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File: fe2316c3c6df574⋯.jpg (178.52 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, 171101104142-110117-the-ac….jpg)


(CNN)It's only been a few weeks since the sexual assault allegations against media mogul Harvey Weinstein exploded into public view. Since then there have been new allegations made against other powerful men in various industries seemingly almost every day.

From companies taking a second look at their sexual harassment policies to the tide of #MeToo stories flooding social media, the controversy has sparked the biggest national conversation on sexual harassment since the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas battle in the early '90s. Prominent actors and actresses have come forward with stories that put fellow Hollywood A-listers sharply in the spotlight.

This list of men who've been accused of sexual harassment focuses just on allegations on which CNN has reported. There are accusations against other powerful men out there. As the days and weeks go on, this list will undoubtedly keep growing. This list also doesn't include powerful men like Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes or Donald Trump; allegations against them came before Weinstein.



>harvey weinstein outed

>suddenly, a million others outed just in time to take the focus off of him and his tribe

wow, it's like i never seen this happening ever.



>Saving one Jew.

>By throwing the rest of Hollywood under the bus and making it look to normals like Hollywood needs a purging.

>The same Hollywood that is aboslutely critical to propagandizing the goyim.

It fits with typical Jewish shortsightedness, I'll give you that much.



>other powerful men in various industries seemingly almost every day

And as far as I'm aware every single one of them has been a kool-aid swilling leftist cuck. And it's fucking hilarious.


>that word salad thread subject

You need to be strangled for that



>utter waste of a post

multiple choice



Disgusting collage of male pigs accused of sex.hArrassment of struggling fems in a patriarcial world jerryjewis

Jerry jewis

>defending degeneracy

>checks out


glad they included david copafeel


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