all a game, where numbers are the result. You don't really feel fear or much else, but don't want to lose the personal asset that is your body, so why risk it? Others matter less to a sociopath, so unless he tries to be moral, he follows the quickest path to power - use and step on others to get and keep it. I've rarely seen a country do well with the tariffs it faces, but Russia's financial problems are part his fault. Though he strikes me has someone who doesn't want to lose power or see his country weakened, which to him is an extension of himself via his work. He has a reason for breaking off the banks, and whatever it is seems oddly timed. Japan made deals with the UN to get the right to make an army again, so I think a few years ago tensions were rising, but where they will go will be important for people's survival. I do so dislike people like you that feel your view is being challenged with it's merely your use of a word. Good night and remember doing what it takes to survive, even if heartless and cold, isn't cowardly, but calculating and immoral. Thanks for wasting my time.



A woman's mother died, while at the funeral she met a man that seemed to be her soul mate. She forgot to get his contact information before he left. She asked people if they knew him but it produced no information. So the next day she killed her Sister. Why did she do this?






>Why did she do this?




I know I've heard this riddle before, but I forgot the answer.



wait, this is not thepisswater.com news!!



On the assumption that the man would return for the sister's funeral.

Would have just been easier to get his digits at the first funeral. Typical woman.



so he'd be at her funeral?



Okay Bateman.

Check my dubs btw



If only Trump would act like this and arrest the Democrats and have them executed.



Russia didnt have the National Guard until recently? Thats strange.



Navalny is an american agent for the jewish clinton elite





Who is Putin running against next year?



Yes and somehow Putin was making uranium deals with Clinton crime family



Against him self



Sure thing buddy, Putin is so evil and everyone else is so pure and squeeky clean. And that's why USA has CIA-subservient presidents since WW2, oh except for that unfortunate JFK incident.



Go away Fed. At least he isn't a libshit marxist.


>jewtin jails controlled opposition

oy vey


thing is, has Navalny even got solutions to Russia problem, or all he is a western puppet who keeps nogging Putin the KGB agent



And everyone being CIA shills somehow justifies Kremlin shills right?

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