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File: f8bbc8f671a2c77⋯.jpg (224.93 KB, 988x1500, 247:375, manchurian_candidate edite….jpg)


The stunning turn comes as Flynn pleaded guilty to one count of lying to the FBI about his back-channel negotiations with the Russian ambassador – talks that occurred before Trump took office. The special counsel made the plea agreement public Friday morning.

The confidant provided ABC News with new details on Friday about Trump’s instructions to Flynn. During the campaign, Trump asked Flynn to be one of a small group of close advisors charged with improving relations in Russia and other hot spots. The source said Trump phoned Flynn shortly after the election to explicitly ask him to “serve as point person on Russia,” and to reach out personally to Russian officials



the noose tightens


the kitchen gets hotter



the candle burns lower


Flynn will burn trump to save himself


It's not illegal for a presidential candidate to meet with Russians. Hillary met with international leaders as well.



>t's not illegal for a presidential candidate to meet with Russians. Hillary met with international leaders as well.

To get her emails it is



Actually that's not illegal either.



quit stating facts, the left really really really don't like it


just give me something that causes all these faggots to go off script and actually start attacking each other



then why would you lie to the FBI when they ask if you met with them?



Yes it is.



Because you desire to see what the inside of a prison cell looks like?


File: 59f4718df4c92dd⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1200x960, 5:4, cum here much.png)


>Because you desire to see what the inside of a prison cell looks like?

Trump's future



Damn you guys really don't like trump.

Oh, btw did you know there is a hiveswap thread going on right now on /homosuck/?


druk is dun 4 u stupid retards, he'll only get one skewp in prison HAHAHAHA


>man who wants to be president of the US tries to contact other world leaders

so liberals agree now that we shouldn't have a foreign policy at all?



File: daa251e272ae492⋯.png (173.59 KB, 606x444, 101:74, MUH.png)




No, it's illegal to wiretap a candidate. It's not illegal to meet with Russians and discuss accessing emails.

Emails which were not hacked by Russians, seeing as it was proved that the leaks had to have occurred from the dnc's Washington servers directly. Also, it's illegal to murder Seth Rich.


When are you more likely to lie: when you have lots of money, or when you're suddenly millions of dollars in debt overnight?



>both Obama and Romney met with multiple world leaders while on the campaign trail, also held secret phone calls….

but no one cared because it's actually normal and legal until Trump does it



doesn't matter how much money i fucking have, FBI comes knocking on my door i tell them what i fucking know. This is also a plea deal so he had a bunch of other charges dropped to land this one


well they weren't calling russia to hack their political opponents and organize a propaganda campaign



>well they weren't calling russia to hack their political opponents and organize a propaganda campaign

John McCain met with ISIS on the campaign trail. He also dispatched surrogates to meet with Georgians during their war with Russia.

Russia didn't hack the dnc. All the evidence points to an inside job by a dnc staffer in Washington.



wow a dnc staffer did it, so how did it end up in russias hands and then GOP's hands?



Hey man, there is an hiveswap thread over on /homosuck/, it's just not the same without you! Hurry up or all the poz loads will be taken!



hey man there's a dick sucking group for identity politics, take your pick





>well they weren't calling russia to hack their political opponents and organize a propaganda campaign

lol >>576730


>lol ar you still going on about the emails

>m-muh emails


>muh id politics

everyone has an identity, retard






i mean how politics has become such a part of your identity where you no longer care about issues because someone attacking a political point somehow becomes a personal attack on you



al capone dodged taxes and never got charged with dealing drugs because he was a good man, why didn't bill gates get charged with tax evasion?



>you should make decisions without thinking how they will affect you and your kind

funny how id politics was never seen as a problem until this election cycle…


you mean that website liberals used to praise until it wasn't beneficial to them anymore?



If an issue is going to impact your quality of life its probably normal to take it personally. In fact if you don't take it personally then you are probably going to be selected for extinction. there was a time when people said that homosexuals are just like the rest of us, and that they can contribute to our culture and society. Now we know what they contribute; they gave use hiveshare threads on /homosuck/. You can have fun being an enlightened centrist; I will hold views that oppose the destruction of my genetic relatives. Also, you are not welcome in our cave after the racewar starts. If you come around we will break your legs and leave you as a sacrifice for the marauding slavers from /homosuck/




Is that what I think it means?



It was a link on the front page this morning XDDD This website is a paradox; it hosts really stimulating subjects but also it's a hive of villainy and degeneracy that rivals the worst in the galaxy.



Just checked it out I honestly thought




>hiv share

Not going to lie I was actually a little scared to click on the thread.



> During the campaign, Trump asked Flynn to be one of a small group of close advisors charged with improving relations in Russia and other hot spots.

>The source said Trump phoned Flynn shortly after the election to explicitly ask him to “serve as point person on Russia,”

wow, it's fucking nothing. yet another anonymous source from a "trusted news source" that says something vague about trump wanting to improve relations with russia. LOCK HIM UP!



trump go be president for once and stop shitposting on 8ch and twitter



M8 do I need to post that accomplishment list?



such accomplishments like undoing anything with obamas name on it and ruling by executive order save for a 600 page tax bill with no debate and bringing the middle class much needed things like a private jet tax break. Let's just ignore trying to stifle an investigation while proclaiming innocence


File: 3e5b9427e4e3af1⋯.jpg (87.43 KB, 800x489, 800:489, 3e5b9427e4e3af136996f39755….jpg)



>undoing anything with obamas name on it


>ruling by executive order

when congress is full of cucks not much choice



wtf I hate Trump and believe all accusations now!



>congress has a GOP majority

>filled with cucks

sounds about right tho



No shit, nobody is denying the RNC is full on traitorous cuckservative. This was common knowledge for years before Trump announced his run for president.



how new are you?


(((ABC))) (((News)))



>when congress is full of cucks not much choice

The ironing is real


File: 1fad24eb5ffd941⋯.jpg (240.16 KB, 846x802, 423:401, shitty photo.jpg)

Have you guys bought your Trump approved Hanukkah memorabilia yet?



>everyone has an identity, retard

Did you ask everyone if they wanted to listen to your identity politics?



id politics was always a thing

the only reason you're salty is that white people are playing too and you just lost a round



ABC fucks up another story. Even CNN, the liberal misinformation station, got on their ass about it.



>after the election

aaaaaaand, this isn't news


File: 811714e59561d9b⋯.png (25.29 KB, 1140x798, 10:7, 5034550052.png)


The left can't photoshop


I guarantee the minute Trump gets impeached, Putin tweets out the sex tape kompromat.


File: 181031ea039f24b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 285.69 KB, 1050x1170, 35:39, 6d323d6b5bd7abd60936f43d20….jpg)

Live your life and quit living in fear.


File: dc1207b00267df7⋯.jpg (595.67 KB, 1203x1077, 401:359, 1470132077558.jpg)





I think I got it from pixiv. I'll find the artist.


File: 4dfd2478ac98210⋯.png (28.2 KB, 331x446, 331:446, dsfdd.png)


just found it, but it looks like all his/her stuff is deleted now. sadness


File: 074eee8450786f7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.56 MB, 1400x1228, 350:307, artist - asakuraf.png)


kk. Pixiv is a good source for 3dcg lolis. ygalax is kinda similar work, but skinnier. Just search around on Pixiv. Lots of fap material.

I get all my 2D lolis from chan.sankakucomplex.com



>being this bitter about a shitty edit

Even says that it's shitty in the image file name.


File: 2ca9c240cac2ae8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 613.73 KB, 948x1200, 79:100, artist - aki99.jpg)


File: 470106bf03ce5c2⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.42 MB, 500x364, 125:91, artist - 2-g & ani.gif)


File: c74e7982a088b42⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 14.33 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, artist - as109.gif)






This is an SFW board. Please fuck off to >>>/leftypol/ with this shit.



If candidate Trump did it, it's a Logan Act violation. If President-Elect Trump did it… it's still a Logan Act violation, because "President-Elect" is not a formal title of any officer of the United States government. Both candidates and Presidents-Elect are still private citizens. What's more, as a courtesy, it has become traditional for outgoing presidents to give future presidents access to intelligence briefings, so they can hit the ground running when they stop being private citizens and start being presidents. That means not only would it have been a Logan Act violation, it would be a violation by someone armed with confidential U.S. intelligence.


He dindu nuffin



>If candidate Trump did it, it's a Logan Act violation. If President-Elect Trump did it… it's still a Logan Act violation

Good thing for Trump he did neither then per their retraction.


lol this is the containment thread for shills



What about when Obama did it in 2008?



Do you just spout a set of "automatic" responses instead of thinking?



So you don't care as long as its "your team"?





>This is an SFW board. Please fuck off to >>>/leftypol/ with this shit.

you mean /pol/

true pervs are always fascists



Of course he doesn't care when it's his team.

Otherwise he'd have been raising hell as soon as he got involved with politics.



Obama was a war criminal. Whataboutism is still a lame argument.






McCain also did it in 2008. Romney and Obama both did it in 2012. Al Gore did it in 2000.


Then fingers crossed something in Mueller's investigation implicats Ivanka. I don't think Trump would so easily throw Ivanka under the bus as he would Don Jr.



trump is going to brutally murder his guards and escape?


Someday sooner or later Trump is going to have to face the same music everyone else has. Trumps family fortune was MADE from the backs of prostitutes when his grandfather ran the white horse inn up in Washington state. He returned having married his cousin. Trumps dad made HIS fortune ripping off Housing and Urban Development(HUD) Yes, poor urban and most likely poverty stricken black populations, gave Donnie his startup, and used the rest TO START THE INTERNATIONAL HUB OF THE CHABAD - LUBAVITCH ORGANIZATION WHICH IS THE HEAD ORGANIZATION IN AMERICA OF THE JEWS THAT CALL THEMSELVES JEWS BUT ARE NOT, THE HEAD OF THE HERETICAL ZIONIST SECT OF 'JEWS' THAT PRACTICE SORCERY AND MAGICK IN THE CABALA.

What do I mean when I say the Donald is going to have to face the same music? Well, he's going to have to explain why a 15 year old worker at the Mar - a - Lago (Florida labor law is 16) and victim of Jeffrey Epstein was groomed out of his Palm Beach mansion by his lesbian consort and mossad spy ghislaine maxwell. IT'S AN INESCAPABLE FACT THAT NO NEWS OUTLET, ALTERNATIVE OR OTHERWISE WILL REPORT ON. AND ALL YOU TRUMP FAGGOTS WON'T ADMIT TO YOURSELVES.

How ANYONE can say this that this man is NOT PART OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER PLAN is beyond me.


Guys, guys. You realize that Flynn set up a meeting with Russia


right? He was already President-Elect at the time. ABC ran a bad story and has been getting ravaged by the other news networks since.



too bad he set up the meeting to thank the russians for helping them with the election and offered to pay them back with increased trade (bucks) and easing sanctions because of it.


"The confidant provided ABC News…"

anonymous sources again, fake news




>Trump asked Flynn to be one of a small group of close advisors charged with improving relations in Russia and other hot spots

sounds good, like you know, diplomatic and shit



>It was real in my mind



IMPROVING RELATIONS!!!!!!!!!!?????????




>Arm tattoo




1.) this is not a safe for work board.

2.) /leftypol/ is a safe for work board.



>true pervs are always fascists

Is that why fascist tend to kill perverts?

>Always accuse your opponents of your own crimes.


File: 0adccdff4a04360⋯.jpg (101.52 KB, 640x1440, 4:9, 0adccdff4a043604299c176dfa….jpg)



so did Obama, and every president post Cold War.


Nice. The moment they charge Trump we can hang all the traitors who sold our future to Israelis. Chess is so much fun!



Speaking of his family I haven't seen or heard from Melania in awhile except for the whole possible body double thing a month ago. Seems like she is trying or being told to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible, even though at the beginning she showed herself more.




Horrible waster of digits. The idea that Flynn, who was the president-elect's national security advisor, didn't have authority to communicate with foreign officials, when he was sent by the incoming president, is absurd. George W Bush provided plenty of fully-precedented leeway for Obama to conduct such meetings and phone calls as president-elect to allow for a smooth and speedy transition, which is proper for maintaining the executive's policy for national security during a change of power.

If Trump's NatSec Advisor on Trump's orders isn't enough "authority", then what do you call John McCain having phone calls with Ukraine and meeting in-person with ISIS, without approval from POTUS?



>Is that why fascist tend to kill perverts

self loathing.closet fags,etc


File: 040b2fa7a5403a9⋯.jpg (293.58 KB, 1377x2000, 1377:2000, jtIJ6yH.jpg)

Following the money will expose all of Trump's shady dealings and money laundering with Russian oligarchs, and if Mueller follows the money back far enough, it'll expose his ties to organized crime.

RICO, here we come…



Sounds like you're a conspiracy theorist without any real solutions to help America. In other words, a liberal.


>Flynn to commit perjury again



File: 94f19084df8dafe⋯.mp4 (532.58 KB, 640x360, 16:9, stephens xmas.mp4)

Stephen Colbert got Trump an x-mas present


File: 08b9fb2e72f3e75⋯.jpg (8.45 KB, 265x190, 53:38, i got it.jpg)


tiny hands

reddit space

tiny cuffs…get it?


File: 64e0f782704d8a3⋯.jpg (38.94 KB, 595x343, 85:49, sandyhookobamaandfamilypos….jpg)


>Sounds like you're a conspiracy theorist without any real solutions to help America

alt-right real solutions to help America


File: be30d024acb2490⋯.mp4 (76.91 KB, 640x358, 320:179, get got it good.mp4)


get it got it good



>Buddhist monks are kicking Muslims out of Burma.

I guess those buddhists were actually self loathing muslims all along. :^)



except seth rich downloaded her emails onto a flash drive and turned them over to wikileaks. He was then murdered.



There is no doubt that a quid pro quo was exchanged to lift the sanctions against Russia. The quid pro quo was Russia helping the Trump campaign during the election. Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia. Bit by bit, the truth will come out.




Except the sanctions and diplomats weren’t kicked out until Dec. 29, 2016. So, Trump promised to reverse sanctions that were put in place six weeks after the election if they would help him win the election which caused them to be sanctioned. (?!)



Now, I don’t know what to say if you think Majitsky is that big a deal. They’ve continued to expand their Natural Gas and Nuclear ambitions, still have billions invested in sporting teams around the world, and are an occupying force in Turkey and Syria. Hard to make the argument of, “well imagine how they’d behave if it wasn’t for Global Magitsky!”


ABC..F.AKE news:Trump didn't tell Flynn to contact Russia pre-election,ABC news says sorry



If Trump was innocent, he would welcome an investigation. He would impose sanctions on Russia. He would call him "Little Putin" (he's literally 5'7", the exact same height as "little rocket-man kim"). He would be saying how Russia will pay for meddling in the election as ALL of the government agencies are saying.

But he's not. He's doing exactly what a person guilty of what he's accused of, would be doing.



You seem to be having difficulty appreciating exactly what was at stake for Russia. The simple answer is: hundreds of billions. The economic sanctions are severely hurting the Russian economy and the Magnitsky act basically puts most of Putin's stolen fortune out of his reach.

The conversation about why Russia would influence the US election completely overlooks the primary motivation for Putin. It is a disservice to the public to not inform about the stakes and circumstances.

In nearly every case of corruption and election fraud, the answer is money. It's also the case here, on a grand scale.

That's what the sanctions are all about. That the kickback: we'll help you steal the election if you do the thing that will give us hundreds of billions.

It's really not a complicated case, yet the central issue is barely ever discussed, let alone put in context.



>It's not illegal for a president-elect to meet with Russians.

Fixed that for you.



Just more evidence of the quid pro quo central to stealing the election.

The sanctions represent hundreds of billions of dollars to Putin. Economic sanctions that make his hold on power difficult and the Magnitsky act that make his hold on power extremely difficult.

That's what was at stake: a mountain of money. Yet it's barely discussed. Sanctions are often mentioned, but never in the proper context of what they represent. It's not only Putin's personal stolen fortune, it also hurts the Russian economy, which makes his dictatorship more difficult to maintain.

Yes, Putin wants to hurt the West and all that shit. But the core of the attack on US elections was hundreds of billions of dollars. Follow the money and the trail of dead Russians and what you'll find is more money and dead Russians.

Corruption is always about money. Stealing elections is always about money.


File: 1f765f6b1bf2fb5⋯.png (263.91 KB, 1024x694, 512:347, 2016 vote by county.png)


I'm not saying Vladimir Putin does not have a stake in the outcome of the election. Everyone does. America is a very powerful country that has a lot of capacity affect international relations and the wealth of a great many people via legislation. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Israel, the UK… The list is endless.

That being said, there is no actual evidence that Trump has committed any crime or colluded in any way to deprive the American public of their right to vote, or somehow reduced or denied their voice in last year's election. There's more evidence that the Democrats tried to rig the vote in their favor, in fact, and the more scrutiny you put on it, the more it seems that the race at every step was rigged in favor of Hillary–and she STILL lost.

Show me a single iota of hard evidence that Russia stole the election. A single piece of actionable evidence, that's all I ask. So far, what I see:

>registered voters outnumber eligible voting-age US citizens by 3.5 million


>a voting district in Texas was forced to use emergency paper ballots for early voters due to machine errors


>California's new driver's license database potentially allowing the 2.4 million-strong population of illegal non-citizens in the state to vote in the election


>DNC insiders admitting to potential evidence of the primaries being tilted in Hillary's favor



>a Florida judge admits in court case ruling that the DNC can AND DID rig the primaries in Hillary's favor


>Project Veritas videos displaying voter fraud on blatant display, including people capable of simply walking into a polling location in some states and simply receiving ballot under any desired name


>Seth Rich, murdered after shot twice in the back with nothing taken during the election, which garnered very little media attention


>voter fraud: dead people, non-citizens, underage citizens, felons, and multiple-cast votes found all over the United States

>Podesta Emails

>Journalist bias in favor of Democrats and Hillary

>Politician bias in favor of Democrats and Hillary; never-Trump Republicans

Corruption is NOT about money. It's about power. Money is an enabler for power, but not in the way you think; the vacuum of wealth in the lower class, with the middle class shrinking, means that a group of people smaller and smaller holds more power than ever before. Power begets money, and money enables power, but ensuring that people below you have no money is the best way to ensure that you, and you alone, can dictate the rules of the game that you don't even have to play by.

Even when you want to talk about the case of Russia's stake in the US election, don't forget that Hillary and her friends had a personal stake in Russian affairs. Do not forget about the sale of Uranium One to Rosatom, which Hillary signed off on while Tony Podesta, the brother of her 2016 campaign chairman.

Also, your daily reminder that Tim Kaine, Hillary's VP pick, was former DNC chairman, and her 2008 campaign co-chair was Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who went on to be the chairman of the DNC. Funny how small of a world this is, huh?



Trump didn't tell Flynn to contact Russia pre-election,ABC news says sorry

Trump didn't tell Flynn to contact Russia pre-election,ABC news says sorry

Trump didn't tell Flynn to contact Russia pre-election,ABC news says sorry

Trump didn't tell Flynn to contact Russia pre-election,ABC news says sorry

Trump didn't tell Flynn to contact Russia pre-election,ABC news says sorry

Trump didn't tell Flynn to contact Russia pre-election,ABC news says sorry


why dont u idiots pay attention?



minor details. so he misspoke, it wasn't while he was a candidate, it was right after the election. meanwhile flynn WAS making deals with russians the entire time before the election going back YEARS. the fact remains that he got russia to help trump win the election with a widespread cybersocial attack full of fake news (ironic) and promised them lifting of sanctions and getting his deal done to get money flowing into the hands of corrupt russian billionaires. Now mueller is digging deep into trump's finances. wonder what he'll find?


I find it funny that trump is so obsessed with clinton and obama he keeps "whatabout"ing them, not realizing that if he thinks they should be "locked up" for those things, it also means he would be too.



Not all business dealings with Russia would be criminal. Hillary's Uranium One deal should be investigated because she used her power as Secretary of State to make the deal, while profiting off the whole thing, taking money through her foundation while her confidants owned stock in Russian energy companies.



You have to go back.



>president-elect of the united stated dared to contact foreign leaders

you're literally retarded



Yes we've all seen the evidence of rigging the election. Thing is everyone is hung up on the theory that it was all for Hilary's sake. If that was true at all she would be president right now but she isn't, Trump is.

Makes you think doesn't it? It's obvious that the "deep state"/elite/etc. have the power to get what they want at whatever cost and yet the claims are the this presidential election there was a lot of corruption and rigging of votes and yet the supposed candidate that people claim was getting said support lost. Maybe that isn't the case, maybe they got just what they wanted.


Trump will win in 2020


File: 029ef0a4c312bc3⋯.jpg (370.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DubbelsinFHD.jpg)


Trips confirm.



it was investigated and she wasn't secretary of the state when the deal happened. literally fake news



>when it happened

How about when the scheme was hatched?


Trump throws anyone under the wheels to protect himself



its a canadian company being sold to a russian company that got approved by a board clinton doesn't even sit on.



Yeah just like sheriff Joe. Oh wait..



We must impeach President Clinton!



>We must impeach President Clinton!

let's elect her first!

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