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File: 710adc866a1a2e3⋯.jpg (69.95 KB, 1228x692, 307:173, cool teachwr.jpg)


In a news release, Preston School District 201 Superintendent Marc Gee says his administration became aware of “a regrettable circumstance involving some of the biological specimens” on March 7.

According to a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation, Crosland fed a puppy to a snapping turtle

A school official, who declined to be named, confirmed students witnessed the incident after class, but did not confirm how many.

“The event occurred well after students had been dismissed and was not a part of any school-directed program,” Gee said in a news release. “We emphasize that at no time was the safety of students or staff compromised.

It’s unclear if the dog was alive or dead when Crosland fed it to the turtle. Administrators began investigating the incident immediately, according to Gee, and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office was contacted. Crosland has not been cited or charged and has not been placed on leave, Gee said.

Crosland is a popular teacher who has exotic snakes and other animals in tanks around his classroom, according to multiple parents and students who contacted EastIdahoNews.com. Three former students, who asked not to be named, said they recall Crosland feeding guinea pigs to snakes and snapping turtles during classroom demonstrations.



>Taking sadistic pleasure in cruelty to animals

These are how serial killers are made

Guaranteed he was abused and neglected as a child


>ask local pet stores\adoption centers to call if any animals die so they arent wasted

>one calls up, puppy born without a dick, dies of natural causes

>bring dead dog to classroom at midnight to feed one of the many animals who need food to live

>accidentally leave 1 window blind open

>faggot libkids see tutrle feeding and lib out


>some collosal faggot bitch has something to say about it



>…during classroom demonstrations.

>Several times

I don't know man, sounds like the guy has a couple of problems



Wew you're really upset. Almost like a struck a nerve or something.





File: 8566ded405b73bd⋯.jpg (44.08 KB, 282x341, 282:341, 1436152698543.jpg)


>“We emphasize that at no time was the safety of students or staff compromised.

Who the FUCK asked him if, or would assume that, any people were in danger. What a fucking douche nozzle that superintendent must be.



>"It’s unclear if the dog was alive or dead when Crosland fed it to the turtle."



I don't know man, sounds like the guy takes good care of his animals and educates his students properly.


So? Are you triggered because meateaters eat meat?


What a bunch of pussies, I wish I had him for a teacher.


This guy clearly gets off on feeding animals to other animals.

Looks like an uglier Jeffrey Dahmer tbh



t. edgy underage faggot



t. Pussy millennial



t. soyboy



What if the turtle was Chinese?



Chinks are yellow niggers. All niggers and kikes should be wiped out tbh.


File: 5e088d857314873⋯.jpeg (78.82 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Image.jpeg)


Ya you should send your kids to his class


You should hangout with >>602193. You guys could dress in all black, do each other’s eyeliner, and talk about how sorry the world is while listening to Marilyn Manson on repeat



You're pretty edgy, my dude.



>I know you are but what am I logic.

Your cool


File: 0815b0cdd2f8134⋯.jpg (72.01 KB, 485x363, 485:363, skinner.jpg)



t. shadowXbladeX666



ShADDOWX tier post



>It’s unclear if the dog was alive or dead

stop being a faggot. I'm pretty sure there's no way a snapping turtle tore apart a live puppy


>sounds like the guy has a couple of problems

we used to feed live mice to my buddy's python. it was actually pretty cool to watch. its nature. get over it faggot



Today’s kids are weak overprotected close-minded faggots




t. hee hee


File: 80f94ef5d0057b6⋯.jpg (76.69 KB, 650x650, 1:1, aXm3911xjU.jpg)

The puppy was sick and deformed apparently and a lot of the students actually didn't care

Not saying it isn't fucked and that the teacher doesn't have mental problems that need to be addressed, but still something to consider



are you huwhite ?



you must love china I see



People are fucking stupid these days. They need to be told every unnecessary detail and constantly handheld.


wtf I like Idaho now??


I don't even have to read this thread to know it's full of b8 and retards.



He's teaching them about the circle of life and preparing them for a more brutal world, the world that is coming after this civilization, a world where giant turtles will patrol the seas and giant tortoises will stalk the Earth, hungry for dogmeat and manmeat.


File: 1e4fea85b4a1569⋯.png (311.4 KB, 800x734, 400:367, profligate.png)


Oh fuck right off with that title. "Crying students scream for mercy". Fuck you, and the pussy faggots itt.

It's an animal, who cares? Oh, apparently weak cityfolk faggots, that's who. Feel a bit bad for the teacher, but he should have seen this shit coming, honestly.


When did Ace Ventura become a HS teacher?


Dude looks like a faggot freemason.


File: 54f6ac1a10e62b3⋯.jpg (491.51 KB, 1300x951, 1300:951, snapping-turtle-with-a-dea….jpg)


Probably a dead pup from the local animal shelter.

Still,lots of non pet substitutes,like this raccoon



Yeah. He really didn't think this through.



>No vid, no pics

I think a live puppy at a school would draw enough attention that we would have pictures of it.

Click bait title though, got me to bite


>Virtue signallers shocked carnivores eat meat.

Next theyll be surprised that dead animals feel no pain and dogs aren't even self aware in the first place.



In nature the prey animal has a fighting chance, cunt.

This is all about the owner of the predator animal getting off on the power via a backdoor morality clause.



It's just standard damage control dissembling.


File: a2fb978d1a10a0c⋯.png (52.19 KB, 211x195, 211:195, nani.png)

So why a puppy of all things? Wouldn't a feeder guinea pig or rabbit be better eating and probably cheaper?


>The puppy was sick and deformed apparently and a lot of the students actually didn't care

That would make a bit more sense.


File: 4da0dbf6c7a47b1⋯.gif (215.19 KB, 630x714, 15:17, fdd31654c391e9a96e9596f3b5….gif)


Headlines grab

Bill was not Chelsea's dad



no actually the puppy was gay and only a little deformed.



Quit being a faggot. The puppy was already dead



quit being a muslim and kill yourself muhammad



that doesn't even make sense shlomo



throw the koran away and die,jabar



Snakes and Snapping Turtles are expensive, and mice/rats are more expensive. This is common behavior among reptile owners to feed their pets those "free puppies/kittens" left in boxes on the side of the road/posted on craigslist- it's free meals for their pets. I'm not saying reptile owners aren't sociopaths, but is anyone surprised?

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