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File: 3f7d7ee8b60a663⋯.jpg (228.6 KB, 1600x1128, 200:141, Spiv 12.jpg)


Nigel Farage has prompted a backlash from fellow Brexiteers after suggesting a second EU referendum should be held to silence "whingeing, whining, moaning" Remainers.

The former UKIP leader tweeted: "Maybe, just maybe, we should have a second referendum on EU membership.

"It would kill off the issue for a generation once and for all."

But his apparent support for a fresh vote on Brexit was condemned by fellow Leave supporters.

UKIP leader Henry Bolton said the party opposes another referendum as it would be "damaging to the nation".

Other prominent UKIP figures also criticised their former party leader's comments, with MEP Gerard Batten suggesting Mr Farage might be guilty of "attention seeking".

Mr Batten, UKIP's Brexit spokesman, told LBC Radio that Mr Farage's "very unhelpful" intervention was "handing something on a plate to our political opponents".

Government minister and prominent Leave supporter Steve Baker claimed Mr Farage's remarks were "further confirmation of my long-held view that Nigel Farage is one of the greatest impediments to a successful Brexit".



Nigel farce


File: 7c6f83857c5d2a0⋯.jpg (56.86 KB, 634x579, 634:579, 7c6f83857c5d2a0c8877b8f97b….jpg)

controlled opposition


>Americans leaders

<Haiti a shithole!

>British leaders

<w-we could m-maybe hold a second vote to be REALLY SURE we want to escape our corrupt masters

Lmao cucks





The only reason why he wants a second referendum is because he was only ever relevant as the "look at me with a pint in my hand, lets leave the EU" guy. The moment he got what he campaigned for he stopped being relavent because the actual politicians stepped into the "lets leave the EU" slot. Now that Brexit negotiations are dragging on he sees a shot at relavence by turning back the clock to before the first referendum so he can again pretend to be relevant.

Basically he's Milo Yiannoppolus but with less cock sucking and more crying about the EU. As long as leaving is a topic of debate he can appear on TV and get attention, the moment leaving became set in stone he (and his party) stopped being relevant.



American here. Can you please explain why there needs to be negotiations in order to leave the EU? Why not just say, "Okay, we're not in the EU anymore"?



Weak leaders insisting on abiding by bullshit treaties, there is a two year negotiation period when any member state activates article 50, this is to give them time to renegotiate trade deals with EU states and non EU states, this isn't a perfect explanation but it's the best I can do and more or less covers it. They're taking so long because half of the conservative party if not more wanted to remain and a remain PM got to pick the negotiation team so the bitch is sabotaging it. At least this is all I have taken away from this.



>Can you please explain why there needs to be negotiations in order to leave the EU?

there doesn't

the "negotiations" is a code word to drag the process far enough so people forget and it never happens

>Why not just say, "Okay, we're not in the EU anymore"?

because then they would actually have to leave and the career prospects of many civil servants and politicians take a hit


Our historic Brexit vote could now be reversed, admits Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage today makes a dramatic admission that the vote for Brexit could be overturned because Remainers have seized control of the argument over Britain’s future relationship with the EU.

The former Ukip leader told the Observer that he was becoming increasingly worried that the Leave camp had stopped fighting their corner, leaving a well-funded and organised Remain operation free to influence the political and public debate without challenge.





Everyone in MS Politics is an OP.



There is a nightmarish set of oblications, benefits, agreements, contracts, and regulation that needs to be settled.

For example UK has scientific and research interests both in UK and in EU. This needs to be figured out for both side who gets what with what.

There is a lot of trade requlation that affects standards and trading methods. UK has to choose what they want and EU has to choose what theyvwant. This includes trade deals between the two entities. This I don't get why UK is fucking this up, bring German Autonindustry to their knees and demand something, UK has the upper hand.

Another big issue is travel and immigration. This is something EU wants to have available for their citizens. I personally could care less if I am able to move to UK freely or not.

Then there is some international contracts and such that have been signed through EU.

And ofcourse EU wants tge remaining financial oblications to be paid. I'd say fuck them, brits should fuck the EU budget so when it demands more money from other members there would be instability.

Basically the whole thing with no-deal is that then there would be no trade deals between EU and UK. Which would be disaster for both partie's economy, no debate over that, but it would be a potential political win for UK.

The thing is that as someone who lives in EU I want UK to get a good deal so it proves that a successful exit from the union is possible.



Most Brits didn't real want this

Too ignorant

Now they kind of understand all the ramifications,they want back in



You can't have both. You can't have an exit and then imagine not have that impact economy, trade and politics. Anyone who thinks that whether they be leave or remain is a fucking idiot.

Both options would have had both short term and long term impact. Financial sector doesn't like instability, if they sense things are going steady they will react.

This EU question is about more than financial obligations, trade agreements, and economy. Its about sovereignity, whether you call the shots or let Brussels do it. And with ever increasing intergration you need to do value judgement.

EU is a great thing for small nations, they can form a big coalition that has political and economical impact in the world. Big nations suffer when they lose the competitive edge over others when all the Brussels calls the shots for everyone. The other people who benefit are industrial giants like Germany who has lots of big and small industry that does lots of small trades.

Issue is that without big nations pumping money in to the system it can't sustain itself. Another issue is that we have highly developed welfare states in one union with basically 3rd world shit holes. How can high standard of living nations compete in internal markets with countries that have 1/4th of the pay lrvel. Imagine that in USA there are states in which average industrial pay is 2000 and then ones with 500 and that is a liveable wage in both. And people can move between states, work and migrate without any restrictions. EU works well if everyone has as shit pay as the shittiest member.




>they want back in

they do? according to who?



>I don't get why UK is fucking this up

The UK Conservative party picked a pro-EU politician as their new leader after David 'pigfucker' Cameron resigned when he didn't get his way. She chose the negotiating team, and appears to be trying to sabotage the negotiation so that she can come back to the British public and say

>"We agreed on a shitty deal with the EU. This deal will make you poorer and fuck up our economy. Are you really, really, REALLY sure you still want to leave?"



>they do? according to who?

all the foot dragging,that's whom


The French were right about the Brits:

Ignorant people


File: 6837e39aee223b2⋯.jpg (74.11 KB, 750x445, 150:89, 862206.jpg)

the commies will never let the Brits leave the EU



youre gonna have to kill those kikes to get out.

theyll NEVER let ANYBODY out of the EU otherwise.



I wonder (((why)))


File: ea5c4ac64138eb6⋯.mp4 (1.53 MB, 480x360, 4:3, monty python french taunti….mp4)


>The French were right about the Brits:


>Ignorant people


File: dff17133f7b04af⋯.jpg (134.51 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, c8f142e636ef26a10ba7e3a9c3….jpg)

fuck you for reminding me this inbred-looking Spitting Image puppet exists OP


Or how about, NO. Stop feeding liberal trash. The vote was done either riot or stop bitching if the government isn't going along with it. Time to start doing what commies do and burning down cities, preferably theirs, when ZOG doesn't do what you want.



>muh joos

>talking to himself

what a fag lol



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