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File: 8e7320ffbf3acff⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 5760x3840, 3:2, RAQQA-201707-6-GUEVARA-sni….jpg)


At 28, he was tall and dark and bearded, with a kind of glowering geniality about him. He was vague about his background, but I gathered he was born in Casablanca to a Moroccan mother and an Italian father, and grew up in a housing project in provincial Italy. He mentioned working in construction, but also spoke knowledgeably of cryptocurrencies and computer programming. He was fluent in six languages and spoke English with an inimitable inflection of Mediterranean and Maghrebi accents. The volunteers spent long hours sitting around drinking tea and smoking cigarettes; listening to Franceschi’s disquisitions on late capitalism, spiced with mordant asides on the Syrian Civil War, it was easy to fall under the sway of his charisma.

“A capitalist society is a shit society,” he said, “just as Egyptian society with the pyramids and pharaohs was a shit society. What we’re fighting for in Rojava is a socialist alternative.”

Franceschi was one of a motley mix of anarchists, Marxists and eccentric humanitarians who had come to take part in an obscure armed struggle known as the Rojava Revolution, the Kurds’ improbable attempt to establish an egalitarian democracy in a Belgium-size region just south of Turkey, known as Rojava. Like a lot of the volunteers, he saw it as his generation’s version of the Spanish Civil War, another conflict that attracted radical leftists from all over the world. But while tens of thousands of foreigners fought in the anti-fascist International Brigades between 1936 and 1938, 500 at most had showed up to defend the Kurds against the Islamic State, their chief nemesis. “In this revolution, the Western volunteers are basically a joke,”Franceschi told me. “A historic moment is being lost.”



>“just as Egyptian society with the pyramids and pharaohs was a shit society.

How does this faggot know this? Was he alive then? God I fucking hate anarchist punks, biggest bunch of brainlets in existence.



t. ramses VI



kek beat me too it. These dumb materialist demiurgic niggers probably still think humans built the fucking pyramids and don't even know it was the mongrelization of Egypt that killed it.

Goddamn these people are literally tools for ZOG at this point and can't even see it.



Isis wouldn't kill antifa, they want to *increase* the amount of suffering and despair in the world.



This somehow sounds worse


(((Untold story)))



>Egyptian society with the pyramids and pharaohs was a shit society

wew, peak of civilization of it's time was shit oh he probably hates it because ancient egyptians were actually white


>>Antifa among super conservative muslim groups

bet they were anally raped as buttboys for years as domination tactic



/leftypol/ should just go back to drowning in their own feces on their board. Worthless human trash, every single one of them.





File: 09b8fb471036f5c⋯.jpg (26.73 KB, 758x359, 758:359, Assad-laughing.jpg)


>Guy is a real soldier with body count

>One of thousands of LARPing tourists in syria who thinks he's hard because he's picked off some 75 IQ raghead goat herder stragglers after Assad's forces won the war

Very impressive

He would die the second he got into a firefight with real trained troops


>abstracting Egyptian history to "they wuz pyramids n shiet"

Commies need to die ASAP.



Well, there's little chance his ancestors actually did any of that. Egypt has been heavily arabized. The ethnic group that were the ancient egyptians is essentially extinct.

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