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File: 8fbc02266cfb982⋯.jpg (54.83 KB, 800x564, 200:141, image.jpg)


A Texas woman who killed her cheating husband by running him down with her car in a jealous rage has been released from prison.

Sixty-year-old Clara Harris left prison Friday after serving 15 years of a 20-year sentence in the 2002 killing of her orthodontist husband, David Harris, in the parking lot of a suburban Houston hotel.

Harris hired a private investigator after becoming suspicious of her husband, who was tracked to the hotel where he was found with his receptionist-turned-mistress.

Clara Harris fought with the woman before striking her husband with her Mercedes-Benz and repeatedly running over his body. The couple’s teenage daughter was in the car at the time.

Harris was convicted of murder in 2003.

The case drew widespread attention and led to a made-for-television movie.



she isn't going to get any of her dead husband's money

Something something kill your SA the guys family gets it.



If she were a he the state of texas would have stuck a needle in her arm.

Pussy pass granted.



Her ex-husband cheated on her so she is right to do that. You would kill your bitch if she is cheating behind your back, wouldn't you do that?



<female logic


Female privilege.


Don't know the details, but on the surface it doesn't sound like she did anything ethically wrong.


Well, capital punishment for adultery is holy and biblical. The problem is that we don't live in a biblical society, and the woman got off light for vigilantiism.



>with her Mercedes-Benz

I wonder how a simple housewife could afford such a luxurious car? Oh that's right, the little ungrateful bitch was gifted the car by the "cheating husband" she couldn't or wouldn't sexually satisfy.




>"Will you have this woman/man to be your wife/husband, to live together in holy marriage? Will you love her/him, comfort her/him, honor, and keep her/him in sickness and in health, and, forsaking all others, be faithful to her/him as long as you both shall live?"

>be faithful as long as you both shall live?




Calm your tits, roastie. The wife obviously didn't live up to her vow to "honor and obey" by sucking hubby off every night, so he didn't have to bother his secretary for sex.

Fun fact: most customers of prostitutes are married men. Womyn just can't seem to satisfy their husbands after they get what they want out of the marriage: house, car, kids, money.

Womyn fail at everything in life, even after attaining their own selfish interests, as this dumb ass woman proved after doing 15 years in prison because she couldn't handle her anger and jealousy issues of a sexually superior woman who knew how to satisfy her man.

It's all just academic banter at this point, roastie. You'll soon be replaced by vastly superior sex bots and there's not a damn thing you can do about it because the world is still ruled by men



You've got an awful lot of sweeping generalizations for the whys behind everything, and not so much in the justifications for how you know it's that way.

>inb4 anecdotal evidence

Regardless, while it's one thing to go MGTOW, it's another entirely to break a sworn oath that the other has upheld. If he wasn't willing to risk being unsatisfied, then he shouldn't have taken marriage vows. Simple as that. He strayed from his sworn word and ultimately got what was coming to him when his wife found out. It'd be exactly the same way with a faithful man who slew his wife for cheating on him.



Your mental gymnastics and instinctive reflex to defend a worthless, sexual failure of a wife pretty much proves you are a roastie.

Since you are likely also a christcuck who keeps running back to the bible for some kind of moral leverage in lieu of an actual argument, may I remind you of the commandment "thou shalt not kill"

Speaking of sweeping generalizations and anecdotal evidence, what proof do you have that the wife wasn't also cheating on her husband and became butthurt that the tables had turned against her? How do you know she upheld any of the vows she proclaimed before God? She obviously couldn't satisfy her husband's most basic need, one of the primary motivations men marry in the first place. This smug little bitch likely was a rotten, controlling, selfish wife right from the start, and the husband was probably planning on leaving the stupid bitch for a better woman, and she likely knew that too and got triggered.

If someone cheats on you and breaks their "vow" then you go to an attorney and get a divorce like a civilized human, you don't murder someone in a fit of jealous rage because you can't face the fact that you are a selfish harpie failure of a wife who can't sexually satisfy her man. He was a successful businessman who benefited her with his material gains and she couldn't do the most basic task to satisfy his most basic physical need. What a selfish, useless bitch.

In any case, she had to waste away in prison for 15 years and now she's an old woman no one will ever want to marry, especially considering every man who googles her name will discover what a psychotic bitch and sexual failure she is.

Lastly, /n/ is not /christian/ so perhaps you should go back there.



>Since you are likely also a christcuck

Swing and a miss

>How do you know she wasn't cheating

Because there is no evidence that she was cheating. If you claim that doesn't suffice, then your argument becomes inherently unfalsifiable.

>She was probably blah blah blah

If you don't have any proof then it's worthless. Please keep your personal baggage out of the discussion at hand.

>just get a divorce

Legally and ethically, yes that is what should be done. That said, it is ethically still not such a terribly heinous crime to kill someone for breaking an oath of such magnitude. Legally, she must still be punished in order to maintain societal order, but the morality of the act of slaying is in itself is made understandable by the crime inflicted upon her. Again, this is not unique to her as a woman; a man in an inversion of this situation would be afforded the same ethical leeway.



>white knighting a psychotic roastie this hard

what a cuck


he cheated, he died. she murdered someone… no one cares.

if you defend her, you are officially part of the feminist poz.



>kill your cheating spouse

Are you retarded? No. You divorce them like any sane fucking human bean, and if they've got a prenup with you, you take them for what they're worth.


>teenage daughter

Detail missing from the article. Its not her daughter. Clara Harris is the evil step-bitch. She ran over that girls father and didnt give a fuck. I think that woman was worried about losing her walking ATM machine to a BETTER woman.


Are you telling me the woman in the photograph is SIXTY YEARS OLD ????

WHAT THE FUCK ?!!………………..

she looks really good for 60 years old



You're in love with a face that she peels off every morning?



>the purityfag supports the murder of his own (men) by external enemies (women) because of perceived moral deficiency

>the cuck supports the murder of his own (Whites) by external enemies (POC) because of perceived moral deficiency

What, really, is the difference between a /pol/ack and a cuck?



>Again, this is not unique to her as a woman; a man in an inversion of this situation would be afforded the same ethical leeway.

Lying is a sin.

When a man kills his wife, you are not on here, defending him, and society treats him as an abomination, not as a tragic victim.

Also, we do not live in 9th century Skandinavia and the "oath" of marriage, which you comically exaggerate to be the like the Oath of Fëanor, is a legally non-binding, purely ceremonial act. The primacy of secular marriage over Church vows and the legality of divorce has taken all power out of your precious "oath", and it's no more meaningful than saying "hocus-pocus".




Are you stupid or and a woman?






<muh first world problems


>You divorce them like any sane fucking human bean

And then you're condemned to paying alimony for the rest of your life



I actually meant to say "should be afforded", but I hoped nobody would both notice and care enough to call me on it. Still, I would completely be behind any faithful, otherwise moral husband who killed his wife upon receiving solid proof of her infidelity.



Agreed. Good choice by her.


Daughter got all his money, and the bitch actually wants to fight for it.



Even if we said "yes," we would still face harsher sentences for it than a female would.

Assuming you have a vagina/mutilated penis, my guess is that you have some weird belief that killing spouses for cheating is a "man-thing" and that "gender equality" entails being able to do the same without worry of facing legal consequence because "le male privilege."



why are women cancer?


Adultery and fornication should be punished with execution. She did nothing wrong.



I'd defend it twice as much if it were a man.



I read a comment in another article thst stated this bitch was the other woman from his first marriage. Couldnt find proof beczuse the media is fixated on "muh victim" "muh disempowered woman scorned". If she was the other woman she should be buried her up to her neck and stoned. Fucking homewrecking whore.


>man shouts at woman for cheating on him

<domestic abuse fucking mysoginist

>woman kills man for cheating

<well he cheated so it's justified



It's only wrong when women do it, because the woman is the man's property and it's absurd that a man could commit a crime against his property.

If you believe otherwise, you're a cuck.


File: adddca4e715ac76⋯.png (517.82 KB, 900x599, 900:599, ClipboardImage.png)


>the woman is the man's property

Enshallah, brother. It is good to see another faithful servant of mighty Allah.


File: e65b96a1c230dce⋯.jpg (13.08 KB, 255x255, 1:1, aaa63bb9085c492088657ed4d9….jpg)


File: 510e7d5612b24ad⋯.mp4 (7.52 MB, 800x450, 16:9, hey I just met you.mp4)


The guys cheated, he broke the vow.


murder is punished by the death penalty in Texas, how the fuck did she get off? If a man had ran over his wife after she cheated he would be injected be the end of the week



>alimony or prison sentence for life

the original point was that women get a pussy pass for everything though.



t. butthurt muslim

just relax and go eat some bacon


File: 0034f22b0e6d212⋯.jpg (294.4 KB, 400x603, 400:603, modern slaves to the synag….jpg)



A man can fuck whomever he pleases, cuck. There are no moral restrictions on a man's sexuality.

Only a woman's chastity has any social value.

The husband did nothing wrong for choosing a sexually superior woman.

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