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July 2018 Transparency Report
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The Russian defence ministry has drafted a law to ban social media posts by professional soldiers and other military personnel on security grounds.

The bill says photos, videos and other material uploaded to the internet can reveal military details useful to an enemy. Automatic geolocation can show where a military unit is deployed.

The bill affects "contract" soldiers, who can be sent abroad, not conscripts.

Russian soldiers' posts have revealed forces deployed to Ukraine and Syria.

For example, in July 2014 the BBC's Myroslava Petsa tweeted an image of a post by a Russian soldier who proudly reported delivering Grad rockets to the pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine.

Ukraine and Western governments accuse Russia of supplying heavy weapons and troop reinforcements to the rebels. Russia admits that some Russian "volunteers" are helping the rebels, but denies sending regular forces.

In a YouTube video a reporter for Vice News, Simon Ostrovsky, revealed how a Russian soldier's social media posts had enabled him to confirm the Russian military's direct role in the eastern Ukraine fighting.

In August 2014 an article by the Bellingcat investigative team said social media posts by Russian soldiers had confirmed deaths among members of Russia's 76th Airborne regiment in eastern Ukraine.





He thinks banning pozial media is communist


AS if the government didn't contract the same tech professionals that design modern laser guided weapons systems and information systems capable of satellite imaging and radar/sonar nuclear submarines, etc. that just FORGOT to mention what EXIF data is… Nah, that's not coincidence, bruh. First world governments aren't THAT stupid. There's no way. There's no way their soldiers didn't know? Nope. Don't believe it.



>He thinks banning pozial media is communist

it is, others do it too, but commies are included



>everything I don't like is communist

Really titulates gets the noggin


They aren't though. Orthodox christanity has more influence there now than the communists.



This. Anyone that equates this with "commie" is probably just an anti-Russian faggot. Typical of the neo-cons that run this jewish board tbh.



Oy vey are you some kind of anti-semite or worse a braindead liberal?

Orthodox christanity is a good thing because the pentecostal televangelist, mormon polygamists etc etc sects are hypocritical money grubbers.

Not a believer myself, I just think western christianity is a real shitshow now.


File: a5609401baee1c5⋯.png (23.85 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 2051c8a43fe48ab3ce3c647615….png)

Russia is still more free than us stuck in the UK. I wish I could move there.



They are more free but there is a price to that freedom. Not living in a authoritarian shithole means more danger to your health, and your family.



That is a good idea. Based Russia is protecting it's own national interest. I wish my country had the balls to stand up for itself like this. Social media is cancer anyway. Soldiers should be digging foxholes, not fucking around on facebook.


File: 51152657d89835b⋯.png (1.23 MB, 636x1092, 53:91, 51152657d89835b53d2efd7d12….png)


>the police state protects you from yourself.

Too bad they don't protect us from that biological weapon called Islam. Might as well strap a retard helmet on my head and cover my house in bubble wrap. Boy do I feel safe, I just have to never go outside again and I might not be murdered.


File: 864752b1b5b1fdc⋯.jpg (66.6 KB, 474x591, 158:197, bridges, you say.jpg)


>UK is safer than Russia

Not until you


And don't you dare tell me that it's part of your culture, you fucking white male, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!


they also want to ban or regulate bitcoin

little did they know, rulecucks like them are hated and people will adopt bitcoin to get around rulecucks like them.


File: 16c6b1f72d7d187⋯.jpg (233.92 KB, 640x350, 64:35, Vlad-The-Impaler-Tepes-ima….jpg)


The solution is to exterminate all Muslims. It has been done before can god willing it will happen again. 13 million died in Iraq, dropping like flies to superior American might. The crusade to liberate Europe will be glorious.



Why did god create muslims if he is perfect?



Fuck that kike god Jupiter. It's an expression.



>Why did god create muslims if he is perfect?

to show you what happens if you make bad choices?




The god you are talking about, is a sub-god. He's an entity and has morphed the reality-matrix we live in to its own bidding.

God, Allah and YHWH are different names for the same entity. The real Creator operates on a higher level than this cocksucker.

Therefore, your statement is false: Go-allah-WH is a punk and his creation (the belief system of these abrahamic religions) is false because the entiy itself is false.


fukin commies

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