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File: 45a349dc026f6d6⋯.jpg (143.65 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, download.jpg)


After he was accused of molesting his young special needs son, Jose Cordero spent 35 days in a Miami jail and was barred from seeing his family for months.

The allegations did not come directly from the 7-year-old boy, who has autism, speaks little and cannot write on his own. Instead, they came from the child’s elementary school teacher who claimed he relied on a technique called “hand over hand,” guiding the boy’s hands with his own to write down the disturbing details of sexual abuse.

This form of “facilitated” communication is a science that has been largely debunked in the wake of high-profile scandals involving wrongfully accused parents over the past couple decades.

That didn’t stop Hialeah police from arresting Cordero in October. But Miami-Dade prosecutors soon grew suspicious of the teacher’s story.



> Instead, they came from the child’s elementary school teacher who claimed he relied on a technique called “hand over hand,” guiding the boy’s hands with his own to write down the disturbing details of sexual abuse.

what the fuck is this jewish shit?

>yes goyim, forcing peoples hands to forge shit is a science!



>I moved his hands so he wrote an accusation!

Fucking hell. What does the elementary teacher hope to gain from this?


Let the state (((educate))) your kids, goy!


That man's reputation will never recover from this bullshit.


File: de3ddfc71b907e0⋯.png (119.75 KB, 469x413, 67:59, de3ddfc71b907e0e02e556575f….png)


>The kid can only write these messages when the teacher holds his hands

>No other teacher could get the kid to write

>These types of false accusations have been happening since the early 1990's

>What's more, it was debunked pseudo-science even back then

Why is this world so shit.



because good people hide indoors and wait to die, which is retarded



Nature and nurture. Some people are born that way, some are made into something else, and some are born evil with fuel added to the fire by others.



Because people are fucking stupid.

I'd like to say you can trust scientists, the majority of them agree that global warming exists, but at the same time when people find out they are a trustworthy authority, they abuse that trust to lie and manipulate those who trust them. So now we're stuck in a loop where even when presented with solid science, we know we can't trust it.



nah, i'd still do business with him


This is the most kiked thing I have ever heard. The father should sue the teacher and school district.


File: c5f1fee5165f144⋯.jpg (3.85 MB, 2800x1867, 2800:1867, 5f54b79cb877cd58ed8d239596….jpg)

here that everybody? science was incorrect once so you should only believe it when it confirms my biases and not the other guy's!



>7yr old boy w/ autism

>hand-over-hand technique

…and what do you want to be it read like some fanfic

>Father then pulled his phallus out of his pants and made a gesture indicating I should do the same. Verily, I was stunned and motionless. Henceforth, father groped my nether regions, gently sliding my penis out of my pants and into his tender hands…

totally believable a 7yr old autist wrote that shit



Why the fuck is there no counter-investigation into the teacher sexually abusing children? If someone is sick enough to fabricate sex accusations "on behalf" of a 7 y/o child, I'd call that a huge fugging red flag something else happened.

I don't want to wait until that poor kid turns up on this board sharing his story because nobody ever did anything to get him justice.



They have no clue wtf they're talking about. They can't even accurately predict the weather next month. I don't trust any of their shit, unless I can verify it myself. Too many of them are shills in order to retain funding.


I wonder which (((tribe))) the teacher belongs to.


what the hell




>special needs teacher

woah, hold on there Mr. False Equivalent


>arrest a man based on hearsay, let him rot in jail for over a month and permanently destroy his reputation

<oops our bad lol



>Miami-Dade prosecutors soon grew suspicious

dense prosecutors clue in after 35 days

WTF is it with Florida.

Why do so many mediocre people end up there?



>largely debunked


Thanks for the fale news.



Don't even get me started on polygraph tests.



>the majority of them agree that global warming exists,

That's pure politics, Scientists who want grant money will toe the party line around here for the money. They're also forbidden by the government from telling you any of that too.



This is absolute horseshit. The fossil fuel industry spends far more money subsidizing scientific studies and there is absolutely no government prohibition against speaking out against climate science. You're living in a fucking fantasy world



you realize a prosecutor has a ton of work on their plate and probably didn't even have time to review the investigation until 35 days later, right?


>hand over hand

the cops should watch the teacher. its an automatic writing freudian slip. thats some bad jew-jew. spooky action at nearest distance.


>Saul Fumero

Isnt Saul a semite name?



>Instead, they came from the child’s elementary school teacher who claimed he relied on a technique called “hand over hand,” guiding the boy’s hands with his own to write down the disturbing details of sexual abuse.

Oh my fucking god I'm getting flashbacks to that jewish bitch that wanted to marry a retarded nigger by using the same "hand on hand" shit.

Found it





I'd go out of my way to do business with him to spite fate.



Yes. Exclusively.


Teacher probably coached the son to get his father in trouble for revenge or other reasons.



>hello my fellow 8channers!

>say did I mention in this thread how much I hate jews?

>because I sure do hate jews!

enougha this shit



>don't want to wait until that poor kid turns up on this board

You probably won't have to wait.

This entire site is made up largely of 7yr old autists.

Case in point: >>602099



Thx 4 da link.

Wew lad!


File: dc97a04998772a0⋯.jpg (208.8 KB, 629x823, 629:823, preacher Jews all the time.jpg)



>Case in point is that you're the butt of the joke,you autie freak,but you're social skills are so lacking,you don't even realize it



Friendly reminder this has been going on forever and it is one of the reasons men don't want to work with young kids (that and the pay)



>more and more mothers were working outside of the home, resulting in the opening of large numbers of day-care centers. Anxiety and guilt over leaving young children with strangers may have created a climate of fear and readiness to believe false accusations

This is why the mothers belongs at the homes. Children need the nourishments from mothers and fathers.



Kike really do see black people as nothing more than pets to parade around (and sic the feral ones at the goyim), don't they?



kike detected


Wow when the fucker was confronted about this bullshit science, he admitted he had no formal training in this BS science




This isn't reddit, newfag. Either integrate or gtfo.



>This is absolute horseshit.

>You're living in a fucking fantasy world

I live in Canada, the recent government prohibition on scientists that work for them telling anyone what they're doing is now forbidden has been a relatively recent change over a few years ago now. I don't know what fantasy theme park version you think Canada is but I'd definitely consider it Communist lite so far.


What's better target for a predatory peadophile than someone who cannot fight back?

Special needs kids ESPECIALLY need to be protected because otherwise they are ESPECIALLY vulnerable to abuse.

Now say for argument's sake this guy IS abusing his son, he could probably douche out his ass or something and get off scot free because the semen is all gone. and its not like this kid can speak or act it what was done to him easily.

This isn't some predatory woman furthering a career this is a young mentally different child we are talking about.



What are you, an anarchist? Without state education how could we fill the for-profit prisons?




>think of the children!

>the dad was innocent

How retarded are you?



>science was incorrect once

science is never incorrect,only humans are



>How retarded are you?



Well, he's Bri'ish, so the answer is "very".

Guilt based on speculation and have no right to a fair trial are proud traditions of English liberty (or "li'eh'y", as I believe they call it).


>write it yourself

<the kid wrote it I just helped him lel

truly we live in a jewtopia


Cases like this are a reason why no men want to work in early child education.

Which sucks cause with all the single moms out there in low income families a lot of kids are only 1st exposed to male teachers in middle school and on.

Kind of hard to teach a young boy that school is important when he may not be introduced to guys that give a fuck about it til he is 10+ years old.

Funny thing is the professionals in early education don't even get that they are scaring away any guys that would want to work with kids.

Bit crazy the environment is for a guy trying to work there. I sort of had to learn the hard way though. But at least I got off better than this guy did.


File: c58435bf86305e5⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 320x180, 16:9, jew_eating_yous.gif)


File: dc97a04998772a0⋯.jpg (208.8 KB, 629x823, 629:823, preacher Jews all the time.jpg)


>blames science




>throw law and order out the fucking window because there was a possibility some kid may or may not have been diddled by his dad

How about fucking no.



go back wherever you came from. Protecting rights and freedoms protects children a hundredfold over flushing civilization down the toilet over the possibility of an individual kid's abuse.




the son was actually dysnomia

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