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File: db4b0ef0ed07adb⋯.jpg (225.69 KB, 1368x1026, 4:3, oops.jpg)


A scorned woman murdered her ex-boyfriend by pouring sulphuric acid over him and laughed: “if I can't have you no-one can”, a court heard on Wednesday.

Jealous Berlinah Wallace, 48, threw the corrosive substance in the face of Mark van Dongen that covered most of his body.

He suffered 25 percent burns and suffered such serious injuries he was left paralysed - only able to move his tongue, Mark, 29, lost a leg, his left eye, and most of the sight in his right eye following the sulphuric acid attack, Bristol Crown Court heard.

Civil engineer Mark was left wanting to end his life and eventually successfully applied for euthanasia and died 15 months after the attack.

Wallace carried out the attack out of jealousy after the couple split up and Mark began seeing another woman, the court was told.

In the weeks before the attack Wallace carried out internet searches including 'can I die from drinking sulphuric acid?' and searched for graphic images of acid attack victims.

Fashion student Wallace denies murder and applying a corrosive fluid after pouring acid over Mark van Dongen at 3am on 23 September 2015. Adam Vaitlingam QC, prosecuting, said: “The defendant had bought a bottle of sulphuric acid, which she bought online from Amazon.

“At around 3am, as Mark was sleeping in bed, she poured the acid into a glass.

“She then went into the bedroom, and woke him up. She laughed and said 'if I can't have you no one will' and she threw the glass of sulphuric acid into his face.

“It covered his face and parts of his upper body and dripped onto his lower body as he moved.

“Covered in burning acid, Mark ran out into the street in his boxer shorts, screaming for help.”

The court heard couple had a five-year-relationship and lived together but it hit the rocks when Mark began seeing another woman in August 2015.

Shortly before his death, Mark, a Dutch national, told colleagues that Wallace had been violent towards him, and “seemed genuinely scared.”

The couple appeared to rekindle their romance, exchanging loving messages promising to try to make the relationship work again on 22 September, the day before the attack.

Mark sent her a message saying: “I love you, I always have. I'm truly sorry for what I've done, we need to work on our relationship.

“You and me are meant to be. I've always known that. I will treat you as you deserve to be treated. You are my princess.”

Wallace replied: “It means a lot hearing these words. You are the love of my life. God does not make a mistake in this. I love you with all my heart.”

The couple planned to cook dinner together when Mark returned to work, but that evening he went out to see his new girlfriend Violet Farquharson, the court heard.




File: 30f5e96657c2605⋯.jpg (34.4 KB, 564x423, 4:3, berlinah-wallace-02.jpg)


The pair argued when he returned to Wallace's flat in Bristol, at 10pm and she told him she would stay in a hotel that night, the court heard.

But at 3am, Wallace returned to the flat and tossed a glass of acid over Mark, who was lying in bed wearing just his boxer shorts, it is alleged.

He ran out into the street screaming where horrified neighbours took him into a flat and got him to stand under a shower at the advice of paramedics.

Mark was rushed to Southmead Hospital in Bristol, and asked paramedics to 'please check that my girlfriend is OK' - fearing Wallace would target Violet next.

Mr Vaitlingam said: “They could see Mark had severe burns - they said it looked as though he had had grey coloured paint poured over him and that the acid had burned through the top layer of skin.

“He kept saying he couldn't see and asked if he still had eyelids.”

Police arrived to find Wallace sitting on the sofa in the living room and noted there was a glass beer mug on the floor next to a piece of cloth and what appeared to be an artist's paintbrush.

Mr Vaitlingam added: “The defendant was asked what the substance was that had injured Mark and she said 'Acid. I was using to to distress some fabric' and indicated to the glass, cloth and paintbrush on the floor.”

A police officer who accompanied Mark in the ambulance recalled how he screamed in pain for the entire journey, and radioed ahead to ask for officers to visit Violet.

Emergency consultant Dr Rachel Oaten said Mark screamed “kill me now, if my face is left looking like this. I don't want to live.” when he caught sight of himself in a mirror.

Mark was kept in an isolated ward in ICU for six months before being moved to a burns ward, spending a total of 14 months at Southmead.

The burns covered 25 per cent of his body and skin had to be surgically removed.

Mark“s left leg was amputated below the knee and he lost the vision in his left eye and was partially sighted in his right eye.

He eventually regained speech but was permanently paralysed from the neck down.

Mark fell into a depression and, Mr Vaitlingam said: “Sometimes he said he wanted to live, at other times that he wanted to die.”

On November 22 2016 a care home in Gloucester was found and it was understood Mark would require a “lifetime of constant and dedicated care.”

He told his father he wanted to return to Belgium and his father hired an ambulance to take him to the Maria Hospital in Overpelt.

Doctors there confirmed he was paralysed for life and taking maximum doses of pain relief. He applied for euthanasia, which was approved after three consultants examined him.

It was decided this was a case of “unbearable physical and psychological suffering” and Mark's life was taken on 2 January 2017.

Mark gave evidence from beyond the grave on Wednesday - as a video was played to the jury of him giving a statement to police.

The film shows Mark describing the attack and saying it happened because she was jealous he had left her.

In the film Mark is seen lying in a hospital bed with his face and chest severely burnt and disfigured.

He was interviewed by Detective constable Sue Pesticcio, part of the Major Crime Team in Bristol, on 6 July 2016.

Speaking in the 26-minute interview, Mark confirmed his date of birth and address.

Conducted in English without an interpreter, he sometimes struggled to make himself understood and several times DC Pesticcio asked him to repeat what he had said.

When asked what time he arrived home in the hours before the attack, Mark said: “About 6pm.

“Yeah because she was calling me, crying that she wanted to have money to go back to South Africa. I went back because I felt sorry for her.”


File: f74b2ccd200ab36⋯.jpg (34.16 KB, 564x423, 4:3, berlinah-wallace-03.jpg)


When asked if it was money to buy a 'place' in South Africa, he said: “No, money to buy a plane ticket to go to South Africa.”

Recalling the moment Wallace entered the bedroom they shared, Mark said: “She woke me up and said that 'if I can't have you no one can.'

“And she laughed and just threw the acid, it was square box of acid with about an inch of acid in it. I only went back because I felt sorry for her

“Yeah I was running on the street… in my boxer shorts. They fell off because the acid eating away.

“And then I met my upstairs neighbour and she took me in her house and got the police.”

When asked if he knew where Wallace had got the acid from, Mark said: “No.

She bought it online that's what I heard.

“Cause an acid that strong a UK person cannot buy it in the shop. In a list of only certified people can buy it.”

He described the container as a Tupperware box, about 20cm x 20cm and 15cm deep, filled with an inch of liquid.

Asked if he knew why Wallace did it, Mark said: “Yes. Because she was jealous. Because I left her a month before this happened.

“I promised to pay money into her account until she finished university. I made first payment of £750 into her account and I was still paying £250 a week after that.

“And I didn't even need to because we weren't married that was pure goodwill and now she chooses to do this.”

Mark said he believed Wallace went to a park rather than a hotel, and returned about midnight.

He said again: “Wakes me up and says 'if I can't have you no one can' and then she laughed and threw the acid.'”

In the harrowing witness statement, Mark told how he knew straight away it was acid “because it was burning like fire.”

When asked if there had ever been sulphuric acid in the flat he said: “Why would we have acid at home?

''You can't do anything with it unless you are a company dealing with car batteries.“

And when asked who bought it, he said: “Oh she will have bought that. Using my account 'cause she always used my account because she did not work.”

Mark said: “She started arguing with text messages and messaging me.

“I already had a friendly conversation then she was pestering me on the phone earlier in the month.

“I went to the police… and they got her a… what to do you call it… uh… I don't know but that if she were to do it again she would be arrested.”

A year before the acid attack, Wallace poured boiling water over Mark during a petty argument, he told police in the video.

In a second interview Mark told officers of how Wallace subjected him to domestic violence - and made it appear he was abusing her by punching herself in the face.

He told them Wallace would stand in front of a mirror punching herself in the face, even giving herself a black eye - then threaten to tell police he had hit her if he tried to leave.

The allegations spanned more than a year and included accusations that Wallace would hide his passport to prevent him going back home to Holland.

The couple had a good relationship with Wallace's ex-husband Ray, and Mark said he thought his attacker tried to make it seem that she was being beaten up.

“Then we would go and visit Ray and then she would sit in the house with her sunglasses on so maybe Ray would think I hit her or something, I don't know,” he said.

“And when we went there to visit she would put on her sunglasses in the living room so it looked like that I have hit her but that she was trying to hide it or something.

“I think that after she did that she was quite embarrassed that she used to do that.”

He told police of one occasion where Wallace accused Mark of cheating after she spotted a Costa Coffee bill on a bank statement and was angry for two weeks.

Wallace would hide his passport, and did so the week of the acid attack, the court heard, so he could not book a flight to Holland or a hotel.

He said this had happened in the days before 23 September.

Mark said: “Yeah I was looking for it the whole week but I couldn't find it because I had already moved out of the apartment.

“I only came back because I felt sorry for her but I knew that she had my passport.”

The interview was carried out on 28 July at Southmead Hospital and he urged officers to look into GP records for the boiling water attack as the burns were obscured by the acid injuries.

The case is being presided over by The Honourable Justice May DBE.

The defendant faces two charges.

One of murder and one of applying a corrosive fluid.

She denies both.


sorry about the spacing - why do they publish stories like this?


Man fuck people like this animal.


File: 5ade21870d6f5e8⋯.gif (749.72 KB, 480x360, 4:3, long night at the raccoon ….gif)

At times like this we need lynching.





She looks really mean. Why would a guy want to date her?


File: 4557ef34a8b4035⋯.jpg (29.91 KB, 634x486, 317:243, nintchdbpict000365782103.jpg)

Berlinah Wallace 'laughed' when she soaked ex-boyfriend in acid

leaving him paralysed disfigured and in horrible pain


29 and dating a 48 year old sheboon hahaha the ape did him a favour. Fucking cuck retard.


File: f83022fec14ff9d⋯.jpeg (2.16 MB, 1851x939, 617:313, f83022fec14ff9d941ea16da4….jpeg)

Toll paid





Daily reminder that we never had acid attacks in the western world before we let niggers and bagheads come here.


>fuck a feral animal

>surprised when it acts like a feral animal



>“They could see Mark had severe burns - they said it looked as though he had had grey coloured paint poured over him and that the acid had burned through the top layer of skin.




Gas yourself kike for this slide that you got off the leddit.

Miscegenation is deserving of acid face. He was a cuck to a sh'boon who went to shul to learn to sew. The whole thing is just gross.


Hows this a shock….if she comes from hot country thus hot temper…..think bangkok haircut.

Black arab indian latino guys chase white girls…..geez i wonder why…same as white chasing gooks

Cool climates like north euripe an asia more chill



Honor kill whites for mixing out like. Muzzys do an watch population grow


File: 555c90fe486bf50⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 219x255, 73:85, aho-girl-smug.gif)

>van Dongen



>Honor kill whites for mixing out like. Muzzys do an watch population grow

Why would that make population grow? Unless you're talking about non whites



>Miscegenation is deserving of acid face.

Back to >>>/pol/


Ideally he would have run directly to his shower and let it run for a long time to flush all the acid. That's why all chemical labs have showers.


File: 41357142b45a1e3⋯.png (51.36 KB, 766x707, 766:707, 41357142b45a1e3b2008430088….png)


>Berlinah, Germany




Iv'e wondered about that. Why do they love acid attacks so much?



Are you drunk? Learn how to spell & make a coherent point.



it's easy to obtain, cheap and fool proof, no need to plan or anything, just throw and you're done, perfect for niggers who can't into 2+2



He's not wrong, Eli





>cuck retard


>problems started when the guy was seeing another woman while dating her

Wouldn't that make the negress a cuck?


>giving the negress money.

Don't people know not to feed wild animals? They will attack you eventually.



The negress got cucked in a literal sense, but the man was metaphorically a cuck for putting up with her shit for so long and giving her money.



>metaphorically a cuck


Pretty sure you're using that word wrong lad.

Here's some reading on the word.




He was cucking his wage to her by giving her money. He works hard for that money and then sits back and watches while she enjoys the fruits of his labor.



You fucking autistic faggot.


Cheaters deserve a punishment like this



Spoken like a true cuck.



Burn the Coal, Pay the Toll



Guess what faggot, your ancestors had no problem with it.



So his money is now his wife? Didn't know you can marry currency.


Reading this is just depressing


Çumskin got what he deserved tbh.




Can you post anything that doesn't have something to do with your deep seated desire to guzzle semen by the gallon?




I think it results from some perverse desire to make their ex-lovers complete unappealing to anyone else. She said it herself, "If I can't have you then no one can." And I think most attacks of this kind stem from that kind of thought process. I know random attacks also happen, but those are from jealousy, I'd guess, and they are much more rare.



>Didn't know you can marry currency.

You've never heard of gold diggers? This is at least 50% of what women look for in partners.



Yes, you marry the person. Not the money, you literally cannot cuckold your own bank account.


File: 4ed006269e23485⋯.jpg (189.75 KB, 600x611, 600:611, youter.jpg)

youthanize this vicious ape



As an added note, if you read the article you'll notice that the negress was essentially blackmailing him. She was going (or let another person by bruising herself and acting abused) to go to the cops and tell them that she was getting hit by her boyfriend.

With today's mentality of "listen and believe," he would have probably been thrown in jail with little to no actual proof. He figured it was cheaper to pay off her school and send her the fuck back to Africa. These circumstances could happen to anyone, and have.

He's not a cuck (he was cuck'ing her though) he's just a some poor bastard who's kindness (almost to the point of stupidity) was taken advantage of by a psychopath/sociopath.



It's hard for white men to get pussy now because every women exclusively sucks nigger cock. Like me, I haven't had sex in 30 years, and last night I had a dream I was a fat loli taking tons of cocks in every hole then somehow got stranded in a field where I found Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory completely naked and I begged him for his cock but he said "no. i'm gay. but i will fuck you in the asshole with my knee" so he bent his knee at 180 degree angle and shoved his entire bent leg into my ass. Then in the dream I had to take a massive shit but the world's gravity became inverted 90 degrees so I had to find this old trailer and walk on the walls while I shitted under the foundation and watched it endlessly fall horizontally through the sky.


He was also an adulterer.



Also I'm pretty sure I was raped by a ghost during the night because when I woke up my asshole was slimey.



A sketch entitled "CNN Tears".

Hope this ape bitch gets the chair.



>This entire fucking post

What the fuck is wrong with you?



>you literally cannot cuckold your own bank account.

I beg to differ. Look up the term "pay piggie".



We need more quality posts like this one.


File: 305ffebbc6ff8e1⋯.jpg (41.02 KB, 500x490, 50:49, alleendedoodkanvredevandit….jpg)



>In the realm of BDSM, a paypig is a submissive, almost always male, who has consented to financial servitude towards his Mistress. Term used in a derogatory/humiliating light, usually by Mistresses.

So the guys is being made into someone's bitch, a reverse concept of a "Sugar Daddy."

Still don't see where your going with this, stop trying to change what the word means.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Fuck off NAZI


Isn't the highest rate of intermarriage murder black female killing white male?


File: 252c562a7ba31cb⋯.jpg (42.62 KB, 623x480, 623:480, 1468137995119.jpg)






The negroes are a race of savages who delight in cruelty. I've also seen reports of Negro gangs in London who stab rival gang members in the anus because they know that the anal spincter will never fully heal and the victim will have to wear a bag for the rest of their life.



Curb your autism. The reason he is called a cuck is because of the parallels between the two activities. For example: a cuck is submissive while watching another race gain power over him and dominate his wife. This guy was submissive towards this woman of another race while supporting her financially, thus giving her power over him. See the similarities? Cuck in this context is a metaphor and used as an insult, your problem is that you are taking it literally.


File: f1df09d916b6aac⋯.jpg (93.47 KB, 720x533, 720:533, 3721c1c7cffaa95b5a04e54503….jpg)





A common mistake for beginners.


One of the articles online says they were both HIV positive…



No Shrek?



For american born. But its usually 3rd world girls that do it like straight from motherland or has immigrant parents




Man it hurts to see people other than niggers butcher the English language.

>a cuck is submissive while watching another race gain power over him and dominate his wife

Pretty sure being a cuckold is not exclusive to what race the guy your wife is sleeping with. By your definition I guess it would be ok to be cuckolded as long as it's someone from your own race

>This guy was submissive towards this woman of another race while supporting her financially, thus giving her power over him

Not really, if you bothered to read the article you would have read the part where he said that she was essentially blackmailing him as well as being abusive towards him. I don't call that being a cuckold, I call that being a victim of a blackmail as well as being victim to a psychopath. Do you honestly believe that if he went to cops with this that they would believe him? Nah in the world we live in today she could easily turn it around on him and he could easily find himself behind bars.

>Cuck in this context is a metaphor and used as an insult

And it fails at both.




she has an aryan name



Fuck off, cuck.



>no argument

>still can't into definitions

Dictionaries come cheap nowadays and since I assume you have access to the net, you can also easily look it up.



If he was a adulterer than what was the reason for cucked a primitive psychopath?


Once you go black…acid attack!



Poke the coal

Pay the toll








File: 56844f5eafc0a6f⋯.png (636.33 KB, 700x701, 700:701, Time traveling.PNG)



File: 6e25bc24725f5b2⋯.jpg (49.16 KB, 600x583, 600:583, c88.jpg)




the eternal wisdom of A. Wyatt Mann is again vindicated



tbh that's a good post



<this is yandere irl




>all evidence indicates that white women almost exclusively keep to whites for dating

<yeh fucking white women they are all going for blacks

kys kike


Where the fuck can you apply for euthanasia? Ive tried killing myself multiple time and always fail. My brain is fucked from kike poison meds, head injuries, and the cia literally mk ultraing me into a girl where I basically broke my neck and most of my body. I live with this psycho cunt who used to beat the shit out of me and has been psychologically harassing me since I was 3. Im done with this shit. Literally cant breathe, in chronic pain 24/7, and every time I make an attempt to improve my situation I get kiked just because I dont fear the psychopath us mafia. Somebody please just fucking kill me. I already died basically after this homeless shelter for '"mentally ill" who did fucking nothing to help me get a decent situation to rebuild my life was like "oh you are starving , in chronic pain, and have been in mental hospital for trying to kill yourself? Go die in the streets. We have 50 trillion section 8 niggers and psycho whores working made up jobs to pay for." This is literally some fucking joke at this point. There is no limit to these fucking kikes, so id rather just peace out so the parasites die. Fucking where the fuck can I go to just end this for good? You faggots are going nowhere. Every single one of you is a self serving barbarian trying to convince other self serving barbarians to be civilized and give you all the benefits of an organized empathatic society so you can be a sociopath douche. This hell is gonna catch up to you fucking psychos soon. Im gonna die pathetic but at least im not a little bitch slave like you.

By the way cia, you are the most pathetic fucking losers on earth. You had to poison and torture some random ass poor dude to beat them. Rather than just accept that im right, you had to kill me thinking itd make your problems go away. Nah faggots, you are fucking done. Every single one of you rat fucks is goiing into th3 oven.


they were both hiv positive



Fuck off, autistic cuck.





Magic GF guy? Are you back?



This is /n/, not /pol/, go back to your serious business activism board, faggot.



/n/ is /pol/-lite. This board is where shitposters go after being banned from /pol/.



ya fuck off you fag cuck

u sound like an intellacual and days all fags


File: de2456a2ae64ba9⋯.png (146.85 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 913d51abe39eccda21c876e6d1….png)





>still can't into definitions

Has basic education really fallen this low?



Least my ancestors are evolved beings, De'Troit spearchucker

Showing off your intellectual disability wins you nothing


For anyone interested, she used hydrochloric acid, which isn’t used for this type of thing because it’s not as strong as the Nitric and Sulphuric acid.

Basically, had this moron ran to his shower and wash it off it probably wouldn’t have even been that bad. Hydrochloric acid is what is in our stomachs(I think). Also, this guy had boiling water dumped on him by her before. And he purposely led her on only to go out with his “other” girlfriend instead, while still meeting up with Nig at his house. They were both degenerate HIV positive worthless Euro trash.



Fuck off autismal cuck betafag.



Because they're evil.



Let me guess, female?


File: f523504a5c948dd⋯.jpg (5.67 KB, 252x200, 63:50, index.jpg)

he drilled for oil and got a Gas flare

burned him bad





What did he look like in the end



Fuck Him! Coal burning faggot! I wonder what "Violet" was. Anyone have a picture of Violet?



Not a bag a literal plug, they do this in prison as well


Drill for oil

Sleep in the soil


File: 3d43840a686ebcd⋯.png (1.31 MB, 838x1078, 419:539, spic spic brown and slick.png)


You have to go back, hombre.



This is an old cockney gang trick. They used to do it with two razors taped around a tuppence.


Am I supposed to feel sorry for the zoophiliac?


what causes more damage t the environment?

drilling oil or burning coal?



>The negroes are a race of savages

thats african to you racist



I hate to say it, but he deserved it.



Fuck off with your disgusting pig latin.



>you racist

Your words have no power here you ugly shit-skinned double nigger


File: f11a3e391fbdc3d⋯.jpg (10.3 KB, 200x300, 2:3, th.jpg)


He fucked black Carrot Top?


File: 7b79bbcacad641d⋯.png (128.49 KB, 342x303, 114:101, antifa chooses to be gay.png)


>Fuck off NAZI

Don't you have a trash can to assault?



>"If I can't have you then no one can."

This. They like to break things that they can't understand or use properly.


File: 983714f7b491771⋯.jpg (60.75 KB, 220x300, 11:15, jungle-fever-movie_220x300.jpg)

Light colored northern europeans get the jungle fever more often



Shalom chaim




>Your words have no power here you ugly shit-skinned double nigger

I can sense yor fear when you come close to my tribe

stay in elvis land



>that pic

Straight out of Planet of the apes.

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