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File: dc7dc3bfbcb14b9⋯.jpg (82.61 KB, 935x573, 935:573, Capture.JPG)


Canadian right-wing journalist and activist Lauren Southern was barred from entering the United Kingdom on Monday, purportedly over a poster she distributed about Islam in February – making her the latest international right-wing figure to be denied entry to the U.K. after criticizing the religion.

The U.K. Home Office confirmed to Fox News that Southern was refused entry to the U.K. at the border in Calais, France on the grounds that her entry was not “conducive to the public good.”

“Border Force has the power to refuse entry to an individual if it is considered that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good,” a Home Office spokesman said in a statement. The spokesman did not offer specifics as to why her entry was refused.

Southern, speaking to Fox News from France, said that she was to visit friends in the U.K., including Tommy Robinson – the controversial founder of the right-wing English Defense League who is also known for his fiery criticism of Islam.

Southern said she was detained for six hours at the Calais border port, had her phone taken from her as she was held in a detention center and questioned for four hours in a line of interrogation she described as “bizarre.”

“They asked me if I’m a Christian extremist, asked me how I feel about running over people with cars,” she told Fox News. "They asked me about Tommy Robinson, asked how I would describe myself politically, asked me how I would describe nationalism.”

Southern said a notice of refusal of entry she was given cited a prior “distribution of racist materials” in February in Luton, which the document said “represents a threat to the fundamental interests of society and to the public policy of the United Kingdom.”

Both Southern and Robinson told Fox News that the material being referred to was a social experiment in which they passed around a fake “LGBT for Islam UK” poster that said: “Allah is Gay, Allah is Trans, Allah is Lesbian, Allah is Intersex, Allah is Feminist, Allah is Queer, Allah is All of Us.”

The experiment in Luton, which has a significant Islamic population, was in response to a Vice article that asked whether Jesus was gay, and was conducted to show what the Islamic reaction would be if a similar claim was made about Allah. Robinson said they were forced to take the posters down by police and told it was for their own safety. Both Robinson and Southern denied that the materials were racist, arguing that criticizing a religion is not a racist act.

Both Southern and Robinson are no strangers to controversy, particularly on the question of Islam. Robinson recently upset former CNN host Piers Morgan by brandishing a Koran and claiming it cites "murder and violence against us" in an appearance on "Good Morning Britain."

"Put that book down and show some damn respect for peoples' religious beliefs," Morgan said.



File: a50c4c2982da553⋯.png (348.74 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Allah-is-Gay-Leaflet-640x4….png)


File: 13a1381581b7af6⋯.png (14.8 KB, 535x490, 107:98, OH NO.png)

oh no no no


I thought Islam was "peaceful" and "moderate" so what's the problem with the poster?

can a lefty please explain this to dumb racist like myself?


File: 3c9b1c0fd288f8a⋯.jpg (139.34 KB, 860x748, 215:187, 1478284384474.jpg)

U.K. is fucking doomed. I'd love to hear Sadiq "the Hajji" Khan's thoughts… I'm really starting become furious with the blatant pandering to goat fuckers, I mean the broken Europeans always pander to them, but does it HAVE to be so fucking obvious?


File: 84d63bbfe611043⋯.jpg (65.53 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 84d63bbfe611043dfc81d263c8….jpg)

The isl*mic repiblic of the UK. M*slims appear to be higher on the cultiral marxist totem pole than fags.


File: 6aa7f6474597719⋯.jpg (3.98 KB, 327x137, 327:137, 6aa7f6474597719d3c00fd1097….jpg)


>“Border Force has the power to refuse entry to an individual if it is considered that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good,”

How about starting with the millions of uneducated rapist who don't even speak English? They are quite obviously not conducive to the public good.


File: 2539d4fb540680d⋯.png (4.47 KB, 501x585, 167:195, 2539d4fb540680d48733640559….png)


The (((public good))) is whatever (((they))) want it to be. The goal being white genocide.



>“distribution of racist materials

Funny how they pull this card just like with another ((religion))


>muslims are higher on the privilege totem than gays are




were you born yesterday?



well, in a muslim society fags learn to fly in a hard way



the britcucks at it again


File: e3f0736f92be9a1⋯.jpg (16.4 KB, 480x360, 4:3, oh i thought this was amer….jpg)


>social experiment


File: 27325a571ad75ec⋯.jpg (680.97 KB, 1492x924, 373:231, 1512630978267.jpg)

But they're just keeping troublesome foreigners out of their country, you wouldn't want people from another country coming in and having a detrimental effect on a nice civilized culture.



>de jooooooooooooooooos

every fucking thread.


Britbongistan is afraid of a fucking girl. What a sad little island.


File: e042882399e98f3⋯.jpg (40.52 KB, 800x450, 16:9, brainlettttt.jpg)


well its true; (((they))) exercise so much control that if you're not seeing it everywhere or moreover, if you are annoyed by people constantly discussing it, you must be a brainlet.


File: d0ac6b821071c98⋯.jpg (250.45 KB, 974x928, 487:464, 94b12bce6c647f28ab8441a833….jpg)


probably because it is the jews everytime


File: aac823cf0ff4eb5⋯.jpg (120.75 KB, 1023x838, 1023:838, Barbara Spectre.jpg)


Kikes fear the truth.



>(((Lauren Southern))) banned from UK

Oy vey!!!


File: fed9426fe670af3⋯.jpg (44.81 KB, 356x600, 89:150, nobody is right joos.jpg)








I wonder who could be behind this post.


File: 1d2943298e4fd0c⋯.mp4 (1.56 MB, 326x244, 163:122, who could be behind this p….mp4)



Except she is not a kike you goat fucker. Go blow yourself.


File: 8b1b9d9dc31c5b2⋯.jpg (154.52 KB, 710x532, 355:266, 8b1b9d9dc.jpg)


and (1)


File: 90b387886e648d1⋯.jpg (212.46 KB, 1300x1300, 1:1, 90b38788.jpg)


>t. obvious kike/Shabbos goy



they left out pedo, six year old wives were good enough for the prophet, of whom many if not all true followers would die for– the dude with the six year old wife…


File: 21c1c8bc5ad11d7⋯.jpg (113.93 KB, 830x990, 83:99, mohammed gay blade.jpg)


He certainly is!









It's another /pol/ spergs out at the thought that someone else other than jews could possibly have the intellect to control a majority of the world

and as for you… >>602665 >(1) I'm not even going say anything.



t. jew




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