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Analysis If Americans want fast internet access, they need to tighten the screws on Big Cable, not give it yet more power.

That is the conclusion – yet again – of another study into the the United States' broadband market, this time one lodged in opposition to a push by Big Cable lobbying group US Telecom to kill off a federal rule that enables smaller ISPs to compete against communications giants.

Specifically, the rule, which is in the crosshairs of US Telecom, forces cable carriers to allow competitors to resell their internet access at a rate set by the government.

The report [PDF], by economist William Zarakas, digs into the reality on the ground, and concludes that the requirement on incumbent cable companies to let rivals offer their own services through local exchanges is an important driver of real competition in the market.

Most notably, the report – using figures supplied by the industry itself to America's comms regulator, the FCC – concludes that competitors are significantly more likely to offer consumers better and faster internet access packages over new fiber networks than the incumbents.

While Big Cable is sitting pretty on its installed infrastructure, offering slower speeds at higher rates, the real competition to citizens is offered by smaller companies working with lower margins. Unsurprisingly, Big Cable wants the requirement that makes this possible removed – and has formally requested that the FCC get rid of it.

The report was commissioned by a different industry group that represents smaller ISPs across the United States, Incompas: one that is notable by the fact it is the only industry group that supports net neutrality.




This is important, I wish OP had formatted their post better so people would read it.





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Since Net Neutrality is no longer a threat to them, eliminating the competition is the next logical step in establishing an unassailable monopoly on internet service. Then they can set whatever pricing guidelines they want. And people will have to accept it or just go without internet service.


but some posters here used the line "ISPs aren't going to sabotage themselves by fucking your internet, or else people can just go to some other ISP."

those same posters were either ISP shills all along, or ajit pai all along, or idiots all along.



With NN: 25mbps (advertised) $29.99/moth like 1 actual 8 speedtest

Post NN: 100mbps (advertise) $29.99/month like 12 actual 100 speedtest



Net neutrality didn't prevent throttling of specific sites or content.

But you knew that and are choosing to ignore it because jewgle and Soros told you to.



You have no fucking idea what net neutrality is.



>the next logical step in establishing an unassailable monopoly on internet service

Which just so happens to be the next logical step in controlling what content people are allowed to read, watch, listen to, or otherwise consume.

People who think this is about money are shortsighted. It's about control, and it always has been about control. Big Cable's not the Queen, not even a Knight. It's just another pawn.





Monopoly ISP in my town charges $80 a month for 50 mbps. And it dips down to 10 mbps during peak usage hours. To be fair, they used to be even worse. But that's what happens when there is only one option.

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