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The manager who called police on two black men who had refused to leave a Philadelphia Starbucks no longer works there, a company spokeswoman confirmed to ABC News today.

The two black men who are ultimately arrested speak calmly to police. A third man, later identified real estate developer Andrew Yaffe, who is white, appears and protests and says they were waiting for me.

The news follows Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson’s comments this morning that he will order managers of the coffee giant's stores to undergo training on how to spot "unconscious bias" after witnesses said the men were arrested at a Philadelphia shop for doing nothing but sitting at a table.

The arrests of the men were captured on video and tweeted by Melissa DePino, a 50-year-old mother of two who told ABC News she has vowed not to patronize Starbucks again. The video has since been viewed more than 9 million times.

"It was humiliating for those guys," DePino said. "They were completely minding their own business."

Both men were later released and the charges they were facing – trespassing and disturbance – were dropped Thursday night.




You can be arrested for loitering. In case they haven’t noticed, that applies to niggers as well as whites.


File: 9dea4a6035f8c0c⋯.jpg (31.85 KB, 394x379, 394:379, around-blacks-never-relax.jpg)

Wow were to start.

>Niggers show up asking to use bathroom without buying anything

>Manager says no because that is against store policy

>Niggers refuse to leave because "take that whitey"

>Cops show up to force uppity loitering niggers to leave


>To top it all off Andrew (((Yaffe))) shows up to declare the niggers innocence

>Fellow niggers and white race traitors show up to LARP being civil rights defenders

The manager made the right call. Also LOL at the niggers saying white women wouldn't have been treated that way. No bitch they would have either left without incident (or possibly a little white bitch tantrum) or bought something and used the restroom. It's always niggers who have to make a scene and turn everything into the next Montgomery Bus Boycott.


The next time I see a black gentleman waiting patiently for his friend to show up in a coffee shop, I'm going to give him my laptop because my skin color has oppressed him enough.



>The manager who called police on two black men who had refused to leave

>Refusing to leave private property when told to do so by an authorized party is no longer trespassing.

>Trespassing is no longer a crime

Good to know.



>You can be arrested for loitering. In case they haven’t noticed, that applies to niggers as well as whites.

It applies to whites, but is not applied to whites.



buy him a coffee as reparations.



>Andrew Yaffe, who is white





>Niggers show up asking to use bathroom without buying anything

No, liar

They sat down waiting for white real estate dealer and then they were going to order

Take your biased shit to /pol/



>Refusing to leave private property when told to do so by an authorized party is no longer trespassing.

They were told to leave because they were black.

Read the article you bigoted fuck face.

A white man said he did the exact same thing as them,sat down with out ordering and he was not told to buy anything

Back to the subhuman board for you aka /pol/



>sit down in shop

>dont order anything

<we wuz gon buy cawffee laterz homie whatchu kickin me out fo


File: a661ed5daf505d2⋯.png (30.1 KB, 406x452, 203:226, a661ed5daf505d2599a7256506….png)

>I don't like this so I'll put it in my ass (((parentheses))) hahaha take that



Why is anyone in Philly Hahahahahaahaha








File: de6a6b0fe159832⋯.png (159.15 KB, 404x576, 101:144, f017788d047a83c0ee247e930d….png)


Completely agree, it's sad they fired the manager for doing his job. I'm sick of starbucks shitty practices, i need to find a better coffee company to support. Illy it is from now on.



fucking this, this place is beyond autistic in its self policing and strict speech codes to fit in.


Autistic anons are getting mad over this instead of working and having white children


File: 32e3b75eae53392⋯.png (340.57 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 31993a6d29c1c2baa7d73bb052….png)


Any community thats wants some semblance of control over who is and isnt accepted performs some kind of self-policing

Any community that doesnt control who is and isnt accept will be overrun by faggots like you

The only answer is bullying faggots like you until you leave




THIS ARTICLE LEAVES THAT FACT OUT BECAUSE IT'S BIASED. Because it needs to project the image that these guys are blameless victims, because that's the left, they think lying for people they think are lesser makes them a good person, you're really racist and immoral because you don't treat them like people. If you had any actual non shitty black friend, you'd hear them complain about black people instead of pretending black life is all great and their only enemy is white people.





t. nigger



The porch monkey was told to leave because he was loitering, retard

Do you know what loitering is?


That has absolutely nothing to do with why he was arrested

Must hurt not knowing that laws must sometimes be enforced and many places of business prohibit loitering


File: 7edaaa813e751e2⋯.png (611.29 KB, 970x507, 970:507, 1408648264724.png)


>They were told to leave because they were black.

do you know that for a fact? or is that just what the jews told you based on what the niggers told them?

If i wait at a business for someone, and im quiet and polite, they'll typically leave you alone. but if youre loud and obnoxious and making everyone uncomfortable, like niggers tend to do everywhere they go, then they'll likely be kicked out.

If someone asked me to leave, even if i was being polite, i would leave. only a shitty nigger would stay behind and make a fuss.



File: 086fb1685c48723⋯.jpg (204.01 KB, 700x1131, 700:1131, 086fb1685c48723c8382477652….jpg)


Hi, i just wanted to point out and laugh at you for being BTFO by >>611176 . we all knew those niggers did it before even reading the article. then you read the article and gather that they dindu nuffin, but this anon points out you are unable to think for yourself and take bias articles at face value like a mindless sheep.

how does that make you feel? to be a lost little mindless sheep lead so easily by propaganda? how does it feel to know people you see as inferior understood what happened faster and more accurately than you, without even putting in any effort or reading the article?

how does it feel to know that you, after reading and trying to understand, that youre still less informed than my intuition?

arent you embarassed?



we know for a fact that it was because they were black. I saw the video that shows white people saying that they too came in and bought nothing, but were not asked to leave.


File: 6deb4414fa9cb44⋯.mp4 (1.86 MB, 408x720, 17:30, 6deb4414fa9cb448d983bdd03e….mp4)


>i saw a video with a kike saying he came in and loitered and nobody asked him to leave. so naturally they should let the niggers use their bathroom without them buying anything.

who cares even if your point wasnt shit? nobody wants niggers around. forcing people to have to be around them isnt going to make niggers any less annoying to be around.



The niggers drive the customers away and that means loss profits for the business.



Because whites are pleasant to be around and no one wants to kick them out.


File: 8459240b7365f3c⋯.gif (886.43 KB, 294x233, 294:233, 8459240b7365f3c776ff61ce6c….gif)


yeah ok retard





Learn what sarcasm is, you autistic fucks.


File: b1b9a1c1167b68d⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 431x324, 431:324, b1b9a1c1167b68dad151ff1d86….gif)


>I was only pretending to be retarded


(((Starbucks))) literally gets awarded by Israel and supports them. Boycott this kike garbage, their coffee is shitty goyim slime anyways.


File: a95da94baf95725⋯.png (502.96 KB, 731x455, 731:455, stub.png)


Starbux trying to attract more negroes? I don't see how this could be a bad thing for me, too bad the manager lost job tho



<undergo training

be screamed at by idiot SJW freaks

<how to spot "unconscious bias"

how to suck up to niggers no matter what


I have literally never seen a black person in a Starbucks before. Not once.



places i go to don't even let you use the bathroom if you do buy something but i never got kicked out for waiting for a friend in a coffee shop or asking to use a bathroom without buying anything, especially starbucks where people walk in with their macbooks and loiter for 4 hours at a time


File: b057f7bf32e9d87⋯.png (168.7 KB, 375x368, 375:368, 86a62d04ce53bb55259c690779….png)


>hahah, I don't understand these people SO THEY'RE DUM, ugh labels!!

Boy, I'd be better off being dead than being in your shoes, you low IQ mongrel.



You know you're the reason we can't have nice things. Just remember that.


Update: BLM is chimping out and now they are unironically botcotting soycucks. A jew with a megaphone and a pack of niggers following behind him got in the face of an innocent employee and started shouting him down. You can't make this shit up.



>two people who's race is known for violence and thievery just walk in and sit down in coffee shop

>get asked to leave if they're not going to buy anything


>call the cops


>get fired and niggers' charges get dropped

Don't you see goys? This is your white privledge on display!



Agreed, that is what I heard





>were going to order



the article is the biased source here


muh boogieman


99% of the negroid will NOT spend 4$ for a coffee … That's why you rarely see them in kikeBucks BUT tratior whitey will fund israel buying that dirt water sadly



I really would love to see starbucks crack down on those ones. If you want to loiter or wait for someone go to your local library or buy something. courtesy is at least a half hour per purchase



t. good soyim



Having blacks around is alot better than having subhuman bigot scum like you around,fuck off back to /pol/



dey dindu nuffin

>except going to starbucks of all places



>You can't make this shit up.

>unironically botcotting soycucks

Subhuman bigot scum misunderstands ironic racism



>low IQ

look in the mirror,subhuman.

These threads always bring the lower humans out of /pol/



>These threads always bring the lower humans out of /pol/

You mean it brings a bunch of jews pretending to be white who screech on and on about muh 4d chess and their kosher God Emperor?



It doesn't matter why he told them to leave. In a free society, voluntary association is necessary.



I can't tell who's Jewing who at this point.



It's an easy way for them to get their 5 minutes of fame and to be vindicated by the mass media.



Here's a tip, I'm jewing you.


Starbucks will close 8,000 US stores May 29 for racial-bias training

The racial bias training will be to about 175,000 workers

Separately, a Facebook video taken in January at a Starbucks in California shows a black customer saying that he was not allowed to use the bathroom when a white customer was.



That was quick



>racial bias training

I always love the mental gymnastics you have to do to convince yourself that you thinking a black person is more likely to commit a crime or be up to no good than a white person is some problematic unconscious bias. IT'S FUCKING TRUE. Blacks are more violent, hive higher rates of homelessness, commit more crimes, and are more prone to exhibit irrational behavior in public than other races. People treat them different because they are different. It's like trying to get zookeepers to treat marmosets and gorillas the same way.



I didn't even know niggers went to starbucks.


File: 17c13db8a9911d4⋯.png (104.46 KB, 252x224, 9:8, 1438908011644.png)


>it's okay that all the threads are the same and the IP count is going to shit, because we have order and unity



What evidence is there that this had anything to do with race? I’m white and I’ve been kicked out of Starbucks before… I’m sure more white people are kicked out of Starbucks on a daily basis. Only difference is that you don’t hear about it on tv because it would be absolutely ridiculous to cover something so menial. There is absolutely zero evidence that this has anything to do with race and I would wager the people who claim that it does are the ones with implicit bias. I would have done the same thing the manager did regardless of race.



>my uncle works at nintendo and here is my blogpost defending a major corporation

cool story bro



They don't, that's why the manager was worried something was awry



They were arrested for loitering like feral animals.



I always see niggers come in use the bathroom at restaurants without paying. They usually steal soda too.



>defending a major corporation

More like defending the white manager who did absolutely nothing wrong and lost her job over chimps. Try again.


File: 31ed59b85bbcc46⋯.jpeg (817.21 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 21057E5E-4FF7-493B-8349-C….jpeg)

Just gonna leave this here! Enjoy the free coffee!



my uncle who works at nintendo can confirm this


Well, when was the last time you saw a black at Starbucks? That is not normal nigga



>People of color only

>White is technically the combination of everything in the color spectrum (in certain cases)

>Get everything for free as diversity bonus



>Starbucks™ a good boi dey dindu nuffin

It's funny how they're a hub for liberal cucks until they harass niggers or get their shit wrecked by smashies, after which they're a Good Honest American Business™ who Deserves Our Sympathy and Support™


File: 25e01afe483709e⋯.jpg (136.83 KB, 784x1080, 98:135, coon coon black baboon.jpg)



Fuck off nigger.



It’s funny how the same person can use the same argument and fail in the exact same way.

I couldn’t give a shit about Starbucks but for all I know that white female manager was a working class mother and can’t feed her white children because she no longer has a job. I’ll defend starving white children full of potential any day of the week.



It's a good Photoshop, but that's a quick way to get sued and you didn't properly blur the coupon/green writing while over-blurring the background while using a shitty font. Basically your Photoshop was shit.


File: 40626f3fe06b92d⋯.jpg (41.52 KB, 600x479, 600:479, Shopped_sea.jpg)


>barcode but no hashcode

>different rez different parts of the image

>barcode is one of the blurry bits, fancy that

>no wall o' mouseprint legal text like on every coupon ever

>nothing saying coupon's cash value is 1/29th of a cent

3/10 stands up to casual inspection but if I look at it at full size I've seen better forgeries in the Trophy Room at 419eater, apply yourself young man.



>the interests of management and employees are one and the same

I can tell you have never worked now.


File: 172cb49c44eda12⋯.gif (468.99 KB, 512x807, 512:807, Thinking.gif)


>We're sorry

<Remove the R's

>Wee Soy


File: 7e4b229550b5e08⋯.png (54.71 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 1f93150b752225b73861d6bf66….png)


>It's a good Photoshop

>your Photoshop was shit.


Can you all stop using the n-word? Just because this is anonymous board doesn't mean you should be using that offensive word. You wouldn't use it in public, but because you're hiding behind the internet, you think its fine to use it here. Just don't.

Not all black people are criminals. A very small minority of people commit crimes, that doesn't mean you should consider the other 99% of them as criminals too. This is basic intelligence.


File: 0491bad8af6cc7d⋯.png (119.46 KB, 482x468, 241:234, starcucks.png)



File: 6a8d638c712af6e⋯.jpg (25.24 KB, 428x391, 428:391, Nigger Trollface.jpg)


You're not fooling anyone.


File: 10326855640cb2f⋯.jpeg (71.75 KB, 680x614, 340:307, 59A06685-93C2-40BC-BCF5-6….jpeg)


Spread this to as many people as you can


File: 8d811df040678eb⋯.png (65.37 KB, 658x507, 658:507, Spook.png)




File: f0df5b6f52f673c⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 2655x3020, 531:604, 1262582845103.jpg)


>a quick way to get sued


Some years ago (pic saved Jan. 2010) on /b/ there used to be coupon threads all the time.

Some worked, some didn't. If they didn't, you just said, "I guess I should have known better than to think a coupon I got for taking a survey online would be legit." or something like that.

Never got sued. Did get some heavily discounted toiletries and shit.



>tfw no one understands what a joke is anymore

I hope the manager isn't having his info released.




>/b/ was useful

that pic left me slack jawed


File: ac93743bcadfd07⋯.jpeg (817.37 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, 817F9211-8BA1-4B9E-BEEE-3….jpeg)


This dumbass



Put more effort into your shit shoop or don't even bother.




I know about that, the picture implied it was a legitimate ad when it wasn't, wasn't talking about the coupons.


How much of a newfag are you?


File: b8328d14c6b0e07⋯.jpg (21.2 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1338678586958.jpg)



Oh shit this takes me back. Around 2009 on Hack Forums there was a entire forum area dedicated to shoplifting and other less-than-legal shit.

Fuck me, almost 10 years ago. Where does the time go?


> loitering fuckers get told to leave

no reason ? kek


Arrested for…


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