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File: dde3ba91170738e⋯.jpg (75.2 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _102466943_8383dbb5-37bd-4….jpg)


An ancient tablet engraved with 13 verses of the Odyssey has been unearthed in southern Greece in what is possibly the earliest-recorded trace of the epic poem, the culture ministry said Tuesday.

The clay slab is believed to date back to the third century, during the Roman era.

"If this date is confirmed, the tablet could be the oldest written record of Homer's work ever discovered" in Greece, a ministry statement said.

The extract, taken from book 14, describes the return of Ulysses to his home island of Ithaca.

The tablet was discovered after three years of surface excavations by the Greek Archaeological Services in cooperation with the German Institute of Archaeology.

It was found close to the remains of the Temple of Zeus at the cradle of the Olympic Games in western Peloponnese.

First composed orally around the 8th century BC, the epic – which is attributed to ancient Greek author Homer – was later transcribed during the Christian era onto parchment of which only a few fragments have been discovered in Egypt.





is a MUCH more informative thread about the exact same topic, only better



This is very true.

I like GazelleGash's ability to copy/paste much better than whoever this "Anonymous" joker is.




Did they remove the ability to crossthread in the last hour or so? It was working before!



>come to this thread I faggoted up

lol nope



No, this is the better and more informative thread.



My sides!

Archaeology and science news incoming ITT.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


File: 9e0c909cb1d7640⋯.jpg (119.43 KB, 1850x1480, 5:4, PicsArt_07-12-10.57.52.jpg)


JizzyJazz is an inferior copier & paster, compared to your world-class CNP skills



fuck off Jeb Fumblefuck


inb4 some kike "accidentally" destroys it or it's brought to some country where they destroy white culture to make space


File: 617f46287cc9c9b⋯.png (1011.24 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180714-012727.png)

The clay slab is believed to date back to the third century, during the Roman era.



>de jooooooooooooooos

the ride never ends for you, does it?



fuck off to your dragon dildos Jose Nippleslip



stop destroying white culture and positron and we'll stop prosecuting you chaim


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

May as well provide some 'real' entertainment for the edification of anons before Johnny gets this thread nuked.

This is now a general scientific theories and archaeological discoveries thread.


File: 78e728787f569b2⋯.jpg (52.1 KB, 634x423, 634:423, PicsArt_07-14-01.35.14.jpg)


I for one would argue that I'm a fossil, and therefore this thread should be bumped


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>embed related is in the same vein..

But this one's even better and more informative


>He's going for six straight hours

I don't know what's more pathetic, the spam, or needing to invent an "anon" friend to back him up.



I feel so 'invented'.




That's because the first one is baby food.

Gotta feed 'em all though!


File: 61c422d809ff1ed⋯.jpg (27.69 KB, 364x363, 364:363, 61c422d809ff1ed3a02820c482….jpg)


You mean we create our own reality?

You mean it's not da joos?

No! Say it isn't so! I need someone 'out there' to blame for all this bullshit 'reality'!

I'm sure that Jimmy Uranus is at least partially responsible for mucking up my 'reality', isn't he? Is it my choice how much? Or is he forcing himself on me – actually sliding his scraggly old ballsack against my chin? Who decides? Who observes what?


Good riddance, faggot. Now stay up and post some more for our amusement.


File: ec86bfb48779171⋯.png (618.64 KB, 929x895, 929:895, ad91cc77cccafd64d1865b62ca….png)


Yes, this >>644895 is the kind of stuff I throw at my highschool kids for their homeschooling lessons.. I just shared it with them last week and thought I'd share it here in case someone felt like learning something for once, or at least seeing 'things' in a new way.

As for >>644910 Do you really need to be entertained by Jimmy Neutron? You need amusement? Hmmm. I'm going to bed too. Caturday is almost here where I live.


File: 8444f9ddf1577dc⋯.png (67.54 KB, 357x230, 357:230, mfw25.png)


>URL link

Want to know how i can tell you're a newfag



It's the same link


Only this one was first.

If /n/ tries that, they get the there already is a link on /newspus/ warning.

Fucking losers will try anything.

JUst kill /n/losers, it's the only way you will ever beat it..



surely then, this new, original scribe can sue every other copier afterwards for infringement and backpayments of lost royalties.

pretty sure plagiarism too, from half the films and books made since



fuck off you braindead toiletface




I don't think so.

More science and archaeology news incoming..

Also, wtf are you babbling on about re /intl/?

Are you Jim?


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Where did u get my selfie


File: e12c6d91c27408b⋯.jpg (673.08 KB, 1728x2304, 3:4, PicsArt_07-14-09.43.01.jpg)



File: 27bcc781b907adb⋯.png (1.79 MB, 768x1024, 3:4, sac.png)



>fuck off you braindead toiletface



>thinks he is talking to the same person

>thinks only JN uses photo manipulation tools while manipulating images himself

>is an angry little boy

Cry harder, faggot!


File: 4f3e64fdf08b94a⋯.jpg (76.07 KB, 1277x711, 1277:711, weba.jpg)




What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Educate yourself.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

If this copy is too difficult for you, find a copy that isn't.


Speaking of digging up old treasures, I found this old thread and am doing a restoration on it, since there are 3 Putin / Trump threads on the front page that are nearly identical, and this is way more interesting.

This >>644895 btw is a fantastic video. It's not too heavy, while being scientifically informative, and the graphics are awesome.


What is going on in here?



>What is going on in here?

An archaeology and science discussion.

Would you like to contribute?

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