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File: cea5eb8f614dca4⋯.jpg (132.86 KB, 680x839, 680:839, Clipboard.jpg)


He gathered his harem of well to do sex slaves and branded them like cattle and then starved them,because he liked his bitches thin

The ultimate CHAD caught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raniere is the singular ruling "master" and sole male member of DOS (also reportedly known as "The Vow"). The society is rumored to have formed around 2015; DOS allegedly stands for "Domunus Obsequious Sororium," which loosely translates to "Lord/Master of the Obedient Female Companions."

On Monday, Mexican authorities closed in on Keith Raniere, co-founder of the controversial, cult-like self-help group NXIVM.

Charged with sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy, Raniere, 57 – known as "Vanguard" to his followers – was arrested at a $10,000/week luxury villa near Puerto Vallarta and extradited to Texas for arraignment.

Considered a cult by some experts, NXIVM was thrown into the national spotlight last fall when the New York Times interviewed several women claiming to have been forcibly branded as part of their entree to a secret NXIVM sect called DOS. After that story broke, the U.S. Attorney's office in Brooklyn reportedly launched an investigation into NXIVM, and Raniere fled to Mexico with some female followers. (That reportedly included Smallville actress Allison Mack, who was photographed at the scene of his arrest in Mexico).

20 women he's had active sexual relationships with.

According to the complaint, the women must remain sexually faithful to Raniere and are not permitted to discuss their relationships with him. The document also states that NXIVM's course teachings advocate that men must have "multiple sexual partners" while women must be monogamous, and that DOS strives to help women overcome their "inherent weaknesses" and "overemotional natures."

The document claims that DOS' "slaves" had to recruit more slaves in order to become "masters" themselves, and that NXIVM women who were going through some kind of personal strife were the primary targets of DOS recruiting efforts.

When luring a new DOS member, the complaint says that masters required "collateral" in the form of incriminating photos, videos, or "damning" confessions about a recruit or her family. This material was allegedly used to blackmail members into staying put, as well as to dissuade them from speaking up about what they were exposed to within the group. The complaint alleges that DOS members had to provide new collateral once a month, and according to a statement from U.S. Attorney Richard P. Donoghue, members were also threatened with having their assets stolen.

The complaint also states that many DOS slaves were allegedly forced to participate in a torture ritual in which they were held down naked by other members and branded with Raniere's initials using a cauterizing device. The complaint says these encounters were filmed.

The complaint states that DOS slaves were forced to serve their masters in various "acts of care," including running errands for them, cleaning their homes and preparing food for them. They were also reportedly forced to perform uncomfortable "acts of self-denial," such as taking icy showers or "standing for an hour at 4 a.m."

The document says that slaves were given "assignments" to perform as part of their tenure, and these assignments could include sex with Raniere. Some slaves were also allegedly tasked with following brutally low-calorie starvation diets to remain extremely thin, a physical preference of Raniere's. The women tasked with having sex with Raniere reportedly believed they risked the release of their collateral if they refused. According to Raniere's detention memo filed by U.S. Attorney Donoghue, "The government estimates that the defendant has had more than fifty DOS slaves under him."

According to the U.S. Attorney's detention memo, Clare W. Bronfman, heir to the Seagram's fortune (and NXIVM's self-described operations director) financially supports Raniere. (Bronfman has previously denied all accusations of coercion and abuse.) In the memo, prosecutors wrote, "[Bronfman] has financed the defendant repeatedly over the years including providing him with millions of dollars and paying for private air travel costing up to approximately $65,000 a flight. She has also paid for numerous lawyers to bring suits against NXIVM critics. Bronfman also owns a private island in Fiji, which the defendant has visited, and both Bronfman and the defendant have contacts all around the world."



File: e2d9c86e36d1ed4⋯.jpg (68.95 KB, 850x315, 170:63, 58e70afa6d046.png.jpg)

Does cult leader and Chad,Jimbo brand his Flip "Ladies"?


Women always say they want a real man. They get one and all they can do is complain.


This is a rather salacious take on the cult. After doing some reading, it seems closer to a Scientology or fundamentalist Mormon type of cult, with an "alternative" family structure, and eventually devolved into all other men quitting except the original dude.


this is why western society is dying, because we let our feminist backed government and law imprison chads like this while letting beta male orbiters run free

being a beta should be punishable with mandatory time in work camps


PUA theory validated and confirmed.

Thot's just want to be raped and dominated by alpha males.

It's not what they say on social media to virtue signal, it's all about what they actually do behind closed doors and with whom.

50 shades of whore



>imblying Jim hasn't found the ultimate NEET income source and doesn't love delicious tendies



>being a beta should be punishable with mandatory time in work camps

Come on, 8chan is already a low traffic site. Workcamps for Betas would kill it completely.




Nonsense, women are people too!



t. totallynotawoman


What is the female version of a Chad?



'Chad' just means hyper-successful at procreation. In mens' case, that means lots of women. In a woman's case, that means one man.

A Chad woman is a monogamous wife that was a virgin until her honeymoon.







looks like a jew



>looks like a jew

what does a jew look like?


File: 8e9c5552a355da5⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_20171117_133922.jpg)


A: this



Here's Keith Raniere talking with Allison Mack



He looks like Matt Ward from games workshop



Is that the guy from hardcore pawn


File: a4d992e77cbc29d⋯.jpg (60.77 KB, 620x827, 620:827, CwP1XIeVYAAL7AG.jpg)




Sounds like it was pretty consensual to me, besides the blackmail stuff but they gave that up willingly. Plus I haven't seen any evidence of the blackmail actually being used.


File: 4089a1ea4168018⋯.jpg (60.74 KB, 600x400, 3:2, PicsArt_10-26-08.03.54.jpg)


File: 33fbf1e36860c1b⋯.jpg (136.68 KB, 1079x669, 1079:669, PicsArt_10-26-07.54.26.jpg)


Supreme fucking faggot


File: 42970f7ce48c7b9⋯.jpg (92.8 KB, 620x565, 124:113, PicsArt_10-26-08.24.05.jpg)

The major difference between the Supreme gentleman and a Supreme Taco at Taco Bell:

Girls actually want a supreme taco



>implying you couldn't post via the workcamp computer lab

It's the 21st century, grandpa, not every workcamp is a gulag


'work camp' would effectively describe the perspiration and sebum stenched, darkened, lonely little rooms most of you disenfranchised creeps spend your lives in, the only 'visitors' you receive being ridiculously embarrassing anime characters and the occasional delusionary vision of yourself standing in the doorway, dressed up as Darth Vader




Where does this imitator get his unwarranted sense of self importance?


File: d18fb65db73cdf9⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1688x1126, 844:563, 0671498313c32fce2bb1e65d3f….png)



Just got in here.

If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black!

Did I not tell you to


and GTFO for awhile?

Even Wendy agrees. Get the fuck off the early morning booze. Get the fuck off your new meds, which are obviously not working. Get the fuck off your high horse and tiny pedestal you have built for yourself or I shall be forced to fuck your life up beyond oblivion. You are asking for it, little butt boy.





If I turn you over to /cow/ it is all over for you, you immature little /lolcow/.

Do you really want me to take the next step? You need to calm down and fuck off before things get out of hand. Ask Wendy, you dumbcunt namefagging insufferable cunt. I know where you live. I have your phone numbers, including Wendy's. If you do not stop namefagging and acting like the attention-whore you actually are on this site I will literally destroy your life.

This is your last warning.


File: 86a62d04ce53bb5⋯.png (203.79 KB, 375x368, 375:368, struggle_snuggle.png)


Question is what's stopping you from doing so?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Evidently it is not nice to fuck with the mentally ill.



>it is not nice to fuck with the mentally ill

Since when has being "nice" been what we do around here? Proceed.



I've given you every opportunity to prove that you have a hair on your tiny testicles, and to show everybody what a badass 'hacker' you are…

There's my IP address, sissy boy

HACK ME, you effeminate little sawed-off sexless video game playing creampuff

lol@you pretending like you get pussy in here the other day

Again, Niggerlips… You've got my IP address… And you can't do jack fucking shit with it. I'll even give you my credit card number, dumbass. You're powerless.

(wipes my ballsack across your face)

I'm waiting, Sassypants….



K. Not like I don't have enough data already. Just see him as more annoying than worthy of attention. Looking for ways to fuck with him without allowing more opportunities for him to further stroke his ego. Any ideas?


>credit card number

Ploxx, Johnny boy!


Made it into the JohnnyNeptune containment thread.



File: 1d9ba6f38136fc9⋯.png (662.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20180416-134018.png)



I already told you I'll gladly give you my credit card number… Hell, I'll even give you my social security number… it's not like you have the knowledge base required to do anything with the 'data'.

I'm sure that when you're playing Zelda, you fancy yourself to be quite the 'technomaster', but this isn't a video game, little guy…

You can't do shit. You're a pile of shit. An inept, incompetent, weak, socially & sexually unaccomplished little girl.

btw, that video was downloaded from Periscope ™. The dancing douchebag is a low IQ meth-fueled moron who I pestered so ruthlessly, that he literally flipped out, and ended up overdosing.


I'm waiting



I'll take the credit card number.



Uh huh.

Still waiting for credit card numbers and social security number.

You never deliver, Johnny boy. You are all bluff. No substance. A facade. Enjoy the shitstorm to come, /lolcow/. You will never give up your SS # or CC #, will you?




webm of you dumping chemical waste on this attention whore's porch when?


File: 7ae2ee86699c337⋯.jpg (172.75 KB, 720x1126, 360:563, whats taking u so long.jpg)

I've been busy announcing in all the other threads I am derailing how I have somehow been 'contained' in this particular thread…

You could have fooled me…

RE: the sawed-off, sexually failed, powerless little sissy boy in here is SO triggered by my presence, that he now thinks he's the next 'tech-warrior' who's somehow going to spontaneously become a superhero, convinced that he has what it takes to become the most recent in a long, LONG line of 'anti-neptune warriors'

For your information, on April 21st 2018 I will be celebrating my 26th anniversary of Making People Irritated Online…


I'm not exactly sure where you were 26 years ago, but I was doing THIS, and I've never stopped… If you can only imagine HOW MANY 'badass heroes' I've dealt with, each of them convinced that somehow THEY were 'the one' who was going to do away with me…


Douchebags All… you guys complain that I 'don't respect your imageboard culture', and you're goddamn right I don't… Fuck your imageboard culture. is my IP address

I've given it to this most recent 'superhero', and invited him to please feel free to 'hack me'…

As you can see, I'm still here speaking to you, still here speaking to you because pussy boy is incapable of doing jack shit.


(The only thing he's capable of containing are my testicles with his mouth)

And trust me… I'll give you my credit card number and my social security number… You'll see…

Just be patient, little girl


File: c8fc59e1c827095⋯.png (490.54 KB, 714x710, 357:355, PicsArt_04-16-02.28.56.png)



Someone is copying my writing style and verbose verbiage to mess with JohnnyNeptune too! Good job! We've got him running scared now!

Do you see how namefagging can be a liability, Johnny boy?

Even writing styles can be recognised and copied. There is no where to hide. Luckily, I'm not trying to. Obviously Johnny boy is not trying to hide either. But he is amazingly adept at responding to internet trolls. Must be all that "experience". I had a feeling he would be back. Still, I have no problem with him posting his credit card number and social security number here. It seems like I was merely a catalyst the other day. Others have now taken up the charge.


lol you stupid fucking effeminate sissy

you make me sick… The idea a fully grown adult male would be so fucking effeminate and have all the masculinity of the average 7 year old girl literally nauseates me

Speaking of playing video games and masturbating to Star Wars posters:

Your computer was obsolete six months after you manipulated your mother into paying for it… She has grown tired of paying your rent and buying your little video games…

Of course you remember telling her how 'buying you another computer was going to help you get a job and maybe eventually find a girlfriend', but we all know how disappointed she was to see it was just another one of your many lies.

(Just like your father did so many years ago, your mother finally accepted the fact that you're a closet homosexual)

(perhaps the anime gave it away?)

… So you're going to have to come up with a new sales pitch this time… exactly HOW do you intend on manipulating your mother into pain for this next computer?…



>JohnnyNeptune containment thread

If only.



>The idea a fully grown adult male would be so fucking effeminate and have all the masculinity of the average 7 year old girl literally nauseates me

Project much?



>manipulating your mother into pain

But she said she likes it.



Dubs of truth.

My mawmaw likey pain too!


Johnny, we're waiting…

SS # and CC # would be helpful…



Many, many years ago, there was one of the hundreds of 'anti-neptune self-entitled superhero' faggots who actually stood out from the rest of the crowd of wannabe superheroes…

His online moniker was 'DRAK'


Drak was SUCH a fucking douchebag

Just like all the other idiots before him, who had each erroneously assumed that they somehow were capable of 'getting rid of me' (lol), drak had a nauseating sense of self entitlement and arrogance, and he considered himself to be quite the 'online badass'.

He had created the STUPIDEST persona, sappy and sissified, effeminate and cheesy, while somehow thinking he was being MACHO.

He would always say "M'lady" to women online, and he fashioned his creepy personalities after Johnny Depp's embarrassingly gay character Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

While he pretended that he was some form of romantic swashbuckling pirate, he simultaneously tried to mix in a little bit of creepy effeminate 'vampire' bulshit into his routine, hence the stupid name 'drak'.

He was always bragging about how he had 'effected me', saying that he made me 'butthurt' with his ridiculous attempts, without realizing that the fact that I never even acknowledged his existence, and the fact that he was obsessed with me proved conclusively that HE was the one who was butthurt and negatively effected…

He made a fool out of himself for the longest time, wearing horse blinders to the embarrassing truth, and continually claiming that he had somehow 'victoriously won' in some imaginary battle against me that was going on in his head…

I can't even begin to tell you how funny it was, and how many other people seem to enjoy the day by day antics, as I continued doing what I do (irritating people with my presence) without even paying him any attention, and watching him spin out of control in a laughable self-imposed downward spiral…

It really became quite a sideshow…

All of the chicks would always send me messages about how creepy he was, how it made their skin crawl when he tried his swashbuckling effeminate "M'Lady" shit on them, and how they enjoyed seeing how upset my presence seems to make him…

One day I actually made a prank phone call to 'Drak', based on a ruse, I got him to actually start talking on the phone, and halfway into the call I let him know that it was actually ME (his arch enemy) he was speaking to… If you heard his voice, you would split your sides laughing… He had a lisp, and literally sounded like some kind of retarded circus clown born without a jaw. His Goofy 'Mortimer' dipshit voice was HILARIOUS, especially considering how he thought he portrayed the role of some kind of 'intimidating badass' online…

I recorded the call because I knew it would be a classic, and I was correct. It's hilarious !!

I think tonight I'm going to search for that old recording and perhaps I'll put it up in a YouTube video tonight…

The recording serves as an amazing reminder of how fragile certain people's egos can be, and how it's always the effeminate Sissy boys who somehow think that they have the ability to suddenly become intimidating badasses… It's also funny how my simple presence online seems to get under certain people's skin so badly that they spin out of control…

I've been doing this for 26 years now, and if you can multiply 26 x 365, you should have a pretty good idea of exactly HOW MANY of these douchebag 'self-entitled superheroes' I have dealt with…

(And each one always seems to think that they are the first one to come around the bend, as if somehow, I've never dealt with their type before)

L M F G D A O @ F U C K B O Y S

When I upload the 'phone call with Drak', I'll be sure to post the link for everybody so they can hear just how goofy that mother fucker was.



>He had created the STUPIDEST persona, sappy and sissified, effeminate and cheesy, while somehow thinking he was being MACHO.

Project much, Johnny boy?


File: e3ce85166411d04⋯.jpg (108.4 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 6044212116807557970.jpg)


I always deliver what I promise, and I promise that if you hang in there, demonstrate patience, devotion and dedication, you'll be here when I post that information and more…

… I'll be the one to determine when YOU jump, and exactly how high.

(Sorry, but I'm still laughing my ass off over the 'containment' concept)

I seriously think all of them sissy boy anime and effeminate little childish video games have fucked your brains up where you are not connected to reality anymore…

Hang in there, little guy… Hang in there…




Maybe you need to re-think the speech-to-text program you are using.

Which one are you using, btw?



>I'll be the one to determine when YOU jump, and exactly how high.

I doubt that.

>I'm still laughing my ass off over the 'containment' concept

Yet you seem pretty contained at the moment.



I'm sure you're familiar with the Lennox variant that starts with the letter D



LINUX !!!!


Linux Linux Linux

The funniest part is I speak very very clearly, and that's why I'm always flabbergasted by speech to text typos



…. Contained?…

I'm sure a tropical fish in a 3 foot by 2 foot fish tank would tell you that the ocean seems to be contained around him….

I'm busy popping in and out because I'm multi-tasking like a motherfuker right now…

So I apologize for any delays in my response…

I'm also busy cleaning up the kitchen, preparing for my wife to get here with groceries, and also on the phone with a new art client so you'll have to forgive me if you're not the most important fish in the aquarium right now…

*sprinkles some nitrogen fertilizer into the fish tank*

"There you go boy, eat up"


File: 5ef1f135851b6a3⋯.jpg (772.14 KB, 2643x1982, 2643:1982, still waiting.jpg)


File: c4793bfa27d0c79⋯.jpg (779.29 KB, 2643x1982, 2643:1982, PicsArt_04-16-04.08.59.jpg)


I apologize for the recording quality, but THIS is the 'romantic, cool, swashbuckling pirate/vampire' DRAK, who like so many other hundreds of guys online have also done, suddenly decided that he was the spontaneous superhero that was going to get rid of me, and save everybody from having to deal with me…

Literally sounds like some kind of retarded brain-injured circus clown with a lisp…

… So when you see other people follow in his footsteps, just remember that they probably sound just as fucking weak in real life…

fuck them… I'm just here entertaining myself, minding my own business, having a little bit of fun, just like I always have, and just like I always will…

It's not my fault if small-minded little effeminate boys get butthurt, and forgive me if I'm not surprised when they suddenly decide that they are a 'swashbuckling superhero'…


File: e30d394ef880e3f⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 270x235, 54:47, casual detected.gif)


Where's that credit card and social, nigger? You promised or is your word no good?



Mr. McGovern,increase your meds.

Leave the fantasy world behind you


File: 6ab93292dd55e45⋯.png (475.59 KB, 714x710, 357:355, c8fc59e1c82709598edffb9386….png)


Whoah! Still here? Lel af!

Let's kick this article to the top o' the page, Johnny boy! I'm willing… Won't even sage. Let's see if you are man enough to follow through. Anyone can post an IP. I use a different one every post. Ready for that credit card number and social security number though. You think you're the only one with things to do? Stop making yourself into such a /lolcow/ namefag and you won't have such a difficult time getting your points across on da interwebs. Seriously, get some help. Professional help. You are running into dangerous territories where you do not belong. You think you are the only one with better things to do? Ploxx help us understand your immature angst. We are only here to help you. Everything will be ok. Just post your CC # and SS # and all will be fine. We will take it from there.


File: b792db4a3c14886⋯.jpg (20.72 KB, 374x373, 374:373, 7abe5977921d1cb92aa25bf626….jpg)


Where are you?

Another thread?

Isn't this your containment thread?

Ploxx join us here. Ploxx post data, including cc & ss. We're waiting.


lolcow johnny, pleeeze cum join us here.

We are waiting, dicks in hand.

Post Wendy tits too.


File: 822ad46609574f9⋯.mp4 (2.06 MB, 202x360, 101:180, 822ad46609574f96bf776948fc….mp4)


Quints checked.

Oh dear.

I mean, O deer.



It's nature, babe; let it happen!


File: ccdbf8ee6f2ecda⋯.jpg (36.88 KB, 727x480, 727:480, ccdbf8ee6f2ecda65c993ee863….jpg)



You are one ugly mf.

GF says so.



He looks like a high test egoraptor

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