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File: b59898b7c27adcb⋯.jpg (7.17 KB, 300x168, 25:14, index.jpg)


Convicted fraudster Martin Shkreli is sentenced for securities fraud related to two hedge funds he ran and to his former drug company Retrophin.

The notorious "pharma bro" gained infamy for raising the price of the drug Daraprim by more than 5,000 percent while running the company then known as Turing Pharmaceuticals.

Shkreli already has been ordered to forfeit almost $7.4 million, and give up his ownership of a one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album because of his crimes.

Judge Matsumoto detailed Shkreli's years-long series of sophisticated financial deceptions, his foul-mouthed boasts of having threatened to render a former employee and his family "homeless," and his emailed statements from prison saying he would do anything necessary to win a light prison term.



File: b1b9e523bd340ee⋯.jpg (134.67 KB, 1157x772, 1157:772, 64214fdc4c86ae403d23518d95….jpg)


>and give up his ownership of a one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album

This is the funniest part of the sentencing tbh




He literally did nothing wrong


he is fucking retarded

he had his chance. 2 times at least.

They had him semi jailed but then he had to double down on his autism and threaten hitllery on twatter. He could be a free man today if he wasnt retarded

But what else would you expect from a fucking albanian bunker nigger



>He could be a free man today

Do not worry, soon we will all be in the same position. I just hope they shoot me and do not use the guillotines.


>everyone in this thread

doesn't know shit.


Ok? Wow we did it one person went down and took the flack for everybody and considering the fucking crimes these people get away with is probably on an Island.

Wow we did it we got Weinstein nobody will ever be forced to become a sex worker for Jews again we did it we saved the white race!

Wow we did it the IRS is a terrorist organization who targets political opponents of the US Mafia while ignoring everybody in the Panama papers but you can't sell somebody a case of home brewed beer without going to prison we did it reddit!

Wow these people on the glowing screen aren't just fucking actors! We need to talk about these ecelebs! They are going to do so much, any day now, these heros are going to do so much for us nice and slow over the next 20-50 years we did it reddit! We did it based ecelebrity milo just got into some fake trouble because the news said he did! And based ecelebrity lauren southern just got into some fake trouble becuase the news said so! And obvious cop who is the most cop looking faggot I have ever seen Richard Spencer just got into some fake trouble we did it we have been watching 99% of the human population do nothing but lie lie lie lie lie but we can't pick up on the countless new lies that they shit on us every day but we did it reddit! We did it this is so based Trump and his friends the Clintons who would never step foot in your piece of shit neighborhood are going to save you from the elites any day now after they are done getting all the attention off the elites because by covering for the worst people who ever lived he is just playing 9D CHess!


>dare to go against the big pharma jew

>get kiked



Wu-tang clan ain’t nuffin to fuk wit!



hope niggers gonna crack his ass. hes gonna cry like a baby 3 months in.




nice samefag, here's a (you), because I pity you.



who are you quoting?




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