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File: f1b8d42820065e6⋯.jpg (40 KB, 800x450, 16:9, tykvs08evoloojelkmnq.jpg)


>AT&T is raising the base price of its DirecTV Now streaming service by $5 per month, despite promising in court that its acquisition of Time Warner Inc. would lower TV prices.

>Just two months ago, AT&T said in a court filing that buying Time Warner would allow it to lower TV prices. The US Department of Justice tried to stop the merger, arguing that it would raise prices for consumers, but a federal judge sided with AT&T. The merger was completed on June 15.




please ignore, look at those ravaging muslims at the walls of glorious america!



They can charge what they want.

Stop paying it.



>I'm either Jolene Nuggetgobble or some retard from reddit

>either way, what are local monopolies?


Looks like getting rid of net neutrality was a good idea, right?



stupid slumpadump, why did he have to bumpaflump. stupid catshit guy, itwas her turn why didnt they buy more electoral college. this is a pumpledors fault, hes so stupid, he commited bankruptcy 7times hes so dump. why did he win he stupid



>it's all trump's fault

No, falseflag, there was both bullshit like this (both the authoritarian and the corrupt shit) under Dronegro and George II. Trump is just equally culpable, which is a more measured, reasonable reason he can still fuck himself for allowing this.



You're a dumb fucking nigger, this would still have been possible with net neutrality. The problem is that dumb niggers like you don't riot and destroy AT&T offices and cell towers for being jews.



>if you don't want to pay out the ass for telecom, you are an triggered liberal

fuck off shill



It was a very good idea. But I dont see how that relates to the price of TV subscription due to a merger?


It says in the article that the US state fought against the merger and lost.

You should blame the law and the judge that interpreted it.



>it was her turn



also were talking about tv service, dipshit


File: 450875966a18229⋯.png (127.85 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 1465702004975.png)


>don't disagree or else you're the boogieman

start making an argument defending this price-hike anytime.



this guy subscibes to kikebox, aka the electric jew, aka "what are you doing this weekend" "idk", aka pay-to-watch-commercials, aka bitch boy shampoo



>if you don't want somebody to be ripped off by telecom you jew jew the jew while jewing jew soy jew soy



this guy gets it


Lower prices? Thats socialist shit






trying this hard




>trying so hard




>my mfw face reaction when youre trying that hard



>either way, what are local monopolies?

You have to be willing to sacrifice to teach them a lesson. Competition for cable internet are mobile hot spots, with the data cap and throttling you wouldn't be able to online game for instance but you would have a cheaper alternative to cable and dsl.


File: 8f72639bb302513⋯.png (14.31 KB, 250x272, 125:136, 1453516825903.png)


>muh sacrifice

blow it out your ass, boomer

>muh competition

I say again, what are local monopolies?


File: c61e397bfedff25⋯.jpg (60.34 KB, 538x482, 269:241, 4daa882aba70fe66a4099abec7….jpg)






wow Jim is sure great at web design lol



>I say again, what are local monopolies?

Only existent in locations with no cell phone service


File: 9cf5e7530f08962⋯.png (300.58 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1523393350032.png)


Didn't someone already dox him?

Pretty sure he has a bounty on him.



you don't know what net neutrality is, do you?



net neutrality is a lie its much better to remove any regulation :^) - trump voter


dicksneeze president.


>paying for propaganda

They asked for it.


>raising prices of TV service

>owning a TV in current year

No problems here



ever checked the race/religion of the judges/lawyers?

Also this >>642561



>guys this is about my pet issue, look at this graph



ITT: shitskins who think the problem is a president and not kike judges



>Charging people for a service is blackmail now.

Lefties sure are stupid.



ITT: faggotass /pol/yp trying unsuccessfully to shift the goalposts and fling shit hoping it will stick


File: 0c473e4a63576bb⋯.webm (3.33 MB, 502x274, 251:137, da president.webm)


that's not what i hear the president say



>don't disagree with me or else you're this random tranny from my extensive tranny porn collection that I've been saying is the /leftypol/ BO while offering zero evidence for the last two years as everybody has gotten increasingly sick of my faggot ass


Uh oh, the liars lied! Again! Quick, sound the alarms!

While they are entrenched in society and continue to give Americans an assfucking every month, we can still vote with our dollar.

Go with another service.

Seriously. ANY service. Just not them. I worked for them and I was a customer of theirs for about a decade. The prices have only gone up, and the promises of better treatment will continue to go unfulfilled. AT&T is structured around profit. Cold, hard cash. This means not giving you the customer experience they promise, and ensuring that whatever is done to retain angry customers is the bare minimum. You will not get credits unless you ask for them.

Want to know how I know? I was reprimanded for trying to help people too much for things out of their control. Meanwhile, us? We did all we can to make sure we got ours. You pay for the first month of service BEFORE the service starts, and the bill each month is to keep the service on, not to collect money for services already provided. A tech didn't show up? No recourse. We'll just schedule the same third party asswipes to cancel on you again (and say YOU cancelled the appointment!) while they go and get a beer somewhere. Your equipment is failing? Fuck you, we're not replacing it. Unless you want to upgrade. In which case we need the old one back so we can give you the new one. Also, that's a new contract we need you to sign, locking you in another two years. You want out of the contract? You have to pay an exorbitant fee.

And then there's actually working for these shitbags.

For all the talk of ethics and firm language forbidding any unethical behavior, it's fucking EXPECTED of you to give people the shaft. It's normalized. Otherwise you'll be fired for bullshit reasons (break was 4 seconds too long, for example) and replaced. Forget having other coworkers who do their jobs to make yours easier. They'll make outlandish promises and put you in the position of having to say "no, sorry, you don't get two whole years of all the premium channels plus Penthouse for free." Oh, and here comes the CWA to take a piece of your paycheck every two weeks so you can go on thinking they've got your back when the chips are down. You're already being severely underpaid; what's a little more?

Fuck ATT. FUCK ATT. Fucking lowlife, worthless pieces of shit. They are a paragon of everything that people hate about soulless megacorps, and a shining example of why regulation is deeply fucking necessary, but that's never going to happen since the regulators now have a financial stake in the outcome of what they're supposed to regulate.



Sure you are.

"Fuck Drumpf" and all that.

Totally right-wing.


File: 3ec84f51801de6b⋯.jpg (71.86 KB, 643x820, 643:820, 1468547531073.jpg)



my uncle who works at nintendo used to be a communist and then he supported trump and now he loves jesus and burgers


potato president allowed this


Look into local ISPs. Granted they're not everywhere, but anything is better than Cumcast and AT&Shit.



In the case of mine, it's only because people threatened to leave en masse when they talked about switching from flat to metered connections.





So, who did you support then?

Also, why did you support them?



>yet another person who doesnt understand that net neutrality wouldnt have affected something


I am so fucking confused.

The FTC doesn't need to ask a judge permission to stop a merger.

What the fucking is happening?



Parents had directv. They got roped into some deal for free HBO and after a few months were paying 200$ for satellite tv.

I cut their shit off and put them on air antenna for the local channels and gave them a kodi, terrarium, firestick. Damn my parents are morons. They had me as a child, so yea definitely fucking retards.


pajeet <3 pen0r



its just the judges that get paid off with donations to side with whoever gives them the most



what is a monopoly, and the laws in place to stop companies from merging to create such thing



He explained why Capitalism is shit, using AT&T's business practices as an example.



>enabling idiots

(You) should've just let them get fucked, it's the only way they will ever learn.



>yet another person who thinks the answer is de-regulate everything instead of adding teeth to something

ajit pai go to bed



this tbh




goddamn ronaldo brump, he said he wouldnt do this, and punjabi thai, hes just he works for the companies man, fuck pumpo and his stupid people who voted for him, hes so stupid hes dumb


File: f17c713a0024619⋯.webm (4.68 MB, 680x384, 85:48, americlaps.webm)


i know, i can't believe a billionaire is in the pocket of companies



t. AT&T



fuck you too Porchmonkey



Eat my ass you fucking whore. It would have been bumplocked in a week as old news but the last several bumps have been for a dead thread.

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