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File: 5e9a496de9fa57a⋯.jpg (86.55 KB, 920x787, 920:787, 920x920.jpg)


Pic from:


All of Calistoga is under a mandatory evacuation order.


Sonoma County has issued an advisory evacuation order for all of Boyes Hot Springs, El Verano, and all of Sonoma north of Petaluma Avenue and Napa Street.


A few hours ago the Atlas fire in Solano County was headed toward Green Valley and Cordelia with strong winds from the north, and had crossed Twin Sisters road heading east toward Fairfield. None of the news sites have updated since then.


There were radio reports of another fire in Annadel State Park threatening Oakmont and southeast Santa Rosa but I cannot find this on any news sites.

This is the state's map of fire-affected regions in the Sonoma-Napa-Solano region as of last night.


And there are other fires in Anaheim, Yuba County, and in the Sierras.


Fucking idiots. Lol.

christian terrorists



And nothing of value was lost.





Haha, they fucking deserve it.






Hate to ruin the party, but this isn't anything new. The fires kick up a lot this time of year because of wind, heat, natural causes, and retards. Emergency response is probably used to it.


>christian terrorists

Nice b8



>Hate to ruin the party, but this isn't anything new.

How does commiefornia being on fire all the time ruin anything? The more they're on fire the better, if anything.



>How does commiefornia being on fire all the time ruin anything?

Everyone's aware of the fire dangers and such. A meteor strike on San Fransisco would be a lot more effective than a fire in some random hills.

I'd say the floods that occasionally happen in the winter times tend to cause problems, but they're never as damaging as the hurricane danger zones and give water to dump fluoride into.



Damn just realized that would be a easy way for terrorists to cause huge amounts of damage to the US and Canada and remain safe.



Here I thought fags form Texas drowned.


There's been reports of people apprehend starting fires. I think it's antifa



Sometimes firemen start their own fires so they can get paid to put it out. Rarely are they caught.

>california is on fire

Water is wet, the sky is blue, and kikes are gunu jew.



>Sometimes firemen start their own fires so they can get paid to put it out.

such a dumb ass junior commie thing to say


I thought they were an independent state who seceded from the Union? They ought to get the illegals taking sanctuary in their liberal paradise to help with their fires. No more federal help.


File: 7130092360219c5⋯.jpg (52.73 KB, 600x531, 200:177, 138407ggf21y748f23t784g234….jpg)


I just think it's hard to believe that Smoky the Bear is needed here. What sounds more likely, terrorists or competitors, or some dumb kids leaving a fire going? Is it really THAT easy to burn down the west coast?

But I don't like being that conspiracy guy, so I'll also mention the possibility of controlled burners doing a bad job at their job. Nut somebody has to profit, that's for sure.



Antifa burning affluent neighborhoods and urban development



I'm not saying this was terrorism, in fact I wholeheartedly believe this was either just an accident or natural causes.

I'm just saying that if terrorists really wanted to they could easily visit fire hazard zones or wait until the dry season and visit forests to set up bonfires or soome shit and lighting them right before driving away.

They'll most likely never find you and you can easily set up dozens if not hundreds of fire sites all across America and Canada. Those basic flammables and lighters necessary cost next to nothing compared to hardcore weaponry and attract way less attention.

Not to mention the fact that you don't have to martyr yourself.






That girl with the air horn was in animal porn. Someone posted proof about it before.



Talk about attracting attention!

We just put your dumb ass on a watch list. Thanks. All job security for us.

t. FBI.


Was she the animal?


File: 73b463c3bf9fdb3⋯.jpg (43.26 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1498858870815.jpg)


This. Probably combined with the failed wineries taking the opportunity to torch their own failing business


Lol at the title, no shit.


My co worker has an active enlistment with the national guard, he got called up there.



> Thinks the sixth largest economy in the world burning will result in good things for him.




>commiefornia stops being an economic powerhouse

>economic vacuum ensues

>other regions of the USA fill the vacuum

Are you fucking economically illiterate?



>commiefornia stops being an economic powerhouse

>economic vacuum ensues

>other regions of the USA fill the vacuum

Are you fucking economically illiterate?



No, she fucked horse if I remember it right.

Also it's feminist.



You mean reserve enlistment and got called to active duty. Or is the job with you a second job? Active duty entails at least 8 hours a day doing something.

I've got a cousin in the Guard too, dude made rank in admin though so I doubt they'll prioritize sending him.




Read earlier today ( sorry no source) that apparently this is now the worst fire the state has ever had.

Good. California is the reason why the west is so fucked up.



File: 03191151ab14847⋯.gif (25.43 KB, 337x337, 1:1, Hitler question.gif)


Why does everyone hate California so much? Has anyone actually been there? There's plenty of based rural folk.



>implying firemen aren't on salary

there's no fucking commission system for fire departments. Fires started by the department are controlled burns to reduce hazard zones



San Francisco is here. And trust me, just being within a few hundred miles is enough



muh smug?


cheap smoked wine next year



Really? She looks like she has nice tits.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thread Theme


File: 5021cb936ad6e82⋯.png (602.89 KB, 608x614, 304:307, 7uty56.png)


It's not California, it's pic related.



Just a taste of what's to come.


What won't you fags blame on antifa?





If there is any evidence it'll typically come out after the fires subside. In AZ there was a case where two hunters started a fire and caused a shitton of damage and the reason they got caught is because one of the dude's dogs burned to death and firefighters found the remains, dog had a chip.

From what I remember they got off super easy, just a few thousands.



A few thousands in fines I mean

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