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File: 5f157ccc4473219⋯.jpeg (35.97 KB, 1140x641, 1140:641, 58d01482c1be7.imag_fitted.jpeg)


A Texas teenager gave his friend the information to log into his Snapchat account last year — and what she found got him a 40-year prison sentence Tuesday, prosecutors say.

Oscar Alamillo Solis, then 17, had given the 15-year-old girl his password so she could help him keep a Snapchat “streak” going, she told police.

“Streaks” on the photo- and video-swapping app start to build up when users send each other Snaps every day. But failing to send a message for a single day can end a hard-earned “streak” that’s been going on for weeks, months or even years.

The 15-year-old friend logged into Solis’ Snapchat account during the last period of the day at her suburban Dallas high school in February 2017 and happened to open his private “memories” section, she told police. That’s where she discovered something disturbing: Still photos and videos of a male sexually assaulting a little girl had been saved to the account — and it looked like the abuser was Solis, according to a police report. The victim was just 6 years old, police said.

Then police in Lufkin, Texas, went to Solis' high school around noon March 2 to interview him. Solis confessed that he’d assaulted the girl and recorded footage the abuse, saving it to his Snapchat account, according to police.

Solis was arrested and taken to the Angelina County Jail. Several days after his arrest, Solis was released on $100,000 bail, KTRE reports.

On Tuesday, a judge sentenced Solis to 40 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography and aggravated sexual assault of a child, according to court records. Solis is now 18, and his plea means he has no right to appeal.

Probation is not appropriate in this case,” Assistant District Attorney Ken Dies told the judge, according to the Lufkin Daily News. “The destruction he has wrought leaves no other option. The number of years I leave to your experience.”

Lufkin police had compared Solis’ driver’s license picture with images from his Snapchat account to confirm he was the person using it, court records said. Detectives learned from Solis that the assault happened in December 2016.

The young abuse victim is scared to be anywhere without her mother and requires counseling after the sexual assault, her mother said. The girl requires so much additional care that the mother had to quit school, the Lufkin Daily News reports.

Nearly every day, Angelina County authorities look into a case of sexual assault against children, according to Dies. There were a total of 270 cases investigated in the county in 2017 alone, he said.

That's led some who work in local law enforcement to call Angelina County the “Bermuda Triangle of Sexual Assault,” Dies said.

Dies added that he thinks the judge's sentence for Solis was fitting.



Why are pedos fucking retarded?



Another whitey rekt, fucking cumskins lmao



>Oscar Alamillo Solis

So white, hey?



terrible (1)



the guy has epicanthic folds, he's a hapa, you race-baiter



Hapa? He seems more like a hispanic-asian mix. What you call those?



>This much denial.




Hispanics, dotheads and towelheads have dark ass skin so they're cotton pickers too



The only good thing out of social media is how these retarded criminals film their own crimes. But seriously, how fucking dumb do you have to be to record yourself doing something wrong?


Snapchat didn't shoah him already because it was made by kikes solely for that purpose.



>how fucking dumb do you have to be to record yourself doing something wrong

Not nearly as dumb as to post the video of a severe felony on social media and then give the password to someone you met on the net and forget about about the cp you had posted

This shows signs of a mental handicap.

The judge should have gone easier on him


>the young girl is scared to be without her mother

Where is her father?





File: 4ddf20b176794d7⋯.jpg (29.71 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Skeletor-spoo.jpg)


Dis some good bait






Lol when those southern hispanics check that paperwork his first day on the yard hes fucked. If he gets lucky theyll just cut the corner of his mouth to his ear and stomp him out real good…



>white guy is a child molester

every single time

Whites are fucking disgusting.



>where is her father

neo nazi misogynst detected



<oscar alamillo

The spic is unable to discern right from wrong, he might spread gasoline on a wooden house and then proceed it to light it up and when asked about it (after severely beat him for being an inhuman piece of garbage) he can simply shrug it off as something minor.


>40 years

Murderers get less than this. What the fuck?



I dunno. Even on /b/ the pedos are the biggest retards.



>spotted the samoan



>Why are pedos fucking retarded?

Prison population in general is below average intelligence. This is not because criminals are dumb, but because smart ones are not in prison.



Hurting children is generally worse than killing an adult.

Frankly, the guy should be double tapped in the head anyway.



This. That's 40 years of taxpayer-paid freeloading in a higher quality of life than most spics achieve. This isn't a punishment; it's winning the beaner lottery.


what's the point of streaking in snapchat


Its a pedo thing



In the current year the bigger question is "who is her father".


>40 years

How many people does one have to kill to get that much? The guy will potentially come out of prison at 57 years old, being fucking clueless about the world around him






>downloading pictures on the internet

>hurting kids

So downloading a jpeg is more harmful than disemboweling a guy?


>Oscar Alamillo Solis

Send him over the wall.



He recorded himself raping a child.

Reading comprehension much?



I find your standards of quality to be excessively forgiving


>giving someone the password to something you keep kiddie porn on



>trusting GF

>trusting a woman

western women are married to state, not to you, they will report you to police and corporations

do not have relationship with western women, other than rape

in islamic countries a gf or wife would never snitch you out, if she did, she would be burned with fire and stones. and in islamic country having sexual relationship with 6 year old is not outlawed much anyway

islamic civilization is superior to western-jewish civilization

>and what she found got him a 40-year prison sentence Tuesday, prosecutors say.

should rob 10 banks and kill hostages, or go on a killing spree. sentence would be similar



El Monstruo Tejano…



you never hear about the smart ones because they don't get caught you retard. they are far smarter than you think, otherwise they'd all be in jail, instead they run hollywood and most religions. Your average middle class pedo is on the deepweb sharing gigabyte after gigabyte of consensual underage sex and have as much OpSec as they can.

as usual, the media continues to demonize a sexual orientation because they need a boogeyman and people jump on it because public lynchings are fun.

even so he deserves it for giving his password away to a bitch. what a retarded 56% amerimutt jesus christ






Native Americans migrated from Asia thousands of years ago and have the epicanthic fold. He's probably just mexican-american/latino.


she planted it there.

she will regret her actions after he gets stabbed to death in prison.



Amerindians are Mongoloids you fuck, learn basic human biology



He's Indian, all Indians have cp on their phones


>>619900 (checked)


I lel'd


File: b1336b0c7849e88⋯.jpg (157.03 KB, 800x770, 80:77, adios.jpg)


>Oscar Alamillo Solis

>40 years in prison

Adios amigo!



There was a Muslim convicted in London yesterday of murder. He only got 28 years, and he'll probably served 15-20 of that, maximum. In the U.S. a paedo gets 40 years for one assault. I'd say that it's justice.I'm English but I'm all for the harsher sentences of Burgerland.



>possession of child pornography

>aggravated sexual assault of a child

learn to read anon

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