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File: 8e863b32719ee37⋯.jpeg (62.05 KB, 650x434, 325:217, adb4b5d4f29e4b62862ca2202….jpeg)


The Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman has warned Britain against putting ultimatums to Russia, reminding the U.K. about its nuclear arsenal.

Maria Zakharova said in televised remarks Tuesday that “no one can come to parliament and say: ‘I give Russia 24 hours,’” a reference to British Prime Minister Theresa May giving Russia a deadline to explain how a Russia-designed nerve agent could have been used to poison former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

Russia has denied involvement and said it won’t respond to a British ultimatum unless it gets samples of the nerve agent in line with rules of the international chemical weapons watchdog.

Zakharova said Britain mustn’t try to scare Russia and pointed to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent speech in which he presented a range of new nuclear weapons.

President Donald Trump says Russia must provide “unambiguous answers” on how a Russian-developed poison was used in England against a former Russian military intelligence officer who spied for Britain.

Trump spoke by telephone on Tuesday with British Prime Minister Theresa May. The White House says Trump agreed with May that the Russian government must provide “unambiguous answers” on how the chemical came to be used in Britain.

The White House says May and Trump also agreed on the need for “consequences” for those who use “heinous weapons in flagrant violation of international norms.”



Putin must have been giving a fuck you to GB,by using a method that could be so easily traced back to him.

I believe he gave the ok for this assassination


File: e67e12b8bdc9b91⋯.jpg (201.05 KB, 600x799, 600:799, sapphire-jubilee_2.jpg)



The anglos can't even stop pakis from raping their young, how are they going to stop nuclear powered mongol slavs?




Putin oked this,

They could have used untraceable poison.

Putin has the piss tapes,this gives him confidence to do stuff like this


Russia can talk big

but they're the ones with a crumbling economy because they refuse to play nicely with the other kids.



Oh the ones that were entirely fabricated by 4chan? Yeah I'm sure. I mean you know unless it was actually a massive ruse… because it was.



>refuse to play nicely with the other kids

You mean the (((other kids)))


Britain is a tier 3 country, it can't try to bully an S rank country like Russia, only the USA and China can do that.



They do technically have power over the country with the most uranium in the world though, even if America is the one one who controls all of Australia's Nukes



>Oh the ones that were entirely fabricated by 4chan?

This was fabricated in your deranged brain


"Great" Shitain btfo




Im not even the faggot youre responding to, but seriously, they were 100% fabricated by an anon on 8ch and posted to 4chan. The fbi/cia failed hard on this one and you still believe even after it was proven false.



>using the term "anglo"

>not knowing what it means

juden detected, fuck off back to israel



>using the term "juden"

>not knowing what it means

autie detected,fuck off back to the closet



>reminding the U.K. about its nuclear arsenal

Uh……OK? Should the UK remind Russia about it's nuclear arsenal or this little thing called NATO?


Britain may be a tier 3 country, pretty sure they're still ahead of Russia though.



>UK remind Russia about it's nuclear arsenal

you mean the one that doesn't even function?



2/10 bait

But russian saying

The english lady shits up everything

Meaning the english people from the commonwealth fuck russia everytime

Usa uk in politics n canada in hockey



Might be time for some English nerve gas to wind up in Putins house if he keeps this trash up. Hes the richest man in the world, why is he fucking it up? Idiot.


Hmmm didn't Russia just unveil new nukes? Time to test them on that shithole



Britcuckistan is too busy undermining their entire civilization to actually back their threats with action.



What did Britain threaten?



no one and nothing since they don't have the muscle


File: 90a5a30510ddddf⋯.jpg (122.22 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 90a5a30510ddddf7956985279f….jpg)







File: 32a8b6de65f13d4⋯.jpg (39.45 KB, 478x606, 239:303, 32a8b6de65f13d4906acbe403f….jpg)



Then stop posting here, rapist.



The English don't have the balls to take direct action. All they can do from this point is virtue signal until their civilization collapses.



t. american

Your country produces more interracial porn than any other country on the planet.

You also are more jew infested and your country propogates jewish lifestyle more than any other country.

Maybe you don't have any balls.




Quit pointing fingers and do something. Let him without sin cast the first stone, and all that. Even if the US/UK was 100% kikes that's no excuse to stand idly by. We all have a role to play.



>Even if the US/UK was 100% kikes that's no excuse to stand idly by




Strong points, let me reconsider my position. You're right, the best answer is for all the white men to talk shit and point fingers at each other while doing jack shit, like fucking cowards.



Provide Russia with a sample of the nerve agent or fuck off back to Israel.



>the best answer is for all the white men to talk shit and point fingers at each other while doing jack shit

answer to what? do what?


Z0N4LD 8RUMPHF!!!!!!!!!1111111111111



>Thinking White men will fight for the (((west)))

(((You))) fucked yourself here



>answer to what? do what?





File: 794c1f434d91fe3⋯.png (225.75 KB, 583x396, 53:36, 794c1f434d91fe3ebeaae24145….png)




Both the US and UK are kiked beyond redemption along with most of the west. Look to Hungary and nationalist parties in Greece and Poland for the answers. Raise white birthrates, purge the isl*mic invaders, and abolish the institution of banking.



>hey everybody


>this thread is now about my pet issue

fuck off retard

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