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File: 1fdeb6c0daa4967⋯.jpg (298.27 KB, 960x1180, 48:59, Clipboard.jpg)


Researchers have found a six-mile wide lava dome which they believe is sitting over a restless reservoir of lava. It lies within within Kikai Caldera, near the southerly Ōsumi Islands Archipelago

Now experts fear a fresh eruption could even trigger deadly tsunamis, large enough to strike islands in Southern Japan, China and even North and South America.

The lava dome has risen to 600 metres above the seabed and is now only 30.5 metres beneath the Earth’s surface.

Researchers discovered several intrusions on the surface of the dome, leading them to believe that lava is building up underneath the dome.

They also spotted super-heated water columns, near the dome’s crust




its thousands of kilometers under water beneath the fucking oceans,

theres multiple supervolcanos active on the oceans right now,

so its effect will entirely depend on how it affects that region



I fucking doubt tsunamis could kill 4/5ths of the Japanese populace. Especially when they have tsunami shelters and drills and such.



Along comes an american with a mental illness who can't restrain from popping it.




>The lava dome has risen to 600 metres above the seabed and is now only 30.5 metres beneath the Earth’s surface


Lmao why can't you just pour water into it.



why not put benis in it :DD



But then it would go into my urethra.



Suck it up and stick it in.



K I'll



If it truly will fuck up Japan, just keep in mind that after they got nuked twice we got anime. Imagine what we'll get this time around.



>The lava dome has risen to 600 metres above the seabed and is now only 30.5 metres beneath the Earth’s surface.

WhaT DID HE MEAN by this?


File: 8381c317b92e627⋯.jpg (10.27 KB, 399x256, 399:256, 3d cool yellow face.jpg)


>Post picture of random homeless guy.

>No one knows who he is.

>Claims that his favorite boogeyman is responsible.

Did you read "Propaganda for Dummies"?



Lots of good books to read in your spare time at the Dollar General. Come on down for our annual white nationalist meet up and key party.





what's left of Japan will turn into one giant /b/


File: ef146a1ecf56ae8⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, abc113a042e83e5cba373c603d….jpg)



Tits or gtfo


File: 1b73fb2d04d2a9f⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 259x176, 259:176, op and his feisty dolphin.gif)


I fucking hate "science" click-bait garbage. Fucking kill yourself, OP.



dude literally works in a general store. lmao probably a paid shill too



heehee the blackout out word



could you give us a proper example?


File: 4aa92e6cb4c0892⋯.png (36.6 KB, 776x601, 776:601, 293c481ae15454fc07d1198465….png)



Jesus, that's not even pomegranates level of retarded, it's fucking worse.

fuck that board, and fuck this one too for good measure


ITT Yellowstone but worse because muh Japan



Theoretically, if the entire landmass of Japan sinks into the ocean, but its population migrates to other countries with all jobs and businesses intact, to the point where currently airing anime TV series are only on temporary hiatus, would the "anime is by definition only made in Japan" pedants then have to claim that subsequent episodes of the same series made by the same people are not anime?



A proper example would be whites kicked out of their apartments due to jewish rent hikes or have had their homes foreclosed on by the banks. The spammer's premise that white pride is the root of all problems for whites is ridiculous and unsubstantiated. Only a low-IQ mongrel would believe such a thing.

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