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On Tuesday, a local medical examiner released their report that concluded a 38-year-old man in St. Petersburg, Florida, died due to an explosion in his vape pen that sent two piece of shrapnel into his cranium. According to the Washington Post, it’s believed to be one of the first deaths of its kind.

At first, officials were uncertain if the cause of death could be attributed to the burns that covered 80 percent of his body. The Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner’s report lists the official reason for his demise as a “projectile wound of head.”

We’ve seen many vape devices explode over the last couple of years as their popularity has grown. The lithium-ion batteries can be highly volatile, especially in poorly manufactured devices that lack proper battery ventilation. According to the Times, the model that killed D’Elia was distributed by Smok-E Mountain. Its now-deleted Facebook page reportedly claimed the device was manufactured in the Philippines. Vapes by Smok-E Mountain can still be found online, and police say the model in question was a “mod” type. Vapers often alter their devices to achieve a more impressive cloud when they exhale, it’s unclear if the victim’s device had any problems caused by the manufacturer.



Not a real Smok. Ive actually tried one of those weird Smok-E devices. I didnt trust the device becsuse it got so god damn hot. Not surpised it blewup.


just smoke cigs u homos


80% of his body was covered in burns? Shrapnel with enough force to not only break through the skull but also to cause enough damage to be lethal? That's not just a battery exploding. What was he trying to do? Vape some C4?




>all these nicotine addicted cancer suckers

lol, even vaping kills now



At least this way is more fun to report on.



He was smoking it up his bum






YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Yeah exploding batteries only happen to vapors.


File: 421ef6db26200f5⋯.jpg (59.64 KB, 436x321, 436:321, Smok-E-Mountain-Vanilla-65….jpg)

He was klkled by a cheap mod. Basically just a cylinder with a single button on the bottom. No circuitry or wattage/ohm display. Without an ohms read out or wattage adjustment shit like this is like vaping a fucking grenade.



>80% of his body was covered in burns? Shrapnel with enough force to not only break through the skull but also to cause enough damage to be lethal? That's not just a battery exploding.

The only thing I can think of is that he was using some sort of flammable material either to vape with, or he was vaping while around other flammable material (fueling up a lawnmower? working in sewer filled with methane? trying to start a propane grill?). Another possibility is that the explosion killed him, and then his clothes or nearby material (was he indoors?) burned his body. As far as the shrapnel entering the skull, it wouldn't have to penetrate thick bone if the explosion was in his face, the shrapnel could go thru the eye into the brain.



It was a physical psyop by the JIDF demoRATS, probably trying to kill a proud patriot!


I'm not surprised a fucking LiON blew up, but >80% of his body

What the fuck? Did the vape juice itself get superheated into napalm?



Nice, maybe paranoia can help to reduce degenerate vape-culture.



>hey guise it was de joooz

go away little man


>this article sponsored in part or whole by Phillip Morris Inc.

The only kind of vapes that will potentially blow up are stick mods like the one in >>619649, which are literally just a battery with a wire running from each end directly into the heating element. They dump as much electricity into the posts as they can, and cheap chinese crap like this are so poorly designed you're practically begging for some sort of electrical failure. The only people using these fucking things are hardcore mouth-fedora users looking for ebin cloudz, in which case I fully support them blowing the user's faces off.




Yeah, I'm guessing it ignited his clothes at the same time it launched the shrapnel into his brain and he was too busy being dead to do anything about it.


Vaping softens your gums opening them up to infection, abscesses and all kinds of nasty fuckery. I had endless problems after around 2 years of vaping that left the dentist warning me that if the infections didn't subside he was going to need to pull a whole side of my teeth out. Purely by luck I mentioned it to a dude online, and the first thing he said was 'oh yeah, I had that too, do you vape?' He told me his dentist had figured it out - all these young people coming in with gum infections, and the common thread was they were all vapists. So I stopped and within a week everything was fine again after over 2 months of untold fucking agony and countless courses of antibiotics

tl;dr vaping gives you meth-mouth faggots



Welcome to the wonderful world of Lithium. Get just one tiny bit of moisture in that battery that makes it to the lithium and you lose your face.



Bullshit. PG used in vapr juice is antibacterial. Its used to thin and preserve vape juice.



What happens when you fill your mouth with antibacterial shit day in, day out?



Your teeth get stronger, the anon with meth mount was probably sucking black dick which is highly corrosive.

Being a closet faggot he blamed it on the vape



>Your teeth get stronger




The issue was a softening of the gums, and destruction of the mouth's natural defenses.


>cigarettes cause cancer and lung rot and you die

>mouth fedoras explode and you still die




There's no lithium in a lithium-ion battery.



Vaping causes dehydration, giving the user a dry mouth, which is what leads to the dental problems. (unironically, that's what meth does too)

Lithium batteries will not burn 80% of your body, unless you're 18 inches tall and vaping a 16 inch mod.

They will however 'vent', or even go into full 'thermal release', but only if the user allows the plastic isulating wrapper to become pulled away from the heads of the battery, in which case it will ground, and bad things happen.

I vape my ass off, and I'm very careful to make sure my batteries are in good factory condition.

However, I know a friend who's lithium battery in his smartphone swelled up inside his phone, actually making the back of the phone bend outwards, and on the way to have his phone repaired, the battery vented, causing serious burns to his hand and wrist.


File: 0192fb40e496772⋯.png (323.86 KB, 500x336, 125:84, 6872537.png)

All mechanical items are subject to possible random systematic failure, and of course batteries are no different, but as long as you make sure the external wrapping of your batteries completely seal the lips of the battery ends, it's unlikely that they will vent or explode.

But if you put them in your pocket, loose change or a key can make contact, and then you're fucked.



Yeah this. Retard probably had underrated/cheap fake chinese batteries and was like "I CAN BUILD DAH LOWEST OHMS!". Probably built a .01 ohm build on this thing and shockingly his single battery couldn't output the sixty amps required.



This honestly. It's fucking Ohm's Law. It's simple shit that anyone in electrical is supposed to consider. Fixed voltage + low resistance = fuckton of amperage = fuckton of heat.



Thank you, natural selection



Real Men smoke cigars



Real men smoke dicks.



vegetable glycerin is hygroscopic. it should not dry out the mouth.



I have a habit of four 8" brown cigars a day


File: 7983f4ee2295dc1⋯.jpg (3.64 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG_20180521_133451774_LL.jpg)

>Mfw using anything other than T-PRIV Master Race kills you

>Tfw 150watts isn't enough anymore



Smok is a shit. Drag box is best box.



Dubs confirm


Soy boys vape.



What comes from Africa, has to stay in Africa.



That's the nicotine doing that you hillbilly.



I hear your mother calling for you. Better run along Johnny.


>>not using live grenade to heat up your cigs

you are falling behind



Thanks d'marcus. Do you always drag your knuckles on the ground like that?



So, someone could buy these and turn them into stielgrenates?



They also post on chans.

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